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Doug Gottlieb Show 4-14-17 Hour 3

Apr 14, 2017|

Scott Brooks, Washington Wizards Head Coach joins the show l Doug's Thank You's

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Why does not go early show CBS Sports Radio coming given the O'Reilly auto parts studio Ole Riley auto parts better parts. But prices every single day. Can't Richard popped into the studio. She's just awesome office manager runs all the things here and CBS sports radio and for CBS radio. On the sports side and 660 AM with final out of the dugout league shell. I've been asked repeatedly not to talk about where I'm going pretty well publicized you can Google you can figure it out. I will hope you'll find my new show. I know they're gonna have a good show here hopefully we'll do some some better stuff there you know. Competition and you get a different place. It's also available on different platforms there that hades here. So some of it is not actually competition. In team in the truest sense of the tigers to stores right next to each other right. But as I told you guys earlier in the week. Please don't perceive this says. It's I didn't like something about CBS Sports Radio nothing of account. I was given a platform they grew the platform put it on TV that was awesome. Any time I would have. Some sort of day which I was feeling sorry for myself about a man I wish our show was on this station for on this platform whatever. I had that my back my and I heeded you got a radio show on TV is like five people and national radio on earth that have that. And I am appreciate about. We started off with very different ideas for how to do it and we met sort of closed the middle closed demise side. But the one thing we've always prided ourselves on is. Bring nine great guests asking them the tough questions talking about the company's today and that won't change. They'll never change. And I am so fired up about the end game plan. So fired up. Al radio lied hillbilly hear me for a week TV wise you bill Simi next week will be talking about the NBA playoffs and one of the teams. That there's things that happen outside the league. Like the actors on TV the Talking Heads on TV talk about but inside the league it's far different it really really is. I I think Russell Westbrook the MVP not because I think it but it's people inside the league like the players think that's the guy. People inside the league think hey you know the team in the east that Mike pulleys pose the greatest threat to the cavs. Maybe to the Celtics before the cavs. It's the Washington Wizards. They have to burgeoning superstars. And have a nice look at a team around him and by the way they're coaches being new and NBA finals before he's got Brooks he joins us. On CBS Sports Radio Scotty are you. I'm good Doug are you doing my van. Get men we've known each other a long time first I wanna. Thank you for some of the things you did for me. Gold back a couple weeks ago in regards the Oklahoma State the game some great advice I need some incredible phone calls for me it it just that you're true friend to me and I really appreciate it. You're so welcome. That's her next call and by the way you'll be ahead coats. It's kind of surprised me that you did become the head coach your alma mater what a great opportunity misspelled but you know wish them except. No no doubt about it. I said that I don't know who I think I would probably pick hardened because they think he's risen the level of his teammates they won more games. But the more I talk NBA players read that stuff on Twitter I just I feel like the players think it's Westbrook what do you think the players think. I think the players they get Westbrook. No no disrespect for art obviously there's about 45 guys that very very. And preserving that honor if so obviously. Compass. Individual award you can get what rough so what is that but as a point guard it. Lead that he most sports and up to be around for a lot of years like it's The Who we really years as a person and and I've done the same thing with James in their bowl. MVP this is probably the year but you know it that doesn't happen never happened before Russell to me I think the players will average a triple double. 42 triple double the year from a point guard spot. It is just the mind boggling that he's able to do that night and night out and also leader teacher except for a. When you're the coach of all three you went to the NBA finals. Could you have for seen this in anyway not that you would not have one. But have three potential. Future NBA MVPs. On that team. Blow hard I knew I knew Katy and Russell had a chance to be that type of player Hilltop by the newly. I knew James had a chance to beat top you know ten or fifteen. Probably more so pin because. He had he had just been neck and the thing I love about James that he had. Just eighteen winning spirit he wanted to come off the bench. And obviously played starter minutes I think we have respect 32 minutes a game so what they're really euros or six starter. But I knew he worked hard he wasn't a great defender early on but he came in and work toward the end of been assault the sender. But display making his shot making his leadership. You knew that he had a chance to be top ten did give him a lot of credit what they're staff. That they put amid a position to be one of the best players generally quite an accomplishment. I I wanna talk about your team like I can't you you've kind of softened around this answer or not. I mean like the end of the day was it really pay we re signed a bucket we can't keep all of them and so Harden had to meet again it goes it is it is it too simple to look at that way. Now I'm I don't look at that way in the that he could you inside a mall it's your choice you are whoever you wanna start the third or your own guys that. We chose not do it and obviously it was a difficult decision that. Our general manager and that he made in you know let the coach you'd you'd you do sit. We have a ball you know we're the youngest in the get the NBA finals. Would be pretty incredible to have that means to get there now that 27 years old is basically group we mourn what could finals we're playing it yet. Point 728 year old players in LeBron Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and then we were all basically 21 years old so it. Experience. You know it can do about it now we had a good run. We could had a great run but you know it's things happen for a reason and we ball moved on and I'm real proud of our middle guys except cap on during trips they can dangers obviously you know MVP candidate and Russell obviously the same way. I'm not sure you have like auto porter's improve but he's not to that level. Marquis Morse has done wonders under you but not to that level but it feels like deal and wall. But that's a lot to put on both of their shoulders but. Wall has that that that type of end and speed. That no one else knew of mine you know may be Westbrook is the only other guy that has and deals got an incredible ability to both shoot and score. Am I crazy think there's a little bit of what you had in Oklahoma City. Then and what you have in DC now. Yeah you know what I mean it's it's not only more than that than not I think we have that edge. And that's the thing that I hit a modern player I like players that haven't had to like players that leader beyond what I like players that. You know what they're not worried about what other people are thinking they're gonna do whatever it takes the weapon John. Has that edge and he has the speedier the determination the toughness than Brad is the same thing he set the top injuries start our news career. But he never let that. Dear. Factor going forward and this year he's sold a lot of toughness. He has improved he's averaging 23 he's unfortunately he didn't make all searching but he's been an all star player that our year. Scott Brooks Sunnis in the dugout in show on CBS Sports Radio. Atlanta hasn't had a ton of success in the playoffs but they are that. Experienced team right and they do have a style to which they can play big they can place mole is well obviously different this year with the white. Tell me about that match up and how the what the type of challenge it presents for you guys. Well they have great experience they've been in the playoff for a lot of years and rolled out. You know they're they're tough they got matchups that you have to really pay close attention to milk that there's. One of the most consistent player in this league it's like every night. He jumped on the court you can almost hit on eighteen and a and then there Howard you know he could have the monster game it's. Hardaway that it is very intriguing that guy is really determine their stuff autocratic and he'd go no one really thought much about him last season. But he came on and how he's having a terrific year break out year. On top of that the last couple months just then like eighteen and nineteen point two games very consistent and then. Schroeder is that as quick as tough as any guard in the league and he's having to break out year deal that made its decision. And you know he's really stepped up and played well that our state. You guys went through a stretch we went out west towards the end of the season and it felt like maybe your company and your ceiling where you lost that three games clippers jazz warriors those are all kind of legit playoff to what what. What do you see as does the ceiling to this team. Well you know that was one of our talk to strips you know we knew that no we have. Cleaver in the start that trip off on the road and then the lakers in the those three top playoff atmosphere games on the road and there are all. Desperate to win games except to say you know there they had they had a lead at that time is the more seat. But there were gonna give us to get escorted the playoffs we gonna have a lot of road games they're gonna have to play won't consider the offer bombardments. I feel good about marquis I'm excited that this is the American bar excited we are seeing in the playoffs. Were hungry. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna play hard we're gonna play together. Think he knows is that hopefully some of the plays and go our way but it's going to be a bit tough series the land as there are reports that he Wear the full seat worst. No that is quote that you can get it receive. You know it's it's dangerous team because. I remember I went to the playoffs and you guys lost the lakers. Ominous scene six was it the first thing put the lakers have played around him. Fixed target saw at the last second to Ben after. After you make over in about a Kobe Bryant missed the base sergeant shot yeah so I was you know what that was probably one of the greatest losses I've ever been associated with the great bands oak or it. It was almost like I wanted to get out in the middle to court and get the microphone in my hands that you guys and leave me out in twenty minutes up curious on we just locked. But it would that really progressive that are now love Oklahoma City I love that. What their fans were about but it was it was quite an experience to be your first playoff. Being a young young super young Q I mean Kevin argument that he knew it was like aired the job just make them want to squash this space in the morning so yelled. But that they look those fans that big game six was incredible. So I I bring it up because I came back from that I did radio the next day. Scott Brooks our guest in the dugout and show on CBS portray a did raise the next day and I said like look it might not be next year might be the volume but that's a team that's gonna be a problem. For up for a long time is that really maybe the goal of this year's wizard similar look. Don't care if things went right could he could you get to the files like it could. But isn't kind of the goal to have that type of impact where you put the NBA on notice that like walls figured out deals figured out. Otto Porter figured out mark he's bigger now like. We may not winner gets here this year. But as LeBron begins to age like we're gonna be a problem for a long time is that is that kind of the goal of everybody else in the east. I think I think so I mean the bronze what is I mean ever meet I think he gets. A lot of credit he deserved it but what if he really like think about a six iron literally roll to the NBA finals. That is so many emotional ups and downs and physical games and cuffed gains in credible Wilkinson cup losses have been built to do that. I'm an epic balked in the go through one period a little too little freedom to work what an insecure girl. But we feel that we have a nice nucleus here that we can go or vice law where we don't wanna win. You know via winning team this year get to the playoffs in the next year ago. Go back or not we wanna deal with this as saying the same district a little bit did you that would have a good young players that are committed to getting better every year. Barkley your boy I'm Barkley always had your back when you play with them. But you gotta tell like he kills these guys for taking games off was he taking games off. Barkley yeah no I don't know Pete who gave up we took some plays off yeah. You know that. 6465. Let's see them grabbed 25 rebounds a team scored forty points that's seen him picked the ball from coast to coast. That's after they regard as Lee's won an incredible talent just a good person I love the guys think what he's done as a player. And what he does doctor off the court when I played let's someone's just incredible. Then he's gem. Hey Millicent the wish you the best of luck. In the upcoming playoffs and I look forward to seeing in so cal in the summer. All right Doug did talk to you now it's just there. I'm pleasure is mine Scott Brooks joining us my dad drafted him. Into the international basketball association. Tree story. He was his first pick was a six foot four under pro league. And Scotty Brooks of UC Irvine was his first day he obviously didn't go and play in the IBA UN play in the NBA for a I think thirteen years. And I go to the thunder and Dan and as he stated before like. He's said before in the shell and he just said there without saying it. That was the general manager and the owners gives idea to trade away James Harden could have signed them ball. They measured thirty for thirty Sunderland thirty for thirty's on John cal Perry recruiting like I don't care I junk Albers a great recruiter got it. How about how does Oklahoma City had James Harden Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant. And their. And two of them are gone and no word like hey you know like Sampras he's good but like he had. Had 3M VP someone roster and they decided Kidd trade away ardent for Kevin Martin. And stay with her about an animal. My getting here in the dugout they showed that Mike. Hey what the dugout don't you. A pretty good man honored to be here 01 that may sound like a mere moments but bring it back here but out. So that a lot dementia and we're celebrating. I hear you're good long run air with the crew. Was. 2014. Win now me and shell on the smacked off. They're at the moment does beg to made bad individually but more so kind of underrated. Part of that was. When you lead in the air show talking about it because they're the jets have. And and you mentioned how. There was say in your car radio. You know which obviously is not the biggest compliment and you know once and cool cash and prizes also went smack off thereby. By the most important thing the main way is here and that the mucus. You know a good regulators could you play on every day and so while it's you know how much that meant to me and I appreciate it. All the shows and all it takes then the way you keep it real direct clue cops on acute surreal to go back and forth between you guys. That's what really appreciate it and yeah I just want to let you know ourselves on that. Also allow what do mentioned. With the basketball Diego bummed to hear you didn't get that but I do think that be your time will come and I'm pretty pumped for all of those so officially I was hoping you'd be sticking around already a little longer just it makes my day a little better. I know that out once you get back coaching gig. Things kind of clamp down on the real nest on Twitter and whoever else and so. I guess we appreciate your take south they're keeping it real and and put it all out there the way you do but I'm definitely gonna be room for you when you get to that point. And not only luck Beirut for you but I'm probably gonna enroll in the schools if I can walk on. Now I'm and I make the same. But I'm a given a good shot and I am I gonna look to lot of places like got a grown man strength no you know about beg romance strength does. I'm a get out there and if I had a decent training camp. I think on the get the skills what they need to be that I might be able to contribute but now anyway that's that's the panacea have in the back in my mind. And now it dilemma supports you no matter what you do in a way you do it. Mike now appreciated and I look forward to a years in the new place and we'll try and refine a continual Mike in Indy. Of course who won the smack off a couple of years ago on the ground show is awesome. Lost. But will will load will come. In and it'll pass to this bush right airing of grievances. Next in the dugout and show CBS pusher yeah. Love listening to your favorite stations along. Love the radio down commenting on the go access to hundreds of HD radio stations award winning contests into a better team and music articles. Dot radio dot com for more information north download today from the iTunes store. Play there's something for every store and on CBS local story. I'm so I radio show with an original video programming while leading national large. Skis the Doug Gottlieb should know I can't do some thinking isn't a marrying him gave grievances. First for the folks at west 57 street here's the way it works if he is the first time watching. And I Galley shell guess what's going and but you know continue this way we broadcast from. Who has Hillary been. We broadcast from downtown New York. I'm down her town not technically downtown not Wall Street but downer tan downtown. Less so how would technically be answered. Hudson square is the exact location one opinion on your phone. Which is I don't know maybe three miles as the crow flies. Three miles of the crow flies from west 57 street was a hard working crew that we almost never see and they never get any credit except. From the show 'cause I do appreciate how hard they work is they do they show that he needed time to shine as well in the polls us on CBS sports network so to everyone there thank you very much. The moonshine they gave you wasn't enough. We say give you more but one there's a lot of view to you guys Kiki kind of keep changing in rotating and 3 frankly am kind of cheap cell. All of those things combined. I want to say thank you for yard work you trying to keep up with my brain which is over all over the place include trying to tell you what video to put in concert. Whenever and he's the only one it tells you when I got to pit stand now do you guys ever did that. I occasionally get texted my kids are cute so that I appreciate it thank you but west 87 you guys are great. Margaret make up Margaret how I just came up with that make up Margaret just like that. She has survived so far the trump presidency although we didn't know she would make it for a good amount of time. Is very like she was physically ill for a couple of weeks physically well. And then of course she was uncomfortably pregnant for a long long time I think for most of the shows she's been pregnant. But she can handle. My nastiness. And I can handle the sound of her chewing in the office that I prepare for the show. As well as she can ill effect I'm not paying attention to anything she says 'cause I'm trying to mentally work out what I'm an assailant and ask how to deal Kluge. Why she's putting on the make up of for the ship. But. Margaret said just a sweetheart Gorman and I have tried to explain to her. All the things she thinks about her husband are in fact accurate but it's because we all actually think alike. She's like all you mineral like him exactly so you can ask me I knew the answer is part of the same answer. That. That your husband but. Just to really cute kids I don't know of their as cute as she thinks they are mean she thinks they're ridiculously cute and they are really cute. She probably has taken more pictures of the children. Then any any any person I know that that they are really really cute. Which is indicative usually have to ugly parent but you're not to a prepared just right. So we've helped you through mortgages the re fives through your insurance being pulled the day before UN in dad your baby. Through. Mean India of course in Mindy whose mission book go comes in and you see very Long Island she comes that we love you Mindy. And then back comes Margarita in. And who complains and moans and hates the fact I don't think we Jimmy Gobble up because all you're doing is working on FaceBook. But he has and those she's complained she never refused to do it which is it the soft spot in my heart. Even when I forget to press the mobile or Biden and she weighed down there for half an hour for a couple of tough Americans Margaret thank. Thank you for everything. Kiki in Tierney don't know how good they have it. Actually you on on media haven't yet no hair to put on anymore I just got bulk packages got to keep pattern those things up when they get sweating BD bank. And apparently he Barber's already a barber the Evans in the Geico. I still Kovacs who. It's just one of the nicer human beings on the face here. May have a really deep porn collection we don't know. May have a very evil side we don't know they may be a voodoo doll. Of clues or of these cell or Jay Berman that we don't know of but at least on the surface which you put out is really hard working. And I cookie kind of take all the crap that we today can you print this out for me yes could you get this hampers yes. And we and we usually don't say please don't think just because it's usually last minute or last many guys feed your great jobs I appreciate all the hard work. And am I will buy you beer later. Mr. sunshine himself. Like I told Margaret after the election I'm gonna tell you the same thing now one I love your love. Guy that can't be purchased and I had I had no idea who look he did you expenditures mean and I really do appreciate it. And there's something the I talked about this in this Jason Behr podcast they talked I said the term producer but producers not really fair. Has Adam gets credit for being a producer a does he has a really good job. But the the board up which is a production position. Is arguably the most important in radio. And I had a young woman who. Include I don't know if you were working with me at the time that she was work in the the board she's now producer. Of the other place and she's a delightful here. But she was awful on the boards. Awful and it's like one of those things that if you haven't it. Brady was all about soundness is of TV show but a radio should first and foremost it's a radio show we don't have somebody you trust the so much and it's about trust you don't trust the beginning at the right button to bikini be the right sound I think it happened one time it right one timing at the wrong sound. You may oh god Allah god what what was that one time. He still remember what that one time was. I don't know clued you Merrill with a one time we had the wrong sound we like the exact wrong sound you guys are looking said he doesn't mean he measurement throw down back there. Couple weeks can. But Tom we've given you don't get a dog advice. Move out your parents to move in by yourself advice. I'm here for any of your professional vice but your very good at what you do and don't think I've taken for granted and obviously. Learning from Adam. He's elevated himself to. Could teach somebody how to do what he does and when you combine a Jeremiah crow was my board up for a long time. And ESP and he went from bored up to producer to now. Is any easy gentlemen Jersey is the eight BD easy a PD in northern California he's awesome. But I think having those skills and he knows fundamentals of knowing what how something should sound. Is only gonna help you when you get to the the bigger bigger jobs. So do you guys west 57. Two Tyler hail to Andrew LL and EO Rick. Thank you guys very very much I know Marleau. I know I'm I'm gonna forget names whatever just because there's so many. I was told that this that rich Akron was that the mayor. Of equinox used to be club Reebok. So a couple times this year I'd like happened into this used to be quandary about being played basketball two big. And he is in fact the mayor of who he also on Fridays buys pizza for everybody. And won't allow you throw into the pot. Which either leads me to believe that he's a trust fund guy. And really like all of this is for shell or he won the lottery and didn't tell anybody. Or he would give me this this shirt off his back which I think it's the latter but it might be the former I don't know. He's a legend in New York City. He called games occasion on FS one may lead to working chat room where each other next year. Skis the Doug Gottlieb should go. Listening to the Doug Gottlieb Joseph this game previews budget by buffalo walling stay hot for basketball season with the cheesy knelt Denver or Buffalo Wild Wings here for a limited time it's made for the heat of hoops season. Buffalo Wild Wings wings beer sports the cavs take on the pacers tomorrow afternoon for game one of they had 27 matchup in the east the cavs won the regular season series 321 I would expect the cavs. To win the post season series four games to none I do not think the pacers win a game off of them. Quick update on story of the day which is Phil Jackson telling everybody that and they're gonna get rid of Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony instant rimmed out. A really really right it was a really. And Christiane freezing just like the answer rams have is like bunkers at which by the way. Only tell you why they're getting rid of Carmelo Anthony. I wait a second Christopher Zynga is agrees with Carmela opening maybe he does. That's why they're getting rid of them. You're only as good as tough as hardworking as your best player. Mel is their best player. So. I think if anything Bieber Gillick you know goes seekers Stubbs breezing disagrees and Melo he doesn't like Phil he might not it doesn't matter. Then manner. How would Marshawn Lynch that Marshall when she shooting and the rumors about him signing a deal greater. Yet there have been reports these reached an agreement with the raiders who would then after an agreement for trade with the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch from his verified account tweets. If you know me you know my business is my business and if you don't know me that's a fun fact Korea win. If she gets real I'll let you know. Yet he can't until it's one of those things where you can't. Until he gets treated can't sign a contract to a gets traded it is probably agreed to terms and like this like this happens. This happens it happens in my business happens in sports it happens in regular business. Ernie in Tennessee you're in the dugout they sure glad Ernie. Dugout at Alicia the best in your build it they are. There's Le edit the Great Britain didn't end. Hopefully that next you'll be better and has on here and for everybody out there and make your it would complete a lot that we wanted our anonymity and liquidity. What are you what are you circuit and I'm told everybody it will be. Boston and play well I could bet. Bit bit the other search Toronto and Washington are that bad at all. I don't think so I look I don't think so either are in Ernie I appreciate the call you will be able to hear me I don't know if on your local Philly if you would hear me. There may be another feel leader there's other ways stood to find it and if you follow us social media. Seller radio you'll be able to find us. As year's Celtics. Look I just it did cavs are healthy the cavs are better than the Celtics we saw that even without Tristan Thompson gone back last week they're just better. Their best is better now that doesn't mean that they'll be healthy. And and the hope is that the pacers winning gamer to the hoping is that the the raptors win 45. Means to me three or four games and tease him before games over two or three games. And that the Celtics come in and you got to beat up cavs team and you know make it was cavs guys break down. My expectations are I think the solution for a tougher series against against Chicago. My face JR the Celtics to lose to the cavs Daniel West Virginia in the dugout they shall guide Daniel. I got an adult man on collar outlook people don't believe help up. Regular talk a little about how server and good right. And I don't have more competitive right emigrate and I'd that he liked afterwards now. And got the appellate unwelcome brand and all that it can not eaten because that we eat and yacht but the crowd. Though they're more would be 110 yeah and as we know low 1111 at the whole lot. Boat and technically you're doing out there right it should be not quite awhile and right. Sort of Nigel lamb or make huge get a bucket of chicken you know much like in boulder. Let's likable. Seven years ago I was working in ESP. And Jeremiah crow who had been my board up for like four years maybe five years. And then become my producer inning got an opportunity. To Casey's dream and leave ESPN for northern California. And they told me we're gonna give you new producer. Sounds like okay Nike really good. Hard worker. Books books that hellish shows. Could look at his people skills so that was that was that was the as the MO NE SP it. I like final ever. And we met I think one cities like hey I wanted to do game time. We already started doing zoning on to game time here's the game is I want to know like you know what let's just translations do. And we share Wear to the other and we just it was always. It was never easy decide on topics as we argue about can we see the world differently. But it is always easy to do a show because once like he kind of got a sense of where I was gone for something. When the hard thing is I have I have with is gone I FBI have I'd be in my ear tag so I don't know everything. Close to I don't know everything. Sometimes I forget things and I need some lady give me a word of the team name. And I can play enough to make you think I know everything and one reason is that I got to get somebody in my ear who I trust. But as a group. And when I left ESPN I made a promise to him. That he would have a place with me there is like a six month gap between maybe seven month gap tumors we ended and when radio would start. And he was very anxious as he's always very anxious such as the nature of his personality. And I was like trust me we're gonna figured out an homage to make a know much we got to pay you. They've given me their word to their jobs and availability just got to be patient. And he continue to work out there I don't think he particularly enjoyed. This show that he worked on which made it easier I probably could give them less money anyway we got an out to California. And he is why forward. Probably the most uncomfortable loving come couple like Cuba will should not care for each other as much as they care for each other but they do. And it's honest. They came out to California and they love California loved. It so much so did the when she got pregnant. And we find the guy blaze is you know boy they drove. And then bad. Three years ago right about now may be a month losing may. I got the hate would you consider moving to New York you know like first I had to worry about my wife who is like. And then and then in my item like a immediately if they like what about Adam about his wife she had a good job they moved back with us. She was pregnant she gave up her job she has. She's barred out there. And made a huge sacrifice today to join me here. And you know as this is really the military relief somebody behind that duck ranked but. As some you know Adam's not come with me and it's. It's gonna be really hard Timmy really different and I I hope you know that has nothing to do with anything other than decisions. Out of my control. And then if I reckon change a decision and throw a bunch of money edge yet we're gonna do it going to get you back on the coast. But I really really appreciated and like buying I know I'm not easy. I Alicia you're not easy either I just like so you say you say understand this like. I know he's doing like Doug Doug is a difficult talent and time to work with like nobody guzzling you Adam's since he's easy if he's the best. That's why it works. Sometimes a lock in tennis for the show sometimes I'm here like today like three hours the show I got out. I have different patterns alma mine works my game works like a different things going on in my life. Com but you've helped me get better. You always invested every bit of your soul in the whatever we've done. You've always supported me you've always said even when you're saying it sarcastically you said you're right down. And I love you like a brother. And I'm really set an argument. I'm sad to you've always fought for me boasted behind me you've always done right by me hands. Other people. Have said negative things and I have always stood up for you and told people how well you've treated not just me but my family. And so from that we appreciate it. I get to the key idea complete set. You know. His son looks exactly like him. And play let's say the fat version of him and his daughter look exactly like his wife and they're adorable and and I wish you know them but but health and happiness. This has been cool this has been different. You know it's it's one of those things it. Is five years ago I was I was thinking what should I do what should I do. I opportunist day ESPN only job I really ever knew his professional. I knew everybody there my kids were happy might I had a gorgeous house neighborhood I like public schools I liked. You know I wasn't close to family and my wife hated the weather in new England and those of the two things really going against. And we took a chance that we get a chance to go out to some in California take this. And the job moved us back here now we're going back to Southern California and I feel like I got much better at this because we had to build it from scratch I know some of it is the same of what we've been doing but there's been some subtle differences. I don't know if atom realizes the difference in tone at times. That I've I've tried to have a I'm also involved as a play by play broadcasters actually the color analyst in terms of tone contents. Be more concise like. Eileen I listen to tapes of five years ago and tapes down like it's better now. And I'll continue trying get better and I hope as a listener that you'll join me it's a it's new it's old there will be a different person in my ear in that part will be very kind of disconcerting but some of that is the challenge is good. Now variety is in fact the spice of spices also spice of espionage and his likes the spicy for. But to spice Tina like Vietnamese food spicy and a room like Indian food Mike Furrey guy but spices the spice of life as well. And down. I saw me like I'm personally really excited and I don't know. Mean some and in some of the other platforms radio's been good and I get. My only complaint and radio we're complaints that were out of the control of people who. I worked. Or first think crystal barrel who runs CBS Sports Radio he's always been good to me. We need about it once every six months we would have lunch we would have dinner and we would talk and he would always come command mean. On something heard something you like he can be semi didn't like and some to work on and ask Murrow was a year rugby in three years where a B and five years. And some of the things. That we're out of his control ended up. Cause in this relationship with CBS to and the media go to a different relationship but Chris has always been Austin. John Madison gave person were big reason I came the CBS or thinks he cares sic. For all the hard work he put in in terms of trying to help me become a better game broadcaster Tyler hail and help me do studio. And all those people over on CBS. Greg Gumbel is one of the funniest human beings on the face the earth and glad he's in. He's he's doing commercials now. I mention are of a mention their spinach and mark turn off who run this place CBS Sports Radio. They're they're great leadership that an incredible job local radio spewed deed is tiny eagle and all the people lower with play by play guys for CBS. Alley the force do we start doing a TV show together I'm sure that wasn't easy for her shoes. Fourteen it's four years old fresh out of Cleveland stolen at a Cleveland. And she's going to do and TV show with me and they had us debating each other and it was I was talking about things movies that there's too is alive when they could doesn't even know Malone LA the force. But she's a she's a superstar. There are no more secrets only facts yet to be revealed some of those actual still revealed. Common sense folks is not that common we tried to share that with you. And I'll be on radio and awake in the meantime. As I played bass mulls how I compete every day in radio and in television. I gave you went ahead and wasn't good enough it wasn't good enough. But I didn't even on the floor. This is dead dugout to kill unless time thanks everybody is CBS Sports Radio CBS TV out.