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Sports Daily 03-20-17 WSU Out, K State Out, KU Still Going Strong, Still A Favorite In The Tournament

Mar 20, 2017|

Jacob Albracht & Paul Savage discuss WSU not getting enough credit, System Flawed, KU on a roll

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is sports daily on JFH from. Okay. We don't let this when you breathe here ball. Like a fine line. The Cubs. Are you ready Jacob. Hold your learning. All your life. You're like it's a long long time. Here comes. He'll look. Just happen. It's. That's is what it is what they woke up too tired. My area to that music in your head because Kansas is on to the sweet sixteen a twenty point win over Michigan State no problems party. See you later in the jayhawks. Paul. Do except. No was out. Kansas. Keeps on rolling through this season. Gives us a new favorite to win this thing. I think they might be their playing certainly well enough in your start to see the bench developed you saw some guys come off the bench and give valuable minutes. And I was that was a nice little development there what do with Colby. Bad there's no question about that I mean he was a force on the boards anyway defended well. And it looks like to me that we talk about. The great athletes that university Kansas has lived with. Josh and whip with all the other guys and you look at this team when you think yourself. Well this is such a great team offensively in transition and it's a team that is so athletic but boy oh boy they defended well backs what one bad game yesterday. Where is Bill Self teams can only I don't think he he's enough credit. Or the defense his teams play a part I thought that I I I think I thought that I'd like to brought that up but last few years 'cause I've I've followed Kansas. Extensively. Before this year but the last two and I was. Over in the sports department it can't be CH I was at Kansas a lot like you'd like a whole lot. Through all the post season runs everything else and I always stop what they don't get enough credit defensively. For what they do when they play they play good defense. I've I've thought the kids this is an interesting. Team this year they have been all year all we gotta remember they put thirty of the 34 games they've played so we talked about lack of depth and all these things. In the big twelve. And some just crazy nonconference games. They won thirty out of 34 times so. It's not that big a problem clearly tired. I think when you get up against elite level competition though in reality it is a concern. Which is why it was good to see valuable minutes coming off the bench now I'm in the game against Michigan State now the game it was closer than twenty points until the end. But here's why I think Kansas is always been a favorite I have to the final four this year. I picked UCLA in a final four matchup against Kansas but here's why do love Kansas and I think that there's a lot to. Taken with them but I'll say this. If it you can guarantee me that they don't see foul trouble. Did I don't know that I'd pick anybody against the only reason that I had a hard time taking them all the way. Is because in the games against this level of competition. Especially on short rest and some of the other things I think it's a hard. Cell to think that they'll never get into foul trouble they did a little bit there with Lucas that they were fine right. So lights are now I sort of have to step back and reevaluate expecting to. If you put Kansas senior bracket appeared jayhawk Pena got two great today I figured I don't know how teams are going to stop. The trio all. A Jackson Mason and grant Powell that's such a tricky proposition. Spurred do will be fascinating case study. Well I retire the side in everything that they're gonna bring to the table. And I know that that's that will be eight popular merited and it's probably Acker he's a lot of people have been on it for. When they sought since they saw the bracket come out is that at Purdue gets in there that's going to be a tough match up. Because of the size they present but I always will say well they still have to try and defend Kay you. Also right I'm with so. If I if I'm Kate you had a game ball. Early on especially. Jackson Mason Graham drive the basket every time you get the ball a seeping guess of those big boys in foul trouble on and keep them on their heels that is the key. You by the late Shawn lets get to show on John's been waiting on the line all the way through the break. Since the last segment let's get to shoddy mind you might if we do that. Are very good. I'll outwit them up break so. Our question commented the last conversation in Wichita State and conference realignment. What cop retreat I'm it would have you know go from here out the now hour by have been. Book our drug conference realignment and the football situation with which is not there. That. You know Theres the elephant in the room and she bit my opinion and I think that. You're in football terms that the American is about. Group of five culprits up there and whip. Big twelve problems that looking at teams in the American. Which. Bring in just about point oh Wichita State doesn't have the ball so anything ever been a big piece to. Do you really see that happening we have book ball drive and copper realize. That's what aren't on our map. No it's it's a good point in and which attacked the I don't know that football. Easy one the American could at Wichita State without football. Now there could be plans for football on the horizon the hall and I both tend to believe that the ball is in the future of Wichita State at some point. And in some capacity and I'm not sure what that is yet. But date and you can you could certainly. Add to Wichita State to the American even if tears not football. It could happen. Now will it I think look it's gonna have to add we switched our states are getting the ball right away I mean you can't just start from scratch that will take years to develop. So I think that's a part of the conversation. I think there's eleven teams right now and that basketball conference in the could easily be twelve. Can you just gotta go with that and in which dusty becomes a basketball institution you know. Everyone talks at the big east and yet they they take a lot of non football schools in there sure so. Look I'm saying the American based on national reports that there were conversations happening there and I don't think that. It's Sports Illustrated is gonna float that out there based on nothing I think that there are real possibilities there. And a it was a Sports Illustrated article on Friday so I'd so you can go back and reference that there. I honestly in and again pollen I've opaque football will eventually be there. But. I think for this conversation specifically it is more about the basketball side at that. And and I think it could happen in ten happen. That Wichita State would jumping into the American as a basketball only school at eventually get and I think they'll get the ball but I don't think we're there yet. In even if they make that decision we may be some years away from it anyway and maybe that's what's complicating this process is because they're trying to make that decision. But I think. With the new TV deal coming. For the American I wanna say in May be nineteen or want me. That Wichita State could become an attractive part of the TV deal for that league is taking get you know onto one of the major networks. For their league games having your talking about. Mean this year you at Wichita State into the mix at SMU in Cincinnati. In a league that generally has meant this and UConn in the tournament. And then you know eat kind of mix and match a few other teams you are really good league they're all of a probably a three of four at least did a year leak. In the American epic. It's a really attractive. Landing spot I think just on the based on on basketball alone that would be if Bonn conference for Wichita State there's a lot out of regional. Interest there that can be really cool and it teams not not not on a coaster anything else I think I think there's a lot of a lot to it to like their Paul. And a lot of teams in an area where you wanna go recruit by the way and and you said three of four teams it could even be higher than that so yeah you're exactly right I think he I mean I just get excited thinking about it. I get to questions I get depressed thinking about the valley but I'm excited about the American. Just take a quick break we'll come back we'll continue to K you conversation as well blonde sports stand.