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LeBron Does It Again: 4/21/17

Apr 21, 2017|

Greeny & Golic talked about the Cavs comeback against the Pacers, Deshone Kizer's confidence and Tiger Woods. Plus they chatted with Jamal Adams

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Now that Applebee's urban street chicken and shrimp is only 999. Ordering dinner just became a no brainer. And that means you can spend more time on life's bigger questions like which appetizer to get. Price participation may very cheap restaurant for details. He's known that Dell might get my podcast pretty high here. Subscribe now going to Melissa has happened in the EST yeah. Best in love Mike right. Area are back you're better than ever I can Mike presented by prospective jurors are. Michelle results performance slide it out. Every once in awhile in sports we have a nice words fun to just sit back and watch the greatest in the world. Do what they do it last night was one for one of the greatest ever to do what LeBron James at his very best. Putting on the show goalie gives you cavaliers. Started Indiana now well that that was one of those games that. Let me watch other things early on you know you always you're sitting down you're gonna watch it watching gamer you're gonna walk something and then it's not what you thought so. What do doesn't it it opened your opportunity up to move around to shift around ought to watch some other things which is what I did I I'm the classic. Flickr guy I'm always clicking around looking for different shows. You know trying to find one of those shows and always stick out like you're talking to your talking tomorrow mark conga C I don't have that I don't talk to monastic. You just say what you want that it shows up on your TV. Awesome but a world relive all I could say that the buttons say. Cheeseburger and a horizon and unloaded at the end at holy smokes a durable and what about the view. Sold that it gave we gave me a chance to ship or you don't mover I'll watch some other things and because there was always that two halftime which is who to destruction with the pacers were during the cast. Let me watch a little bit you know Milwaukee and M and in Toronto let me know that I've really underrated the box. You know him what hurts supreme to Toronto right now and and obviously. It admittedly. Didn't see a lot of Milwaukee this season but then again. Nobody did know and then the second half happened and then LeBron James started talk to the ball a heck of a lot more. And amazingly enough for the fourth quarter Kevin Love and Kyra urban never left the bench and the cavaliers get the greatest comeback in postseason history. Hi Andy brilliant logic I cannot top peered down 25. At the half. Cleveland rallies to beat the pacers as Mike mentioned as the largest halftime come back and NBA postseason history and well we're gonna get deeply into budget numbers with LeBron James but there are some nights we don't even need to look at the numbers afterwards if you watch the game his performance in the second half. That was just classic vintage stuff and I love numbers that you're associated with way back when the largest halftime deficit overcome in the NBA policies in history is now cavaliers. Over the pacers this morning five point before that. It was April 13 bullets beat the warriors they were down 211 half it was in 1948. I just love I just love stats like that out one point less than that in third place in 2002 Celtics. And the net but this was basically a lack today the lackadaisical first half by the cavaliers the ball rarely got touched. By LeBron James as compared to the second half won't get into those numbers more and more but give. The pacers a lot of credit for what they were doing early but they just could not stop. The runner aimed at the runaway train that known as LeBron James in the second half Memphis and Milwaukee or other and our winner Josh hi how the bulls will take. A tune nothing series lead at home tonight into their game against the Celtics you'll see it on ESPN 7 o'clock eastern time. Isiah Thomas was expected to travel back from Tacoma to Chicago. To be with his teammate. And we'll see Mike get the Celtics can find a way to turn this into a series from us sports side of it and Isiah Thomas needs to do whatever Isiah Thomas need to do for he and his family but from the team side. Yes 53 points through two games the second most on the Celtic has 26. That they were Bradley and Al Horford so. He has certainly brim of scoring guy for them you want some quick numbers second number one seed to lose their first two games of the series vs an eight seed so. The other time and apple was 1993 the suns trailed Tuesday vs the lakers before the suns won that series in five games and eventually reach the NBA finals so. That's good news for Celtics fans it can't happen. But it's certainly needs to start tonight that was the year that Barkley was the league MVP and and noticed what you said there they came back in one in five onward down tried nothing in a best of five right. One more loss would have ended it they didn't suffer that loss until. They wanna listen to the bulls in six and a lot of one seeds going down my that's exactly what has happened. To the Chicago Blackhawks who were out in the first round of the NBA has made the NHL. Playoff Blackhawks won fifty regular season games this season from his second time in franchise history but went winless in their last eight games including. Being swept. By the predators they lose a game for one they get swept in this series and they scored three goals. Three goals the entire series. So a very very bad series for them certainly great for the pride Pittsburgh. Beat the Blue Jackets five to two vague and the series as well over the two teams that and his series. They and that series forewarned shout out to our board Brian Ross ninety 2014 grad of Notre Dame two goals on this one. Guy. Everyone eagerly wait they too funny seventeen NFL schedule of earliest which it was at that everyone does really nothing where they use it you'll look at is say not. And they get on with your day we will go through some of the highlights if you will of it including some scheduling quirks and whatever but now as had long since been leaked. The chiefs will be the team that opens the season at New England. On that there's a no data chasers that knowing that she's in the news as will break down more of these as far as at the most primetime games. This year a lot of people looking forward what the Oakland Raiders are gonna do I mean a lot of great number that great number of the temperature of giants are giants fan the giants play four. Teams coming off a bye week the most in the NFL. That leads to New York having 22 fewer days of rest Bennett's opponent. So that's not good for the giants cover those without the flood numbers we talk about the schedule gets released and those are the only the second most interesting thing that half. And with the giants yesterday how Osama. I was twelve I got off the top it's Mike in my presented by progressive insurance you can test drive snapshot. To see how much you could save before switching to progressive visit Slash snapshot and there with the schedule released in the draft. Now six days away we have a ton of football to get to. And we wrote in a moment in fact I had every intention. A starting to show a football today and then LeBron happened now you know and again that's just one of those nights again Iran through the numbers and he can run through all his numbers from last iPod and numbers but. As is the case. Like when someone asked you was so and so hall of Famer in my son Stevie loves that that this guy go to the hall for a Mecca he's he's a perfect member of the generation that we have raised. That the generation that talk radio has raised of sports fans because anytime a player as a good night as his first question is dead is he a hall of Famer. And so the way I would answer that question always is if you need to look at the numbers. Then I have some question right. But what most guys who are hall of famers have a look at the numbers is he a hall of Famer yes what LeBron James last night I didn't have to look at the stat sheet to say that was a vintage. Brilliant all prime time capsule kind of LeBron performed you know. Arts also fewer numbers of this LeBron scored or assisted on 73. Point. In this game the most he's ever scorer says Saddam. In any playoff game 47 of those 73 came in the second half the interesting numbers to me are couple first. In the first half. 54%. Of the shots by Cleveland. Came. Preceded by or were were preceded by a LeBron James actually touched the ball on that timed out McCourt 54%. And the team has a team they shot 35% in the second half of one through a broader you touched at least once. 84% of the time the team shot just under 60%. With that with LeBron doing most of the damage there so he got way involved in the second half this is the one that amazed so. When you make a comeback like that 25 points at halftime down 26 was the most they were down to this game. You you realize LeBron can obviously do a great job but they have other great players if they okay boy LeBron went off what what do high redo what Kevin Weil do I mean they got they got the three headed monster there. While Tyree and Kevin Love were cheerleaders out there why were cheerleaders in the fourth quarter this is the other amazing thing to me. During the regular season this line above or Bryant LeBron James Deron Williams Kyle core Channing fry in him on choppered. Played together just nine minutes during the entire regular season now obviously some of the guys came on trades guys were injured they just weren't together a lot but that group. Played the other nine minutes the entire season. That group by just mentioned played nine of the twelve minutes of the fourth quarter. In this game and again kept eleven carrier ring did not leave the bench. In the fourth quarter there was this was LeBron James and friends. Oh no none of the others superstars or stars. On this team just absolutely get that done and just completely. Or washing. You see the pacers at the end of that game with the frustration of the the pacers. And then the resignation of the fans of knowing just what the hell happened to them like well I feel look at Indiana where where there'd hacker they're buried in this series. They had a great opportunity in game one their right daring game to have a 26 point 06 point believe in game three and they are themselves out down three games yet and and by the way quicker Paul George I mean 36 points. What do you have fifteen rebounds and nine assists social while talk about LeBron triple double scoring over forty. Our Paul Jordan is one assist away from a triple volley he was unbelievable but. So was a team and they were just so aggressive in the first half in getting that lead but the stories no doubt going to be loud what LeBron did that second half to bring him back here's the code. Tyrod Lou. That would leave coastal proffer as always have the means. Is it possible for seemed still to amaze you moments. The threat of his performance anything like. Yet we made a streetwise in a roll you know come and now the pick and roll and not you know in transition. Support to make the assassin though that was maybe excessive very. I'm key shots for us at the moment and down he just you know will this team you know and dissent genome put you guys went back and we'll make every play and make the right play in the world China basketball would contain you know zero turner was in the second half. And you know cause will reassess the best we use we use you make came out for us absolute safety we'd amiga is. Must overcame would make him but second half we don't lob that forced offense would. Michael Allen grabs these numbers are few and you tell me if if anything should be read into this. So much has been made of the cavaliers inability to hold onto leads right they're struggles in the fourth quarters in their previous ten games to last night. Which would include the first two games of this series. In the fourth quarters they were outscored by a combined 81 point two basically they're being outscored by eight points a game in the fourth quarter. Last night no clarity no love at all in the fourth or right and they outscored Indiana by twelve points in the fourth so is that a function of this group being a better defensive unit is that just a lucky night where everything just kind of went their way is there anything we should be reading it. I figure I would say more would be of a fluke he died and it also the ball going through abroad and you know being the facilitator as we said at least touch and the ball one time. You ought to tripped on the floor 80% of the 84% of the time in the second half. To think that this is now the new light up that this is this is the magical lineup that's compared them the championship. I think would be fools gold and I think it met Ted did not believe that they're going to be and we know what carrier rented last year especially in those finals and how great he waters. They're in need dad again as these playoffs obviously go deeper and deeper certainly Kevin Love so. I think this just kind of meshed fourth this night led by LeBron and what he was doing in this group. Yeah I just wonder if there isn't something in what they did last night that they can pick up and go from there it's a weird feeling that barrier during what while you sit there and you're watching this go on where may not great comeback you're gonna win this playoff game. And to their credit they looked enthusiastic and yet excited on the bench for that would that kind of thing you do for one game oh good good good that's exactly right you don't wanna make I have all of a sudden they're not trotting out that started that that five that that finish a game in on Sunday you know that in the next game. That they're not trotting that out but if your carrier ring especially on the sidelines sure your happy for your team and make and that comeback but there's got to be like. And they're doing all this about me yeah definitely a good when I assure you make eye contact with Tyrod out like it now don't know how I know now and somehow or you have got to realize what's going on out there and you kind of got to you know. Games just like seasons are ebbs and flows and he had deceived. Where this one was riding in yet to understand listen. It's going on without me on the court I gotta let it happen the total RM VP moment of the week it's but give us sport clips you watch sports we cut hair is perfect. We're clip it's good to be a guy clearly LeBron gets the MVP moment of the week. But here's what I found I'm in the game's story on this as everyone knew that he was going. This night to pass Kobe Bryant which I did. When he got to twelve points last night he passed Kobe Bryant and a third place on the all time postseason scoring list. So the all time leading scorers and NBA playoff history Michael Jordan's first Corina second and LeBron third. But as I then went through they're just reading the gate story. I realized LeBron on the all time postseason list he's third in points. He's also third in assists he's third in steals. And he's seventh in rebounds but most among women player wing players. So the only people that NBA post season history with more points than LeBron are Michael and Korean. The only one with more assists than LeBron are magic and Stockton the only one with more speed rules than a bra LeBron are Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. And the only want to have more rebounds and LeBron are centers so. You if you try to make an argument for LeBron James I know there were some who right now wanna make an argument for him as greatest player right time and all that sort of thing in the debate with him in Jordan where real is going to be and it. That's a pretty good place to start. It is one thing you need to look I think you're going to that as well as you need to look at number of games that took everybody to get there could we already soft for Michael Jordan the league scorer of all time in the post season. It took them 179 games LeBron is at 202 games. If he'll pass Jordan at some point but it's gonna take them any more games as we said their post season scoring average. Jordan was 33 LeBron right now at 28 so I'd do they get the put that into the equation because you're gonna accumulate these are the greatest of the great here. So I think as you do that you start to separate you say okay how long does take this got to do that along for this got to do this but abroad it is is. I am and I didn't see were steals. And the assists and the rebounds how far he was away from first. On some of those who was I was third third and seventh put you have to imagine at least in an hour imagine the seventh word is maybe. Well behind in that put the other stories third I wonder how close he is. To note that this guy certainly as a few more play off runs and him in his career a moral and apple. He's been an assist these behind magic and Stockton right it was forced to retire prematurely. Because doc HIV not on late at a trillion years Holland and they made the playoffs every year ready to make deep runs they don't hear already are not played more games. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan would both have been there forever so here for example this which would overlook an hour here deals so this is post season steals. He is he has fifteen steals behind Jordan and 34 steals behind pep talk OK and Jordan Pippen did it 208 games you can go abroad to one and one of again Jordan once Saturday night so he's gonna is gonna lead in that. Democrats have been played a bunch oppose seasons after the bulls right Jordan never played oppose right now right bowl to play two more years later in Washington it'd make a play out which way to make the playoffs budget would I makes Jordan again I meanwhile we're talking about LeBron you look at the numbers and you just have to do nothing but can continue to raise Jordan up as well for the amount. Who lesser amount of games it took him to be you know right near or at the top of these lists as well got to Mila I mean they're in Jordan is the standard that everyone is chasing. And LeBron James in the second half last night with two and a lot of chasing or make he's the final words on that and then moved to some other things. LeBron James in the second half alone last night. 28 points seven assists six rebounds a steal a block no turnovers his plus mine was plus thirty. That was the broad James in the second half of last night decisive and let's call it that. Game artery. At Indiana since nobody's perfect will bring up or go on the oil embargo was seven of fourteen from the free throw line 50% he's a little under 60% for the season. And so I L a he's got in his gut you know keep him humble like not that policy does not stop shots out which is a factor. Because the late in games that becomes sometimes part of the story. Last night it did not know holidays if it did not need he did miss seven of the fourteen took but obviously. His plan court other than that task all right the NFL schedule or is released yesterday and everybody is excited. Again New England for an hour and a record of seasons following a Super Bowl win and they we'll try and make that. Five an hour as they take on other Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday September 7 as the season opener. The patriots almost the falcons in week seven rematch of the super ball which was won by the patriots. Out west the four hardest schedules a league all belong to the teams in the AFC west the Broncos have the toughest schedule of any team. And as Mike mentioned the giants are gonna need their rest they play four teams coming off a bye this year that's the most in the NFL as you mentioned. They will have 22 fewer days of rest this season. Then there opponents at ten more than any other team to up there and say I don't know how they let that happen now how do the people who make the schedule. Allowed that to happen I look I understand this is really complicated stuff. That that if you try to make this many schedule for this many teams have put in buys and I got Thursday in every team can only do that want to like get all of them now. But there has to be so we're here the giants are you look at it that you gotta be thinking you have to be kidding me I heard is just an obvious and blatant disadvantage. And and on the other side that it seems to be that you each year on paper that she says six primetime games most in the NFL. And you mention the giants on the the few arrests that have the chiefs. Have twelve more days of rest this season than their opponents. Four off for more than any other team. That and the other four other teams that have eight. So I mean they detonated there on the other side of it they're getting more rest and they get the primetime games. As well including that first game Thursday night going to Foxboro. On the other other and the browns and the jags neither one has a primetime game though they don't bolt to play in London. Odd this year but neither one. On prime time this year I guess that's that's not I mean that's. That's called good scheduling and the seller these I want the Steelers traveled with fewer smiles and the raiders will travel. The most and the other thing that did strike me as a little bit of a surprise and I know how relevant or interesting this is. In Los Angeles. Where the now Los Angeles rams and the now Los Angeles chargers play in different stadiums. There are three examples this season in which there will both play at home at the same time. Now I grew up in New York City at a time when the jets and giants played in different state right now obviously for the last. I don't know to every thirty years they've shared a state whatever the jets moved to giant data in the early eighties sometime. They share a stadium but part of that they did not they played the giant planet of bear a variety of different place is over the time before they moved to the meadowlands and the jets played at Shea Stadium. But the jets and giants. In my recollection I'm sure it happened like a small handful of times and even now that they they share stadiums they obviously can't play it at home at the same time. They almost never schedule the jets and giants to play the same time at all. If both teams are on the road they of one of them at one on one hour for a block all the time. So I found that the very surprising. That they put Iran again this is my only relevant to you if you're in LA are you care about this for some reason. But what do you make of that they put them in the state that put them at a home again the different stadiums now. But at home in that city is trying to build up like a fan base for both I guess at least a little. You put them both at home. At the same time. I find that very strange scheduling three out of that its overall home games that they both. And if they're both going to be at home are going to be at the same time right you're not gonna have an early buddy the one of them at night you could go one of the but I doubt enjoy go to about a third as a prime time could do anything you want -- -- so many options now I guess reported they're playing yes -- that that same day the only other go to wake you re separate boards a night game as opposed to the liking you communicate you're right they're not gonna or what what we are all at 1 o'clock slot by the wanna tickets but want it for example one of the fundamental out of them on Monday night you know the charge well I don't yeah I thought I was talking if there on the same data different to Asia usually you're right yeah that is a good point that's easier than in New Yorkers and New York you have one additional layer of option. But still to do it three times Amaechi yeah it has eight home you know do little litmus test of of war where people are going that's for sure. The charges only have 40000 seats. In the name and a real thing in and they hope to fill we'll see if they do. Yeah very quickly a little Twitter reaction we were talking at length about. This business of the Eli Manning and the authenticated slash maybe not regal game worn stuff. Which I think is is has got to be and especially as casually as you just described you know the way you have witnessed it being done short. We call this a problem if you view it as a problem that this is a very widespread problem yes. I'm so entity to be status even if not intentional Eli or any probe would be responsible not for passing off not authentic game worn gear as authentic well. See that's the thing is Eli says to the equipment manager and just making this you know we don't know what happened. But if he does get me a helmet it looks like it could have been awarded a game that's on him. If he says get me the helmet that I wore that game and the equipment manager gives him one bit just looks that way right I guess that's on the equipment manager right. And whoever it is that institute Steiner. That or whomever the memorabilia dealer is. If they're just taken somebody's word for and providing that is there authenticity then that's on them because they're really not doing any checks and I'll. Yeah I I'm not sure what other way they can do it outside of being in the equipment room I mean normally what you do would you take people who work for as as Steiner said. If Eli walks in auto and all Eli is physically walking him he said that he did I mean he used that phrase like that but whether it was me and meant that totally somebody's handing you something and saying this I wore this in any game and I signed it. You know outside a view. Seeing them played in the game following them into the locker room and watching them take it off and tracking that Jersey the entire time until it's in your possession and you know at some point you have to take People's Court and work toward a less like I said. Top big. I Don and I was in a big time player you're sick or roaming to sign a budget things and there is a person from the company in there are watching you sign also they know they're all they're authentic because it's not just about the Jersey. Not to authenticate signatures now is while because I wanna get into. The fact of the secretary that signs you know for this person or that person. You know in some instances so you know deauthenticate a signature as well as a piece of memorabilia. Glenn to read zero Chansi line knowingly was doing something wrong here he has earned innocent until proven guilty the other. The reason that I would be inclined to think that as well hey I just he eat again I do believe he has earned the right to. At least explain article where legally wrong yes. The other is as it may 200 million dollar yeah so. However much money he's getting from these deals it in his own life it's chump change walker how much risk ya your reputation out over something this. You know. Petty now. And then David. When you said that you me the letter of authenticity. David created. I can get a good look at a T bone steak by shoving my head public I was behind but I'd rather have a letter of authentic as other Tommy Boy or our friends Mike made on my side not Alan that's anti can't get enough time to our references like it might be represented by progressive insurance customers this stretch a progressive. Savored average of 500 dollars call it clicked today find out if they could save you hundreds. On your car insurance okay boxes mean it's a guarantee these you know whatever. I just shot guys. One of the most picked apart players. In this coming NFL draft there was a time when we thought that maybe he'd be the number two quarterback taken. Now all of a sudden will even be the number four quarterback taken. Your Vista is ahead of him. Watson is ahead of him more homes seem to have moved ahead of them now I'm starting here Josh dobbs name possibly moving ahead of so there are a lot of people who might be moving ahead of DeShawn Kaiser. Because there are questions about him as there are about everyone. So what an interviewer to Sean Kaiser might that we were reading yesterday in this is that it USA today but I got amateur where the quote came from. But he was talking about himself and maybe this is in response to himself getting picked apart. But he started talking about the things he can do. Name college quarterback who goes into the game plan meetings on Monday and throws his notes at the coaches know what else game plan the way I do know on prepares the way I do. No one knows football the way I do. No one else is as big as I am no one is as powerful runner is I am. Pat my homes might throw the ball eighty yards and I can only throw it 72. But I guarantee he can't throw the out rout the way I can't to his comparing himself now to the other draftees. Benny says no one else can do what I do and I've truly figured out this draft process that I can maximize all my potential and every aspect of the game this is bold. I do have the ability to be the greatest quarterback to ever play imagine taking Brady's intellect and Brady's preparation putting out a guy with cam Newton's body. Why can't I be the greatest the only thing stopping me from it is me that's what's driving me now to that's the quote from the Sean Kaiser Mike what do you think. Well I think it's ridiculous I'm not gonna live for anybody to say nobody works part of me nobody has game notes like me nobody. Practices like me I can't stand that because I hate to say to Sean you don't know that. You know how hard you work and I should just be saying this at the shark is I hear other people's like nobody practices harder and that guy. No it you don't know that I hate that statement because there's no possible way you can prove that. So why sit there and say you work harder than everybody there are a lot of people that work hard. Just as hard as you and probably harder but I saw so number one I can't stand that what what when people do debt. The other is. If you wanna make those statements and miles Garrick you know made mated as well. Saying he wants to do greatest player of all time regardless of position. You know he said that's how it wants to leave the game when you make it bold statements like that and and Da'Sean Kaiser without. You know the spark to Tom Brady in the body of Cam Newton and and and that whole deal. You wanna say that I am not you know me I am not a fan of that at all is it the worst thing in the world what I hear guys say that. No no it's not a not gonna lose my mind I have Mormon issue saying I out work everybody you work hard leave it at that okay. As far as making those claims miles Garret going to be the greatest player of all time to start Kaiser comparing his brain to Tom Brady and his body to Cam Newton. And what he can be why can't I be the best. The old my thought on that. What are the odds. That the shark Kaiser is going to be the greatest quarterback of all time and what are the odds that miles Garrett is gonna be the greatest football player of all time all at the end of it all you know what happens you get your bucks humbled. You you you look you'll end up looking I'll say it at times foolish for making a statement like that we'll play. Go play. You know and I know in some cases like this Sean he start to get dropped down a little bit so maybe he feels he needs to say these things. To try and bring his stock backed up because this is the way feels about himself and I don't doubt it's a way feels about himself. But let me tell it's not it's not helping your there's no GM in the world that's reading that or sky outer courts insanely know what church. Well that's clearly gonna raise the his status and my job. Thought of that Britain they a look at hurdle now closer actually might be the greatest quarterback than ever and not going to do so at the end of at all. In all honesty dollars and 99.9. Percent chance to be honest. That it's gonna come back to bite them both when you say something like that and you look foolish yeah Big Three are certain knowledge you're not on that road you're gonna say Tom. Hey miles artists I'm the reason you're gonna be the greatest of all time or you're gonna be this are going to be at. So oh yeah what's going on what about all that and you know advocates say while I felt that at the time and it's find of feel that way it really is. But you know what if you go and you play that way. People noticed. People start making the comparison. Worsen in the world I think a player can do is make your own comparisons that's just me. I get it I hadn't brought but I'll say it again at the end of the day were to say a lot. It's not it's not hurting anybody it's not like just like I said it GM is it reading that same wall that rises this stock. It's also not being read and saying wow that's gonna drop their stock now because he says that. To me I just I don't. Know why you feel the need to say the owner is that it could in theory and I've never meant to Shawn Kaiser in my life is. That the things that you hear about him that people are concerned about is perhaps at a degree of immaturity. And may be saying that the week before the draft does belie a little bit of immaturity and why would you say I have Tom Brady's mind and cam Newton's body. The week before the draft is your right it. Anyone with paying any attention recognizes that it sounds foolish the other thing that I would say about it though is. You know if indeed the question led him there and I don't know what that question ones but the question let him to elect. You're not gonna say listen. I feel like if I work as hard as I can really maximize everything my stealing his Mark Sanchez right you know in my ceiling the roof I think I might backtrack. Actually preset price ceiling the roof and actually like that everywhere that Todd is not there anymore tech and Joseph are still at the ceiling the roof off the board ever do that. Asian what they're being taken off the never they're at thirty empty spot never Libor public Dick Clark has been too busy ripping him does he keep people employed and everyone had so much they don't have nothing else to do today or Monday it'll just take the ceiling the roof off the board. It's not picking up a spot that we needed to reply edit window that house fire ball that I agreed to. I agree. The Bakalar yesterday I thought apple bleeding into this I thought that you had you know the brains to be Tom Brady and the body to be Cam Newton but now I realize that like yours stealing his. You're known as ridiculous you're feeling at the roof where is it. Where's it now I can see that something Julio who's usually is the root I feel better don't ever take that off or that often hovering. My goodness. We've got much more to do here LeBron James with a purport or are we talking about it even remember. That threw me off so well all disarm Kaiser miles gear OK okay pillow whatever I'm not that's not malice it's employed to root out gas either way that we just need to have that makes me feel more comfortable please tell me this is still here. And okay thank you that one would anger and every ever lost that in that sense. Applebee's famous two for twenty deal has exciting new menu options and how you can enjoy more girls nice guys nice and whatever you wanna call it night. Two full size entrees and an app for just twenty bucks only get Applebee's president participation may vary. Rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans probably support Mike and Mike when it comes to the big this vision of choosing a mortgage lender it's important to work was summoned you can trust who as your best interest in mind with rocket mortgage you're gonna transparent online process they gave you the company June need to make an informed decision skip the bank skip the waiting and go completely online at Quicken Loans dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumer exits dot org number 3030. There are back and better than ever Mike Mike presented by progressive insurance I guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line they'll include still God's. There's just a few minutes from the them avatar Charlie Weathers and and Stephen and this hour. Talking basketball coming off a brilliant performance from LeBron James last night. Doing it with his bench coming from way behind. LeBron was sensational that you mentioned the performance appalled Georgia death rate and I just off the top my head through this thought that you and like many things you just sort of throw something out there willing alien people are reacting like crazy if I told you right now you could this off season. Acquire Paul George because someone might or Jimmy Butler Chris someone might which will would you rather act I mean you look at their ages are awarded Butler 27 George two point six but have been only five years Paul George sixers are numbers are basically identical. I think I would lean toward Butler because of the defense aside. Because that the two way player that that he is compared. To George from the defense to psych is offensively as I said if you're getting about the same numbers what has to separate well. No one plays better on the other ran this that I think I might lean that way typing a might mean to Jimmy Butler yeah I mean you look at the teams that thereon. Atlas and coli Leonard is a sense a shuttle player sensational. If you put Jimmy Brooklyn he just picked up coli Leonard took him out of where he has had quit like Jimmy Butler then. And San Antonio would he be that guy would he be would he be as good as collided and that I obviously don't know but I mean that's gel like cloud layer right after I got a place that type a two way player I mean I'm not gonna. Why letters and MVP candidate out. Saw and I'm not gonna just easily say. Jumped up a bought or are there any to be as good score line that's unfair article I Leonard for what he's doing of course but my point is they they came along Conn similarly they both came into the league. As players that were coming into what Leonard better is a bigger college are than Butler. But they both came in as defense indicted players they've both developed offensive games that nobody saw coming your first started hearing about Butler when he was going head to head. With LeBron might who's playing 48 minutes of every right why don't we mainly battling LeBron like yelling he's an item on the defense aside but that offensively he's doing things develop into a great offensive player and Cole while it was a guy who is a defensive specialist. And has turned into a great offensive player. In Allen George of course is a start it was so yes he is out. There's really no reason to be debating who's better Richard won the other. What you cannot debate is the brilliance of LeBron james' performance last night again if you're just waking up in joining us this team is down 25 at the half. And in the second half LeBron 128 point seven assists six rebounds a steal a block no turnovers and did not allow a basket as a primary defender. Their opponent shooting against him last night in the in the second half for over four. So he carries that team to a win. And I got tweets here which one of these do you prefer. We just played a sound byte of him praising the bench praising those guys sharp and Korver and those guys you played so well last night Deron Williams. Here's one degree to which we have we have a glass half full guy where have a cynic Joseph tweets great game king James giving the bench credit was graceful I'm impressed. Jeff tweets LeBron is not praising the bench he's taking a shot at love and Irving that's all that was which one do you believe. Law I. I'm not a cynic that's the whole I'm I'm kind of listen I don't think so I think I'm more about of the two of us that they are more glass half full. Sought I would like to think he's giving praise that are because here's the thing you know you're gonna at the Colorado I what good is it. To take a shot at carrying Camelot they're going to be there they're gonna be there in crunch time and they're gonna win a championship those guys have to play well. It's better to pick up your role players I think and and and be good to them. Knowing how much they can help in that game here in that game there like they did last night so. I look at is praising the bachelor and I'm I'm not gonna go to cynical way. We got three NBA playoff game tonight on ESPN family of television network and it. We got a game for you on the radio as well we got Harden and the rockets who got Westbrook in the thunder it's presented by Dell in the coverage begins 8:30 eastern and most of these ESPN radio stations. One more thing before we bring into gods and and that is the latest on Tiger Woods. I'm sure right now you saw the news yesterday that tiger has undergone another. Back surgery. The fourth time he's had surgery on his back and if you read the release of the statement that he released. And you got to read between the lines a little bit and and at that it's generally dangerous to be parsed words and things like this. This sounds to me like a person is trying to figure out a way to be able to just walk without pain. Forget about trying to win golf tournaments in golf majors and all that after he sounds to me like a person who's genuine concern is not just living with pain in his back for the rest of us. Thought I agree with that I mean listen awhile ago I didn't think he'd win another major and and the hope was maybe. Every tournament every now and then maybe can be competitive. It in in certain cases. You know climate Sunday and MB up you know and my amongst the leaders and and recapture that every now and then and that seems to be. I I think that's caught I I think we're at the end I mean I I know he's been trying to come back and I get a four back surgeries in that game of pork king. With that swing dead guy's got a lot of life left than any spend so much more time with his kids I mean he's. I I know nobody wants to go up that way nobody does you wanna be able to walk off find your own terms but. It always doesn't work that way you can look back he's had an unbelievable. Career even that said I'm sure he'd like to play his way to the end but it doesn't look like that's gonna work. Anyway here's our Bob Harry on tiger. This is serious. He's going to be out now for another extended amount of time we're looking at least six months realistically before you can even. Really begin to think about swinging a golf club again and we forget you know. He still had a swing that he wasn't comfortable with he has to work on his game you have to practice chipping and putting. Meanwhile all these guys are these would be competing against are playing and practicing and he just gets farther and farther removed from those days of being in a competitive mindset and even when he does come back if he does come back how Long Will it take him to feel comfortable. And now this is this more serious surgery than the ones that he's had before so he's good he even have that to overcome. Certainly there is there's plenty of reasons has to wonder. And and have concern for him going forward. So you know a couple of trains of thought one being to just say you know what did a great career I'm ready to move on you know this is isn't happening. You know the back is not responding and I to move on the other side of it is. That nature of I'm not letting this and in my career I'm going to work to come back even if it's just for a very short time to show that I can come back. And play on this in the PGA again I don't know how competitive he would be. But just for his own mind to say I can come back from this. And then kind of walk off. I'm my own terms which is completely a mental thing to to an athlete. You know to say I wanna go back we how many times you see a person get hurt them wanna come back sank a knuckle off that way. You know and this has been an extended injury with a back. So I don't know I don't know him at all enough to even speculate on where he is if he's comfortable and just saying. Not gonna risk it anymore dumb and or. You know I'm gonna work and shall I can't come back and then leave on my own terms. The different with office those guys generally don't ever go out right right big play and play and play and they got in the Champions Tour and I play they play and their sixties they do. So it's a very different things are let's let's bring hamster got on that notre Friendster got from the dam Leavitt. Was duke got to joins us every week here Mike and I can I know many things about through God's including that he loves golf your way I'd love golf. And so it it it would seem almost impossible to imagine at this point after a fourth back surgery. To god that that we're going to see Tiger Woods ever returning any significant way to the sport so. If indeed this is at now that the story of Tiger Woods golf career has been written. How will you remember how well how do you think this story in its totality. Deserves to be told. I got greedy I'll still if he never plays again if you never win another major again I'll still remember him as the greatest golfer of my lifetime of our generation. You know certainly there's arguments to be made. After Jack nickel a Jack Nicklaus and and I understand that because. Tiger never got to win there he wanted to get and that was to break the major record set by. By Jack Nicklaus had just said to me greed because you and I love golf so much and he's the greatest golfer you don't I didn't see Jack at his prime soared 86 what what that bastard that was a Jack in his prime that would Jack towards the end of his prime for the end of his career really. I tigers the greatest golfer ever seen and I've just said that I don't get to see more of him and I've said for a long time now after every back surgery he's still gonna come back he's still gonna win majors. East of her break Jack's record but meant for back surgery six months away from coming back again to the tour greedy it is hard for me to pat them. That he's ever going to win another major partner to fathom the governor wouldn't of the port of itself. Op but I'll still remembering and as the greatest golfer of our generation of my life died on. And there's again I guess there's a little. Qaeda after their little bit a little benchmark there were younger your bic said at a local tragic radius not magic that you say that we could we'd get to see it play out. All the way for a how how how long were you holding onto that he's gonna win and other majors that just going away now or hagee said that a while ago I mean did you think he was done awhile goers this confirming it for you if you think. No Paula this is confirming a formula right up till yesterday right above are in the news that he was gonna get a fourth back surgery I still thought that tiger would be able to come back. And still be able to piece together you know 45 majors and that just doesn't seem to be the case so yeah this is for the first time I have felt I think the way they agreed he feels that made a lot of other. Golf fans have felt prologue time at tiger's not gonna reach that record Jack Nicholson's record with the majors and it's just that I would look I would've loved to seen him play. All the way through his entire career and see exactly how what do played out that big would have played out within 120 something. And imagine him against some of these young guys in the game right now if he was sort of off. You know we're sort of being cheated of the usual our work of the great career in that sport Mike in my presented by progressive insurance through got through this. On the shell Pennzoil performance art onto other business we watch LeBron James play us I know that those in Miami and for those most people are aware that. Leavitt artistry that's a company there in Miami and have a lot of Miami flavor to the show. So when LeBron has a night like last night. What is the react is that be can't play any better that he played in the second half last night and carried his team basically all by himself to a win. What is the reaction. That you will be hearing and will be having on your show today. Bottom I'm not happy about it but I think the rest of the city of Miami is like that listen he left here he came down here for years what the word straight championships they want to. On the edge so I think. You don't the city of Miami still likes LeBron James back I would say many people love LeBron gave you make your argument and I'm including Dwyane what hate here that abroad is the greatest player ever play to ever Wear. A Miami Heat Jersey even though he was only down here for the four years he's the one to two titles labeled one without himself. Odd that the reaction I think. I think people would Miami are rooting for LeBron James right up until he plays Dwyane Wade in Chicago Bulls if they had soccer news comes to fruition it would going to be interesting here. Op with enough abroad for you he's he's one of the all time greats and you know I heard you guys talk about the way and say in May be maybe his best game ever I would say probably game six against the Boston Celtics beat the Toppert bottle. All on the road with a really the blueprint was at stake there what Pat Riley today at the season if they don't win the championship that year their second year together the Big Three. That he thinks about ripping up the boom Britain go to different directions so I think that's the greatest game we've ever seen LeBron life but certainly last night. Was was was in the top five dead and the city land use the referral abroad and loves LeBron is clogged up like Dwyane Wade and as clogged up slightly. Expensive lesson when a couple of the factor carrier ring and Kevin Love were on the bench for that entire fourth quarter. Are a big thing happened last night the NFL schedule came out and some people seem to love it I've. I don't get it sometimes but what's your thought what takeaways you get from the schedule coming up. Well you know I do love it how am except the adjustments automatically any experiences last night but greedy I got through the first week of the first three weeks it's app buffalo at oak Lynn home with the dolphins I have them all when three and I stop looking at the rest of us into another. Illicit I think realistically. And their ebbs and flows and everything. There is reasonably the jets are going to be one of the two or three worst teams in the NFL this either that stage of development in theory they're breaking everything down and started well that's going to be right positioning of another quarterback next year as well. That is the idea that we should take that one actually witness and Arnold OC. How that they want to going. I am a curious did anything else jump out of Houston got some educators are you excited about the draft next week what what are your takes or on all of this dressed up as we are now six days away. Yeah listen I I only focus on the jet scheduled to that the team that I love and saw looked at it like I do every single year and I did you know the whole win loss win loss win loss and an avenue to fourteen in and then that's on that's all think that just so long but not Nate Nate. I got excited for the draft because gritty I really do think. But the jets are gonna take a quarterback here I think that they're gonna take to Shawn Watson they're gonna figure out a way to get it to prevent odd for this one of those two guys and and that excites me and those guys don't work out as go to sport about double take another one action or that we get this thing right because we're not gonna be go to that we get a good quarterback. What are we gonna quarterback what do you make of this whole business with a light we saw him come out yesterday. Very strong long glee sort of on the offense. By far is denying that he's done anything wrong here what does memorabilia stuff it's gonna continue to circulate and told. Some resolution is offered until some explanation for what actually happened here that satisfies everyone. Is offered what's your take away. You know just based on what we know right now it's hard to think you'll like it it to something's wrong just based on the information that we have right now really the information I'm talking about is is that one email suit to the guided trading debt. So it it's really pitchers being listed I know the Manning barely cares about their reputation most people do okay and Eli has come out the same way Peyton did I heard guys talking about earlier. Obviously my patent came out when there are allegations against him and and and I understand it the way it looks right now. Eli Manning absolutely did something wrong is it a big deal to most people know because they're not and that memorabilia game it's not a big deal to that bought for the people who are eaten at memorabilia game. Steiner and the people watching paid for the merchandise. It's a big deal that you wanna get what you paid more I can absolutely see thin air you know. Where that plays out or Eli doesn't want a port with some of the stuff that's meaningful to him. A gritty aggregates they made 200 billion dollars I know he had but somewhat stop the game more stuff is probably meaningful and and I can absolutely envision a scenario where he's has the illustrator right. Getting some stuff that looks game Warner rub some dirt on a Jersey you'd add David to give it back that he's like give decider. And if I'm the person who's on the receiving end of that memorabilia I wanted to be authentic and if it's not a good be very upset and so what appears to be just based on the information we have now. That Eli it's absolutely dug from the rural. Yeah I hide my point with the I'm not that they wouldn't be sentimental value to my point is why would you get yourself involved in something that is going to create. Many used the word chump change out a lot of money to most people but it's not a lot of her as someone who has made because you think billion dollars L I'll say because you think it's easy out. You think I can easily get majors your helmet that Japan is dry morning and and Fred I'll never now yeah yeah that's exactly what my point is if you know and again I. I I I am not sitting you're suggesting that Eli Manning has done something wrong I have no idea what wound up happening. But if you don't know. That you're giving stuff that isn't actually which are claiming to be so isn't someone that all along the line gonna tell you you know. If this thing comes maybe it was like a look Harry bad this lawsuit this flawed as it hasn't happened way more than you think you guys Tuesday and it's almost. PL I have my son Mike's set it as he was leaving town likes beating. Everybody kind of does it and you get caught every now and then but you know really think about the consequences are getting caught for the at a pretty minimal. The concert and maybe you never think about what the content well is it getting cold delta started out and all of a sudden a personal as as as burned as good reputation as anybody in the whole league. Who is the reigning NFL Walter Payton man of the year award winner. I am and his beloved and has managed to play thirteen years in New York City without one bad thing happening. Like this little stupidity is actually making him look bad that that's the part of it. That jab and I don't I don't think your hands are career you know if the worst thing that set about somebody's he got a Jersey to a guy that says said it was game morning it was and I don't think or you know keeping him out of the hall of fame keeping them out of got a funny but it's it's it's still got to go ahead. The out if there and all political look on that and if the blemish screening if it turns out that all this is true it's not a big deal it's not gonna really out of it it it ruined reputation that much it's certainly not gonna keep them out of all thing and on you know also think he's that he's you know above average of buried according to a great quarterback but a very good quarterback so let me do anything. It in that regard. But it did start you know for me because of memorabilia guy have a lot of game ward stopped so now you know that goal looks at it happens all the time he's over a former professional athlete. I have to go back and look at all my stuff that would make sure thought that that I got to make sure like some of the grass marked I tablets over the jet Jersey that is actually real. But I got I was thinking maybe you guys you got elected I am not you guys are apt to let it. You should start selling should go warned stall autograph it and sell. Show warned stop until like Britney I would pay top dollar for whatever Jackie you have our right now if you decide if we said today. I hope you thousands of dollars that that you know how much I love you man. And now it's worth much more than that very quickly they'll all kidding aside. I put this stuff that you have caught up up how does that get authenticated like we do when you buy if you if you look at two of you bought I don't know what Joseph Klecko signed Jersey. An asset they give you a letter of authenticity. Yeah I get a ladder and Al I have no idea at the question everything that I have I have zero idea guys they matter how they authenticated. My you know what I've never read the letter I just had a letter that letter made me feel good about it it appears that lesson I've never actually studied the letter. It's the latter but I I don't think the letter says we sat there and watched him sided I think this says we authenticate by this letter. That this was signed by them or warm vibes of my point is so Brandon Steiner and his FaceBook I think last week. Actually said. When Eli Manning walks in and hands me the stuff I feel like I contrasted so what's it like you saying. That was his authentication process. And he'd then write a letter signed this that might or whatever that I wanted to see what else could be the authentication again following him into the locker room after game and watching him take all right Jersey and following that Jersey all the way to nobody washed their hands on things I've read it suggest that the the the training staff. Has the different jerseys and stuff they were a little codes numbers different things on the debate can't authenticate that it actually was warning or watch out yet they can't they can't what that's my point it's exactly the point debit Salem. Tell yeah it's it's not. It's not as cut and dry as oh yeah I will get all the game more stuffing it it but my point is if they're not at the memorabilia collector who's selling this to you isn't isn't. Insisting upon that step being taken they'd bail on depending upon and they're being told it is put a lot of sometimes it isn't. You have a dog out there agrees that it has some services on stock ironic when you think memorabilia you can go one name and it's I don't I can't name another guy who has this for letting. It is not heard Summitt you can't just if you're Steiner in Iraq this kind of operation you can't just say oh Ely walked into my all of that it could be to stop the airport it is game ward now you have to do a better job and that. Both guys are wrong gears Steiner and Eli Manning argue that all what I wanna know is what you sold your College Lacrosse memorabilia for. All I haven't solidly all now I'm just putting ideas in oil and had yet I haven't sold it but I'm going to a bit to start selling my colleagues across memorabilia I don't gonna start where as long answer what did what did. The Disney and ESP and all the ominous start selling I show warned stop now moving forward it to the great idea that we should all do it. The best of my in my. A huge night from LeBron pitching which is set up a monster game in the playoffs you know if that was an incredible performance last night. Milwaukee I've completely. You know undervalued them no doubt about and I honestly you know I haven't. Name a person outside of Milwaukee Bucks fans have seen a ton of them play this year and as Stephen A said they have been inconsistent there were 42 and four. It's not like at all. I'm I'm under raiding them and they don't deserve you know little this succeed they're just a game above 500. So bought for the way they're playing again you look at the match up and even a broken down very well with them and Toronto but who would look forward. Through the match up of LeBron and agree tree coming in the next round absolutely off. I'd like to see it and I think that is well and like you mentioned as I said Milwaukee's that I NB ATV they'll be on TNT tomorrow. Every game of terror and that game series with Cleveland every game is prime time for them for that for the team. Meanwhile I'm glad you said to do something you just edges that is something that I've always liked this is one of those little things that only I care about to turn if you're 42 and forty. You are one game over 500. And I you do senate duck and you're right now people will say they're two games over 500. Because you would have to lose two games in order to be 500 bright but the reality is when you're 42 and forty. If you had won one more game you would have been 500 no I've always thought that was actually the way we should describe this even though it isn't like when a team is 3224. Nobody ever says that four games over 500. But the reality is if they had won four more games they would be 500 so that really is the way it should be describe why you looking I almost wanna get stung by its corporate enjoy. What it was I just studying and passing just to show what their record was I didn't mean make a segment not a bad. But you care nurse. But you're the one who said you didn't even sad mistake at least no idea sedated passing that they were close to 500 by being one game over 500. I didn't mean to turn into what I'm glad you said that your let me explain why. I would've been fine with the saying I'm glad you senate that way because I agree without you said it and then move done. And your understate the significance of this change. Our next question brought Dubai indeed that compost your next job opening on the world's number one job site the staff has put together yes a whole but that question challenge this first question I can't wait here's the first 11 question. The NFL game your most excited to watch this season is. Idiot wrote this question are serious. As scheduled just came out like gaming the most exciting well our seven and we tore the games. And I'm also looked at this schedule from last night and picked out the game that's going to be the most exciting of the year. What you stupid but the Super Bowl rematch and I felt patriots chiefs Thursday an eye opening night well I can't wait for that game Mubarak here's one of the reasons that you ought to save that one yeah. Because that will be the first meeting included you're right that question. We should know. The way you you've jumped out of that bad leaders in chump activities throughout five and a half did it without ever got my chance of rip him for that. All these game why would you say Thursday September 7 the opener because it will be the first meaningful game we've seen since the Super Bowl right it. To be a delightfully cynical about why should doing them in the chiefs that's it I can't wait it's gonna be the best game of the year my god I'm tingling. Match. Yeah next question. True or false Jim bigger problem we'll have a better career than any of the quarterbacks drafted in this year's class I'll say that's false I mean that's one against what were talk and the possibility of seven maybe in the first two rounds the odds are against drop low for that I would think. Coming from a back up position we think where he may end up whether it's in New England taking over for Brady and number of years. Or when I think you're gonna lose the next series of freeagent. Costs and on gonna say absolutely false on that I will also say false as much as I kind of like the idea of grapple history is filled with these guys. Who were backups get big money goes someplace else and it almost never goes well. Next question over under over the haven't even read it America doesn't know what I'm about to say. The over under on the number of shots Russell Westbrook will take tonight over but I don't care what the perverted you can have but the number at 28 and a half looks like tornado on and after a neighbor who also are our partners a check Mark Stuart my fault I I I'd I've marveled at Merck. You play I know victory I took 23 game one in 43 games all over. Over is gonna over twice a year and a half shots at home one night and a half whatever sorry sorry. You know what I've got my check mark your made a check mark on the question and I wrote it right through the numbers are just intimidated his drawl Adams walked into the thing guys haters have you ever seen this guy that people know. I'm about Joseph I'm not coming across the medal under any circumstance no does recognize that there. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go under. Are you tonight tonight back at home they're gonna get other people involved I'm gonna go under and that number of shots. Next question which loss in his storied coaching career. Do you think bothers Nick Saban the most. This comes from the fact that he that yesterday he has not gotten over the loss to Clemson. He says he still hasn't gotten over the lost all part of that game and a lot of other crazy tight losses and well I mean you take a loss to -- and that's a national championship game the loss to Auburn as an unbelievable. Rivalry and I don't know why it was a national champion that I would have been right you know moving forward and they didn't because of that there with a number one team in the country when it happens that what I think is gonna haunt you more because at that and a title game you were in the title game and I think that when stopped you from getting into the title game itself and on the way and a missed. Field goal return. I think that would haunt me for all my game needs to do anything against your arch rival. Last one next question what's more likely tiger never plays again on tour or tiger contends that another major all tiger never plays again PGA tour I think that I don't think is any question about it I think that was actually a much lesser question as far as the writing in the first one that we go back so loudly criticized season coming up. A lot of very. It. Yeah. Questions. Or fire routed. And more. Fired. An. Old. Well are aren't they might still no well he armed well there's a mommy and daddy curry let. And see when de. You call Geico. They could save a bunch of money and current or old they are and somehow. That makes them very happy at all kids. Well I'm glad we could have talks on giant Geico because they can pick deeper and are more car insurance is always agree cancer. Our back and better than ever my in my represented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance and so busy we've been. This morning another legendary performance from LeBron James another back surgery unfortunately. For Tiger Woods NFL draft six days away and joining us now. In our studio as a young man whose name is gonna go off the board very very early. Next Thursday when every year people talk about players who were most ready to step into the NFL and make an immediate impact one of the first and that comes out. As always the safety out of LSU Jamal items are joins us. In our studio welcome Jamal him around the room and I'm just excited to be years. I'm really thankful Robertson. Budget to have you here you've got to see in my breakdown a little bit I've got to do. But it will amend you know you said the 45 speed bullion at a Ford three speed and a bright you know for Prodi that's all that's right you did so in order for five you know I -- I guess -- now you're you're absolutely right if there is it for five of the come by wolf over the top I'm buying my thought throughout the note here. I apologize because the dilemma -- fire at a 43 I'd be born and everywhere from it was you know thirty figures confusing it with his own is forty. If they that the idea that aren't you David c.'s Mike that I died here at the end of the breakdown he did of Jamal's work on on television you said. If you have a note for him but even he isn't going to be aware of and I don't know what it it or you don't I don't you don't. The father played the NFL that he not do it father was a running back to Kentucky it is drafted by the giants' number nineteen overall in Buena member of the year. Ninety I'll tell you that 851985. Here I was drafted no doubt as well the smallest cracks in the tenth round and a half hours he was only nineteen I was picked number 255. But we're both. Jamal as father and I were in the exact same draft I don't know I pick my if you look at it this way 236. Spots ahead of her. Some of them actually feel good on his dad was was that was even considerably better prospect he was also picked and around that still exists yeah if if I around doesn't exist anymore it was taken around a Jamal is going to be taken. An active is that right so starting big picture it working are always small your name has been involved in this thing from basically the moment the season ended. So give people an idea it seems to have gotten more and more involved this time has gone on of just what these last few months have been like for you as far as how busy it has been. Is it is naked men Obama tell you that you know it is its its owner. On to be doing we're doing is definitely drained on Jason. But as far as flights in as far as meeting with teams is unreal you know it is is it definitely takes a toll on so you gotta stay in shape. On you know you gotta get so worked us in that you can at the votes on the you know you got to sacrifice time so I'm religious and join a process on me and to soak it all in. So you're guided him on high schools a top safety prospect in the country played as as a true freshman so you've got in their right away and and we can I can show and and to illustrate what you do on the field we can look at stats. But the people I talk to about you talk about the intangible Jordan leadership skills where where did that come from for you why I. You know I think you know you're you're born leader. I don't think you know you just wave a wand and say hey I'm a leader. On film like you know my my parents and you know again the most sensitive. On you know I was fortunate to be raised that's great partners on you know they raised me just do the right things on the field. Lead by example. Mean you know religious that would you know at a younger age you really don't you don't distance you know so well so months that Tom bush you know it when you get older. You start to realize I'm poor old man like you know I thought I always say oh man power on wanna push it well. You know I'm new young. Com. I'm in my prime. I definitely to my father you know though cans that are outdated you know and had done. After the seniors my old cat I'd like that out this little cat but but all kidding aside having a father who has been through it who is it him in the league was different then but it's basically still the same right. In what ways does that benefit Q what have you learned. From his having been in. A member of the NFL going through the process and playing in the league that you think will benefit you going forward right it is so. You know it is it is. Talk with me is always about just being yourself. On you know doing what you do best on the ops are playing for boys three. On you know it is is really just nothing new to me you know racist is just another process is another chapter on that I'm excited for. On that I have to grow up I've been richer. And you know he just he just always is you know constantly on the about is doing right Dave and and I think that's what is best was about comedy and that's what I you know all I take from him the most. So you're guided that that is great on the field you come from a football family you have incredible leadership skills yet when you meet with all these teams are always trying to get that one question again. Find something read that that can throw you off what what were some of the things that that you got asked that that you thought were little odd. You know it it wasn't necessarily a question on there was a lot of light. Mind games on as far as you know possessing crazy questions like all the wall where questions. You know about the you know. At the capitol you know China just everything it would it was it was you know a different scene. Calm way you know it wasn't too many questions about football. Cook but you know it I got a lot of crazy questions I had so they asked Mitchell to risky how good he is it doing inane and I suspect Iowa I wondered to myself I have no idea what the purpose of any of that is regularly there's some method to it. Did anyone ever ask you awards was there anything in this process because. These days everyone is so prepared for the process. It took you by surprise where US anything or asked to do anything in that you hadn't seen coming in weren't prepared for our. To be honest no. You know it was it was really straightforward. You know. Conducted me and you know they shut nation questions at me and I just as a coach and from the you know it was it wasn't something that they were Charlie you know. Give me on but it was a publicity is that you know had. You know doctors and addicts how to play little mind game you to see how you gonna react on me and you just have to react in in state common depression. And looking at the situations you're saying come under pressure at LSU with the coaching situation and in the changer you're there. For a talk about from a leadership side. How you kind of helped everybody and got everybody through that well you know it was Horner. You know it was my house fire on the it was definitely tough on you know the team does that. You know he recruited you know most of the guys on in you know when that when that took place. You know coach hosted. Mean you know as a leader in line is that what as well and keep the you know due to group together. I'm glad it's heaven is going to be OK we got to finish staying strong got to get a blow win or we gotta get that net. You know we we had a we had a great. On started the season you know Rocco started the coach so committed. Army you know we always up to have been gaining tough loss. You know we Gates's move. Who played a miserable and so I think it was it was about finishing on it was about Spain's Spain tied as a team. Not having individuals. On me in you know just wanna as winners. I yes I agree I just set aside knowing whether or you're on with quick or throw his as you as you say. To get good motivated because the way he speaks you just can't listen to him enough right. Right all right I just picture him in one hand speaking out and neighbor Kenya or something but I is your motivational guy what you see is what you do. Now and coach shows great. You know he has agreed you know family. You know he's he's definitely a supportive everybody. You know he builds relationships. But what she sees which reviews his voice it. Is he's never loses. You know he's always you know pumped up he's always given you know his motivation you know speak his talks in. You know he's definitely always you know China it is around. Did you understand every word he's a not no ma'am but you know you get used to you know when you stylist Amy you just yeah I coach I got see how you if you just gotta go with these images if you get the gist of it and run. The wind exactly. We've had a lot of multiple times it got half the time I'm thinking I have no idea what he's saying he's violent not a edit that out okay notes and that's exactly yeah I'll atoms of LSU is in our studio and you mentioned the ball game you know and there are a lot there was a lot of talk about bowl games this year because a lot of others who were in the situation that you were in players who were going to be highly drafted. Including your teammate Leonard for an hour chose not to play in those bowl games and and just for the sake of public record I defended them completely right while there were a lot of people who were critical of them. What was your reaction when Leonard told you and told the teammates I'm not gonna play that game. What do you know this is something that you know it was his decision. You know we supported as you know as an issue for both seen on you know whatever he need to do. What was this for him we both support no matter way I'm Selena when he toes that on Tuesday it it was definitely you know our bridges. Alba at the same time you know we have other backs like Dyson on Darrow. On the unique Breaux says and it is so many so many guys that you know we can feed off in you know we won't missed a step on so those guys fill in India's minister. Did you ever think about I didn't now now one bit even after he said it did that go along maybe Williams some people you know admired it you know wanted to. Wanted to you know one or meeting you know let's stop playing but. I was about them and I was I was focused on you know on fitness and as women. I couldn't I couldn't go out. And is not playing my last game on the nod if it was a play for the fan base definitely from my Brothers. On me just finish strong because of that as the one thing that that. We're between him and Christian McCaffrey and we wonder now. Christians father played the lead look like like you or your father did. So where and when did you first start hearing from these people in your year that were saying hey maybe auto back five yeah it was it was it was towards the end of the season. You know the whole you know. Oh he's leaner in the you know I just wasn't full of Charlotte you know focus on the right thing of course it was coming up to minded on that you know I could possibly Bernie. You know that there's no doubt about it. Com but at the same time I wanted to stretch my teammates wanted to keep the focus of detained on him wanna put that it's on me. On and I just wanted to you know again finished as the winner who was suggesting to you that it might be your best interest to go early as I can understand why someone might. Why these people close to yours is justice stuff you're hearing on social army social media it's of people that are close to me. You know it becomes you know you turn on the TV edit at a younger age and you see your name come across that you know. The banner of likely to leave you gonna lose. You know you see you see everything that you know is out there but. A game and I just want to keep the focus off me. You know in a one as good as when I just wonder because I understand that in order to play the game which both of you guys did and I did not work that you can't go out there worrying about injury all right when you see what happen to jail and Smith last year and then there's this year right now. Would have been one of the guys that was in his first run and everyone would be talking about it now basically no one is talking about him that he'll get drafted and he'll get an opportunity to play them. But he got injured in that ballgame to ride did you think about that at all about the possibility of getting hired well when you Stebbins who knows lines you can't think about it. Com that's one thing that you can not. Do on you know my father you know he always told me. If you if you feel obligated you don't get it on the feud about it and just go hundreds of percent in the audience so he's got to play pheasant you know do what you do. But at the same time those things do Papa. I believe strongly everything happens for a reason. You know this is part of DOJ bus story. I think he's welcome back strong. On the as well as though the kids is Sidney Jones he just had it QBs right well this pro day right now Fabian. From UCLA you know towards pickle as broad a social lot of guys out there today you know. Have so much support com and know they're gonna come back from a man and not to give a different there before. So we're we're wrenching letter formats O'Sullivan let me ask you this I don't know much ones on ones who didn't like him and track I was Hillary don't -- in August 25 so you are I mean one of the things are known for ours is your aggressiveness normal come up and hit anything or saw anything does that include for netware. Don't want you want we definitely had our battles meant to well that's that's your brain on the outcome unknown no doubt about it man phenomenal runner. You know he deathly you know he brings it. You know it is time he might bring you know he might say to would you know for an it is it is great player. But we definitely have battles Nazis. I'm fascinated that the playing in the SEC right now. And and and particularly the Robert Ritchie or school LSU and Alabama which. Has risen to extraordinary heights in recent years demand a championship game just a few years ago. But Alabama has had the better of that rivalry and frankly against everyone Bart has had the betterment of late how much. Do you think about them when you're a player and LSU when your other player in the SEC how much time do you spend thinking about I want those guys you know. In the SEC west you want everybody. You notice EC west is in me. Com is the best in the business missed the best football. On you going to be missed it would great competition each week going to be a game or you can be beat. On you know so. Isn't it's no hate towards Alabama you know everybody always things that we just hate Alabama players. Men who were really cool with the guys now I have a lot of friends on the team is this a lot of guys you know break in the recruiting begala and prudent thing to hand and you notice this would everybody calm but you know you definitely you know we don't feel it is no foreigners and everybody knows that on the other hand in my. I mean you know we fell short in all three in my years on now. She we have beat them you know so little mod three I believe so what it did not happen. You know disagreed saying well Stan you know close David does a phenomenal job. And you know every time you know Nick Saban you know he asked him after the game you always has a wish I got a because. You know one point there was I was close to doors. Well it's amazing one of the comparisons is lightening Collins who has there aren't doing such a great job with the giants and and a lot of people making that comparison. With you was also writers compare Roy if you're you're close to go to Alabama or what what made you choose LSU in the well. If you know Alabama was you know early in a process freshman year went up there that MVP of the camp. McDonnell did offer. Did not. He told me that you know we want to keep looking at me kind of you know bog down a little bit. The kid you know academy you know very hungry. You know in that recruiter he ended up leaving so I had another recruiter come in and you know it just wasn't. You know don't work out but I at first man. I was really my towards my last year's senior I was going to Florida. Joker Phillips is my godfather so at the time. He was a receiver coach effluent Nawaz all about the gators man and you know T rob I was really close we champ. Homage you know I felt like you know pushed him was you know is going leave. I mean you got to the day for a aside you know I did open in the by U. I loved it. Loved every minute of it on and I would trade for a world. So then you prepare for the NFL I and I always found this amazing going way back to ruin your father and I were preparing for the NFL. But Tom I wasn't in India them a run by that nothing was in Arizona State -- but all you do is prepare for things that you don't do on the field accidentally go from playing football to doing things you'll never now have to do again in your life so. Talk about that transition to say I'm a football player now a high jumping up and caught a jumping out during all these things I'll never. Oregon today and you know is it they got it just so hectic to where everything from the common is about TV to me you know everything is about you know. Who jumps the highs who runs the fastest you know those of the most talked about players and you know acted in the day there's some players that can you know do those things great. And you know they you don't fit in and denial that rate you know for Butler on the vice Versa Manso. I think those things get blown out proportion. It is mentally draining. Com but you know Arkin are you speak for everybody pitches that went through in just went to a day we're glad it's over we're glad that the com mine is a about it. So it it was a crazy experience but it you know it was one of flops if the saints. We're right about presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance by Jamal Adams another minute let's hear. Safety out of LSU so the position. Has evolved obviously in the pro level for years you're known for your big hitting and there always gonna be a place for a safety who can hit in the NFL but these days. You're covering basketball player Chris steak that's basically the job of the safety so give us a sense of your expectation for yourself going in there committed to a sport where the tight end these days is basically not attach on on the line reg he's out there running routes he's just a tall or wide receiver. What is your expectation well. You know the game is changing as the first first and foremost the game has changed. Like you stateside Izzard in now receivers. Now they can run round on now can block. So you have to have as a safety unit had a total package you have to be a cover. You have to be a bit you know didn't box or you know in the Booth to. So the game is is has changed. You know the Jordan reed stated unity groups coming up OJ Howard. All these tot K skip one round. On so you have to be of the congress late in pain is no question about it. On you you do if we will be exposed if you can't cover. Honestly you know that this dispute is you have to work well Jay Howard's top tidy coming out our match up with him. You know that's my guy and you know if he was sitting right next to me I would them that you know he he knows a lot the most. I ask my guy Mayo says oh my god and as well as they have in the government those are my guys. But you know week. I definitely I feel like I got the best of you know maybe they might not Saba. Definite you know now I think it really be happy to be split a little more on the all heads to analyze it then he's a phenomenal football there. You know can block. Big body. Uncle to get the ball run routes. As well as having an accomplishment with those guys and in Phoenix. You know we always had a close relationship. On this it's always been at the respect for those guys on the world with the world food you know they definitely know it's all about. Don't get to the basketball playoffs we go tonight he's got clippers jazz on ESPN two in the tomorrow. We'll have warriors blazers on ESPN radio is getting a good case to the west is our friend PJ Carla about who joins us early this morning good morning coach. Board agree what do Michael. Morning are what are start with this though is that with the game with the cavs last night as to not take us inside the room you're the coach. And you're just come from behind to win a playoff game that you were trailing by 25 at the half. You're star LeBron James goes off but in the fourth quarter your other two stars carry Irving and Kevin Love don't play at all so. Who does tie Lou have to talk to if anyone about this does it need to sit with Tyree and Kevin Love and make sure they're okay daisy. How does the coach handle a game which is an unusual circumstance like that. Well I think it depends on what kept under in the year I would think given that and we've done some games we're who has done just that. Fairly common good got the not a way to started the entire time but fairly common used to well I think group that's goal really really well. At a traditional culture goes from coaches broke even particularly you know particular group is gold well. They'll grow and then that there might stretch of about thirty you know thirty seconds submitted for the critical back to normal rotation whatever they do late in the game. With a little bit more although I feel approach. They have I think maybe I opened the players were surprised that it Betsy the post game comments but we're watching here that we would've got beat. I don't think it would be surprised application player. He's tool player himself. And I think he feels necessary but you might even face suddenly talking to groupie today this group did a great job and no. Commend the guys we left on the floor and just say something like him a Kevin. Currently we appreciate you guys the way you performed impact you know without even try and but turner got saw enough shots. They're shots where Dutch club over opening jogger endured all that and I thought Kevin Love and can't really. Were very much engaged in it so I would I would think it would just be who make it is normal comments. Technology of the guys did the rugby guys played the fourth quarter but also specifically say it. You know this is why would good because cutlery and Kevin can you guys can be either participate in and support for skirt so I don't think you would do would it have been a group that. So they don't play the fourth quarter of those other guys do and they play well so there are some I would say well maybe those guys should play more with LeBron each gamers separate so how does that work I'm going forward. It's overworked they're back to their normal rotation in the next game that's it I think it was just to pay big game was. Obviously are very very different game and I think it's as a technical moo is a little bit more. If you approach and and there are some. Again and it evolved over the course of the year maybe the first side to do this sort you know it is too expensive three years with with these three guys. I've got to think that Lou has done this before state with a particular group because the widget so normally they gave me it's that. It's not automatic because you get follow probably get matchups for the most part guys know what makes about a longer going to be out ward where they're going Beckett if you're restore order. But I think this used to be says that Lou. The real world go the group would wouldn't normally do that. In the fourth quarter or is where. Just it's a really really good role go to fort cool our game war. Game Oakland while last Sunday. See the bridge group the start of the fourth quarter. To a group it was 808080 it was a tight game after three and I'm gonna mess up some of them but it was like it was like David western film do you would it was a a bench group cut output comes with your starter it was Bill Clinton put on great with them. Steve wrote that a little bit longer than normal and had a really good run at the exit 155 rugs interstate with them many double what it did. You talked to former player who talked with somebody that does this. They cut goal of any state with about the six minute timeout. People like to be. And and step back in the game. And it went with his death life at the smaller weapon who have figured out on the floor so it's not having the entire fourth quarter yeah a little bit unusual. But I think you. Given the circumstances of the game. And given how well they were playing in. I think good move and I'd like what looked to media and TV. The way the guys were accepting of that. Mike in my can PJ well that's actually. I know he's got a note here as we were talking to Ed McMahon him and I guess reported late last night Mike you and I didn't get a chance to eat. The late night reports that tyra that tie Lou actually asked love and Irving. If it was okay if he's stuck with that rotation because it was working in the fourth quarter and they both told them they were good with a so that I got right right preachers that that you couldn't you would you be seen that before. Yes absolutely talked because you know duke it out and you'll say that men and literally. It's not unusual for players say view. They would be you know there of course they would of took it quite well because it's it's normally somebody who you know doesn't. You know but did the play that many consecutive minutes so it's the cut about work themselves out. And obviously he just wrote. I'm like god like it to be honest with you with a real lead but one thing I noticed watching the game. I thought clearly. Love being tired we were engaged which I thought was a it was a good side. As far as the rest of the eastern many think that Washington is going to be that team. That that will could could do something to Cleveland or at least meet him in the Eastern Conference files one of Milwaukee gets or Milwaukee with a 21 lead. On Toronto right now on the Greek freak in the way he's playing a team that I think a lot of us haven't seen a lot during the year what kind of a matchup that could be. Beatrice statement that thing about Milwaukee one of the things about that and then we we would have to people here tonight. Two teams are cut corporate people don't realize that everybody does about. Utah. Milwaukee controls would say the pace they don't take very great shots. So that's one reason they're. JP is able to predict they could stay in games. And it's you know it's kind of scared that you get to warrant out there right now at all all the old. Well for them right now. I don't think they can sustain it myself in a fortune and the thing about the playoffs and it it changes dramatically I've been in law might. I never I try to net groups. You know predict people's that would negate what's going around I would its red we do about last week to run out of me it was a dark horse right to do Toronto is well I'd but I still like their roster. Better than anybody else in the east and what to reward it is not looked that way if it is the outlook that was so far. And it operative for right now would be you know you guys know they can swing. So dramatically in one game. If people get a chance to see Milwaukee. Eight deducted believe help how improved a political bullish. We hit you see the numbers and we're seeing things this year like you would Westbrook that with hard. We've done is coming here is in every category he's dominating game it's incredible things they do but I think there. The good fight out there. Verbal war adjusting defensively and people think that when you watch him it's really intriguing now they control page. The possessions that they have. How few Google that looked after the game. And how they've managed to stay in the game and really work the game not surprising if you go chasing kids. How cerebral player he was but it threw intriguing to watch Milwaukee within do the course of the game with their offense. He blocked the shot last night with a elbow yeah. Applicable to block a shot with his elbow last I. And in swatted out of bounds for what it's worth their 22 and eleven of their last 33 games the cavaliers were eighteen and fifty and I'm not telling you Milwaukee's gonna beat the cavaliers. But they were red hot coming down. The end of the season and and tonight of course we have. Game three in Chicago. Celtics tried to dig themselves out of this head with a two home losses. The flick of a bad match up for them and that veteran experience of wade and Rondo in the greatness of Butler. Bulls might look just too good to me what about you PJ. We certainly have an end you know aren't shocked obviously you go to the first thing you talk about is that the terrific. Actions in and been living in Seattle wouldn't have happened like. Down the road so little piece from Russell Carter. In the middle of right there how they're dealing with it I don't know about engaging our wanna be scared of the bowl but I also wanna say Armitage just changed. Everything we've. That series road trip that they're still play in the games the biggest problem on the floor. The defense or rebounding his it is nonexistent. And they have soap back on their heels but Chicago's bid battle you're not be over it would you know they were oral. Against the cavs went they've been good. They've been very very good charge that would have been bad image usually self inflicted I mean they're they're they're more. It would seem more nonsense going on behind the scenes in the locker room. And they're bad nights where they just looked disinterested and give out there and didn't play at all and if picketed vivid so for the playoffs but it you know it says the same thing. It can change dramatically. It what night out receive their roster. There's more pure talent on their roster to be resolved Boston's roster would Boston's been too good. Too long this entire year I think. To to not. They're not publicly near term hum real I would I would love to see you know picked up to watch that game that's gonna really be your percent.