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Sports Daily 03-20-17 KU, Sweet 16, Setting The Tone, Good Conference Games

Mar 20, 2017|

Jacob Albracht & Paul Savage talk match ups, winning games, how will KU defend their title, protecting officials?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then you hear that. I couldn't tell what is it easy BC sports daily news. Yeah youth age. Group. Welcome back everybody sports daily and K if they stick ball rock Paul savagery spent. Most of the first hour of the show talking about the shocker so we wanna start this hour and had been some time with kids jayhawks run the sweet sixteen. I'm really a surprise of course of one. See you expect him to get to this point it looked very good doing so all. But you always get concerned I think or at least I do win it's Michigan State on the other side with the success that they've had in this tournament. And Tom Izzo is a great tournament coach generally speaking despite whatever whatever the spartans are seeded. Although they've lost now a couple years in a row in the first weekend. You get Purdue next ball the jayhawks had talked about it. They may be the favorite left in this tournament. That probably are I would have to re look at the odds but I think the top two odds teams were. Two can. No actually Carolina's probably indicate it that would be a good I I don't know which of Carolina in kansas' it would be a verbatim but it doesn't matter they're both right there. Kansas has a half now I have always stop talk Kansas had the best best path of the ones because they believe much in Louisville now loop holes out. And so you know you sit there is Kansas and Paul there's a real path to. To the final four here for the jayhawks I think it's legitimate I think it's realistic and quite frankly. I think now with the way things have played out it's it should be expectation. He's going to be pretty tough. They are not and in my bracket I have Purdue beating Kansas now badly and I only did that because. Purdue was on television a lot to show I know that if if you watch any basketball at all get a chance to watch. This came in they are big they are huge and when I say big viewed sometimes you think yourself wall slow and plodding well no they're not that slow and that plodding they are. They good athletic large basketball team. And they're very very good and of course I think you're exactly right K you as one of the easier. Is probably of the four regions probably the easiest region you look at god zag with probably the toughest you know road go to get to upped the final four at least in my opinion but. You're right. There is a big roadblock for KU. And that would be Purdue now watch you get by Purdue. You know I still think you're you're look at Matt Michigan team that that will probably. You know be very very difficult to beat. I like your chances if your if your can't see when he gets the Michigan game but Purdue. Purdue is going to be a challenge there's no question by the way decide maybe check out the size of those guys up front they've got 27 footers and out of 6106 night. They these guys are just. As large but athletic as can be. And really one of the better players and in the country. With Purdue itself it's going to be a lot of it yes wanna get is one of those guys that. Maybe he's ample. He's a he's act that the top Forney Smith taking came out yesterday trying Mason and spawning and are both in that top four or other you go you're gonna have to those guys right there on the same floor in Kansas City now. You do you assign any value to playing in Kansas City as they've been all share I do to hide outs. I Niemi and it'll be packed dinner be. 80%. K you at least eight he had been they've played in that arena and out to the big twelve turn out they lost in the big twelve to her pressure Emmitt. They play regular season games there that play that big took turn at different Mason Dovonte grammar Barry accustomed to that arena. I think there's a massive advantage there surely. Mean that is a home court advantage is not Allen fieldhouse. But it's a home court advantage like hey you try playing Kansas City. Im pretty is gonna have to deal with that I I think it's an interesting match up I I still like hey you because acting. Again on the flip side of it. Purdue's going to beat Teague could going to create matchup issues certainly but they also have to deal with. You know what do you do Paula you've got good guards and they've got good big she ran them right you spread amount Iran. And so it's just one of those on one hand there's an advantage here Arabian on the other there's an advantage here so really it becomes about canned. You know in case you defended in the U you know later Lucas can defend these great defender right but can you get some. You know do you rely more perhaps on Colby. To step in and play some big minutes because. Jay is Josh Jackson gonna guard to being there the united I don't know if it'll be interesting to watch that matchup to be fascinating to see how do you place it. Defensively but. But I but again. You're the one seed played in Kansas City you have an all American candidate and may be the most talented player in the country on your team. You are you win that game right I think he set the tone early you let Purdue you know what's what. And you score and you run them and you get him tired and you try get him in foul trouble and you drive drive drive drive drive that. And do the things you've got to do to get them out of their element and they'll try to do the same thing to Kansas right I don't know how Kansas will defend I don't. But it'll be interesting to see how they defend it. And I think that as we look at the next round of games that'll be is. Good or is anticipated game is there probably is in the next round well on I'm still so sort of we get. On the national scene it's got to be at this paid trip to the top four players at least look bright I get to the top class players yet a total clash of style that's what I'm interest that's right all doubt because complete. He contrast of these two teams like. How many times do we year at least didn't when you get to march what is the key to a champ give give me the top three things when it comes to make a run. For upper classmen in upper classmen in good guard well I was gonna say I was gonna say good guard play good guard play him and the third would be good guard blight that is thought that was what that was what I was gonna say it and of course. Kansas that's exactly where your net. However which you are as good bigs as you are as Purdue that changes they are of course here's the keys for Purdue way when your big. Want you score you don't let the other team transition. Turtle you take care of the ball take away that talk that the chance to score. And create points off turnovers you do those couple things you score so that they can't get out and run off of rebounds. And and you have a chance of playing with the university Kansas part of because of the depth and let's put it this way it landed Lucas is going to be attacked. They are going to go to him. One of the major concerns for Kansas is keeping him out of foul trouble so when you say that what is going to be one of the big parts of the game plan for burger attacked the paint. Attacked the paint and see if you can get landed Lucas and in foul trouble because obviously at that point advantage goes to Purdue. But they aren't we. Have the advantage there I think rather gonna attack the paint be as I think that's where their points come easy that's that's the way they do it anyway you take but can't yet to take advantage of the size difference I think. I think it's can I think that's your philosophy for can attack the pain after Kansas. You know what I eat like. Is gonna be largely dependent on what the officials do early in a game like it the initials her in by the way. As I say this I loved the way the Wichita State Kentucky game was officiated but if it's appreciated that we were in Kansas plays Purdue. Kansas we'll have a problem of that because they're not getting every contact out called on drives to the basket. And we see that a couple of at least I have seen in a couple of games were that there really letting players play. And I loved by the way and a lot who so that'll be interesting to with Kansas starts utterly and isn't getting any calls. Then you've got to reevaluate again and my guess would be they just bring the tempo up at that point even higher and they'll they'll bring the heat. But you know Paul when you when you don't have just to touted depth. Up tempo he gets a little risky as well. Hole yes oh yes and by the way you're exactly right with the officiating I've always chuckle to a certain extent over the last few years when. You know the NCAA has sort of been micromanaging. How they want fouls called. And how fouls are called in the regular season and then you get to march almost said. It seems like there's a little more allowing of the teams to play a little more physical. I don't know if I'm the only one that is knows batter thought that but it's it that's the way it appears to me. But with that being said you know you're exactly right the officials are really gonna set a certain tone or a certain pace. Or a certain way up how you go about attacking the other team the officials will this is one game where you will see the officials. Have a hand and I'm not saying one way or the other I'm just saying I won't be surprised if that's the way it turns out for this particular game. It's it's a game it's a matchup everybody's sort of anticipated I think it looked forward to since the brackets came out I didn't have Purdue making it and they did and they are clearly good basketball team. And you have them you know you have an advancing to this game and it's I've seen that a lot of brackets and in it is a tricky matchup but I think it's tricky matchup both ways. And make whatever we see that we always wanna say. The under seeded teams of that matchup. Yet there's a clash in styles that's a tricky match up well it's too but but Purdue's got to stop them too they got to stop Kansas to so. You know you hope for a lot of scoring you know Kansas it's their shots they get their shot to think that they'll be okay. But I don't think this well I don't I don't know that it's a heart at but I think Paul every day with Kansas is hard to figure. We know that they're talented but. The brunt 67 guys out there period. Period that play a lot of minutes and stay out of foul trouble and they did a great job and if they can do that they'll be fine. I wanna see where the line on this game plans to talk someone and I wanna know what divide is. From Mike Vegas on this match up. And he. It's ER we are we spoiled with Kansas yet all I cute. And he can we see it really stepped back and realize again just how incredible what they're doing is with these runs and these seeds in consistently being up there and all the big twelve titles and they. Very subtly I think made it to the first weekend here and and all the sudden they're sitting there and now they're probably the favorite and each is business as usual that's. That expectation of business as usual for what they're doing it just. It gets crazier and crazier every year. That I watched them play and watch what they're doing let's see what that he's got to say Eddie joins us on the I candidate had soccer hotline hey Eddie. Do you Q are there tragic job on a weekend after the games I can't wake to jump in my car. And wait for 9 o'clock here what you guys had to say so at your leisure arts show. But I'm I have to I have to disagree and I'm. Addition I shot talked about Al Munro and talk about go out of the room and not been watching different games and what you guys have been watch it. I think yet this year has been terrible now really implement at that's covered some ex official because I refereed that school I know how difficult it is. And here's and here's what I'm tired. Protecting officials snow coaches Tuesday or anything but keeping people say anything when I watch a game. The only people really it was strange dumping its wildest game on the radio. There are more open about other one after their future and it's a shame that teams will work as hard as they do to get to the tournament in and show up. And had officials is not willing to work. All for God's sakes I Uday and got well they are they have been and maybe getting him on the radio and let me ask you this. Eddie let me ask you this is what what are in the let's let's take the Wichita State Kentucky game prince it's 'cause I think that's one people of universally watched. Do you like it did there was a lot of contacts sort of a loud in that game because I think it we have whistles blown. Eddie gives you if you appreciate that game. With that with a quick whistle that would have been a brutal game to watch and instead I was at navy game to watch. I agree one that I think note a specialist should probably official most of the other games I know you can't do you expect to warrant complain about. I complain about the phantom call even when it if you know they're shallow left the last replays of about because. Most of art is not a well. And today's game you can't teach or player because a player understand straight down at arms up because whoever called spell him if you offered support goes into you know. If you works just South Carolina and Duke game that Smart. Probably he worst officiating I have ever seen. In my life I'm not at Duke I'm not stopped a lot of friends I'm a close game span if there's a close game I'll switch so we're not start watching it. The end of that game wears Jets. Awful and and and and coach K heck even kind of settled his players down the that they were now. He where they are watch this space open and he was class you're not just there are Yoko golden Bears don't really think. But I think. In every other sport. We make it special more accountable than what they are in basketball I'd I would the five A basketball tournament are all terrible position there. And yet we protect the coaches can't think that your line. Keeping people Australia Spain and again I know what color it is like almost a quarter or I don't want to watch eight. Cute that's ballgame because I get so disappointed. In being a a call. Change the waiting game and got ignorance and it came on children Purdue out official called that game. It's a shame that we have to talk that way and I don't think you guys are accountable and not because we want to play. Even if you have a terrible show is somebody gonna let you know. Well I would have an idea also cut cut it up and I'll say this Eddie I I know that. A bit Gregg Marshall Bill Self don't mince where they they'll call a spade a spade after game at the officiating. Order I mean I I heard those guys today is those guys do it all the time I mean it day. And people will pay Bill Self the path we've because it like to errors responses. It's it's tricky I don't know how you could consistently I think a ball this well. You think about this that are I'll say this honor off the hip. I hate that basketball's probably the toughest to appreciate because there's contact all the time. And the definition of a foul can change and I'll say to I think it should change. I love. It the the officials were fluid with the Kentucky Wichita State game. And probably had some realization there that. We're going to have to give a little in this game it's just the style that these teams play is that the right the wrong thing to do. I don't know you'd know more about it than I do but. I will say I'm sure glad it happened that way. Well like usually agree with you hear this at age physical game and these are top notch athlete and there's going to be some contracts and I guess the one occur to me is when they will call a in order to stake a charged now. And yet I guys gives. Not down or month or whatever they don't call and it it why would it cost it would look down the basket down the court it's double just barely notice are barely. And it caught out of and let someone else if not well and they don't call. Yeah that's what nobody nobody wants that right there consistencies. Are great I. And I saw what I want our guys Walter Marshall there's going to be contact we should who hit that the definition and work Kentucky game. Do you not get social order site name was so good to watch it was a it was a match up it was just it was a great get a corporate like the final four it was a great game. Andino isn't what they were and I think there's added a finished the Pope looked was open happened. Car when you used to hit habit and don't anticipate and I think a lot of them are there to. And some restaurant where there were shots that England checking game yummy treat our shops were made a couple bodes well. Our balls bite. Well I am just I just wish they were they would let them play Alou and brought it up to say well I don't let them play well how come other officials don't let them play you know. Republicans they're they're told not to I mean demanding this call more proud that we get every year the mandate is currently. Yeah games early in the season are chest brutal and then it and then eventually I think everybody eases off a number that's you know we get the good. We get the good stuff now but yet that I don't know why you would ever wanna call more fouls that that is. The most boring it's part of a basketball game to me Fowler free throw. I'd like they got I just try to get soft by chance I was kind of all of about it. You guys just went cash jobs and your eyes are better than mine so I guess some can't persuaded by you guys predecessors used to do a good job cut out Reggie got back. Today you are right at it well I'm glad you were able to then ten and it's perfect timing because. Paul the officials are gonna play a big part of this Kansas Kentucky game one way or the other whether. Not directly but the way they decide to write the game go no question he will be a factor certainly well Kansas everyday and its just going to be. Every game that Kansas plays as the case because there's not a lot of room to play with on off the bench although it seems like Kansas may be finding a little bit of space to go to the bench but. Here's the one thing to do if you remember. If you remember back in the day this probably three or four years ago the key what up for the NCAA rules committee was to create more offense create more points create more. Opportunities to score how do you do that. By allowing freer. A true go by allowing freer transport to the basket from the outer edge and how do you do that. By allowing kids to go unimpeded mats was part of the whole thing about we have silly touch fouls. The teams start to adjusting and you saw more penetration the basket that was the key to this whole thing. The NCAA rules committee wants more points scored they do have decided. Just like in baseball more home runs the better the fans like it in football the more touchdowns the more fans like it the more home runs in baseball the more fans like it the more points scored an NCAA basketball the more fans like it at least that is the perception. Obvious and by the way there's a beauty a defense when it comes to college valuable. Did I say game yesterday there's been there it's up they hadn't I went about our hockey hall offense scoring I'm all for scoring in football. An NFL. Not basketball I I'd love Spurs basketball I love Wichita State basketball. When points are at a premium it puts so much intensity and every possession as a fun games what I exhausting count but they're on all three. DL at the sports community lost a good when this week let's I am an election spin just he you know just a few minutes here on Jerry squires as we close out the segment. Well Wichita and the state of Kansas lost a great wanted Jerry squires a good friend of mine he is out. No owner has a great baseball player is like Kansas baseball hall of Famer he's in the NBC hall of fame played baseball for many many years. And a lot of people who live on the east side also know him as a guy who ran Phillips squires Phillips 66 for years and years and build a lot of gas tanks and changed a lot of Royals add depth. And he is I gas station and then he's just true gentleman and I know many of the family members. And I just wanted to take it take a moment and let everybody know that depth we have lost Jerry squires Earl BA rosary. On Tuesday at 6 o'clock and it will be a mass at 10 o'clock at nose will both be at saint Thomas acquire and I Catholic Church. And I just wanted to say that I love to Jerry squires is a good friend of mine. I admired him I admired his accomplishments in life and I'm Joni right now it's sad and is made to know that Wichita. Has lost a great guy like Jerry squires and our prayers and our sympathy go out to his family. Certainly certainly the case and Paul we're sorry for your loss and everybody's lost. And now we'll let the let the segment in there will come back on sports daily.