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Diluted Samples: 4/25/17

Apr 25, 2017|

Green7 & Golic discuss Jabrill Peppers testing positive testing for a diluted sample and Adrian Peterson heading to New Orleans. Plus, they chatted with Reuben Foster

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Really you've got a whole project how do you find a pro you can trust I ask a co worker well connect coworker do a background check on the pro show you thousands of customer reviews are instantly book an appointment for you know they definitely can't well hole advise your hand and they cure all for free just go to home advisor dot com in your project will be matched with the past background check pros in your area nice so next time don't plugged in an account just got a hold advisor dot com or download the free home advisor at. I. Treating -- like you deserve a break enjoy delicious reason chewy chocolate Paramount and get ready to celebrate reason has teamed up with ESPN debut at a gas VIP trip to the SB awards in LA it's the reason to party at the SP sweepstakes you can walk the red carpet attend the awards show I even enjoy exclusive post party access giving you a reason to doubt about that talks details on backlash reason beds are all right ESPN and remember for double chocolate indulgence that lasts and lasts all you needed one good reason no purchase necessary to create dot com slash reason. Movies she's known this deal might get my podcast we can subscribe now going to listen to happen. He SA yeah. I might get might. You're never never I feel like presented Rodriguez David giants I guess. I'm Michelle Angelo performance like I'm just. Day. Buying a basketball talk about this morning plus plans coming together for the Phillies this week water is getting our career. Or an increasing number of cases more diluted. In advance of the NFL draft that's becoming the story of the week like it it's a little bit confused yes it definitely is what won't get into that a little more diluted sample what does that mean what does it mean for players that are in the league where does it mean for players who aren't in the league yet it's two different things. At this point but it is is certainly getting murkier as Hewitt said one of those that I thought I understood fully when I first started seeing an NL. I Joseph Thomas one of the most respected players in the biggest reading about it in a way that makes me question what I thought I knew about it. So we'll get into that I believe we have breaking news right around us as we speak in the last five minutes. Just in Anderson with breaking news that we're gonna get two and a second is also alleged to dive into to a very good authentic and off the top with some basketball and now the Golden State Warriors had to Iowa. They're just ridiculous. This game was over yesterday they they sweep the blazers by winning game four on the road and this game is genuinely over in the opening minute I really was. 45. Points they scored. In the first quarter 45. In the first quarter really incredible. And it it was 45 point by the NBA playoff record for first quarter they tied. I've gone back to the 2000. Actually a few teams did it 45 point in the first but this is a 16080. Going into the fourth quarter this was a destruction Kevin Durant. For that kind of news was backe did play twenty minutes scored ten points but it was stuffed courier where at 37. Point I believe what was 35 after three quarters just ridiculous the scoring that they put on and we know they can play defense as well sell. Resisted as its you know the the Denny Green you know draw a crowd on crown them I think just about a lot of people are crowded him. At this point for the way to how explosive they are ever to 119 point. In this series only one team I think with the suns a few yards many year more than a few years back. That averaged more was back in 1990 for the suns beat the warriors averaged a 122 points this team. Is second now the 119 to their decide. Fire up they'll be they'll be explanation I feel that way kind of hard not to know they played Portland so brightly and see the road I was gonna get more Middleton. Unfortunately they may have to go it without their coach and we're gonna get to that. In the next few minutes certainly in this hour depending on. Where this Adrian Peterson story goes no we'll get to the latest on steeper which is not cause I helped raptors take a 32 lead over the wizards might that was a very convincing win. So I did I just said the wizards are obviously that's of a typo here. They're playing the block out and answer it to 32 lead over the box that they have. And a very impressive because at one point this series I really thought Toronto was drawn out I did as well but a seventeen point lead in this one Dora the fourth quarter Kyle Lowry DeMar rose and they combined for 34 points and assisted on 36 others the first time the dual assisted on more points. Then scored this postseason so they were dish and a ball out. And a recipient of that a lot was Norah Pollard got inserted into the starting lineup. And add to develop 25 point see the funny moment after the yeah nobody is asking him a question you know at the podium. Drew is up Kyle Lowry who's not there or Lowery and kept NASA lauer of hours like dude people some answers my question is have put up 25 at it let's get him involved here there was always sort of the opposite. Of the night before I got across it was but didn't want to Paterson has progressed enough in this case Larry wanted. Norman WR Azkaban and I'd just speaking of Russell Westbrook try to close out. Their first round series against Westbrook in the thunder which will be ashamed at him like that was it here at my last week without an. During a break he and I were chatting and he was just saying. This guy just put together one of the most exciting seasons we've ever seen in the NBA is gonna go out there for everybody it's as second player in NBA policies in history three straight triple doubles the other. Some guy name Wilt Chamberlain had four straight in 1967 that's who he's on the list with. But it's not going to be enough for this because again in this series when he is off the court. The team is minus. Forty. Just don't ask him about the back with their money escorted into. I don't ask any of his team and I'll. Eric frames of the brewers' Mike is having a ridiculous April that's not a name a lot of people I was sort of an interesting back story. On this guy the one where another just keeps hitting home run what was in the league and then Korea right now I have Bojan career for a couple yours is knocking the cover off the ball and here he is doing here. With ten home runs through this month seventh of the season against the red this is the amazing thing so seven home runs this season against the red. The only other player in baseball history with several more home runs in April against a single team. Back in 1971. A guy named Luis jolt. Hit eight home runs against the brigades. That month's all. Eric came out to unbelievably hot star. Fan and I Jibril peppers testing positive at the NFL scouting combine. Yesterday we have the reports of what he says is the reason forty told Jacqui that. He was sick any drink a bottled water this is not is similar to the story. That we got from Rubin plus I would make a ton of water. And a lot of people look at and they say there's no way in the world I believe this we believe that these guys are deluding their samples. Because they're using marijuana and they need to ought to test positive for that big this this is. Gets a bit complicated or we're going to be obviously need to get into it a bit too I think for the most part. These guys are trying to hide because we've seen guys get busted for marijuana and you know you're getting tested the come by so called the intelligent Estes to protest quite honestly. So I'd for the most part I think that's the way it goes but. Is there something that is dilution because I've seen it firsthand the amount of water liquids that that people drink before their way eons. And does it affect diet calls out niacin emails out as well to try and find out. Where those levels are king you drink how much does it take you to drink actually come back. A diluted -- yeah it may not be quite as simple yeah as we thought it was never gonna get into that I was totally to show that it. Breaking news and our Jesse Anderson has spoken to Adrian Peterson this morning we're trying to get a hold of Josie now. But we have the that he is planning to sign with an Orleans saints a two year deal that is effectively a one year deal plus an option he told Josie and the deal is worth a base total value of seven. Million dollars there's an enormous amount of quotes in the story here I'm excited to be joining in Orleans saints. I'm really looking forward to this opportunity I chose this team because it just felt right within my spirit. Goes without saying the saints are really solid behind Drew Brees I feel like my pills that can make him even more dominant as a unit so all of this show Xena has the story filed. And it's going up on as we speak at Mike Adrian Peterson have been waiting a while wondering where you go and how it appears the answer is new warriors a team that was sixteenth. In the league last year in rushing average about a 108 rushing yards a game their leading rusher last yours Mark Ingram he averaged. Averaged over five yards to carry the got over a thousand yards a thousand yards obviously. Since it's gone to a sixteen game schedule while ago. A little a little different than it had been but still. You know it it's again it's a to dial obviously we know his skill set of running we know Drew Brees and that offense they score eight hall and of points. And throw the ball a lot Mark Ingram also all. Really good back out of the back but I think key that you correct and the somewhat take about 4546. Catches. Last year as well so Ingraham deftly catches the ball out of backfield that's not the Forte of a major Peterson it's more run the ball so. You know you you can see the combination there you can see what they want if they can get an effective running game may be get a top ten. Running game get out of that halfway point to go along with the future hall of Famer Drew Brees in the throwing. He's going to do you know maybe maybe that will help may be good you know. We we've we've seen last year the last two years a team from that division or the super wal Carolina two years ago Atlanta last year both losing in this one. You know the date they did add that Ted Ginn junior they traded away cooks in New England. So that date they've had talent at the wide receiver position and this could help that running game like I set epic is among legitimate or can help movement whose legitimate running threat. They've had some inconsistencies and that offensive line a bit farther than you need to have that. Kind of squared away as well. To help but I would say that they can get in the top ten top eight or solar in rushing how much second help that offense that relies so much on Drew Brees is our. All the other way they play at Minnesota we want. So if for if this does work out again it's agent Peterson directly telling Joseph Dana so let us assume this is a done deal. Asian Peterson than Orleans saints will play at Minnesota weak one it's actually a Monday night game about that so we'll have an on ESPN Adrian Peterson will not wait long to return to Minnesota how we will not a play there the first game of the season and had saved a prolonged. And very interesting off the top with Mike and Mike presented by. Progressive insurance you could save hundreds on your car your business or your recreational vehicle insurance from a local independent agent go to today. Now that's progressive will go through some of the numbers on Peterson and some of the milestones he can reach and he could depending on how much he has not there's 32 years old. So I mean he is past that point of no return generally speaking for running backs. But he had a variety of injuries I can't decide if that's positive or negative. A two negative it's it's negative it's negative guys that did that just that's part of the agent part of the position part of his style. You know all that that you just wonder if he's going to get nicked up you know he's not gonna carry the ball 25 to 3530 times a game. I do monopoly that's going to happen you can use in him in conjunction. In that backfield. I think that's the way you're going to use him right now I don't think there's going to be any threat of him leading the league in rushing or close to it. But he can be a big part in an offense that could use as I said. That part of our offense to step up. The defense had been atrocious there for years they obviously needed to get hit that better but they can be more balanced on offense that could really help I'm thinking through the. Of the time he missed and may be more significantly of the time he didn't. He tore up his knee at the very end of one season right back the next year didn't miss time and almost broke the thing will seize on a real record. Then he basically missed all of a season but not because of injury and righty had a suspension. After the incident with the sun which I believe was after week one. I think he played one game that season. And then no more and there were no injuries involved in that right unless lawyer worth of Wear and they're on the body and last year he got hurt I think it was week two or three. When he limped off the field with a knee injury that didn't look that bad it came out Wallace yeah so I'm Woolsey. Well we'll see what he has left he is unquestionably one of the great running backs. In the history of the sport now he goes to a place where I'd like as I think you 100% correctly point out. He'll just expected to play a small role yet you know instead of being the offense which he's basically been since he came into the league they'll just be a piece of the half yet he well that's what he's going to be but what it could beat. Four as I said for division that is that is shifted teams and the Super Bowl and for a team that can score a whole lot of points. It really can't being nice piece if they can get. That balance on offense and improve our rushing it OK so will try get a hold adjusting as the morning goes and we'll get any further details are great football gas coming up all morning long including Herman Edwards or this take on this. Off the top of the next hour at 7 eastern today we'll get shifty today Danny kanell and a whole lot more going to be jam packed. With so much going on here I wanted to back out to the Jabil peppers story. We had Rubin Foster earlier this week the news that at become buying. He had tested positive for deluded sample and algebra peppers testing positive. 48 the way we'll have Ruben Foster later on the show in our studio area yet so we can ask him directly about it. So leave the immediate reaction that I had and that I think almost everyone had. Was voiced by Damien Woody let justice here hi Damien Woody reacted to this. You hear about there's all these guys know when it come by and yes these guys were born knowing when the guideline is they certainly have no word is four months basically years. You know you're gonna get tested for this so if you have marijuana in your system at that point it is as you call it the idiot that's exactly right everyone knows how long the stuff saves in your system. If if if you are are are testing positive for marijuana at the combined. Then either you love are really serious problem or you're just one of the don't exactly or the world with our questions and let let's also factually be correct Rubin Foster and your broke Harper's did not test positive for marijuana right at the combo fair enough that I both tested for diluted samples and dogged in Canada right which immediately makes people like media assume yes yes that's what they were doing was covering that right and Damien Woody had the same assumption. Let's have always say that what these guys that. These guys smoke okay I'm mumbling sick you know I'm looking seeing him put 2 and having this evening in particular. Oh yes it's a lot of do it but for seniors and a half but that it is that you wouldn't you alluded to that. You know when it's saying you know I don't know did you use simple mathematics. So get off the lead. I and didn't play it's it's house that we can't assume that we can submit it rubbed at his jet engine department and the general state media. You've been working hard in high school. The collegiate career to put yourself in the position. You have to make millions of dollars. In the end what one among Hezbollah to happen to change a whole. You do something this stupid. What do you think. Again like most people like you did what most people do diluted Shepperd thank god they were smoking dope and they were trying to brighten the sample. And and that the thing about what Damian said Damien correct a lot of guys small college role lot a lot smoke. Com and in all honesty it really isn't about when somebody test positive for marijuana in this situation if they work through. Or even the guys that are in the league that. Take the test at the for at the beginning of training camp when you're knowing that test is. It's not so much all my god he tested positive for marijuana not that it's like are you kidding me guy with that stupid get popped. It's not so much the drug anymore because we all see where that kind of going nationally we just wonder when it may fall ill. And as far as the NFL is concerned but it's you know and that test this. And if you either test positive for or tried to hide it. Then then that's the part that gets the GMs not only the fact that your now in step one of the program and next the next time it happened you could be off the field. So here's the deal for a for those that may not know when you get tested for something. There is the ingredient there is whatever that is that you're getting tested for like to say in this case marijuana after it's tested for marijuana be what whatever. Tested for something there are you get a list every player knows that you read the list but also on the list. They're called masking drugs so if you test positive for what is considered a drug you would take to hide. The illegal drug in your body if you test positive for that masking drug. That's a positive and you get nailed for that sold the deluding is kind of along those lines saying you you're you're you're. You're you're is so diluted that we feel that in this case YouTube these cases you're trying to hide something. So it's gonna go down as a positive test and and what it means for someone who's not only yet. It's called pre employment that did that's how it's listed by the NFL if you get pop re employment. In this way they do an example you are in step one of the program so that's what matters not know positive test at all. But it is very writing that they're there is no doubt about that so both Rubin Foster and Jibril preparers. Are going to start their careers. In step one without a positive test what do diluted test and I would say for the most part. Diluted tests are exactly what we think therefore. You're you're trying to dilute could be the marijuana in your body. And this is now what I'm trying to find out this is why have calls on some emails out where's the line because I have seen it firsthand. Guys how cozying liquidated and water. It is unreal. That if it brand that college com buying and or Prodi and I not tested or Prodi and his given the example of the difference if you way to 98. Or 3020. And my son Mike was in that both Mike and Jake. Needed to gain weight the amount of water they were drinking and others not just them that I saw. Is ridiculous. So that they step on the scale and there of weight that's deemed a good way to by the NFL. If you get a guy like you bet. Who is just Mayo and water like that and wade and then and then when they're done what all their tests. The amount of weight they will have lost by either picking it out or sweating out will be ridiculous. Because they're trying to drink some more water. That's set I don't know the line. Because the league is said we've tried to take dead into consideration. That guys drink a lot of water so to make the levels that were testing at that's what I don't know. So do I think for the most part these guys are deluding because they're they're they're trying to dilute the marijuana and about it yes I think for the most part they are. But I can't sit here and say for certainty that a 100% of the time that happens both Rubin Foster into broke harper said they were coming off a sickness is. Guys are our drink and a ton anyway but they went. The extra mile in this so that's what I I really don't know. Again high percentage do I think most of the time it's diluted for exactly the reason you think yes. But I can't say that with a 100% certainty but what I can say is both these guys because of it are starting the league in step one. And for the legalizing crowd elderly say I'm on your side. But that's irrelevant in this conversation actually you're a guy I cannot sit here and say if you don't like a rule breaking right. Especially when it's as easy to follow as they have made this they've told you months years in advance this is why and were going to be testing you. So I firmly believe the league should stop testing for marijuana I've been on that side now for several years. I don't understand why they do what part I think they should stop. But that doesn't make any difference so long is this is the rule of sort of like the NCAA rules that I don't like I'm not suggesting issued order and break them I'm suggesting that we should campaign to change them. So Joseph Thomas Mike to the point that you're making. And he is one that this is a guy who is rapidly becoming one of the most eligible players in the NFL I will listen to this guy out as bad as analysts and anybody. So Joseph Thomas the ground to weeded. No player should ever have a failed test for a deluded sample especially for Columbine where players frequently chuck water to gain weight that's the point you just made. Question to all my NFL Brothers he asks have you ever had a diluted sample in the NFL where they just make you pee again I have. Why should come by and be different where in the NFL wanna test where they could see the results of torture taking instead of inconclusive so here. Here is the part I don't know listen I got drug tested. And in the league now that this of this was when they started drug testing for PPD's and as as I've said many times in the show. I did take steroids before they were testing for after my shoulder was reconstructed. But one they started testing and I never had a positive fascinating I didn't. I didn't I didn't do drugs or didn't take anything that would that would show up positive but I obviously went through a process of first give you a cup appeal and two and then the person ever to be in the bathroom with YouTube that the person haven't watched you who after PI mean it's it's been a progression. For that and then the view wide variety of masking agent you can use it to get past possible positive for. What I what I don't know old. And you know Joe's tweaking so to 140 characters or maybe it's tough to explain everything I'm trying to find out as well I don't know how quickly they know it's delude. Called show that the key here right because anyone who's ever been through this and I've been drug tested also up for two different places of employment wanted to Tribune Co. and once here. With the Walt Disney company. Is you don't find out the result of your own drug dealers and he's I didn't call for sometime thereafter right. So I don't know if they can tell if you're sample is diluted right away immediately or enough right I. I don't know the answer I I don't either but it would obviously change if they can't tell you that for two weeks that it would Ogg you can't just do it again right because the things that are in your system. And the people who know the way things have more time to get a generally it's four weeks out for for now I'm sorry you're you're right I have no idea if you give a sample and they can look editor dual quick cast and say that's diluted. And wait around to do another I that I do not know there's so much here that we're gonna get answers to all this stuff here. Are. Busy Tuesday Mike in my presented by progressive insurance great guest list all morning long on the shell Pennzoil performance line ball fly bomb in this hour. Adam shaft or an hour from now Danny can now later Stephen A Smith later. Rubin Foster. Alabama linebacker tackling machine in our studio in the final hour this morning and right now. Our pleasure to welcome into our studio. There is no one quite like him and Edwards is an hour ago and I'm good I'm good excited about this weekend obviously. Drafts in Philadelphia a app road you're running misstep Agassi and Jack if you guys right now all the guys with him by Iraq right now that amateur are did a picture are absolutely you have to sit up Herman Edwards played his career for the Philadelphia Eagles goalie played most of his career. For the Philadelphia Eagles so it's a homecoming of sorts were both the view is we go back there. We'll get to some draft stuff coming up in a few minutes but let's start again with the news that broke just before. We came on the chargers in Anderson in an interview with Adrian Peterson where Peterson confirms he's go to the world's. It's a two year deal that functions essentially as a one year deal with that option he says he wants to play both he talked about how great Drew Brees is he talked about all the reasons. He's excited how'd you like to fit harmony Adrian Peterson to nor. Well he's on a team that has instant offense as we know and you talk about team who we Drew Brees leading it you know what east. Threw for 5000 yards against 38 years old is unbelievable. A what is guys need to do number one offense in the league score about 29 points. We know it's a heavy pass offense a 673. Passes 400 and runs and Ingram. Cared about 200 bills are five right yet so that is so there's a place for Adrian there now. Or we got to figure out. Is it. Adrian Peterson that we know hours a stadium for the last couple years who hadn't been who had been a guy that we thought going to be so I think he's going to a spot where. He's gonna get a lot of what I called up. Safeties. Not in the box. In other words though when you play Drew Brees you can happily single safety Kyle Dave in fact that you have to play some form of cover to. Would you get a light box that would help Adrian Peterson and running game it'll be interesting how they mix him in this office. So last year Ingram had over a thousand yards 205 Russians did average over five yards a carry 46 receptions let me give you a little. Quick history and and I'd I don't have the person's name retreated to put their right to maybe go back and look. When days in this in the past team now we know it's more of a passing league but let's go back to the year they won the suitable 20102009. Regular season very balanced. 514 passing attempts high 400 I believe in trying to come quickly are in that area rushing attempt they were sixth. In the league rushing that year 131 yards a game Pierre Thomas had over 700 yet Mike Bell over 600 Reggie Bush. Was running that year as well they at 11 rushing touchdowns. And as I mentioned six in the league and went on the win the Super Bowl that yourself am I expecting number like this and not saying that but might not what I said earlier harmless. This is came last year that was sixteenth in the league rushing vague at the top ten top eight. How beckoned to help balance this offense off because what else will that do. It'll have not let them have the ball a little longer passed Melanie because this defense is still an iffy defense over there they're trying to improve cell. I I can see where while he's just going to be happiest if he works out it could be a pretty nice piece it and that's. Were you you make a great point because the defense that you're too and they were in the top fifteen. You know the they've they've covered now it would anywhere between 2732. Year and that's where they were in this June 27 in the league 32. Against the pass giving up 48 points a game offense scored twenty. Well there's a problem OK right that's prob so you're right all of a sudden now if you play with a lead. You have the ability to slow the game down would runners yeah I have already and now you keep your offense. All decide you know you keep up the team's offense on the sideline and your defense is good to go because they arrest and is well one point were good so that that's what you like try to do. I've got are a little look at. And away we can try and gauge what we think Adrian Peterson has left in his career he is currently sixteenth. On the all time rushing list in terms of most yards rushing but it's look at digital content. If he runs for a thousand more yards in his career he will be ninth. If you run for 2000 more yards in his career he'll be fit. On the all time rushing to move all have to fifth all askew as he gonna get to ninth is he gonna get to fit physique and a run for 2000 the prior year and that an option year. Jeff you're saying that that that he says and the saints say that both of them say he they wanted to two more years he's 32 you can whatever you want you LB 32 with a C I want to say when I have Curtis. And he broke the rushing record. I'm honestly was 32. Curtis Martin who by the way is fourth on the all time rushing list of the year that you had him when he. When you say or broke their rushing record well yeah single season at Yankee he led the league in rushing and and yes yeah he was 32 yes he ran for almost 17100 yards up. That was his age 31 season right is 2004 right right and 31 season. Do you look at that carries you can do it. It usually run for a thousand more yards and is generally run for two that I think they'll I think around for a thousand morial beaten you I think it you have got a chance we have thousand dollar Lotto depend on the Kerry's you know and Ingram got as we mentioned got to earn five carries last year and a thousand yards at 46 receptive so you know you can use in the catch a ball as well get ready for an attack. Write like that they're at a 404 times and 00. That's going to be the thing is that going to op and that's going to be they would why I'm sure going into they would like to your butt but we all know about having a plan and they can punch in the face especially in Atlanta behind that's a problem I got so what exactly right if they are able to Russian. 4647480. Times I mean they would be absolutely loving. That but we just don't know if that's gonna have to listen to the names he'd pass if he runs were a thousand yards this year and moves up. A pardon me into ninth in this season he will pass on the all time rushing list. Thurman Thomas Franco Harris Marcus Allen. Edgerrin James Marshall fault Jim brown and Tony Dorsett mob here I mean it's just that they're at an unbelievable. I thought I election of rescue me I don't know if we get to the 2000 no but I do think if he's there the two years and company get over not a thousand it's a thousand yards that's good for the last two years I not in good rate. Mike and Mike Herman Edwards in our studio are other active NFL player Andrews before we get to the draft. There was all this talk about Richard Sherman getting traded now all of a sudden yesterday the Seahawks come out and say that they've moved past that. And reports come out that say the patriots are quote not likely. To trade Malcolm Butler. Which I think when he signed that tender we all assumed right that was a pathetic complete that they were going to trade him perhaps on draft right now it's still could happen. But what are you guys thoughts on that these two high profile terrific corners now appearing there's other good people well I think. If you Butler. You're probably a little bit disappointed in the fact it's maybe thought to go somewhere else in fact that they bring in a few more but but I think the New England. It's a good move but keeping output in the nickel. Because now you have two quarters that are being again do war and you have role right Wear over six foot right you can put them outside you can actually put Butler inside he has shown that he can move. They've played both sides so he would be your nickel back and he's a good blitzer you know he he's a good football player he's been an assistant so that's a plus. I think for New England for doing that keep you guys obviously he wanted that big pay czar sure I don't know that a lot of media player out see what happens. You know so I think for him is great I think we're Sherman calm he gets the business of an altitude like it at all. But he's a he's approach bro he gets you know when he plays corner look I want to best clumsily come play that way I don't we'll be in his career there be quite honest I think of its existing we'll sour. For from your coaching side Herm here's a guy and and I I talked about how I thought when I was playing in Philly as a player how I would react. If I was a defensive player and an offensive player came over starter John in my defensive coordinator right. And and from what I've talked to people out there that's wearing a little bit thin yes that you know get him there's no doubt and I get on game day we know the emotion going on but even that said. You know he's go no no O coordinator my idea coaching staff I don't imagine you know it and any best where you crossed the line. And you know one thing about Pete. In in the history of Pete Carol homes that marvelous job of Seattle did a great job at USC. He allows players have personalities. And he likes that confrontation every day in practice it every day they walked into that building their compete. Whether compete and you know playing basketball but you know throwing paper and lube. Basket opponent go or another whether it's always about compete and sometimes. When you have that environment. Guys though the line gets great sometimes. And now Pete what he's basically don't remember. Marshawn Lynch still has some left then they didn't have a great relationship by the way. Okay right and don't say anything about that Marcellus just as I'm done I'm tapped out you put shoes appointment will move on the club on all right Weyrich is now. Okay well. A fraction. And Pete OK with that. But with steps over the line fiesta rain Mbeki as a whole yours or guys who will be so I think that's what took place. The other piece of current NFL player news that I found interest and was AJ McCarron who Wayne he laughed at the end of last season. Said goodbye to everyone shook hands like with a all of the equipment people and all that and said I'm saying goodbye just in case just this week he came back. And the quote that I saw from him was he's at peace. With the reality that he will likely be in Cincinnati and other year in. There's like are going to be a battle between him in the team in the league as to whether he should be accrued his first season should count this season accrued or not towards his free agency that that that part is somewhat born to get into the details of the point is clearly he's not going anywhere this year unless they are willing to trade him right. You know we'd love to be traded to a place that he get a chance to go and start Mike you were get a contract much as we talked about right which can make or upload. So Hartman let's talk about that a lot of teams out there aren't gonna get a quarterback in this draft that may want one and some of them may not like any of the quarterbacks who were in this draft. So what do you think is do you think they're gonna call it isn't like. They're gonna get calls there's no doubt on the New York Jets all right if I'm Cleveland I'm column. And Cleveland the coast it was in Cincinnati. Right I don't callebs and hey look we got all picks. A bunch a picture of two rounds by late. Would you like. Did you like what are these big what can we write so I mean there's going to be teens call instance an so let let let me ask you this way and first would that have been going on already and maybe they don't like the price that was out there and then let me throw this in there. Remember a lot was made of the fact that bill O'Brien didn't take a guy like Christian hack numbers guy he coached so yeah as of yet. Right as of yet so in Cleveland where they need a quarterback Hugh Jackson was in Cincinnati. Where they AJ McCarron exactly right. If he doesn't call but they don't inquire about that does that say something negative about AJ McCarron and you know. But but I think if your coach you called you made that call never called gala draft after I wonder if there's no doubt you'll call I agree I just wonder where the price tag once and from Cincinnati side. Object lesson from AJ McCarron sizing ball 29 and 26 yes I need to get out here comical placed somewhere. From Cincinnati side it's got to be we feel we can compete and god forbid something happens Andy doll like he tries to make another attack on an interception and and we don't have another quarterback if we get rid of AJ McCarron so he will at least for another year. He's kind of our insurance blanket he is that the interest in one hand or apple or the too much interest in backups in the lead because you've seen flashes. And who knows if that is that leads to anything or not if it. If more. And more of that would actually be a detriment as a result out talk about one and done in college basketball. Who knows but the reality is. There's so many question marks about all of the quarterback in this draft even the one who may go number one overall oh boy I have to believe that vote is gonna be ringing right up the draft day and may be be no diet. Yeah I know this too this week especially this week. And I did this when I was here coach or coach that this is the week. Basically coming up to the draft next couple days that you're gonna get a lot of calls from assistant coach. That you know. If they're gonna call you and are gonna start asking you about players. OK. Don't be nearly two refrigerator. You take in information. You're giving of our information. And so. You know all that's happened and there's guys call and how you like disk we liked him got him on to abort of the cold outside now. You'll detailing when you set the board to cope dolce abort their down I didn't rule that this is the if existed to give it goes GM then there but this isn't. And all of said Buchanan award to board isn't and as hit coach you gotta walk into the room they look we got our Boortz that this way. You know also called stoke those coaches what how what their players track I liked his. And coats start talking. And other co star called modular and every coach was a good news is so they'll go to outsmart you he starts give him information about or deal with Jordan's 132 we didn't like is. Don't give out any information collected all in and don't believe anything the. I have not all that's all bodies unto all else right now. Don't to politely Thursday we'll know all that is true Harmon with us in studio at the straight talk regular straight talk wireless. That's what best networks ethical old won't get to the quarterbacks in the draft agreement but we're gonna have Rubin foster's beer and today the news about two broke operas to stop both. With the looted samples at the combine not positive test but to looted samples bought. Under the NFL rules for pre employment. If you haven't deluded sample you're you enter the league interest in in phase one. All of the programs so now teams knew about this a while ago this isn't like we're hearing about it now but it's not like teams are hearing about it now so. Now back with the coaching camp when you guys are all having your draft meetings. So this comes up you have to come buying your groan about your visit to broke proper people talk about mid to late first round. Rubin floss in the top backer tackling machine up there are higher certainly higher in the first round now I have this information. Both these guys are on your board what happened to. The room well obviously you're you're you know. You'd like to visit with these cues Buhner actually call him or yell what do you can't what they are at what ya and you sit there are going to look we get it we know that. Some teams will say well you told the world he's going to be pushed down our board if you're the other team reported good. We get a chance to draft. This this is not gonna. Slight your opinion. About how cute reforms you're disappointed. But right now we don't know all the facts which is assuming that okay are are they smoked marijuana is did they try to dilute it right. All you wanna know the organization is he depended. It is just another Randy Gregory situation. We're the guys dependent right now that's which word about a little bit but as far as you break and a guy down as a football player that that's never gonna check. It's now an effective well okay we draft this guy he's probably going to be in the program we got to know that okay. Do we still want. Would say. 99% of teams are going oh it was addressed to him with a draft. And and will live with a and then we get it in it won't take a hit. When we drafted doesn't deal say you know you got a guy smoke marijuana in his sometimes you vehicle to eat you wanna go yet wolf. Describe some of the guys that do it too sure you know but. OK so let's just let's let let's start right there so you understand that you're disappointed. Especially. If they deluded in the fact that they did smokes marijuana prior to get tested that's not Smart. Decay can we believe I mean listen you've gone through this process I've gone through this process and that kids go through the process. Can we buy into it all the all the war you drink your view need to gain weight or you had faith that I mean. How you look at look. Gibril peppers was cute and young arm Google me coach and he was one arc is going to be fifteen guys. Get drafted this year that Lleyton again. I was right all the coach Bret. And don't know when the kid com five brought him in here and had a conversation out asking what do what happened dealt. Did you smoke marijuana as well and if you tell me take coach he had B and one OK you made a ban state right because you you've got to be Smart right. And that conversation that would you know and I'll tell my I'm disappointed in you. And we leave it at that I would trust Jim we know it you know what he's had no prior problems. I guess that's did you look at it or not. Chris how we grew up all man. All man this is a successful this is a success story in so. Looking old mortgages. What you just heard one incident where he come from all the obstacles that he had to you know face in his life and he got to this point. There's a lot about cued me out there there there all we all make mistakes okay listen let's understand. Mike my presented by progressive insurance Herman Edwards in our studio our guest. On the shell Pennzoil performance line there there are there is a term that we use in the NFL all the time distractions. And we use it as a capsule anything can be a distraction. I'm and now around the draft. We we we use another word red flag that's the new red flag and reflect there's the red flags of a diluted sample right widget on the on the spectrum is extremely minor and that all the way or the other and are the players who have issues that are violent yes and of course Joseph makes and is the most visible of those. Now for a variety of reasons including the fact. That there was videotape involved so I saw as a yesterday two more teams that seem to. Whether they purposely went on record or not the New York Jets it appears have him off of their board the Philadelphia Eagles it appears to have him on the airport. Herman how would you handle a situation like that if you're coach this obviously is a decision that at least involves the owner the owner probably could just deal cards signal he's out. But if the owner says if you guys want I'm I'm willing to draft him how does that then get a handle. Well then organization wise if the owner gives you okay that's one thing. Biggio is OK with it that's another thing but then it becomes station with the head coach and GM. Ximian com. Where is our moral compass and words for me personally where's my moral compass it be real simple. All these guys who can detect and second chance. Do they deserved a second chance I would say yep but now marked doctor via my team I actually agree with you and let me quickly add that this what if you don't have that attitude. But GM and the owners say we're waters guy that Marco get that one last problem and that's a problem and were a lot of conversation. Will bow because if they now tell it was a slow. When I address our football team and what I've stood for my whole life and they know what I stand for it'll look in the golden okay. And I got a bigger problem that might imply that I go hole. My daughters. Who we drafted. In to daddy. Is that the guy did he girl wise you and your team. I would tell. Talk a prop. And so read it and faced all that and because of what I believe Newton. And I think that I'm just Eddie and I don't want to you as we said look at all and it. I don't need your first chance he deserves it today. Guys don't really talk about any her friend despite that 91% of dove men plus care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. So obsessed regulates the slow. Plus it's I don't it's hard I think is quite masculine. You men under arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym it's kind of like what you're damn harm to its guests from dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept. Not on skin and our friend Paul flight bound for the SEC network is weather's as well as we. Look ahead to all of the different players have that cap conference who of course will hear their names called on Thursday night and be on good morning mr. find out. Good morning everybody and I and I love the description for for those watching on television over a river in Foster and I know there are some issues guys but but I'll tell you one thing about Rubin Foster. I spoke to an an SEC head coach recently in he said there Rubin Foster think about this. Was the best player on Alabama's team now you've looked at all the mock drafts. That's saying a great deal these cities the most dangerous they never could figure out. A way to stop him so I think it's something very he's interesting to juxtapose against obviously the issues in the headlines right now that. He is going to be a major impact player in the National Football League. Couldn't agree more and I don't think this is gonna have an impact them where growth Paul might only only concern. Now middle linebackers are becoming smaller in this league they're not these 250 pounders anymore. They are lighter. But he's light I mean just just given one of the reasons he he says he had been diluted sample is coming up food poisoned but he is also drink a lot of water. To gain weight at 229. He is a light linebacker and but he will hit anything my only concern. It is over time does that Wear on him does he get nicked up because he's a little smaller than even the smallish linebackers in the league. Not that I think gets a fair point but but I'll say this in about rumored Foster and I know a lot of people want want to look at the headlines. My kid and draw some negative impression about if he has been very upfront about this. If he had anything to hide and I don't think he does. He wouldn't be where he is two day making the rounds so. I still think in spite of what she said and I agree with you he is a real fine for any NFL club. Let me just say he would be my middle linebacker there's no doubt about that let's talk about another Alabama player who might get traffic even ahead of him that's OJ Howard the tight end. Because the top of this draft is just filled with defensive players and then we know you're gonna get quarterback sprinkled in there someplace higher than they probably deserve to go. And and one of the first offensive skill players that you you hear is OJ Howard illegal where there's increasing significance on the tight end position ball just how good is this guy. I he's great and I'm just glad to hear his name grainy because surfer couple years at Alabama I thought he was in the missing persons unit. With the FBI abacus that they're there or games you never saw him he finally shine two years ago on the national championship game how much her Alabama. Would have beat Clemson the first time around. Without OJ Howard he popped up your midfield late last year in Lane Kiffin offense but I think he is another sure fire and I'm not one of these who says everyone is a sure fire but I think he is. You guys can look at him out like everyone else he's got the size he's got everything you need them what an important position that is in the NFL. Yeah Paul makes a great point. I had him in an arm and on Artie he's hosting with peppers and yes I pretty good team with South Africa and down. Athletic. I mean you know in an in and really can use him in multiple ways. You can line him in tight. But he's he's going to be more dangerous when you get your mouse like all or that and that's what our leaders come to now tight ends like this that are athletic you can put him in the slot. You've got to matchup problem. Linebacker takeovers could but I have to your gonna have to get a nickel guy Iowa up big corner recovery because. He is a fantastic gaffe could not agree more I've Arty picked him to be in my mile from the rookie of the year he is gonna just love the freedom of being split out the league and and a mismatch for everybody thought ardent. This kid Josh jobs that that the quarterback from Tennessee is you gonna be one of those hidden jams he's talked about a little more birdies I don't think he's gonna go. Certainly not the first trial what. How much could he be sneaking up because he's starting to turn some people a little bit. Any shooting I know it's are cliched today vs a year ago to say what I'm about to say that he could be the deck press got. Of this quarterback draft but I think he's that good. He didn't have a lot of around him yet Camara which by the way keep driving him out and tomorrow the running back. From Tennessee who started Alabama and then and transferred he is going to be a real fine for someone later. In the draft but the Josh is this one of the smartest quarterbacks I've ever been around I know it's easy to say he's over he he's an engineer and an not a rocket scientist and all that. But but he has great command and and in one game in particular last year then the hand of the Georgia game when he threw that miracle Bob. I mean if he he has the ability across the board. And he just didn't quite shot and I know enough and I've by blamed his offensive line is always easy to it to pick on someone but. But I I I think he's going to come close in the first round I'm not a draft expert I don't I don't swimming these. Mortars like I call that your guests do. But but I really believe in him I've known him long time guys and I and I think you you know some smarts does matter. Herm I'll defer to you on this but he is he's not only Smart he's a leader and he'll take charge of a football team. Yep Paul makes a great point with. We've decked plane is a well last year you know quarter worried goals it has a lot to do not excuse their success or failure rate especially at quarterback position. Bomb it reminds me a lot he has the same type attribute to Teddy Bridgewater head you know. Almost the same for me to that you've got to have a lot of armor you write will rightward about that. But all everything else is is plus is that it he's climbed up the board I don't know if he's not apology for for not somewhere in the second or third round you can see this guy and Herman Edwards in our studio Paul find on the the presumptive number one pick in this draft come from the conference Paula that is miles Garrett. At a Texas and am in some people think he's just a no brainer first pick overall then there is some criticism. The hall of Famer Warren Sapp was the last to chime in on that our colleague and yours but the McFarland has not sold are you. I am man and I'll I'll move bugger out of a lawyer says he doesn't get hit within the shrapnel Casilla is my friend. But I've got I just fell out of my chair laughing. When I heard the Warren Sapp story yesterday and analysts and I'm not here to critique warrants steps career he's a hall of Famer is one of the best of all time. But when it comes to credibility on on someone being lazy when it comes to credibility on someone having integrity I'm not listening. To war and set up I'm sorry he's a complete loser on that front in his record and his resume will back me up. He called my house Garrett lazy I understand where the criticisms coming from but it but I know not miles Garrett I watched him play for number years. He did it appear to get lost at times. But he is not lazy. That that is that is a a just a specious shot from someone who they're from more I see it has no. Integrity and no credibility whatsoever miles Garrett is. Is should without question be number one pair I will say this about and I met this young man I was down texting him this year and now. What happens to him and a lot of these kids that play defense. Then plea with profits are high volume offense they they they actually on the field too long this defense played eighty snaps averaging game. Eighty you you can't do that you know he's a guy that he Hilferty because how he plates. And so. You know when you look at that mean we come to the National Football League this guy has the skill set that you cannot whole match. Okay he is long he we he's long he's explosive off the eighty's in the edge what I call Bender. And he has similar traits of the markets where he zobel built like the markets where it only democracy where in his career had a 138. Sacks. This is what your draft a guy like this you know he is. The productivity this is typing in he can even stand up and rush you know I agree this is that this is below this to look you want right here. You don't have to worry about him the Tiki in the next football league he's a little play about forty place right 45 at the most okay that's a little. Completely agree and and on that note it seems like I'm on the Tennessee route here Paul. But ought miles Garrett gets all the talks certainly deservedly so Solomon Thomas Jonathan Allen beat those three Lyman. And then the next one any kind of gets mentioned every now and then but this is another guy listen there's only one miles Garrett is gonna go number one. But another pass rusher this kid Derek Barnett for Tennessee I mean he's another one. And I know he's gonna go pretty high in this draft but he doesn't get talked about like some of the other. Yeah like yeah you're right I and we we took calls all year on our show with Tennessee fans arguing that he was better than Jonathan Allen and better. Then miles Garrett and live let's not it's harder it's hard to different quantify that it's hard to differentiate one from the other but but I I think he's a little bit lower and I'm not just waving the flag of and every SEC player here I mean that there's some that that I do have question marks about him. One in particular is is Leonard four net I I think he's a great back. But I but I I have some concerns about whether he has the good durability but as far as Barnett I have no concerns whatsoever. Oh yeah. There are so many things I want to get to hear this morning. Our cup literally run of openness with sports topic. With the playoffs going crazy and and everything and Avi or the NFL draft. As a couple of days away and Herman Edwards is at our studio and tougher next question. Public Shea just put up a magnificent draft post magnificent where he's got little notes on practically every team ranked as we sort of tiptoe towards this thing. And I can put this into the form of a little next question for you here guys and we'll just. Go through some of them so I'll give you will quiz you tell me what you think. Carmen how many quarterbacks do you believe Todd Election Day is projected will wind up when all said and done going around one. Quality at least three. History you know leaves three quarterback we'll go in round one pick at least three will grow in May before he's he is saying three. Is the third a third Matt clearly has become catcher Paul Johnson right and so it's Kaiser might that is fallen out. Kaiser's fallen out and and I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past anybody who trade up to the end of that first round pick their fourth quarterback. Reston. Yeah very. What he's that he's that there right at the tallest and heaviest of the top required interesting indeed these big strong he's athletic his problem is. He's a little full of the self yet you know. He needs a little humility in Tacoma in this league will be keeping them but if he can figure this thing now. As if global I got the measure of all my aunt does the end got got an arm there really no doubt about a young guy and I remember he can run well and opted to cause some damage but obviously go somewhere. In Rome where he has a mentor you know I'll let it go. In. Arizona all bruised areas would just grabbed him. Buys buys little bit sick of all of your young man did passing these young guys can do is something we all did that that I think it'll a bit and and I'm not saying everybody is especially even if you are playing early or not playing. Listen yes listen and listen the guys are there and been playing in the pros for a reason. They're figuring it out and make it you don't know everything you know you do not and and I think. Sometimes that the toughest message get across not quite sure why you would think he's full of himself he only said he is Tom Brady's heading cam Newton's body outside of that action the court from an unnamed scout on Hammond we all know how we feel about unnamed scouts as timer here. But that to Shawn 'cause there is quote pure millennial. No that's sort of the interesting thing they're gonna be a lot more pure maligning our our address our overall than he would if he trying to handle them and yeah why do you Buchanan. You just panel could be a really wants to do agree that he had registry say OK next question. According to Todd picture day. Rubin Foster is not falling based upon some of the off the field stuff but you know who wins. Galvin cook. That seems to be the players the people are very concerned about now I've heard about the medical we had Alvin and here recently older group and there are concerns about his shoulder right rotator cuff front of the label back similar reduces bastards but there seem to be according to make. About that people or in his life whatever his circle of friends is or whatever that is and that's a concern Herman as you're evaluating a player. When you're there deciding how my could use a first round pick on this guy where does that come into the equation. Well it's a conversation if that if that is the case then Tom. What do you do to help him. You know in and then that that's part of it not only the talent wise but the off the fuel situation to some of these kids come out of are you willing to to invest in net as well. To help him OK and in an inning I think you know we we talk about guys fallen. In my Q. OK maybe you follow rounder to where you don't get picked in the top ten is not how you enter is once you get in the league what do you do. That that's the whole key for all these guys. You know we've we had Eagles it wanna get trapped in the top yeah I get all that's the mom don't. It doesn't matter where you enter it's what you do once you enter you how do you become professional football player and a lot these guys they need guidance is a lot of dude it's amazing. Green and two backs that probably hit the NFL the bat he is running the ball catching the ball. Album Coke and Joseph Max right and they both have issues. That they have. I mean Galvin Tim mead Galvin cook is the prototypical running back of the NFL now. Runs a ball well and he hatches. Field the only area that you did the better catcher of all Abaxis McCain. Without an out right but I don't think runner doubt no doubt I know he's not inside banger and I can't move the pile up cook's got either but but he's he's a special he's just had. And armored I don't. Right the right guys are better runner than McCaffery yes ours right back yes every greats you've got an incredible it. The call me and I I'd like but it's in the interest next. Exchange. Draft little tidbit here. And it just how all change the order to play it directly to where you just went he is projecting. That if the Panthers have the choice between McCaffrey and four net they may take McCaffery. Instead of what we all assumed was a lot Leonard four net to Carolina or utility that's the league now versatility now I don't know if I would do that. Because for now I think was a victim her arm of his system he was and of not being able to get out catch the ball more I think you have to do that I think if we do that with the rams and curly. The you don't just had those pure runners really anymore they have to do more McCaffery Arty does that so they might like the versatility I can see that but your game because he can play in the slot for make a move around. Which you there but they need a bang her now I think begin on the back. Regularly to the second or third round Arab going to be backs available that are good players. Cause they need a bank or in this offense they have to have a guy that runs inside the apple that's how the thing is set up for a. I. Told him. Well who are on their money I still know well is he from the mommy and daddy curry let. And CU win the aide called Geico. They could save a bunch of money and insurance open air. And somehow. That makes them very happy. Yeah well I'm glad we can have a talk sunshine and Geico because. Leaving pit deeper and are more car insurance is always agree dancer. Girl to bring Danny kanell. Indoors Judea from Okinawa that we haven't seen in forever where have you bit I'm I'm here you know and it's never had dogs that they're watching you bugger talk about golf not rated nine and between now he was much that's one that would I feel I feel left. Danny anyway enough with here let's get some straight talk from your regular straight talk wireless respond best networks half the calls before week. Start breaking these quarterbacks which we really want to hear. To talk about today that a couple of like props on where some of these players and why I thought we did some yesterday out of silicon ally but they're pretty fun some of them I think are fairly easy and obvious for instance it's an over under is where'd they get trapped where they selected the letter for that that number has been that it's odd days they usually no more than we do. Four and a half. So is he selected at 40. Or five or late or later and later even though that we just that would like a lot of people Olympic Jacksonville. At war so I would I would agree with you. They'll layer only guys I've this sense I'm getting in lucky just reading the tea leaves at this point. Mike to the point even make everyone is putting out false information to maybe this is totally inaccurate. I think that when push comes to shut Christian McCaffrey is gonna wind up going ahead of I don't like I don't I still think he's gonna have grown Carol what do you think the number of runners on Krista McCaffery. I'm gonna say the over under on him is like. Eight and a half wow look at you you've been serving her sport that book doesn't like about is these number he does a lot of departing him to edit Carolina absolutely I don't think the jets would take him at that. It now it's I I it's going to be I was surprised it was so hot I would take you out at a lower all day long are no origami later later later spoke out what about our guide Alvin cook as you and I think we're on the same page with Delmon coach I think he's the best running back in the draft mean everything here is that he's dropping like a rock Galvin cork is the the word I keep using over lower prototypical router receiver. It's amazing as I said the two backs that if the runner receiver mold of the NFL now. The two best back I think are dealt Coca genomics and they both have their her their issues without quite where you think his numbers. Like in their twenties when he six and how tol me to me a look I think we're getting older in value to oven cook he's there I think you eyes alum baiting and we can get this guy I'm gonna go higher ominously were push come to show there's going to be a team that can't pass them or Danny you know Florida State obviously well we hear about the concerns about that the the company did he keep what what does that mean what what it but specific I talk I have. No idea I've tried I missed the meat comes from a rougher neighborhood put on me a guy in the NFL who does a lot of these guys have issues they have to overcome with people that they hang out with its. Can you separate yourself from them can you. Yeah and a bottom still friends with guys and now with my high school and college to some extent. Some I don't think it's an issue that would concern me so much where I would say hey look coming up. I'm not gonna draft this guy just think that's way overblown I think it's been way over analyze when you look at Dauman took especially considering the way. He carried himself at Florida State the way and there was an issue but that would that case was dismissed and about fifteen minutes from a jury that looked at it. That when he had his incident at Florida State so I would look at them and say you know what he carried himself he played in and I heard you guys talk about the injuries. These guys who played through those injuries he didn't miss time and he was often out there at seven year to 80% still producing which is a lot of times what you're going to have to do in the NFL. Player where you were able to separate yourself from the bad seed you and I did not orders from those rough streets Fort Lauderdale I mean streets crawled out of the track area. It was tough it was are adjusting to do they have the quarterback they don't let me hear all right so mixture of this ski then. Nine and a half on goal lower I still think when push comes to shove I don't think the jets had taken a quarterback I know teams wanna trade back but. Who's who's trading up. To get him if he if if no team Jirga are picking Amaral I don't see it. I see this seeing settling in and people are realizing not taken him that I am not taken him -- high and I think eagles' long totally disagree I think is going earlier than that said I think Vegas wants you to do a goal it -- thanks there's no way he's over in I think I have a feeling teams are gonna reach day that's the new trend in the NFL is they reached tiger quarterback and this is one of the worst most challenging quarterback classes are seen everyone a year if the first one when a twelve to the browns it would be reached for all these court of death doctors and immediate I was selecting if I was any team I would not take any one of them before twelve and if they would me at twelve and the browns I would take this on Watson PT if he wasn't there. I would start looking at other options I would say all right maybe we can get among homes in the second round may be whipped taken. Our Josh dobbs or Peter men or Kaiser I would take I would say you know what it's not worth it I am not going to be that team. That reaches for quarter on the same page once again if you believe what you hear your not gonna be able to get homes in the second round right. Give me your sense giving this the start a thumbnail here on these quarterbacks breakdown mature risky form. Mixed Robiskie I mean it's it's fairly. Obviously it's been talked about so much but he's a raw count I loved him last year's Heisman candidate I loved him as a college quarterback. I thought he put up some really nice games but overall. There's way too much unknown from Munich there's potential there but I don't know which way it leads and I think you do need to see more work from him. Were I wouldn't touch him in the first round I just wouldn't do it we've talked a lot about his thirteen starts. But that's and the number we keep hearing over and over thirteen starts thirteen starts you know what his record wasn't a thirteenth starts. Eight and five league that if you're at if you're a guy like Cam Newton who goes what fourteen and one when he went the national championship. I would not a lot of and they were Peter and I want to yeah I would say all right and that let me start looking at that a little more carefully and he had the year junior college where he again won a national championship. At the junior college level so I would look at these. Differently and I I don't think you have enough information when mr. Boesky. Which shocked by odd shot Watson would be the guy I would take first and I think. I would try to think where and I think we don't pump value this enough where if your general manager or front office you're putting your job. On the line for these quarterback you know warrior selections whoever you're selecting and it goes. Whatever your judging character off the field drug tests at the com nine quarterbacks what are you looking at. I would take the safer pick where I could justify it in with Joba to solve Watson everything I've seen is he's a winner he's got character. You all those types of things I would look at and say I feel 100% confident putting my name attached to his. But I would still even saying that I would do it at the right price I wouldn't take it at the body you know at an over reach for. For my whole who's moving up from Texas Tech is it is it unfair to say well look at the list of the big twelve quarterbacks that had. Big arms attached big numbers attached and they went on an average of lower average careers in the NFL does the conference hurt him. As I know where there's a perception of that hair yes let me say some because there is the air raid is definitely a unique system we haven't seen that translate much to the next level. I don't care what system you plan if you were quote NFL ready or it's at West Coast system whatever system that is there are significant challenges to making that jump. Mentally from absorbing a playbook and it doesn't matter. How much you've played I think that challenges come in with fundamentals how much were you under and I think that's very real it does become. You have to get to a point where it's second nature where you're able to drop 53 step five step 7UP from under center and that takes some time. But as far as the playbook itself. I think it's way. Talk it's talked about way too much when you look at that and and criticized quarterbacks for that. I. Quiet area arm I got my presented by progressive insurance our guests on the shell Pennzoil performance on their batons and this morning really interesting. Conversation and it will continue Steven able join us in about. Ten minutes go through the NBA playoff action as we speak and more. And then Robert Foster will be here my caddie is one of the players that we're talking matter whether deluded sample right at the com buying and you got a great video breakdown of that we'll see again this hour easy tackling machine without question I don't think this diluted sample was gonna effect is. Draft status at all quite honestly I mean that this is the guy you plug in you can run your defense whether its from the middle weather from the outside again he's a little undersized but. At six foot 229 now middle backers have gotten a lighter because there really has to do. Are more in this league and and he can't he as I said. As long as he's healthy whatever team he's on he's probably gonna lead a team in tackles he used. He's got at all there will be here again the the topic came up again of the deluded Jerry example yesterday because of Gibril peppers. Who is another player for Michigan and unlike Foster. He's a guy that you don't look at and say immediately well he's a star in the league right. He's got a lot of star qualities and his extraordinary talent. And does a lot of different things but if you're pinpointing one place that your putting him on your football team and saying he's going to be an impact players there. Mike what is what's been replaced safeties that playing outside linebacker 64 I think gamble to fourteen I think is what he weighed in at but he also returning on clay you return Yale saying so I mean no impact deathly deathly can do that but will he be a one. At one position do a great job for you in that that's the jury's out. We know we can be personal it was a talk about Heisman 'cause he was playing you know safety was playing some backers playing wide receiver he was returning was a Jack of all trades. But you know what they say about Jack of all trades and master of none need to master something. At the next level even guys that are versed at all that Bill Belichick signs in New England. You know are are critical of the masters at what they do we even the masters of versatility to be really really really good if not great. At the different things they do. That's who we don't know about Gibril can he do that. You know what system does he need to be in to do that so he got a lot of hype early that as people studied more and more the table thought. Ha you know does this fit how will he fit seems like a good talent seems like a guy you wanna grab a New York you can find somewhere to go them but. I don't I I think there are some teams that just aren't sure what to do what that's our. I still think he's going to be a late first round or not a second round right think he's gonna still be that high is I think he has too much talent to pass up. 511 to thirteen immeasurable the Cumberland I for peppers that. Obviously too small to be aligned. OK let's do straight talk here too much of a straight talk wireless press phoned best networks half the cost about three sound bytes for the price of non for you. All of them weren't hearing let's start with the crew on NFL live yesterday and primarily you'll hear. Damien Woody talking about this issue of the deluded drug sample and where he believes it all comes from. And I always say that what these guys that. These guys smoke okay I'm mumbling some little woman looking sing it what is now. Having this evening in particular that I. Oh yes it's a lot of do it that her fingers and I think that it is that you wouldn't you alluded to it. You know when it's how many you know I don't know who do you simple mathematics. So get off the lead. And didn't blitz as high cost that we can't assume that would submit that that is the object instead of public Brazil's state media. You've been working all in high school. The collegiate career to put yourself in the position. Manson make millions of dollars. In the end what one a moment about to happen to change a whole. You do something this stupid. What do you think. Listen it's certainly a fair question asked again for those who tested positive peppers and Foster did not test positive. They tested for diluted diluted samples so. Put that go down as a positive. And in pre employment when they're not in the legal already you going to stage one and and and that's basically it. And I do think for the high high high majority it is a way to try and hide. Marijuana. Everywhere we know a lot of guys smoke. But is it can we say that with a 100% certainty in every case no we can't. But I don't know the level I know the league takes in the consideration guys that pile a lot of water in at the Columbine. To gain weight or or in this case both peppers in Foster said they had sickness issues that they did it. Let's via there are gonna be greedy plenty of people last Rubin Foster about awarding things that don't believe them. That don't believe them that just say you're just saying that. Because there's no way to disprove that no way to you know one where the other US diluted sample it goes down as as you're in the program. You're you say it was because a sickness and you just drank a lot of water so that that's gonna be your your story in a very well could be the truth. But there I I believe the majority of people aren't going to believe them. The end of the day though I don't think it's going to affect the draft status of a Ruben Foster to grow property was as I set up and down anyway. I I still don't don't think. This incident is gonna say well you know if we Adam you know in its 25 or non market we're gonna wait to the second round I don't I still don't think that's gonna happen. Further policy both peppers and Foster going to stage one of the program as you mentioned there is no discipline involved. Each will be discharged. From the pollen from the program right within a 180 days if they cooperate with the treatment policy have no further violations during that period. So this could wind up being not only much ado about nothing they could become nothing I could literally be nothing exactly right so if I were one who were making this pick. I do not think it would dissuade me in anyway from drafting the player. And I don't figure well I honestly don't think you're well it it'll just be that did just what Damien Woody said this'll come a lot from players and former players is. You know 22 guys that don't believe these two that Jessica bock the guy's got to me and you know make Smart decisions of those that don't believe. Two broke preparers and Ruben Foster our change in their store for anybody I don't know what they've told teams and all that I'm sure they told him exactly. You know the same thing it's just a matter of people believe it or not but at the end of all when the draft starts I do not feel their draft status is going to be effect. The opponent today is all that far away were this is going to be a nonissue anyway her I don't think they're going to be testing for this that much longer. And I don't think they should be now but what I think doesn't make any difference in this process next issue rather want you to hear it from a guy who did make a mistake and acknowledges it. And it's gonna cost this team and I guess him as well. As matters imam garner superstar pitcher San Francisco Giants. And I you know the story last Thursday in an off day in Colorado. He and and I believe members of his family when our dirt bike riding yes he fell off and got seriously hurt AC joint to finish of his pitching shoulder injured. We're talking about a guy who's gonna miss months yesterday he talked about it for the first time. Obviously justice. My intentions and we set out. Tore it off but three in our armed guerrillas that's. Definitely not the most responsible decision I made enough. You know this sucks not being able to have two guys here of orgasm and try to help us win some games and you know this. She's very fortunate. Talked a lot of them and you know they know. Format never has been super supportive to organization. Because everything else. Listen I I can't even fathom the bull blank moment. That would hit him and when he hit him maybe when he was hitting the ground going what the hell that I just do. As we're gonna read here it's in contracts some generally some more specific. So what it's got to be a horrible feeling and and quite a policy that the teams I do believe have every right to not pay him. To not pay a player that gets hurt in a situation. Like this and and some do some don't for the most part I don't think they do I think they. You just say you know the guy made a mistake I can't say that was certainty on number of times it's happened and who gets paid and who doesn't. I have a feeling they're gonna continue to pay him and and they'll go on that way just hope a guy who hasn't been on the DL recover here's our. The CB AA says the player agrees you'll not engage in professional boxing. Or wrestling. And that except with a written consent of the club you'll not engage in skiing. Auto racing motorcycle racing sky diving or in any game or exhibition of football soccer Professional League basketball ice hockey or other sport. Involving a substantial risk of personal injury. The first that the job and I'm fine with that rock. Yeah drunk engaged in in in red -- did address today did. But you're you're and you don't know if you asked the team first are saying hey this is what I'm going to do the stories I heard was that Belichick had signed off on OK hard to imagine it is doing that without clearing I don't as much fun as Brock has and does I rock is still a professional even though. Listen I completely law of the guy. Something like that they'll I have no doubt he was gonna go he was gonna ask Bobo checked before they get to one more sound right before we bring in Steve and we will then bring even weigh in on this topic straight talk wireless. Nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable networks. Our member Howard Cosell on the night that John Lennon was shot famous the day it is after all just a football game. You know when it comes it was going dollar Steve Kerr right now. It is after all just basketball. I'm whether Steve Kirk Intermec and coached the warriors which you know he wants desperately to do what you know they want him to. I'm has become from what I can tell sort of a secondary significant and two whether Steve Kerr is a 53 year old man. I'm is going to be healthy enough to sort of live is likely that an enormous amount of pain in his back and migraine headaches. And nausea and a variety of other circumstances. That have been created by a leakage of spinal fluid after he had surgery on his back. Here's bride when hours yesterday with the latest of what we're hearing on Keith Kerr. There's been can see. On about him being able to do this long term for about a year now while because he's been managing this pain. But it hasn't been this bad it has been manageable it got worse on him that flared up on him. Over the last weekend it and it really took him downhill very quickly. Nobody saw this coming that is doctors not Steve. And so he wouldn't have flown to Portland for example if he knew it was going to be this bad it got worse after he got there so. There is a hold from what I understand. With his doctors and with Steve. That he might feel to get past this current flare up and come back in coach I think that's what they're all hoping to have but. It is a serious threat to his coaching future and unfortunately. It has been for some time. So that's Brian what Norris with the very latest on Steve Kerr let's bring an excuse me our buddy Stephen A Smith and from first taken more on that topic he's on the shell Pennzoil performance line in our Steve is as you heard us preface in the conversation. We all care so much about the NBA and about these playoffs and winning a championship but it feels sometimes like. Cavs who warriors is going to be the biggest thing that I can ever possibly happen. But as you talk to the people around Steve Kerr what sorts of things are you hearing. About his return to coaching and and maybe even beyond that his ability to live his life without a lot of pain and discomfort. What widowed and absolutely right it's been going all for more than a year now obviously and whether it's. You know it's this crop of players. Who never. Coaching that Joseph Laker owner. A lot of people that cancer and about a they gonna concerned about a quite the top but that live there recently. Pomp and at the conserve its depth Carvey as well spoken about it one of those situations where you do it's it's it's what did you with so many different things that the prospective. And it's servant at an inspiration to some degree to these plated the go out vehicle or. You know for him not just with double what app. So just look at it from net they have what you are both out to him because he's well respected within the MBA paternity as we all know on and love bottle out of people. Won championships with Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. Learned from the both of them would've expected it in Phoenix. The other great great job of cultivated relationship could be that it genuinely nice Scott. Obviously incredibly knowledgeable about the game of basketball IQ is a great deal not just about the game of basketball about a lot people. So rapidly gave up that well considered a class act and a great guy the are just go out too because she promised in the basketball leads to him. Any compromise can be great because what's going all. From the actual game of basketball. Because this is a veteran team and they have really good assistants as well you see here. What what do you see as the effect if he's to miss extended time. Well I don't think it's going to be much of an effect when it comes to this piece because I think there are well oiled machine. And what he's done it successfully established culture you know what the players can do but it willingness to trust one another played together to believe at one another not Q who's going to speed as star. Night in and night out that kind of culture. It's what diminishes the imported. Up its actual threat it's because what he's via literally waved at a hotel pool boy he's back home. All they know what he would want. They know how to execute what you would want and more importantly big they'll be in it. Behind it also as a result a bit considering the depth and you know the bevy of talent that they app on the squad it's not going to expected Golden State Warriors meaning it. The wave that it would most of the people other teams you'd definitely be there coach and its president. One that rich what web that it might ground or anybody else. There are well oiled machine and they know exactly what to do what Kristy curry is what that bridge or not and that's just the way it is for the go to war. Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance Steven A Smith is with us for his take starts and 45 minutes. Ideas piano on the games on tonight's schedule Stephen A if you talk at the clippers and the clippers may get through this round they may not I don't think anyone expects them. To make a deep run in this post season now that they've lost Blake Griffin and Mike and I were thrown this around mr. right what what is your sense. Blake Griffin's featured do you believe he's played his last game as a clipper. And if so is the possibility of him going home to Oklahoma. A real one in your mind. While it's a possibility but I don't consider Rick you know law I'll speak. Big possibility. What I will say that you however is that its chances of remaining in LA actually decreased. With this injury rather than decrease. Before he got hurt again he had the option opt out of that contract. And cashing in big top. Well because these guys are not chipped it thought he may opt to stay at ten finishes last year in the clip that that it's come at the app Nick's feet. Because of the injury itself meet personally I think that clip that an opportunity to move Banesha Mac. But that opportunity they should and will be a mission got somebody like Carmelo Anthony to get to LA but that up big that they did not want to. To do and that's a result they got where they are not think any cop out. Spotted at the top of the group that if you look at it that the disappointment that they'd been attempt that not getting to a conference final. With CP three quickly with Biaggi tour that. What to do it you're reminded. About you know being injured Blake Griffin but second at their comic Kapanen and Chris Paul advantage in the cat. Compost Pete at top so they can that the attribute that lack of success. Kabat. Terms of the injury well and that might spot and the top I certainly think it's going to be at the equation that fortunately grip that the likely opt. Stay another year rather than opt out or a free agent market with his recent injury is to. Cleveland sweeps the pacers put in doing so they so give up you know the second most points in around playoffs. Is their defense ultimately still going to be their demise or can they flip that switch as they say women need to. I don't think it's going to be get them odd that they can I think because they wore it the going to be at the pot because they just the well oiled machine off that of these vacant school it clutches. From the perimeter of the PH did he get greatness that LeBron James scored Mac. Can't shot it through and a lot of them a lot of they re against the Golden State Warren but out got that I'm not concerned about what we're being. Part of their defense of the I'm not worried about the track Cleveland Cavaliers and the flight out that you watched look at the big topic. Milwaukee that elite cheat sheet to rot so it's a contested it. The Washington whit bit. Show up like gang but that the first two games then they go to Atlanta and they wet the bed and Atlanta is an average basketball team I'm not concerned about anybody. Knock it off on Cheney and ended in the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east topics. I think that's going to be I look at how close the game appeared to be. Indeed in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Have barring an injury to LeBron James ought coming out of the east topic. They will be an on I don't see any body with fifty to derail them. You Stephen A Smith and Geddes get ready for first take coming up today 10 eastern. Across the country on ESPN's even and we got to run thanks a million seal later today. I'd keep Agassi atlas mica like I've got breaking news here Mike in my presented by progressive insurance. Comparing red to help you save now that's progressive call it clicked today find out how much progressive could save. Came across our wire from the I'm from our assignment desk so I just got this from our desk. And I just clicked on the run but here we go after eighteen seasons and more than 600 races. Dale Earnhardt junior will bring his NASCAR cup series driving career to a close and at the conclusion of this NASCAR season. Today he shared that news with members of his number 88 Hendrick Motorsports team. The fan favorite and two time Daytona 500 champion. Will discuss his decision in a press conference this afternoon. He'll be joined by Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick for whom earn art has driven since 2008 the 21 met. About the drivers decision on March 29 R&R will turn 43 years old in October made his first career cup series start on May thirtieth 1999. Since then he has captured 26 points paying cup races wins and been voted by fans as NASCAR's most popular driver. A record fourteen. Consecutive years. He's qualified for the NASCAR playoffs eight times. And it goes on from there Richard getting majestic he will announce Dale Earnhardt junior today we'll let out and have a news conference that this will be his last year driving at NASCAR member we had a lot a couple of weeks ago. I talked at great length about the issues with him coming back that he had there are a lot of people who didn't want to go back in the car and had. All now he says this will be his last year while what worked what a family of racing that is obviously that the tragic ending to dale earnhardt's seniors. Life but then booby career that dale that junior had. Just incredible hot and I think you say there the fan favorite voted that and how just how much she was beloved and that's a sport. You know we don't cover a ton on the show we talk about the niche fans for that sport but I mean they are as devoted fans as there are all sports. With Powell. Question devoted enemy again this is while the driver has their teammates that individual sport from a fan perspective you're not rooting for team you're rooting for that driver the driver always obviously includes their team behind them. But this this is a sport that. Is so popular and and you have these favorite drivers and junior was one of the greats as far as that was concerned. And it's a sport where you know you you get these drivers that are so. So glued to their fans as well you know just you see some of the us up the fight to puppet that can be a competitive nature that they have after some of the races and such but. I I'd I'd love and I'd love how the fans love the racers and other racers are involved with the fans. And this is not only a person in junior but. A family that that that family of racing I mean holy smokes a mean that could be sentenced just incredible ha ha how important they've been through and. To NASCAR resort you know what this feels like to be Mike you talked about it just the other day and now I can't remember who we were talking about. But it comes up all the time. Guys don't wanna go out that way. No radio had these he's concussions he he was getting married that was such an incredibly important thing to and we just had a month talk about it feels like just two months ago or thereabouts. And there are a lot of people that didn't want him to come back and this feels like to me like he wanted to prove to himself and I do act get jacket that car up race one more season and then go out on his own turn out yup that's what it feels like again he'll address that later today and I should be putting myself inside his head butt but no I flooded field I think we've seen we've seen different examples of that you know hostile or we just talking about with that. Now I can't remember I I predict either. But I know when we're talking about whatever or are brought Steve Smith senior you know who came back after blown his Achilles out of Baltimore for another neighbor to just don't want it ended two. On that note you wanna walk off under own power and I do think part of it was dale wanted to see for himself. That that he can come back and then and then walkways got a lot of life left.