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Hour 3: Stugotz and Stephen A. Smith: 4/21/17

Apr 21, 2017|

Stugotz joins the guys to talk about the NBA playoffs and the situation involving Eli Manning. Then, Stephen A. Smith calls in to talk about the greatness of LeBron James.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every tech made standing on. But there's only one that's always had a way of standing out and or you're looking to bring more battle comforting creativity here like Honduras and call on the brand that's known for making the most an outdoor living. From decking railing and lighting furniture fencing and framing it in their tracks where engineering and what's next in outdoor living. To learn more about all of the outdoor solutions tracks has to offer call 180289. Tracks or visit track dot com that's TR EX dot com. LeBron was sensational marry you mentioned the performance appalled Georgia death rate and I just off the top my head through this thought that you and like many things you just have to throw something out there willing alien people are reacting like crazy if I told you right now you could this off season. Acquire Paul George is someone might. Or Jimmy Butler could someone might which will would you rather act I mean you look at their ages are awarded Butler 27 George two point six Butler been only five years Paul George sixers are numbers are basically identical. I think I would lean toward Butler because of the defense aside. 'cause that the two way player that that he is compared. To George from the defense to psych is offensively as I said if you're getting about the same numbers what has to separate well. Of one plays better on the other end. That I think I might lean that way typing a might mean to Jimmy Butler yeah I mean you do look at the teams that thereon. Atlas and coli Leonard is a sense a shuttle player sensational. If you put Jimmy Butler we just picked up coli Leonard took him out of where he's had quite like Jimmy Butler then. In San Antonio would he be that guy would he be would he be as good as collider does that I obviously don't know but I think that's valid I think lawyer right after I got a place that type a two way player I mean I'm knocking out. Why letters and MVP candidate out. Saw and I'm not gonna just easily say. Dumped a Butler and there any QB is good score line that's unfair article I Leonard for what he's doing of course but my point is they they came along kind of similarly in both came into the league. As players that worse I mean you knew what Leonard better is a bigger college start and Butler. But they both came in as defense kind of players they've both developed offensive games and nobody saw coming your first started hearing about Butler when he was going head to head. With LeBron murders play 48 minutes of every right layup when he mainly battling LeBron like yelling he's an item on the defense aside but that offensively he's doing things develop into a great offensive player and Cole while it was a guy who was a defensive specialist. And has turned into a great offensive player. In Allen George of course is a star do so yes she is out. There's really no reason to be debating who's better Richard won the other. What you cannot debate is the brilliance of LeBron james' performance last night again if you're just waking up and joining us this team is down 25 at the half. And in the second half LeBron 128 point seven assists six rebounds a steal a block no turnovers and did not allow a basket as a primary defender. Their opponent shooting against him last night in the in the second half were over four. So he carries that team to a win. And I got tweets here. Which one of these do you prefer. We just played a sound byte of him praising the bench praising those guys shop opened Korver and those guys who played so well last night Deron Williams. Here's one degree to which we have we have a glass half full guy we have a cynic Joseph tweets great game king James giving the bench credit was graceful I'm impressed. Jeff tweets LeBron is not praising the bench he's taking a shot at love and Irving that's all that well which one do you believe. Law I. I'm not a cynic it's a whole I'm I'm kind of listen I don't think so I think I'm more of of the two of us having a morbid glass half full guy. Thought I would like to think he's giving praise that are because. Here's the thing you know you're gonna have to count I what good is it to take a shot at carrying Camelot. There are going to be there they're gonna be there crunch time and they're gonna win a championship those guys have to play well. It's better to pick up your role players I think game and NB. Good to them knowing how much they can help in that game here in that game their like they did last night so. I look at is praising the bachelor I'm I'm not gonna go to cynical way. We got three NBA playoff games tonight on the ESPN family of television network and the we got a game for you on the radio as well we got Harden and the rockets who got Westbrook in the thunder it's presented by Dell in the coverage begins 8:30 eastern and most of these ESPN radio stations. One more thing before we bring institute got an and that is the latest on Tiger Woods. I'm sure right now you saw the news yesterday that tiger has undergone another. Back surgery. The fourth time he's had surgery on his back and if you read the release of the statement that he released. And you got to read between the lines a little bit and and at that it's generally dangerous to be parsed words and things like this. This sounds to me like a person is trying to figure out a way to be able to just walk without pain now. Forget about trying to win golf tournaments and golf majors and all that after he sounds like a person who's genuine concern is not just living with pain in his back for the rest of his. I agree with that I mean listen awhile ago I didn't that you and another major and and our hope was maybe. Every tournament every now and then maybe can be competitive. In in in certain cases. You know over on that Sunday and MB up you don't amongst the leaders and and recapture that every now and then and that seems to be. I I think that's why I I think we're at the end I mean I I know he's been trying to come back and I get a four back surgeries in that game of pork king. With that swing dead guy's got a lot of life left and and you spend so much more time this kids I mean he's. I I know nobody wants to go up that way nobody does you wanna be able to walk off on your own terms but. It always doesn't work that way you can look back he's had an unbelievable. Career even that set I'm sure he'd like to play his way to the end but it doesn't look like that's gonna work. Anyway here's our Bob parry on tiger. This is serious. He's going to be out now for another extended amount of time we're looking at least six months realistically before you can even. Really begin to think about swinging a golf club again and we forget you know. He still had a swing that he wasn't comfortable with he has to work on his game you have to practice chipping and putting. Meanwhile all these guys are these would be competing against are playing and practicing and he just gets farther and farther removed from those days of being in a competitive mindset and even when he does come back. If he does come back how Long Will it take him to feel comfortable. And now this is just more serious surgery than the ones that he's had before so he's good he even have that to overcome. Certainly there is there's any reason to its wonder. And and have concern for him going forward. So you know a couple of trains of thought one being did you say you know what did a great career I'm ready to move on you know this is isn't happening. You know the back is not responding and I to move on and the other side of it is. That nature of I'm not letting this end in my career I'm going to work to come back even if it's just for a very short time to show that I can come back. And play on this in the PGA again I don't know how competitive he would be. But just for his own mind to say I can come back from this. And then kind of walk off. On my own terms which is completely a mental thing to to an athlete. You know to say I wanna go backward how many times we see a person get hurt them wanna come back sank a knuckle off that way. You know and this has been an extended injury with the back. So I don't know I don't know him and all enough to even speculate on where he is. If he's comfortable and just saying not gonna risk it anymore I'm Dunn or. You know I'm gonna work and shall I can come back and then leave on my own terms. The difference with office those guys generally don't ever go out bright bright big play and play and play and they got in the Champions Tour and I play they play into their sixties they do. So it's is a very different thing are those the spring and Stu got on that note are Friendster got some of them have a our show. Was duke got to joins us every week here Mike and I can I know many things about through God's including that he loves golf the way I love golf. And so it it it would seem almost impossible to imagine at this point after a fourth back surgery. Still got that that we're going to see Tiger Woods ever return in any significant way to the sport so. If indeed this is it now that the story of Tiger Woods golf career has been written. How will you remember how well how do you think this story in its totality. Deserves to be told. Greeting I'll still if he never plays again if you never win another Major Garrett I'll still remember him as the greatest golfer my lifetime of our generation. You know certainly there's arguments to be made. For Jack nickel a Jack Nicklaus and and I understand that because. Tiger never got to where he wanted to get and that was to break the major record set by by Jack Nicklaus had just said to me great because you and I love golf so much and he's the greatest golfer you don't I didn't see Jack in his prime so an 86 what what that mastered that what the Jack in his prime that would Jack towards. The end of his prime for the end of his career really. I tiger is the greatest golfer ever seen and I've just said that I don't get to see more in an. I've said for a long time now after every back surgery he's still gonna come back he's still gonna win majors. He's got a break Jack's record but meant for back surgery six months away from coming back again to the door greedy it is hard for me to pat them. That he's ever going to win another major partner to fathom the government wouldn't of the port of itself. Op but also the recovery and as the greatest golfer of our generation of my lifetime on. And there's yeah I guess there's a little. Cut after their little a little benchmark there were younger your bits that are caught tragic reading is not magic just say that we could if we do get to see it play out. All the way for a how how how long were you holding onto that he's gonna win and other majors that just going away now or had you said that a while ago I mean did you think he was done awhile goers this confirming it for you if you think. Now I'll go look this is confirming a formula right up till yesterday right above are in the news that he was gonna get a fourth back surgery I still thought the tiger would be able to come back. Ed still be able to piece together you know 45 majors and that just doesn't seem to be the case so yes this is for the first time I have felt I think the way that really feels that made a lot of other. Golf fans have felt prologue time that tiger's not gonna reach that record Jack Nicholson's record with the majors and it should set I would I would've loved to seen him play. All the way through his entire career and see exactly how would have played out that they go to play that put him when it when he something ages. Imagine him against some of these young guys in the game right now he was sort of off. You know we're sort of being cheated of the usual arc of the great career in that sport might in my presented by progressive insurance to got to this. On the shell Pennzoil performance art onto other business we watch LeBron James play last night I know that those in Miami and for those most people are aware that. Leavitt artistry that's a company there in Miami and have a lot of Miami labor of the show. So when LeBron has a night like last night. What is the react is that he can't play any better than any player in the second half last night and carried his team basically all by himself to win. What is the reaction. That you will be hearing and will be having on your show today. I am. I'm not happy about it but I did the rest of the city of Miami is like atlas and he left here again got here four years what the word straight championships they won two. On the edge so I think. You don't the city of Miami still likes LeBron James back I would say many people love LeBron gave you make your argument and I'm including Dwyane what hate here that abroad as the greatest player ever play to ever Wear. A Miami Heat Jersey even though he was only down here for the four years he still won the two titles Wimbledon one without himself. Odd that the reaction I think. I think people would Miami are rooting for LeBron James right up until he plays Dwyane Wade in Chicago Bulls if they had soccer is comes to fruition it would going to be interesting year. Up with enough abroad or you he's he's one of the all time greats and I you know I heard you guys talk about the way and say in May be maybe his best game ever I would say probably game six against the Boston Celtics beat the copper bottom. All of the road where that really the blueprint was at stake there where Pat Riley said at the season if they don't win the championship that year they're sexy you're together the Big Three. That he thinks about ripping up the blue Britain go to different directions so I think that's the greatest game we've ever seen LeBron play but certainly last night. Was was with in the top five dead and the city land use the referral abroad and loves LeBron has logged up like Dwyane Wade and clogged up slightly. Expensive lesson when a couple of the fact the carrier ring and Kevin Love were on the bench for that entire fourth quarter. Are a big thing happened last night the NFL schedule came out and some people seem to love it I've. I don't get it sometimes but what's your thought what takeaways you get from the schedule coming up. Well you know I do love it how am except the jet fans ought to know how to renew experiences last night but greedy I got through the first week of the first three weeks it's at buffalo at oak Lynn home with the dolphins I have them all when three and I stop looking at the rest of us into the let's and I think realistically. And there are ebbs and flows and everything. There is reasonably the jets are going to be one of the two or three worst teams in the NFL this either that stage of development in theory they're breaking everything down and article that's going to be right positioning it another quarterback next year as well. I can't say this I thought should take that one actually witness and ROC. How that they want to going an accurate than anything else jump out of Houston got some educators are you excited about the draft next week what. What are your take or all of this dressed up as we are now six days away. Yeah listen I only focus on the jets' schedule that the team that I love until I looked at it like you do every single year and I did you know the whole win loss win loss when Lawson and admits it would work to union and that's why and that's I'll take that just the book and not Nate Nate. I got excited for the draft because gritty I really do think. But the jets are gonna take a quarterback here I think that they're gonna take a shot Watson they're gonna figure out a way to get Mitchell two bit odd for this one of those two guys and and that excites me to those guys don't work out as go to sport about double take another one next year that would get this thing right because we're not going to be go to that we get a good quarterback. There was making a quarterback what do you make of this whole business of the light we saw him come out yesterday. Very strong long glee sort of on the offense. Why are is denying that he's done anything wrong here what does memorabilia stuff it's gonna continue to circulate until. Some resolution is offered until some explanation for what actually happened here that satisfies everyone. Is offered what's your take away. You don't just based on what we know right now it's horde I think you'll like it into something wrong just based on the information that we have right now really the information I'm talking about is is that one email suit to the guy and trading at. So it it's really pitchers being listed I know the Manning barely cares about their reputation most people do okay and Eli has come out the same way Peyton did average guys talking about earlier. Obviously my patent came out when there are allegations against him and and and I understand it the white looks right now. Eli Manning absolutely did something wrong is it a big deal to most people know because they're not enough memorabilia game it's not a big deal to that bought for the people who are eaten at the memorabilia game. Steiner and the people watching paid for the merchandise. It's a big deal that you wanna get what you paid more I can absolutely see thin air you know. Where that plays out working like at the port or some of the stuff that's meaningful to him. A gritty aggregates they may 200 billion dollars I know he cats but some of that stuff I gave more stuff is probably meaningful and and I can absolutely envision a scenario where you see as the administrator day. Get some stuff that looks game Warner rub some dirt on a Jersey you'd add David David activities like get decider. And if I'm the person who's on the receiving end of that memorabilia I wanted to be authentic and if it's not gonna be very upset and so what appears to be just based on the information we have now. That he light absolutely dogs of the. Yeah I hide my point with the I'm not that they were can be sentimental value to my point is why would you get yourself involved in something that is going to create. But he used it more chump change out a lot of money to most people but it's not a lot of her as someone who has made because we think billion dollars in Oslo because you think it's easy out. You think I can easily get majors your helmet that Japan is right warn and and Fred I'll never now yeah yeah that's exactly what my point is if you now and again I. I I I am not sit that you're suggesting that Eli Manning has done something wrong I have no idea what wound up happening. But if you don't know. That you're giving stuff that isn't actually which are claiming to be so isn't someone that all along the line gonna tell you you know. If this thing comes maybe it was like a look Harry and add this lawsuit this flawed as it hasn't happened way more than you're thinking guy Tuesday it is almost. The my son Mike's set it as he was leaving town likes beating everybody kind of does that and you get caught every now and then but you know I really think about the consequences riding caught for the at a pretty minimal. The concert and maybe you never think about what the content you know is it getting cold Dell has started out and all of a sudden a personal as as as aren't as good reputation as anybody in the whole league. Who is the reigning NFL Walter Payton man of the year award winner. And his beloved and has managed to play thirteen years in New York City without one bad thing happening. Like this stupidity is actually making him look bad that that's the part of it. That jab but I don't I don't think your hands are career you know if the worst thing that set about somebody's he got a Jersey to a guy that says said it was game Warner was and I I don't think we're you know keeping him out of the hall of fame. Keeping them out about it but it's as astute that's going. The out if there and all political look on that ad in the blemish green if it turns out that all this is true it's not a big deal it's not gonna really out of it if it ruined reputation that much it's certainly not gonna keep them out of all thing in. And you know also think he's at ease you know above average of very good quarterback great quarterback and a very good quarterbacks would like to do anything. In that regard. It did start you know for me because I'm a memorabilia guy have a lot of game ward stopped so now now that goal looks at it happens all the bodies over a former professional athlete. I have to go back and look at all my stuff that would make sure thought that that I got the nature like some of the grass marked by tablets over the jet Jersey that haven't actually real. But I got I was thinking maybe you guys you got elected I am not you guys are absolutely did. You should start selling should go warned stall autograph it and itself. Show warned stop until like reading I would pay top dollar for whatever Jackie you have our right now if you decide if we said to me. I won't buy you thousands of dollars that that you know how much I love you man. And now it's worth much more than that very quickly they'll all get a what this stuff that you have bought up up how does that get authenticated like we do when you buy if you if you look at you bought I don't know what Joseph Klecko signed Jersey. Yes that they give you a letter of authenticity. Yeah get a. A letter but now I have no idea at the question everything that I I have zero idea no matter how they authenticated. You know what I've never read the letter I just had a letter that letter made me feel good about it it appears that lets I've never actually studied the letter. It's the latter but I I don't think the letter says we sat there and watched him sign and I think he says we authenticate by this letter. That this was signed by them or worn by that so my point is so Brandon Steiner and his FaceBook I think last week. Actually said. When Eli Manning walks in and hands me the stuff I feel like I contrasted so what's it like you saying. That was his authentication process and he writes a letter signed this in my career that I wanted to see what else could be the authentication again following him into the locker room after game and watching him take all right Jersey and following that Jersey all the way to nobody auction in some things I've read it suggests that the that the training staff. Has the different jerseys and stuff there are little codes numbers. Different things on the that they can't authenticate that it actually was warned for a while yet they can't they can't what that's my point it's exactly the point of its sale. Yeah it's it's not. It's not as cut and dry as our we'll get all the game more stuff is it but my point is if they're not at the memorabilia collector who's selling this to you isn't isn't. Insisting upon vets that being taken they bail on having a potted they're being told it is but a lot of sometimes it isn't. You haven't gone bad there agrees China summit is is on stock and acquitted it never believed it of one name and it's I don't I can't name another guy who caused this for letting. It is I'd heard so that you can't get it you're stuck under your Rutgers got to operate it you can't just say oh Ely walked into my all of that and to be the stop their war it is game ward yeah you have to do a better job and that. Both guys are wrong here Steiner and Eli Manning argue that all I wanna know is what soldier College Lacrosse member of news for. All I haven't saw the belt now I'm just putting ideas in the oil and had yet. Haven't sold it but I'm going to a bit to start selling my College Lacrosse memorabilia I don't gonna start where as long exited when did. The Disney and ESP and all the ominous start selling I show warned stop now moving forward to get a great idea that we should all do it. I can't or any or whatever problem with a yeah I got a camera. I. I was a little out of that apartment that you. Do any good if I would that would matter I don't know there's good stuff to talk about David that music first passion that is brought to us by Canadian mist with little foresee simply together. Drink response rarity he's he's tried the product. Let me just say if I ever IDB UC. Shall war enclosed by Mike and Mike. And I have a sign coat and tie I'm there. It's not authentic. It's a fraud that this is it's funny but it's kind of not so funny like Ike yet. Do I think this is the worst thing that's ever happened in the history of mankind obviously. But there is actually this is actually a business right I mean someone is running a business and there is actually. Indeed there is actually fraud that is taking place. That's not something just to say well it's no big deal it is a big deal it may have been done. With a degree this really isn't a big deal to give it to him but now you know hopefully someone is getting the message and I'll. If people are paying thousands of dollars for this stuff and they're being told it is one thing and it actually is and that's not right and someone could get in a lot of trouble for them. And they may or they may not we'll have to see how it goes I. 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Equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumer axis dot org number 3030. We have a lot working here we've have a little more on the Eli I think coming up a little bit later in this hour we might be bringing. Someone in with that was some perspective we're working on that but right now let's bring in a man who always has perspective our friend Stephen A Smith the first take is standing by. And is ready to go good morning David Wright. But we're doing great so what LeBron James has the kind of night that he had last night and I keep running over the numbers that he had. Particularly in the second half beat you can't really play any better than he played. All the points and assists the rebounds is plus minus and he did not allow a basket as a defender. In the entire second half when you watch him play last night Stephen A I just wonder as a as a lifelong basketball fan what thoughts go through your mind. There was one of the most position a woman can not so we put four. The way they looked in the short path. And the way he hunkered down and just step up and make sure. Eddie candidate bit the way it did it was not sure that's sensational. In Vermont that all one greatest player in the world and we see a performance like that from him particularly considering how they look in the first half which you find yourself doing at that particular moment in time. Is really acting excuse me we're in the sky where the I've got him the greatest small forward oh all time even though. I would put that burden in the last two minutes of the clutch speak about what the ball that you could have been issued from the field. It from the free throw line open for 46 minutes over the course of 82 games. It'd be young. Considering physicals that meant that is BS let it hit them. Everything that comes with that is all war game won't go into the floor he's clearly one of the in the usual rules. Bit warmer actual won't consideration Libyan I want them now what she wore. Of all of basketball he keeps you have to be that great when he's that Corey there are few. That you would that edit. And which you feel. What does that also say that he did it especially in that fourth quarter and nine of the twelve minutes would Deron Williams Kyle Korver Channing Frye and in my choppered. No Kevin Love no carrier in the entire fourth quarter. We'll be integrated that salute to remember there when LeBron you're going to see you're gonna be content when he's not a team you're allowed to eat. You know when we talk about you know all we're all MVP and he bought in DP this year absolutely not. Took about sixteen Paul Kuhn who's been on a roller coaster ride is to beat them beyond. That he would be compute network. We conclude that he's erupting won't repeat what more engaged audience for all that want it to be greeted with what we're just to do what to a degree that he has put forth what have known my market we didn't VP honors this year that you had to look at people will it be peace in terms of Ku is the best player in the world each year. Over the last. There would be this is as they would look wrongly in the ballgame by our view I don't mean to we Torre I'm talking about off. I clicks that indeed. Legitimately you can look at it and say it this definitively eighth place in the world that was better than him. Over the last all the bacteria can pop you can give it to you can't get any political deal which is another thing we can. I absolutely would go back to the last several years of his first stint in Cleveland. Annie is definitively been the best player in the world through all of that so then Stevens who gets sent to watch the bulls tonight try and and and really put that take total control of their series. Against Boston which may not come as a total shock and obviously has. A lot of other side bars going on there were that that story that terrible situation involving Isiah Thomas and everything else. But as we sort of sit back and look at it now if there is a threat to Cleveland in the Eastern Conference where's that coming from. Why are they personally use the Washington with that I've been saying that for football I don't know what to go I could've watched him. That upon itself in addition we they have that they Cleveland. A horrible war the conference finals. Washington's been the lead of the conference finals I think that John Wall the temptation about this year. From the first quarter for the fourth quarter they didn't show well bolt into the war. He's got bigger cause she's cute take advantage in the way you can take advantage. Are they Kyle Lowry or they come as he did me issues that. Don't go ahead of them impacted being in the very significant way. Even when he's not scoring in bunches for you whether this which we now is pushing the ball a lot of war. It's good news about lock down these contribute to uphold the dog keep goes all but they didn't well but then gravity field can ball too he can cheat and Otto Porter it's really couldn't keep shooting and the typical one dominance has definitely helped them have been watched more. The plan electoral work rather. Did apple know that. So you look at all with a look at the public that that it couldn't tell you it was Washington what what not cheap. That would mean he had noticed. Is that yeah other typical call. You don't agree free durable walk in the way big thing. We have to keep I don't know because that you're ever challenge that LeBron James might end up facing about where we think he's going to have. To deal with if your Greek free because who do visible to kick kid kick a lot that can handle the war and more importantly. One of his biggest. Is he is his ability to their hated so LeBron into patient that got. In the second round it is something especially to the hole that I would be shocked expression while. Actually I wanted to go on if you wanna see that series of course you can your better make sure you have NB ATV because that's really gonna find it. Have we and I know live under rated Milwaukee have we underrated though walked here we overrated Toronto. We believe. Not a great great question though because. You know 21 K we unbelievable war keep what they do it consistent throughout the years cute shouldn't do that than to say. They didn't consider pitching machine to conduct. Cache age that we did not. The flip side to it is that want to it was a really good people we may have over rated them in which respect. How about we can do you really didn't play what he's safe small car. Come playoff time we have Maurice Q between the actions not worry about back to back the you can gain clear if somebody goes miniature thought. Usually have a problem remember that they may try and watch what they're not that it comment that they're not Alan opposite. You're going to have a problem columns very good but not the guy you look at a guy like the market wrote about wrote the score. And yet the team like Milwaukee however. You need to be a machine to do it because he can't just go to a whole new polo and you wouldn't want to do against these guys who are Emeka with you don't Romney will degree creek. There are being a part wanted to wall. What he's you can be more vocal Rivet or we cannot entities. And that's not too raw milk and Balanchine and he's seen intimidate you would think with his can look at he beat wall of Clinton. But not shall Sharjah Fokker keep never really had up to bat he gave you don't speak to get to spend a blocked shot. Well they're simply keep you can actually program should balance student to support the beach scoring and it's against him. So you can kick the ball out open these are up with god. Keep looking to have that wouldn't be edited Milwaukee. And as a result they make you walk itself primarily. Riveted shooting he 1101 most of the time. And get this Milwaukee T. Coach spotted great to be continued and when an outstanding job that would be typical looking like or want so to do clean the computer program that shot. Toronto had a tough time doing well and that's why that's why I think what he's gonna win it. You wanna see the great freaking get to see him tomorrow game four on TNT at 3 o'clock. Eastern time via an opportunity to see this kind of they do get through it you're gonna see him prime time against LeBron. And that will be a lot of fun even an hour and twenty minutes from first take on ESPN we'll see him and Steve and I thank you was to assume. And prize of one million dollars what color you know White House. No vision of this enormous. And far and second I'll. Switching to Geico continue bunch of money and car insurance. Judges. That's true given. Again as you are no oil. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always agree dancer good hour still to come Jamal Adams lot of people think is the best player in this draft. He'll be in our security on PJ Carlos emote talking hoops after a huge night from LeBron James which is a monster day in the playoffs you know if that was an incredible performance last night. Milwaukee I've completely. You know undervalued them no doubt about it I honestly you know I haven't. Name a person outside of Milwaukee Bucks fans have seen a ton of them play this year and as Stephen they said they have been inconsistent they were 42 and forty. It's not like at all. I'm I'm under raiding them and they don't deserve you know lower other succeed they're just a game above 500. So but for the way they're playing again you look at the match up and Stephen A broken down very well with them and Toronto but who would look forward. Through the match above LeBron and the Greek freaked cumin and the next round absolutely off I'd like to see it and I think that is well and like you mentioned as I said there Milwaukee's that I NB ATV they'll be at TNT tomorrow. Every game if they're in that game a series of Cleveland every game is prime time for them for that for the team. Meanwhile I'm glad you said to do something you just edges that was something that I've always liked this is one of those little things that only I care about you care if you're 42 and forty. You are one game over 500. And I you do is that at the annual rite and now people will say they're two games over 500. Because you would have to lose two games in order to be 500 bright but the reality is when you're 42 and forty. If you had won one more game you would have been 500 nor have always thought that was actually the way we should describe this even though it isn't like what he was 3224. Nobody ever says that four games over 500. But the reality is if they had won four more games they would be 500. So that really is the way it should be to Eduardo looking I almost wanna get stung by a scorpio your. What it was I just studying and passing just to show what their record was I didn't mean make a segment not a bad. But you can't hurt. But you're the one who said he didn't even set mistakenly just know I just said in passing that they were close to 500 by being one game over 500. I didn't mean to turn into what I'm glad you said that your let me explain why. I would've been fine with the saying I'm glad you senate that way because I agree without you said it and then move done. And your understate the significance of this change. Our next question brought device indeed that jump poster next job opening on the world's number one job site the staff has put together yes a hole but got questions they ask us this first question I can't wait here's the first 11 question. The NFL game your most excited to watch this season is. Idiot wrote this question are serious. This just came out like gaming the most exciting well our seven few weeks' worth the games. And I'm also looked at this schedule from last night and picked out the game. That's going to be the most exciting of the year clutch as stupid but the Super Bowl rematch and I felt hey maybe she's Thursday night help bring I well I can't wait for that game move on here's one of the reasons that you ought to save that one yeah because that will be the first to include did you write that question. We should know. The way you you've jumped out of that bad leaders in jump out of it he threw up out of Ivan have to do without ever got my chance to rip him for that. All these games why would you say Thursday September 7 the opener because it'll be the first meaningful game we've seen since the Super Bowl right would it be a delightful accent at all that's what you are doing them in the chiefs that's it I can't wait it's gonna be the best game of the year my god I'm tingling. Yeah next question. Shortfalls Jimmy drop below we'll have a better career than any of the quarterbacks drafted in this year's collapse I'll say that's false I mean that's one against what we're talking the possibility of seven maybe in the first two rounds the odds are again drop low for that I would think. Coming from a back up position we think where he may end up whether it's in New England taking over for Brady and number of years. Or what I think you're gonna lose the next series of freeagent. Costs and on gonna say absolutely false on that I will also say false. As much as I kind of like the idea of girl rob below history is filled with these guys who were backups get big money goes someplace else and it almost never goes well. Next question over under over. Haven't even read it America doesn't know what I'm about to say. The over under on the number of shots Russell Westbrook will take tonight. Over but I don't care what the averted you can have but the number 28 and a half looks like 29 and out to neighbor who's also are our partners a check mark through what my fault I I I'd bet marveled at work. You play I don't thirty I took 23 in game one in 43 games all over. Over is gonna over why international. Had a hole in 19 and a half whatever sorry sorry. You know what I've got my check mark your made a check mark on the question and I wrote it right through the numbers are just intimidated at all Adams walked into the thing guys haters have you ever seen this guy that people not. I'm not sure I'm not coming across the middle under any circumstance no does recognize that there. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go under. Are you tonight tonight back at home they're gonna get other people involved I'm gonna go under and that number of shots. Next question which loss in his storied coaching career do you think bothers Nick Saban the most. This comes from the fact that he had yesterday he has not gotten over the loss to Clemson. He says he still hasn't gotten over the loss to all board that game in a lot of other crazy tight law is and well I mean you take a loss to Clemson that's a national championship game a loss to Auburn is an unbelievable. Rivalry Internet all the way it was a national champion again I would have been right you know moving forward and they didn't because of that there with a number one team in the country when it happens that what I think is gonna haunt you more because that that's in the title game you were in the title game and I think that once stopped you from getting into the title game itself and on the way and a missed. Field goal return. I think that would haunt me for all my game major and it against your arch rival. Last one next question what's more likely tiger never plays again on tour or tiger contends that another major all tiger never plays again PGA tour I agree that that and I don't think is it any question about it I think that was actually a much lesser question as far as the writing than the first one there we go back so loudly criticized season coming up. A lot of very exciting weekend. I don't sing that week yet. Who's a dumb question or there's some quell Brokeback questions who did right and I don't know they're fired who rutted guys. Dense stand yeah it's Danziger that gets this is a moral offense pat anger both fires.

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