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Doug Gottlieb Show 1-11-17 Hour 2

Jan 11, 2017|

Le’Veon Bell / Johnny Manziel l Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins Running Back joins the show l Zoning In: Denver Broncos l Sacramento Kings l Houston Rockets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What up it's Doug Gottlieb show CBS bush radio coming to you from the O'Reilly auto parts studio. O'Reilly auto parts better parts that are prices every single day. There wasn't shell I don't know at least not on CBS college game changer you singer. But that term. Deemed changer courtship to say simply changes the game. I. Each grade this it's like it's like on some of the delegates volcanic is he really. I think ultimately Gandhi like created again. So I was thinking about people who have changed. The game. Like I got Brad Stevens changed the game of college coaching first gain come from a bank coaching daily per say like he was. Have a mask they're ranked. Below the one player. Low level unseen low level basketball player who. Was working in the financial sector and then decided you know Alec code on ms. ball. Work his way up became head coach and it wasn't some screamer you Eller huge personnel just kind of a thoughtful. Basketball guy right in just being a regular human being. Changed the game. Change the game. So they're just you know there there are rappers that people like but he changed their game. And they really. I've all but I've always wondered who the first was to. To make a back shoulder throw. Who's the first who gets credit for being the first guy to make the bag children. I'm not a silly revolutionary but to change the game because. So often before and even now we see Aaron Rodgers into the back children lead guys. But you know. Defenders began. Began timing when they see Ed quarterback look up they would. Over whatever there they shoulder. Furthest from the basketball appearance for the for the through football was and that's when they answer they returned because he had a look at the ball. So when people say they changed the game is trying. I thought no doubt and so that's gone music. Changed the music game. When I was in high school sublime. No doubt a lot of the bans in Orange County had taken this musical style colds car. And then kind of tweak it in became popular music. You know mixing in kind of hip hop and other genres. And it changing their music. Really did. I don't know the first Seattle band who gets. The most credit for being the first Seattle band to bring attention to the grunge scene in Seattle in the ninety's. But they change it came Stone Temple Pilots maybe. I thought that and night. Shyamalan yeah get new movie out. But when I first saw six cents and he started making a couple other movies. That were built in that way like I thought that kind of changed the movie making game. Says Perry changed basketball. But in a way in which I'm not sure others. I'm not sure others. Who are. Basketball guys. Understand like what's that Korea has changed is. This well I think he was a transformative. Player I steer me to marry those they just sort of player I never does that curry was the best player in basketball. That proved to be true but in the usable as die able player in basketball. Deluge vote in the but I thought it was a transformative player the shots he was teased taken. Are traditionally such low percentage shots that coaches. Want you to take them. What do you do any kid take dead shank giving guide percentage even went in but the bad shot. We call the bad shot. Because. Because of that the it'll geeky billion but that the likelihood the percent to solo he would make that shot. People can shoot off a crossover dribble it usually when a guy crosses over especially to his right hand he need another Joseph would get balanced issued staff can shoot up across. He was too skinny in between positions not good enough defensively and took too crazy shots. To be a guy you can consistently count on for offense the the NBA level. But he he did it. He changed the way that we look at players and their viability in the NB. Lady on Belle says that he's. Leo now says he's like he's he's that type of transformative player. Jason says. But Campbell the dog was the Seattle a band. For grinds it changing industry homing Newport Beach. Marino as the go to used to throwback children do pork duper and Clayton Rios also credited with the fake spike who is the first guided the fake spike. Marino's credited with that. Lady on Belle says I think I'm changing the game in that sense I think with stepped curry is the basketball dog in the wrong. I don't necessarily think step curry is the best basketball player but he changed the game. He's going. To always go to big gonna be remembered that everyone wants the now everyone wants to shoot the three and shooter from deep. Yeah I I think it's more than just shooting deep threes and he does. But like good step curry became a thing when we watch him dribble much Moshood is half court shots. I think that's kind of the evolution of basketball with the the volume of three point shots they've taken. I think would step Curry's changed his what is and isn't a good shot the percentage of of that he can make is. Of tough shots as opposed other people. Bell says he stayed patient running style that requires offensive lineman to hold their blocks before he attacks a hole. Usually for a big gain he said he X. X younger running backs two copies stop I watched the linebacker but I'm not going to look at him I don't even want him to know ICM. He had received seven yards and two touchdowns against dolphins last week. Dre mine greens said that he's played pick up basketball with bell he said the patients have Diaz as a runner. Has never been seen before you had Barry Sanders he shook guys out of his socks crickets grease you had the bus. And his power running style you have for a superfast routers. But the runners would pay the patients he has I mean I don't know if I've ever seen that he's a special butter is definitely transcending. The game is fun to watch no one else in the NFL runs like gap but I guarantee you they'll be some runners coming out. All those guys that run the straighten his own run play zone blocking scheme with the Denver Broncos go back to the previous. You know play for Mike Shanahan all those guys had great patience. Stretching stretching you stretch it playing your foot go one cutbacks. I think lady on Bell's terrific are you could make the case delayed ML as the best running back in the NFL I don't think he's changing any games. I think he has his running style I think we've seen Roger Craig hi need running style. We shot Eric Dickerson upright running style. Barry Sanders where he was spinning and he would get low have a low center of balance. And he was he was small. While Walter Payton was power and grace combined. Whereas Marcus Allen was more we had him on yesterday was more elegant the weighted aryan Foster was elegant. But I I I don't think that having a specific style which is patient. And waits for blocks and bagels develop he's trying to be a home run hitting back. But we seen them before. Mother love bone set the bar for grunge in Seattle mother love bone was. Is it that's Trojan. They're on Alicea Abu Nirvana was after. The initial wave. As he initially maybe until Seattle is a little bit of a little bit flannel diesels got some flannel. Robin South Carolina in the dugout to show some drop. You can bet man had a lot of time left on her first got caller. Wanted to ask you about what you thought about west Virginia's. Back crushed and Baylor last night you'd think that you're better chance of whining that bake well this year. I'd I don't think they have a chance I do live mail would feel better about it in Austin Texas Tech lost the last second shot putting in overtime against Texas tack. But I think West Virginia is for real experienced backcourt. That steady in the used to be because I think two point nine turnovers last at Baylor. Wolf Baylor. You're right why Burress whenever we get blown out the route and they act Kansas State in the road who got screwed last night at Texas Tech as well. They may end up calling to for the only time that they're ranked number one ever. That was that was a tough night for Baylor to I think West Virginia could you. Two things have to happen. Somebody has to be Cannes or cans Casey nearly did it. Leo they have lost at home and over and over there or over three years. So he has to beat them there and or for somebody else to literally because. He did have to think but he's our laws one they're gonna lose a cub board but say at minimum they lose three games maybe four. That would mean Kansas would have to go. We get. They would have to lose three road games ARD they've already won two there'd be TCU beat Oklahoma last night. They'll get prohibitively more difficult. Still do I think they can yes I think they will now because the last twelve years I got a pretty good. I'd bring up pretty good depth of information. That tells me Kansas ultimately is gonna win a plus Kansas has as good as west Virginia's backcourt bin. Kansas have been that are very Mason 28. Last night they heed those questions coming 8552124. CBS. 8552124. CBS. Guess you Regina and those don't. He's officially gone to the Pete Rose game plan. Johnny men's LB taken advantage of some of those perks that he's earned through his college career the former first round pick will be in Texas. In Houston Super Bowl week signing. So is signing autographs stadium signatures to store in Houston recently announced that man Zell will be signing autographs. On Thursday and Friday before the Super Bowl which we've played on February 5. If you want men's Els autograph is good because 99 dollars. Plus you pay another nine and dollars get a professional photo taken within that he can then sign. Just. For the record it very normal for guys to get money pitch things we're going to be down in Houston. We would take bands now. We would actually take men's. But everybody has a pitch right that's kind of the things they mailing got a pitch I owe you one question get it and so the FSL. I this is it's like it's like prost did like the idea prostitution. Where guys will say like well look. I don't buy a prostitute but. You know what's the difference he did take a woman out nearby your dinner they buy dessert any buyer bracelet like. Oh there's a big difference there you know paying directly for it there may be some thought but there's a big difference men bills essentially making the prostitution argument. Hey what's really the difference between me pitching you on and done dove. Men's body care. I like dozens body care about a mile. And mis selling autographs right it's like directly to me it's a much more direct. Infinity in directness of wrapper wrapping Sunday brand. But this feels like Pete Rose signing autographs down the street from the baseball thing. I Jason tweets the show to promote the Lobo and Jess and Jeff and stunt form from Pearl Jam. Ask your lead singer Amy wood died. Mother love bone wasn't jam. Was mother loved bones. Album called move he Blalock or was pearl GM originally come I think pro Jim was originally called movie Blalock. And that's what their first album. Pearl jams was number ten was ten. Derrick Rose seeking five years 150 million dollars. To steal from Austin Powers. I'd like this only goes totally does his own it cons bag right. Probably not the week for that story coming up. We'll touch and Derrick Rose are coming this hour up next gauge guy's gonna join us. From from back up. To star. Couple 200 yard games. What changed. They feel bad at all about stationary in Foster in retirement. Well less adult than star running back fresh off their playoff loss they didn't get to the playoffs. Aspects and I got to shell CBS Sports Radio. And listening to the Doug Gottlieb Joseph Kelley show CBS sports radio and though there's C it has come to an end. They found the running back but that's that's the story of the Miami Dolphins is gay guy. Ends up. I'm beating out aryan Foster aired Foster retires in. Among the rewards for now before the contract gets rewarded. Is being in nominee for the PBP that's the top value performer has brought to you via Vizio and cage I joins us on the dugout and show on CBS we're trading JR you. Our world our current payment so listen what's now that sadly this season has come to an end. If you could kind of sum up for you what it was like to go for your role at the start of the year. To being a star at the end of the year will what was that was a journey like. Yeah or is. I just need urgent search and knows all about just moved him past beginning she's and then just put my head darlings the number what I wanted to accomplish this here and just focusing on the and yeah build and each report mentioned it's just honored to be Chang. Myself but how did you do I how do you do that light. There's so many so many players kick out of the emotion. They're carries their wraps early in the season. But that didn't happen you you earn your spot you end up rushing for over 12100 yards on the season how did you keep your focus currencies. Nemours. Funeral prayer that begin any. You know I'm I was in charitable hours merchants who really solid vote. Just knowing that you're only I'm insurmountable Chile these so he's starting to take you gotta charmed. Made everything part of China can do that to our legs and just have an MRI which. Than just even that. When I started getting them Barley even more exciting news just about being consistent and yes. Carter our daughter of playing my game. And your game has been ago when I mean I'd say most notably years to get down three games this year we dressed for over. Two 200 yards obviously this the Steelers on the billions. You loved Lenny is the bills due to mean that that is it's a joke how they can't tackle you what is it about the bills it's Elijah Dukes was explode both times took a month. Mama little. No aren't acting terror. We disabled are really good great game against those guys warm. I don't know a lot of good against of those but no I didn't you know credit local garden on here that you look. Moving and I've lost abroad including changing into just about you know holds barred. Jamaican people mashup. You know obviously it's different when you have Matt Moore back there or TJ Yates bags there that when you have Ryan Kenny hill back there but. I do you give us a sense you've seen this Pittsburgh Steelers defense twice first time you guessed it 25 carries 204 yards. That's when you guys speed up the Steelers at home third at fifteen and of course is on this week annually got the ball sixteen times. There's two point one yards to carry. It was it was it a matter of your quarterback being different situation been different ordered his first defense get better. That you know. It was a completely different game mostly fiction turnaround could start and we chased Kaymer. And they need to completely different he came to click change plan. So many people we lost some with some of the people. Take a look and gone black so I mean do as little just play our game. And then they came aren't played a great game on T shirts and shirts are in the range and so. Credit to them so close they came aren't you know you just let us understand what we need to do move forward. Jade Jagger joining us that Doug Allen show on CBS Sports Radio Quarshie eating moody Texas until 2004 that. You grew up you're you're in England so I guess the question a question today and he sees the World Cup's expand to 48 teams. Marc didn't I did not know so is not releasing. So 2020 say announced today 2026. They're going to 48 teams. Are. You like them. And our. Are not allowed promoted. As a lot of teams so and then they're instead of having. The pool play the way they have a now with four teams and the top two advance of the you have no 3183. Teams in each pool. Through soon cool yeah. So Steve seems. Learned only only one ambassador yeah. NG. So you can really get messed separate depend on which school you go to. Yeah now like to be one of those pulled low death. You know you get there you know from France England Spain Semel. The lottery and that put them all on the same wonder you get. Yeah on a boat survived that. And they don't make a good team he probably. No massage get some good things possibly then some on the telly this period. Variance of soccer so you're up you're one of those guys up early on what sunny mornings a Saturday mornings he's been in watching from the premiere ship. There are rarely. So hoosiers won. The Premier League departed Hong recruited recruiters since the last group. Our Magruder without the arsenal are from Oslo Gaza offense that's the arsenals the right. Now rather read my eyes are red why did Emma and her and there are. Did you I joining us in the dugout they show on CBS bush rating is there anyone in that locker room where you can talk soccer with. You have some remarks both Jews and merits a look mother must put science that is well. We we talks could one of movies do well of course. One arsenal's problems. So. I'm bullish on the Czech soccer and Washington. You know I you should all you do is just the writers and all these writers when they're on Twitter like early Saturday morning there watching and their tweeting about it do you wanna connect on soccer. Like most these guys that that are. There are football writers are soccer fans as well that's where you can make that connection. Unarmed are. JGI joining our gut guy did guy joins the dugout and John CBS bush radio Matt Moore gets hit and hit a hardware real and apply. I think I was running narrow assumptions. And actually it happened. And what's so he had he. Now as far as crazy. That's about his violent hit as I wrote I can remember seeing this year obviously didn't see in real time easier route. Then when you look up at the video board and you watch it what goes through your mind. No he never received any of the king we'll get him right so. The first thing and others that you protect you and your achievement. That's solid model. Adam gays obviously turn this team around you guys make it all the way to play out any ill had a breakthrough season Lester threw for over 4000 yards but. Despite injury it it it appeared to be really carry his team in more command. Before he and his season ended because of injury did you feel like this this team this franchise has turned things around. I do are so like. There's a new culture that. Yes starting to grow. Out of here. We've laid a good foundation that would actually you know what it takes to make it to the court knows little about now understand our attention and no advantage in the playoffs. And go further mutual goal of making that to assume global and so. You know it's about go to in the Bosnian put in the right he's just together and we will criminal Garrett just. That's coming here and the numbers are greater. Go do it. I'd sell give me a sense of how you build on this like you know fifth round pick last year the only play about half the year this year and start the year. You know yet you only get it a couple carries a start up the season and also didn't you explode week four of the season. How do you how do you build on how do you capitalize. On the you're already a top value performing. In associate in comparison to the money you make the stats you've put up our insane had he taken extent. He war room you just. You should looking quote get more you know there's there's always more to go here you know there's always. Something that you can go to our children and yeah and actually is I did you know Latin. They are not there are a lot more to do. Arms are actually have a lot less that I would be in and additional chase this year and some that's what excites me is. We're jars and enter and work hard this offseason then. Chris last soaps. You know take my game into another level. While he is one of the top value performers of the Vizio dot com slash TVP you can vote up until January 16. Vizio TVP is its tenth year last year Alan Robinson. Was the winner Jane listen I can't congratulate you enough. On an incredible. Season really appreciate you and I apologize. That lately so OK if arsenals the red. What colors Fulham. Right why are. Who wanted to do wasn't it what let's fill the little club that won it last year that was like not let us. Life and so so trying compare that what is that that's like is it like Boise State winning a national championship. Just like ours are. So what does he do like Texas State winning is just. And then it's like the equivalent soon. And equally school when me deeply that you had teachers. Encourage them to do whatever it so can. Quote. Iowa college of your career only. Time I'm. Nothing's is set me straight and the sinking guys on the year enjoy the spoils of of this year armed bomb bomb bomb like anybody else who we'll see you play. This weekend but enjoy the weekend off thank you join us. Not armed and stage I of the Miami Dolphins to an easier in the dugout the show on CBS Sports Radio. And the play and my new podcast network featuring radio and TV personalities talking business sports attacking entertainment and more quiet and the play died in the. You're listening to the Doug Gottlieb should go. Beats time now we're sold me. All local perspective on the biggest stories in the world of sports. Right now on the Doug Gottlieb show. On CBS Sports Radio. Pacific time. Then examines only get on the dugout that shows CBS Sports Radio branding. Or go to Sacramento first as do that. Where Jason Jones joins us kings beat revenue segment of kings the kings and DeMarcus Cousins reportedly. Intend to sunny massive extension with the team estimated 270 dollars queen at the young season Jason what's your reaction. Not really no surprise I mean maybe McCain could never really had any intention of trading markets ownership owner still love the market so more more. They're really the matter of when there I mean the market like that the mentally are likes him so. We all knew that. Comments he's run through six coaches in seven years is there any pay any way to hold them accountable for. The injections or any other little stuff that is irritate people and I know he's matured some over the years. But is there any way to holy day Campbell and descended two hours of Maine our contract. I mean I don't mean you could kind of like you already kind of set the precedent for how things are gonna be already. So I think it fits this formula that Davis drastic change from up top about how they want to operate he. It's kind of hard you know it's going to be a relative now I just think you know eleven years into the league. You're not going to be a big change in the markets meaning either yes mature yet gotten better yet but you know it's up to hit it to the couple over today and it'd and it is kind of of his personality. That the way he's going to be thought thicket you're gonna building and indeed if it's more about what you put around him. Give them strong leadership voice for the and that walk around to go with him plus he's not jury your one dominant personality in the law school. When they integrity thirty yet. If they're still close today don't they trade him article the thing out of well what they want for Rudy teams are gonna be effective in hell you know fair agree drastic for a guy they know local walker a few months. So it's time to really move Rudy who have been made the most and so during the off speed and they didn't so the bottom of their kind of hover. Jason Jones kings beat I'm dissect McCain's face in my Jason. Mountain time Brennan Chris Dodd joins us reporter producer all things dubbed Denver sports on KLA news radio. Grin as you know for the Broncos have hired dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. As their new head coach. Are you surprised. They've really like spent just two years ago when they met with him before hiring Gary Kubiak how much of it what it does. Promote them take away from the angle and made him defense coordinator before they. Settled these things because that I'm Wade Phillips can bend a little announces deal. He played college football not Russell who is John Elliott right hand man the director of personnel. For the Broncos valid a really good players has her cut short by injury but they were keep us together and and that's fit the criteria that John a look at foremost. And that's a team leader who can connect the players x.s and knows. I feel like jump out. We take care of themselves in a lot of ways take care of itself a lot of ways he wanted someone could really lead this team so that's just what kind of guy from the get go. And he you know he was at first got to let him go out and check out. The chargers in the niners you'd like to keep me down taken belly stakeout but nigh and Nathan video just a little while ago. Where are you send a wind tunnel is little or you know I'm getting better and my country my desk at the KOA empire here in Denver. When you were terrible connection I just like I cannot emphasize anymore how much are terrible now. Let's better doesn't selling your window right now and out that's that's that's better than it's prohibitively this trip really gonna this is this is an award winning Sime will cast here national radio national TV. And your your talking means you're in the toilet that year in the John what's going on there fight hole and what happens to the rest of the staff. But your question a lot of people probably told would stay convinced Joseph I guess some reported come out that he would keep the way they were together he's been. But now we're hearing that that was just appease the Broncos if they thought they need to keep weight he may promote Joseph would be cut backs coach a guy who's connected to. Those closest with a no fly zone big personalities and that would keep the lead and Chris Harrison DGA award so Joseph woods major promoted hasn't been. But I determine one way or the other they may keep a couple of offensive coaches. As well but it looks like Mike McCoy and bill musgrave we just got let go. From the raiders are both going to be pretty offensive coordinator job tomorrow but no announcement yet on who's staying on the staff. And inflates social can Gaby because. I'm not feeling hearing this right and just don't make sure guys you guys here accused alleged -- camera bit I don't know what's going yourself like I do have more to get to uncritically from another phone. Now running and now now now now at some neck next Olin I got more quarterback winning and if. Right now they get to Rome we don't generally pay respects and lynch but. I think to be silly just what Trevor Ximian go. And what possible and just trust actually gonna get it done but. As of now I think. There is gonna have to answer that tomorrow I'm sure they'll say he can work with both the young quarterback should. Generally traded up to go get back to legend that was you know that you want to see is guy in there at some point and be moved Trevor Symbian and know be sooner than later. Nobody will they bring in a veteran QB was an excel and I'm sure the kick the tires on Tony Romo he becomes available one way or another. And if there's other threats out there I'm sure they'll look to is. At everything that's what John Elway does but I don't know the change. Interview to be personal and an. Reading Chris fell from a wind tunnel somewhere in Denver that he says is his office although we know he's probably on the slopes right now that the kind of guy he he is valuable on Twitter at PK embers forward spending so much. Central time is truly a terrible so far we we do not read we agree with Allen appeared on Twitter you can agree with telling us. Paul gallant blunt joins us in the dugout and show he has his own show bought a house to go on tonight. On CBS were treaty is 610 meaning Houston Rockets have won nine straight James Harden messed around got a triple double. Some are people in H town buying into this being a reality like they can legitimately competed the top of the last. I think that the congresses and were starting to have right now a couple weeks ago they beat the Golden State Warriors on the road and I think the big question is are they gonna be able to do it yet. When Golden State comes to town on January 20 I still think people need to see it to believe it and it always with Mike being Tony's offenses. You wonder how that actually going to bear in the playoffs but you do think with the team that has. As many awesome three point shooters that they of this season's quick about it. A big seven top three point maker in the NBA. Rockets have for them right now if you're gonna keep in the game with a Golden State Warriors got to make a lot of breeze and David don't let this year big question right now is to Eric Gordon's toe injury which they keep them out the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves is that going to be an issue going forward. Okay cell. How much of it is their personnel how much it is coaching. I think Mike dent on it a lot to do it and I think at the same in fact that they were able to get a more offensive line coach to work with James Parton and ask pardon. There were some issues definitely Wiki and Dwight Howard and just this entire locker last year especially after the so that was a big part of last year due to personnel help but I really think that with the way that they're playing it like. All the Sunday finally found something with. What Daryl Morey wants to do actually. On the basketball court right now it's not stagnant offense with a lot of isolation with a big problem until Mikhail coach it's an offense that really just seems to slope. So I think it has more to do a bike in Tony being here and she's just finding that Eric Gordon and Brian Anderson and got quicker read they really well in this system. What's the level hope this week in in in New England with the book with scud attacks has gone up there. I didn't think people an underdog they've been outscored like I'm combined 110 of 42 the last three times that they've gone up there there really isn't a whole lot of hope. I think the big expectation and and not really an expectation that the bulk of the big hole. Can you at least compete and you covered the spread. Most people are very realistic about this team Brock got awful he's not a good quarterback keep plated vest probably game of the year in the second quarter against the Oakland Raiders. The real operators in front of the very good either so a lot of things being said I think we'll look at attack and it basically just don't get out and 00 wedgie on national television again. Not the eulogy and not to Letterman jackets they'll let him Jack yet don't do that block yeah and that's the worst part is that if you can look and feel like any thought or write your that we better and brought up constantly and at that point. But it really nobody can say in response to that it's a yeah that happened then. Did you ought to be an asylum is probably gonna be like thirty shots and during the course game. Paul reliant host his own show on 610. CBS butchery is extending Houston poll thinks it would Uranus. Great start. Still Bleacher Report reports that. That Derrick Rose is seeking five years 100 did you mean. Madeira grows tiger mad two years ago diamond all that money that they're passed down. So Derrick Rose apologized. To his teammates he apologize or apple does he apologized. To his team it. Was weird about it is. Like. If you didn't do anything role as a daily situation why did you have to apologize. Thank. We have the apology. That we do. SO so Rosie met with the media again today. And said hey look tied the guys. We are all good. But he didn't do anything wrong like this is though there's an old thing about pleading guilty I mean do anything don't plead guilty to. I'd. You know they are only plead guilty to. He didn't do anything wrong why you apologize. So. And nanny I'm searching them. It but this may have been a story and Celine he may have told somebody that. Going back a couple of weeks ago. And that guy became the source of this story as is sometimes there's not context and it and he was playing well up until. Maybe the last two or three weeks. You as you it was a big big year. And what a guy is searching what a guy is seeking in contract is not what they will get. I do not want skip Bayless is contract. I'm not don't get it but I want it. Here's their rest are just on the road. They're never happen again. This was a neat this never happens in the board and I explained to. And it's insane and it's. And maybe it's the semantics. I apologize for being in the situation. Or for what took place but he apologized the team like. Dude again all of this stuff is I wouldn't what you should not miss work you should not miss a game you're getting paid for showing up 82 nights but more than anything. How do you not contact any about. How do you nine contact anybody. Would you buy it he said I was on a plane. And there was no cells so there was no Wi-Fi. Because you can catch throw play everybody knows you need to actually play. Nellie keyed text to a year and I mean eventually you'll be able to use your phone on the plane. Paxson is coming right down that. Maybe Derrick Rose Tellme you'll be at a game and there that's exactly what it is. Annie was the was going to Chicago and I will tell a huge Chicago they used those Kano plains. But the idea that Derrick Rose went to Chicago. He probably had to fly private right. If he really lets players by this story for a second. Is the moment let's by the hair growth story. So he gets a call he's got to run home he doesn't tax anybody on the way to the airport. Hard to believe pretty hard to believe. Now they practice in Westchester there is. White Plains airport in Westchester one of the great airports in this country. It's the it's a smaller version of Orange County which if you get a flight in out there it's awesome. There's like three gates. You fly in and out and up you know like jelly and Steven check yet TSA is like all the same people. So let's just save for the sake of argument that he was driving home. From shooter around any gets a call frantic call gig got to come home. Okay. Now. In that moment after you book your flight home or after somebody book your flight home that's when the tech sent Angela hey I I got an emergency. I gotta go do this thing. But nobody did. Then you get on a plane let's say it's a private plane would no Wi-Fi okay the sagging U land there's got to be a series attacks against Senna. No way possible. Unacceptable. Apology not accepted. Explanation needed then apology be set and you can ask for five years on did you mean dollars but brow not playing like it not acting like it no one's given and to. Mike Tomlin admits fault but should be fine and act.