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The Drive with Bob and Jeff 03-15-17 Talking KU And The NCAA Tournament

Mar 15, 2017|

Matt Tait of the Lawrence Journal World joins the show from Tulsa where KU will play. He breaks down the Jayhawks plan in their NCAA opening match.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pre K okay now. The drive whoa and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Slugger back to the drive. Used to always Max power. Our esteemed producer picking the music says please this is bullet the blue skies by YouTube. Happy to be joined right now by met Tait from the Lawrence journal world Matt. How's everything on what's happening dugout and Tulsa right now. I am on my way team hotel they're spoke to get here to wrap our lead but my understanding though. We're gonna coach recommend. He would. Have despair about there a long road. Yeah very good so I read your story today about that potentially a big name opponent. Awaiting K you could be Michigan State or Iowa State down the road produce in that mix too in that pod. And that eighteen pot. So but he also said that he thinks that's sixteen will be a one someday and I'd why does everyone say that. Everyone says I hope it's not this year and obviously won't be this year. But it won't be any year because I don't think it's ever gonna happen wise what is why is Bill Self a believer in the sixteenth. You know I mean it is pretty good English is that they've you know via it'd. He came to getting closer these schemes are getting closer together in the and that there's. Saying where you know you've got to you this been that'd be. Or and and that kind of things so pay at the fifteenth not that different from a sixteen minute and a one not that different do it it's bound to happen that sort of thing. In shock I don't know it it it probably the most. Politically correct thing you should say you know on me what why not bad especially when you're that one beat you know auto. On an angry angered the basketball doctor or buster arm or anything like that well. It may be superstitious and then but but but I also think there's a bully and that and that he probably. Get at least some sort of read into thinking you know what these these fifteen and sixteen they're getting closer to pack in and the one. Some years aren't that. That really doesn't matter I'd I'd actually be interested this beat it ever does and it could be a lot but it's certainly an app that there's there's. There's been some close calls even with the sixteenth in the long over the years you know that there have been a couple of close call in the last spot minutes there whatever things got interesting so. It's probably Elantra and of course the obvious reason for them oh I hope it elated that they don't want me right now. Well exactly the other thing is is it Jeff alluded to you think South Dakota State's got a chance of being Gonzaga. That's just what I heard that do you think that there's any Chad. Did not at all. No not thank you very much Matt thought you'd be here that's. But I didn't like you know you're gonna go on the eagle that wanna. This saying it Mya with my day in the couple is spread bury your speed. And you know just. We each we expect sixteen teams that want a conflict on. And so. You know you get points for your score based on the seat go to ten peak when you get ten point that and and so on on every game they win you get another bad point. So you know. You're obviously not taking any sixteen eat poorly but but. It's funny when you get down to the end you know and that all the everybody's got there. There want you know and and so if I'm going to be in that contest began and pick one of those sixteen speed. That's probably one you don't because yeah it does everybody believe in him that are they really that good. And they really played in buddy the answer at all yet of course we all know but. You've got to pick one at the way you do that then bow on yeah I mean you know jet I'd be happy or it could happen well did you. F sixteen points man I want those points. A target but Matt take from the Lawrence journal world what are the story lines and a 160 game I've. You know been a part of a few you don't riding side bars and stuff it's never too easy for basically just have to focus on the home team and and what's going are not the home team at the high seeded team home team on the scoreboard so. I I I assume this just Jackson saying that it's behind them is are there any. Still lingering things with batter what what what he focusing on before this game. Yet locked and the fact they lost TCU and didn't have Jack and in that game and in the back from that one game suspension you know that that kind of built. Its own storyline had there that really easy take it out of it. They are spot out you you know they eat itty bitty bounced back itty bitty its home port on the court I mean all these types and a growing there. On the other one it's interesting to me with this scheme this year is is there's this idea that they're playing the don't want one of the winners of the first four games Tom you know that new and and that's what a look at ordered and a coach about it and that they get here is. You know what you guys gonna do tonight I mean needed that game that up at 540 it'll be shortly that they cannot lots and together at that been. Our lives our day day allowed to just kind of hanging Merrill growth and watch it together here and there are two guys there are re out there whatever it is. Column are they are they breaking it down you know sort of quiet and in color it happening or. And then go breakdown don't work that well that that. Again it's it's not the most wildly interesting angle or what's gonna happen in this game but but it definitely is an interesting in and what they do. Recant this an interesting angles ours did out what are they doing heading into the first game I wouldn't be approached. The change been not been and you know talking to them earlier in the week about it did it doesn't sound like they're all worried about it I mean it's it's they've been in tenement or they've they've had this opportunity where. They can kind of look ahead or they know who they're applying it and so it'll be interesting to hear just what the plan Turk and ideas but. After that you know you just wanna beat the scheme. We continued to play the way they played it in the reported four. Or at least. I think maybe the most interesting thing is is this a situation where they whenever somebody went on our court. Even in a sixteen vs one match up credit and at a you know mask around and then keep it close and and play another world close game launcher that's the gold oil but they. You know they've had so many of those this you're not granted most of them come against big poke out. There's that the totally different animal but. You never know until you see it happening and those that you know the scores go to 00 in the game's art. And not always exit enter. You know obviously there aren't happy lose that TCU in the first from the do you think that could actually help them given rest especially for guys like Mason and in Graham who play a ton of minutes. There's no doubt I mean it it you know not only the rest not only the that I'm often in. Just yet that. You know now they remember what it's like to lose them in their days they you know them. 18 heroic bank and in the neck games so it had been a little while. But they law and take to that ceiling and let an arena you know upset and and regretting bank met and the and the but they've got that feeling freshman mind out about the only data. Or so. I think. This team is really motivated has been all year it will go law even but I think that just this and that final cherry on top motivation Sunday it. Now they really don't wanna have that feeling again anytime soon so it is one more thing that that driving salmon and making them go you know what. We've we've really got to tighten things up and and and bring our folk if there oral the next time we had that feeling. We're done we don't get to play together again and in this even though Carcillo. You know mark is such it's such a beast it's it's it's so intense and so many good teams loose. Commissioner on off nights or or inopportune time so. You know every year that cover this thing you can have it to a greater appreciation for. Org how difficult it is to to win six and erodes its short amount of time and there was such high stakes and everybody done in order at all. That we're just talking in the car on the way over here about out. Al you know that you get everybody's best shot at this current group that and that's true that's true all year and that's true every year. This time of year everybody did everybody shout when you're talking about the turn. I mean there's there's there's not staying in as as teens not giving the other team their bash you know. Whether it's UC Davis or or north Carolina central. They're gonna get Kansas has shot. Contract and then you know that that's that's tough for them but that's that's the nature of the beast though I think that. Today it's it's definitely it's that we undertake an anticipated I look forward to the ball going up in the air in and seeing what happened. Talking about date of the L Lawrence journal world you can read as I work at two K sports dot com. For a Lago Matt what's who's the team. How far I guess how far down the road you have to look to find the team that could really challenge KU. If and when KU is that it's best that that best shot thing is admitted. Michigan State potentially in that second around you have to go all the way Louisville where do you see that happening. Yet but it could happen or alien and actually you know I've been county spent a quarter and to blow up in person to all week that that. You know if if they're rooting for one of those teams in that 89 game they should probably should they don't know that kinda counter intuitive because on those. To great coaching and led seventeen final Orton and things like that it. I think that Miami teams. Are much better team I think that McCain very very talented that they they survive BA CC and after the tournament debt in order duke and Carolina. Urgent you know I mean you know those are gonna resonate. Well. If you can't thank you want Michigan State and and and it's it's it is Miami I think you can be. They can be tough and hurt and and that's kind of the nature of the beast you know. Ground game you'd be kind of just a little tougher than that first round game but not much especially the one good news. In the seeding but but anymore I mean you know you look at lecture keep what you mean that took the team that won the title just a few years ago and and and a team. Great pedigree and in great. You know experience in and belong union and a sense that you know there's good and anybody and that's round. On and a number one OB I announced that ever. But yet gotten a lot tougher over the years and and I think that could be case this year I still think they should get by I mean there's a reason my. You patronage where they finished a neck so whichever one they play you know if if there able went on Friday pick the date. They should advance there's nobody is gonna dispute that and Connecticut they think it's interesting I mean that. Perdue saying the Iowa State potential thing you know all. I openers and then as you mentioned Lula organ that that Michigan even a little a little bit and meshing of if they can make a run so I I still think and I said this from minute one on election Sunday when the Breck and I think he's got a very favorable. There. They're region is good but but I don't think it nearly is. As popular as some of the other I mean you look at that out region where at the North Carolina. Kentucky and UCLA in only one of them can mean that those those three teams bit. In a different bracket people would are have all three of them and their board you know so. Com it's your candidates and you're looking at bank and her relatives and you'll take chances in the midwest bracket that we are not in that. Or you're not Villanova with duke is due to speed you know so. That's why it played obviously anybody guess as what's gonna happen. Again. Think it should just feel good about it road should feel confident that they're gonna get out of there and at which. There's been in that region and all year at. Out it just got to go do it. Well Matt we appreciate it enjoy your time down until send I'm sure we'll catch up with you again later on. That's down dribble low will waive our way home. Harris sounds good thanks Matt. Feeling that I met today from the Lawrence journal world case sports dot com breaking down the K used mats we don't know who they'll play yet known and north Carolina central again or UC Davis and just K use potential road to determine you feel. More educated about K he's plight after those twelve minutes. Yes army two's I guess that means we'll take a break happy days nothing really left to accomplish and that's not at all hi Tommy thank you. We'll come back we'll talk more sports probably more basketball. No we have about fifty minutes left in the show it's our Blake can we can do look at what we've light sweet. Hockey on the other side of the driver Bob death.