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Hour 2: Eli Manning Fraud: 4/21/17

Apr 21, 2017|

Mike Golic Jr. is in with the guys and they discuss Eli Manning denying fraud allegations and DeShone Kizer setting lofty goals ahead of the NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Applebee's famous two for twenty deal has exciting new menu options so now you can enjoy more girls nice guys nice and whatever you wanna call it night. Two full size entrees and an app for just twenty bucks only at Applebee's president participation may vary. Let's look a little bit of the Twitter quickly before get back to this thing here sir Rome battle treats that as of this was Tom Brady. In the equipment manager will be in federal court nobody would believe that. That's a big I don't know people bully I don't know what people believe but. There is no way that all of the circumstances are I last year or or are are that something didn't happen that's wrong. The duty the memorabilia it's self is clearly being shown not to be what it was purported to be if you look at some of the lawsuits and things like that. The people guy who sold it Brandon Steiner is washing his own hands are no responsibility he's saying. Eli Manning walked in and handed me this stuff and and Eli is saying is angrily as you can say something hey Mike my reputation tonight is at stake here I would never do this I haven't done it or anything like that. So something so there isn't right the physical some of the physical evidence is email from from you like to the equipment manager gave me a couple of jerseys in a couple of Mittal would I'd say it was taken out of context writer not exactly what that means exactly right. And I'll say again this memorabilia business I understand if you're in it and your getting stuff that you are not supposed to be getting and then people are buying things that they don't think they're getting. I understand that but I used it worked flipper and I think is kind of the way the players signed so many things that and I just don't think. They worry about it that much I think they. Again getting away with I don't want to say it that way but I just feel like hires New Jersey you know and but yeah and I know you have a couple of examples of that. Because it's just one of those things like I said if it's the understood way of doing things the Yorkshire due to when you come into the league you'll see is getting over on anyone's sick or will this is kind of the way we do things in this avenue. I've heard from players who had the idea of team Warren is a total scam like that it's as simple as someone putting on a Jersey snapping a couple of pictures so it looks like it and then they can say it's game worn. So and I don't know if that reflects on the memorabilia side to. It you makes them complicit and it would the very least this is something that isn't out of the ordinary if you I was involved and it's I don't it is him. Intentionally trying to disparage somebody else he's just doing it the way business has been done I find the story you told in the breaker when there what's in came on your gas great cowboy and what he said about what Emmitt Smith and technology that can be out there yes or an error when I dare was on our house don't know Ryan Amoroso canal he was on you saying that Emmet knew his family his dad especially has been the memorabilia business for a long time. And one of those things Emmitt now works in that line of things you say never really gave away his stuff when he was a player collect it all his balls after touchdowns. But now is in that world and his. Been working with a company I forget the name unfortunately but the basically has a chip that you could put into. Helmets and other items that'll tell you this is what Jane this was in this is what your season and authenticated authenticated. So that technology exists said Emmett goes around in his hawking this all the conventions that exist in that line of work. And once picked up on it yet. So that tells me that if that technology exists in your actively not using a figure okay living a lie. You're kind of OK I understand that all right it's sort of a wink nod nod I'd say no more kind of agreement that you're entering into. But if you're selling I get that and I understand the somewhat flippant way you can do to stop but if you. No the you're selling something that is being sold at an enormous mark up and years and specifically this was a helmet worn during the Super Bowl season. And it isn't that. If you don't know you're engaging in fraud someone should be telling you death yeah because that is actually a crime now again the statute of limitations in this particular instance. The one that at least that I read about a New York Post has since passed. But if someone wants to make a big deal out of this they have got to I get a from and there are tons of people are so intuitive they are not getting what they paid for. I understand. Them you know all that wanted to have some recourse for I get it I guess we're just kind of giving it to hear from the athlete's side of it's not a it's not eight cognizant like. It's not intention that we're not get one over on you guys are just like oh Mike I calculator Jersey whatever helmet whatever I just move on and like you indicated there's a buffer there to the point where it's not Eli Manning handing New Jersey to a fan I'd say give me the requisite amount of money that I deserve for game worn Jersey he's giving it away to another party and he doesn't know what they're going to charge forward he's not sure he knows what his cut is because that's a contract. When he doesn't know what they're going to go out resell that for so there's a little area of almost plausible than I Dodi for beside. And again the that that area plausible liability turned it right back on him Brandon Steiner. And we talked about this earlier this week might cure levity to this FaceBook live in which he said and here's the direct quote. When Eli Manning walks into your office and he says these are my game used items I'd like to think I can believe that. So Steiner's putting it on Eli Eli saying I didn't do anything wrong and actual show that the giants are saying the email was taken out of context. And you got lawsuits come in like crazy. So it all adds up to one large mass now where it's got an ad out I don't think any of us knows. But it it certainly adds up to a problem and I don't think it's critical and maybe it'll change to the point you guys are making the way this stuff is done every authenticate because it's one thing to sign something and send it off to a charity or whatever the case may be at decide and ball. But when you're signing something and you're you're basically giving your word what do you what are you thinking about it this way or not I totally get what you're sank right to come into the league this is the way we do things don't worry about it. But at this point now with if not before and other people have seen what's happened here they better realize if someone wants to try and hold you to that promise that you are theoretically made they can do it. Yeah and has I'll say again this if in fact it was in game worn things being sold this has been going on for a long time. For a long time and not and not intentionally as we keep mentioning trying to get over on somebody but. If your. You know older group like Steiner that's getting it and then selling it and ended is that what it's supposed to be I understand people being mad about quite honestly an end. You would you follow later in the story I mean you think Michael Strahan a world like the chip in the Jersey because that part kind of kind of made us more mad than anything else coming from our. Exactly because that's beside that we can I write a fight our way today I get the he's got paid for where the same time when it's actually. Part of the I I do war of the game worn jerseys get all the blood sweat and tears soak into the Jersey. And when a Michael Strahan in the blood sweat tears you put that Jersey you think you've got back from the team actually was a fake one and they gave be real authentic one to the memorabilia people. That because of the position in the seat we edit I would be Joseph justifiably furious about round come back and are looking for blood this. So that's that side of it but that is. I get over every now I'll come at the other side from being the fat and this is even less about being a fan. If I'm just a huge fans of may to separate my father loved Joan game. So if he bought something actually Mike you're with me one of the V foundation tip off dinners that we did my dad came and I can write this but it was ten years ago. And one of the things that they were auctioning off for the B foundation charity was a helmet signed by every member of the New York Jets Super Bowl team from two both of my dad bought and it's still in my parents apartment. You know and nice clarity I think I was very proud of it. That's something he just wanted to own because he just wanted a hat that he wasn't looking to sell it it wasn't an investment and that. I guess in theory. If it was slightly for hate. If two people didn't actually sign it and someone else forged them whatever it was well that is fraudulent and kind of horrible and its own way an analyst nodded again and an actual signatures that's a whole lot of data but it doesn't change his enjoyment of it his own belief right yes I think right. But there is some means of authenticated this stuff might not people who are buying this stuff is an investment. They're buying it with the intention that someday they're gonna sell it well so why buy something that I know has a value of X and now it's gonna turn around and actually has no value at all. We have a different kind of problem exactly what you've done here's basically shattered the illusion but this all works if you keep up the illusion of these things are special as they're sold to beat once one person knocked over that domino all the rest of it fell and now we have an understanding that. Okay kind of CD industry is being dealt with then operate under siege terms. That in of itself does not headline but when you shatter that myth and that illusion that everything you've been sold is the truth and it's special invaluable and all those ways then you get what we. Have for the people that better in it that seriously quite honestly it's not the item that has the value. It's the letter off of authenticity. That is the value. That's what you have you can hand somebody the football with the signature on it. But it's that letter you get weather that says that is that person's signature we have authenticated that is that. That's what is gonna be able to sell that ball right and now we're doing well now where's that there was a letter of authenticity with these items are well diner is saying it's because Eli won't want to know that today that that's my point is Steiner they're the ones with the letter of authenticity but they're they're basing it off of what they say Eli is giving them right but my point is. When when did the purr and buying it. Gets that helmet it's that letter that. Sticky if that that's the key thing for them it's the guarantee on the box at Condo and Tommy Boy Jared T they put on the box it makes you feel warm Fuzzy to secure that what you brought it is exactly what you think you ought regardless of what the actual content and maybe you're absolutely right. That is the most important piece of Elvis and that's what got ripped up. You know it's remarkable because that there are. I wondered that I never bothered to given a lot of thought but. Michael is it exactly that's authenticated these things that if you find a priceless what you think might be a priceless work of art in your attic. Right you buy a house and you're digging through their idea and all the sudden. In a YouTube you pick up on our our our. Yes that's my point to bring out our professional. Madonna Lori attitude I don't look at it is ain't got to look at everything well that that took the Steiger group does that all winning Eli comes in and hand Jew or Jersey or or has represented or whoever does that. That to them as we authentication that that yep that's my point is that there aren't people who have Ph.D.s. Who are starting this stuff and and writing up a slaughter of authenticity he's basically telling you. Well yeah Eli handed it to me is our hardest part of a good I've done signings where you sit there and you're sighing you know. Tens or hundreds of things and there's a person from the group that sits sit there while you and others are signing everything so they see it all correct signed as well right. Yeah those are you gonna do those by the bushel full answer exam and those no one is reporting them to be anything other than what they are right oh no and saying they were game you right you're just signing them all about Jesse you've got no one there in that moment when supposedly these transactions for the game worn items are then being made by the equipment people on the players or whoever Olson well. To sort of sum up this topic I know that like we have to let you go. Something went wrong here and not clear what and Eli is is angrily defending itself is any as a person it was it was built up the benefit of the doubt absolutely has I mean his integrity I think has been up and it is unquestioned right Walter Payton NFL man of the year award winners this year. So. And all you get all of the facts my inclination is to say OK I believe that whatever went wrong here Eli didn't do ordered into a purposely. But sought explanation. For how those helmets wound up not being what they were sold to be right has got to be offered someone did something wrong and yes and I will say mortified as the giants and Eli saying that email is not a contacts all like to see what it is and contacts yet they're not on the servers they weren't obligated right keep them all these years later so who knows what we're gonna find apple. Eventually someone's gonna figure something in Brandon Steiner is very clearly saying look eliminating what made me what I make now look at Hampden I good luck with your teeth there yet we'll see how prisoners have solid that well done thank you I don't want to assure you Michael junior with a tear in my in my very Friday mornings and any other time. That we can get a man I'm Eric tweets and again I think this is the point selling game worn jerseys you know aren't is not okay it's called. No I I completely agree with you now it comes down to. When when Eli says or when a player says hey you know grabbing your Jersey. Are you saying grab me a game worn Jersey grab me one of the Jersey that Warner just grabbing your Jersey. As I as I said players do more casually. Then elephants back there may be a war maybe I did not I I don't know. You know on the set is maybe specifically going they're saying I need a game worn Jersey and he won a mine in. How they're finding out they are or aren't I you know I have no idea again this is an industry I am. I do not know he talked about what as Mike said when Darren Woodson was on talking about Emmitt with the technology that you can actually. Chip things that show the authenticity of it is is a pretty interesting thing. Yeah and and somewhere in this I read that the equipment managers have the jerseys marked in certain ways ya may be that aren't obvious to everyone where they can tell. What was warning notice Lisovicz at the managers run everything get no runs everything for a four programs. Strength coaches and equipment managers they are the ones who run the show who the other thing that I thought was interesting I just wanna get onto other things all this voter reaction to the Twitter feed. Nothing makes a spring birthday more magical than Right now in order a dozen multi colored roses for only 2999. Again another dozen plus Avaya is absolutely free. Go to Slash ESPN my friend Chris correct as certainly a question and I destitute during the break him. After a player wears a Jersey any game let let's say the famous Tom Brady Jersey shortness of all the got stolen. Is that his property or is that the teams property I believe that's the teams Robert yeah I mean listen I I. But after a game if you set I want to Jersey from this game you have to pay you have to pay for military ID where they'll look at the biggest bang for yes so so clearly it's unfair property their property it's absolutely their proper if you if in the game that you what did you two and a half sacks. That that they'll want huge what was what was again that you had I'm not joking I'm now against the cowboys you have the two and a half sacks right now so that the best game of your career so if I wanted bachelors and I wanna keep the Jersey -- an idiotic but PS I would had a minute ironically got they've that the sick memento of your best they ever get an extraordinary up. Bob scored a touchdown with one of those three interceptions what you wanted to keep the ball. I kept the ball yeah okay so what's the difference in keeping the Jersey CMQ a Jersey for a Jersey I think our first Super Bowl win. After two and a for the sake of discussion let's say you wanted to keep that your yeah. I don't stay out of my check you and so I've been clearly it's their proper credentials not yours don't listen when I left Philadelphia they just took my name off number ninety imported on the next personnel wore number not do the same Jersey. But this is your name Jerry asked the same Jersey what do you get the cigarettes little piece of law switch out jerseys every game we were the same Jersey unless it gets the next number nonstop fit exactly wasn't William Perry the next number and I'll get mine on now maybe they have to change the size but for the most part yes I mean I'm alignment the next guy that comes in unless there's an unbelievable disparity in size. It's going to be the same Jersey yeah. They do wash Hastings who Wear the same Jersey and less tickets marked up or ripped. Then they'll give you another long before the most part that's that your where Artest goes straight talk popular straight talk wireless best phones vest networks half the cost. A very good player has very very bad timing. That player has proven far certain where at a time when it is really too late to go around and talk to anybody about anything. The former Alabama linebacker has confirmed a positive test for a diluted sample. He confirmed that in an interview with A deluded sample goes down as a positive sample and thus you'll enter the NFL in the program. Here's our Lewis Redick on the significance of that. They're starting to come one after another and although they're not major issues we don't really know what the circumstances are surrounding his to lose sample until we do we can't really pass. A whole lot of judgment but CD's the kind of things. When you're trying to eliminate uncertainty especially the top of the draft where Ruben is supposed to go. I believe Reuben is one of the top 45 players in this draft period. And I didn't you know it's hit the San Francisco 49ers and was sit near picket that I thought. This is a guy who would really be a perfect draft pick at number 20 right so now when you're talking about a guy who's going that high. These kind of things that make people how to push the breaks we'll bingo. Is there more to come in just don't want that didn't want to pushing him down because he's a phenomenal player with a great heart and great leadership qualities. It's just unfortunate that all this officer Robert. Listen it. A lot of this is about the decisions made you know exactly. As I as I say again for street drugs if you're not in the in the program you know you know when a test is coming. The beginning of training camp for the guys are gonna come by and you know you're getting tested. So to have anything in your system at again it's it's that the Karl is still protest. Amid Hadi. And and diluted samples let's be honest at the most of time and capital marijuana Riga diluted sample I'm not saying that's what I was here but that's that you. That's that you see a time and time again in fairness to him. Can we read his explanation god yeah he's. Head thing he told That the deluded sample was the result of an illness he believes it was food poisoning. That prevented him from eating but he still drank a lot of fluids quote I couldn't eat much but I had a drink water and Gatorade and a few coaches said something to me about being too light. And I'm a coach please or cared everybody else thinks but I care what coaches think. So I drank it paid as much as I could without throwing up and I went in their drinking and drinking water trying to flush out my system from whatever was making me sick and try to keep my weight up and that's when I took the time. No idea listen I have I have no idea how plausible that is on the paper and at the let me know if that's a you know if that's the simplest you that you're doing that it is happening or is that a way to try and beat a test by just regular I don't know. I'd I'd that I honestly don't know if that's true then then and there was actually nothing you know that that it would've tested positive for that's great. But I'll I'll go with Lewis on the football loose Redick on the football part of that he is a heck with he will. Get drafted by team and B that teams' leading tackler for as long as he's healthy and in the league. And that's one thing he is a little lighter on the lighter side but we are seeing lighter type linebackers in the league that can be sideline to sideline guys. He is a hack a Lehman. Machine weather's at the line weathered downfield weathered sideline whether it's in middle field. He will be the leading tackler of a team for as long as he's on that team and healthy. I think he's a fantastic. Football player. But then it's a fair question to ask. If that's plausible and you by that and it can't happen then so be it but it's something you that you're going to be in the back. In my if you draft in the I have no doubt about does does it then compound he heard Lewis critics say these things are coming. One after another this is the same guy goes you'll remember who got basically thrown out of right com bind for getting into some sort of a disruptive. I'm event when he was writing it turn out all right for ya man and so it wasn't a violent thing it wasn't like this it's not a terrible thing right. But yeah that's why I think you're at Louis say when they had guards at an ad out gonna draft someone that high up and this is a guy who I think is gonna get drafted. And you know top six something like that. He could be a top ten guy I think he'd be more in the area from after five before fifteen I think I don't think there's been a middle linebacker taken a top tens since he clearly currently. Blah but that this guy is a talent. On the football field again a little undersized so you worry about maybe getting nicked up somebody eight and I'll continue to say tackling machine. I don't know I don't know about what what he's saying about I don't know enough for the science to know if that's possible or not but as Lewis said. When you start adding things up and they talked to a ton of people is there is thirst they starting to create. You know a few things that that are giving you a little bit applaud. Straight talk wireless nationwide coverage. America's largest and most dependable networks are coming up may performance for the ages from one of the greatest of all time yeah and a another potential draft DM this one saying some crazy scenario but is there a party that likes it we'll find out. Another all clips well played moment. Gentlemen every day we walked through a car wash of external stimuli. 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This business of Eli Manning in the authenticated slash maybe not real game worn stuff. Which I think is is has got to be and especially as casually as you just described yeah the way you have witnessed it being done short if we. Call this a problem if you view it as a problem that this is a very widespread problem yes. So and that he treats that as even if not intentional Eli or any probe would be responsible not for passing off not authentic game worn gear as authentic quell. See that's the thing if Eli says to the equipment manager and just making this you know we don't know what happened. But if he says get me a helmet it looks like it could have been awarded a game that's on him yeah. If he says get me the helmet that I wore that game and the equipment manager gives him one bit just looks that way right I guess that's on the equipment manager right. And whoever it is that gives it to stunner there there at or whomever the memorabilia dealer is. If they're just taken somebody's word for and providing that is there authenticity then that's on Matt because they're really not doing any checks and balance. I'm not sure what other way they can do it outside of being in the equipment room I mean normally what you do would you take people who work for as as Steiner said. If Eli walks in auto and all Eli is physically walking in he said didn't hit I mean yeah he used that phrase whether or whether it was me amend that totally somebody's handing you something and saying this I wore this in any game and I signed it. You know outside a view. Seeing them played in the game following them into the locker room and watching them take it off and tracking that Jersey the entire time until it's in your possession. You know at some point you have to take People's Court and work toward a less like I said. Top big. I Don and I was in a big time player you're sit roaming to sign a budget things and there is a person from the company in there are watching you sign also they know they're all they're authentic because it's not just about the Jersey. Got to authenticate signatures now is while because I wanna get into. The fact of the secretary that signs you know for this person or that person. You know in some instances so you noted authenticate a signature as well as a piece of memorabilia. Glenn to read zero chance feline knowingly was doing something wrong here he has earned innocent until proven guilty the other. The reason that I would be inclined to think that as well hey I just eat eat again I do believe he has earned the right to. At least explain article where legally wrong yes. The other is as it may 200 million dollar yeah so however much money he's getting from these deals it. In his own life it's chump change walker how much risk ya your reputation out over something this. You know. Petty now time. And then David. When you said that you me the letter of authenticity. David created. I can get a good look at and T bone steak by shoving my head public I was behind but I'd rather have a letter of author and says other Tommy Barack France Mike made on my son not Alan Mets fan he can't get enough time there are references like it might be represented by progressive insurance customers this stretch of aggressive. Sabre average of 500 dollars call it clicked today find out if they could save you hundreds. On your car insurance okay boxes means that the guarantee these you know whatever. I just shot guys under one of the most picked apart players. In this coming NFL draft. There was a time when we thought that maybe he'd be the number two quarterback taken now all of a sudden will even be the number four quarterback taken. Drabinsky is ahead of him. Lots and is ahead of him. My whole who seem to have moved ahead of them. Now I'm starting here Josh dobbs name possibly moving ahead of so there are a lot of people who might be moving ahead to Sean Kaiser. Because there are questions about him as there are about everyone. So what an interviewer to Sean Kaiser might that we were reading yesterday this is it to USA today but I got a mature where the quote came from. But it was talking about himself and maybe this is in response to himself getting picked apart. But he started talking about the things he can do. Name a college quarterback who goes into the game plan meetings on Monday and throws his notes at the coaches know what else game planned that way I do know on prepares the way I do. No one knows football the way I do. No one else is as big as I am no one is as powerful runner is I am. Pat my home is my drove the ball eighty yards and I can only throw it 72. But I guarantee he can't throw the out rout the way I came to his comparing himself now to the other draftees. Benny says. Know what else can do what I do and I've truly figured out this draft process. But I can maximize all my potential and every aspect of the game this is bold I do have the ability to be the greatest quarterback to ever play imagine taking Brady's intellect and Brady's preparation and putting on a guy with cam Newton's body. Why can't I be the greatest the only thing stopping me from it is may that's what's driving me now to that's the quote from the Sean Kaiser Mike what do you think. Well I think it's ridiculous undocking alive for anybody to say nobody works harder than me nobody has game notes like me nobody. Practices like me I can't stand that because I hate to say to Sean you don't know that. You know how hard you work and I should just be saying this at the shark as I hear other people's like nobody practices harder and that guy. No it you don't know that I hate that statement because there's no possible way you can prove that. So why sit there and say you work harder than everybody there are a lot of people that work hard. Just as hard as you and probably harder but I saw so number one I can't stand that what what when people do that. The other is. If you wanna make those statements and miles Garrick. You know made made his well saying he wants to be your greatest player of all time regardless of position. You know he said that's how it wants to leave the game when you make a bold statements like that and and to Sean Kaiser without. You know the Smart to Tom Brady in the body of Cam Newton and and and that whole deal. You wanna say that I am not you know me I am not a fan of that at all. Is it the worst thing in the world what I hear guys say that no no it's not a not gonna lose my mind I have Mormon issue saying I out work everybody you work hard leave it at that. Okay as far as making those claims miles guard Allen to be the greatest player of all time to Sean Kaiser comparing his brain to Tom Brady and his body to Cam Newton. And what he can be why can't I be the best. The all my thought on that what are the odds. That the shark Kaiser is going to be the greatest quarterback of all time and what are the odds that miles Garrett is gonna be the greatest football player of all time so at the end of it all you know what happens you get your butt humbled. You you you look you'll end up looking I'll say it at times foolish. For making a statement like that apply. Go play. You know I and I know in some cases like the Sean he start to get dropped down a little bit so maybe he feels he needs to say these things. To try and bring his stock backed up because this is the way feels about a tough but I don't doubt it's a way feels about itself. But let me tell it's not it's not helping you there's no GM in the world that's reading that or sky outer courts are saying you know what bush well that's certainly gonna raise that his. At this in my I had thought of that Britain they a look at hurdle now closer actually I think the greatest quarterback than ever and not going to do so at the end of it all. In all honesty there's a 99.9. Percent chance let's be honest. That it's gonna come back to bite them both when you say something like that then you look foolish yeah it was three years from now if you're not on that road you're gonna say Tom. Hey miles or to chime that reason you're gonna be the greatest of all time or you're gonna be this big bet. So oh yeah what's going on what about all that then you know you can say well I felt that at the time and it's find of feel that way it really is. But you know what if you go and you play that way. People will notice. People start making the comparison. The worst thing in the world I think a player can do is make your own comparisons that's just me I get it I hadn't brought but I'll say it again at the end of the day were to say a lot. It's not it's not hurting anybody it's not like just like I said it GM is it reading that same wall that rises this stock. It's also not being read and saying well that's gonna drop that stock down because he said that. To me I just I don't. Know why you feel the need to say no reason it could in theory and I've never meant to Shawn Kaiser in my life is. That the things that you hear about him that people are concerned about is perhaps adds a degree of immaturity. And may be saying that the week before the draft does belie a little bit of immaturity and why would you say I have Tom Brady's mind and cam Newton's body. The week before the draft usual right. Anyone without paying any attention recognizes that it sounds foolish the other thing that I would say about it though is. You know if indeed the question led him there and I don't know what the question was but the question let him they'll like. You're not gonna say listen. I feel like if I work as hard as I can really maximize everything my sealing his Mark Sanchez right not you know if I suing the roof I think I might backtrack and actually if you set eyes filling it up roof out actually like that every lose that top is anymore. Joseph are still has ceiling the roof off the board ever do that occasion what they're being to take got off the never there are thirty empty spot never Libor public tech workers are too busy ripping him does he keep people employed as everyone had so much they don't have nothing else to do today or Monday it'll just take the ceiling the roof off the board. It's not picking up a spot that we needed to reply that it was thought that housed fireball that I agreed to. I agree. Pickler if you ask me I thought apple bleeding into this I thought that you had you know the brains to be Tom Brady and the body to be Cam Newton but now I realize that like yours stealing his. Euro note as ridiculous you're feeling at the roof where is it. Where's it now I can see that something and you got to see if the roof I feel better don't ever take that off and on order that often every. My goodness. We've got much more to do here LeBron James of the report are we talking about it even remember. That threw me off so well all additional Kaiser miles here okay okay yellow whatever and I'm not. That's not now who's your employees to wrap gas either way that we just need to have that makes me feel more comfortable please tell me this is still here. Okay thank you that one would anger and every ever like that in that sense. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Hardship my grandmother would go through it every month to pay her insurance they'll fare issue at hand write a paper check in current it. Then using her own tongue she would way to stamp for an envelope. Today however we need not weary our hand and tons today we can pay our Geico bill with a guy collapse. Away with hardship. In with bill paying on the guy collapse. Thank you. With regard to talking about how hard you work and how hard you prepare an effort Mike's had a million times. I remember what went what was everyone we set about Peyton Manning know what works harder no one prepares harder. And you would always say that by the duke as other everybody works hard ass I ever heard Peyton Manning say I work harder than everybody I never heard Kobe Bryant say I practiced harder than everybody. I never heard Michael Jordan say I practiced harder than ever writer Tom Brady say that it is rioters and he gets exactly right just dated and they demanded it of all those around them. And then other people would pointed out yes they didn't get the parents say. It is there anything wrong with that no I've I've I'm not sitting there saying their committing some horrific act. But to me the old line is very true. Talk is cheap. You can tell me anything you want until you show me you have that capability. Those are just words and I mean absolutely. Nothing and like I said. They can come back to haunt you when your not what you profess that you're going to beat and then people call you want it and notice what is what he's saying is gonna all of I I think it's as much ado about nothing it's it's and it's completely harmless completely they will have zero impact on him zero but. You're saying to me I think I'm hearing you say that players there will be some players out there out you know who take great pleasure and when they fall they hit him great pleasure in doing okay hey Tom Brady's right greatest of all time yeah I'll that won't work for you oh without question. Look people destroyed Johnny Mandela Mandela after he got drafted by Cleveland text and I think the offensive coordinator saying we're gonna tear up the yeah gather you know. You don't say stuff. Rookies like what's the old expression and other meant to be seen but not heard yup you're you're better off probably I'll shorten your eyes open that's that's all hours right now again. Off my lawn guy I'm sure but you know what the there are some things that have been passed on through the generations that are still good all right performance for the ages last night from one of the great players that ever lived let me just give you LeBron james' numbers it was down 25 points at halftime. In a playoff game last night at Indiana. In the second half. LeBron James scored 28 points. He had seven assists six rebounds a steal a block zero turnovers his plus minus with plus thirty and he did not allow a single field goal as a primary defender. Opponents or over four shooting against him. So LeBron James played basically as good a half of basketball as you can conceivably play and led his team to a road playoff win. With hiring Irving and the and I'm Kevin Love. Sitting on the bench for the entire fourth quarter. And two after the game the prime give a lot of credit to his bench. You know missiles and wanting was bogus work. In our depth does. There's been chances are because injures. Them they were beautiful. No. Dosage of what we can become mean with the guys on the floor vote. Nor have been stepping up the game ball tonight Channing shall deal will come out those days those guys came in gave us. You know fusion menace. And we knew everything from home. No they're very you know we loose ball point defensively. And offensively we knew exactly who want to get to. The big one of course. So again that group LeBron James Darrent Williams Kyle Korver Channing Frye and amount sharper. They played together during the regular season for various reasons injuries trades all that deal they played together. That group of five for nine minutes in higher season. That same group. Played nine of the twelve minutes in the fourth quarter. Carrier ring and Kevin Love is green mentioned didn't see the floor in the fourth quarter so. All of a sudden you know come Sunday or we're gonna see this as a starting five no let let let's not get crazy. We know who the guys are that they're gonna count on but man what does this say when you can count on. You said if you can get that one win here that one win there because of what do Channing Frye can do or remind sharper can do or Kyle Korver. You know Deron Williams and coming in and filling in their roles being old role players and doing them that a point where you can do exactly. With what happened and who knows we'll see you again what happened last night but to that magnitude obviously led by LeBron James but that's what I take from. Carrier rated have a lover get their minutes and they're gonna be needed to be the stars that they are if this team is going to win a championship but boy it's nice to know that in those role players which again is what I was your counted on in certain situations so when those situations. When you know you're being counted on. You need to come through and those guys did last. Back to back nights we get historic performances are great players Russell Westbrook and a losing effort with a fifty point triple double two nights ago LeBron James. With a 41 point triple double and a winning effort on the road last night and in the game. He passed Kobe Bryant on the all time scoring list in the post season so we just give you where LeBron sits right now. In playoff history. LeBron James is third in points behind Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabar he's third in assists. Behind magic Johnson and John Stockton. He's third in steals. Behind Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan and he's seventh in rebounds but he first among wing players. So all and others it is six names that are ahead of many get a second I'm broke. I am because I'm really had to me they're all sinners but I mean I guess in theory one of them or two of them could be a power forward. What we got the name Leo Russell Chamberlain Dunkin' chat a dream and Karl Malone markets crumble orders a forward and and and really for much of mr. reconsider Duncan a forward but those are bigs coming out pure bigs. LeBron James is next on the all time oppose season rebounding was so. I mean the numbers are starting to come together for his case. For his permanent place on the basketball not running nowhere he's going to put aside to this it's good to be real interesting to me if you some morals where he's going to be. Paul George.