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Doug Gottlieb Show 4-14-17 Brandon Krisztal, Producer and Reporter for KOA News Radio in Denver

Apr 14, 2017|

On their memories of working together and what he makes of the latest Carmelo Anthony saga

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bring Kristol joins us from mom. What do you work now I don't even now on the. KOA news radio in Denver sports 760 daily these long time flagship of the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies were seven and four. All right cool I. You know the rules of passover like this this pepperoni pizza. That the crest this thing and it is not Levin did does not risen why is it not like can't include haven't. While it's been ish and I agree you're the guy would probably reach down and grab some New York Pete says he could and got to probably can't. It did bill is written in just a little bit in the oven wallets thinner than most peace and certainly better than pizza that I didn't Colorado you're about asserting. California again. It does qualify as Levin even if it's thin crust but I'm not the best person after Monday night on the first night of passover I went to the Rockies game and sent the first thrown out of Beers so. You know it got at issue with your meat nugget secondly because we cooked bacon cheeseburger. I didn't I didn't know you could have a murder that bacon cheese bankers told joining us he is individually singularly. And solely responsible. For my my my rise in spores being you realize that right. Yes but it's not something I hold over your head because he also gave me an opportunity to jump into local radio when I got a year without working after 9/11 so. I think we're. No we're probably square any help me get a job CBS trivia on the first personally CBS Sports Radio after the new network launch in New York. Gay connect it could actually sit idle and the capitalist. Okay so here's this storage. Adam I think nose straight diesel do you know the story doesn't know Stewart's dugout the show's CBS portrayed itself. This is in 2002. Right summer of 2002. I had played overseas. In Israel come back and played it. In the as it is very knows oblique videos Israeli inning comeback completing Phoenix in the ABA and then come from Phoenix to play in. Oklahoma City in the US feel for cream Abdul Jabbar was my head coach and I would play for the Oklahoma storm we play at the myriad downtown Oklahoma City. And then I would also do a mid day radio show. And I had filled in the occasionally. For the network and I just start to do this and that of full time but as the first Ellis or new radio full time. And I get a ring for my buddy brand now bread and I go back. Two golden west community college which is where I went when I left Notre Dame. A 21 journalism class there and it was a brand and we became friends. And we wrote for the school newspaper I did it denied you food I did I did like food previews and I did it because I get reimbursed so I get a free meal. I did pretty good previews and I did some national sports columnist for what did you do for that paper. I don't know of ever actually wrote for the paper and they did I guess I covered the spring football workouts are participating in every Tony Gonzales brother Chris was a member of our team. And the pilot was right before. Tony was a report to Kansas City after he had draft that he was hanging out and obviously you grew up with them but it was first time. I got to meet entity came in just to watch Chris and are sprinkled all practices. And asylum that you need to live down on the plaza in Kansas City and sure enough. I think personal career he lived right on the blog you need me to tell now but yeah I think I wrote about the football team that was part of but I didn't write very much but we were not class together and I end up transferring back university Kansas. Think we're whenever I drive from my hometown of Dallas to do Lawrence let's stop until water and a dollar short drive. Just that was fun to hang out with the EU and Angie in Stillwater and sit down. We we hang out we'd drink some beer whatever sell I get this call and Brandon calls me. And says like hey I'm at the X games he was working for golf he worked for Ike gulf world or golf weaker side. At that point I'd been unemployed for about nine months and that is at the F into my cousin who had won the expanded the roller blade or. Would you announce are savages they're kind of tagging along. And ask somebody stadiums in charge college basketball exit. Mean I can believe it would be and skier who run the X games. Just got put in charge college basketball like a week or two ago and I spent about four days guns hanging around Philly in about four days trying to track. Then steered down and I'm not lying about getting back on the train to go back to New York. I walked by the production office for like the fifth or sixth time. And Dan happen to be there and I say don't have got a buddy in Oklahoma City who played ball in Oklahoma State a drag it out where I tend to tell stories sort of like this once. I said named dugout knew Doug Gottlieb I tried calling for airport content that. Re getting radio station news is not complimentary of the. No well that's sports and I now I know I. You would just big time and they wouldn't get you in touch with them lighting color basketball Oklahoma State not really sure. But he said he tried to call the radio station three or four times and couldn't get old either the people that know you were because. Yet as to your bill and in the U want full time employee so he says he's basically given up on you because look. Right after Labor Day and is probably August 15 twentieth somewhere in there. It's after Labor Day haven't called me once we get done with this gets settled and then we'll see what we can work out and I believe the timing auto was. Labored over the Monday you called Tuesday they had yet they're. Thursday it audition and be a good job offer on Friday that how the timing of awards. That's that's about accurate I had to do the Indiana Purdue game from the previous year and the way you do it and a day audition is. You call the first half of the game gave reps who was my play by play and then you do a half time segment as if you're doing halftime of the game. And then they call you win they basically tell you like you they're gonna offer you job or not copy job when he offered me eight games in a doing twelve. And in order to make it work money wise to not go back overseas when I went back to that ranking being station that was run by guy named Larry misdeed I said look. I wanna stay here we wanna buy a house and he wants to work here we want to live here. And I can do these ESPN games but I can only do it if I get a full time radio gig. And so we offered me the mid day spot with mark Rogers by the way we still joins in the show still but mark has evolved you still doing the show would dusty Dvoracek. And down. And I said I needed acts and he said done and that was that was and then nine we are Brandon as my first radio producer. And we had Lamar Odom are on the and you look Lamar Odom Mon who was high as a kite buzz is back in nimble Lamar Odom clipper days right. Yeah he was probably in its second year with the clippers at this point based now it being my guess Fortier the clippers major port here. Yet there was no doubt that it and we get the Lamar has hit through drugs and appears to be queen I can probably get a oriented you know entry be happy to be thought of oh but when you get out there but yet I was. Probably the most memorable interview we've got Dan Wetzel on all the time but we're became the huge star that he is we I mean we have a lot of guys on. Yet Bill Self on every single week when he was coach at Illinois we tracked him down that that was the heat doesn't. Most amazing negative for free confused friend review and friends with John Brody in particular had assailed. There. OK so here's the question we Elena now tank. I have given Randy hates his nickname. And I but I can't think of a better nickname and maybe add something I'd now I need something slippery I've called in to weasel. The reason is as you point out the X games you were working for anybody yet somehow you backstage at the espy's K a backstage at the X games. I senior backstage at the espy's good idea of Alice at the final four in Dallas unimportant Dallas game. And I'm working the final four at I can't get a pass for my wife or my kids can't get extra pass. I go back in the turner green room and there's Charles Barkley there's Kenny Smith. There's all that bad and there's bring crystal I wanna know I've been backstage. A house of blues in Dallas for the Super Bowl and Tony Romo is there and Barkley is there and whomever else is there and I'm having a discussion and Tony Romo about. Wisconsin hoops and about. Why they can't win of the tablet doesn't and then you're like site telling me how do you do it. How do you do it. I think a better and they would be the chameleon you wanna blend in and act like you you belong or you get invited. By a but however you keen to can get invited so. You know I used to do radio show with Kenny and so it's kind of been a tradition at all. At times. Where he watches it skinny and miserable I'll I'll go to where he is still lots of file for and that just happened to be in Dallas in the green room. You have that you have an amazing amazing gift last thing. I believe you were in Denver at the end of Melo is a run in Denver I'm not alone in thinking like. Look we all know who Melo is. Doesn't play much defense doesn't move the ball and he's kind of a player from fort on Ara. Of of isolation. And and ego like I'm not crazy to think that feels actually right even if he's handled it wrong he's actually right this thing. The others don't saying he's wrong it's just not very. Very coups if he wants lure other free agent but now mellowed best defense to move when he was here in Denver I think I covered like six feet and actually. Five or six feet and what's the point in transition he instead they'd be glad they're back can he be pointing I mean you've put those guys before and Dick Evans at a point in just go. Al the guy make a play on the ball but he left here because he wanted to bigger market it was a bad move at the time to the team is better around them. The nuggets haven't been great but they've they're sort of figure out again and because law law wanted to be in new Yorker LA. Melo stuck it stuck it out with Serb forces and got a new York and and now he's kind of reaping what he sells. Iowa don't always tell a millennia and I'm so happy that you've got me in this business you've been. I'm more than a friend to me and I would I would worry about you but I know that the things that will survive the the nuclear holocaust or cockroaches. A twinkies and mumbling BK he'll be we just vine annually backstage whatever event I can finally finally into because you have that gift. Well I miss you Aaron Rodgers at the final four but I wish you. Look to be a little closer Ryan in Denver animal commit stock and included much later I think I am. After all the record for most zoning and try to beat the top of the list I've done a lot of zoning in the Broncos are relevant. No call the Guinness people to attack and that I think it's luck thanks so much for joining spreading crystal from when he KLA news radio in Denver Greg dagger that one ranked. I think that's what scaling news radio and then.