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Doug Gottlieb Show 2-28-17 Kurt Busch, NASCAR Driver

Feb 28, 2017|

On winning the Daytona 500, managing fuel mileage, and how much of a confidence boost this gives the team for the season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is day whirlwind when you in the Daytona 500 I can imagine was like doing your first ever Daytona 500 let's catch up with Kurt Busch 38 years old he gets checkers. Act NASCAR's Super Bowl on Sunday in now in stunning fashion he joins easier on CBS portrait occurred how real. Dale doing great thanks for having me on now we are still celebrating the Daytona 500 Lance. I'd so so take me through where where you were you in third when chase Chile was in first years that like long procession. There for about ten laps before everybody start Wragge asked where were you when chase was in first. Our marketing dollars and third and went back side and make a move or Larsson made a boo Altman and would like nobody drafted that there are many just drop like an anchor. I didn't know he ran out of gas at that moment. I can than ever review here to check on them anymore horses can't fly by the seat in my pan. Yeah it was it was weird for those of us watching at home because you know Jeff Gordon I was on the broadcasting here and and get those guys are are talking about the fuel cells in about drafting and all the said he made a mean makes the move piece of what. Like do you have. What did you have a game plan before that happened on what what what goes to your money you're sitting in third you guys are all drafting what was what was the game plan before. Larson citing Gulfport. My game plan words you just take advantage of other people's mistakes like the high line and to win all the damage I'm mark. I really didn't leave all that well I could follow really well but I couldn't leave you know what I got out one moved to make camera maker doctor Q on the last lap. And and that he did of course Larson then he he ends up running out of gas and still I'm I'm considering what you've been through considering. He'll what you went through personally couple years ago does that go through your mind or you locked in the moment when you come around that final turn any take checkers. At the at the Daytona 500. Not all about the just snatched at Daytona in the drought I don't survival I mean the way that take Archie some already. These most recent years. You gotta protect your car stay out of trouble and anthrax threat from Iraq and it happened again and we're able just that a minor damage. And pull out the victory saw an apple like beggars are marketers focused on the car. Kurt Busch joining us in the dugout to show here on CBS Sports Radio. Showed so now that you've had a chance to catch your breath. What is this experience been like. It's a real high and it's here in the magical army Daytona the most prestigious stock curry there is and we want it. And it really reminds me a lot of winning the championship years ago. It's but what a championship wrapped into ten days. Whereas when he overall championship of their ten week run. Very similar I'm very blessed and happy that this happened but we're operating. And to do it in our first Trace backwards forwards aren't good right on coming from the eagle Ford future would Tony Stewart city. Are you did you you know once he was really really happy quality people and courts to myself vainly trying to get sent. His group of guys. On the during the great car owner he's very passionate about the people that he hired and he is really it. Genuinely happy for that I'm to a guard during a by the web. You mentioned you've been there so many times 32 races at the Daytona International Speedway seventeen starts and in this particular event. And you had a banged up card did. After rear view mirror like you a lot of things going against you have you had to get that in a position we actually had the best car and didn't win. You know I I had a really good car 2007 and correct Tony Stewart here I want I want got a way. 2011. I'm I had won the shoot out what it was called and what the clash along the duel race. And I'll than even in the same running position. On the final lap of the Daytona 500. And I didn't win that your Assad iPad if you race winning cars didn't win. That's what would have played banged up but is that I had a lot of time and hours and commitment put into it splattered all worked out. Now it's crazy right like I Jimmie Johnson ranks Dale Earnhardt junior Kyle Busch bad 'cause lasting none none of them you know none of them are are involved in that in that final lap in that at final sprint. But ended the day like nobody cares like right historically there was gonna go back and go like. Yeah you in the Daytona 500 but it was because the other two guys ran at a gas like they aren't all that matters is you actually won the race writing. Yeah absolutely we've got the trophy we got the rain we've got the personal satisfaction of all the hard work that we poured into it mr. opposite. You know win monster's first race there entitlement sponsorship. I and then to be a monster athlete you know more credible so. That matters Mario Andretti without batteries that's weird we want. Why it MI and the might have been in more Reza Mario hundreds of Kurt Busch joining us in the dugout the shelf on CBS Sports Radio okay so how do you. How do you back this up like you know how it is like. Magnet you and your your car's going into the Daytona 500. You're doing interviews like this and hundreds about others around the country you're now going to be on. You know on every web site on everyone's phone in every magazine every periodical there is like patty said Heidi keep this going how do you build up this momentum for the season. That the matter of staying focused and targeting after the the task at hand to Atlanta this weekend. And all the mile and a half track coming up they spoke on any race in the beginning of the year as a cherry street Louis in the call. Such as Martin built Enoch is very important. Are tracked there are some like check this coming up it will got to get after it there's too much about segment wins coming up or sort of bonus like Kerry didn't change. Others responding or can be done. We meant we start about mentioning. They chase renting gas. How big like. How big a deal is that how how how foreseeable was that they like because. You know what we know there's a bunch of math and calculations and and but but how big it how big thing is it for somebody to run against in terms of I got a huge mistake or that's mistake that anybody could make because you're in the situation where you you have to stretch it out. You you do it on a daily base he do it needs these type of races. How big issue is it. You are that seems nearly did it probably goes 45 laps on fuel and we were all 47 laps from the end. It's a matter of hitting and making it to the yen and those guys knew they were short we actually stayed out of Baxter locked owner of that yellow. That we had not a lot of gas but we were saw apple upshot. So why politically gamble I knew we thought it was going to be more yellow block collapsed. Because you get to the one on fuel mileage look at the yellow flag lap but there's no more adult Sonia. I was his crazy and then and it takes Horton takes more gas when you're in the in the lead right and is that is that an affair is that accurate because it takes on your tank. Yes absolutely it's always a 100% throttle when you're in the lead car. And you can back off throttle pedal a little bit at all. Okay I'm I know you told me this before but. But I I was sitting there with my son watching and by the way he's all of 37 years old he put in his bucket list like I wanna go to that it was so exciting he wants to go the Daytona 500. Winger on that last lap is your foot down the entire time like an exit is a completely. Touching the floor board or Horry are you still managing and even on the last lap. No I was putting your heart as I could through the scoreboard never gonna let even a guy started checking up them Dramamine. Are you gonna keep getting all the way to the end. Hey man I know your brother was particularly that race could you end up getting checkers. Congrats on it great to see you back in Victory Lane we appreciate you being our guest on CBS Sports Radio. Absolutely thanks again for having me on and again to swap bank all of us. Artwork from mr. Murdoch employees this one district Kurt Busch joining ST Daytona 500. Winner.