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Doug Gottlieb Show 4-14-17 Hour 2

Apr 14, 2017|

Carmelo Anthony l Brandon Krisztal, Producer and Reporter for KOA News Radio in Denver joins the show l Gregg Gottlieb, Doug’s Brother joins the show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What attitude godly heroes CBS sports Radio One more time on CBS's Bullard network. Everything must go. I have I or Friday Sunday and Sunday 855212. Fours CBS we have a Livni and great guests. The true story of ally and got into national. Sports. Radio. True story. Where I am in a long long story is a pretty story there's oppose story whatever. But or how I got nick calling Khaled bass thing how that its upcoming. What are my oldest friends in the radio business and the guy who was in my class in the only only journalism. Sort of class I ever took. Would you innocent fifteen. My brother. Brody gay got league's gonna join us forty after the hour lull I'll ask him about mellow. And Phil. I'll ask you about all these guys declaring and whether or not he thinks like this is a good idea. Including Tyler Dorsey gill and Brooks he goes Dorgan state those guys are organ helps them get up off the -- they had a year with just a massive amount of injuries. Like this really do guys really wanna be leave been silent agent to be second round trappings that really good idea while asking. Buster just. Let me sell me out on all the other things about my life that we we don't share. Two stories of the day which I think are that price three that it can't taken over. Marshawn Lynch is gimme back in the National Football League. And this is gonna be really interesting. Because he was hurt his last season with the Seahawks but was he heard or was he injured like Alan. You know. And L or was he just not good. And the things each you can you can retire from a lot of things and take a year off. Can you retired from running in the NFL. And come back and be as good or better like that. Strikes me as really really hard to believe it's possible to get really up in July Reid is loving about eleven of the shirt. No having them would would what do you that would. Margaret slapping your laughing Clouseau laughing glued nevertheless nothing's finding him what are you laughing about. But I would dilemma. These are hysterically love. Love being and it's a little this exerting but I would be on the joke. So our make up artist Margaret yes has some things in your office. And you started to clear out your office yes but she's gonna keepers things. But she doesn't know where she's putting them just become a squatter B squad to lead this stuff in the office the wind everything like if you want. Listen Margaret is and really she I I actually lived Margaret dream earlier today by going to FaceBook. And she's like I would if I said I would defaced a tenacious like congratulations I got a FaceBook everyday. I think now I went to the actual New York hub of FaceBook and get a FaceBook like Shaq anyway. I Margaret that's not yours like I bequeath it to you. It's yours. They can't take you out. You know bill writers gonna do good online show. Possession is nine pencil all right here that year. I mean like look it worked forward sooners of Oklahoma he has no it's sooners are you know this great land run. They were giving away a 160. Acres third that everybody. Right and still the sooners were the people who snuck out under cover of darkness. And slotted on land on like a good piece of land and then when they fired up the shotgun and down. And everybody gotten their buggies. And started writing that like they thirty seconds like a guy like. God I'd like big called shotgun but only for a 160 acres the best parcels of land in the state of Oklahoma during the land run. And the sooners that's when you could be. I heard that moving corporate down here that taken people's houses had thrown people out in the street. Possession is nine does look like built built there's gonna somebody's gonna come Monday and they're gonna go like. Well which we do this fight well while I should again make up to nearly candor that. You should take Tierney stuff and just throw it in there. I don't Saint John Jersey. Knowing that Florida helmet speaker valid thing that they gave me that we gave him. Boat in the I don't know who want that in their name but I want as far from possibly as Georgia guy just does have been there and keep your make up in there and make it look at the make of station. Make yourself irreplaceable. There's another problem we have is act ordering Peters he nattering Pete he is ordering pizza. I it is not a problem but Adam Clooney has selected. Judy isn't. This is amazing. So clue who's I am Jew fish like. My wife was describing Easter to my son and I was. Hole in the house. But listen I have to be a good partner. With my life and I have to say like. She's like this it would Christians believe is like Jesus. Died on the cross on Good Friday and then he rose. On Easter. And choose explain these gods and and and he turns me saying what do you believe data is like. That's not really the point K point is this is what Christians believe in you can choose to believe what ever you'd like to believe side I am trying to. But I I will admit like we are Jewish we don't do temple we believe we pray to god we have we practice some of the traditions. Kluge is far more Jewish. He doesn't keep Kosher. Do you do you is there anything you keep Kosher now okay. And yet passover. Is sacred like yesterday eyler pepperoni pizza to a bomb we had these kids that are in studio. They've I had an auction item. And their dads and their great of northern California now is like you know or pepperoni pizza a food never says no to pizza he had two pieces of crude. Gross cold pizza on Monday you had two pieces of pizza in South Carolina which has so what was happening on Monday wasn't as before sundown. It started after sundown Monday that's correct the idea and I just in now. So he would not eat pizza yesterday. Because of passover. Right. And I can needed today but but the they only go for drinks after the show I will be drinking beer. Because beer has yeast. If you can drink anything like a major altering vodka. And you outing but what vodka is made from what. Hopefully if you find the right ones grapes potato. Got a great putt for vodka made from grapes. What did you eat during passover and why can't she needed. Grains wheat. Brandi Italy UK much is made from grains as I leavened bread. It's on eleven it's eleven you're not. Would be like pizza New York pizza is flat he's seen it several so far off base on this. You just it's not lavender. Yes it is how is it love it and if you cut out the crust you're getting all flood pizza. It has been and another does not risen. Jesus is risen that pizza has not. As a combination of both religions right here you'll never hear anywhere else I needed Jewish ruling on aging injuring beer or be injuring vodka. But he. What I bought but Johnny locker teetering John order. I don't think so what does Johnny walker made from Scott trying the Scotch what does that got strayed from Scott's absence or ride in and try Ryanair right but it's not eleven. It hasn't risen. Does that mean rise double when he poured out view poured out Scotch on like a flood thing you stuck in the Evan would rise to load and operate whats you point out first and and you're watching on TV there's nothing on your TV I change shirts because I had a sweaty pit incident. That happened. Because that include who did you pointed out did you put out as soon as he shot or right after the signing his son or did you senior pre BC news forgot to tell me I reported artists and designers. Cadets have a friend die he salinity notices the notice of previous segment. You couldn't telling the middle the senate could change your personal site that's fair and that's what he did OK I went out in the break and he couldn't really see it on TV we went and looked. In the in the Margaret office when looked in. We we couldn't see it. But there was that the visit of a sweaty I don't and and was only one arm pit that was what he was really weird like I got. I rolled armpit there but just like you know I'd Al announced slipped this year I like that sure it makes me look like I'm like a lumberjack kind of thing. It's ahead lead. It's kind of warned its rugged. I look like I could just gotten off a boat or just got reformist construction site I look like they just moved heavy machinery. I know we know it you're laughing about. My advice is Margaret you place yourself in that office will make it look like it's a make up station that everybody knows. And that anybody who comes in like hell does that make up we can do anything tonight. Clued citing injury whatever you want drink you don't keep Kosher the rest he went valuing keep Kosher for passover. And while. Who whichever guy you're praying jail. I would look up Muslims on the scene it was that that's I know you can eat pepperoni for Muslim guest was the Jewish either but you know. Elastic and pepperoni who can say that a pepperoni pizza apparently include can. I don't understand the the people who are on team Nile. And I don't get it. But there is nothing now Billy is going to get. Torched. For what he said and I think it's a semantic. Argument I I think it is semantic argument. But this is what he said at his press conference. About Mel. I've never. Criticized federal never criticized federal. That's all supposition by papers or whatever speculation in my community people. Only the ball is not a criticism that's will be with us. That's pure fact. He went on to say you know and not get not being coach a bowl. Is is pure fact. It does sound like criticism doesn't mean is that like. He holds the ball and you being critical of his play. Could I. Could I make the point that what he's saying is it it might be critical analysis. Factual critical analysis but it's not just outright criticism. Do you know what do we know what the definition of criticism is. And I guess the question would be how is that not critic. Can you can you critically analyze and then this is semantic argument he critically analyze and not be and not be criticizing. Is that would pills trying to do there criticism is the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. Criticism is the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults. A literary artistic work like I actually think that is criticism. Oh what do you. This saying. I think what he's I think what bill means. What the it's John's will John's question is actually do his job but he Sean Spicer did do his job he'd say what Phil Jackson's trying to say is. He's judges being critical of the critical. The judges criticizing. Him to take shots that he simply analyzing his gaming simply pulling out the flaws in his game. And how they wanna kind of play around him how he wants karma owed to a ball. Is that fair. I think it is. Tell me here's another one on Carmelo. To all of you lured keen Carmelo and I think Carmelo is an immense count. But one is he better now when he was three years ago the answer is now. And in the new age of the NBA. In the new Ager the NBA. Tell me somebody who we don't want people to play like Melo do we. We don't want guys six posting up twelve feet from the basket or isolating and holding the Basilan going when someone who does that anymore. He is a star of a foregone Ara that's twenty years. He is a pay phone. He is a pay phone. He is a home run hitter with a low on base percentage. He is really he is a rough and tumble running back. Who can't block and can't get it out of the backfield. That's who he is he is a star of a foregone error and he's not even in his prime anymore. He's a dinosaur. Melo has responded on answer including reforming. Yeah I sure can it is really. With two laughing crying in the allergies. In a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio. What's that Leo DiCaprio explain Alan and I can't tell I think it's either catch me if you can or the aviator. Hard to tell the aviator was Leland the aviator. I never saw the aviators again. GS teenager and I trailer last year and I. While. Not an an idea. I was fired up like I would run into the theater if it was out today run into the theater. Yeah I do think that that like. I don't understand how he's trying to say he is not been critical while skating criticism as fact like. Is in that would criticism is I'm trying to help me out with the semantic argument that. The specially disapproval is someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. Maybe that's what he's saying. He's like these are not perceived faults these are false. To which I think is a very thin line. But I do think that he makes a point. And Carmelo is a ball stopper correct he doesn't play great defense correct. Ready crystals gonna Joe's upcoming next I believe he covered Carmelo in Denver. That's for this they all went wrong. And telling George Karl doesn't agree completely with Phil Jackson. A plus we'll talk about how I got in this business good story. Next the dugout that shall he gets portrayed him. And the play in the new podcast network featuring radio and TV personalities talking business sports tech entertainment and more quiet and plagued I didn't. This is the Doug Gottlieb should go to apparently in based upon tradition. People might fade escape digit weather forced built the pyramids. And even though passover is a holidays dugout shows CBS Sports Radio. Where. And a veto this at dinner you're supposed to sit as comfortably as possible right you're never supposed to be uncomfortable during passover because. And that's that the price that our ancestors paid. You get to reap the rewards. Apparently. The forty years in the desert that followed. The tortures conditions that led to them building the pyramids and in the escape from Egypt. And you can have a slice of pepperoni pizza glue I I disagree with that god would want you to have that pizza. That's it they're going like hey man if I can reach down and grab that pizza with god created pizza for me you. I'm just telling the I don't think Joe's CBS Sports Radio bring Kristol joins us from mom. What you work now I don't even now on the hour. KOA news radio in Denver sports 760 Caylee is the long time flagship of the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies were seven and four. All right cool. Do you know the rules of passover like this this pepperoni pizza. That the crust is thin it is not Levin did does not risen why is it not like can't include haven't. Well it's an issue and I agree to that god would probably reach down and grab some New York Pete says he could and got to probably can't. He it did Dell has risen just a little bit in the Evan Wallis thinner than most peace says and certainly better than pizza that I eaten Colorado you're about asserting California again. It does qualify as lead and even if it's thin crust but I'm not the best person after Monday night on the first night of passover I went to the Rockies game and sent the first thrown out of Beers so. You know it got an issue with you or me Doug secondly because we cooked bacon and cheese burger. I think I do know you could have a burger that bacon cheese bankers told joining us he is individually singularly. And solely responsible. For my my my rise in spores being you realize their own. Yes but it's not something I hold over your head because you also gave me an opportunity to jump into local radio when I got a year without working after nine elevenths so. I think you're. You were probably square and yummy good job CBS trivia I'm the first personally CBS Sports Radio after the new network launching New York. They connect it could actually say I don't know the capitalist. Okay so here's the storage. Adam I think nose straight diesel do you know the story doesn't know Stewart's dug out the show CBS portrayed itself. This is in 2002. Right summer of 2002. I had played overseas. In Israel come back and played it. In the as it is very knows I believe that he owes Israel like here in Lincoln Beckham played in Phoenix in the ABA and then come from Phoenix to play in. Oklahoma City in the US feel for cream Abdul Jabbar was my head coach and I would play for the Oklahoma storm we play at the myriad downtown Oklahoma City. And then I would also do a midday radio show. And I had filled in the occasionally. For the network and I just start to do this and then a full time but as the first Ellis or new radio full time. And I get a ring for my buddy brand now bread and I go back. Two golden west community college which is where I went when I left Notre Dame. A 21 journalism class there and it was a brand and we became friends. And we wrote for the school newspaper I did it denied you food I did I did like food previews and I did it because I get reimbursed so I get a free meal. I did pre approved previews and I did some national sports columnist for what did you do for that paper. I don't know clever actually wrote for the paper and if I did I guess I covered this spring football workouts are participating member Tony Gonzales brother Chris was a member of our team. And the pilot was right before. Tony was a report to Kansas City after he had draft he was hanging out and obviously you grew up with them but it was first time. I got to meet entity came into slots Crist in our spring football practices. And a column that you need to live down on the plaza in Kansas City and churn out. I think personal career he lived right on the blog you need me to tell now but yeah I think I wrote about the football team that was part of but I didn't write very much but we were in a class together and I end up. Transferring back university Kansas. Into her whenever I drive from my hometown of Dallas to do Laurence let's stop and Stillwater gonna put short drive. Just that was on the hang out with the EU and Angie in Stillwater and sit down. We we hang out we'd drink some beer whatever sell I get this call and Brandon calls me. And says like hey I'm at the X games he was working for golf he worked for like golf world or golf weaker side. At that point I'd been unemployed for about nine months and that just at the F into my cousin who had won the X into the roller blade or. Was he announced are savages they're kind of tagging along and have somebody stadiums in charge college basketball exit. You know completed would be and skier who runs the X games. Just got put in charge college basketball like a week or two ago and I spent about four days guns hanging around Philly in about four days trying to track. Dan steered down and I'm not lying about getting back on the train to go back to New York. I walked by the production office for like the fifth or sixth time. And Dan happened to be there and I'd say don't have got a buddy in Oklahoma City who played ball in Oklahoma State a drag it out where it can tell stories sort of like this once. I said named dugout knew Doug Gottlieb I tried calling for airport trying to bet we re getting radio station news is not complimentary of the. No well that's sports and I went out. No I think you would do as big guy and they wouldn't get you in touch with them like eating call about about Oklahoma State not really sure. But he said he tried to call the radio station three or four times and couldn't get old you the people that know you were because. Yet as to your bill and in the U want full time employee so he could give basically given up on you because. Right after Labor Day and is probably August 15 twentieth somewhere in there is after Labor Day cattle call mean once we get done with this gets settled. And and he will we can work out and I believe the timing on a was labored into the Monday you called Tuesday they had yep they're. Thursday it audition and debut job offer on Friday that the timing of it went. That's that's about accurate I had to do the Indiana Purdue game from the previous year and the way you do learned to audition is. You call the first half of the game gave reps who was my play by play and then you do a halftime segment as if you're doing halftime of the game. And then they call you win they basically tell you like you they're gonna offer you job or not copy job and he offered me eight games in a doing twelve. And in order to make it work money wise to not go back overseas when I went back to that ranking being stationed. That was run by guy named Larry misty and I said look I wanna stay here we wanna buy a house and he wants to work here we wanna live here. And I can do these ESPN games but I can only do it if I get a full time radio gig. And so we offered me the mid day spot with mark Rogers by the way we still joins in the show's still but mark has evolved you still doing the show would dusty Dvoracek and down. And I said I needed acts and he said done and that was that was and then nine we are Brandon as my first radio producer. And we had Lamar Odom are on the B and you look Lamar Odom on at one point who was high as a kite. Buzz is back in nimble Lamar Odom could produce right. Yeah he was probably in its second year with the clippers at this point based now it's been my guess Fortier to corporately third fourth here. Yet there was no doubt that and we get the Lamar has hit through drugs and it appears to be clean I can probably get him oriented you know entry be happy to be thought of but when you get out there but yet I was. Probably the most memorable interview we sent Dan Wetzel on all the time the board became the huge star that he is we have mean we have a lot of guys on. Did Bill Self on every single week when he was coach at Illinois we tracked him down that that was the heat doesn't. Most amazing negative for freak and he was friends with you and friends with John Brody in front of our had to say OJ gave. Yeah. OK so here's the question we all want it now and I have given Renny hates this nickname. And I but I can't think of a better nickname and maybe had something I'd now I need something slippery I've called in to weasel. The reason is as you point out the X games you were working for anybody yet somehow you backstage at the espy's gay a backstage at the X games. I senior backstage at the espy's good idea of Alice at the final four in Dallas on foreign downs today. And I'm working the final four at I can't get a pass for my wife or Mike did he get an extra pass. I go back in the turner green room and there's Charles Barkley there's Kenny Smith. There's all good bit and there's bring Kristall I wanna know I've been backstage. A house of blues in Dallas for the Super Bowl and Tony Romo is there and Barkley is there and whomever else is there and I'm having a discussion would Tony Romo about. Wisconsin hoops and about. Why they can't win of the tablet doesn't and then you're like site telling me how do you do it. How do you do it. I think a better ending it would be the chameleon you wanna blend in and act like you that you belong or you get invited. By day but however you can mean two can get invited so. You know you can do radio show with Kenny and so it's kind of been a tradition at all. At times. Where he wanted to get his miserable I'll I'll go to where he is still lots of file for and that's just happen to be in Dallas in the green room. You have that you have an amazing amazing gift last thing. I believe you were in Denver at the end of Melo is run in Denver I'm not alone in thinking like. Look we all know who Melo is. Doesn't play much defense doesn't move the ball and he's kind of a player from Ford on era of isolation. And and ego like I'm not crazy to think that feels actually right even if he's handled it wrong he's actually right this thing. The others don't saying he's wrong it's just not very. Very true if he wants lure other freeagent but now knows best defense to move when he was here in Denver recovered like six feet and actually. Five or six seasons what's the point in transition and instead they'd be glad they're back and be pointing out I think you've put those guys before. And Dick Evans data pointing to scope out the guy make a play on the ball but. He left here because he wanted to bigger market it was a bad move at the time to the team is better around him. The nuggets haven't been great but they've they start to figure out again and because law law wanted to be in New York or LA mellow stuck it stuck it out with Serb forces and got a new York and and now he's kind of reaping what he sells. Iowa don't always tell a millennia and I'm so happy that you've got me in this business you've been. I'm more than a friend to me and I would I would worry about you but I know that the things that will survive the the nuclear holocaust or cockroaches. A twinkies and my boy BK he'll be we just buying annually backstage whatever event I can finally finally into because you have that gift. Well I missed you and Aaron Rodgers at the final four but I wish you. Look to be a little closer Wyman Denver animal in this stock and included much bigger I think I am. After all the record for most zoning and try to be atop the list I've done a lot of zoning in these Broncos were relevant. No call the Guinness people to a second that I think luck thanks so much for joining spreading Kristall from when he KLA news radio in Denver Greg dagger that one ranked. I think that's what KOA news radio in them. Pete was outstanding act I can't think you know we've we've you know we got your your pepperoni I know I I know you shelled out the exits like ten bucks. For pepperoni F five each pizza due to byes I got to buy the one pepperoni. To Doug pot. I appreciate so much liquidity we figure if I can really get the holiday kids what to chocolate combine to cookies for the holiday Kazmir for an hour. And they were die and it windows Anita came back and they're just sit there there'd come and it. Commend the themes and any beat goes across the street runs across streak he's doing like this duty and local update duty and he buys and cookies acts the best. He gets heated same thing from my kids I would have done anything government and they got a good birthday today adding that the minute not many happy returns abs absolutely nothing sky Brooks upcoming. Upcoming next hour there has been. A written he keyless number of college players. Leaving early that aren't perceived as the lottery picks going to the NBA draft. What does that mean put college basketball posting rate for the NBA playoffs a guy who's been in covered in place guys can you be my brother. Is gonna join us upcoming next skis the Doug Gottlieb should go early show CBS Sports Radio. We'll. I just take you pieces include pizza. The caiso. I pose this question Adam. During a normal weekday. You like pepperoni pizza right. Of course who doesn't ever repeats it is not Kosher cracked I don't keep pressure on time keeping Kosher. We keeping Kosher is is there's like a couple times he arrived really observe the Jewish religion this is one of them. Selected Judy is of interest in. Not everyone goes to church every single week no I got it again why is it why is this night unlike any other night live by passover. And I'm asking them are on as an honest question pretty much because that's the way it's always been done it's one of those holidays which is weird because that's the opposite. Bomb pretty much LaMont yeah. Yeah did you get another way do you need to. Can. A this. Yeah it's the opposite of your monster is like it's stupid to do something because that's how it's always been done. And yet you abide by these are lousy year olds like that's really what I. When I hit my kids with when they're trying to decide like to be the Christian they knew he would do his thing like I don't really want to pressure him but the pressure do you put on Blake Taylor. He's in the much older relief there around much longer. But I got Korea this really. Really Alia. Ali yeah. I'm we got a bunch of topics of the day I wanna thrown up mine my brother who's assisting coach your organs they would try not get him fired. Who went on but believes we have a lot of other things we need talk about gray Gottlieb joins us now on CBS Sports Radio how aria. Great great honor there's one that we can talk about what beaver. Is also a pair. Nobody ate until. But yet it's a good cup it's a good topic it rehab but really not for national radio I just I hate to be that like the rules of national radio Greg our. Don't talk about the obvious you wanna talk about Todd about what people want tot. Yang who would would they wanna know about his. Phil Jackson came out they met effect I'll play you the sound. Tank and they don't want your reaction you both pieces sound first here's Phil Jackson on the relationship that appears to be ending with Carmelo. We've not been able to win with a month courted this time and I think that direction with our team. Is that he is a player that. Will be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere or he can 300 chase for the championship. Credo we need players that are really active to play every single play. Defensively and offensively. That's really important for us. We start to get some players on the floor that can do that. And you know that's a direction we have to go. That's still will be determined. Still have a long ways to go on that. We like the year basketball coach your basketball guy grew up in this thing what do you think of Phil Jackson openly saying hey look we're not winning with them. That there's some issues there and so we're better off he goes elsewhere. Club without being politically correct I guess I would I would say is. He type thing and a lot of people New York fans are thinking I gotta gotta be something different because what they're doing them a market. That's my first I'd be my first. Saying you know I met sometimes. You know you make it a big change like that and it give you a boost I thought they you know about the the trailblazers Tibetan single work a little bit for them. Ellen they didn't have Wendy and have LaMarcus Aldridge are people want Doug stories. What's your what's your goat which are go to story. What is my go to his story well I was just telling everybody how I last time I remember wishing you happy birthday. I would love to read remind everybody how you repeated the eighth grade. That was the bet ten years your life. I don't think that's my favorite birthday meant much for their birthday was we were in. In between when dad went dead memorial event in New York yeah talking about Iowa and New York. Tell me the story as you remember. Well a story I remembered where we relive and in my grandparents' house. In new York and we are actually ironically they are real but in the same room and manufactured that. And you've got up on your birthday early in the morning. In and like it's like every kid at that age I don't know how old you know check yet. Okay and you are super fired up. You know and you got up early in the morning you read and that our bedroom and you're jumping on the bed. If you're so excited about your -- old one book out and he would. So mad if you look him up and he told you grounded. And he was really pick up and you said but added my birthday. And remember this story. Then the birthday eighth grade I love you just talking of the fact that you love to read as in the united. Undermining how I wish you were the mob. That everybody called and asked everybody idiot and the close call and wish you happy birthday. And everybody was giving you glowing. Growing you know. Sentimental remark. That I happy birthday we love you we refute that Heather and I told everybody. And I called Internet today god. Remember those two years you locate. These retarded now is. It. Not a backhanded compliment yes I I I got it again this at the my brother Greg joining us on on CBS Sports Radio. OK so. Not move and only your up and organ that means I now we added we're like forced to come visit my dad brought the kids to come visit. We don't mountain biking when we do we come to be when we come to Corvallis. Well he absolutely taking mountain biking although I'm a little afraid for you not them all. Bad child that an idea and let alone all involving a ball. So. I think we'll start off with some simple maybe a little water sport activity maybe take you try. We get we gotta get behavior in that basketball camp. Yeah I know the girls love to ride horses so there's plenty of places to ride out here. And and we got to take you out to the coast decent guidance and real. I remember there was this there was there was an incident that I recall in my nightmares. About as David and Michael Brown's house. And swimming in the pool and losing my swim trunks. Your memories probably and it's one of those ones to which I've brought over to the trash folder. And put in the trash and then empty the trash folder mentally in my mind do you remember that wouldn't win how to how my pants and up on the rip shorts and up on the roof. Well I think that some people forget is that we're four years apart in. And the older brother are set to take you around to a lot of places so earnest expeditionary lurid brown supplement who'll. Naturally we started picking on the underlying. So I think we I think you're in the pool we can't give this a year in the pool in and I think there were some saying it got in a compared to do and we threw it up on the that you years he showed up on the roof there. He had to go get them of course he didn't do that it you're clinging to the Cite Soleil until I don't know how long I don't remember how he got thrown behind us. There's also the story you've got. You got new fights. In high school I I'm gonna say was you junior or senior year my brother Greg a joint meets dugout to show CBS Sports Radio he played el Medina high school. There are travel weather arrivals as bill park high school Aaron Boone went there I think Aron was playing in the game you've got new fight when your first league game trying. OK so then you're. So then but you can get suspended. Tommy hassle your buddy got suspended by an ad that's what I remember having does he came to defend your honor because you were the best player. And he got caught throwing a punch so he gets suspended for the next games and accurate. Yeah we were planned Villa Park that you said in an arrival in that they've had since then they've they've beaten on the have a really good about our program and at that time. We're very good their thing was trying to pick on the best player on other teams you Dicky Dicky kind of rattled maybe get you thrown out of the game. And if there was a screen away from the ball what was happening. And and believe that I was not there on offense. And then a guy kept me and so I turn around and punched him and we were fighting. And you said Tommy came to my site came in my defense but right as the fight it happened and I am running out one punch in and one of the since the principles pulled me out of that group. Pulled me up to this side and then though it I was on the titans and yet he's only got thrown out. And couldn't play like you said in the next. OK apart so here's what you don't know tank so I was there I they called me go for my nickname is gopher you Iraq and I was golfer. And I had to go for editing out the bubbly for football ball boy for bass like to shoot at halftime. So Tommy tells me like hay ride with me to the game so anything gained he's suspended force I go to his house. And I'm like thirteen years old and he. Puts down a shot glass and his parents that are around he pushed me glass and Jim beam and he's like drink it now is like the time in thirteen years old. Jay get. As my first drinkable liquor rose thirteen years old and it was only because Tommy Hanson was defending your honor and I had to write it into the game you know let. That sounds about like Tommy. Won an all time best guys so great guy I don't know that was a great influence them and believable it. Heck of the guys. But that way and LA are moderate to remind me if for any you guys are. You move back Orange County in the one thing that Doug will not be invited to do that aren't Japanese poker. And and that probably hasn't told this story believe we used to play poker all the time in this is that we've reclaimed poker chips he put money in the table are going to highlight. You know and high school and have a lot of money term plan like I'm the go order whatever dollar. But Douglas that would put money in and as he put money and eat it uses and take side money out and he got caught by Tom has dad. Dylan money out the product and now back it up. But nonetheless I think you're persona non Grata after that. That's true that's why I guess I'm my own poker game when I go back I can't wait to see you out on the West Coast may be on the recruiting trail in the beavers it's more players should be is. Ducks losing all their players the NBA lasting warriors or cavs Colin now we eat in would you take. The matchup in the finals. Let us get lower your time appreciate men love you talk to Seneca. Our man grad that's my brother Greg my Big Brother my big Brody. The best dressed of the galleries. Most buttoned up and legalities. I've been in 21 consecutive times in ping pong last coming play be me he hasn't put me since. I beat him 32 consecutive times in one on one last time he play and he beat me and played in since Big Brother knowledge for. Scott Brooks who was like both of our Big Brother gone up well thought about his wizards' next in the dugout we shall CBS Sports Radio.