Butler vs Hutchinson

Mar 8, 2017|

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It's time for the Butler grizzlies basketball pregame show. On your bike Canada TV air conditioning implemented before convenient locations Sergio including office and hand over to better serve dollar. And I is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week and outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for Paul Hamm. I heating air conditioning and plummeting and now let's head out of the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. Arbor want to welcome immigrants. Pregame show at another brother grizzlies basketball radio broadcasts. Evening we greet you from Hartman arena were in Park City. Just north of downtown Wichita. 8135. And uses the regions that tournament ends. A semi final matchup. Between grizzlies you know Hutchinson dragon strong. And aggressive cut and is the fives is that pertinent political world record at 98 and twelve. Fourteen and twelve conference play qualified to rise to tonight's game but it overall record of 31. Thirty at 125. And one in conference play. That would issues are the ones see an error ranked number two in the end crazy people that came out just last week. Number two team in the country by the way it never went to the country. If south plains taxes. And they are 28. Built it yet to lose them all in fact that they've been number one. The very start of this season it number one. Wire to wire act and currently number two nations. Pretty much everybody Dennis it's courtside our freedom are important and I think Simon is under there's always great fabulous. Tonight Robin points well 48. Emigrant advanced tonight semi final game what they want if you don't want two victory over Brent. In the quarterfinals. On Sunday afternoon here apartment. A game that was played a frenetic. Pace at some days after the ball game it felt like you're watching Indy game. Fifty don't want it to the grizzlies over the beavers. It grizzlies. It was 553. All at halftime and it grizzlies and twelfth or run midway through the second. To pull away for the beavers had a huge game or fresh air pocket you know am. From a Dallas Texas the only career best 33 points to lead the grizzlies and the grizzlies continue to shoot the ball well. They shot 54 point two from the field before point 2%. It is robust 48%. From beyond the arc on Sunday they were 1123. From three point range. Also good news for the grizzlies on Sunday. For an edit but no wild game had a season low five turnovers. That game on Sunday it was grizzlies fit. In a row remember those five wins wrote a month olds. But he six game losing streak look at these things out but these ballots and basketball season. But during the the winning streak aggressive pursuit of fifty. Point 7%. From the field and averaging a hundred points a game. Now but it mark in the tournament Hutchinson. Coach Steve Beck is the dragons are working on storybook season birdie at one overall. We mentioned right numbers and with the nation. A lot of folks who knows this game pretty well the junior college basketball team. They didn't davis' coach expense team instead of being in Karachi this is his age. She accidentally fell. Of the blue dragon basketball program and remember it was just clashed with the dragons. It is all the way through the national championship game here that was forgery and it. Before falling by ten points. Salt Lake City masters it was 32 and by Edmonton vote that is probably. At expense. That he's been. Butler dragon steak coasted to their quarterfinal victory on Sunday set before final independent parts. A game it led by as much as 38 in the second half. And their superstar player. Here Houston another double double on Saturday he finished that game with ten points fourteen. Rebounds in his twentieth double double of the season and appropriately so yesterday he was named the GA dot com for its most valuable player. For the 201617. Seasons those ticker Houston. 18 double doubles on the season. If there was a report this morning in the past news there're a lot of division one programs that are seeking his services for next year. It's been reported on action news that among those rules. McCain jayhawks. Coach Bill Self who was in touch last week to watch your practice session after Houston. Apparently they have officially offered him a scholarship he has yet to make a decision we also hear that. That Oklahoma. Might also be in the running for the young man here in Houston beat Chelsea. But that I semi final match of the just another chapter for the long and storied history. Between Butler and Hutchinson missed it rivalry folks that dates all the way back today. Great Kevin what does it is semi final match up already one piece of the puzzle has been filled. It just ended just before he went on here. It was possible they'll outlast in the park cougars and 91 that 57 now this game where Cog Hill led by seventeen can happen. They're led by as much as what he's in the second half Barton you know lately run into a big bucket deposit and 187. Zola. Turkoglu and is content libraries city 2017. Regions they can't keep me here tomorrow night. Who didn't play it'll be either Butler or Hutchinson. Great to have your whether businesses that anti air conditioned upon pre game show. Any heated air conditioning watching the court in the location to serve you. Including an office again over bettors are Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days away. Outstanding services high while. And installation what you're looking for call him heating air conditioned plotting. Your comfort is our business we'll take a timeout here be backwards more pregame show. All teams are out on the floor getting loose it is we're showing fifteen minutes away from the opening tip Bob Butler how much the regency semi final match up. It'll have a four right here on cape page. Penn heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. They we owned and operated henin has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for. Call him heating air conditioning employment. You comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really I and Gary chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's. To a select relates to help replenish your body after exercise and not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so leery about it that you didn't know science they taste so good. Learn more at highland Gary dot com. And then staying. This story will join us for sports daily weekday mornings at nine mind. Now we're counting down to the job on the the reasons things on my final matchup about grizzlies in the hunt that would rankings tonight. Apartment reading in Park City this stage three of the tournament. It earlier today here. Use it there's semi final match ups and perhaps no surprise. Budgets and big winners over Cali and Stewart ran away their games out so tomorrow. These ladies we'll have their championship game at 5 o'clock here are the number two ranked actions. Against number four rank and counties are bigger partner network war. Seward county in that game will be at 5 o'clock. Tomorrow night followed by the men's championship game at seven here partner. Mention of this rivalry between a bummer it's always acted 90 morning. And this season their work regular conference meetings in touch one vote. In the game that was played December 7 and torturing him much no contest. Touch closed out the first funny or good morning run to lead by twenty points. Good decent 36 at halftime and it JJ Ryan your outstanding freshman from Phoenix Arizona. He led the late at night for much of the nineteen points five rebounds Jonathan Lindsay had a nice performance for the grizzlies. He finished with seventeen points and nine rebounds but the grizzlies as a team shot just 39 point 7% from the field. And they were outrebounded 48 to 34. Putts won that game on December 7 or the sports arena. 109. B 8227. Point win for the blue dragons in fact the blue dragons were leading by 41. Points. The second half. But when it went on 1982 spending every match was played to power. Planet in elderly don't rightly so large crowd nearly as a bear you know the rate on February 11. Into the grizzlies actually let it happen drive I want. 4241. And ended grizzlies took him eight point lead right around the midpoint of the second half in it was a tremendous. Acrobatic dunk by Jonathan Lindsay on the play is now by here accuse him. He made a three point play at that point Steve back home on an album of the dragons. Gathered just came together they stayed composed and he won it very impressive 160. Run and it won that game on February 11. Our planet it final score of eighty we're 72. Indignant that sixth he'll run you've raised an eight point lead at Butler at midway through the second and here Houston had a double double that night twenty points and ten rebounds and KG rhymes had a good performances grizzlies. Nineteen points. And twelve rebounds and now you look at the whole World Series tonight the 187. All time meeting between these two schools. Where they decided edge of your World Series a 121 to 65. Most of those victories a lot of victories came in nearly decades they've really just dominated in that that would grizzlies have released this in his head coach. Butler comedy there and for a while handing him reaching six action. Touch leads eleven to four all time meetings. These two teams actually played in the region six championships in years ago about. Every day in Wichita State and it was much when he net gain in the final seconds he defeated the grizzlies 7775. That was the regions of championship back bad here both lunch and Butler advanced to national tournament in Hutchinson. But recent history is a touch leads they've won fourteen of the last 23 meetings going back to 2007. In elder radio Butler actually halted at 65. At touch but it actually in the series 2007. It sports Arenas export and that one. The last two. Three to six games but they want it 2014. And he. Quarterfinal match about legalized and they won the championship game in 2015. There which states. Vote arena but it breaker got back as we count down buildings above are reduced eight and a half minutes away Butler and touched the third meeting this year but this is for all the marbles. Mrs. Ford. He semi finals of the region six championship game winner this game and hopefully I'll be deliberate ravens won the opening game here tonight over Barton. A final score. 87 things I'd rather be back with more on their fate. Right on schedule I take my new car in for an oil change in the dealership tells him over to courts well is that it's not uncommon to his court every thousand miles they blamed on low attention piston rings the clock and stick on today's engines all I can say is my cards to young act is old. Shop Jews BG products that claim Clark brings in just fifteen minutes as part of that PG performance oil service which includes lifetime coverage gas engine failure to find a shop with BG go to BG fun to shop dot com that's BG five to shop dot com. Look at any winning team you'll find key support staff working behind the scenes that's certainly the case when Butler basketball and doctor Larry Abraham an elderly doctor Larry Abraham psychiatrist specializing in diseases and surgery. What has been made grizzlies team doctor. Over forty years doctor Abraham also provides quality care for patients throughout Butler county. If you're having foot brake problems call the doctor the grizzlies trust doctor Larry Abraham elderly for an appointment call 31632125. That's 3163212050. Doctor Larry Abraham a longtime supporter of Butler athletics. Which are. Joining me. Don't just a little over seven minutes away from the opening tip off of three cents a month on a matchup Butler and touch. It reminded that our opening tip off every Butler basketball games tonight. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers Freddy's frozen custard statement brings back another classic Freddy's bit and memorial concrete. Freddie spread it free throws like it would pool. Or cookies and whipped cream sprinkled with a war of these problems only French president state workers it takes that brings you. At four locations in Wichita wanted derby in wanna help the rate at 9 west central. Freddy's frozen state murders open until ten at night so you still 18 times on my birdies either drive through Oregon and it. I trust cut state workers long time loyal sponsors. Butler. She's. Really groupings and often are left that locker room and there goes. As it looked like Hutchinson is in the market here. Home white uniforms they are the higher seed number one seed in the tournament averaging a team in the country. Butler had a biopsy it was a good place in the conference standings and they are elected to where there broad. Black uniform. Purple lettering in new roles and. Looks like we'll have. Ground here tonight is look around your weaknesses that this is in the shape of a horse you. And artillery bigger parts idiot perfect venue for this tournament. It is it bounces back and forth between Hartman arena one year and it's obvious you both read it another year. But just look around you read it tonight that soda all light lose seats. A lot of those seats are filled with boats were written. They definitely travel well there are some folks here weren't purple or Butler. Right asking to have her. Pregame shows Mayweather as we're gonna come back with tonight's starting lineups at the opening tip off that is the region six of my final match of Butler Hutchinson. Great to have you with us on 975 at 1240 KM H. It will come back at this game started Butler national comes up next on they have made. 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Boiled surface actually cleans Claude pins and greens improving combustion and lowering fuel consumption. Find it easy performance oil service near you and PG find a shotgun. I'm mark that's VG find a shopping. Doctor Larry Abraham an elderly and those specializing in diseases and surgery in the front. At least team doctor for more than forty years. Hannah heating air conditioning implement your comfort is our business with the location and over to better serve Butler county. And highland Gary it's a splash of fresh flavor. And the Butler community college bookstore the best place to buy everything in color. Now let's hit out of the arena for Butler grizzlies basketball. And welcome back to Hartman arena in Park City as we get set for the region six tournaments semi final matchup between the father grizzlies. And the Hutchinson blue dragon it's great to have you with us on its age. Against courtside here Hartman arena inside and Sumner is art studio coordinator. The grizzlies have returned to Florida are going through a live line right now crowd files in on top of them very good basketball team. We'll have a battle of the bands wolf students. Have their opinions here at about it took my right. Bolt for the right India Butler grizzlies. Community college sidelined him here to our lives. The dragon is their best players out. The fight song. Sit back about it they're all white uniform. Leaves him there when. Representative offensive road uniforms don't look like they are flat tonight. Those sort of the starting lineups first Bork these five seed Butler grizzlies take credit for the home. 1214. Well in conference play they've won five in a row coming in and here's how they will start for second your head coach. Bryant Miller coach Miller 38 and 23 in his ears at Butler. And his second your assistant Wendell more. And Reggie lewis' first season interest to go to Wendell or. Michael Moore played for a Hutchinson coach Steve back when he was coach at south high. In Wichita also played at Hutchinson community college coach it there's an accident. Here's how to grizzlies will start tonight pretty much as they have all year. Kobe heiress look at the start at one guard position to call it 63 software Delray Beach, Florida north Broward prep. He's averaging fourteen points in three rebounds per game. You probably coming back for. Surgery last year that it is almost the entire season. Businesses in his third year redshirt sophomores and hold hearings starting at point guard is. Don't want to party since when president here in Texas victory crap he runs the offense he's averaging fourteen and half points again. It's boring little over four assists per game in three rebounds. And at one of court positioning will have learned emirates and six on adrenaline filled and that's when they'll high school three point shooting specialist second. Percentage from three in the conference never been easier and seventy. 44 point 1%. After averaging eleven points in four rebounds per game team's lineup in Atlanta so it looks like we will have any of them. Here is just a moment. And other afford for the grizzlies as Jonathan Lindsey's 67 sophomore Detroit Michigan southeastern. He's averaging thirteen points and a team leading eight. Rebounds the front and also with thirty or blocked shots on the season in the third forward in life to art. Three point line at its precarious spot them. 65 freshman at Dallas Texas Madison high school. Ten and a half points a game three and a half rebounds per game. He's coming off his career best 33 point performance Sunday against friend here's our National Anthem. Not beautiful rendition of the National Anthem by the Hutchinson community college fans here tonight. Hartman arena. Well yeah it is starting wide variety of other grizzlies. Head coach Ryan Miller. Here's the starting finals the clutches of the United States that in 31 overall. 45 and one half a mile away religion on conference regular season championship. It's on the coach Steve Beck in his eighth year. And Hutchinson 226. Wins 45 losses. Slash threes coming off 832 and five team that went all the way for the national championship game. They lost by ten points Salt Lake City there at the sports arena in Hutchinson. And Tennessee tech. 37. Year overall coaching and he won six state titles itself makes Wichita. And he is a tremendous coaching career. Steve Beck third hit one this year. For the Hutchinson flew dragged back along the way coach dad for three years as a head coach at Butler community college back in 96 through. Replace Randy says it looks dozens of head coaching job. And Butler. That was 8820. In his three years and this leads number one rank for several weeks one of those seasons. There's our lineup but he changed calmly. One guard position obvious that's Resop Florida derby and their school night and have points game. Three and a half rebounds per game for Connolly. The other guard is going to be so much in its shelves highly touted don't have switched parties high school he's already committed. He's already committed to. Wichita State University to play their next here for the truckers. So much influence that's my sophomore Wichita east high school. He's averaging sixty at points a game. And almost four rebounds and he's right around three up assists per game. 140 shoot here accused and pick up to its feet and feet in the case our conference. For instance at seven sophomore Brandon burden. New Jersey. He's averaged a double doubles and it won't even hear six and a half points four assists and twelve rebounds virgins didn't we had a the other board. Did you ride since more freshmen out of Phoenix Arizona. Fifty employees. And nearly five rebounds. In round. Belgrade Serbia. 71 sophomore. Is averaging four point us. Around to an average per game. Grizzlies on the floor waiting I consider found clutched in her home white uniforms when it. Lettering in the road trip in red grizzlies are traveling all black uniforms. Houston we'll jump center against Lindsay. There's nothing to control I Hutchinson. But will be moving right to left here to start the game. Come across the time line center court asking it to choose the way up top target. By pocket now. Here's a Smartphones. I've thought about that it is time for a layup. So that's what starts right and easy bucket grizzlies moving left to right here. That's a leveling of snow by Tuesday Jackson asked those that come to pass that before those lines but he throws out of accounts. So still like Houston. Does not play like your typical 67 dignity and pride with the wall offensively. And he'll play in the wings defensively you know it is fielder. Who got the lead for. Litigants. Yours at the bottom rightly. Talk to you are part of the screen violence takes him left court. It's like coming out party price drops Lindsay left corner three and away note I want it out I had with the listeners to vote drives and it puts up a floater support nicely done. The terrorists. And we are tied to him. These teams like to run prefer to run. Yours ain't Jones if that top to secure its essence is not the way I'm Lindsey a turn over her father grizzlies at the front court are. Drops off them back the party top. Party slightly out of pocket rightly occupies the line is that goes inside he rightly ask those errors that doctors Adler three topic. Well I Adler. There exists personally that's always that it signed. Ever doubt it was last when he won three classified US here's rhymes driving Italy rightly draws well. Not shooting well. This is something that occurs these coaching staff Ryan Miller through assistance went to war. In Britain and Louis are on all your longest active on defense especially against the quick team a war like she. Melbourne if you don't get back on these dancers age Jones long three topic you know tactics the picnic it's about that the Lindsay. Bankruptcies up the floor quietly for Butler is under way here are written here's your top three note it short. But it gets a rebound backed out right wing three and away if that's the offensive. Monica Lindsay could shoot that story that's his sixteenth of the year. Active weather comes right satellite left Atlantis good. My parents are on the floor three outs and Utley party. Parties. That backed out there might partly there's terrorists in the basement goes nuts frogs found. Sockets that I wouldn't want it now. Now the bucket and terraces and a lot of purchased three point Floyd. Which art for the grizzlies. 7845. Ago. Hutchinson. Won both regular season meetings they dominated grizzlies. On December 7 and Hutchinson. A full time I'm on the floor. At that moment we'll keep it here. The grizzlies lose at home on February 11 quite well they've lost that game about like 47. So the grizzlies out attendant. Accidentally. And he still have a free throw coming up four and Jacoby Harris. You know obviously a long long way to go that your. Brain trust of the grizzlies just a great start tended to leave for Butler. I talked to a Bryant Miller grizzlies coach about an hour and a half court Netscape hasn't coached what's the key. And then it keeping it very simple and Ryan Miller looked and he said forty minutes. We need forty minutes from our players tonight. It's gonna take a herculean effort to beat the number two to the nation. That's his only loss. Coming on their home floor erratically enough that it works rated a plus 8685. To profitably. That was last month. He'll only obstacle to it would have been a perfect season is point. Here comes to Colby Harris was a free approach three point play grizzlies leading tended to it was 1745. To go and first half. Earth spins its knees frequently it's good alternate I get a feel immigrant you have to really be good equipment from the free throw line it's eleven to Butler. Here comes partly up the floor. Probably past the left side of antitrust law blocked two. Houston with the vast right wing suit claims Jones now Imus in the audience drops off Saturday and reverse layup by. It hurt good ball movement and it's just a ball game. It Jews were dispersed but the night. Eleventh shortly for the procedures aka left wing box that hurdle now is pass was it to the back court it was random parties in the backcourt violation. Party top spots but freedom away no debt securities and secures a rebound outlet pass those commitments before. Express those left wing and a right. Court two comedy but Bloch left side of Mitchell Mitchell and Elaine shot blocked from behind by popular but somebody with a body. That is what I just loves to do they get the big guys out there are big bulky and love to take it to the rim. There's been a good job locking out and getting rebounds and after holder owned the boards. This time its shots but. Frequently it's good. I'm Mitchell is a 66 freshman he's averaged a New York. He's played in every game this year averaging eight and a half points five rebounds. That's free throw hierarchy John Snow and Lindsay holds the lead. It is eleven to five. 6056. Players in the final match at reaches your spot and asked if all the way through the left morning. Portuguese use to prosper drove past the free agency has out of pocket picked it up often lose them all but it's right up my party. Your turnovers there the grizzlies party would it not Mike Conley party takes over a quarter. Hollywood and ultimately that's his right quarters pocket three Adelaide not a aka really at three point shooter. And on this season he's now 836. For the here. Victory their careers James Jones wide open right wing three short off the rim rebounded by a variety but. To visit him that happened just three and a follow but it Byron Scott. It is not for Christmas is fourteen to 768. Leaders. Left elbow jumper confident violent. Way Lindsay got a fast no trouble just wonder how that plays sensitive. In Lindsey's got five. Active in the players' minds drops below the left side of Mitchell's wrong with the basket puts up but it. But it'll just have to program in Muslim Lebanon. And it's got three to grizzlies lead sixteen. It's clear that it was on Sunday he went 151 note to attract. Our front court not to Adler. Terrorists terrorists free throw line Italy apparently god help out back at my parents just. That's the way up fadeaway jumper and relies defense and terrorists Scott's other. Dirtier and programs Colby Harris on the program might work now it's almost lost all right based on tracks down his pain Jones rightly. There's crimes bullet to the top of the key in and out battle for the rebound right down our side by party party throws an opportunist and out of I heard. It'll be Butler bull. Fifteen on nine ago. If you know seven pardon. Grizzlies haven't eats tonight lead over the Hutchinson right opportunity nation. Is that once I drove it just once in a row committed. Yours party front or just left Lee Adler op apartments apartments he takes the right side. Right wing to bottom pocket in the lane we'll drop runaway is not a good I honestly don't pocket it puts it back. What pocket. A couple of loose ball oldest man shot east northeast at five residents that it up when it and it. In order ago. Here comes out. It's an all white uniforms piracy that once the privacy there's approximately expects its it don't miss those strong extortion. It out of pocket now. He looks like the middle linebacker the body of the tree lines. Six. Years of pop up 33 point performance is finally over Sunday. Former house party that would. Party that doubles except for a lot of errors errors that shouldn't eat biscuits. Now here's a wide open at length re not good agency pulls everything. He's in the front court had a ball knock the weight it toward my target right now by parliament. There's a right wing three get away ironic it's no good weak side rebound by it ended. But they didn't do shift in confidence as those low block to Bryant he goes up strong left side puts it up and it. Right now the grizzlies are not able to stop right she's got eight grizzlies we just wanted to thirteen. It's hard in the front court article vs the doodling and it puts up a floater it's. Off the backboard but did I hit the rim is right beaches for the Reba. Grizzlies we just wanted to thirteen thirteen point three notre artery degree that we decide if it's used in. Dribbles to the Lincoln South Carolina left side of Ryan's crimes as it was back atop the venue and it's actually puts up but bankers know every kind of violence. Jonathan Lindsay travels easy profit all of now. He tried it went out of bounds so obviously. Appointments I agree that. And in the grizzlies gauntlet and for adults. House bill Harris and also party events is mightier than him. Three new players for the grizzlies. And let them for a third. Astros in. An apartment. Ounces. And as it is to get out there now it drives it out. Yes that top as rightly. Free throw out those inside it's not going to vote. Surrogate marker missed the front court. That's right pocket that's that's Herbie three way notre. What's up. For Adams. Succeed earth or at least for Butler. Recently back from a torn meniscus that art surgery really it is confidence. It suits aids ward also. Well there. Is these 31. Touch. Well what your efforts. Certainly since it. Thirteen. It right. He joked it's cold front court Mitchell drops off fingers. You play and Umenyiora let's say yes. In the late accidentally terrorists is found on the floor as soon as I left wanting. At last bucket. Myself movies. Cousin commissioner of net. It was an outstanding team your player for the actions of bluegrass is now plying his trade at Saint John's University big east. Game on Sunday it's independents were finally fourteen points ten rebounds he supports the deal with the for about past topic he's. It never gets out of the jets shoot him now yeah yeah others sex. Those fronts orders side but at that site. Houston do it yourself left wing straightaway advice on. 43% of your monthly conference leaders there's so much of her 63 actually drops its bad now is that it. Actually puts up a flutter it. We. Do. It's much Beasley 23 notably dragons passed. On rightly. So he posture but top times crimes that it. Right field except for all I got to want wreck but at least airstrikes a basket both. It is not easy to open teammates on the floor it's not surprising Jones on the front court Ryan's left wing to runaway got. Again. Which is true its point 320. And that's the neutral role instantly. Terrorists it instantly. That I hurt you throw it away not so much. And sophomore quite high quality three. Is 22 street and hear about 28 to 76 hours of object. There's Jones left wing three that's no good out of the rebound Lindsay. It's nice to get for the rest. Here comes. Herbie front or Herbie and the doctors three Lindsay Oscar race and the shot clock. It's out of bounds. Which accurately it's capable of the three earlier today. He. And forty ago. That it witness on 951240. If they each. Conference basketball today. Reached 600 semi final match Butler and she misses 187. All time. Schools in the series in 1920. Right now there progressives that know him there for him. Don't lose weight the change you mind it looks like NFL lineman he's broad shoulders. A little bit. My apps it arms. And he's going to the free throw line the chance three point one he's. Already. Frequently is that he's got thirteen. At least 464330. To go. Instead front court the grizzlies are rightly argued that rimes talked. Stagnant for three. Friends with the war it's the lately has handled a ball out of bounds turnover Butler. It's an eighteen to go. Out into the front work since he. It hurt my pocket. Now here's a rightful. Quarter three LA is no good output by. And at 67. But that's great news late you out rebound and he trio of grizzlies went back now with the deputies. Three point play portion your tendencies that four points he can tie the game with a free throw here. On the way it's no god violence. Grisly sold moderately. It's right now five floors and a so much Herbie Jonathan Lindsay but Jerry birdies and we'll also expected there. It also wants him. Black uniforms yours early it's not he's not the other way no doubt it Margaret I'm right down by surprise. Oh yeah glitzy. There's so it means jobs and brutally exquisitely shot it. It won't want to beginning its news. Call yeah quality. But it would still in a soldier. So they rebuffed the bucket Smarty. Jones. There's weasel on it's subsequently went nine point ago. Right there you know that was a lot to do exactly you know. This school different or grizzlies left to right. But the reliability and Harrison little. There is working it's changed rooms instead as explained its best of the apocalypse activists. On the floors call for Trout and turnovers arrow icon looks that. It's at having me on Sunday twelve points he was horrified shooting. Four threes that shot is absolutely it that. Night when he portico. He's currently at six point five over the number since the nation Hutchinson and certainly. Six sort of semi final match at the other parts. It's double team comes out he spins its. Present and rightly topped our first touches let. That's instantly twenties at that party. So it's calling the shots yeah. Continental us hasn't here's what I didn't. Like big problems right here I want hardly impressive freshman Houston Texas. His first points of the night. 850 to go big crowd here you see some action. Finally the biggest crowd at her apartment reader in terms as the three. Some final name. Hospital defeated mark India. First semi final minutes the night and seven crew isn't always good IRT. Bigger hard birdie at three early next. Six in the Iranian prison technically technically subject that's the frightening economy passage to secure this. Good adopted that he didn't. We're tied 2929. Other types of workers. Palestinians courtside right. The shuttles need. Had turnovers like the grizzlies. Have been a number of turnovers are a lot. Tough to beat a team that's 31 number two the nation. Let me turn the ball over that's really an unforced turnovers. Box it was thirty feet and yeah. Yeah. Plus its cars and. It was against him. It stalkers mentally and our minds. Right back to the way party. That's the other side she puts China note good mix it up there. Just missed it becomes the front court rise jumping right side any jealousy goes up shot note that it draws out. It's the floor quickly. To get defense. Topology change chunk of a sudden. Six foot sophomore is already committed signed scholarship as the next year. And yet from Wichita east high school sixteen in and out points again. So left handed shooter. Two free throws frequently it's no good. Charles as Brian points right now about this season 96. Of 806 align this year. That's 91%. Just missed the free throw. If he. Accused 32. Free throws and a Jones frequently snub them. And explain and one half percent this year as well. 3220. Actually. A lot of beautiful love for the never saw. Yeah perfect Lindsay slammed it home that don't. Lindsay has got something here's Houston. Analysts on TV counters right corner entry my comedy. He's been burning resentment. Three. Left all alone in the third. Yes seven followed it don't. 722 to go. What triggered the target of lords coming accident people rightly 3031. Hudson Butler. Fifteen to play first apartment in Park City figures nurse tries the basket tanks crossed paths not to Lindsay wasn't expecting. Now and how has the authority that he goes ahead and these. It was trying to look up it is hard from behind the party that they don't want her to get that break out. Quite Lindsay had an easy bucket that was not expecting terrorist from the opposite. Airs tonight two defenders and revenue drop them off the lives and it wasn't anticipating success. At the radio look forward. So the forty go. Here's choosing to free throws frequently is it. Tuesday. And everything else he does well not a good free throw shooter it's 54%. Houston is nine points he's wanted to a lot of free throws good things about Scott again. This is down 3731. Picked up smoothly. Our front court topic Harris Harris is how I ended. Here's a handful for defenders. Three games your roots were 31 points he loves it write it program. Check out sites under much grizzlies and down around us top to lock them and every offensive foul against the risks. I wish you know it's. It was the candidates know they're definitely don't. There's likes recognition against the wilderness or let's call up until now had no bearing whatsoever obviously gotten. Thirties and yeah. Dribble because. It was not no good well then I haven't read on violence. Her back to mark the Frontline party to pass the basket goes a little closer on scores but Mercedes travel. It was a lot enhance the lives it was kind of hesitant I didn't jump. I'm shocked that they live up. Chris Hutchinson a number. 37. Work in space frequently. Puts about a bit left it short. Side bets that stuff but. It's. Back in the latest. There's anyway quarter threes and it won't mind. Yeah. Sports the college time now is much now an eight jointly. This isn't it every step of the way your thoughts now turn to play and the reason why Miller recognized it. Three days ago. Which starts and I loved it. Leave. It really the buttons. But finally took him. Business and presently 47 point six. It's of freedom. Here's the number. War three and eight from three former lead the free throw line Britney shooting 50%. Over 44. Five of eleven free. Two from the line. Right now TJ Ryan says eighteen points. For that it blew dragons. Ryan Speier in the years 26 points it is game at Pratt he's well on his way to that is that each team. Wait for the grizzlies. It is tickled heirs with seven also 27. It's not the time out left right and the bucket here right side pocket. It ironic that taco party offscreen though the violence. Party and ultimately puts up the shot thanks note missed but to follow pilots got there. He's got nice that a good old game. He scored seventeen point nine rebounds in the loss on December 7 that forgery. There's. Flock to admit that match tickets and travel. I've actually looked back it gets the defense of Lindsay. You could see that he's really trying to do his best against now that's an issue for him here. Early holes city. He's really trying to stay in foul trouble it's yet again. Received 3933. To witness it there's. Right parties rightly goes. Up. A top party upset them though the violence. Mike here's a three way up. I want to party. That's now that's an. Tonight incidents in three Christchurch trailing 393. When tennis soon. But it was a three. All of Opteron line outside just watching Jones make stock goes into shot was blocked. But it is a mess what's a but bankers don't get out of the rebound Lindsay. That's extreme they're against ended on the front hearts go out courtroom party there's a break. And it does for. Are bound stairs back on the floor the box that rightly three way up. Partly it still has it. 4135. Victory over party did work there's any driving left baseline scores being six case he. It's like on my night Cuba. Because he's got to defend them. 4335. Down by eight and talk party. Are easily puts up a floater runners though it might choose. It's now and it's those and added him loudly and that topic is to choose experts at the bankers source. Toughest job. When you collapse of the things like that she has got twelve. Christie's biggest steps that night 4535. If you want to go to first up on the publicly. Disclose the free I don't go to a late night and she's a bit. This is missing shots haven't written. Yours either crimes of war crimes lost all of them let it pass both parties are on the floor standing steps root but that the bankers more. Nicely done night working. Party which is left side of the rim with a right handed banker. We've got our eleventh there's these really 4537. Average in the nation. I accidentally drank three to six semi final match apartment and works. Here's where top luckily but it ain't Jones probably hasn't left corner are my parents passed those inside and I don't. Both of us knows that he does that and a Jason with a duck he's got fourteen. Portly 4737. Finish at the wrong. The Wright and Ayers were three Hitler got well. It is third three. It's aggressive senate. 4740. Look at some and a bachelor's. Ended here Houston. Trustees. And asking for here in front court. Houston it's about quarter ended ended reluctantly left when he got inside the arc that it Clinton's and John. 940. Our school is the lock people up front court asked that frequently incidents acts out three top of the key into and out. It not ironic since. It was a good effort chances for the grizzlies Jesus gives back arrives left wing three it is no good and accept it and at least over the back the confidence that now. Besides the 31 reason that your athletic. Enough. It strong and her long. Still it's ago Chris is down 4940. They'll have possession of the ball quick look first chapter apartment. 187. All time meeting these schools at him. Answers beginning. Ernie has deep on the left side of top that are terrorist ties the basket and now it's back atop the Bernie. Ernie once there is Kirby turbulent out of out of a tree and curve it actually pulls out. Floater snowed it took us a rebound. I pass is thrown away. You know over that probably the past half court out of bounds it agrees to turn over. With 147 to go first half action here isn't my final match up. Earlier tonight content bill defeated partner in 9187. So when it is game play content built marketed seventh. Six championships and a berth in the national tournament. Many people with the cuts are either terrorist guys right baseline bonds are Ryan's pastor talked to Bernie threw it away is not good night. Paula already now does that make jokes. On site features of the verses eight to. Prevent bird. Before those errors earth sized basket plays its ultimate. That was the end of the charts that you. The buck converters he's got but this isn't what it won't be. One or two ago. Reuters deceptively quick softly to him. Forty bucks leading. Halftime here that's currently cross the timeline was those techniques Jones left and it's Obama as who's talking now and mrs. Yes that's right LT Mitchell. It's admirable accidentally double team him about the content on its conflict. It's not the answer on. I haven't shot clock as the company tries to play exclusives I did the scores. No 12 and 42. The ball. It's terrorists not play any lace it up and just it was a tough race. It's cold here is strong. And ask for free throw line it's three defenders. That's all he's not. What all rental revenue. Seven point six to go. To shot here political terrorists. He's kind of an eagerness and tootsie and the nation Hutchison. 5142. To break free throws here for Nicole Harris. Throw away it is yeah. Turn here the other program run and I'm yeah. You can coach Mike London is now assistant coach at Brown University. Kobe yeah. He Jackson most inspirational player award. Is related news. The good. And more pressure that goes into films that the party is on the sickness first and out on the way up not. Treachery excellent. You know it's yeah. Clockers caught and shot off the front of the rim the consulate on the floor and Lindsay Davenport hits a shot. And Hartman arena. At about grizzlies negative there are thrilled at Albertson's in the nation that's equipment. 51. Of 43. It's halftime shows coming up next. No you you'll miss Butler grizzlies fan and I can show the world by wearing authentic grizzlies here from the Butler community college bookstore. 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And Hutchinson would dragons has reached halftime here. And Mercury and after twenty minutes but everybody's Smart Israeli's actions that would it's 51. You 43. We'll have John Lawson here in a moment and it's. First half stance wanna remind a lot of great sponsors and making fun as possible here in your house. Not a great. Radio doctor Larry in my hand held Credo. Specializes in. It is certainly a good. Grizzlies team doctor for over forty years and here is the money. Your comfort as our business the location and over to better serve our county pilot very vigilant if you drink other risks football program. Pilot area just west first flavor and a Butler community college bookstore this place the irony but right now. And outlined Steve reed and Sullivan and all the friendly folks at the Butler bookstore on campus about. We're at halftime grizzlies are true. 51. To 43 touches and we'll take your time here come back in John Boston we'll have a look at the first half cents. 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John police Delta's nine rebounds he had team time to go along with his nine points. Seven points for the 105. Point four. Period. Three pointers from mountain Irving. Grizzly shooting 47%. From the field seventh in the 35 fleet of fifty. Can we afford to penalize you for seven within. Fifty feet from person. We can count me in person turnovers. We drank it. I keep in mind when he points. Runs perfectly here before in this matchup this season 14% went for ticker Houston Houston often with a rebound. And then it's going Johnson out there by eight points for some he's Jones. Who were these were his own you do to bounce it into. Thirteenth we've. And mutual weekend shooting. 55 or six weeks you have forty from the field we have seen from long range important from the foul line. You can Dow rebounding Feller point two to eighteen after the first half. Turnovers for at least ten minutes to fewer than that. A great example and turn over the first half. A couple of really costly it was one nearly half when they got to rebound and ended up five points in the party the forty great. When I thought that that was one thing I was looking. Oops we felt that those who appointed him from the rebound from Tennessee right. More he can remember especially a Butler not attacking the glass on the offensive side. And another thing I noticed is such incident is shooting a line it early in the shot clock I would I would come to one time. Kind updated the shot clock on down the consent or fewer than Hutchinson taking advantage of early shots in the shot clock in the room shooting 59% right now making over apple. Well the first twenty minutes in virtually certain it looked like they belong and talking to coach Miller the first meeting on December 7. When they got blown out Schwartz really without my 41 the second half decent people off guard guys. Afraid it would scared. And I played it close and lost by twelve with the power plants that are very familiar and I are very much in this game down by what does it eat at halftime. But some of what they start shooting the ball again everything about the house of fire they're looking eleven into the. You know it is in the front we've the other much less having to keep them over until photo with him with them in the and then eight point. In Mexico and Russia and in Hutchinson went on that they've fictional run like Houston after a jump over and done that you know excited the crowd everybody's time. Elect an up close and hopefully with this foot putts and sentenced to film and what they did going confusion here cup itself. Now the preliminary. Semi final game it was copy. Somewhat surprising. It led by seventeen at apple were part it and you're up by. Forty during the second half with Spartan. Loses it 91 to 87 nightly news you finally. That 9187 a little bit deceptive there because as you might cost of production idea for the league for a second. Yet we know pardon the commitment that some things they're not gonna back down and they are a very good. The minute it's from their season in right here they'll come up in Pomona differently. And they got a big win and they in the quarterfinals and they got Jordan Taylor back today he did not play in the quarterfinal match at a news via the first. To either determine I'm out there. Yet your second highest the scoring total on his team today so. Nice to have him back in this hostile team. They're going to be. I knew I didn't didn't have too much talent Jaber woman who is in his 22 year head coach's copy bill. The winningest all time coaching college history he's got his team played all right time. He doesn't exactly and you know have one more tomorrow that one more win there they're going to hunt. Or created because the record books they're playing too well right now and wolf if they can pull off that another. I sit here tomorrow night they're a controller. Right John as always we appreciate your helpful port and posts and show them different from John Boston who helped us out on a broadcast. Want to remind you get a lot of great sponsors a lot of great sponsors that you broadcast possible. One of our loyal longtime sponsors it will be cheap products. These products for the preseason win BG products those every athlete must reach her big performance. Maintain your health insurance overtime. Poses a requirement for your vehicle if you add performance in my time between protection coverage your engine. You're an oil change of the chief performance oil service actually cleaned blockbuster ratings improving the question in lowering fuel consumption. I debate performance oil service here you. Each team wanted to shock dot com that's BG find shop dot com we'll take a break here it's simple to return to the floor. We're just a little over five minutes away from the second half. Region six semi final action by the ARCO Arena Butler who haven't touched 5143. Quick timeout here be back with more on him break. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really I and Gary chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality proteins that build the plus it's got vitamins and it's. It was electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so leery about it that she didn't know science could taste of learn more and highland dairy dot com. And then Spain who. 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We're ready statement shoestring Fries served with all that anger ordered steak tartar sauce only if price rising constantly murders. It takes that brings you back. Four locations in Wichita. One in derby and won an elderly -- night when central open until ten. So after the broadcast tonight's up by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers and also pick up their. Delicious. Birdies and fit and morial concrete. Off your relationships. Within. He didn't. You know Oreo hungry. Both teams that returned to the floor. The grizzlies will be moving right to left here in the second half they trail Hutchinson 51 to 43. Hutchison as 31 on the season. 451 in conference play the grizzlies ninety at twelve overall fourteen and twelve. It conference play the grizzlies they don't win here tonight to advance to the championship game tomorrow night. Other women's. Groups that championship game that'll be a good 1 at 5 o'clock it'll be Hutchinson. Against Seward county. And that both of those teams have only one loss and guess who gave each other loss. So got a bigger 15 and in the winter this game we'll play topical right ravens at seven. The region six. Championship game tomorrow night 5 AM and 7 PM here partnering bear bit apartment innocent perfect fit you. Which reaches its permanent. Perfect size. City in the horseshoe shape. Answer right up close to court in just the perfect size and this reads it turned. Very nice facility. Both teams warming up this weekend at the start of the second half also wanna remind you. They very big fundraisers is coming up for Butler athletic that is there biggest of the year it would look for you folks who attend. It's coming up on Friday march 31. The fourteenth annual mountain oyster feet. Friday march 31 mark your calendar it starts at 5 o'clock. It's that the father community building 206 or Griffin did El Prado that's right next the baseball field McDonald stadium. And a 25 dollars per ticket all you can eat oysters and fictions and again. Great cause it goes towards Butler athletic scholarships. There's over 300 men and women participate in eight or nine different sports and by the community college. And that money that's raised. Romeo fourteen and amount quicker feet goes to his scholarships. For the men and women athletes at Butler community college so maker plans to join us. 25 dollars per ticket. Of the pundits think it's certainly the community and also stop by the campus. Yeah athletic office and pick up tickets 45 dollars also a silent auction a lot of great items at night. At you don't lecture me Friday march 31. Grizzly starting five will be the same five start the game Adler Paris. Lynching. Party and pocket. So but grizzlies take the for the grizzlies. Shot the ball fairly well the first half 47 point 2% seventy to 366. Of fifteen from beyond the arc. That's 40%. 75% from the free throw line just three of four. And was 22 of forty from the floor that's 55%. Three of ten from beyond the 30% or abate. From the free throw line so here we go. First twenty minutes put up on the clock your partner and it grizzlies will be moving from right to left. Hole leaders in them already sort of location your big court. Scorers table. It seems comes up to offers some notable defense wall and doubted. It comes party process timeline yours I'd ask who has left the pocket. Pocket works against Jews that politics and a top topic you know bock and tries the basket tanks puts up a floater no good. A follow up it's not by Lindsay mrs. battle by touch your guns paints Jones street in front court right wing backs out. Isn't always a Houston left double past left side here's a three by Connolly yeah. Comedies hit some shots tonight both race. 54. To 43 just underway secondhand grizzlies trailing. Retreated in Asian actors topic each. Luckily mileage out of Renault Walt kept alive by pocket follow shot by Evernote delegates that miss now they work around ever rightly. I have heard all the bullet rebounded himself keep the lockers Lindsay bullet jumper right side is terrible might have been partially blocked by. I knew the front court all alone is probably fairly. The grizzlies did not sit back on defense and that's they'll probably was an easy lay and he's got eight points now though it sophomore from derby there's really care about them QWERTY. At halftime down by eight party picks up his dribble left. They slide past the slow slightly to turn around short jumper is off the synar and it got a couple of bounces up this honor that would end. Lindsay is not yield eleven. At least the grizzlies scoring at least 564511. Dutch. Taxes low block tonight news due to strong Budapest ladies and right around Lindsay. Lindsay was statue out front porch talking hasn't rates and a basket and dunk it clippers still tennis reference still on the left way. And didn't get that allowed box legal experts and it opened the this is true if he 472. Minutes into the second hand touched the white uniforms that one seed Butler in the black uniforms the five C. There's probably a toddler to revel to isolate and it puts up a floater it snowed it juice with a one out rebound goes back to reverse witnessed an herbal. Abacus rebound and passed as the party hearty back to Harris Harris is the basket puts up a shot but he's probably process now from JG writes. Companies that runs. Gigi. Called arrogance that it means you don't I didn't see him and defensively and apparently it. That's its first. Shots here forward Colby Harris the grizzlies are down 5047. 1743. To go in regulation your apartment. Kobe's got ten on an increment in the first half a few shots here frequently. Rattle city. If Kobe right at 70%. From the free throw line this year. The free throw covenant for Jacoby. 5040. Tim frequently it is in and out alpha rebounding Jones gets its agreement so here is makes wanted to these eleventh. This is down 105048. Team hutch. Hutchinson on the front porch used as a flip top talk about defensively. Houston astros' top seed to run right out of the plane and puts up a shot knocks over Adler and advocates call for the fountain. Chooses that something's bothering him his right elbow keeps looking as a bullet can we have scanned his elbow. That seems honoring checkered Houston. Jason with 141. Half points. For much to leave him scoring a bigger park rides meeting frequently our alliances good bet ninety. Again his high for the year the freshman from Phoenix Arizona 26 it Pratt. Just left handed shot. And it speaks frequently as good a smooth silky. He's played really well that's a grisly news. In all three games this year in the first two games each games there's. Leaders urged tries outlines. He answers those and escalate and escalate it what was back the clock that puts them anyway that was unfortunately there. Do we somehow miss the rebound and Bachmann gets the puck in pockets that none. But since the fifties when it absolutely right there on the grassy spot them down the floor and tried to. Lose the ball and jump speculating on great comatose and place them. And residents haven't won one written. The stolen puts them to want a break it's easily entered the differences. And stop them from derby. Big stage here at 6250. Years after it and tries to basket puts up a shot and he scratched the police foul hurt. Yes knew who might as hard as well and play. Yeah Adams got the ball to left doubles faked the shot and wrote to him. It was hammered now by news interviews and news and Florie useful citizens yeah. Two free throws here for Anthony Adams. Him briefly just twenty games that your knee injury that required surgery and is this. Shots frequently. Adams' ignited and it. Staff are really looking forward to having a full season internal software. On behalf of homer Louisiana that's a very small town in the northwest corner of Louisiana. Not far from Shreveport and red river. Bombers had a population of 3200. Pattinson averaging. I've never points four rebounds a game. Victory closer and it seems. That 6250. Semi final match Tucker Martin Malia and each announcement vs the planes it shot note that followed it a bit and actually my. Florida's upon them veteran Herbie athletes in his office I heard. Also. President Clinton were to Houston testimony to Mitchell Mitchell shot note that is currently under the bucket. There's stuck it without the other end and whistle. Sixty no seventy yeah convergence. Recounts like grizzlies 6252. And free throws toward climate change and it's. Just 62 point 5% free throw shooter that you're one for you tonight. The conference basketball tonight some final matchup and much. These days. Just 66 point 3% free throw shooting. Team. So it irked and turn them. That's way up the markets went to the mid east war. 6350 to speculate on them instantly shot was partially blocked her constitutional right now this passes vote. Party backed away wanna do so well for three and how that favourite player party cannot wait pretty critical. Was one on June equals 36. Doesn't sound 635550. And ago regulation. To pass inside the Communist yeah. Burglary about her commitment as a veteran Herbie. That's the party right wing three on the way. It resonates the maintenance instantly FDA. At 323 to go here pertinent. Right so it's not received his stop here on late. Bought this low block threats existed he spent. And it goes up the ball stripped but a whistle males and now. You've got the foul line. Harris apparently in the region difficulties third. Personal. Two free throws up enough for you here choose to Houston yesterday was in the managing our conference MVP. Differently. That'll work averaging double doubles on the season sixteen points twelve rebounds per game. Frequently is good. Houston not a good free throw shooter on the season ago. However tonight are showing. 33 in the largest 54%. Let's get all three free throws tonight. 1513. Ago. Sixty 458 did not put the appointment. That a free throws an excuse me to vote absentee. About 65 to eight hours it's there. Record as we spent roughly subject and a top party along the way. My goodness he's. That's super. Wyatt. Straight sets 6130. Threes party. On a lot to. Lose. Two teams. Rights Jones pass those in the lane Wallace knocked away stolen and lessening. Whatever he has still don't know what it immediately. Late list of officials are warning calls them as part you know reach. That's a tough call there. Were 42 ago. Officials anticipate. That constantly. Yeah shots for isn't always good. Who gives 5051%. Free throw shooters like this coming up next on the line here. Much is leading 66 to 61. Here's the start of the game on eleven to two run. Much economy 2726. Putts went in at halftime and importantly it's free throw is too strong awfully. Popular password and out of place. It off the rim and atop the back weren't quite so. Who's got five if this is down 6661. Record comes target a freshman from here. Texas victory for a fine. The front court has been left wing that top party basically. Party tries to basket. Except triple if I don't Hilton Lindsay back to party party right baseline. As a foul for a change jokes. Two so much it means Jones has his hands full tonight. We didn't want to party different from Butler. Two very quick guards in down passes nearly stole my lines and all of us out of bounds and rice I've got touched it last seen much at all. What are some careless turn over there and down play their best to turn it over. Policies or for the grizzlies. Don't see chunks front burner. This goes right side juicy. There's a psychosis bidding. Her out and shot clock novelty to it that triple past. And is equity office. Yeah its offense that now it starts at the lens. So choose an out of control. Please wants me through the job. It flows easily. Here. On most nights on average. Gets its way. A 32 time out. Notes go here at heart rate to witness it isn't it well forty page. The winner of this play in the six title. And I copied it rates. It. A preliminary semifinal and that didn't see it. Margin 9187. We heard Simmons read ravens are back here tomorrow night. And I'm not an agreement. Each have only one loss and beat each other a loss. Seward got via number one seed in the tournament and according flipped over much volatility such as loss this year it was. Luckily. For them might lose because crimes worker at a party right corner three on the way. And it's not nice to me we're going to party with 53. Eighths. For us now 6660. Form. They had complicates. Our party down the floor he's gonna happen. Sure. It might negate office field all the other way it is 3 o'clock T yeah. That's up and you push off Lindsay that was clear is that there is long. We see you. This year but 16 foot area letting. Missed a couple of those were equally huge accidentally. This used crowded. Listed on the left it short. The only one ago. Christie's or 60s60. Toward that number two in the nation but that's only one loss there thirtieth want. Grizzlies. Well. There's Serbia popped it certainly is rightly on top party party makes the three and now it's aside politics upon them conflicted. Party of slaves isn't leveling pools open three on the way no good this quick release public. 66641240. Minute ago Bryant asked and all the stolen. Alain asked what's inside it didn't miss the I've read on here from Atlanta to 130. Dried out quite. It's an icon economy's good ballplayer. It's partly a sophomore from Herbie. But it grizzlies. And it's 11 break and Herbie was trying to lobby. There's been dump passes three of the way I live T. I. 6766. With 1223. Ago. Well a top vote that is. Top of the past as well outside the lines. And less of it is on the war is that book it's it's. Ryan sweet deal like that line done. That role on the baseline and activities. Buses waited around. Well fifty grizzlies 60s66. Disease by halftime. Threes. Eleven threes point treatments. Well left of righteousness. That we are not my parents. The party's point four through the way dropped off at the. Let's it was sixteen cents at 6966. There's probably probably doesn't most of those independently. With little motor sports. Lucky break their for. Yeah the wounds template that would definitely converts a bucket. There's party. Party. Pulls up right side and is rightly the clock and it activists called for traveling here. These 35 feet from the basket makes a shot that nobody on them and his call for shots. Those are costly turnovers there. 6968. Butler leading will be much similar dragons here in. Have my final answer on the great seven minutes it's that I understand trying to work. That's up to him. Jason does talk it's not it's you guys out. There's probably not our minds. Threes off the mark and apparently. And it probably gets it took away from Cutler. Your mind the right side it's always. A volatile and adequate sleep. It's more of a pocket bock is Albert left more than likely get past that right side it urgently. My pocket but. Clock its audience and it's not a lot of the pastor of mortgages and let them but it. We did not get actively inadvertently. ITunes eight. Seventy ones out all your semi final. It is statements that confidence back. And now it's right. It's right sider that. Happened at just inside the car. Let's shoot with confidence he's ID three. So evidently Saturday partner straight passes. Behind pillars on the war stopped state and yelling he's gotten coach but it is just as important rightly. It's mind at its best I can't. But. It's admirable one gravel which shot up that is appropriately about it I would. I think everybody else as opposed to expand the front court as the basketball and that's all I'm not sure if aggressive guy. Gets its content fresh grown each and every game. All of us. Old jeans look it grows as a substitute really. That is players' minds. And hips and her pain heavily. It's like who's on the track me. Wanted to lose it up right where three. There are three. He's got want he want restlessness companies and excitement that's the way I've tried the basket and missed the last. They're saving us. Lindsay and we'll crash towards the final. It smells on terrorists could use it sixteen. Admirable you're the second and it. 930. Minutes ago so much matchup Butler and touch. Post pretty much figured it touches in the national turnover there 31 record talking to rusty hills. England struggled to a broadcasters. Hutchinson cross Eagles finally it's forty plus years announced Hutchinson community college tries works great guy that gentleman labels aren't. But both of them were told yesterday nothing's guaranteed. Even know the 31. But guaranteed spot. And thus it would turn it that's her feeling at least Bruce Bryant's two free throws frequently as good. Ryan's. That's that's what he wanted. Another free throw coming up. 935 to go to grizzlies lead at 7671. That's free throw it is off the front of the back. So arrives at 22. The grizzlies have right to left of their broad black uniforms. Past 2 o'clock rightly picked up my rights. Box but a lot of good. He's got 13 and a residents weakness and he. 72. And strokes Astros pitcher usually drives the legs are celebrities now. What he wrote Lindsay right now. That's the baseline. That's Lindsey's. First. Atomic agency normally. Gets a lot of foul trouble but he's got only one that's his worst. Nine to go. Somebody's additive free throws into iTunes. How could this idea 54%. Free throw shooter on the season he's made every one of the night. Houston now. How has nineteen under and eight. 7873. Grizzlies leading. It is good mates yeah one. I. That is. 77 border grizzlies there's absolutely incurred by the end. Of the party. Party went on the registry. Back competency content. Can easily. That's got us. Wanting sonics. And grizzlies because he won seventy more. Three days. Yours and wind on left side works against Lindsay. It gives them talk. Jokes means don't stop the keys recently it is not a program that these terrorists politics of that off. Parents zip. It is 8374. Back. The runner up at headline band. And he's got a bit but there for months and it'll and it. Christie's top 8376. Number. The outside Paris. Passcodes that confidence that they accidentally. Got off the money solves things drove down. Parts of the front court goes auto wakes up and just let. Well that's a costly turnover requirements that. It's a momentum killer looks at it grosses you get a better. A fulltime here we'll step up for one minute this is that we spent some time. Welcome back to pretty dead here her face intense sure around got to train my grandson in the fine art of lunch. A lost art one fish and chips basket for me. So much for me it's for a limited time clemens' lawyer Vincent chips basket or fish sandwich with the ladies of premium wild caught Alaska inside. Freddy's president has didn't stay burgers taste that brings you back. Now available at all Wichita area Hutchinson and McPherson Freddy's locations. You know you feel the Butler grizzlies fan and I can show the world by wearing authentic grizzlies here from the Butler community college bookstores. The Butler bookstore offers a wide selection of grizzlies apparel including T shirts sweatshirts jackets enhanced by Nike and under armour you'll even find jerseys and cheerleading outfits for the little grizzlies in your life as well as collectibles like penance mugs enthusiast does that the newly renovated Voeller bookstore on the field Reno campus or their location and Andover and be proud to Wear your purple and gold from the Butler bookstore go grizzlies. You'll join us for sports daily weekday mornings at nine mind. 750 to go in regulation her Hartman arena this is the regions that semi final match Butler hunch. Butler is weak 83 to 78 the grizzlies are being led by Jonathan Lindsay with 26 points. Want to party with nineteen. 13% Colby Harris eleven for various mock them security incidents leading Hutchinson with twenty. 23 points. To 22. Got a grizzlies with the. Call. A party. Frontline would expand its has it. Notre physical mental athletes. He's Jones has that chocolate seekers left wing praying that god and a ball ball bounced around in the minds of the public buildings that part of him that history. They Jones. Jones to gas prices basket let's not just don't want to read on for the costly chronic drops enough just to be at duke left Warner. He killed this Bill Clinton did all the work as the live but the real. They do best left wing point six chocolate comedy work but he owns low block right side it is not talked to Jones here's a left wing three Mike Conley got. And all feet. That's his third three grizzlies right into the front court pocket has left in 8381. Such is battling back it. It's hard enough screen violence party. Under the basket as the outside the extent left wing rage no doubt it out of the arena handed hits it. It receives all of a sudden coming out cold from beyond the arc as that front court case has it. Gives it over the lines left side and now I've left side minister was probably. Don't rightly has the right side of mine's accident accidents or city's chocolate hockey skates away. Didn't I didn't really creative. It's now it's got 24. We are tied 8383. Either team wanted to give an inch hole left sidebar that tries to basket offensive foul. Huckabee ran over lines light sleeper. Pocket knock them over. Offensive now 611. How about momentum swings in the days. It's worth. Moments ago that Chris is right behind now we're trying to 8383. Punches trying to show the heart of the championship presented. Along a major upset here. For a little while there's probably front court you instantly yeah instantly gets back turnaround jumper. Every night I heard. Small Scott a former passed before terrorist here's as the baskets that you get your party left quarter three. I wanted to. Buried in threes and rest exactly six. Your. Eyes that look at the Olympics and apple an amateur and right now. Both parties are asked us. I'm running. Through her com and across the time lines that are born residents needs stocks. Ended its. Bill with a little. Right no blood running. The incident intimately but sometimes shots are. 46 net this season all right workers. Left when it. So it workers' art history by Adams. And the basket circles out past those inside Adam's biggest. Thought I. All right that she was all alone read about it beautiful. Over the shoulder with our party. And insistently. And consistently. Are expected against terrorists go to should note that it's. It reminds me just turn it. That it entering into once it won't go back to the written because I don't. Contact the editor and knock it backers tee shots frequently it's. Yeah 26. We're showing announces person is tonight. 34 bodies five and six out of every drug coming up. Worth 33 to go because. These early 8885. Free throw for Hutchinson digital crimes. The way it is good mix Watson. Arrives that's what makes them. Hit fourth. 86. Grizzlies leaving her party front court specialists that let me. Defense once they pass those. This is hardly ever jump on the. Probably. Party with a number three he's got 25. Eighties that's probably took it snowed profit at the they're only eight points Livingstone vows didn't want there. On the front court expect left when he angels lose defense as a top of the party. Troubles. Right when it's about a three past the slow on writes I've lived and worked its literature. Jumper partially blocked in the. I didn't want it tonight Andy Frank Gore tries police found it left elbow might expect. Seven prisoners now awaits him in homes that that was real hot chocolate and he's feeling right now. It gives coach Bryant Miller. Better trying to. Real top twelve court expert shot right basement partially blocked by its. Free throws. With three weeks ago definitely. You know. Andy's first free throw attempt tonight. He sold for one he's 64%. Free throw shooter. And season 337 and religiously is ninety. Runaway excellence and every time on the floor little teaser here. 9190. Butler relating. Analysts had on. Of course later. The winner this cable and instant heart aches region's sixth championship game. The red ribbons on the film outlasted art in the numbers that might finally tonight nightly seven. Or all of it here. She's trying to get you. Hutchinson. But it's in his thirties and one. Their only loss ironically enough came home here to copy the 8685. It just doesn't lose ever the sport to an additional loss. Of Ripley's believe it or not you watch it here tonight this is a team. Last month that six game losing streak they went nearly a month. It turned it around. In recent weeks they've won five in a row. There are legitimate points of the game. It's gonna maybe take a 190 get it done we'll every possession now is critical. What a job like I. Warren Brendan. Turnaround from that six game losing streak. Get these guys to believe in themselves again down the stretch. He's trying to pick up twentieth win of the year. And down aspect for party he gets diverted. Soft three quarter court pressure across time in defense and lastly to block them. Nikki and now we fell away from the play it's fun. That's at least 171000. Outlook much. I was way up on rightly. Try to work to screen you. Music player over so now you want birdies on the free throw line effort since 11. Parties that's 45 on the night. Opportunities free throws here one wants little one party. Parties and 81%. Free throw shooter for the year. The way it is good. How about this kid party he's got 26. Freshmen for Houston Texas. It was when gulf war who discovered him on a recruiting trip down to south Texas. Party was your work towards prairie view a division one school. We talked in the company but this is frequently is good makes it. Three point seven no. Grizzlies are leading. Three and ninety already Hutchinson who dragons. It's easy to cut out yeah. Different look funny and expected the right way. 9390 thought he insults me a little chopper shot. We ran into buckets of five point yeah. And you know every position on the way. The pass was right ovals and why it is that these are dogs. He's got flooded and it lists trail now. It's great console. Lazy pass. Owners thought just as hard. Tom. Party yeah. Party runs a lot. Screens out of pocket like let's hope it together. On him he's under an agreement. This is right now there floor. Party and terrorists in her. Here's another critical wanted to wanted to work one party. 243 to go. 9493. Actually went out policies that turn it. It's free throws that my heart parties play games like tonight. He's got 187. At halftime. We're showing part six threes in the second half alone. And he's got 28 points. I'm almost all of his side I assume it now yeah. Good I don't. So hard it makes wanted to soon. It appears instead of public. They're not get dressed down by three nights the night before. Party passed those that are slightly. Last eight points. 976. Classic here Hartman arena there's. Actually it's definitely play. Terrorists isolated bankers not Lebanon. Yes page drugs and somebody it's struggled on the court heard the technical. Go back home militant. Steve Beck. Played head coach and. These three to go. Not a critic I've seen it hit key shots on the stretcher. And lastly by abandoning. Cute she's got twelve. Acres to free throw. Air treatment. This season. 86. A free throw coming up which Colby. He's got fourteen. 197. It's about what party. Takes it over left. It's sometimes just need homes. Yes RT but it gotten reports of shots. Troops in Ottawa valley gets two free throws earlier tonight. Yeah and paint and Jones losing 91%. Free throw shooter on the season. Misses one and one for change Jones probably insists. It's not that. Well. It's changed notes. Are right. He's over three tonight's final. 1% free throw children seized a shot frequently yeah it's not just about. Claudia. They're not addressed. Except the ones who didn't want to know that addresses call time out front court. We'll get this done means Jones scored some threes at some point bucket back to back to back moments ago. They're giving us that everything they can't handle it. 130. And they go here is urgently. And 97 actually. Grizzlies have the ball. World in time. Grizzlies bowl games. But it released a double. But she's at thirtieth. Since it won both regular. One night when he's out by twelve. Grizzlies five on the floor right now is herb Tea Party terrorists Adler tendency. So the grizzlies will end on that court on the far side Herbie looks to get it and. Mac or party. One Ayatollah Butler. Seven. Paris but we're currently. Up to her about again. Asked if they have let 103 on the way. Well how good is that shocked the sophomore from. Winfield high school here as things don't reluctantly pass that confidence that you're cast as the bad doing reverse Clinton no evidence. 101 day ago. They are tied 10200. This is the eighth time this year the grizzlies have scored a hundred points and eight. This is going to be seeing shots for a Dovonte band do. And do as a freshman out of Toronto Ontario Canada. Under yours for free throw them. It is not I was now. Let it fall through. And it is on for a free from the in bolted three and outs left why don't want to go. Into a free throw coming up. It's frequently is good excellent excellent. Excellent I don't want to. 101. Minutes ago. Regulate her house party passed us yeah right. Hardly a top priority list contact me it takes away desktop. Best movie. Theaters. Aside crossover dribbles past those I don't know that it took. 39 seconds ago. 04 bullets actually hit it out. At quarter three. Live thirty point nine seconds ago. Ryan Miller is iron. Either Lindsay aren't parents for not covering it and it was wide open yet. Leave it right corner. Other residents are truly. The 34. One over there. Grizzlies sent them home. What went on all game here tonight good on the part of the reason. John. I want to. Want to run it was thirty. Harris the words he. Jonathan. It's irresponsible. And eleven. When he similar. A Big Three months ago. 27 points Virginia. Differences have a sleep here. Fox's lead. Why don't sort of want to. 230. Point nine seconds ago. Next fouled by such as it on the bonus. Herbie in an announcement party back to her. Across the time line. His party party takes. Party. Tries to pass him. But it comes Herbie. Thirty tries that's it's not mean let. We'll address please. So much today. Herbie this lay up. Lindsay. It's not been afraid to go to. Fifth point seven seconds. Talk and address. Already. Have committed to him. Foul content. Herbie split maintenance program from the left behind program and this page layout. And I didn't right side of the rim and no hustle rebound but he had a shrimp. And everything else. Don't let us now we'll ports deal. I'm floored me. Birdie. But it up. Hutchinson one. World war but no one knows his. And grizzlies got a. Is so full court press of course. Probably will look community and the basket to our left. Grizzlies full court press. I've been defended. Him down ninth. Probably looking to get India does the lines and I'm just fouled immediately. JJ runs on the season is a 69 point 3% free throws and. We are showing him. Stats are right we're showing him. Five of six. Big the bigger part six of seven. So nine point eight seconds ago. Grizzlies still have three timeouts left punched one. This just in shots for JJ run so. Bryant has 27 points tonight attentively. Frequently is don't know. 10401 of the city. There's still you know one possession game. If you're Steve effectively mixes free throw even less about Congress's attempt to. The three. The free throw for Ryan's numbers addresses all three timeouts left. Nobody knows about it and how old are definitely. Against blacks. Against nights. On the rebound. It's true. What a lot of snake terrified she's tonight. Usually committed a foul on the rebound off the second best we Rhode Island house. If it's Jesus because he's played this case that the official. That's the last thing we'll do want to move. Nine point two seconds ago. Lindsay at the line Jonathan is a good free throws 175 point 4%. Does not attempt to free throw tonight. Lindsay Scott 28 points in the evening. It is good. Nine point seven seconds ago that's one gulf. Butler won all three but Lindsay has a chance to tie the game here with a second free throw. Still nine point two seconds ago I just want timeout left the grizzlies have three. Then see Jason. It's back. Others mouth about it. Against it. So Lindsay yes that's exactly it is strong off the honor. And lines. As it looked at. It it's not it's still eight point one seconds ago. Won't go through Ellsbury. Bothers me to call time out. They'll have to left after this one. I went on all the records department arena. Good that it would assign 9751240. Billion page. The grizzlies. Must win tonight and the longer season. I'm Chinese. Championship and her or him. 87. So here's the lowdown. Contents. At one point they can afford. Ryan and punches. Point one seconds ago as an aggressive zone moment in time when it. He's got thirty. I don't. But in the virgin bothered her yeah. So here we go eight point one seconds ago. Touch with a one point lead. Those. Grizzlies five floors Adler Kirby Lindsay pocket in party. Let's get the ball into hard yeah stretch here. Two free throws for rhymes. It is prevalent. It provides notice 28. Barbour's gonna call a timeout so one laps. 1052103. So this could still be a one possession game. However. Strategies. Have to make this brief. News every morning. The floor. He is seeing now the only one trying to land tomorrow night 103. We'll show him. Point 80. So that's really what he's never. Get them all to have for a long time. Why have learned the Hillary can't. Into parties out here. But it could block it out for Adam's. Thoughts does not have any player in India late. All who have accused yeah. Jones are back. Backcourt and the most forbid do comedies come backers well. Copies stays behind. Good comes of it free throw pitches around. It's. Create a plant it gives that party you're gonna party he's their pocketbook I'm party. I took as much but I'm not I don't follow up. Want to. Anthony back into the hard. Edward Adams. Was beverage company and got it to the fullest clock ran down. A lot of hard. There's devastated. He's down this. On the war on its knees on the baseline. This payment over the the grizzlies all the putts and went home. The grizzlies. Kerry JC just went out and along party. You know parties get. My flying. Hardy drove it all the way down the floor he got there on the defender Brandon. Okay. They let us. Yes. Welcome back of Freddie and. I'll see you brought up I'll orient that you are captured it got introduced my grandson dear me no real concrete. Korea true that no real concrete experience coming right. At Freddy's always find that magical combination of family fun and friends and pestered Karen thrashed throughout the day. Freddie spreading testing and state partners to taste that brings you back now available at all Wichita area. Hutchinson and McPherson Freddy's locations. Look at any winning team you'll find key support staff working behind the scenes that's certainly the case what Butler basketball and doctor Larry Abraham an elderly you know doctor Larry Abraham Dieter specializing in diseases and surgery and Ford has been grizzlies team doctor for over forty years doctor Abraham also provides quality of care for patients throughout Butler county. If you're having foot or ankle problems call the doctor the grizzlies trust doctor Larry Abraham Belgrade for an appointment call 31632125. That's 3163212050. Doctor Larry Abraham. A longtime supporter of Butler athletics which Todd. I mean we gave. I'll tennis again. Here in Hartman arena where moments ago a tremendous. Basketball game comes to an end. And unfortunately for the Butler grizzlies also their season comes to an end. They've all appeared to thirty and want Hutchinson and number two team in the nation. A final score of 1052103. Despite valiant effort by several grizzlies players. The grizzlies. Have the ball with eight point one seconds ago instead of calling the final timeout coach Bryant Miller elected to. Let him play out. It go party that's the guy you want with the ball Palestinians. Want hardy with thirty points on the night. And he drove the length of the floor got a around the defender on the right wing. Drove it along the baseline and I quite frankly thought he gets fouled to put that shot makers three point play in the game. But he shot was a little bit too hard to try to make it in passing shots that we've seen a one party made many many times throughout the course of the season. And a and it still a chance leftist rebound came down and Anthony Adams for the grizzlies. Kind of follow the ball a little bit and tried to force of the idea followed shot as the buzzer sounded I don't know Politico they're not missed anyway so that when his boot. But the grizzlies folder by a final score of 1052103. So grizzly season comes to an end. For the second hero. The grizzlies lose a tough one India semi finals of his recent six tournament. Last year was 8278. Loss studio show usually not a one 36 term at the next night they defeated touches in the championship game. This is the third year in a row the grizzlies have made it to the regions that semi final game. And it's the third year of the road are gonna come up short. But this one tonight was a classic if he has an had a rights ABC disciplined it tomorrow night as ESPN classic. But the grizzlies. Missed easy stinging defeat and with this loss got a grizzlies fall to nineteen and thirteen on the season. Candidates after five game winning streak. Touch. They got some clutch shots down the stretch. Big time shots from some Margie Herbie and the quantity and especially in new. It's a big threes when it counted most were much much improved not a 31 and one. 25 and one loser conference record. Cuts now will play copy built tomorrow night. 87 o'clock tipoff. For the region six championship. Possibility win that game and we get an automatic berth in the national tournament Hutchinson most people feel that they're here. Just by the body of work this year but he knows that's her current occupant. Rusty hills Glen Grunwald to broadcasters radio broadcasters for a Hutchinson. It'll thinkers and they guarantee they feel like such got to witness tournament. In order to assure themselves of that spot and is determined to do with tickets I'm out here will hold. Bryant Miller will appear on the posting strong sure it will but so we will. We will take a break your child Boston have a look at the finals that's what a tough loss here for the grizzlies. Great great effort short putts and opportunity in the nation. Well 513. Take a break here come back John vause we'll have a look at the final stats right after the house. Exciting bowler grizzlies basketball all season long it is wrong to you by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers taste it brings you back with four locations which is. Thirteenth and in El Prado at 1809. West central. PG products for the grizzlies to MPG. She knows every athlete must reach their peak performance. And maintain their health and endurance over time. This thing requirements for. 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Bailey owned and operated hand has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. When your drinking hi Lynn Gary chocolate milk in your drinking science no really high and Gary chocolate milk as a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus the son vitamins and it's. After the electric light to help replenish your body after exercised not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. It's this stuff this thing. Yeah. Mueller it's. Most games don't come in from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller a recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics and now let's head back to the arena. Nevada seconds back here at Hartman arena has the arena empties out of big crowd here tonight for a very very special basketball game. Region six semi final match up Butler and touches series that started back in 1949. This game tonight will lobby wants to be agents in the long time series 187. All time meeting Butler falls 1052103. Is the final attempt to tie the game when it. Falls off the side of the rim as the buzzer sounds. We're joined now by grizzlies head coach yeah Bryant Miller coach. And only him what a ball game just invest in what what you say about thinking in. It was it was unbelievable it was. There's a photo to be a part you know lived up to all the hype all the rivalry that it you know we've been talking about and and our guys left everything single core. And we just just came up. They sure you know it's amazing coach if I told you that you would score 103 points and shoot fifty point 3%. Exceed 52 point 8%. For the night and you make sixteen threes you would think oh we've got to win this thing. But you know him to lose 1051 of three out coached the last play of the game you'll have to start timeout left and you elected did not call that timeout. And I think you have the right guy with all the I wanted now in that or the other could look just a little bit too hard about what. If we we we we thought that that we saw that play up the time off before so that we really need to take a long that we we wouldn't play gets his self defense. And he'd joke. But you know we got everything we want it out of play and get all the way to the rim got a wide open look and we just we just came off. It was amazing the way this works coach show wanna party. It was the main reason many reasons. You guys were in this game throughout the night he finishes with thirty points. It just pointless things were that young men probably have to live this for a while there. Can't really fault him good luck just a little bit too hard look for the two hour glass. Yeah it was a it was a great look at a guy and and you know the first thing I told me at a certain overhead and you know he's he's taught him. This it's tough it's tough to you know at Harvard feel like you've lost the game for you teammate with the truth of this thing a little wasn't this wasn't your fault. Because he's he was the one that really kept us in the game in. And hit shot after Shia community three threes when where he was great tonight he really well if you screw up that all of our starters really good tonight and it's just. It's so disappointing to to just be right there. You know today and the cared in just you know does not come up with well. Moments of strange thing it seemed like the momentum chips were passive at times tonight and coach what changed the first game is played it's back on December 7. It led by 412. Half in the game at your place where a lot tougher loss by twelve. But here tonight and that's with them towed so every step. This is just it was just our our award to our defensive effort. You know and and believing in each other you know that was our. Whole motion before the game was was trust and love. Trust each other trust your teammates. Play with play with full court in display with. You'll love the game and just leave everything that you possibly can and I hear on the court. You know it just it just have fun in the moment and I thought they did a good job of doing that. Absolutely now the hard part coaches use that advises its final game of the season finished nineteen and thirteen. You guys finished in fifth place in the conference. And I just I can't see enough but we turn this thing around you know your two coaches Wendell Warren and Louis. He has had a six game losing streak almost didn't month in the month of January February but at one point but you guys turned around 15 broken just in the night. Indeed the number two team in the nation everything they could handle. Yeah it's it's a credit toward guys there's nothing to do with with me or my staff that has everything to do those guys wanting to. Two two win in their desire to change and and refusing to. The full season and done and just fight tooth and go for everything and they didn't trust it off they believed in what we try to get accomplished and and they allowed us Kokomo and who again. Credit to those sophomores that they're stuck with us in the pulled to a freshman David and paint their minds. And we have a great year this year. When asked about software shipments that guys that have been with a program like Jacoby yours for three years. Missed all of last season with a knee surgery came back and sensational. Redshirt sophomore year. And they're big game tonight that an electrical currents and what this program the fact that he won. What we can have so let it is via Brian Jackson most inspirational player. He's he's on the help turn this it and not let the program was an eighty backstop but he was one that just can't help elevated to a to another level. You know he's a winner looked like you say about him is he's a winner he's kind of kid you could dig your daughters marry your daughter. You can bet he's just incredible way he exploded through the season with the prices basket. So much you hurt you on the program for two years which are sites that. Strong here and get a good job for us he just I believe and then no and new. He's a little warrior. We'll Adler. Whatever tonight and were threes a guy who this was super shoot the threes. Second best percentage through four conference will whether. Winfield. Yeah he's he's probably one of the best shooters sober coach and he's an even better kid he's the epitome of a student athlete he works hard. It's great grades and everything he asked him. And he that we will be greatly missed. You really saw him mature through his career brother and a last year there seem like they're migrants hesitation at key moments that you threes but not this year are forever know who's ready to go. Then lastly Donny Donny Lindsay. You know I think that I loved. I recruited him. And you know him and I had a great relationship we you know we we we have normal Woodson and you don't coaches little crazy sometimes with. Lol lol I love each and what it every one of those guys but I got a special salute for for Johnny he's. He's just you know his goal is the more maturity and in parts and and you register. This spoke to the interview that he brought to our team and you know it even his redshirt your last year he just came and got us better just. They continue to work in the elevated his his game from an individual standpoint so much from the time that he stepped on campus until today. You know I could be more proud of what he got pollution. And you know be. He was he was one of the one of the great for for Butler and I'm sure it was really you know sensational athlete and it's the highlight real. It's a shame ahead of the one year 29 points eleven rebounds his eighth double double of the season for Jonathan Lindsay. Supreme compliment paid him by your assistant coach Wendell more this past week he was talking said the windows been around the block several times in the scheme and he said he's won a best athletes if not the best athlete ever. Yeah that that we you know the boat people problem you'll be able to see kids like you know and then. You made a lifetime movies he's a special world class athlete. Coach. It goes without saying and a congratulations on a great season guys finished 1913. This is a classic we didn't get the win tonight that this is agreement that will live on. A lot of folks memory. Last game yes Paul 105213. Auctions number two teammates a coach thanks Roy helped all year and her assistant coach Wendell more Brandon loose ground. Yeah it. Erica great assistance they did a great job this year bringing good kids and so what say you think you to. To our fans who supported us you know from the fiction than in. And obviously picky too you know our AD our president for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I'm humbled. Feel the coaches group and blow us. Street theater parameters taxes. It is great support system for those. The key right Miller but. Please grizzlies faltered touch score 10513. Final break here come back and look at the final steps quickly. I activists. 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Grizzlies fall heartbreaker to the number two team in the nation Hutchinson 10513. Chrissie sees a final shot from one RD drive along right baseline bank shot a little bit too hard fell off site are. Look for a moment like that entry at this point gonna follow it to the clock ran out receipts fall two point short and see their season ended. It was got a lot of great development on the court this year from the grizzlies basketball players were also off the court the development of a young broadcasters are sportscasters student. Butler community college we took notice early in the season that. This kid has got a lot of ambition a lot of energy and it is that's an ability so we've been incorporated Sean Boston or broadcast in your shot to give us the final stats are. Final cents source after the grizzlies lead the way in points one hardy thirty points. You along with six assists two point nine points Jonathan Lindsay Lindsay vigilant Donald olds 49 and eleven rebounds. You know it's fourteen points for Jacoby here is twelve point for will ambler. Eleven of her to tears vacuum. And that's where he dropped off after that and the opening Adams with four on the bench and smudges Hervey with three out of his. What Gary and Ernie and parliament's that in both guys have stepped up big lately. Held scoreless tonight. The grizzlies with 39 rebounds sixteen turnovers. Her position on 53% at 38 of seven to sixteen of thirty from long range for 53%. And eleven of sixteen at the foul line for 69%. Which obviously goes to coach you exit if somebody told you tonight that you score a 103 point you 52%. At sixteen threes. Got a leader yeah you're exactly right that's. It's kind of a resemblance of it the tracking where you put a 93 points on the road and lose I mean it's not that you score this high. Does this three points and come up on the short in the that's a tough way to end the season. Hudgens and led by. JJ 128 points eleven rebounds for rhymes. But they'll double. Checkered Houston with 24 points and twelve rebounds. It's 21 double double here for GM VP. He's definitely a threat down low 53. James Conley. And fourteen for the ones that into you off the bench thirteen first Monday in Jones. Seven tour. So I knew who can't afford her time Mitchell. The Boudreau in salary or are you down Butler 41 at 39. Eleven turnovers for the blue Germans find if you were gonna have Butler. Yeah we've gotten shot 53%. As well I'm 39749. Of eighteen from behind the arc 50%. And an eighteen of 32 at the line for 56%. Look at those stats that Google wise both of them pretty identical yeah. Chris is actually out shot anfield next fifty to 850 points fifty cent. You know and thirtieth seven to 39 assembly for so. We didn't you know the difficult thing about doing basketball this level is unlike the one where your school team for years. So frustrating because yeah agreed the next one year now or lose 45 sophomores really good players got to start from scratch again. It's pretty good nucleus coming back for this team picture that is a failed state certainly that will be played tonight one heart one division one coaches and attendance at this tournament. It's several. Then your own and want to party with thirty point performance in the pictures pocket he's an aggregate i.'s division one coaches. I wonder though if they're freshman. You're a group of guys in their freshman year. Bowed out of the taxes 100 Houston in. Box him out of Dallas area. So both those guys came highly recruited enough other. But Ryan Miller in the minutes after great job getting those two guys that nerves went over north of Houston somehow. One party that. That's so critical recruit. Good to get these players from him. Well Sean listen I've you know I've been doing this now let's see 121112. Years for Butler 23. Years smartly baseball. And try not to lose that likely try to get attached to teams that dog on a this one hurts it really does this hurt you what you get to know that's a great thing about this level junior college. Players and coaches inside out. And this is great group of guys who treated me extremely Tony they've done Assurant likes it homes her. That's how you are being drugged up since the tenure that you call me and nothing but it just started getting older and I guess that. Just a great group of guys and I got to this this will hurt you attached to a team and you lose one like. This great setting to the kitchen and H 105103. An attorney shot at the end of the game's rules office program now the long had a great look at. I think Hudson wanna found slick and even though the lane that was my first gets help and support we went to gain it right there at the end. And then I think you're kind of cut him off guard and there's nobody there I imagine he was expecting a little bit of pressure a little bit of you know swatted the ball to a two shot thirty points tonight it's shot it's all year long just a little too hard. Yeah that's the thing about sports like life I mean he has thirty points as the game of his life but you'll remember just that shot probably the recipes. Mine it's it's up when you go out. But like you says that this is his freshman year so he's got twentieth of college ball left in them. And hopefully he can move on from this and a few continue what he has done here at Butler. And hopefully you're in the prison uniform again next year before moving on quickly what are your pleasure what software this year where you hope this will next. I am. Right now looking it's Pittsburgh statement he has Union Station down there. Affiliate station and that I export and I'll be. Only four division Tuesday dash full term in Emporia coming up. This weekend. And then next week against the united division one men's national championship in the studio also worked in other than this and this week in and next week a lot of basketball. You've got my name and number for a risen if you wanna use that we certainly appreciate at least that that helps architecture great job keep a artwork and a thank you and rigid on Boston Celtics on broadcast music Butler community college student in the broadcasting department there and but for great things for show on the road. Before we sign off wanna mention a few people certainly we could not get this done year in Europe with the sponsors. In mid east of the sponsors that step up every year opens at these games on radio and you know it's been a lot of listening sponsors for many many years. Wanna recognize all of them here before we sign off. Freddy's frozen passed for newspapers it takes to bring you back with four locations in which talks one in derby in one Calgary at 18 and 9 west central you know what. I've actually got that memorized I know all of the response quite a BC four locations in which no one under in one elder eighteenth on nine. West central. I've been told actually that it might sleep peachy products. At the name BG products are beautiful football student there now garrido. PG products. Find BG performance oil service near you beat you find the shop dot com that's PG fine shop dot com. Where will redeem the athletic department disguise doctored later in her hand in Eldorado. It would take me long time to list all the ways he has helped out Butler athletics he's certainly been a huge supporter of our broadcast. Doctor Larry Abraham certainly appreciated doctor later it him specialize in diseases circular foot grizzlies team doctor for over forty. Yours. You heard me correctly forty years. He had a heating their condition plotting your comfort is our business with a location and hand over to better serve Butler county. I wouldn't dare ever enjoyed it you know these guys and a Ballinger and all the fine folks over a period in of the company official energy drink supplier of the Butler football for. Thank you what every time I go into quick trip by always. Go by the the northern opened up and get through the chocolate now. Highland area to slash a fresh flavor. In the by the community college bookstore Rita Sullivan all the friendly folks that are campus bookstore. The best place to buy everything Butler certainly appreciate all the support that we get on the broadcast couldn't get it done. Without all of our great sponsors also want to thank. Before we sign off here. The guys who have had to sit back in the studio and listen to me every night in this time in summer student coordinator tonight a phenomenal job. And patent cold actors that star in the businesses helped out immensely Jules Hart up in Andrew Hamlin those guys that pressed the dials back in the studio. And make it all work. Yeah I just want to notice not recognize the players have been fabulous coaching staff that Bryant Miller second season. In their Wendell more second your assistant. In different at Lowe's first your assistant. Great Greek people to work with throughout the course of the last two years look forward to working with them for many years up the road hopefully. Our rights tough tough loss your tonight's Hartman arena the grisly season comes to an end. The bounce from the region six tournaments from the semi final round that you're the number two team in the nation Hutchinson blue dragons everything they can handle and more. Grizzlies fall short however won all 52103. For one final time on the 201617. Season. Want to remind you we will be back on the air first football game. It's coming up quickly Saturday August 26 Butler grizzlies opened with a home game as your beautiful VG products that sports complex. Saturday ought August 26. The grizzlies opened with a home game against the fort Scott green house. We'll see everybody there the G products and sports complex on Saturday. August 26 one last reminder Friday march 31 network fourteenth annual. Mountain oyster for it is the biggest fund raiser here for Butler athletics. 25 dollars ticket starts at 5 o'clock mark your calendar Friday march 31 the fourteenth annual. Mountain oysters eaten all the oysters in fiction you can eat there's also adult beverages that are. And there's a silent auction biggest fund raiser at the years you'll look to see everybody here all the radio Friday. March 31 one final time Dennis Higgins and so long and good night from Hartman arena in Park City.