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Sports Daily 03-20-17 College Hoops, A Loss For WSU Against Kentucky, Was Still An Overall Awesome Game

Mar 20, 2017|

Jacob Albracht & Paul Savage talk Shocker Basketball, there performance against Kentucky, was it fair for either team to play so soon?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Noticed today. Al's sports daily news on JS play. And teachers teach in the holding room. Didn't welcome back everybody sports daily on JFK just jump right to the I candidate dad's locker hotline 8691240. John you. Revs first looked at John. This wanna come here and I've built thank you know the loss that felt great at the under is attempting. In the tournament but I do wonder comment on the wired all right. We in. Anywhere fantastic games color in my hair and but I just wanted to know or. What it really gonna have to Garner awards on a draw spiral because. He had one man army in the district but now aren't equipped and our common owning. And he had about who beat her like spoil. Oh I really thought the play would sped up it could get double cream he was apparent Connor. Thought that no he was not rock rob final report they're out here and the first shot. And thought they know what you're well on that one but it. Well from what I've heard John is a unit in I believe this is Kirk after the game there was a part of the play where Marcus adept he was going to come off of the screen. And take it and then. It didn't it make Duffy got blocked out in the champ that was going to try and move around in the ship didn't end. It just I think it kind of fell apart on chant it took all the blame after the game. It did look like Connor training camp was open for a look. I think it's just you know it did it didn't work the play can give Kentucky a lot of credit for disrupting a play that was called I think is is a big part of it. And I think the other part of it is at the beginning of the play. There were something to do with the screen coming off and it didn't. It didn't work out quite the way it was supposed to. And then I would guess my guess would be that another option was for sham that was quite got to take the shot in Kentucky just depended it really well they they got over and in the way. And there was probably just enough for an attempt too little time that. Might be my guess would be a shame it didn't. Was concerned about getting a pass and a shot often it just all kind of fell apart at that point what I would say this idea I think Kentucky deserves a lot of credit for defending that really really well. And it wasn't as simple as she dammit just keeping it needing to shoot the whole time there was something according to some of the players after the game. That was disrupted early on in the possession Dick created to have thick right there at the end. Well. If your Kentucky you don't want to you got to defend the three and you got to defend the three point oh yeah ice with that and that though and that's part that's a good point. Point and it makes it tricky too easy no Russ dusty need to three that's right it's gonna come so who's it gonna come from it's good can come from about three or four guys that that's for sure. However when your Kentucky and what is the one thing would that you use to describe Kentucky I think it was used probably ten times lack at least it was. During that game in that Kentucky is long be remembered the word long been used numerous times and that's exactly right DeLong and able to defend that. And when you can extent because of the circumstances because that time because of your your defending you've got to defend the three I'll tell you what. Getting that shot off against a long team like Kentucky. Dizzy extremely difficult and hard to dip and give you know that there comes a point where you just gotta say. Nice job Kentucky defending the three was it was weld offended at what they wanted to give you sham and they would love to got to the Connor and yet both of those guys were were defended and the three lines that the three point line was so well defended you gotta give them a lot of lot of credit. But part of that is just the fact that it's it's tough. To execute something like that it gives the team that is so long and so athletic like a university Kentucky. Such a good game. I hate that that was the final possession hate it for sham it because one I think the country that you didn't know a lot about which star state a lot of people don't. Nationally. You now know about Landry sham and I remember the excitement around his recruitment and really. That first year but in the second year when he sort of jumped in the national radar and on Marty made apartment at Wichita State but it's a it's fantastic. He's such a good player he'll be back for a lot of years there's a lot of reasons to de. To be and I think this is the way most people feel your bombed. Today because it ended. But I think everybody so. Excited about next year all that it's almost like okay. Whatever. Let's do this again. It boy that game was cut right and I. I say again not if this is you know this is kind of what I take away from it just. From from a broad look is. I'm so happy we got to see that game as basketball fans because it was such a fun game to watch could it have been in a different around sure. But it wasn't and again I'm glad we got it and and I hope which dusty placed Kentucky every year and I hope they get up men. It's just a fun fun. Rivalry developing because of the two games now that we've seen them play have been all timers and Wichita State hadn't come out on the right in the either one of those but is just from a viewing. Standpoint they've been so good it. And a lot and there in this the contrast in in. The building of the teams is so different it's perfect. And it's like the perfect turning that game the blue blood. Against the non power conference team that not a lot of people know about now which star state certainly not a Cinderella and I'm not in that that be stupid to say. But not a lot of people nationally seen them play we would probably say that. And so deceived him for the first time and get that now it's just it's just it was so good to watch well and there's a lot of conversations to be had in the aftermath some of which we probably won't get into on the show and some of which involve. Things that we will get into like. Conference alignment now hall there was a report from Sports Illustrated on Friday. That said there are you know there are ongoing talks and sudden people. You know never naming anybody directly but did they you know sighted people. In admitted you know when I dean did in with knowledge of the situation that say. That thing could happen as soon as this year. It could happen as soon as the next couple I don't think it would happen and now they can agree on something but. There's TV deal that soon to expire in the American which star state would certainly. Did the league a lot of favors the league I think would do Wichita State a lot of paper small is it time to move I mean like we say this every year. And I know a lot of the time people are loyal to the valley because it's always been there but. Think anybody still loyal to the valley. I don't believe anybody is loyal to the valley the only person who might have been still loyal to the valley was and got about and he left it in the forty so I mean you look at. You look at who are you look at the valley and you think yourself. You know were having this conversation in and I believe earlier in the show we made a comment I think between the two of us. We would not be able to name all the teams in the West Coast Conference and really truly you and I might struggle to get a mall in. And yet you look at a couple would knuckle heads like you and I do on our radio show. On the West Coast maybe in the state of Oregon and your thinking yourself I don't think my cohost myself can name all the teams in the Missouri valley and so it's a similar type situation. And the fact as I've been ready to move for like five or six years now and I can remember talking about this on another show years and years and years ago and has been a a part of the conversation that goes on and on. And yet when do we start this conversation football's also going to be a thing has got to come in to that. Into the is that conversation as well Anders things going on and he'll I have stated in the past that I believe Wichita State is going to have football. I believe they have made a decision. That they think they need football to grow the university to a point where they wanna be. With enrollment. Somewhere between 22 and 25000. Students and you need football to do that Hoosier about fifteen now if if five back I think I'm right on those numbers. So I think football will be a part of that and the American Mac conference ruling makes a lot of sense you know some. I can get my arms wrapped around the American I mean I love the big twelve I mean I've got to school my schools in the big twelve and I love the big twelve to a no stop them. As I Saturday show I have black and gold on my transcript I have it running through my blood. Why am I am ready for Wichita State I am ready to support Wichita State in the American conference. I am ready to go and it can't happen soon enough for me if you wanna keep Gregg Marshall. You better make that kind of a hot day what fires Gregg Marshall OK right now I'd be bored out of my skull. I would be bored out of my skull fake it met all my god I gotta go to Terry out again I've got to go to Peoria again. I've got to go to Chicago again they in New York Nate I gotta go to de Moines I again. And I would be bored out of my mind thinking to myself I've got to go through this I sure I'm gonna win a ball. But I would be bored out of my mind thinking that this is my challenge I wanna count coaches want to be challenged. And that that's not happening and and I think it's one of those things where. I think a decision is gonna be made sooner rather than later I am with you on that my friend. He had it will we'll see what happens I'd just. I just Asik could not I just Asik in conference that's all we just saw you and I both agree selfish you out you're able to Gary just gimme entertaining conference games that's all that's all but taller you are both good guys to second ago that we will be board wants about January 1 gets there. For the next two months while we January and February we're going to be bored out of our gored and why can't they are so good in March is so good. There's both of those months like the non conference was so much fun to watch I described to the shocker and we know march is going to be good march will be fantastic it's just that is just that middle grip yet and and you know things that we're not the only ones that think that I mean you can go out now Morse from the BB and you know how I know that. Because you see seats that are nor by the way their bought and paid for. But juicy seeds. At that at around the house now. Sit vacant seats that are bought and paid for season ticket holders and what is the inspiration to go watch Wichita State bubble. Drake I mean come on we were worsening of some of that. That's gotta tell the administration that is her some boredom setting in. With the fan base. And and I think that's worthy of taken a look at. At least if I always air McNair looked on it and they're like the look you're right those guys are smarter than they look. Yeah I'd knee you know there's a lot of there's a lot of details right there when they're next time they'll. They 691240 I got to ten soccer hot lining also find us on Twitter at can at least it's taken at savage Wichita sports daily continues next.