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Doug Gottlieb Show 2-28-27 Hour 3

Feb 28, 2017|

Bill Polian l Kurt Busch, NASCAR Driver joins the show l The Press: Chris Bosh l Joel Embiid l Andrew Bogut l Mike Gundy l Nate Robinson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What up it's Doug Gottlieb show CBS Sports Radio coming given the O'Reilly auto parts studio rally in a bush but bush but prices every single day. I may ask some time for some who picks. This hour we get get a new games tonight. Good two games double did one on CBS sports network as well that we will pay a man who Paramount there are days qualifiers. This qualifiers. Right like I answered this before about New York City. I've I we we work in New York City we live around New York City near C disqualifies itself from this. It is very you know Laura. Oh not because of how expensive it is or how bad the traffic is but because there are. And this winter hasn't been bad this footers above 115. Or seven or so days to which it's in uninhabitable. But this summer it will also have. One year or so days which it uninhabitable. Any if you have more than a month of the year in which. No person their right mind would want to inhabit it it can't be integrated signal that is that fair. Like which brings favorite Cisco's whether. Does not have. I think it it has more. Okay days. I'd say like the old expression is the coldest summer iron I I remember reserve the coldest winter I remembers a summer temperatures goes on Micah. Like symptoms can you really can be cold but not uninhabitable like bring it jacket. I'm pretty jackets and khakis maybe some Kim's AB. I you can feel your face there are ties and your team you can't get your face. And there are times in your seat to would you get out of the shower and immediately start sweating. So because of it it could give them to disqualify. I thought that did you mean I'd putt not revealing your tax information was disqualify ever present United States. I felt like how he not by judges like leg completely. Lying about Sunday night. I don't those ads qualifier I was wrong apparently Biden there's certain things or does qualifiers. Yeah like. I just like my love is like I just don't understand now after the grandmother by people but. Apparently that's what it is qualifier for some people sixty Maynor so people whatever was. But. You know there there are things that disqualify you from an argument. It's like I got a new with a guy who is who was. Well I I was critical of Michael Bay mayor Michael Bennett pulled out of the trip to Israel because it was sponsored by the Israeli government. And I said. I hear on radio and I folded up on Twitter like OK I know I can never comment on anything in Israel ever. And the question is why like wall having lived in Israel for a year having traveled to Israel several times over including this summer. I don't believe you can comment on something. From what you know that you see on TV would you read in newspapers. Instead of experiencing it first hit. Coyly brushing off clue you don't agree that. I do you think you know any. I think talk about the I'll talk but the NFL only reading about it in newspapers and watching it you know on TV or whatever. I mean I see the point you're trying to make a lightly as you may be took a little bit too far by. The verbiage the semantics you'd literally had just used. It's something to which it's a completely different mentality of living and thinking. Because it and any and all honesty. The difference I would say in watching the NFL is like you can watch NFL games start to finish watched the entire thing. And no you don't have the complete perspective of all 22. Which actually brings it will bring us to our argument. At least you're kind of experiencing it and your round people that are talking about it whereas. What you get in terms of coverage of a foreign country. You're getting you're getting a game of telephone. Their news organizations filtering down to our news organizations filtering down to you it's completely watered down. You need to go there and especially when he could go there and form his own opinion like they're gonna pay for him to go and form his own opinion. A knack I'm reform my own opinion stateside like sorry I had to disqualify her from. Phil I think Bill Polian is saying is. He understands much like to meet Donald Trump goes in this qualifiers several things he did like when he talked about the size of his name. Hands. During a during a presidential debate. Gilligan's qualifier but to other people was not. It was not. Bill Polian say look. The way in which TO handled himself to him. Was to disqualify. The rainy month saying. A play when I wanna play is a disqualify. Because he admits they're both super talented. But he said them. First of all here's my position I want players who wanna contribute both individually to the team TO situation TO is temperament. His ability to contribute to the team. Was well known up front he was going to be a problem we get wanna deal with a problem children others may we didn't that's number one number two every year in Minneapolis we said the following the price of admission is a 100% effort all the time. In everything we do you can't take Rainey must reads we knew we make that statement. It's that simple. So he's saying like look for the hall of fame. These are just call fires for many. He was asked to be things that they're gonna get in. And like look I think they will unfortunately that's my view because what you like it or not easily twirl campaigns heavily in slain people. In my view I've said publicly I think dollop Famer for people who make their teens better not. For those who detract from them now teel was a bigger did tractor over history than mosque but you certainly wouldn't call mosque any harboring Europe or an example of what you want in football and a football player other than when you decide to play at play when I want apply. Achille colder questioned his comment that he thinks all famous for people who make teams better mean. Do you not think the Randy Moss and throw Terrell Owens made their team is better. You could argue what they did they could care teams apart of guilt but don't they make their team better overall though the pros outweigh the cons well OK let's let's take Carol. I think Terrell. Some would say hey Carol Owens played Harry every bit the defense of Terrell Owens the biggest defenses he played hurt a simple right. And remember the Eagles went to five and as you change your game falling at one year to the simple. At one of those NFC champions were with him. And that's when they went to support he would play in a game. He was. He was great playing through injury in that game but he did actually play like he did propel them to read her height. And right after they year. That was when teel was doing. Pushups and sit ups in his driveway because he won a new contract is he Andrew rose out but he had over a key based on his contract he yelled at team hostage. And he fraction of the team he took the team that consistently one Madonna McNabb. Any broken apart and they called he called out Don McNabb in public. So. They make them better in short term ending an eight on third down to make a big play yeah. Overall not yeah. I think I saw I don't know the exact percentage bright pink on the stat that. Every team Carroll played on his winning percent over his career was like 60%. I'll get again but we you can't take overall you have to take perspective. The fact that. It like he joined us last week and he gave us his perspective and that was from his point of view and we all have our own and look I can't have lived TO is life. And I do think he's gonna get into it getting getting. But I do think he was super talented but I still think to this today is Denny. He had even know I'm here and even on a listen to himself when he was talking they need to listen to him when asked about how it ended in Sam just Phillies like. Well they want to trade me and I wanna become a free agent my agent didn't sign the you know I blamed his agent. We've never won always like hey that. Who was on me. Good that oil and they'll Maloney. What do we say include about children and adults children out. Point out it my agent was the problem McNabb was the problem. The contract was the problem. You know I was injured was the problem this is the problem there's never any hate you know I don't run me Eagles thing I was ammunition sending them McNabb. Getting sick. You know being nervous and simple wish I shouldn't say no that was. Toll on me. We know. Here even though. Did it end well in San Francisco noted and well with the Eagles noted and well with the cowboys now. And for TN and for operating losses more interest and it's a more interesting because. Rainy months was ridiculously. Dominant with the vikings. Bill paying. And with the with the patriots but ended poorly for the patriots. It frankly ended poorly with the vikings. It ended badly with the raiders. And the big thing with the raiders was the I play when I wanna play. And this is a really hard one and on some level I will defend rainy months because. Weighing. You've been around like when you start your your career in the NFL. And obviously EU is Chris Carter who's like a father like figure demanding excellence W in your playing a championship level. And you go to the raiders who at that point were the laughing stock of the NFL. They were poorly coached they were poorly managed and they were terribly quarterback. It it it hurts your will. I Wally and look that's the what it means to be a professional is when everything else is going wrong you still play hard and that's would. That that's what Bill Polian saying like in your hall of Famer you should be a hall of Famer. Dean dean sixteen. With the raiders up making the playoffs just like you are dean's three playing with the patriots. Now that would also help my argument bill back Kurt Warner. I my Kurt Warner argument is he's in the hall effect is ready put a guy who had five bad years like bad. Bad years like couldn't be on the field. And like. But I don't think was for lack of effort as much of light of health lack of skill. And lack of surrounding cast. Here's what the polian comments should be champions. He made about Randy Moss you worsened Randy Moss and look I work in this business. And I can tell you that for the most part there's a ton of respect given rightfully given to the people that you work for more growth. But. Why do we (%expletive) things up like I remember I was doing a UNLV game a couple of years ago. And Jerry Tarkanian is name was brought up. Because he's getting ready was he actually got in the hall failing Jerry Tarkanian doesn't belong in the basketball hall of fame. All of. Again there are the dirty program in America. There is the. And you it's one thing to break the rules it's another thing to. Believe that the rules don't apply to you. So sub it was highly hypocritical of you you want Eddie Sutton in the hall of fame. Who got caught breaking the rules when music Kentucky. You don't think Jerry Tarkanian belongs in the rules but it belongs in because they broke the rules if there's a difference. I get any sudden whatever they did act Kentucky. I can do it his entire career he's built he believed preached that the the rules are there for a reason. And we got to find away. Two to succeed with in the bounds of the world where Jerry Tarkanian like these rules are stupid they don't apply them. Any settings view of taking second chance kids like myself was. Give me another shot at school or getting a degree whereas Jerry Tarkanian Zealand is a big it was a very honest view when he was alive he would ask him he descent like look. These kids are ball players they're not students I'm just getting an insulating get a chance in the NBA he wasn't trying to rehabilitate anybody. Some curious how far down the line gleaned willing to take this opinion that if it's it's a great question Taylor's hall of Famer did you think OJ Simpson the whole thing. Just curious. OJ Simpson and the disqualify would be that he rumored to be murdered two people I point is he's in him that he has built a lead page belongs in there. I I would say he would say because it doesn't apply to football this is after his post walker. I don't think anybody would mind if you tell I'm trying to get his sensibilities as to what are we can't I can't we don't have a month I can't bring out unconscious I'd just curious how partisan abilities go on but I would say to launch Taylor thing is the Laurence Taylor was selfish boards Taylor probably played his you know what's off. When he played for the giants for the resign on Coke or whatever. I think all of this is. The differences and and TOI. I I I feel for TOK he came money like look. This this is taking a shot at me personally when people are talking about. Mean breaking apart a team. I do think this is all football talk like none of it is about T oh and who he's dating men and it's a bat I. So Ike I actually do think this applies to the keep it to football keep between. Even if it's in the locker room that's still really football. You you disagree with what both of these. And singer performance on the field was so overwhelming so dramatically overwhelming at their first twelve teams in about the late. That's Michelle up in my hunting in my top three receivers all time probably. I'll take you mount. Air reminds me of the guys the baseball writers who won't vote guys in and I unanimously like the guy who keeps clinger junior Mo Rivera off so tonight unions that we deal like. I was all payment has rainy mosques in distort. Well I think obviously football people think otherwise. And while we think we'd we both think we we watch a lot of football and we think we know a lot about the sport the fact is we don't want to all point to we don't talk to other people. And there are guys that are dole looks. By Doug guys that are dogs like dummy bookings are not belong in the hall of fame basketball eliminating him play defense they didn't take good shots. But he's Gore's choice Carla points knew he was like in the dunk contest which he he got robbed the dung content myself out of what you said about Vince Carter and you think you deserve to be in. Mom I don't think but Vince Carter has not. Always been a terrible defender. And he's not taking in terrible shots. And he is without any question the greatest bunker as a very good player for a want to. Like it if you did he real hall of fame like only the best of the best of the best. I'm going get in. But since a hole famous they'll like Reggie Miller's in Dominique Wilkens is in. I'd leave the hall of really good in basketball. Didn't hit it into the greatest Unger of I can actually pull. Kurt Busch is gonna join his upcoming next what is the feeling like to win the Daytona five and one announced. On the mask that's up next. And the play and my new podcast network featuring radio and TV personalities talking business sports tactic entertainment and more quiet and play diet. Skis the Doug Gottlieb should know. It's that I got leave shows CBS's Sports Radio coming to you from the O'Reilly auto parts studio all rally auto parts. Their parts their prices every single day. It is day whirlwind when you're in the Daytona 500 I can imagine was like doing your first ever Daytona 500 let's catch up with Kurt Busch 38 years old he gets checkers. Act NASCAR's Super Bowl on Sunday in in stunning fashion he joins easier on CBS portrayed occurred how real. Hey I'm doing great thanks for having me on that we are still celebrating the Daytona 500 land. I'd so so take me through where where were you in third when chase Chile was in first years that. Like long procession in there for about 1010 laps before everybody start ran against where were you when chase was in first. Are much bigger now than third and went back side and make a move or larceny and drew Altman and like nobody trapped with them and he just drop like anchor. I didn't know he ran out of gas at that moment I can than ever review here to check on him anymore horses. One by the seat of my ban. Yeah it was it was weird for those of us watching at home because you know Jeff Gordon I was on the broadcasting here and and get those guys are are talking about the fuel cells in about drafting and all the sudden he made it remakes the new piece of what. Like do you have. What did you have a game plan before that happened on what what what goes in my music in third you guys are all drafting what was what was the game plan before. Larson citing Gulfport. My game plan would just take advantage of other people's mistakes mart the high line. And with all the image I'm mark. I really couldn't leave all that well I could follow really well but I couldn't lead you know what I want to move to make. Am Wanamaker doctor Q on the last lap. And and that he did of course Larson then he he ends up running out of gas and still I'm I'm considering what you've been through considering. He'll what you went through personally couple years ago does that go through your mind or you blocked in the moment when you come around that final turn any take checkers. At the at the Daytona 500. Not all about the chess match at eight on in the drought I don't survival amid delays it take Archie some altering. These most recent years. You gotta protect your car stay out of trouble and anthrax threat from Iraq it happened yen and we're able to minimize or damage. And pull out the victory saw enough of like beggars to remind you just focus on the car. Kurt Busch joining us in the dugout to show here on CBS Sports Radio. So so now that you've had a chance to catch your breath. What is this experience been like. It's a real iron and it didn't magical army Daytona the most prestigious stock curry there's. And we want it and it really reminds me a lot of winning the championship years ago. But what a championship wrapped up to ten days. Whereas winning the overall championship for the ten week run. Very similar I'm very blessed and happy that this happened so we're operating. And to do it in our first race backward forward you're right homecoming the legal or Duchscherer would Tony Stewart said he. Are you that he you know what he was really really happy quality people and course myself mainly Tony gets sent. His group of guys. On the during the great car owner he's very passionate about the people that he hired. And he he's really genuinely happy for that I'm to a guard during a type of web. You mentioned you've been there so many times 32 races at the Daytona International Speedway seventeen starts in in this particular event. And you had a banged up card did. Your rear view mirror like you a lot of things going against you have you had to get in a position we actually had the best car Indian win. You know I had a really good car 2007 and correct Tony Stewart here I want I want got away. 2011. I'm I had won the arm chewed out what it was called then went through the clash wanted to duel race now than even in the same running position. On the final lap of the Daytona 500. And I didn't win that your our panel pure race winning cars didn't win. That's what we're battling banged up but it certainly had a lot of time and ours are committed put into it up. Let at all or else. Now it's crazy right I get Jimmie Johnson ranks Dale Earnhardt junior Kyle Busch bad 'cause lasting none none of them you know none of them are are involved in that in that final lap in that and a final sprint. But ended the day like nobody cares a great historically there was gonna go back no like yeah you in the Daytona 500 but. It was because the other two guys ran out of gas like they aren't all that matters is you actually won the race writing. Absolutely we've got the trophy we got the ring we've got the personal satisfaction of all the hard work that we poured into it mr. opposite. You know win monster's first race there entitlement sponsorship. I and then to be a monster athlete you know more credible also. That matters Mario Andretti without Hillary we've we want. What if M I am in my have been in more Reza Mario hundreds of Kurt Busch joining us in the dugout the shelf on CBS Sports Radio okay so how do you. How do you backed this up like you know how it is like. Magnet you and your your car's going into the Daytona 500. You're doing interviews like this and hundreds about others around the country you're now going to be on. You know on every web site on everyone's phone in every magazine every periodical there is by how he had Heidi keep this going how do you build up this momentum for the season. I know that the matter of staying focused and not getting out and the task at hand which is Atlanta this weekend. All the mile and a half track coming up they spoke on any race in the beginning of the year as a straight out there in the fall. Let's at Martinsville scenic very important. Our track there some like tech is coming up it will got to get out there's much of a segment wins coming up or Obama or carry in the cherry. Others responding or can be done. We meant we started by mentioning. That chase renting gas. How big like. How big a deal is that how how how foreseeable was that we like because. You know we we know there's a bunch of math and calculations and and but but how big how big a thing is it for somebody to run against in terms of I got a huge mistake or that's mistake that anybody could make because you're in the situation where you you have to stretch it out. You you do it on a daily base he do that these these type of races. How big issue is it. You are the teams in news did you probably go 45 laps on fuel and we were all 47 laps from the end. And it's a matter of hitting and making it to the end and those guys knew they were short we actually stayed out of Baxter lop but that yellow. That we had a lot of gas but we were saw apple upshot. All all of that is the gamble. And you we thought it was going to be more yellow on lap. Because you get to a one on fuel mileage look at the yellow flag lap but there's no more real to. Right I was it was crazy and then and it takes more takes more gas when you're in the in the lead right and is that is that an affair is that accurate does it take on your tank. Yes absolutely it's always a 100% throttle when your IndyCar. And you can't back off throttle pedal a little bit at all. Okay I am I know you told me this before but. But I I was sitting there with my son watching and by the Leahy of 37 years old he put in his bucket list like I wanna go to that it was so exciting he wants to go the Daytona 500. Winger on that last lap is your foot down the entire time like and is it is a completely. Touching the floor board or Horry are you still managing and even on the last lap. Now I would put in your heart as I could through the scoreboard never gonna live even have got started checking out the economy. Are just gonna keep getting all the way to the end. Amen I know your brother was particularly that race could you end up getting checkers. Congrats on it great to see you back in Victory Lane we appreciate you being our guest on CBS Sports Radio. Absolutely thanks again for having me on and again swap thank all of us. Artwork from mr. Murdoch employees this when mr. Kurt Busch joining as the Daytona 500. Winner jewel indeed has only played 31 games and will likely miss the rest of the season. Can you fill in rookie of the year in he doesn't play another game this year vis vis the Doug Gottlieb should go Gottlieb show CBS Sports Radio 855 Q1 Q4 CBS dollars a phone number if you wanna jumpin. He unites the country I got a bad lysine and I experienced a loss missing time and we at thirteen point me in the fourth cooler than the second half against Oklahoma last game. When they redid the arena. So like I feel like all these guys seem nice that we needed to talk to the crowd which showed been cool. I loved by Kansas senior nine. Love dancing but the thing has been ruined most bad senior night billing college basketball as well these guys are two time transfers. Like man he's the greatest band ever like even if like five minutes. You know. You came in at the end of the party like this is the greatest party ever like everybody have a bowl dollars. So I I would. I don't mind you don't have to wing your senior night game to get a chance to speak to the crowd but seniors she get a chance to speak in. I like the united whereby touch their body but I think you have to have spent at least. At least two prefer bowl per verbally three years at a place. For you couldn't. Saint Nicholas CDC you're not. If I was to rule the world. Post route. If you missed our Kurt Busch interviewing. Yeah egg we had guys untrue or like me you're clowning NASCAR last week is Iowa. Last week I watched Daytona 500 at least the last I don't know twenty laps and it was also much of my kid to school. Nice to see your lighting entail are still holding I read about the rest of like Kyle is up current revenue brazen. But to crashes I missed a bunch that I did see go back into the crashes which is why the rays gave us everything. Crash she's in NASCAR are just like fights in hockey. We can say we wanna take him out but that's why we watch night. We watch for two things the crash in the fights and then the spectacular finishes. Ranked. Mullen went Wayne Gretzky Teddy at fighting Keeneland. C'mon do regular season hockey I need a good hockey fight let's get to the press. All the top story sport no. It wants to win you want it. This keeps the trips Coleman don't Gottlieb show. Trust me go. Bill press Chris Bosh debuted in his new role as an analyst for TNT last night. But said he's in great health is still working out and staying ready in case there's an opportunity to play the MBA I'm an MR. Let's raise the green. Being on TV always seems to help it coaches hired again for being on TNT helped or hurt Chris Boston's chances of making it back in the NBA. I still think that'd be turned back he placed the cats. They seem to be losing roster spots though by the day and other Andrew Bogut appeared appears to be had there the we don't know bogeyed there. I don't think as they can do is that this is it's a health thing Kenny get cleared things. And the longer we go once we get to march of the doesn't sign Ohman anybody in March when I believe. The buyout is complete. Then. I am BS I think it's. It's a zero sum game I don't think it has any effect. So. Press yesterday Joseph Allen B it was ruled out indefinitely with a knee injury and many believe this season is done all source Nike and beat is still eligible for the rookie of the year award despite being drafted three years ago. If indeed it is indeed done for the year he will only appeared in 31 games crazy right it feels like doing we've watched every jewel and it would bring might have watched average you'll OMB game ever. But he leads all rookies in rebounds per game blocks per game and points per game beating out the second leading rookie scorer by nine points per game who is a Daria starts his teammates who also like registered a couple of years report coming over like they're like. You know that they're like again his high school they'll be like eighteen year old freshman leg their freshman DeVon did they got back here. Patrick Ewing currently holds the record for least amount of games plays in winning or you're fifty. India's 31 if indeed only placed third doing game is here he doesn't play again we get your vote for him her rookie of the year. Comment I'm trying to think like Siemens and team play terrible year the terrible year. Bringing germs had a bad year Jamal Murray's had a bad year. Draining there's anybody on Sinegal like. My his pathetic terrible. This is one of those like somebody has to win do we have this this is you know this is like. It's like a hall of fame class. In baseball. Right query like. Do I wanna Politico but don't wanna put pudge Rodriguez's steroid guy in Biggio is a scary guy. Probably not rock grains. Like none of them are like hall of famers. Right we have demo fame class that we have to have a rookie year. Gotta be Yond me. Bill press. Speaking of the 76ers injure Bogut is reportedly close to finalizing its buyout and Billy. And would like to decide whether to sign with the cavs spurs and rockets. Which team should he sign. Well I think it comes down to does he wanna. Played as you wanna enjoy himself forty's you wanna win. You wanna play I think you go to Houston. They need member we we talked about earlier the Mike and Tony said they're soft. He's only counted skis only skilled but he's also tough. Goes to enjoy himself. He is whether it is kind of well rounded political views personally plane there. Against. Playing with. Bunch of foreign players the way the spurs play when they pass letting you do enjoy himself most of the spurs if he wants to win if he goes to the cap. Sell to me the decision comes under the wanna play he's been enjoying San Antonio win cap. Don't press. Ole miss destroyed your alma mater and when he fifteen Sugar Bowl. But with all of the NCAA violations stemming from the rebels program Mike Gundy said two days ago quote. We didn't all play by the same rules as everybody is playing by the rules and get your butt kicked I can live with that have been mapped. The only thing but when it's an uneven playing field that's not fair. Hugh freeze responded today saying he hopes they can meet in another Sugar Bowl and see how that goes. That might Andy have a legitimate gripe. Course he does. Did that was that old Liz came as the best team money could buy. Come on man anybody who watched that game and go like wait a second they have way better players in Oklahoma State. What I would Mike Gundy got the job and I know they of the Sports Illustrated thing which was debunked. They came out about it none of it was about like cash payments. When my Guinea first got the job he ran off like seven the most talented players. Seldom that a but does anybody dispute that Ole miss was sheet. Indisputable. So. Andy is anybody's feet to there was a different caliber of badly between illness and Oklahoma State. Now though. I didn't like that it was a painful feelings but he's he's not wrong it was Q they have planned by two different sets the rules you write the prayer. Asks in an MB AD league game over the weekend former slam dunk contest champion Nate Robinson dribbled through the legs of defender be physically Nutmeg and it wasn't just the ball I don't. He himself through his body got through collect the seven foot three center Eddy Tavarez. Well Nate Robinson make it back to the NBA. Some miracle for him to get it get immediately get called up to the sixers right in the sixers own his run his team and he's playing rounding a point guard. He probably will problems it tis the season for columns. And there's a posse guard tackle goma city needs a backup point guard as well. I'm actually I'm trying to get back in the celebrity next levity also again trying to attendance. That's the class home on the dogs got two weeks ago. Mike Andy's comments. Luka I actually got it was pretty pretty bold and usually coaches don't call out. Other programs for cheating it hold it all that Hugh freeze talk trash bag in it even pulled that he still employed. How is he still have a job. I don't get it like they they are direct messages that there were dirt the by Laramie console too which it's fairly obvious he was getting paid and then Laramie counsel was asked about news like yet. Anyway. I know that the number they can DT bullies went to Ole miss because they loved the growth. And they love it and I bilateral of the growth level missed. The only place here lied to cheated in the SEC and year you know everybody else's Tryon is Mississippi State right in the Internet that adage. Thank mr. B stage be allowed to cheat. Cool let's get do it it will come to court. Gig gig. It. Same nine minutes. Do not big just fuel radio. This feast channel surfing on the door Gottlieb show how Rome double what's worth watching on TV. I would elephant tonight on TV I'll be like in Florida State against duke grace Allen might not play a meal Jefferson might not play. The duke user is seven point favorite against the Florida State team that's got dudes. Dude. Jason Tatum as the dude we're Purdue freshman into that supposedly the knicks are trying to take to get. And that Jon denies it is a dude for Florida State I think has to be a very close game when it's done me for a state won it. I like Florida State against the number that among the gains will be watching Thomas the Filipinos believe you watch tonight I'm also how to. The water and with the other game in the double header Mandy and I thought I'd get bandied beat. Good thinking that you know I don't look maybe you covered this qualifiers. I mean he cannot make the NCAA term. They've just qualifier they lost that Missouri by twenty points. That's an automatic BQ. Can't up and came applied to be in the NCA term. Who the woody got. I'll be watching us. This losses tonight is to go on Tuesday night's. We still catching up was not last week it was always a vacation Leslie's three or watch any TV. On and I remember on on vacation. I remember well distances us on what's for dinner this evening and tonight he's making I'm seriously serious a meatloaf. Mom. The listener that guy he'd go home and you say stuff meet. Me now let me and I like. It's because of the loaded the word low. And in bright. I'm just saying when I said that we have ever dinner you had a little reaction of thing doesn't deserve every mile of guys you're you're right Iraq. What does he what you wouldn't really have a meal that William vegetable items hitters broccoli it is broccoli. It would mean what do you have a mile what those meatloaf what does single and everything that we. Let me get it it does get a bad rap because we think they'll like our moms below when he put like ketchup on it because it wasn't that tasty but if you know Richard Dick eulogy Dylan. I mean to be really really hit the highlight of the week here and of him easy easy tiger. Easy. Look my go to roast chicken. And here's the thing. I don't know when this started but there is never minutes' time which you walk through supermarket you really hungry and there's like a pre pre cut really sticky like. That's a great idea. Cat who's the first guy I always want to know who's the first guy like what are you were you with me when Phil Simms told me he was the first candidate back shoulder throws. Wilson's claims to be the first kind of actual those like I'm always interested in who's the first guy like O'Dell beckon junior's gonna get credit for being the first. Black and dye his hair blonde right leg and everybody's doing and he's heating of another guy that has that has that look. It started that look I cannot. Dan Marino gets credit for being the first item fakes like you doing you don't act count Dennis Rodman. Now on this on the did all kinds that this style of hair like that permanent use temporary. He negotiating if you OJ as Israel Beckham take yet added that the at the only music you walking eagle I want the O'Dell back. Like TV annually gets credit for the step back jump shot I would that's called keeping them. And Seth Curry has prodded it a step back and he called the staff back jump shot but that the Kiki did to him. I believe I am I'm passed it by who is a what was the first place doodling hey let's just roasting chickens and put it out and put it out the super market. Because there's not a human being glad that they want to Agilent. Hassles fantastic and you know what it takes an hour to cook at home and it's probably better confused and is anywhere else I mean. I just made all of you Hungary I apologize and apologize. Olympic who do we have any gas to promote to make people are listening to show tomorrow yet Kurt Busch date well done you tell me there's some other gas that I had to come in early for potentially prep for. He'd prep for night when I'm watching games who was. Later this week David Ross yeah. We now and ESPN analyst right former cub former Red Sox catcher that's correct I try to be a manager. I demand report from the great job you know you get to. You have nothing to promote. Does the dugout to show podcast is available awful I don't want stuff is in the war he had nothing that's correct. And you'll carry a Smart and okay. For comes Celestine now at include. These delisting my sister from another mister there got waves can even the sports update this the dugout the ship.