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Hour 4: NFL Draft: 4/25/17

Apr 25, 2017|

Greeny & Golic chatted with Reuben Foster and Stephen A. Smith

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Just by using the lucky to act like I'd win it business more than you I'd create new business impossible I'm undefeated business very well Q dot com now prepare to win ad business. I really are my in my presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance on debit tons of them this morning really interesting. Conversation and it will continue Stephen A will join us in about ten minutes go through the NBA playoff action as we speak and more. And I Ruben Foster will be here Mike and he's one of the players that we're talking matter whether deluded sample right at the Columbine and you've got a great video breakdown of that we'll see again in this hour easy tack. Draft status at all quite honestly I mean that this is a guy you plug in you can run your defense whether its from the middle weather from the outside getting a little undersized but. At six foot 229 now middle backers have gotten. I'll lighter because there really has to do are more in this league and and he can't he as I said. As long as he's healthy whatever team he's on he's probably gonna leave that team in tackles he is he's got at all. I will be here again the the topic came up again of the deluded drug sample yesterday because of Gibril peppers. Who is another player from Michigan and unlike Foster. He's the guy that you don't look at it and say immediately well he's a star in the league right. He's got a lot of star qualities and his extraordinary talent and does a lot of different things. But if you're pinpointing one place that your putting them on your football team and saying he's going to be an impact player there. Mike what is what's gonna play safe he's not playing outside linebacker 64 I think gamble to fourteen I think is what he weighed enact but he also returning on Quaker return yeah sank so let me know him he had definitely definitely can do that but will he be a one. At one position do a great job for you in that that's the jury's out. We know we can be personal it was a talk about Heisman because he was playing you know safety was playing some backers playing wide receiver he was returning was a Jack of all trades. But to know what they say about Jack of all trades and master of none need to master something. At the next level even guys that are versatile all that Bill Belichick signs in New England. You know are are critical of the masters at what they do we've in the masters of versatility to be really really really good if not great. At the different things they do. That we don't know about Gibril can he do that. You know what system does he need to be and to do that so he got a lot of hype early that's people studied more and more the tape and thought how. You know does this fit how will he fit seems like a good town seems like a guy you wanna grabbing you know you can find somewhere to go them but. I don't I I think there are some teams that just aren't sure what to do what backside. I still think he's going to be a late first round or not a second round I think he's gonna still be that I guess I think he has too much talent to pass up. 511 to thirteen immeasurable the Cobb eye for peppers that. Obviously too small to be aligned. OK let's do straight talk here too much of a straight talk wireless pass phoned best networks half the cost about three sound bytes for the price of none for you. All of them worth hearing let's start with the crew on NFL live yesterday and primarily you'll hear. Damien Woody talking about this issue of the deluded drug sample and where he believes it all comes for Iran. Let's have always say that what these guys that. These guys smoke okay I'm not winning 60 I'm looking seeing it would sit and not an incident and in particular. Oh yes it's a lot of do it at her fingers and a but it is that you wouldn't you alluded to it. You know when it's saying you know I don't know who do you simple mathematics. So often we eat. And didn't play it's it's how it's no we can't assume that we can't submit and rubbed at his own jet engine development and Brazil that in the year. You didn't work at all in high school. The collegiate career to put itself in the position. You have to make millions of dollars. It meant what when the moment is about to happen to change a whole. You do something this stupid what do you think. Lewis and it's certainly a fair question asked again for those who tested positive peppers and Foster did not test positive. They tested for diluted diluted samples so. Put that goes down as a positive. And in pre employment when they're not in the legal already you going to stage one and and and that's basically it. And I do think for the high high high majority it is a way to try and hide. Marijuana. And we would know a lot of guys smoke. But is it can we say that with a 100% certainty in every case no we can't. But I don't know the level I know the league takes into consideration guys that pile a lot of water in at the combine. To gain weight or or in this case both peppers and Foster said they had sickness issues that they did it. Let's beyond there are gonna be grainy plenty of people last Rubin Foster about a what he thinks that don't believe them. That don't believe them that just say you're just saying that because there's no way to disprove that no way to you know one where the other. US diluted sample it goes down as as your in the program you're you say it was because a sickness and you just drank a lot of water. So that that's going to be your your storied very well could be the truth. But there I I believe the majority of people aren't going to believe them. The end of the day though I don't think it's going to affect the draft status all of a Ruben Foster. To grow property was as I set up and down anyway. I I still don't don't think. This incident is gonna say well you know if we had them you know in its 25 or non market we're gonna wait to the second round I don't I still don't think that's gonna happen. Per the policy both peppers and Foster going to stage one of the program as you mentioned there is no discipline involved. Each will be charged. From the pollen from the program right within a 180 days if they cooperate with the treatment policy have no further violations during that period so that could wind up being. Not only much ado about nothing they could become nothing I could literally be nothing exactly right so if I were one who were making this pick. I do not think it would dissuade me in anyway from drafting the player. And I don't figure well I honestly don't think you're well it it'll just be that did just what Damien Woody said this'll come a lot from players and former players as. You know 22 guys that don't believe these two that just to come out you guys got a million you know make Smart decisions of those that don't believe too broke preparers and Rubin Foster are changing their story for anybody I don't know what they've told. Teams and all that I'm sure they told him exactly. You know the same thing it's just a matter of people believe it or not but at the end of all when the draft starts I do not feel their draft status is going to be affected. I don't of the day is all that far away where this is going to be a nonissue anyway her I don't think they're gonna be testing for this that much longer. And I don't think they should be now but what I think doesn't make any difference in this process next issue rather want you to hear is from a guy who did make a mistake and acknowledges it. And it's gonna cost this team and against him as well. As matters among garner superstar pitcher San Francisco Giants. And I you know the story last Thursday and off thing Colorado. He and and I believe members of his family what are dirt bike riding yes he fell off and got seriously hurt AC joint to finish of his pitching shoulder injured. We're talking about a guy who's gonna miss months yesterday he talked about it for the first time. Obviously that is not my intentions and we set out. Tore it off but. You know Arab guerrillas that's. Definitely not the most responsible decision I made enough. You know this sucks not being able to have some guys here of orgasm and try to help us win some games and you know this. She's very fortunate. Talked a lot of them and you know and format ever has been super supportive to organization. Because everything. Listen I I can't even fathom the bull blank moment. That would hit him and when he hit him maybe when he was hitting the ground going. What the hell that I just do. As we're gonna re here it's in contracts some generally some more specific. I saw it it's got to be a horrible feeling and am quite policy that the teams I do believe have every right to not pay him. To not pay a player that gets hurt in a situation. Like this and and some do some don't for the most part I don't think they do I think they. USA you know the guy made a mistake I can't say that with certainty on number of times it's happened and who gets paid and who doesn't. I have a feeling they're gonna continue to pay him and and they'll go on that way just hope a guy who hasn't been on the DL recover here's our. The CBA says the player agrees you'll not engage in professional boxing. Or wrestling. And that except with a written consent of the club you'll not engage in skiing. Auto racing motorcycle racing sky diving or any game or exhibition of football soccer Professional League basketball ice hockey or other sport. Involving a substantial risk of personal injury. In the first that the job in my mind what that drunk. Yeah drug engaged in in and Russian radio address today did. What you did and you don't know if you asked the team first are saying hey this is what I'm going to do the stories I heard was that Belichick had signed off on OK it hard to imagine just doing that without clearing now I don't envy as much fun as Brock has and does I think rock is still a professional even though. Atlas and I completely law of the guy. Something like that bill I have no doubt he was gonna go he was gonna ask Bobo checked before they get to one more sound right before we bring in Stephen and we will then bring even AM on this topic straight talk wireless. Nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable networks. Our member Howard Cosell on the night that John Lennon was shot famously saying it is after all just a football game. You know when it comes it was going Alice eve car right now. It is after all just basketball. I'm whether Steve Kirk and get back and coached the warriors which you know he wants desperately to do what you know they want him to. I'm has become from what I can tell sort of a secondary significant and two whether Steve Kerr is a 53 year old man. I'm is going to be healthy enough to sort of lived his life without an enormous amount of pain in his back. And migraine headaches and nausea and a variety of other circumstances. That have been created by a leakage of spinal fluid after he had surgery on his back. Here is Broadway Norris yesterday with the latest of what we are hearing on Keith Kerr. There's been concern about him. Being able to do this long term for about a year now while because he's been managing this pain. But it hasn't been this bad it has been manageable it got worse on him it flared up on him. Over the last week and it and it really took him downhill very quickly. Nobody saw this coming that is doctors not the and so he wouldn't have flown to Portland for example if you knew it was going to be this bad it got worse after he got there are so there is a hole from what I understand. With his doctors and with Steve. That he might be able to get past this current flare up and come back in coach I think that's what they're all hoping to have. But. It is a serious threat to his coaching future and unfortunately. It has been for some time. So that's Bryan went Norris with the very latest on Steve Kerr let's bring such as mayor buddy Stephen A Smith and from first take and more on that topic he's on the shell Pennzoil performance find it out Steve is as you heard us preface in the conversation. We all care so much about the NBA and about these playoffs and winning a championship but it feels sometimes like. Cavs are warriors is going to be the biggest thing that I could ever possibly happen but as you talk to the people around Steve Kerr what sorts of things are you hearing. About his return to coaching and and maybe even beyond that his ability to live his life without a lot of pain and discomfort. Well widowed and absolutely right it's been going off more than a year now obviously. Whether it's. You know it's this crop of players. Members of coaching that Joseph Laker owner. A lot of people and cancer and about a they gonna concerned about a quite some top but that layer there recently. Bomb and if the conservatives that cart is well spoken about it one of those situations where a it's it's it's what did you with so many different things that the prospective. And it's servant at and it's gracious to some degree that he's played it to go out beer or. You don't want him not just with double what app. So just look at it from net they have what you are both out to him because he's well respected within the NBA security it's we all go on and lump the lot of people. Won championships with Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. Learned from the both of them with an executive in Phoenix. The other great great job of cultivated relationship because he's such a genuinely nice Scott. Obviously incredibly knowledgeable about the game that only cares a great deal not just about gave about ball about a lot people. Surround and gave up that well considered a class act and a great guy you are just go out too because she promised in the basketball leads to it. Any compromise of the great because we're going all. From the actual game of basketball. Because this is a veteran team and they have really good assistants as well. You see here what what do you see as the effect if he's to miss extended time. Well I don't think it going to be much of an effect when it comes to this piece because I think you know well oiled machine. And what he's done successfully establish culture you know what the players can do but they willingness to trust one another played together to believe at one another not Q school in the speed of star. Night and in night out that kind of culture is what diminishes the imported. Up its actual threat it's because what the deal literally we've been Alltel little boy he's back home they know what he would want. They know how to XEQ what he would want and more importantly they don't be and it. Behind it all the way as a result a bit considering that that you know bevy of talent that they app on the squad is not only to affected Golden State Warriors meaning is. App it's the way that it would most other people other team you'd definitely meet that coach. And its presence on that bridge what weapon it's Mike Brown or anybody else. There are well oiled machine and I know exactly what to do what Kristy curry is what that bridge or not. And that's just waited for the go to war. Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance Steven A Smith is with a spurs take starts in 45 minutes. Audience piano on the games on tonight's schedule Steve today. If you talk at the clippers and the clippers may get through this round they may not I don't think anyone expects them. To make a deep run in this postseason now they've lost Blake Griffin and Mike and I were thrown this around mr. right what what is your sense. Blake Griffin featured do you believe he's played his last game as a clipper. And if so is the possibility of him going home to Oklahoma. A real one in your mind. While it's a possibility but I don't considerate you know law. Big big possibility. What I will say that you however is that his chances of remaining in LA actually decreased. With this injury rather than decrease gut. Before he got hurt again he had the option opt out of that contract and cashing in big top. But because these guys are now actually at the thought he may opt stay at ten finishes last year in the clippers that that this can be at the app next feet. Because of the injury itself meet personally I think that clip that an opportunity. To move Banesha maximize that opportunity they should it will be a nation got somebody like car. Carmelo Anthony to get to LA did that up big that they did not want to do and that's a result they ought where they are not think that a cop out. Spotted at the top of the group that the Q looking at them the disappointment that they'd been attempt to not get into conference final. Which PP we whipped lake where we DRG tour that. What to do it you're reminded. About you know being injured Blake Griffin bat second a third comics app and Chris Paul have been added the cat out compost seat atop. So they can that the attribute that lack that. So bad luck in terms of the injury bug and that might but that's a cop I'd certainly think it's going to be at the equation that fortunately grip that they'll likely opt. And it stay another year rather than opt out and go on a free agent market with his recent injury is too. Cleveland sweeps the pacers but in doing so they so give up you know the second most points in around playoffs. Is their defense ultimately still going to be their demise or can they flip that switch as they say women need to. I don't think it's going to be get them hot that they do not typical that they wore it to going to be at the pot because they just the well oiled machine up that of the vacant school in colleges. From the perimeter it appeared that he did great it's a book raunchy it's going back. Golf shot it through in order for the they re against the Golden State worried about got that I'm not concerned about what we're being. Prohibit that that's the I'm not worried about the track Cleveland Cavaliers in the light cannot tell you why just look at the big topic. Milwaukee definitely cheat sheet to rot so if any could this bit. The Washington Wizards to show up like gang but the first two games that they go to Atlanta and they wet the bed. And Atlanta is an average basketball team I'm not concerned about anybody. Knock it off on Cheney at the end and and the Cleveland Cavaliers that topic I think that's going to be I'll check out all the game appeared to be. Indeed in the Cleveland Cavaliers. It barring an injury to applaud gates ought coming out of the east topics they've will be in the final. I don't see any body with just speak to do or help them. You Stephen A Smith and again he's get ready for first take coming up today 10 eastern. Across the country on ESP and even and we got to run thanks a million steal letter today. Let's keep Isaiah Lewis Mike and I got got breaking news here Mike in my presented by progressive insurance. Comparing red to help you save now that's progressive call it clicked today find out how much progressive could save me. Came across our wire from the I'm from our assignment desk so I just got this from our desk. And I just clicked on the run but here we go after eighteen seasons. And more than 600 races Dale Earnhardt junior will bring his NASCAR cup series driving career to a closing at the conclusion of this NASCAR season. Today he shared that news with members of his number 88 Hendrick motor sports team. The fan favorite in two time Daytona 500 champion. We'll discuss his decision in a press conference this afternoon. He'll be joined by Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick for whom earn art has driven since 2008 the 21 met. About the drivers decision on March 29. R&R will turn 43 years old in October made his first career cup series start on May thirtieth 1999. Since then he has captured 26 points paying cup races wins and been voted by fans as NASCAR's most popular driver a record fourteen. Consecutive years. He's qualified for the NASCAR playoffs eight times. And it goes on from there Richard getting majestic he will announce Dale Earnhardt junior today well now and have a news conference that this will be his last year driving at NASCAR member we had a lot a couple of weeks ago. I talked at great length about the issues with him coming back that he's our head out there were a lot of people who didn't want to go back in the car and had. All an Alley as this will be his last year while what worked what a family of racing that is obviously that the tragic ending to Dale Earnhardt seniors. Life but then booed the career that dale that junior had. Just incredible hot and I think you say there the fan favorite voted that and how just how much she was beloved and that's a sport. You know we don't cover a ton on this show we talk about the niche fans for that sport but I mean they are as devoted fans as there are all sports. With I'll. Question devoted enemy again this is while the driver has their teammates that individual sport from a fan perspective you're not rooting for team you're rooting for that driver the driver always obviously includes their team behind them. But this this is a sport that. He's so popular and and you're at least favorite drivers and junior was one of the greats as far as that was concerned. And it's a sport where you know you you get these drivers that are so. So glued to their fans as well you know we used to see some of the goes up the fight to puppet that can be competitive nature that they have after some of the races and such but. I I'd I'd love and I'd love how the fans love the racers and other racers are involved with the fans. And this is not only a person in junior but a family that that that family of racing I mean holy smokes. I mean to could be senate just incredible how how how important they've been through and. To NASCAR resort you know it just feels like to be Mike you talked about it just the other day and now I can't remember who we were talking about. But it comes up all the time. Guys don't wanna go out that way. No video had these these concussions he he was getting married that was such an incredibly important thing to and we just had a Montauk about it yeah feels like just two months ago or thereabouts. And there are a lot of people that didn't want to come back and that feels like to me like he wanted to prove himself and I do act get jacket that car up race one more season and then go a lot on his own turn out yup that's what it feels like again he'll address it later today and I should be putting myself inside his head butt but no I flooded fields I think we've seen we've seen different examples of that you know hostile or we just talking about with that. Now I can't remember I I predict either but I know. When we're talking about whatever or are Brodsky Smith senior you know came back after blown his Achilles out would Baltimore for another year but you just don't want it ended. On that note you wanna walk off under own power and I do think part of the laws dale wanted to see for himself. That that he can come back and then and then walkways got a lot of life left. I was training you know like you deserve a break enjoy delicious reason chewy chocolate Carmel and get ready to celebrate reason has teamed up with ESPN debut -- -- a VIP trip to the SB awards in LA it's the reason to party at the SP sweepstakes you can walk the red carpet attend the awards show and even enjoy exclusive post party accept giving you a reason to dust off that talks details on backlash reason beds are all right ESPN and remember for double chocolate indulgence that lasts and lasts all you needed one good. Reason no purchase necessary slash reason. Let's talk a little brought some of that because the thing that will come up with you everyone says it is and Mike has added a million times. It's Yuri tackling machine I go to the NFL you wait is about who 29 to thirty. Is that of concern is that something that you need to gain weight water teams suggesting to you about that. More like game. 333. Force. You're 323422. Thirds gathered for and so is that is that an easy thing to do is is is putting on a couple of extra pounds and still maintaining your speed all that kind of thing. Is that an easy thing to do. These things to do is as you that focus on into Edmonton for a have you talked with with when you talk to teams as of it all in size and any will at all any outside at all what what's been the conversation. Yeah widow might young actor who we owe more mostly with the though most things there. Yeah to because that's an a for those who don't. I speak football that's an outside linebacker position might that the weak side outside Snyder's you're gonna be a little reminder of where that that position and I it's got to the run doesn't move around you yeah I think that's gonna be okay what you go along that listen you acted to address what has gone on when you were at or who walked none in the the come by and when you were actually become by and then the diluted sample. That came back as well. When you've had to address that with teams who have talked to about it powers act on what they ask are what do you told them. Just just told him I was sick all week prior to to to the draft and it was kind of freak you too we brought to Europe. So room just. Needs is influencing and in our talk took coats. Talking about I'm kinda kinda small like 224. When it's went to 200. So keep drinking water during a fluid that was Bono to puke and it's time. Just trying to keep weighed only did we had to wait we had a room. Weighing in the morning and no we have them. That home and do the tit. So it was diluted. He told me to go back in and drink more water but it isn't without food is of course the reds are small award can be diluted yeah. But it is is is is that this is it was this lack of bed this half of this event weekend. Do you think it Libya and not issue going forward there because there are two issues that came from the com biting you ought you have now seen this process. Everything gets broken out I mean it is crazy how it gets broken down but you did have issues so do you think. That will have no effect on your do you think that's all behind you. Are a host some arm some really putted as for everything you know act I can't control a bit. I apologize to those sort of nursed at the hospital apologize to the doctors or explain to the coaches. Of them all in him in interviews and means. Thought this whole big put all behind us and just listen to this place and Bobo through. With regard to the deluded sample. There are those who were not gonna believe that story Jabil preparers is in the same position until what do you say to people who say I don't believe that story. Everybody have their own opinion and Iran have ailments so you can leave UK but it is not dead. You don't have to believe. It is I know was in my heart and the with the mama and I know what I'm saying is true grit of the you have they don't be so. I'm not following them because is. And I've ivory woods out of his apology when. But this is isn't your thing. And as far as the actual on field stuff first you know the com out of the pro day or are all things that you never do wonderful. You know jumping and jumping high and broad jumping and all that but you'd have to you do get to doing that because of the shoulder so. Will what did that do to you if anything duke I think Google pretty high in the draft do you think if you had the ability to work out didn't have the shoulder that you can go even higher. I was I was and I was kind of down and it lies. Ought to sodas or resume and would amend the dark this conversation about having him before on. To come by and I was I was down while wanna I wanna do to come by and we'll look in that the combined dreaming about being in the combine so. They really there that says me too so. So it is is is head to head a part of it but it I don't. Bank that they have some late. Need to have have been too much stock in the draft. Right Byrd. Have the people argue that the team that you have together agents and all of those given you a sense of where you should expect to hear your name and not necessarily a team but. Roughly where in the first right you should expect to get drafted hopefully. Top ten attempts went about it. Singer Bobby Hebert. Efforts to talk to when you are are you're not one of those guys that you get picked eighteenth you say man armor to make those other seventeen teams that passed me up pay for this I mean we we heard that out players in the isn't that. It pays is principal of whom the globe and principal players in about sports though. If definitely it is now because they've done this before Ruben foster's in our studio with a straight talk regular straight talk wireless has phones that's networks. Her here's me half the cost. Tackling machine linebacker out of Alabama with your teammate peppered me Jonathan Allen and here recently I asked him this and I was fascinated by this the mindset. And an athlete which you are Mike isn't and never was. So you played the national championship game of the last two seasons. And they went in completely opposite directions both incredibly close games you walk off one of them elated you walk off one of them devastated in a closed defeat. Which emotion was stronger. The age for you personally that Troy of that victory or the agony and pain of the defeat. And where which which do you felt did you enjoy the win. As much as you hated the water with which one of those was a stronger field. Which one did you feel more strongly walking off that field after that championship game after you won it all or after you came that close at all. Who came close and after the loss hurts more than the win. Feels good to Jonathan's at the same exact I think it's what I've said this do for years it's it's not even. Players always remembered the better head. Over the good always remember the what could have been more than I have a question I'm always trying to argue for the other side because it climate that you accomplished the ultimate goal as a team you'll have that for the rest of your lives. That you keep that in life we would all be better off if we found a way to have another one and premature death but is it could have threw gore out OK okay agreed man. What do you remember the most about that yeah we were there we were at the championship game this year was a classic obviously and you guys have a lead into Shawn Watson makes it a great drive at the end what stands out for you what do you look back at that game and think to yourself that was the moment that we do in one. Just on that last that last play of the game ground Tony. So I didn't make suddenly began whom did the bar to the bodies and and wages bend over mountain late date has been over. This is overweight and we've gone and I just seen a pain in my my players guys in. It really hurt just knowing that we could we could had a dog who lost that. And you mention could ahead three so let lets for a moment here you're you're gonna go on and you're gonna be your first rounder you're be successful in the NFL. Go back to battle what makes. What about nick Sabin in that program makes it so consistently great. On the process when it come down full quotas going in the spring count just like when we hurt. But training on this come together and be as one. And you know you've got a brother sent to the next few yards or the brother next to you wanna just do great for the room. And they would make a source this in the process. Of her in the late agony. That you got to have each on the bag and in. Rusty so we always hear of the practices that he'd he'd Saban is sold. Meticulous about it better be done right you're doing it over I mean is that is that how was what the practices really as grueling as weak kind of here they were. Photos though there was there was Mort I you know you get the job done Lego like approach I get the job done do your job control your ball. It did a great job by doing that he did he did a great job Lester by sand is this is our team so we are controlling our team that has great leadership. It's there's so many great players have come out of Alabama has as anybody been immune to the saving yelling being held that. But does think that I thought I was. Yeah alleged in me he he he put you you don't eulogy than he gets in the got to the whereabouts on. Now doing that the writer Ruben Foster again at tackling machine linebacker of Alabama. Who in Philadelphia on Thursday night and hear his name called somewhere in that first round Rubin good luck and we'll see in Philadelphia thanks for coming by thank Mike my. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Hardship my grandmother would go through it every month to pay her insurance they'll first shooting and write a paper check in current it. Then using her own tongue she would wet a stamp for an envelope. Today however we need not weary our hand and tons today we can pay our Geico bill with a guy collapse. A way with hard chip in with bill paying on the guy collapse. Thank you. Again Rubin Foster was just here. A linebacker out of Alabama. You're looking it up the good the projections have him going well I intend these are where these are this is the jays GM mock draft when ego when he would or he would have put him and he put a met. And I attended the bills'. For piper his great game marquis put him five to the titans. He's a really good player he is a good play that guys are really I I had a bit of a flashback when he talked about his shoulder surgery before the com by I did the same thing. And I and I couldn't compete at the com by mrs. You know after my junior year when I was projected to be like a late first second round area type of of a player and and I got hurt the first game of my senior year. And continue to plan Orszag and you know hindsight being 20/20 maybe it's certainly wasn't the smartest thing to do but. You're here to play and then get the surgery right after the season in my shoulder and not be able to do any thing. At the come by now be able to join me at the pro day it does a you know it hurts your win when those. Whether oh bill I like to go on tape more those are markers that team Jews and to not be able to do anything like that now Ramon Foster is. Is a thousand times better player than I ever waters. So we use is able he has so much great tape that he can not perform in the Columbine and door Brody and still be you know one of the top. Guys take up on the bucket award as the top linebacker in the country. This year I tonight's the next episode of we the fans section 215 the story about. Bears' season ticket holder has brought together by faith family and random you can see the next episode of we the fans tonight 7 eastern on ESPN or on. The ESPN app there aren't a whole lot of things that could go on this week that would take our attention away from either the NFL draft for the playoffs. But the retirement of a true icon out of his sport is one of them again if you're just joining us after eighteen seasons and more than 600 races. Dale Earnhardt junior is announcing today that this will be his final season. And NASCAR's gonna have a news conference this afternoon and we shall discuss the decision but this is not being reported this is a release from Hendrick motor sports so this is official. And again I'm reminded of the discussion that we had with him when he was on the that's not long ago. Any talked about how a lot of people around him is coming back from severe concussion symptoms. And he was worried that he wouldn't even be able to walk down the aisle without assistance at his own wedding. That was his primary concern. I was getting back into a car to drive 200 plus miles an hour at all these other cars driving 200 plus miles an hour around him. But I got it now and this is that. Again I don't wanna put my thought into his head but if I'm reading this correctly and he'll discuss it today. He didn't want it to end on those terms you want to prove to himself can come back he wanted to do it again and I want to walk away or in this case drive away eight. Into the sunset on his own terms comes back does a year finishes up a season and in sort of it's all natural course of events. And then and then goes off into the sunset. I understand the decision and and so I'm not particularly surprised by. Either and it wouldn't shock me at all that's something he talks about wanting to say I could make it all the way back to the highest level and compete again. And then again you retire from race he's going to be involved in the sport you are obviously already is outside of the car as well and that's what a lot of these. These guys do is that they are absolutely lifers in this sport we talk about other athletes in other sports what they get into afterward I mean these. These drivers are getting into ownership in banks especially the wanted immunity may just under a hundred million dollars. He's got all the money he needs for sure that these guys that they they stay in this this is our life. Two numbers on him two time Daytona 500 champion he's one of eleven drivers to win that race twice. Two time NASCAR X affinity series champion and fourteen time most popular driver he won the last. Fourteen seasons he's been the biggest name in biggest star in the port. I'm in part because people of them and of course his name is synonymous with the sport itself and you really is so ought to be interesting to hear already has SA today we'll see if we can get him as well I would like and the show on something if you don't mind NORAD. We talked about mass among garner and the dirt bike accident that he had you guys riding a dirt bike and heard his ribs and heard is is throwing shoulder and is on the DL him. A lot being made of that guy that doesn't go on the DL and now gets hurt doing act. And what we're talking about a first she said. You mentioned something like all got hurt like I'm a little motorcycle. And old dirt app by app and it looks like a small motor and then you compared it to. The moped that you drove around when you were sixteen years old sixty I was like twelve but go ahead whatever. Odd that you rode around with your mode pack your your three other friends you guys Rourke jewel compared aid to bite ya to a moped yeah. While we haven't ever picture view on that moped that I would just like to show everybody yeah. This further and if you're listening on the radio I'm sorry but we'll have an up on social as well this is what you compared. Why don't putt. I mean as if there's a similarity. I think looks like gay basically a bicycle what they motor that's probably basically when it was it was as Honda express to. That's what I've remember the name of it you'll. That to start by I've never been on a dirt like I've got to tell you about twenty miles an hour dark by much faster. Much faster a dirt bike goes up to a 125. My best and our very they get out of and they're riding on dirt trails and doing jumps on any Riley shouldn't have been doing. Hey should not have endured that during a baseball season or any other today. Not the subject we're talking are riding my Honda express to. He would be starting tonight against Clayton Kershaw if anybody they would be pitching against Clayton curse out tonight and less if he did get hurt driving your Honda to express he'd be mocked let me just say that he mocks a lesson in all of this. If you should do as treated. He'd be pitching tonight he'd be fine and my moped was cool nobody remark dollars life.