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Sports Daily 03-20-17 More Jay Hawk Talk, Who Could Be A Possible Recruit For KU Next Year

Mar 20, 2017|

Jacob Albracht & Paul Savage discuss Bill Self, KU ready to be the big dogs, possible recruits for next year, money talks

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It is these sports daily on JOH yeah. Welcome back everybody. Sports daily on can't they stick ball Brock Paul savage alongside Jeff. He didn't get to this on the I got a tad soccer hotline 8691240. Or on Twitter at AB CH Jagan Matt savage Wichita at sports daily KF staged a lot of good tweets Paul look at a couple of those here from people. I'm Ronnie says I'm not sure that game was decided by officiating however the overall grade of zebras last week in a sport best. I think probably most people would always say the officiating was bad I think it. He is always fluid and I just was happy with Wichita State Kentucky officiating. Merrill says advantage Bill Self overpay inner I would agree with that there. And Eric asks an interesting question would you rather have the upside next three years of the shoppers or the jayhawks. Not sure there are many who wouldn't take a shocker is I think that's a hard question he's we don't know the kind of one and guns are recruits do you will bring in in that time. But the point there is good apology that. There's probably not many teams you take over Wichita State in what they'll bring to the table over the next few years. Which is cool but how lot of good tweets you can always get in touch with a program that weight all lets shift to the curious case of Brad Underwood. That I mean rarely do we get any bit of news it's like I cannot believe that happened I could not believe. The Illinois a situation with Brad Underwood that he's gone after just one season at Oklahoma State. Does not make sense it seemed like to me that Brad Underwood had found a home place that he can be very very comfortable. And you know it's it's a fact that at the University of Illinois if you're fighting alumni a lion I. It is a it is they hold the tea glass with your pinkie finger out type place. It is more about fancy pants place it is more of a sophisticated. Place. A place where I'm not sure that Brandt. Under would fit CNN to I mean I'm just I'm saying that that he's not sophisticated I'm just saying. It is totally 100%. All opposite in terms of the image of the school. Committee. Brad Underwood is a K state guy and Oklahoma State got. At Texas say they have got a Texas Tech guy a guy who is is familiar and feels right at home in America's great midwest. And that's what's so surprising is that it's it's totally out of the blue for me. Because it's just doesn't seem a place where he would fit in. And if he wasn't the basketball coach I would assure you that he would not be invited to very many of the faculty TDs. I just didn't see it coming I get why it happened well why don't you why there well how well okay I mean I guess if we boil it down to money. Money talks that it dude always has talked him I guess and always will talk but there comes a point where he'll make a little bit a little bit more than that populate our. It there's good stuff right now out about from news okay dot com and and I I I got in touch with some people. Connected to that program both working and alumni to see how something like this could have happened because I instantly think. Shame on Oklahoma State a year like you got the guy now make sure you keep the guy. And I guess they're just is not a good relationship with my colder the but not not just in this situation but in general. And that you know sources close to Brad Underwood or tell them newspaper that it was the a lot of you know insulting conversation. When Underwood approached them about. You know boosting salary in some things and he was already severely underpaid by big twelve standards but. Just that holder was noncommittal says that the program in the success in the commitment to the program and where they valued at what they can pay and all these things and I think that. If your Brad Underwood endured the ultimate competitor and you want to. Be. In a situation and indeed to win everything and have the resources needed to hear that kind of stuff Paul I mean could you. It's easy to equate that cycle near Boston wanting the best and then telling you yeah well we'll just. You know. Will just settle for mediocrity here well be good with it but I get it I totally get why in its you're the ultimate competitor and one of the best at what you do you'd say. I well I you know what that's not good enough for me I'm I'm gonna go somewhere where we want to make the commitment to be the best that we can be. Well and I get that end and yet the question is can you win at Oklahoma State and the answer is yes. And you waited Illinois and of course I believe the answer is yes as well but you've still got the Michigan State's still have now you see the Michigan's. On the rise and it's not like Michigan's ever really big honor very gone very long are gone very deep there they're still there and you look up and down the the the roster out of the Indiana's now the Purdue's and and you're even see in other teams that are starting to make inroads into the Big Ten who are getting better the Northwestern's of the world. It would strike me that of course you look at attitude of course Kansas is always going to be in the big twelve. And that's the big dog in a room. Indiana at one point was the big dog and so you remove that big dogs but they're gonna have another coach here very shortly who might bring the big dog back in deep. I don't yet Illinois paying him like they're ready to be that big doc Gooden and I think in that state in that regional was Chicago close by them they can be mean Bill Self has shown us that they can be guys they'll join the ya Ed Bill Self by the way jumps into this conversation because if you ask happy. He borrowed the exam that he did not both ends. Not only having good left Illinois to go to Kansas and now Underwood goes back to L a goes to. Illinois you're also gonna hear some conversation I make this prediction. And I know I'm going to have people driving off the road and cussing at me how else out there bills all tomorrow I'm gonna do it I'm I'm I'm gonna do it Bill Self will be in the conversation as the next head coach holy Grail a non Alley hoops conversation who's conversation about your conversation Boone Pickens conversation that's to that's in T Boone Eddie is Tebow is ponied up to make Brad Underwood the lowest paid coach in the conference hop but were out but Underwood is not self. There's a big difference and I can tell you right now you look at that what we're all going to tell you right now we'll see how does not going to coach and Oklahoma State next year OK I mean I drop area I that was 100% certainty poked. 100%. I think that's a chair pop I don't know I don't know that I've ever said that on this radio show I was a 100% sure of any I Hyder and I'm a 100% sure Bill Self well not be to coach at Oklahoma State next year well let me cut it to your 100% with a little bit of these facts why he's a graduate of Oklahoma State to he's homer to what Brad Underwood to graduate of Kansas I know it and I was disappointed when he did not take the Kansas State job because I thought that was a job that he could when he and I will get the job when he is not that he didn't say okay is never proffer that's right I've I stand corrected. I was disappointed when he did not get that job I thought he would have been perfect and probably a life timer. A life timer at Kansas State would have brought a lot of security at a lot of stability to that program. But Bill Self wife is from Stillwater bills dealt wife is a graduate of Oklahoma State he is a graduate of Oklahoma State he is from the state of Oklahoma. All I'm saying is when went Alexander the Great. Viewed his empire that he had conquered he looked sad because there were no more. Worlds to conquer and I'm just I'm just saying right now that that this would be one of those things where people say you can't go home. Well you know sometimes there's a chance to go home now do I think it's gonna happen no I don't. All I'm saying is don't be surprised if you hear those stories and it's all up to T Boone. T Boone as one of those guys. I eat you understand T Boone has not had the words no battered him very often you're aware of that correct and Brad Underwood just told him now. Well but but T Boone was not the one saying state I've I don't believe. T because Tebow this doesn't happen if deemed T Boone doesn't wanted to happen all I was saying T Boone's. Bill Self may at some point in his career ride off into the sunset and spend a couple years Oklahoma State I'm not counting that out I think it would be cool quite frankly. But no chance right now no change I mean he did but you get you've got you got is secure. Coaching situation there is is anywhere in the country probably go to info how good either be at KU next year if your Bill Self. You got all lot of openings you've got a lot of seniors that you've got to replace and I'm talking about key key players. At Iowa when I say seniors you got to particular but you've also you mean Josh Jackson buck coming back you've got a lot of openings big boy at the University of Kansas. Yeah you do and then they'll be just fine JT you're on the line what's up JT. All right I think we lost JT gets a call back we'll get it their all to you yet they're gonna lose guys but. Just jacksons are recruit they can get other guys to really quickly are you would they be at thirty and fourteen next year. Probably not. You know at some point you've got to retool and they retool every year they would have a big twelve titles. Have they won in a row and how many new players have come any contributed to that. I know I and I'm out just ask your question I don't wanna put you on the spot. But you love the panhandle of Texas I know you do behind it's it's a place that is special to you and it's a great place what great people. And yet let's say for instance I don't mean to put you on the spot but let's say the leading television station and I'm not sure which it is you've got it's the one I worked for when I left there you go but they call and say Jacob you know you've done so well in Wichita Kansas. We want you to come back and be our lead anchor we watched a goatee you're gonna be the most highly paid guy in the history of this television station and we watch you come back. It and you might think yourself. What an honor and I wanna consider what do you go or not to be a lot of considerations but don't think that that. Being home. Won't play into it being home won't play in to what. Maybe your wife says to you or your family says to the or your relatives back in the panhandle say to all I'm saying it and I'm not saying that that's gonna happen I don't mean to get in trouble with. With TW CH all I'm saying is that talented people have a way of attracting people like this. You'll one of these days have decision I'm convinced you. As Jacob ball rock why have these decisions to make because you're too talented not to ever have those opportunities and do what about your way all our that was simply. I would simply askew. Am I taking 60% pay cut to do that. Well that that is blizzard but if you're going to insult Bill Self. You're crazy because I'm talking about being paid more that he's being paid at the University of Kansas and Oklahoma State OK okay she's. Let me do that they want it do that let me think of another scenario all right wait the it not not to did just Alter we can have fun with this is it's not real I end and I don't mind. What's so let's say hometown calls and offers the same money that. And I was if I had my dream news job some and I don't even know what that is by the way OK dream news job somewhere okay. And it's the pinnacle and I'm doing all the things that I wanna do it and an M relevant in the ways that them. It's hard to say. Because one it's not realistic the money would never be the same that's not how it works. Now you say that which star state found a way to pay Gregg Marshall thinks it's in doctor C years so who knows that's right but but it's hard it's hard to say because. It's it's a quite doable right now for Bill Self to. I have as good a chance to win national titles as I will anywhere I'm not ready now again. Riding off into the sunset in Stillwater and going next year are two very different things there's no indication the Bill Self won't do anything the coach basketball for the next fifteen years. So I just. Could it happen yeah I think it would be really cool to see him coach for Oklahoma State before his career is over I think there's just so far away all the added there's no chance it happens right now especially. When the program is an utter disarray. Within that athletic director that's not willing to commit to the program right. So is so you know would cycle works for bad management back home for less money no way. Course I wouldn't want what it looked of their misery there's a price for everything ending home certainly. Certainly has a price tag. But when your Bill Self Paul you can fly private go to Stillwater anytime you want what now okay I've just and I'm saying it probably won't happen but it's raised its head before. And it made it's it's down the road though that's what I don't get about it like down the road. And I'm not to use his people always bring up Bill Self know what Oklahoma State's talked about. Down the road fine but now is not attack I don't know how they're gonna convince any good coach to go they are now. Because Brad Underwood just. Walked away but that is what's so. Crazy about this story to me. He was they just made the turn it they had a great turnaround they were via good players whether those players come back or not they showed they can get him. Eddie was like you know what this is so bad. And so we year dead arm just willing to just say. No I nothing that come out they that is got to be we've talked to Brad Underwood on the show I know. It if you know if you know if you get any vibe about a personality there and just ask anybody that knows what can duty is great. So for like everything about that tells me point that was Patten there and again I'll say it again. Shame on Oklahoma State from letting him go and giving it to the situation we got to take a quick break Paul will come back we continue that conversation. Were opened the rest of the way you wanna talk shock -- let's do it you wanna talk jayhawks let's do it you're talking state will certainly do that where they stand at all this speaking of Brad Underwood. We'll do it next on sports daily.