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The Drive with Bob and Jeff 03-15-17 Jive Talk

Mar 15, 2017|

Jeff and Jason conclude their NCAA draft game, then touch on subjects including the World Baseball Classic and La Var Ball, father of UCLA's Lonzo Ball, and his thoughts on his sons playing in the NBA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is good for. Colin. Flooding back it. Jive talk right here on the drive 5 o'clock. Or thereabouts right now Jason dude and I are drafting. Sixteen teams apiece in the NCAA tournament and you get the number of points. That team's seed every time that team wins. So in it it does a good move one to take a number one seed even though that team I would think that that's only six points Ari can pick a Wisconsin Virginia Tech game. Andy get that radiated and nine wrecked. That's a much easier. Lated to win this out and falsely edit if they can win a couple three games like a three for a five. You know your bill law more point there as well are you a got say that the got a stress strategize a little bit. Britain or in around eight right now so about halfway through this thing Jason so far it's picked. Wichita State SMU Iowa State Creighton. Xavier West Virginia and Wisconsin I have picked Oklahoma State and see centro lets win tonight and give me sixteen. Rhode Island middle Tennessee South Carolina Saint Mary's Virginia and Maryland. It is Jason's turn to pick two and yes this is what we're doing for the final segment. Of the week before the NCAA tournament we're gonna talk tournament in order to make picks that's what I'm doing okay thank you Jason go. I like it I like it Butler. Today. And K state. While OK state general haven't. I'll take them per game and I knew Cincinnati they can beat Cincinnati there's no reason why they can't beat Cincinnati had a Wichita State as well at a ten. You know one of them to gonna win for sure which dusty should beat up on Dayton here I mean the line in Vegas had a mad at seven point favorite as a ten over a seven I weigh in left with a two picks I wanted to make most at this spot. On the I'd most yes. I admit to take this team the way earlier. Four or five times about four wins for Notre Dame. Notre Dame they're gonna get me wanting I have a fall in my youth ball. Brees sniffing glue job in the breaker but I can't do anything uniform whiz Notre Dame no there's got to beat. Output per Princeton by a thousand. Start a bit Bob Huggins will be no match firm Mike Brey. Round two. And they're gonna beat them then they begin zag and then we take our chances with the Arizona or somebody like that. That's not taken OK the other team have taken because they'll win tonight and giving eleven. Is provenance. I was looking at them too. But since I really want to teams are the best because they went in there they get eleven but that's why I havens are that's why since you took them. We're gonna have a leader by tomorrow morning but because I'm gonna take USC law or OK you get eleven may be I get 16 with NC central. These things and you know what I'm gonna take UC Davis you are I'm taking UC Davis tonight there were no hair brown and I got off tonight now he's got some GTA games for now I'd really need be one of us could be up 27 points before the tournament actually starts and then it's over. There's really no no not really know some of the teams you've got you got some long shots and there I really do demand out that bugs me they Uga. Seized upon that strategy we have to do. I picked Providence. I'm gonna go let. Give me. This is really difficult yeah it is. Do I take a low seen here high seed. I hope they I'll take. That's up I hate that give me UCLA. He did go to UCLA UCLA and also. Give me. Nevada. They all had a little bit there too because Nevada. Could beat Iowa State and then Purdue I really believe I don't want them I don't think so that's why that I could happen. Well of course it can happen. Of course it could happen not gonna take a high seed here is I think they win their next three games on taken duke. Unaudited two points only but you know what I think. But six points but he wants South Carolina beats them all mark I 418 out of that you think that I love the fact they you'd figure that confident. In something as ridiculous is that I think it's great. And then I think I'm gonna take. He needs. Do you take those teams that are probably gonna get beat the first second row what we're down two that is what we're down to get a takeaway lions take comment take Miami. K. Then I'll think Michigan State. Because we might the last on the ride on that game yeah and my next pick will be. Florida. Ground we have 123 this is fourteen well I've got one round of picks left. For picks fifteen and sixteen yeah I'm gonna go with Vermont. Now that's part that is funny but who knows in my get lucky to all you need. And then I'm gonna go with Arizona. Arizona has it to be up. Worked for me I'll take Baylor has a theory. And also give me one more high seed who could it be. Among the last something at stake when wanna do that and Noah is a difficult and I thought it was going to be quite difficult. Give me pack can do it I cannot do it. Give me Minnesota as a five I don't think they'll soon. I don't even think a little in round one. We use a Middle Tennessee State I don't doubt lead you guys chopping each other in the first round. Backup yeah it. Ever do this holiday either over the thing I've ever dollars and that's a press up. That's it you're right I've changed that picked. No laid low it darted populated everybody thirty heard it it's done but if I wanted to change it you're done you can't change it you can't change it against the rules. We're making up the rules here as we go. Pitchers so I am South Carolina I'm gonna take mark Staten. But I've really surprising he did that. But it wasn't Smart now. But maybe it works out maybe Minnesota makes a little run. And I like I guess you know you're guaranteed some points a night game that it's better than getting set out actually I kind of like this is an interest in. Now we're getting here right thanks so sixteen teams each you write your here's your teams you can read them. I don't which does stayed SMU. Iowa State Creighton Xavier West Virginia Wisconsin Butler case state USC UC Davis a but that. Duke Miami Vermont Arizona and Marquette are out of Oklahoma State in theme central to give me F 160 lead going into the you know Thursday. Rhode Island middle Tennessee South Carolina Saint Mary's Virginia Maryland noted in Providence he's still in Nevada Michigan State Florida Baylor. In Minnesota why you it UNC central what do what do you know about them. I know a lot about them because I know nothing about that game at all why do and they are gonna win. Here's YRK 145678910111213. In a row. Before they lost to Savannah State. By one. And North Carolina ante by five but they rebounded to win their conference tournament they blew out a couple teams and UC Davis is not good are they. And not get it I took them just for spite they lost by thirty. To like Fullerton on ask not about our UC Irvine they're playing shorthanded they only had four guys on the court don't like game is that what happened out myself. They're playing a hockey game went four on five and Maggie yeah. Well congratulations they do OK so you tell me I really need US east Providence tonight Zoe Tommy. Well that's not gonna happen either title your thumb up to be down 27 points I believe that I tomorrow I wholeheartedly. Believe that yes. This it'll be 27 to zero. And you'll handle bragging rights right over to me now I will not do that I will fight tooth and nail it's 47 then you concede. No you can see what you can play it well back in. Not a chance. Whoever it might look concede what you're down 27. Yet you know over the I was still Lindsay you gotta get. 3027. You lose neither case state wins a couple gave us 22 points. Come on man you always sell it is not an and that's you know like a girl let them that they want already at all. Yes you do it backtracked you do size and thinking boy you showed up what you did well then I don't follow up Minnesota anymore you want New Orleans. Yeah giving your okay. Now they easy to Saint Mary's tonight game since they want so they don't. Just thought that's 32 point showing our carrier our. That was so sixteen and a sixty Noland who won that game. Except with a New Orleans times Picayune which we RD reference saluted you guys pick I mean you I'm sure you Bob went over these. The mood to Fuji would you pick as your champion Alito and have a champion filled out little what does. What do you mean he stopped at the final four why because he's he's brain sometimes loses final four. Its final four is Villanova reckons that McKay UN UCLA. Mine is Villanova Arizona KU and Kentucky. Although I don't feel good about Kentucky. I don't moan I like North Carolina out of that I like duke. Duke's gonna lose a frank my like Arizona thought we already established that that's why pick South Carolina early. And I'm looking at fourteen points out of them. You think they're gonna win naturedly. You think deuce can Duke's plan. Big a big bowl on their side right now and hopefully they're big they're health care thing is big. My lies. Entirely disagree that it Kamal you've got to be kidding me grace and Allen in big game for fourteen. When they play the first round was that Thursday or Friday whenever they play. That would be Friday. He can got you for fourteen in their debt. There's no mole you know what I'll take him going two for fourteen also be strike you think yes. You're saying Troy is no we have I would be due to the fiftieth few years ago home. Not gonna happen I can't tell if you want dukes so bad to lose to one of these true I would I would like them to lose I just don't think they're going to. I'm not a duke fan at all I don't have no ties to anything. Big and I did with his I'm out of the sky I don't like a lot of people hate duke like. Little late on my personality I do not like that isn't hey hey hey hey double he is a reality. As a personality you're exactly right he is and I really like it well. Individual nothing redeeming about that you know it does the same things all the time he gets in trouble he just seems arrogant and cocky walk on its own belief he pallets when he gets cut. He screen sometime this screams. Moved usually grade school girls because somebody pulled there. Exactly which makes cells you're out like this bill let it go for the they cannot finish the way to get benefits because my idol girls and so I know exactly what's going on. This together hair pulled a lot and I recess no she doesn't that I think that in all happen anymore I don't think in your day. That's how you in my data is that credit interest that is exactly yet yet you can process the feelings are queasy though my wife still tells my ten year old daughter. If if he's pushing in hit mute and pick an unused because he likes you. I'm I'm not at that particular conversation. Well we had my only had a couple incidents so that's a level went out is that there was nothing just little things like that that we have to visit the school. No old known known known known. She just wondering why these boys would do that. So it's got my wife said that's probably because they like. And taken back that she's probably right with a lot of you know I don't argue with her when it comes that's up because a man loses blood mom handle that. In that situation and a I don't I don't know. I'm not a girl's death we can give advice you've been there on the other side you know I said I agree. Oh please what. As that is that your role in the household just not along normal because she's right but you have avoid any you don't think she you'll think that's right authoritative you don't think that's right what are we talking about. All right so he's fifty shoot these are all else I don't want to help pick on you but I don't remember exactly why it's so rewind the tape will perform. Both the congress that. But I'm not not let you back in your out of the conversation. By conversation is over. All right say it's it's finished we can't we can't get it back are you go ahead what. Is your biggest upset yet in the first round. Jamming fourteens or fifty plus got East Tennessee State. And I picked them right or did I not. No you didn't. Vital Tennessee took a big middle but not east now but I think Florida instead but I know one of those teams is gonna win and I hope I hit the right one. He I think Vermont got a chance to beat Purdue I picked Vermont did you but I don't feel good about it what they'll get a good idea there if I pick a thirteen and they don't win I. I'm not nothing well you don't feel bad about I'd rather take a sixth then not getting out of thirteen. That makes sense in a roundabout way around the out it does in your draft but I'm talking just doubled basics. Here's the pure play in the pool without our draft. You got east Tennessee that's he's got as your highest seed gone through the first round that's correct. We should do a draft where we picked. Players in the tournament they had that's that that so many within eats. Here of seeds you get that so many from one through 45. There 86 Judy you know what I mean whatever would be ninth through twelfth. Thirteenth through sixteen I enjoy doing that he got to fight yet to find scores and also hope that they wanna gamer to. This to move on he we did I did this one year kind of like we did but with another guy and it was yet to pick a 1615 all the way down to one. And you snaked its he had to take a sixteen pin had to take a 151413. And then you count and we might do that during number well maybe we will. Is he not be quicker one or another bragging rights. Lots of bragging rights going on but a lot of bragging rights I've got a huge stack of bragging rights at all Odeon yes. What do you keep them to use him as IOUs. Something like that yes. I have even Watson and they'll try to get you some of these other topics that I wrote down a bonds. Well what topics yet written down the world baseball class non having them pay attention toll arguably your former baseball player like baseball but it's not it's not. It doesn't interest me as much really doesn't. Mule what's the big deal who wins it. Tommy do you what do you think of him. Exactly because they're losers all according to the guy with the Cleveland Indians yeah my eyes to break it all and door take upper Puerto Rico and they beat Carlos Santana in the Dominican Republic last night ended in a pretty surprising upset. Tonight the leg game it. They've won eleven enroll yet so upset so I sent but that's exciting. Did you know that I would anybody else on that before last night. So luck and let and he's like your interest is because of that name Lynn door. Who I don't like any marks animal might fantasy based IL ER 300 and it was a terrible he was terrible terrible I had him and fitness. And I had Santana did you ever look and knows me here you guys could not carry my fantasy team did you ever look in the mirror after last year. And they may after I thought after the baseball. Why would look in the mirror what is I cut and gave it is my phone my fantasy team failed and not Francisco Linda or who had 301 with fifteen homers and nineteen steals. But it. Upon at this that's it terrible isn't it. While hoping had not year he's gonna win MVP this year all hole with a pop ups and mark bragging rights rate there. Got a chance. Put them brag on a map or not. But there are three bragging rights on all. Combat Al alone so a lot of you over there in that chair. Tim team goes two for twelve. Shirley and I mean as cover zero again it league career yeah. Do you object to it. The only thing I've heard what Tim Tebow Zenyatta stalker or something is this true. Yes he did he do it other nine haven't heard you've been out does that fill it up up up up up. And that is that the start out with fluttering and then just get scary yes like really nice and and creep showed its leg and give them attention that's. That's that's can I say this doesn't happen and it gets the point where it's like. But there's something wrong with this situation there but for the rise all of this person Andy Dillard the authorities. That however you that's how went out. Fair enough yeah what do you think. Lavar ball W Debbie cut this guy has data like the one million dollars bill who's this guy. He's slick he's got to be kidding me any other any other human being starts talking like this we are legitimately I don't throw this around lightly I mean it. Like this guy needs a mental help evaluate. Like Syria he needs to goes on our program around the guy needs his brain checked like you there's there's no understanding of reality here we'll Mikey. Mean these kids what he's got one apology yeah LA good player. You know quite good player no question is a good point is he's a good place Hitler yet and he's got high school kids right correct the kid that's more than ninety points there because he's cherry pick up right. OK so. What did he ask them to do that so we could throw this number out there. Because this kid scored ninety. How mean anybody can escort fifty doing that that's why it's dangerous to give people like that a microphone and attention because he can't handle that. It's a girl bad they can't handle this this level of attention he's bringing it on himself. But woods given to him he can't deal with that. But what I want is not capable know that I don't mean that in a mean way. And as I mean there's it within him he doesn't have the mental capacity. Did the to deal with it okay is that is that. There is that a fair thing the thing I would say. So would stop doing it it's just your buddy keeps doing it because people love it because his drama I know but it is annoying like I've got to be kidding me that. He has said speaking that someone a billion dollar purchase. Threats are now back at some point you're just picking on a mentally ill person is that how you see these people what these people are doing. Yeah a little bit you're exploiting. Someone whose whose mental faculties but is dealers he does he think that honestly this is just the way it works. Maybe that's it. What do you mean this is the way this way were my kids are gonna be this good so why don't get the deal done now billion. Exactly ridiculous. Silly that's not so he has the know that the nominee beat yeah you know how to deal like that LeBron. Yeah but well paid a one over his lifetime one guy and he's has he proven his worth I think so just a little bit. Just to air on the ball is not LeBron. No he never will now be easing is no entertaining player but from what I've seen he lacks that charisma that it factor. Then you need to get a billion dollars. Well there's no question is a good player that's what he's a good player. That's always that's it is dot I'm looking forward to drafting him on my fantasy basketball team and other than that I got nothing. We view it right well he's a billion and one is Sorenstam about while the ball either he knows it's crazy or just. You've got to know it's crazy that is crazy look for a conversation about what is it you kid and he's not Smart. Though again that day is he's bringing attention to his kids and you know all that the more attention you get more money it obviously. Can lead to. Is that not true it's true. How mean. Is that this isn't quite the right way to handle it no kid is 1819. Years old your other kids or what 1416. This you know political move that you don't need to bring it they're good enough. They'll get their huge okay. Yes I can't argue with you. It bothered me but I can't. I get I guess my point. Yeah that's all we needed we'll take our final break we'll come back and wrap it up Jason Day has been fantastic today. Sitting in for bubble that's why I'm sure we'll see it again next week stay within the driver Bob.