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Hour 4: Jamal Adams: 4/21/17

Apr 21, 2017|

Greeny & Golic talked with Jamal Adams and PJ Carlesimo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now that Applebee's urban street chicken and shrimp is only 999. Ordering dinner just became a no brainer. And I think you can spend more time on life's bigger questions like which appetizer to get. Price participation may very cheap restaurant for details. This morning another legendary performance from LeBron James another back surgery on fortunately. For Tiger Woods NFL draft six days away and joining us now. In our studio as a young man whose name is gonna go off the board very very early. Next Thursday when every year people talk about players who were most ready to step into the NFL and make an immediate impact one of the first and that comes out. As always the safety out of LSU Jamal items are joins us. In our studio welcome Jamal power them around the room and I'm just excited to be years. Not and really they've Robertson. Glad to have you here you got to see in my breakdown a little bit every how to do. But it will man you know you said the 45 speed but you know at a Ford three speed and abroad you know for -- that's all that's right you do it in order for five you know I -- gives you now you're you're absolutely right hustler is it for five of the -- by wolf over the top Columbine Michael Oliver got the note here I apologize because the let me tell if I ran a 43 I'd be born and everywhere for it was you know thirty figures confusing it with his own is forty. Had a -- -- -- are you David he is Mike that I died here at the end of the breakdown that you did of Jamal's work -- on television you said. If you have a note for him but even he isn't going to be aware of and I don't know what it or you don't I don't you don't. The father played the NFL that he now did father was a running back to Kentucky it is drafted by the giants' number nineteen overall game you know member of the year. It's ninety I'll I'll tell you that 851985. Here I was drafted Motorola's lahood small craft in the tenth round a couple of hours he was totally nineteen I was picked number 255. But we're both. Jamal as father and I were in the exact same draft I'd gladly pick Mike if you look at it this way 236. Spots ahead of you. Some of them actually feel good on his dad was was was even considered better prospect he was also picked and around that still exists yeah if if I around doesn't exist anymore it was taken around the Jamal is going to be thick and fast an objective there has been right so starting big picture it working away small your name has been involved in this thing from basically the moment the season ended. So give people an idea it seems to have gotten more and more involved this time has gone on of just what these last few months have been like for you as far as how busy it has been. She is is had two men commentary that you know it's it's it's on her. On to be doing we're doing is definitely a drain on Jason. But as far as flights and as far as meeting with teams is unreal you know it is is it definitely takes a toll on so you gotta stay in shape. On you know you gotta get toward dusting whatever you can add the oats on you know you got to sacrifice time so I'm religious and join a process army into soak it all the. So you're a guy that came on high schools a top safety prospect in the country played it as as a true freshman so you've got in their right away and and we can I can show and tell us straight what you do on the field we can look at stats. But the people I talk to about you talk about the intangible Jordan leadership skills where where did that come from for you why are. You know I think you and your your board. Modeled in you know he's just wait what it is they failed leader. On film like in a month my prayers and you know again the most sensitive. On you know I was fortunate to be raised that's who repairs on you know they raised me just do the right things on and off the field. Lead by example. You know images that would you know at a younger age you really don't you don't listens you know so well so much from Tom boy you know it you get older. You start to realize I'm an old man like you now I thought I was Aleman our I don't wanna push it well you know I'm new young. Com. I'm mop mean. I definitely to modify it and you know the OK as there did you know. And had done. After the seniors my old cats and like now there's little cat but all kidding aside having a father who has been through it who is our enemy the league was different then but it's basically still the same. In what ways does that benefit Q what have you learned from his having BN. A member of the NFL going through the process and playing in the league that you think will benefit you going forward right it. So you know he hit his his talk with me is always about just being yourself. On you know don't what you do best on the ops are playing for boys three. You know it is is religious nothing new to me you know this is this is another process is another chapter. On that I'm excited for. On that I have to grow up I've been richer. And you know he just he just always is you know constantly on the about is doing right things and and I think that's what is that's what it's about common and that's what I you know I'll I take from him the most. So your guys that that is great on the field you come from a football family your average credible leadership skills yet when you meet with all these teams are always trying to get that one question again. Find something read that that can throw you off what what were some of the things that that you got asked that that you thought worldwide. You know it it it wasn't a salient question. It was a lot of light. Mind games on his followers you assessing crazy questions like all the walkway questions. You know about the you know. Did the capital you know. China just everything it would it was it was you know a different scene. On way you know it was too many questions about four walls. Could. But you know it I got a lot of crazy questions as so they asked Mitchell Stravinsky how good he is it doing in Nene and I suspect in Iraq. I wondered myself I have no idea what the purpose of any of that is but I clearly there's some method to it did anyone ever ask you awards was there anything in this process because. These days everyone is so prepared for the process. That took you by surprise where US anything or asked to do anything thing that you hadn't seen coming in weren't prepared for. To be honest no. You know it was it was released report. You know. Conducted me and you know they shut nation questions at me and I just as a coach and from the you know it was it wasn't something that they were Charlie you know. Give me alone but it difficulties that you had. You know doctors and edits to play little mind game you to see how you gonna react on you just have to react in in state common depression. And looking at the situations that are saying calm under pressure at LSU with the coaching situation and in the changer Europe's air. For a talk about from a leadership side. How are you kind of helped everybody and got everybody through that well you know it was Horner. You know it was my house fire on the it was definitely tough on you know the team does that. You know he recruited you know most of the guys calm in you know when that wanted to please. You know coach hosted. You know as a leader denies that but as well and keep the you know due to group together. On that and is going to be OK we got a feasting strong got to get a blow win or we gotta get that. You know we we had it we had a great. On starting the season you know Rocco started team coach so committed. Army you know we always up to have been gaining tough loss. You know we get some little. Who played a miserable and so I think it was it was about finishing on it was about Spain is staying tight as a team. On not having individuals. On the age you know just going out as winners. Yes I agree. To set aside no it whether or are on with agricultural business as you as you say. Does he get motivated because the way he speaks you just a couple of listen to him enough right. Right I just pick German one and speaking out and made my opinion I hear something but I as a motivational guy what you see is what you did there. And coach shows great. You know you as a great you know friendly. You know he's he's definitely a supportive of everybody on you know he deals relationships. By what she sees which he did his voice it is he's never lose it. Com you know he's always you know pumped up he's always given you know his motivation you know speak his talks in. You know he's definitely always you know China it is around a did you understand every word he says. Now though man but it you know you get used to you know when he stylist Amy you just yeah I coach I got see how you you just gotta go with these images if you get the gist of it right. Win the executive. We've had a on multiple time. After time I'm stating I have no idea what he's saying he's violent not a OK notes actually exactly yet while Adams of LSU is in our studio and you mentioned the bowl game you know and there are a lot there was a lot of talk about bowl games this year because a lot of others who are in the situation that you're in players who were going to be highly drafted. Including your teammate Leonard for an hour chose not to play in those bowl games and and just for the sake of public record I defended them completely right while there were a lot of people who were critical of them. What was your reaction when Leonard told you and told the teammates I'm not gonna play in that game. Well you know this is something that you know it was his decision. You know we supported as a you know as you for boxing. You know whatever he need to do. What was best for him we were gonna support no matter way on so you know when he toes that on the it was David it it was definitely you know our bridges. But at the same time you know we have of the backs like guy and on Darryl. On the unique Breaux says and it is so many so many guys that you know we can feed off in you know we won't list as that Thompson those guys feel in engagement is job. Did you ever think about I didn't now now one bit even after he said it did that do go all maybe Williams so many people you know admired it you know wanted to. Wanted to you know one immediate you know let's stop playing but. I was about them and I was I was focused on you know on religion as a winner. I couldn't I couldn't go out. And is not playing my last game on the nod definitely for the fan base definitely from my Brothers. On me just finish strong because that has a one thing that debt. We're between him and Christian McCaffrey and we wonder now. Christians father played the lead lawyer like like you or your father did. So were you when did you first start hearing from these people in your year that we're saying hey maybe ought to back off on us. Yeah it was it was it was towards the end of the season. You know the whole you know. Oh he's the manner in the you know I just wasn't full out Sonnen you know focus on the right thing of course it was coming up minded on that you know I could possibly early. You know that there's no doubt about it. But at the same time I wanted to stretch my teammates I want to keep the focus of the team on him wanna put that it's on me. Army and I just wanted to you know again finish as the winner who was suggesting to you that might be your best interest to go early as I can understand why someone might. Why these people close to yours is justice stuff you're hearing on social harming social media it's of people that are close to me. You know it becomes you know you turn on the TV edit at a young gays. And you see an anchor across the you know the banner of likely to leave you gonna look. You know you see you see everything that you know is out there but. Again and I just want to keep the focus off me. An and I wanted to go out as one. I just wonder because I understand that in order to play the game which both of you guys did and I did not work that you can't go out there worrying about injury are when you see what happened to Jalen Smith last year than this this year right now Dick putt. Would have been one of the guys that was in his first run and everyone would be talking about it now basically no one is talking about him that he'll get drafted and he'll get an opportunity to play him. But he got injured in that ballgame to ride did you think about that at all about the possibility of getting hard. Well when you Stebbins who knows lines you can't think of uninsured. That's one thing that you cannot. Do on you know my father you know he always told me. If you if you feel you'll get injured ego get in on the few about it just go on him to sit it out and in so he's got play fast and you do what you do. But at the same time those things do pop up. Obama believe strongly everything happens for a reason. You know this is part of the OJ bus story on I think he's welcome back strong. On the is one as the Kaz is Sidney Jones he just had it QBs Brian Waller this pro day right now baby in. From UCLA you know towards pick on his pro day social lot of guys out there that you know. Have so much support on a no they're gonna come back from a man in opting to go on different Durham before. So we're we're wrenching letter formats O'Sullivan let me ask you this I don't know much ones on ones who didn't like it like in contract -- do we go with it in August 5 so you are I mean one of the things are known for ours is your aggressiveness normal come up and hit anything or saw anything does that include for -- and. Don't want you want we definitely had our battles meant well that's that's you re not the outcome unknown no doubt about it and phenomenal runner. You know he deathly you know he brings. You know is Tommy he might bring you know he might say Q wait you know for an it is it is great player movement but we definitely had a battles Nazis it. I'm fascinated at the plate in the SEC right now. And and and particularly the Robert Ritchie or school LSU and Alabama which. Has risen to extraordinary heights in recent years amendment championship game just a few years ago. But Alabama has had the better of that rivalry and frankly against everyone Bard has had the betterment of light how much. Do you think about them when you're a player at LSU when your other player in the SEC how much time do you spend thinking about I want those guys you know. In SEC west you want everybody. You notice EC west is to me com is the best in the business on this the best mobile. On you going to be missed it would great competition each week notably a game or you can be beat. You know so. It's and it's no hate towards Alabama you know everybody always things that we just hate Alabama players. Men who were really cool with the guys now I have a lot of friends on its thing is this a lot of guys you know way in the recruiting they all at prudent thing to hand and you know that's that's what everybody calm but you know you definitely you know we don't feel it is no foreigners in everybody knows that. On the other hand in my. Me you know we fell short in all three in my years. On now she we have beat them you know so little mod the re doubly so when it did not happen. You know that's a great scene Wilson now. You know close and does a phenomenal job and you know every time you know Nick Saban you know he asked him after the game he always is I wish I doubt because. You know one point there was yeah I was close to don't. Well it's amazing one of the comparisons as lightening Collins who was there and don't do such a great job with the giants and and a lot of people making that comparison. Reviewers also acquired as compare Roy if you were a you're close to go to Alabama where what what made you choose LSU in the well. If you know Alabama was you know early in the process freshman year went up there that MVP of the camp. McDonnell did offer. Did not he told me that you know we want to keep looking and the economy you know run down a little bit. But did you know academy you know very hungry. You know in that recruiter he ended up leading so I had another recruiter come in and you know it just wasn't. You know don't work out but I at first man. I was really my towards my last year's senior I was going to Florida. Joker Phillips is my golf club so at the time. He was a receiver coach effluent Nawaz all about the gators men and you know T rob I was really close we champ. Com and you know I felt like you know Ko San was you know is going leaf. I mean you got to the differ outside united open in the by U. I loved it loved every minute of the moment I would trade for world. So then you prepare for the NFL and I always found this amazing going wave actuary and your father and I were preparing for the NFL. Com I wasn't in into them by that nothing was in Arizona State -- but all you do is prepare for things that you don't do on the field accidentally go from playing football to doing things you'll never now have to do again your life so. Talk about that transition to say I'm a football player now a high jumping out at a jumping on during these things I'll never do again. And you know is it they got it does so hectic to where everything from the common is about TV to me you know everything is about you know. Who jumps the highs who runs the fastest you know those are the most talked about players and you know acted in the day there's some players that can you know do those things great. And you know that you don't fit in and deny that race you know for Butler on the vice Versa Manso. I think those things get blown out proportion. It is mentally draining. Com but you know -- are you speak for everybody hedges that went through in just went to a day we're glad it's over we're glad that the com on his back. So it it was a crazy experience but you know if it was a wonderful opportunity at saint we're. Akamai presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance by Jamal Adams another minute where this year. Safety out of LSU so the position. Has evolved obviously in the pro level for years you're known for your big hitting and sooner or is gonna be a place for a safety who can hit in the NFL but these days. You're covering basketball play mistake and that's basically the job of the safety so give us a sense of your expectation for yourself going in there are committed to a sport where the tight end these days is basically not to tax on on the line reg he's out there running routes he's just a tall or wide receiver. What is your expectation well. You know the game is changing as the first first and foremost the game has changed. Like you stateside Izzard in now receivers. Now they can run routes now can block. So you have to have as a safety the other had a total package you have to be cover. You have to be a bit you know in the box or you know in the Booth to. So the game is is has changed. You know the Jordan reads the UME group from the OJ Howard's. All these hot kits can run routes. On so you have to be of the congress as a safety in pain is no question about it. On you you do if we will be exposed if you can't cover. Honestly you know that this askew this you have to work well Jay Howard's top tidy coming out our matchups with him. You know that's my guy and you know if he was sitting right next to me. I I would them that you know he he knows a lot of I. I ask my god man out of my god in as well as giving me government those are my guys. But you know we are definitely I feel like I got the best of you know maybe they Damon Saba. Definitely you know now which I think it really be happy to be split a little more on the all the heads to align him then he's a phenomenal football there. On you can block. Big body. Uncle to get the bull run routes. As well as at an accomplishment with those guys in Phoenix. On me you know we always had a closed listed on this it's always been at the respect for those guys on the world of world food you know they definitely know it's all about business. OJ Howard people projecting out top ten pick in the history after mile items you're projecting it top five pick in the draft. Just five days away now finally in Philadelphia we will see you there we wish you nothing but the best of luck thank you very much enjoy your day here operation. Drug that mentally you are I got your speech because of him until I mean we that we had visit the and we got to go on with. Tell your father he was only 236. 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Equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumer axis dot org number 3030. To the basketball playoffs we go tonight he's got clippers jazz on ESPN two and and tomorrow. We'll have warriors blazers on ESPN radio is getting a good taste of the west is our friend PJ careless about who joins us early this morning good morning coach. Won't agree what Michael. Morning I wanna start with this though is that what the game with the cavs last night at tonight take us inside the room you're the coach. And you're just come from behind to win a playoff game that you were trailing by 25 at the half. You're star LeBron James goes off but in the fourth quarter your other two stars carry Irving and Kevin Love don't play at all so. Who does tie Lou have to talk to if anyone about this does it need to sit with Tyree and Kevin Love and make sure they're okay to eat. How does the coach handle a game which is an unusual circumstance like that. Well I think it depends what happened during the year I would think. Given that and we've done some games we're who has done just that. Fairly common and that could not plate and started the entire time. We're fairly common. So well I think group that's goal really really well. At a traditional culture is built from coaches world even particularly you know particular group is gold well. Togo and then that there might stretch of about thirty you have thirty seconds submitted for the critical back with physical rotation whatever they do late in the game. It was probably more a book appeal approach. They have I think K I don't think the players were surprised that it Betsy the post game comments but we're watching here that we were down there needs. I don't think it would be surprised that I think he's player. Tool player himself. And I think he feels necessary. Would you might even say something we talked to groupie today this group did a great job and no commitment guys we left thumb war. And just say someone like him eight Kevin. Currently we appreciate you guys the way before impact you know without control and return that I saw enough shock. That shots were dot com or go over well with each other and do at all let and I thought Kevin Love and cutlery. Were very much engaged in so I would I would think it would just be who make it is normal comments. Acknowledges the guys who do the rugby guys played the fourth quarter but also specifically say in. You know this is what we're good because calorie and Kevin can you guys computer participate in and support those cards sold so we can do it repeated group for. So they don't play the fourth quarter of those other guys do and they play well so there are some I would say well maybe those guys should play more with the crowd each gamers separate saw how does that work and going forward. To overworked they're back to your normal rotation in the next game that's it I think it was just threw a big game was. Obviously a very very different game and I think it's as if ethnic blue is a little bit more. Feel coached and and there are some. Again Bebo over the course of the year maybe the first let me do this sort utilities can expect me three years with with these three guys. I've got to think that we who has done this before state with a particular group because the way and so normally they gave me is that. If that automatic because she gets properly get matchup for the most part I know would make about a longer going to be out toward what they're going Beckett can restore order. But I think this used to be says that Lou. You know would go the group that wouldn't normally do that. In the fourth quarter or is where. Just it's a really really good rolled over the fourth game war. In Oakland club last Sunday. See the bridge group the start of the fourth quarter. To a group it was great meeting you it was a tight game repertory. And a bit of messed up some of them but it was like it was like they've western bill would be it was a a bench group quite put up with your starter. It was a play in Britain Margaret with the Steve wrote that a little bit longer than normal and it really good run at the fifteenth fire on interstate with them maybe but when it did. The doctor former player you're talker somebody who does this. They got goal of any state with about the six minute timeout. People like to see. And and step back in the game. And it went with his debt while. Let the smaller lighter grip that you go on for so it's not I mean the entire fourth quarter yeah a little bit unusual. But I think you. Given the circumstances of the game and given how well they were playing in. I think good movement and I'd like what looked to media and TV. Where these guys were accepting of that. Mike in my can PJ well that's actually. I know he's got a note here as we were talking Dave McManaman I guess reported late last night Mike you and I didn't get a chance to see. The late night report that tire repair that tie Lou actually ask. Love and Irving if it was okay if he's stuck with that rotation because it was working in the fourth quarter and they both told them they were good with. So that's. Right right preachers that that it it would not be seen that before. Yes absolutely talked because you don't look at and you say to them and literally. It's not unusual for players say you do they would you know schools stay with them. So he's quite well because it's normally somebody who you know doesn't you know but at the plate that many consecutive minutes so it's the timeouts work themselves out. There obviously he just wrote. Uggla got like it to be honest with you with a real lead but one thing I noticed watching the game. I thought clearly. Love ain't tired we were engaged which are it was a it was a good side. As far as the rest of the eastern many think that Washington is going to be that team. That that will could could do something to Cleveland or at least meet him in the Eastern Conference files one of Milwaukee gets our Milwaukee with a 21 lead. On Toronto right now on the Greek freak in the way he's playing a team that I think a lot of us haven't seen a lot. During the year what kind of a matchup that could be. Beatrice statement that thing about Milwaukee wanted to things about that and then wee weed up that two people here tonight. Two teams or that interpret people don't realize that everybody does about Utah. Milwaukee controls for it the pace they don't take very great shots. So that's one reason that there. And it's you know it's kind of scary to think that you bored out there right now and all all going well for them. Right now I don't think they can sustain it myself. It thwart certain things about the playoffs and it it changes dramatically I've been in law might. I never I try to network. You know predict even those who would negate what's going on I would assume we could last week to run out of me it was a dark horse targeted Toronto is well. Oh I'd I'd still like their roster. Better than anybody else in the east what reward it is not look that way but it is about. That was sort of war and or operative through right now with pity that you guys know they can swing so dramatically in one game. If people get treated to see Milwaukee. Eight productive believe help. How improved a critical voters. We hit you see the numbers and we're seeing things this year like you would Westbrook that would pardon. We've done is coming here is in every category he's dominating game it's incredible things they do what I think they're. The good fight out there. Remove more interesting because two people think. And when you watch him it's really intriguing now. They control page. The possessions that they have. How few Google pit road trip in the game and how they've managed to stay in the game and really work the game that's surprising if you go chasing kids. Cerebral player he wants but it's really intriguing to watch the walk you quickly do the course of the game with their offense. He blocked the shot last night with a elbow yeah unthinkable they blocked a shot with his elbow last night. And I swatted out of bounds for what it's worth their 22 and eleven of their last 33 games the cavaliers were eighteen and fifty I'm not telling you Milwaukee's gonna beat the cavaliers. But they were red hot coming down. The end of the season and then tonight of course we have. Game three in Chicago. Celtics tried to dig themselves out of this what their two home losses. The food to go bad matchup for them and that veteran experience of wade and Rondo in the greatness of Butler bulls might look just too good to me whatever you PJ. We certainly have an end you know aren't shocked obviously you go to the first thing you have talked about is that the restrictor. Action been in and living in Seattle what would have happened like down the road just a little piece from Russell Carter. In the middle of right there how they're dealing with it I don't know whether in in our. I wanna be scared of the polls but I also wanna say Armitage just changed. Everything we've. That series that except that there's still play in the game the biggest problem on the floor. The defense or rebounding it is nonexistent. They have soap back on their heels but Chicago's bench that all year you know over what goes to borrow against the caps when they bring good. They've been brilliant or drew that charge it when they've been bad image usually self inflicted I mean they're they've had more. It would seem more nonsense going on behind the scenes in the locker room. And David writes witty just looked disinterested and give out there and didn't play at all and they've picketed fitted so for the playoffs but it Benoit for the same thing. It can change dramatically. In one side out receive their roster. There's more pure talent on their roster the rivers are Boston's roster would Boston's been too good. Too long this entire year I think. 22 not. To not publicly answer them out real I would I would love to see you you know picked up. Watched that game that's gonna really be your percent. That's part of our triple header tonight on the ESPN Tellme Networks we also are the clippers and the jazz on ESPN two PJ we'll do that game and then again as I mentioned. Beat Portland for Golden State and the trailblazers tomorrow night. On ESPN radio enjoyed PJ and safe travels thank you so much thanks Vijay. Green hair well Mike could be awaited take it easy. Comprised of one million dollars what color you know White House. No vision of this enormous. And far and second oh. Switching to Geico gets you bunch of money and car insurance. Judges. That's true given. Just again as you are no oil. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always agreed dancer. Mike while watching that interview. Our friend border McFarland who who has been on the Jamal Adams bandwagon forever has been telling me about him forever. Rated the following when the tape and the interviews are home run take those guys first. Jonathan Allen and Jamal Adams taking guys like that won't get you fired completely agree I mean these solid. To potentially great players let's let's wait till they get the league you know an angle that way but. You know what kind of guy your getting it to player you can two loss to number one and then. Powell how high is they're silliman how great of a player can beat these are those who took out of different things. Because as Lewis critic says all the time it's not minimizing risk all the way up at the very very top. So guys like Allen and Jamal atoms they feel like is basically you feel like there's no risk right and you look at some other guys that I'm not even attaching a name to it. But some other guys who might have a higher ceiling what their risk but there's risks out there on Friday you do that the thing about well with these two were talking are out there are many if any with a higher ceiling I mean Jamal items as the top safety outright or Jonathan Allen. For me if you talk either one of them is gonna be the first pick that out while other charity well there it is because of his skill set up a lot of this is really no such thought to be high higher and his. Issues you talk about are certainly on the field as he had that motor going all the time but man. You know what did the pass rushing is at a premium in the NFL you get a guy that get that quarterback you're going to take him but. Talk what sometimes when you say the words safe. That does a disservice to all is this just an okay pick and that's and I don't mean that a Jamal atoms that Jonathan now I think those are two perfect examples of eight safe pick in the fact of you have no character issues and all the worry about nothing the guys are gonna step right end. They have the ability to beat you do insert them immediately. On whatever side of the ball on this case both on the defense aside. And that fell. They will. At the very least contribute and maybe at the very most. You know commodity gate and be just incredibly fantastic. Early in their career saw those two to me. Our tour the biggest no raiders in this draft of guys I would take guys that we're trusting guys that could potentially be some of the best in the match. He has that two and three on his big board has mile Garrett number one is Jamal had a number two is Jonathan Allen. Number three scroll up guys at me to see the rest of here quickly Solomon Thomas was number four. On his list that's the kid out of Stanford poker unbelievable courage to Ohio Ohio State our show Lattimore is six to waiting for an offensive player there we don't learn in fort Leonard for an ad itself. And OJ power to date so you get a running back in a tight end. OJ Howard's another one I'm really excited to see him in the at a falcons he was attached too much. At the you know are not too much that was just their system. Where he's gonna be split out his size his speed in the mismatch he's going to be OK so. We just heard that the highest. Evaluated players in this draft by everyone I mean that's McShane yeah but I haven't heard that different from anyone our defensive players yeah. So pool. And at what peck well the first offensive player base. Our I think it before net I mean I I'm I'm trying to all you miss the whole draft will appear quarterback. And if so where. Well before net. Well that will be McCaffrey whose name has been vaulting up the list people love the tide and OJ Howard and there are some others. At what number. Well the first offensive player go off the board I think for an that is destined for the for the Panthers that's not to eight at eight. Sort of quarterback go before it that's our impossible to imagine that seven defense of players are gonna go off the board of boom boom boom boom. And actually seven straight defensive players going before the first offered a player goes. I mean it's not impossible but it seems very unlikely while I'm looking at. McKay GM mock draft right now and he has DND and safety deal Lyman cornerback safety yet the first six and in defense and the player Ivan. And Corey Davis brought severance charges I don't believe that's been happening at all. And then four net going number eight to the Panthers so the questions going to be as a quarterback gonna go before where we think for network have a good fit the NFL. I think the team to look at as your team the jets I don't think it's going up higher than that. Brown's 49ers bears jags I don't think that's gonna happen I think everybody again is gonna look to trade. I don't think the browns are one I think there while miles scared I think you want that pass rusher. I think from there I think you know and then they had that while spot if they want a quarterback if they feel they need to move up. What they're going to find is people willing to move back. Your guy I think you're gonna see some traits I definitely do. Because I think he sees some talent but you see. Couple players you see the miles Garrett at the the pass rusher purchasing a Solomon Thomas and Jonathan Allen. You see it Jamal edits were to see Emily cooker to safety so they're graded really close. You'd you don't get one you can get the other you know you have a few wide receivers and Williams in now Ross and Corey Davis so you know we're continue. You know play around what the numbers a little bit drop back to get one of them so when you have multiple players that could be close in grade. That some of the things that you could do so that's why I think you could I think you'll definitely see wanna see people come down. Move back and the temperature all we see that project to find a partner to do that that that's going to be picky. Everyone's looking at Tennessee spotted right right that's the rockets they have 21 round picks. Does that mean are they willing to move back out of that spot a little bit a lot of people seem to think they wanna get in front of the jet. So we'll see last year the top ten picks in the draft five played offense five play defense this year feels very defense heavy at the top. But we know the quarterback so are skewed things a little bit so. I hybrid is where I will be flabbergasted. If a quarterback to knock off the board in the first campaign flabbergasted. And I think it'll be too risky. So the question then becomes is it more than one. And where I think you'll get 67 defensive players in the top ten sounds right. A sound right and I think I think the quarterbacks. And for Ned Barnett in May with Qaeda may be that tight end. Mean maybe. Are forward think it would Mike Mike has brought you my cabbage or created a simple way for businesses to get flexible access to up to 100000. Dollars it's cabbage is spelled with a K. And here's what's coming up on ESPN radio this weekend tonight we got rockets and undercover sirte 30 eastern. Tomorrow we got step Korea the warriors taking on Portland coverage begins 9:30 eastern forward thinking. Brought you by cabbage in the Celtics went an item to the bulls guard threes that. Hot pools of home man you know this to be the game you could. Another home that's a different storm received the other way around like like Cleveland being up to all home and I'm going on the road in China. Take in the four off the gas and that first half before they made that run bulls are going to be at home. I don't I think I see the bulls continue and ago at YouTube now I mean stunningly I think that direction this thing feels. Like it's going to go which is a one seed is gonna go out in the first round of these NBA player.