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World Series Kansas City Royals at White House 07/21/16

Jul 21, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and gentlemen the United States accompanied by David Glass. And Danga. I. Welcome to the white everybody. Let's get up for the World Series champions. And went long time here this though again. The world champion. You can tell we've got quite a few. Royals fans in the house. Including some members of congress. Are. Members. Of my cabinet. As well as former cabinet members. We're so proud to be joined by a true American patriot. A World War II veteran one of the finest public or Americans ever known. And Bob don't. Also want to recognize akin to mayors from both sides of the border. My day. More importantly mark on low. Short Obama and earlier today. The Braves not elaborate. On the players but he or you know. Good human wanna. Or is yet. We're proud to have royals owner David Glass. And team president then I heard him a big round of applause. A general manager certain date more air. Two of the greatest royals ball I'm George Brett. Right right. And the winning manager royal Greg had an up or not. Now I'm not your limit is aware of this but my Press Secretary happens to be a royals. It was Josh. I know there is broad program. If you just to your best day of his life. I'm sure he'd say his wedding day. And the birth of Islam. Israeli club. I've noticed he has whose song here. Training him even know he's more into right now ducking his arm. To be a proper royals fans. And let's face it it's been a long road for royal fans there were dark years. And talk decades. The order change when David came to Thailand in 2000. He coupled that some of baseball's sharpest analytic minds with that managerial style which produce a lot of winds. Not mentioned on Twitter hash that. Hash tag no it. All of which is. Combined print one of the greatest most complete teams we are in a long time you go on offense led by homegrown guys like. Alex Gordon Gordon my. Okay. We'll. I moved my doctor. Miles miles an hour. That being commodores know they breadth. Guys are all great players and I don't. The nicknames are back creative. You know quiet. Barack. Barack Obama. Those are often. Causes move murdered her and rather work on this. All though. Why our bullpen would relievers like ray Davis. Expedia athletic defense blood but Al and those Obama. Okay you couldn't make it today. All. Apply at the plate you've got guys who aren't ever strike up. They've been called may have been contacting America. A path. One problem they are able to reach out to run because. I'm of workers observed I put it. We'll be do. As good quote. We've been. And then somehow they find time to over the need that he walked reference in the press conference. Dodgers haven't dominant. Good okay. You get your wives. Royals fans love this team so much I loved to 800000. People at a parade. Okay. Ask your fans want they all are melding process to the point. Look like the entire starting lineup was going to be royals. And as Chicago and I appreciate that didn't vote early and often. Those Durham. Another been on quite right for every playoff game like it's been a white knuckle game. While comeback in two years ago the rally in games and a giant. Came up ninety feet or blaster coming back from. Rose. Now three against blue jays down in each of the World Series wins gets mad. It only hit eight comeback wins in the playoff which is of Major League. Game five of the world's third ninth inning comeback get my houses. Got national on him. In the well in his first at bat of last year's. Christian prolong. Played there is with a pin it. Go ahead and open up. Christians play. You know some new admin used a lot then suddenly coming up big when moment. Arrived form that's exactly the people line movement held him defined. Guys aren't in it for themselves there for each other both on and off the diamond. This spring the royals broke ground on their urban youth academy in Kansas City. Place for young people. To not only here clear drugged and gang but all learn skills that can lead to a better future. And that means. Not just playing baseball with learning about their stance and broadcasting sports writing and having access to or tutoring and internships. College prep. Financial literacy corps. This and keeping with the kind of effort we've been promoting where my brother's keeper. And I just wanna. Recognized world ownership as well as players majority. I'll be moved Chris Young. Who donated millions of dollars towards supporting cancer these young people they deserve it. You know what's great academy built right next to the negro Negro League museum. So you can see the light between Jackie Robinson Satchel Paige. Frank like George Brett on corporate and Alice Horton and the next generation of Kansas City baseball. A good continuity. And understand how central this game is to America. I want to thank this group were not only writing that. The current chapter but. Hopefully Brian the next chapter of our national has done a great game of baseball. Give up one last time. For the world champ. Mr. President. It's not pride in not Glazer on behalf of the entire royals organization. And and especially all of our fans in Kansas City to thank you for the honor having you here today. Is truly an honor all over the world always remember this and that our plans to continue to do it. Yeah. Mr. President on behalf of the Kansas City Royals organization. And the great fans of Kansas City and these great players behind me. It's an honor to present you with our 2015. World championship here. Okay. Okay.