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WSU Coach Gregg Marshall on Jim Rome Show, KFH

Feb 24, 2017|

Feb 24, 2017, 11:40 am

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As promised we're joined by head basketball coach at Wichita State he is in his tenth season with a shocker is. He's led them to five straight tournament appearances including a final four he was the 2014 national coach of the year. He was named conference coach of the year seven times now. Which DOS date 26 and 4161. And conference the right of 25 they're Missouri State tomorrow noon game. Gregg Marshall is my guest. Greg it's great getting back and juggle how Oreo. I don't pick out to Jim thanks let me tell you. I'm great dogs they're premise drive talks so it's good to have you back I'm doing great here. Let me first ask you got that win over Evansville on Tuesday night. It was a game we had strong performances from a number of guys but especially from walk ons exact bush and GR Simon. They came in the last six minutes. And sign and put up eleven points and two assists. They left standing elevations as a coach what's it mean to you seniors seniors to Sears senior walk ons get the kind of sent off of those guys got. It was fantastic in it and kind of epitomized his Wichita State basketball we have 2500. Screaming fans at the beginning. And I would say close to 9000 of those who stay needs. Probably for another thirty minutes as it were videos played. In those young men were given the send off from Coca Arenas grateful that they deserved I mean it was it was very touching. Both of those young man came minutes walk arm. Troops in there and it dropped their careers they can play a lot of places on scholarship and ultimately each each of them were given a scholarship. Through their hard work and dedication and discipline to our programs so. There's it's there's just like to lose and read run last year used those guys. Put in all the work. And we're tremendous ambassadors for our program and will be very successful in line going forward. Gregg Marshall joining us and ask about friend Ronnie just one minute. Lead after Tuesday's win you back to a site in the atmosphere or in the arena the at 101000 people there it's a 510000. State of the final minutes. You're now 62 and two at home over the past four years. Second best home record in the country or that same stretch so what do you teams do on the floor and what they do is big part of it. But what is it about that crowd and had a really makes so tougher opponents. Well this is first of all of the building was designed in the fifties Henry Levin arena the old round house has been renovated. In the expanded and whatnot notes Charles Coca Reno put. It was it's round and it's kind of it's it's got a very unique art sound system the way that the sound just seems to come right now on the floor. I'm literally. Pour my water and Gatorade combination before the games jam. And I know what's popping because the waters by greedy as our poured into the trial so. That those standards are passionate they're knowledgeable. Shopper thing and appreciate it was us ground. Where nine players. Fire from shoppers important oasis we're going to throw all insurer that was probably the lobbyists. Ovation of the night until the seniors took their final ball. Agreed to you use it water mixer with Gatorade. I do a little bit suite for rebirth. I like combination. Advice and joining us on the program present for awhile now every single time get a good year this seems to be this dot outside the program that yet that was nice year but they can't do it again. Go to the final four awesome but they'll come back to earth next year instead you go undefeated in the regular season and you were number one seed in the tournament. Fred fans lead Ron baker and west will be moved on so the thought was once again this is finally going to be the year beats a step back yet here ER 26 and four overall you're ranked in the top 25. So what's that tell you about the program the can lose apparel legendary players like that it just keep on rolling. Well we we get very talented players I mean. Guys that were recruited by other very good programs and elected to come here. They knew coming here and that they were gonna get pushed daily. To be the best players people and students that they could be. And they just they do that they allow us to coach and they'll allow us to push them and ultimately achieve great things together. Guys like Landry shipment. Who offered by a handful of these yes or power art programs from Kansas City. In reelected come play for us Carter frontier was at the University of Kansas for three semesters. And is now finally playing the week everyone envision him playing out of high school. So we've got guys like Marcus Dick ducky same day handful of how are all so. These guys are talented they work extremely hard they get better on a daily basis. Which doesn't have to ask what caused that must've joining us and so right and it's nearly impossible to replace guys like Angeline baker but frank camping jamming of response to the challenge but overall this team may not have the star power the teams with. Dan Leigh baker had you don't have anybody averaging more than twelve points per game bullied you have. Our nine guys averaging more than five per game so what's this about how balanced this team is and how much tougher you are to stop as a result of that balance. Jim I area of the coaching our head coach for breaking season is my nineteen year can hear. And I think this is by far the best offensive team I've ever approach 21 times we scored eighty points or more. In the pasture. When we did have Mr. Big believer mr. baker on the war. The ball would be in their hand at the end of the shot clock well first of all we'd really get to the end of the shot clock anymore and accurately when we do. It's five different players. Provide the parts ought to look forward that can strike you that he's given charge so we're less predictable. And we have more guys that can shoot the basketball. And scored in our results. And then you've got the mindset of these guys bring to it again it's 16 and four. If your eighth straight season with one thought wins or more you haven't lost since mid January you know it's one found both polls. Yet Greg according some brackets colleges your on the bubble when it comes in the tournament so number one what's your reaction when you hear that. Then secondarily I know you're always going to play angry but does that make you guys put a chip on their shoulder and play even angrier. I think you're Dutch. My reaction is it is it is and has always been. If you all think we're return in the worthy team that you haven't watched if you watch this and seeing how we've improved. From a near loss. It to Michigan State and another close loss to global in the plot almost to a work for losses. We've gotten better and better each mark we've lost once since Christmas. These guys are playing at a very high level both there and we give much in 38% decrypt the field goal percentage. It's even better than it worked last year or the year before. And we just reshape. We think we think goes god because they give us their fuel that chip on our shoulder to pull a tall cute. Sure Davis. In the Bahamas and he had written a piece and he's a good record you'd written a piece of well. Think you're gonna see in college basketball this year the number seven wounds which which topic shoppers cut back down to earth. So I think you should look given the all the fuel largely with these guys. The knicks do what Greg it's when you see it like debt for instance we have the same conversation now we've but this national conversation last year where. There is his talk did you might not make it's are meant. And then you glut in you stop Arizona so I wanna ask you know at this point are you used to the disrespect. And the questions about whether or not team is for real Regis sick of it by now that sounds like you still get a lot of fuel on that it's okay. Yeah I mean I'm I'm sick of it and there aren't actually it's. It's the same story just written a different way every single year and it's been like there for 45 years even that. It would it was we've heard a bit debatable number one seed being dirty I've been in 34 and zero going into this tournament that was a big. Media. And for one way or the other period to force your objections are that it's it's amazing how we'd we get these. Media folks that really get worked up about it. Greg Marshall which gusted head coach joining us once again always it's always right there. Now listen Ron baker is carving out a really nice spot for himself with the knicks. The sedan came to which Justine is a walk on human and I had a great great career but is he said when he got to the next Greg quote. The first couple of times I pulled up to the MSG parking lot and told a security guard I was a player the guy did a double take in seems skeptical. But now when they see my Hyundai Sonata rolling and if they know who it is ended business is coming and quote current. Published Friday taken the fact that when people see baker. And he is not rolling in they know that business is coming. Are incredible so proud of those young guys. Didn't bring years this will be art and he's wrapping up we got our guys make it to the NBA. But baker and bandleader the latest in the end making it you know how things go under way both of them are playing great. Run got a few starts the Madison Square Garden crowd adores him. And registered and hit every day with the Toronto Raptors but what I what I what I really Spartan. Really cool jam and you would've loved this our last home game was during the all star break. And both of those guys came back to Wichita change with a gain and electoral arena just. Fielder presents one more time than it was just an awesome this year. We had the likes she's Johnson not a great player for our program in the seventy. He was back. Our CIA director Mike Pompeo Lukowich into the shocker prayer and he was in the arena so it was a a star studded. Well not quite like the lakers but we've got our old Gucci wrote you will. Democrats say close to getting closer and closer you do it appears you roll and I'm glad you mentioned that because. For those who have not in which does not what some you may think this a place that people want to be disciplines for people go to you for instance you're a legend Greg now which top but. Recently another legend who rolled into town none other than Harrison Ford. I know you bumped into him and you get a chance to talk to him what did you talk to him about how that conversation go. Well first I had to pull my life all of them could she what she doesn't normally want pictures there's sort of view celebrity's. That you would talent for a picture and autograph. And Jim you're one of the box includes the Harrison Ford is her favorite actor so he beat down into one of our favorite. Prostate places and watering holes Chester chop house. And he he comes over to a look at the folks in these where. Jack and wrote Helton the former CEO spot Cessna. He introduces us and I'm like oh my goodness what in all I need. I need a picture and he's an autograph so she's such talk to warm and then eventually he turned to me. And the first thing our secure loose. I didn't kill my whites say. Yeah Richard look at it and then I do the part of Tommy Lee Jones I don't kill Richard. And he turned around to rebuild or equally he says. Are you gonna play all the parts. So that our conversation in Waterloo what are gracious gentlemen what do I mean he's eight he's very. Down to earth in just got what you would think what some of these which you to read and hear about these eight blisters in Hollywood. All right so he made there UK star players come back Greg people listing users nation wide in scope. What does it tell me something a thing or two about which started people don't know that they need to know. What you're just you're just separate that has a lot of folks here. From various. Professions. Charles Coke for instance a guy that's. One of the more successful and wealthy man in the world. And he's built his organization right here in his home town which start here and he can go anywhere in the world and and build anything he wants but. Could headquarters for Coke industries is right here and and you've got guys like Pearson Ford visiting. Folks like Jack Pelton who's a former CEO of the access where the aviation capital of beat in the United States we build more. Planes in any city in the country rebuild the smaller ones like receptionist in the hawker Beechcraft in the Learjet. And whatnot so. Bombay I'm 48. They they have a couple companies here are so there's a lot of folks that. Really have to means and they they love being here in the center of the country what I like is it two hours I can be you know layer two hours I can be on the East Coast so. Apparently the middle on the east Coast Guard a light so West Coast girl. So we kind of split the difference and we actually met in Kansas City about thirty years ago so it's ironic that we're this close yeah. Yeah I'm gonna make the same argue Greg do you like all the other guys you mentioned to be plying your trade pretty much anywhere you want to his wellbeing jeez you right there. Because he's got so well you love the quality of life in pretty much you can achieve whatever dream you have basketball. Right where you are Wichita State is number 25 their act Missouri State that's a noon game eastern time tomorrow and again. Twice six and four and 61 in conference play. Greg and afford the conversation every single year I know you mean it's our nose would again come tournament time. Well appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with you this morning chairman. Just love to show and hopefully you'll get a chance associates and the NCA tournament I really think we can. Where would you gain so that this team it's exciting to coach in and I can't wait there. Given their two day and practice and then head over to us. Sir stated. Remember the games on ESPN QB and restore reviewed 9 AM. All be up all be on coach W fort thought check it out and you tell your business and you'll be back in the tournament where you always are. Gregg Marshall head coach which just state Gregg thanks so much agree we can't touch yet since. An amazing job lateral why at this point it is tenure there is greater the SE continue. To stand up and say yeah we do belonged here we do reserve here announced last Japan. We're not gonna come back I mean that's a good program that he really really good program. An agenda through apologize for. Elect the same thing when I'm last year August permits him or not they're probably not on the bubble not gonna get and and then they smash Arizona. And even after that happened here we are at the same exact conversation wealth is lost their two best players. They're finally going to come back to earth this year this is the year as a college people there amid this argument this whole time. To continue to come back to the same argument because they can't admit they're wrong. And then they double down the all of this is a year. This is the year what they're still in the top point five they're still twice except for and there are still sixteen and one in conference. These guys or in the benefit of the doubt is one trying to say. They're out imagine there's probably some reaction to Harrison Ford in which Todd being the aviation capital of the world. In the man has no idea what ages did. Fellow coach Gregg Marshall when we come back thankfully a mockup look at any of your reaction or even read. Sam Amy joins me next segment stay tuned.