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The Drive with Bob and Jeff 03-15-17 Talking Play In

Mar 15, 2017|

Jeff and Jason Duda discuss KState's opening NCAA game against Wake Forest and Mt. St. Marys win over New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is good for. Colin. How how. The drive the father Jeff good afternoon everybody. Heidi are on KF 81240 am 987 FM I am Jeffrey Lou it's nice 75 FMI bad. Probably he didn't get that. Jason did is across from me actually sitting to my immediate right where net. Asleep hat what's up with that lit I don't know I got today I feel very privileged. Explain explain that hat. Thread by thread to listen well there's a Casey Lowell for the royals on the front OK in which dusting shocker. On the side. What the blue shocker. Knoll all its black and gold Casey all okay how makes it a little bit on Drake cap with a black. Bring him. It's my second hat and fork union where it wouldn't. All lie because you still got that Indians on on your head down and you need a new one of those two by I didn't hear like that thing is beat the op this have a lot to my mother's eyes still Wear it. I can understand that. But he knew one I didn't need him to run with them you should get royals on the side shocker is on the other side is cover 88 K stayed on the back this become the ultimate disputed re suggesting bandwagon guy here in which would you mind as well this soccer in the royals. And then Steve side of star no like oh I forgot the chiefs those should be a Red Hat then. Well that that makes sense. Share you'll if I get you on what you Wear it achieves a royals shocker that chief royal Weller that jayhawks wildcats. But I think no. On that's terrible I won't rarest. I'm embarrassed for you right now he should be embarrassed Jason did Wichita sports hall of Famer. A Wichita Wichita thunder legend in these parts. One of the great players if not the best player. Does it matter to you feel the best player in thunder history now via honest honestly no please keep well. To whatever it may share but Abdul isn't gonna help me sleep or not sleep at night and all if you put two decades of your life and that pursue the other the other thing with that is is that. I don't make that decision anyway. Everybody else makes that decision guys like yourself make those decision and if you if you add that if you had to. Stake a claim as the best thunder player would you I would be one of them I Joseph probably that but I would be one of them. I don't want us out of fifty for sure I don't know why my vocabulary increases whenever you're on the show I just use the word though I know it's an old why do you do that do you that purpose and we look back I don't know I feel like there's an added responsibility. The and in Papa Bear's chair. Well there it is pretty war it is. It is it's broken and it's got a good it's good chair yes 869. At 1240 the phone number we are on at 100530. Today. We'll be joined by Matt tape of the Lawrence journal world. Four Tony five so in the next segment a breakdown KU although I don't know is there much to by the way 691240. Is the guy got an attack ads locker room how line in this is the drive. Powered by rusty Eck Ford nobody beats a rusty Eck Ford deal. Nobody and that conclusion. Was drawn after lengthy market research. Obviously sources are paid a lot of money brought them up at night rusty Eck Ford went to every other. Car dealership on earth. And they can you beat this deal they also know we can start that's incredible when you think about it yes absolutely. Incredible so they can say that. They obviously they can they do. As long as it works man happy days 8691240. Is that phone number and Chad has called early on in the show a chance what possibly. Did you wanna tell us 404. Well you got to talking about it and that which is Dutch state bureau yes and they gave those at the way and game last year or. Our Saturday and why would that game and it would be most incredible baseball game I have ever seen in person or television. And the Indians won by what score. And I assume that's what you mean they were it would go like Spock and and at royal okay wc the problem is Jeff's Jeff's still thinks that the Indians win that game but it. Yes I think so yeah I hit it still little brother to me. How. Yeah out right at it didn't mean much at spoke up I had no I'd like to keep blood draw another one out there. Eric I'm glad ought not sure that you are there radio how we are did dress he can't he can't tell me that. I broke her little brother they blew it by now what they'll let happen and that baseball you know what happened in baseball game. The royals were doubt that it wanted to step into one site yeah they scored sin and I remember and it would awesome. It was he was a Memorial Day weekend. It was I believe within our. Video what it. Was because I was in Kansas City thank you thank you chance. I there Kansas City that weekend in. Are we wanted to give it to the kids that we were at school Hokies are something that. Now while the scores posted in rural water park and hit POR. Wasn't for me it was an RN a gender thing it wasn't my thing but you know what the kids loved it nineties from around I get candidates have a couple glasses of wine and go to sleep right after. But we knew that there it was like seven not that are 71 in the eight inning threat by the game's over we got back to that. The apartment where we were staying with friends of ours tourney game on and they went 87. He would that's why room and what I what I for the royals it without that all of they finished third. Hello. All. Up well well well well. Well no all you're just eaten us up to do that there is that too much. Not appeared Indians fans on anyone that division last year I did not capture the World Series championship. That the road they'll open up and 2015 really. Yeah that matter now. They would have fun journey I mean I enjoyed it. I wouldn't traded three day except we win game seven. Without that was a journey that I enjoyed last year so you're you're good with the whole season now. But he looked back on it and say I had a lot of fun but you did tell me you remember that you Goddard and that is causing it to game seven I don't care I'll be happy about -- -- yeah yes you did not on Josh how are put it down all how did you know on our planet that I think brace yourself I thin I dropped to my knees and ask for the ass then the man above. For three wins give me three wins and I'll take my chances that I can get a four. Not that seven game a year paraphrasing now that I'm not really an analyst. Guarantee me three wins and I trust my guys to get a force it didn't it didn't happen but it almost did. Who in who wins who wins at division this year Cleveland. Followed by. That matter. I'll probably the royals no offense starving in the Detroit third Minnesota fourth and the White Sox fifth yet. While I think the royals when it I'm just gonna be the look good luck with that well we'll look at least Geithner had for your fine I that's why that's why. That's the perfect cat for you because that. That incorporates more than one team so you can just eat in fact is this your RP scribble a double their logos on the air I've already I've already put the jayhawks logo on the side. I had a sticker. Think that's on the side so I got that I got to get a case state won yet and then again needed chiefs. And near give it and then get. Are done well you need a black and gold chief logo. Why. Want to pop man it'll pop. Just like that read on that gray hat here where. They think the blue hat that's not blue faded blue line not blue little more. It used to be blue. So they NCAA tournament last night got to go out there first for. K state beat Wake Forest. I watched a little bit of that game I was put in between that's up on Netflix. Go and I obviously was locked in the World Baseball Classic. Puerto Rico against the Dominican. We'll talk about the World Baseball Classic may be later on the case state that it got in its Wake Forest. I'll Wake Forest is not dead the final I was that's one of the worst defensive teams I think I've ever think they were terrible I was watching night I watched the game. And talked to listen to start Obama and war and right quick forces so good in Collins is gonna just absolutely annihilate K state they held and the five points in the first half. Really get a good job on and the had a couple great plays in the second half of the couple dogs but they're not they shut him down and in the second half it was his back and forth. One up the field score score score it was a tennis match. Is all lots and wait for guys that I thought at all I thought the game was getting too fast for Kansas State is a guy that is they were fumbling the ball around man making missed. But then. Well if you don't have any defense of pressure. They need to play as fast as you want you can run and it's quickly oven now on the court if you want to there's no one to stop you that's basically what can state. Did there isn't Wake Forest that no resistance no pressure that they know nothing. I want to look like an all American DJ Johnson magic Johnson and that it downloading he he did what he wanted to honor. It actually would lock I was thinking they would write good won't want to be a perfect way to put it Hedo at every one at no one guarding you not think never I don't know right there's nobody. And I had supposedly who we always hear with what it watching ESPN and wait and all their big guys and other and it's going to be tough for Kansas State and out. They're terrible. They were back. To what would enable that conference that if followers Gordon. Wielding its corporate fuel stop anybody. But it doesn't matter how much score if you come out. In a game and you're that bad defensively anyhow they had. Did the fact that they had two or three days to prepare basically to that tells me they're poorly coached he had nothing that no scheme. For what Kansas State did. It's like they did even watch film it's like they had no idea what Kansas State might try to do what can distract states' strengths were that DJ Johnson was even a player on them on the opposing team. They had nothing so let's bring any Manning doing did he get his team together for film or he just say I hope we score a hundred. Because that's the only way we'll. That's what it looked like yes I mean it was. It was and I enjoyed watching game because it was up temple. But there is that something rarely any defense played on either side and we salaries so old I don't know bigger it'll play deep but in case they didn't play much defense either. Well they they put an effort in they made an effort it would again that they can't use that effort think they're gonna go anywhere in this tournament now not and I think anybody really thinks are gonna go that far but Wake Forest is a very good offensive team I would argue that they're probably a better. Offensive team in Kansas State. Just by the numbers yeah I would agree except if you don't play defense and I think that's the great equalizer. Always is I think Kansas State tried to play defense Wake Forest didn't and there's your there's your difference they win by what six or eight. And it in a high scoring game. Now was in close really wasn't that all the way love it there at the end you however last night watch. New Orleans against mount saint mayor balls and K explain how explain this to me like I watched that game. Well I I don't know I don't know why they just an opinion anything listen and that. If I sound like an idiot with him shared most do you think they do 691240. If you want a lot of Picard Jason in the city. Okay remains might have to watch yourself to how bad these might give busy here. But there's about 33 seconds left in the game. New Orleans is down by one. Now there's a 32 shot clock. So there's are probably pretty good chance that if you play this oh you're not getting the ball back with any time to the full into the core direct you're gonna have to Christian Laettner and at best so. They don't foul why do I not buy all. And take their chances with a full shot clock can be and be down two or three or maybe even one of the guy mrs. Campbell yeah I can't let instead. They let it dribble it out the guy takes a shot to get that we don't two point six seconds left take attack mode. Yeah well ads like hey that's what we're looking at his team I don't know I'm not I'm not a good rule by no means when it comes to basketball or grammar. On here just something else it over there in big pop as chair at our judges feel out of myself and really apologize but what. I don't and I don't understand that I have no idea why they would do that well they got the ball two point six that is up from underneath their basket yet to throw a hail Mary to dreaded. Make a buyout of their land to make it to. So watch. Can't wait I can't miss it well I was watching it and I am I was like I was upset with the fact the YE fouling. But give yourself a chance to win this thing well I don't know I think I'm on the day. You till you get a hold the guy. They early in this they pulling guys aside and take notes good game you hung in right till the end why did you phallic the end did that not happen that we like. They did not they would not get into the post game press guy didn't get in the post game press conference. I know I was supposed to watch that part out I have sat at the tower if if you know I went did homer with my kids. Is that okay. I'll listen up listening to the New Orleans. Post game show but I'm saying if you knew. Why would they do that. If you knew your gonna bring this up on the show today I didn't know I was and why didn't hear hook on to the no New Orleans times Picayune web site had no idea nobody looked at the bracket and saw that game from my Nolan dot com slash sports where you'll see on the front page. Nothing about that game last night so I can't answer I don't know. I assume. I assume the coach addressed that at some point. But I can't find is quotes so you are not performing as a recount and no I we had two guys coach choking one another on the bins you would happen not that's yet and see that. Other something I don't know if they got some issues downer. Yeah you got a guy choke somebody out not found literally because I. Not choking anybody I mean we had arguments and stuff when you have you have weapons in your sport I use hit people with the red and use your hands together is no need to know fingerprints straight exactly just take this stick and blasts again face when it. That happens. And a lot of care for that now is that I is that you ever played. Why because I don't like getting hit in the face with a stick gas. Is that why you played did you play because he wanted to get in the face with a stick I wanted to lose tee was up part of that was part of that was part of the magic with hockey. Was to be able loose teeth. And skater Alan don't Ahmet. Here's the quote from coach lessons are out of New Orleans. He said he felt that there would be enough time and this is part of this story he felt that there would be enough time in a lot of risk sending good free throw shooters to line in the and I quote. There was a three or 42 difference in the clock and they didn't have many guys on the floor over pour for percentage free throw guys. It felt pretty good about the late clock execution we've done it two or three times this year to either put in overtime or get us a win. That explanation. Terry hold no water with it not doesn't. We they've done that two or three times this year that's impressed you point six seconds after your own basket I guess there's a shot to win the Gamertag I guess it's common. I guess I. Taylor won every hundred games maybe if you're lucky. In you know what. Not a sports writer on earth. Is as the energy to go check that. Well up up up at at exactly yet they didn't do that there's no way. That situation came up for New Orleans. Two or three times previously in the a year and they succeed and they felt comfortable with it to let you know why are we left on all got a two point 62 94 foot play we're finding out we got a lot actually we have we have half a second more than we need. One point nine reacts usually we did with the ball wonay via the world where practice we do we say at one point in on the clock we throw the ball full length. And we score every time so I usually make free passes in that timeframe as well. Anti drivel that we get it open lay out a poll of course we're not gonna found that's made that that's a crap. As far as I'm it's a anyway doesn't really matter but I just found it interesting last night watching that before the case staking him. So. The S India waits are a Twitter poll to talk more about case they they play Cincinnati and actually. Then I think they got a chance yeah they beat Baylor twice. Baylor visit to Cincinnati the six. I mean they got a chance to win that game and I think so I don't know much about Cincinnati I don't either Mick Cronin is their coats. And that Nick Van Exel went there hoping he still plays for them. But I could be wrong Nick Van Exel I don't believe he's still there. I don't think so I don't think so either but they're part of prominent Amazon again with UCLA after that if they get by Cincinnati. What if they end up with Wichita State in the early days. I'll be fun to watch. It could have imagined that happens. Yeah could be it would be in the sweet sixteen yeah Kansas State against Wichita State. Who do you got there. I got a Wichita State SO but with us they'd ask to be Dayton and Kentucky you don't think Dayton you're one of these people that like don't look past Dayton why is that. I think there's a gonna win but I just from one everything I'm reading in here and and stuff from Erie to immigrate takes too much solace in that but. He's supposed to be pretty decent teams so I mean I just hope they're not looking past Dayton. Two Kentucky because that's when you always get yourself in trouble. Danny Fortson and also you have the alarm not. And Kenyon Martin flip got some guys. From from back in the day back on the day yes they're not they're now today's. That drive simulates our Twitter poll you can follow me at. So I can get about 2900 and I did I got eight followers yesterday good for you and I'm happy with a which of these will you live to see. And you can be anyone. Sixteen seed beat a one seed. The browns when the Super Bowl back. The king's many NBA finals or none of these what do you think is leading right now. Boy oh boy oh boy. Kings still in the finals what. That's that's dead last okay well you're just asking me to guess now percent that think the king's role in the NBA finals and is that the browns and assume all that's 15%. Sixteen to win sixteen to be one. 53%. Yes really they think that will live to see that. Even though to this point they have not lived to see that it's never happened no one has lived to see a sixteen B a one. The people who are deceased right now their entire lives now and the start to finish and they never saw sixteen B a one on one time. It didn't happen. I don't know federal he's special enough to see that I don't think so. Well I'm abnormally normal there's no there's no way they can. What happens this year offered a lot of get a half I don't know I guess yap about South Dakota State he'll think they can sneak up on gun Zagat which is being used to be and that one. And the last time by the way guns Agha was a one. They barely survived southerner. And then they'd be and then they lost to Wichita State those that look out. You're CIA did you picks up to go to state are you know I did I got to go to the elite eight. Well. It would it take your breaks surely by let's go back to the I got that has locker room hotline and Qin is a collar make it. Any victory need a sixteen of one of Tibet. Chile is yet scorcher here. This is still a good point. Yeah elected be it is now is that what you would vote for would you say none of weeks. I'd go or sixteen or overtly or. Can you picture back up even thought that it. Yeah that's a that's a fair point as again it is a good point and it happens every year this obviously the browns and the kings lace them up every year beloved yet don't get to the play our reckoning of the class for a few years either one of those two teams. Although it's going to be a lot they'll slip out of it if you look at it like that's a safe for years yet sixteen games. For the sixteen in the one for a chance to hit it before they even get the playoffs now that's a gets a fair point he makes a very good point but that's still have to live to see it remember all those. Deceased people never thought. They're gone they're they'll never see can't get that back as disappointing. Probably get us out. We're gonna take a break we will talk to Matt Tate V Lawrence journal world after this break. He will join us on the I got to the deadlock through my life Jason did a in for Bob today this is the drive on JFK.