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Doug Gottlieb Show 4-14-17 Scott Brooks, Washington Wizards Head Coach

Apr 14, 2017|

On what it was like to coach Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden in Oklahoma City, and his expectations for the Wizards' first round matchup against the Hawks

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People inside the league think hey you know the team in the east that might police pose the greatest threat to the cabs. Maybe to the Celtics before the cavs. It's the Washington Wizards. They have to burgeoning superstars. And have a nice look at a team around him and by the way they're coaches being new and NBA finals before he's got Brooks he joins us. On CBS Sports Radio Scotty are you. On good Doug are you doing my band. Get men we've known each other a long time first I wanna. Thank you for some of things you did for me. Go back couple weeks ago in regards the Oklahoma State the game some great advice. I need some incredible phone calls for me it it just that you're true friend to mean I really appreciate it. You're so welcome. That's her neck calling by the way you'll be ahead coats. And it kind of surprised me that you did become the head coach your alma mater what a great opportunity misspelled but you know which have success. No no doubt about it. I said that I don't know who I think I would probably pick hardened because they think he's risen the level of his teammates they won more games. But the more I talk in BA players read itself on Twitter I just I feel like the players think it's Westbrook what do you think the players think. I think the players they get what brought. No no disrespect for art obviously there's about 45 guys that very very. But preserving that on her it obviously. Compass. Individual award you can get but rough so what is that that as a point guard it. Lead that he most sports and not be around for a lot of years like to see who we really years as a person and then. They have done the same thing with James in their bowl are higher high level matters to me if there's ever a year that they're the vehicle. MVP this is probably the year but you know it that doesn't happen never happened before Russell to the other two players look. Average a triple double 42 triple double the year from a point guard spot. It is just the mind boggling that he's able to do it night in night out and also leader teacher successful run. When you are the coach of all three and you went to the NBA finals. Could you have for seen this in anyway not that you would not have one. But have three potential. Future NBA MVPs. On that team. Blow hard I knew I knew Katy and Russell had a chance to be that type of player Hilltop by the newly. New games had a chance to beat top you know ten or fifteen. Probably more so and because. He had he had just been neck and the thing I love about James said he had. Just eighteen winning spirit he wanted to come off the bench. And obviously played starter minutes I think you know respect 32 minutes to gain so what they're really euros or six starter. But I knew he worked hard he wasn't a great defender early on but he came in and work toward the end of been assault the sender. But his play making his shot making his leadership. You knew that he had a chance to beat top candidate yet him a lot of credit what they're staff. That they put amid a position to be one of the best players in Italy quite an accomplishment. I I wanna talk about your team like I can't you you've kind of softened around this answer or not. I mean like the end of the day was it really pay we re signed a bucket we can't keep all of them and so Harden had to beat again it goes it is it is it too simple to look at that way. Now I'm I don't look at that way in the indeed if you can sign a law it's your choice you can start whoever you wanna sign it sir your own your own guys that. We chose they're not do it and obviously it was a difficult decision that. Our general manager and that he made in you know let the coach you'd you'd you'd deal looks at. We have a law you know we're the youngest in the get the NBA finals. To be pretty incredible to have that seem to get there now that 27 years old is basically group we have more work to the finals were played it yet. Point 728 year old players in LeBron Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and then we were all basically 21 years old so it. Experience. You know it can do about it now we had a good run. We could have had a great run but you know it's things happen for a reason blue ball moved on and I'm real proud of our middle guys except Kevin dirty tricks they can dangers obviously you know MVP candidate Russell obviously the same way. I'm not sure you have like. Auto porter's improve but he's not to that level marquee Morse has done wonders under you but not to that level but it feels like deal and wall. But that's a lot to put on both of their shoulders but. Wall has that that that type of spending and speed. That no one else knew of mine you know may be Westbrook is the only other guy that has and deals got an incredible ability to both shoot and score. Am I crazy think there's a little bit of what you had in Oklahoma City. Then and what you have in DC now. Yeah you know what I mean it's just the athlete. More than that than not I think you know we have that edge. And that's the thing that I hit a mired players like players that haven't had to like players that leader of the on the floor I like players that. No but they're not worried about what other people are thinking they're gonna do whatever it takes the weapon jobs. Has that edge and he has the speed yet the determination the toughness than Brad is the same thing he's at the top injuries are starting his career. But he never let that. Beer. Fact. Are going forward and this year he told a lot of talk that. He has improved he's averaging 23 he's unfortunately he didn't make all searching but he's been at all our players are here. Scott Brooks Sunnis in the dugout in show on CBS Sports Radio. Atlanta hasn't had a ton of success in the playoffs but they are that. An experienced team right and they do have a style to which they can play big they can place mole as well obviously different this year with the white. Tell me about that match up and how the what the type of challenge it presents for you guys. Well they have great experience they've been in the playoffs for a lot of years and rolled out. You know they're they're tough they got matchups that you have to really pay close attention to milk there's. One of the most consistent players in this league is like every night. You don't on the court you can almost did on eighteen and a and then the Howard you know he can have a monster game. Part of way that it is very entry in our guys really gives them and their stuff autocratic and he know no one really thought much about him last season. But he came on and caddies have a terrific year break out year on top of that the last couple months just then like eighteen and nineteen point two games very consistent. And then Schroeder is quick and as tough as any guard in the league and he's having to break out year yield admitted decision. And you know he's really stepped up and played well this are these. You guys went through a stretch tree went out west towards the end the season and it felt like maybe your bumping into your ceiling where you lost that three games clippers jazz warriors those are all kind of legit playoff to like what. What do you see as does the ceiling to this team. Well you know that was one of our top to strips you know we knew that no we have. Cleveland the start that trip off on the road and then the lakers in the those three top playoff atmosphere games on the road and there are all. Desperate to win games except state you know they're they had they had a lead at that time due to the more seat. But there were gonna give us to get escorted the playoffs we're gonna have a lot of road games are gonna have to play well understood also bar met. I feel good about marquis I'm excited that this does seem like are excited we are seeing in the playoffs. Were hungry. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna play hard we're gonna play together. You know that he knows is that hopefully some of the plays in Norway but it's going to be to get tough series the land as there are reports that either for the full seat words. No that's called you can get has received. You know it's it's dangerous team because. I remember I went to the playoffs when you guys lost the lakers. Ominous scene six was at the first thing put the lakers have played out with him. Fixed targets all at the last second to end up for. After make Kobe in about a Kobe Bryant missed the base charge shots yeah so I was you know what that was probably one of the greatest losses I've ever been negotiated with the great bands oak or there's. It was almost like I wanted to get out in the middle of court and get them microphone in my hand that you guys can leave you out in twenty minutes up curious on we just lost. But it was it really. Progressive that barb I love Oklahoma City I love that what they're band were about but it was it was quite an experience to be your first playoff. In a young young super young team I mean Kevin argument that he knew it was like aired the job just make them watch this wash its space in the morning so yelled. But I didn't do what those fans that deck game sixes in. Credible so I I bring it up because I came back from that I did radio the next day. Scott Brooks our guest in the dugout and show on CBS portray a did raise the next day and I said like look it might not be next year might be the volume but that's a team that's gonna be a problem. For up for a long time is that really maybe the goal of this year's wizards in my book. Won't care if things went right. Could she could you get to the finals like he could. But isn't kind of the goal to have that type of impact where you put the NBA on notice that like walls figured out deals figured out. Otto Porter figured out mark he's bigger now like. We may not winner get there this year. But as the bronze begins to age like we're gonna be a problem for a long time is that is that kind of the goal of everybody else in the east. I think I think so I mean the brunt what is I mean ever meet I think he gets. A lot of credit he deserves it but what did he really like think about it six times in a role. To the NBA finals. That is so many emotional ups and downs and physical games and tough gains in credible world and been tough losses in the bill to do that. The minute ticked off in the go through once there is a little too little freedom to work what an insecure girl. But we feel that we have a nice nucleus here that we can go on bikes law where we don't wanna win. You know dear winning team this year get to play out in the next year ago. Go back or not we wanna be delicate status saying the same district and the bit you do that would have a good young players that are committed to getting better every year. Barkley your boy I'm Barkley always had your back when you play with them. But you gotta tell like he killed these guys for taking games off was keeping games off. Barkley you know what I don't know Pete gave up we took some plays golf yeah. You know that. 6465. Let's see them grabbed 25 rebounds to score forty points that's see him pick the ball from coast to coast. As fast as any guard that please what an incredible talent just a good person I love the guy I think what he's done as a player. And what he does off they're off to court when I played with someone just incredible. The gem. Hey Millicent the wish you the best of luck. In the upcoming playoffs and I look forward to seeing in socal in the summer. All right Doug did talk and you now get us there.