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The Drive with Bob and Jeff 03-15-17 Jeff And Jason's Bracketology

Mar 15, 2017|

Jeff and Jason pick 16 teams in the NCAA tournament who are lower seeds to win games in a game to see show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bo loses. You liked him before. So he's. Welcome back to drive the father's death Jason dude is sitting in the buzz today about all the glitches Indianapolis. For he'll be contributing to the Kansas dot com Wichita eagle coverage of Wichita State. This weekend the few two week that was dancing barefoot what are they all time classics Jason and I assume if you says from YouTube. If you say so one of the great Irish bands and of course Saint Patrick's Day. Just two days away some very timely music that is sweet it is a good that is like that he had very time so we're gonna do though. What Matt take does with his father apparently. Because that's out of like one of the best ideas. In the history of sports. But first we're gonna take a phone call. 8691240. The I got to the cavs locker room online and chuck what's up. Dave what semi got a couple let things just comment and you convince them that you want but. Arm. Last yes you yes. Saying I would disagree with them. And I think that viable bills at all. Based like every investor can stay solely for one reason. Tom is up. Yeah yeah I area the Michigan State's is not as good as Kansas. Well I'd better not atomic so it has been to the you know for one years. Every how much a lot of bracket I'd never even looked at the our competition that all the suites that he never liked but Michigan State in the sweet sixteen. Because the child itself at least find a way to do it on my thing and yet he's got one of the sport even. But if I were built self by drought murder coach. Bomb against. Jim are not doesn't on this. Fair enough Jack. Aggie I'm probably lithium Jim Lehrer nog has been there before too though. Yeah I know but you know lot of small stool but are below the other comment was your your sixteen vs one debate. I saying I don't know if you remember though so watch game it was great but Georgetown vs Kurdistan. Classic. 81989. And there are still people that belt little Alonzo Mourning ball. On the block. And they're sort of been free throws and I think that gained from the back of people's minds as they can. Eight you know can be done but you don't choose a couple of new route either a spell out. I think mostly it. And we are very welcome and I. It just seems like it's always the blue bloods you know Villanova. Gonzaga to an extent North Carolina Kansas this year I just don't see them losing to lead a team that's not that good. You know I'm not I'm I've tried to do what you this year but. So here ecstatic about sport and it happened I mean somebody that's gonna get Ott and what our number one cute overlooked so that's what kept. I think Shaq we appreciate it's and it very well located bank makes less sense to do things can happen and need the is a thing as well. That that Princeton Georgetown game was just. The right time at the right place at the right time but barely barely wasn't that exactly and how many times have we seen that since. Just a couple one or two and never of that time night night don't not like that right and now what it's like playing in the forties his prints and slows the game down so much. Yeah it's that was there amalgamation of many things there's another debate Saturday to repeat. So we're gonna do that we're gonna do a Matt Kaye does that is that we're gonna pick sixteen teams. For entertainment purposes only and I feel like do I don't know how there's bragging rights in the right. And that's entertain them and let you know bought it after I won the we're gonna pick sixteen teams can he get the number of points. And we'll keep track of this and when Jason goes back on the show maybe even as soon as next week. We're gonna have something exactly. And you're going to be mad I'm going to be leading miss you're gonna be mapped. I want the number of points that team CD is every time that team wins so if you take Iowa State at a five you get five points for every time every time they went. See with this he can. Taken Kansas and Villanova makes a point because they have to win all the games they get six points yeah that doesn't do anything for anybody F five seed wins two games you've you've got ten they've outscored any chance anyone can get ever yet. Normally you go first and Iman nice guy. And I need I. There's so many anybody's got a really good one out there. You meet call and I'll pick up eight they'll be part of my sixteen. The we part of my sixteen team over south Florida State's right there for your life that I thought you were taken now you are all brown I will climates are making a Wichita State. Wichita State is your number one pick number one pick hard to disagree with that if you're gonna get ten I think immediately on Friday Ottawa and video upload your mind here in the second my first pick I think. Is going to be Oklahoma State today Oklahoma athletics sort of safe I think they will beat Michigan. And I think they've got a chance against Louisville. That's that's slim chance but still a chance but that's a ten seed my second pick you because we're snake in this I'm taking. NC central because they will beat UC Davis tonight and now we'll give me sixteen points. So your taken them because they can win tonight they're gonna win tonight and that'll give me sixteen. I'm hedging a little bit on the Oklahoma State pick I'm definitely taking NC central. If they OB UC Davis I'll be stunned at. And I'll be out sixteenth but I'm I'm doing it. That's my sixteen points right there wow. Picked to Ali's. Well we can make this really interesting here we could we could mean I think somebody wrapped it up with the NC central thick. But dear dear best their Jason what do you have. I can't let's. Realize I am going to you'll win if they can pick for crime now. We don't have all day here we got what he really don't have all that about three and I'm gonna go to segment amenable at SMU. I have really stings I was president that's too bad I really almost feel bad for a they end. And I'm gonna go. With Iowa State. Really it up. And yep as they as a five year kind of played it right in the middle I am I think I'm going the other way I'll we'll take Rhode Island. Now I liked them to you as an eleven against Creighton I think they may be Creighton I don't know I haven't necessarily pick that but I think there's a chance and I'm also. All alternate on the other side. How about middle Tennessee. And Tennessee so my teams get all the news. They'll cut but they all could lose. Right they all look good. Anybody who could lose but I am picking upsets and hoping I strike it big Utley one win. Yeah you need two or three wins to make up what I can do and while true but I thought coming up you operate Erica cemetery Creighton. That's a big game right there. It is that's the game of the bracket it'll start bar in this bracket college you know we got going on the and your second pick in this round and take my take Xavier that's terrible why. I just don't like it well I don't you think I Lego Middle Tennessee State now I don't know I don't like Rhode Island obviously by take Creighton. Yeah. I'll take it South Carolina and Saint Mary's to number seven seeds. Who. Act it's. South Carolina is probably not going to be duke. They've there's probably not going to be in Arizona but if any seven beats that too. That's who I like I don't think Michigan makes it far and I certainly don't think Dayton. Makes it far the gimme South Carolina and Saint Mary's and those are my picks or whatever around Laurent. I have made six picks you're going with six and seven right here I'm gonna go West Virginia. And you're gonna eaten. What you might have been bragging rights here you were playing this completely different we are plan is different you're looking for that one win. And I look at for the team that should get by and maybe went to yes to chop off that one winning yours. Are you get ahead and take two teams in the same game I might retake Maryland deer thought honestly I was gonna take trade and Rhode Island. There they are right there in my lest I like it but I can cause you took Rhode Island ami. K so I got one more I gotta go less heated. I am going to go whip. This could be it this could be interest they are more Wisconsin. Wisconsin has an eight yep I don't mind it. I'm actually okay and I think they might be able to give Villanova chance if they get by I don't think they'll be dumb. But. That's what I'm going I will take Virginia. As a five. As they can go a long way small and. Had this is very very difficult. And I will end up taking. I'll take Maryland. His they can be Xavier and Florida State and suddenly that's twelve point they could be just done just like that. Yes that's direction we take a break right here and get back to that and finish this out at and because we only have one full segment left on this show. And I think people are eating this from the I was doing so from their reaction that I'm getting people out there. Well that's because they're all over your picks and they wanna see this continues we'll continue our impromptu due NCAA tournament draft. When we come back on the other side of the jive talk stay with us as a driver Bob and Jeff.