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Back to Back: 6/12/17

Jun 12, 2017|

Greeny & Golic discuss the Penguins winning back to back Stanley Cups, the Cavs forcing a game five and Olympics adding 3-on-3. Plus, Bomani Jones.

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Greedy you know how to win a business coming out show up early for meetings that way everybody who's only on time look like soccer I got a better way to win a business what's the instant free night took a liking to inn and suites. You can show up with no advance reservation and redeem your liking their returns loyalty points. For a free night that same night. Just by using the lucky to act like I'd win it business more than your I'd create new business impossible I'm undefeated business through out Q dot com now prepare to win ad business. He's not this go might get my podcast we can subscribe now going to listen after. The ESP. Love might get might. They are back. Back better than ever might get might presented drive progressive insurance our guests on the show ends up performance line and our life. We've got two major story lines coming out of last night the first and foremost congratulations. Still the Pittsburgh Penguins. Stanley Cup champions. Back to back and they win in part because of a goal that would have given Nashville an early lead last night. But it was waved off because of an inadvertent whistle. As I say good morning gull lake I think to myself if that happened in the NBA finals with the way. Every single moment every official call every whistle is analyzed dissected whined about it cried about endlessly. Can you imagine if a championship game a championship deciding game. Was decided in large part. Because haven't and it grabbed a blatant inadvertent whistle shot gets through rap thinks that goalie has it it turns out he doesn't they pocono than and it doesn't count and it winds up two nothing the other law especially after alas there. BA game went with all the technicals in the dark Amal from often that he. Trim on greed and get this first tactical the second time in and and how the whole thing like yeah and you're in a sport to an end and basketball or you have. The most whistles of any sports quite honestly I think it's pretty amazing to me that you don't get more of that. But you know what with the accident so close I guess they they they don't do they don't have a whole lot of that going on in the NBA but it certainly and I get your point. Because everything is that the magnitude of everything in the NBA. And how it's magnified. And we're having incredible yes it would have been incredible but. It happened to the predators last night in a game where the home team had won every game last it in this series. Thought they're gonna be able to pull this one off to get it back in game seven and. And it doesn't happen and so congratulations again the penguins. Are back to back Stanley Cup champions led by their superstar in Sidney Crosby and let that conversation. Begin I saw some of it with. Barry Melrose last night I've seen some columns and other places time to start assessing Sidney Crosby's. All time player in the history of the sport when you look at three Stanley cups you'll look at the gold medals you look at what is meant to the sport over this period of time. It is an arguable that he is among the handful of greatest players in the history of the sport the question is just how high do we go I'm seeing people say. At this point Sidney Crosby's one of the five greatest hockey players that have yet that's sort. It'd be repairmen and obviously he's not done remember we had him on the show after he had and went through her the precaution and certainly had a fewer in his career when he used to be the young guy we're talking about the comic David meet David and Austin Matthews of the world. He used to be that you are now he's the old vet here in where he's gone but he's still going and all by the way they're still the favorites to win next year. And go three straight to the first to go to straight. Haas since the 9798. Detroit Red Wings and and now. Sidney Crosby's Conn smythe winner as well he goes back to back years out of but. But did that the miss Coolio things like that happen and it's a shame you know it what do game was scoreless first period. First minute of the second period it says it's a shot off the right side of of Matt Murray and unfortunately for national that's where the referee Kevin Pollack is as well. And Emery makes the save but the puck dribbled past him right into the middle of the blue and called citizens is right they're just poking in. But unfortunately as I mentioned the rough is off to the right and behind a little bit on marine blew the whistle when you're when you're going to watch the replay. Full sound you hear the whistle you have to hear the whistle before Susan's knocks that the pocket and so it was by the letter of the correct. Odd thing to disallow the goal. But it was a big mistake by Kevin Pollak it was a mistake by the referee for the brilliant Evert was a but. As. PK sue on I think it was it was that he was set at our for a friend who said that sport who said that sports. One of them said that sports out. We're we talked about this in the in the NFL you get a that you get you know X amount of inadvertent whistles a year it happens a referee thinks and he is down or somebody steps out of bounds I think that's the last we talked about a guy running on the sidelines. An inadvertent whistle. It happens and there's nothing you can do about it but just say you know what. The referee saw what he saw blew the whistle because of what he thought he saw and it was a mistake. But unfortunately in game six of the Stanley Cup when the predators need to win descended the game seven. It gets magnified in a game that was short on gold something we hadn't seen a whole lot of in this series. And and it was a scoreless first period mrs. right the beginning of the second period. What do put Nashville up one nothing you don't know what would happen at that point there was a lot lot of hockey left but you know one dolphins a lot better and zip zip we know for sure they would have lost two nothing to political not a don't know that much Reno for short adult and the second goal was they scored who won't get into an off the top a little more with the first goal. They scored with a minute 35 to go to game the second goal was empty netter right all I mean this is really a one nothing game. Which Nashville. Could've had that goal the beginning of the second period not. Eight and and listen I don't have an emotional stake in this yeah and you if you were watching the gamer you heard any of the sound afterwards and you'll hear it will replay the highlights for you in the crowd certainly let the officials know how they felt that got it right up till the very end. Which is totally acceptable all I'm saying is you watch an NBA game if you're following it along on Twitter every single call yeah. People percent other referee should be fired they've destroyed the game the league is a joke everything is it just like they go crazy at every single putted first quarter. First quarter second ballot you know I've had it at obviously the game is fixed. Can you imagine. If tonight's game between Goldman stating Cleveland. Winds are being decided in enormous a large part because living blatantly missed call and there's no Goler just explained it to you for those who didn't see it. They blow the whistle on the top spot when the puck is not stop now it is floating completely by itself and loose and available to be poked in somewhat easily. Michael and the citizens. And a rep doesn't see it and again it's an honest mistake that is sufferers are reason we accept honest mistakes and some boards and we don't you know let's just hope the callers and against Durham on green tonight her mom's going to be out their tweeted man I have. If Fatah. Project Iran items are called scissors and the rest are getting paid all Democrats I we got all that and more as we get this thing started as Mike said let's start it would offer. Up congratulations. Of the Pittsburgh Penguins. They wanted to do nothing last night. They win the Stanley Cup in six games they are. Back to back Stanley Cup chant meant to the Conn smythe winner in Sidney Crosby he's back to back the first time since was that Kerry's talked chuck back in ninth on known and I'm sorry I'm sorry Mario LeMieux and then Bernie brought before that. There was Matt Murray who I was talking to rob Matt Marie. How about this guy two years in the league and he's in the game clincher both years for the top to shut out in consecutive games to close out the Stanley Cup. He's done the last time there's Terry sought to back in 1952. So while Crosby's gonna get a lot of a lot of his teammates to server as well especially Matt Mer the youngster. Come and in doing what he's on Pittsburgh five Stanley Cup champions greet every single one of bomb the game clincher one on the road. Yet to celebrate that XRL and their home or an meanwhile warriors look to celebrate in their home arena tonight. Game five NBA finals CN on ABC here on ESPN radio and the cavaliers. Somehow miraculously. Joined again from down three games still all how the narrative is going to change from the show on Friday to Paris Kevin Durant. Taking the mantle from the grind James at the greatest player is this the greatest team that's ever been on the court for one year to. In the Cleveland Cavaliers down 31 dollar can do it again it's unreal where their narrative has drawn. The one thing you can expect no news is usually good anyway. Is it big game model LeBron James LeBron James is averaging 32 and out points per game and facing. And elimination it's the most by any player. In NBA history so I would imagine he's gonna have another big game for probably another triple double who knows but let's see if they can shoot as reasonably hot. As they did that game Friday night to get a second win I'll give you further thoughts on that when we get to and an imminent threat. I'll say there wanting the run can't do tonight and I'd sit for a minute he can't totally broke and got. Are or they work and play without him for a minute so we talked about that 120 seconds he sat and and the bid the roof caved in there like a grade school. Right now our US played or draw against Mexico auto World Cup qualifier yes 11 draw out of the audio as tech. On Sunday night earning a rule point at Mexico walk out qualified just a third time ever they did in 97 and 2013. Years the team. Greeted us from 1937. To 2009 were old 23 and one in road games in Mexico. But in the last three they're one all into who sewed it a little better. I'm the judge Alec doing is saying yeah hick towns did you caring judge reached their lives yesterday. He hit the longest home run that has been hit since ESPN began tracking such things in 2009496. Feet. This guy is just or first started talking about him a bit ago when he was get me going in these home runs at least admit 67. 280 pound to me. Making a long drive with his size is in stunning to me now this was just an unbelievable monster shot. Watching this guy run around in right field to me is one of the more amazing things at his size and all I. Don't just call the home run hitter he right now. Is your Triple Crown winner in the American League he's leading an average of 344. Home runs and 21 and 47 RBIs so. He's doing it with hits and home run and Mike Trout hurt ease I think he's like Gil on a mob as a ridiculous thing to say in June 12 or whatever this is. Feels a lock for MVP committees in overwhelming favorite that obviously leads in every guy leads and everything and the Yankees are are putting it together a little earlier than some would have thought we are solid Sanchez did last year that you played only 53 games and had about 400 home runs he start to warm up as well sell. Lofted the ball going out of the park for the yanks off and finally congratulations. Rob thought Nadal. Whose domination. I'm clay in Paris. It was ten French Open yesterday. I've got some numbers are gonna suggest. That no one has ever been more dominant anywhere than Rafael Nadal has been at Roland Garros yeah we definitely have some numbers on that there's only one person in tennis that is one more for an in one of the job. The the single in the majors and as Margaret Court won the Australian Open eleven times. And obviously. Rafa Nadal ten with the French Open. Itself fifteen majors as you mention overall grand slams overall only trainer Roger Federer who has a team that will develop more and an adult later look. Make that up to Augusta I can't get brought to you by Z blog or does he buy dot com adds he lied PP eight H dot com. And get as deep us you can stop snoring. And enjoy this summer it is very nice to be back in better than average see all of you I called for a long a lot of long time I'll explain why coming up a little later in the show could have important things to get too bad habit that's pretty cool too I love what they do a lot of the do you dare column old school. Competitions and stuff yeah Terry cool and we we shot our reboot of battle of the network artist. Which if you're under the age of thirty you have no idea what reliability or two talking about what if your Mike's age your mind that was a classic 1970s TV show that's gonna air this summer on AB geology and when it's coming on and all of that. But I got to play the role essentially at Howard Cosell. And you would have hated it because. The second I put on the jacket. I started doing my Howard got a solid foundation and I didn't stop for two I saw you are tacit charge oh you're doing him or wearing the gold. ABC while local sports that we're just. Colon and of itself right there the classic jacket that that is a neat thing put your right I would have had a club you over the head with a seven iron and it is the other thing when that test it's our. Does it even more tonight Obama so it was we were in car Julia but anyway thank you to trade and to add there and everybody else for. The last couple weeks I certainly even during my best to keep abreast move all the things having going on and most of them of course have surrounded. The NBA finals in a way we go to night with game five cavaliers and warriors so. I'll chipping quickly gives you mentioned that the the topic here and again I was in on the West Coast so. I I hope I heard everything that they in the car a minute wait to where we were working heard the last half hour of the show right didn't get to hear much is now at 6 o'clock in the morning out there. At 3 o'clock in the running numbers start. But the narrative about LeBron and Kevin Durant. Wouldn't be the same for me to say. That is having watched the first four games of this series. If you asked me to pick the most valuable player. In the four games of this series to this point. I would still say it has been LeBron James aren't I can understand why he's white like you say that I remember two years ago you saying he should be the MVP when they when they lost because he is playing with nobody. I understand. I wouldn't say you work we're crazy no I Kevin Durant would be the MVP or the way he's playing. But I certainly understand what you are saying we're given to one and I know where you're gonna go. The 46 minutes he played when they were you would they were plus seven and 120. Seconds he sat. On the bench and they were minus twelve. Was ridiculous it. It was stunning how it looked like they did not play basketball when it was an on the court leaving guys open under the under the net it was ridiculous it was ridiculous and the reason I would not that two years ago when they lost in six games I actually if I had a vote at the end of that series you're devoted LeBron handedly right now it would not. Clearly Kevin Durant has has to has earned. The USP award I would I would vote for him now. And another part of the reason is that LeBron was all by himself two years ago and is it now no carrier ring is ridiculous yet. And he's phenomenal and he was a huge part of the reason they were there in game three and it was a huge part of the reason. That they won game four so I wouldn't give it to LeBron because in my opinion in order to give it to a player on the losing team. It has to be sold not even close you couldn't even considerate any other way and I would have done that with LeBron two years ago. But I would say. That that would make to meet the narrative of has KG just placed LeBron is the best player in the world. Ridiculous and so I didn't get to hear you betray much altered my eye on that well I think it's three days we had we had. More than a few people have been saying that's the right where it was one that came on. We kind of went back and forth a with no I do not think that at all. Trade is not think that at all I've I think the best point that Stephen a made in people have made. Is not how great directors played directors doing it against LeBron when LeBron is covering him that. That is the biggest part of all of this is is a lot of those numbers are coming at the expense of LeBron guarding caverns are not all the time but a decent amount of the time charter and direct has been playing well but to me know. It and it is Durban two narratives that are coming out of this is Kevin Durant now the best player in the NBA. And well what will this team go down as the greatest single season team. That may have gone out the window because of one game if they had gone sixteen and all it would have set a record breaking all one lakers fifteen to one record again they only needed fifteen winters. One of the series is best of five not blessed to seven right assault vet that lost a little bit of its luster but still a heck of a three year run. By Golden State if they can cap this thing off. Which I think everyone in the world expects them to dude I thought I would just say the answer to that and it was really Paul Pierce that I was seeing in Italy. When your wife and I was host these games are so delightfully early. That I watched all of the post I'm not I did I do I never got to do I watch like an hour had opposed to what you're right up Paul Pierce's has been on this one for a little bit and hello Paul Pierce and he's very good nominees get used to it a great job. But I could not disagree with him more strongly than I disagree with his take on to rant and how old really say this. If you just flip flop those two players. If you put LeBron on Golden State as they're currently constitution and put to rant I'm Cleveland as they're currently constituted. In my opinion this would be infinitely more one sided than it has been. LeBron is a as big a greater overall player and Kevin during Iger and in my opinion is not even close I just want to get that out there 'cause they feel like that. Came the story while I was gone orders no doubt has become the story every game acerbic and never to talk to who's going to be a sweeper we were that to we're gonna be talking about the baton has been passed and then also team wise. This that this is the greatest teams so for for me beat the former athlete that comes out in me is if we have more to lose this series because we also sought a so one sided. If we gore loses series Q what ifs about game three will haunt them because this. They were three minutes and ten seconds away from gone back to Golden State now through to Britain. And that's what I mean about that this is how the change that tired of his men. All the states dominating goal of say one of the greatest teams of all time Cleveland can hang of that evil and they're playing well when they shoot 61% in the first quarter they still lose the quarter all the things against them and now it's. Oh my god make a couple of buckets in the last three minutes. You win that game you win the game four and it's all of a sudden it's two to insert 31 you have at least one more game back in Cleveland. That's what I'm thinking as a former graphic now that that won't enter their mind now right thing to think you have got an award edit their mind until the post season because they got a game to worry about now but boy if they can pull this one off. Feels very unlike all edit. But can't quite as if felt unlikely Friday I mean that there's these these resignation. At some point oh my god what can we do. We shot greater early on we're losing that quarter we lose we're winning at 310 we can't make a block at five of us take shots or over eleven only two guys for them take shots and day out the big comeback and they beat us what can we do get to feel like you're almost resigned to we can't do enough to beat these guys and then they come out their. I just explode through 53%. From three point land 53%. Our overall for the game and and just destroyed never like Golden State never has only now it's one of those situations gold states up three zip. You can try as hard as you want and the one thing they did and hang in there the one apple that was right there. Was that sixteen you know up they had bad that they had that in the aircraft they've they've didn't wanna talk about a before that but now as part of the narrative of we just wanna win a championship normal by the way if we win it Friday night. We're sixteen and all the greatest post season team ever and the older one never do that and they didn't so that that. I was a little surprised I really thought gold say it was gonna and I did too but. That said it equally junior also desperate at not to give you are and it's due to playing at hall it's tough when you're up three zip it's tough to have that. That physical killer instinct attitude and aggressive that the goldmans say it always seems to have their just sometimes it's just not there in Cleveland player for their life. It's also good to know that some things never change. IK ID mixer Owen four in the series. Oh and four. I picked Cleveland two in game one epic and in game two addicted when game three I finally gave up. And you're Golden State two in game four hours ago so I am all in four. Yeah well I get my presented by progressive insurance our guest today Shelton's all performance on your Twitter reaction has always. Through that Twitter feed markets reached the Broncos still on the throne but for the first time someone is in reaching distance. Attempting to dethrone the king. Here's the only argument I have two it was in a particularly in the first two games and game three as well again. Spectacular. I mean unbelievably spectacular. And he's winning game four where they didn't shoot that well the shot he made at the end of the first time. With the kind of thing I was in an a in a restaurant with a bunch of people it is sort of takes your breath away. Right said he could start a team with either Kevin Durant oracle island did it take you awhile to think about the answer would you immediately just say during. No way I I think I would stop and think about it. I don't think imitate I take to grant I don't know I think how gimme the ages of most flawed during its 29 or thirty and why is definitely I wanna sake why is 2626. And two weeks or six or is okay you know 34 years younger that's not a huge difference that's not nothing well no it's not nothing just. He can do it seventh at 44 scoring titles I mean I just. That that that's tough to argue about it wise right there and you know you don't mean as a slight to court hears you talking about the best players in the game. All I I think it was two or direct yeah to me it's it's a good question I would go I would consider going in either direction. And I wouldn't take either of them over the project now LeBron James is 32 years old so. That changes the discussion if you're looking and we take you for the next six years. But at this moment to meet the Bryant remains. On top Chris through to the Golden State didn't care as much about sixteen an element rather winner column Chris with all due respect couldn't disagree disorder more I think go low of sixty you know Michael treat another element to the hockey. I understand human error. That's where they should be able to review it dishing for that to happen review to be clear you can't review to mean. And I understand why can't when the whistle blows everybody stops you can't can review it and say all they should have blown the whistle the goal should count you can't. Because want to whistle blows people lighting up and stopping you can't you can't count anything happens after it's unfortunate it's a mistake. No doubt about it you definitely see that football more. And you talk about it. But there's nothing you can do you can do is say you know the rough was it turns out was in a bad position here where it was to the right of Maria behind him. So we saw marine made the initial stop and didn't see the puck he doesn't see the puck. He stopped like it is rolling out there a blue for scissors just not pretty easily. Should have been one up from predators wasn't quick review William treat me greedy or 500% wrong it wasn't an honest mistake. Rap was out of position and Campion Stanley Cup totally changed the game. I'm not sure what part of it I'm wrong what it is usually anonymous are ignorant dishonest humidity made a mistake it's a terrible mistake it is but it wasn't it just honest mistake right now I know my point is known as sitting you're saying the league is were at the leak is fixed or reps are fixed there's no question that that that you know that. That I am in this case it would be in the opposite of that because. They would have liked it too expanded to a seventh game. But the point is if that happens and bad that happens tonight people going to be demanding an investor in our minds because this is the sport talked about most. Where the fixes him I mean I don't doubt heart rate is like to develop it but it's not at this on a call it. And that's that was. And Randy to meet the predators goal was a mistake however as it turned out like the penguins tied in the fourth and T decide you don't know literally by the fourth yet the Dow is gonna fail or three years equipment forgetting that. You don't know they don't know the dangerous thing to do. Is to assume that everything would have played out that aimed. Based upon different circumstances. Of Nashville as a one nothing lead with a minute 35 you're going to be playing differently could be playing differently and I think that the a couple of tweets echo of the further answered Julian says. He dreamt last night that I worked for Mike and Mike in the SP goal it fired me he was nice about it when it was awkward I woke up I was pretty upset. Did he give you felt the need to tweet back and clarify how it all happened. Occasionally wondering. More that's the first set mortar fire you for ya. In case you're wondering he fired at the full court in the mall. Blame the whole thing agreement. And so part of. We don't have a food court here. Ed in theory. He got fired. From a job that you are really happy that I like you're the manager of a of a restaurant in a mall and it worked for Mike and that's what I'm saying so. This to me. Mrs. obviously rates what do you make it to Jessica's that you took him to lunch at the food court able to fire itself the app and fired him but it was supposedly or four. I am fascinated. By dreams and their meanings I really yeah this has been the subject for today but that blows my mind of why. That person would dream that. And I may be working for us and I fired him at the at the mall that it was study to impact that we would like to put together like a study of all the things that happened to him. Yesterday the day before theoretically right back to the beginning of his life. Because it actually could Trace back to something from his child reason I'm not going to treat him back if I'm gonna just assume he's listening or watching right he just heard you say that your video tweet that his party did you do what's his name. Julian Q what does handle there. At Julian C morale cultures are Julian C Morales we will all follow. The rest I watch it go back to literally at the very first memory you have of her childhood and just wait everything that has happened and somewhere along the way. We will find what it was able makes sense because it does. It's there there is an explanation for that does they'll be a connection but it could be something that happened when you were five gorgeous to me this why you think you drug. If you have a theory. Which Julian whichever is easier for ya hit OK Micah Micah let's get to this LeBron James. He has a positive plus minus NBA finals in minutes that LeBron James is on the court the cavaliers about score the warriors by six points. They have been outscored by 31 points in the 26 minutes that he hasn't played. Extrapolated over the course of one game that's equivalent to weigh 57 point loss to warriors are basically 57 points better than the cavaliers are without LeBron James. You could take Kevin Durant off of the warriors the cavaliers would probably win they would win by 57. If you took LeBron James off the cavaliers I believe the warriors went a 162 to nothing and that's how one sided as has been and it continues to fuel my argument. As I watched this thing direct has been brilliant and if I had an MVP vote right now I would give it to direct in this there ought get me wrong yes absolutely but LeBron James has been the best run as the best player in the world. And has been the best player in this series I think he's been the best player. He just camping the MVP because this team is down three games right right right I believe he's been the best player in this diary and and we were it's amazing again the narrative now. And try to get their second win of what we're talking about Friday. To what do Cleveland Cavaliers have to do in the offseason and because they can't Wear the the basically we are all agree that comeback as is again back that a files again but what do they have to do to be Golden State to now the series is not over. They're kicking themselves because they couldn't hold the lead with three minutes ago and can they steal one and Golden State. To make that comeback typically look like they have that in common in my opinion with a 28 other teams in the league and I know that I'm silver said the other day we celebrate excellence in this league. Because what's he gonna say is the commissioners are recanted that and say this is a disaster. We have a team that no one can stop and no one can do anything with and thank god it didn't go sixteen and Alda you know and and and so maybe you'll get some. Drama out of this thing but I'm not betting on an all I'm not gonna win tonight easily and that's going to be an in my opinion I know. He wants Camelot and other ratings have been up for this because you're hoping that you would at least get something good out of this in my opinion this is a terrible thing for the NBA and by the way we all head of his report Georgia and the cats next year. Okay so what do you view because it was local radio wants a plan now labor so give him for a year and they want to go to like don't care. I don't care that was public knowledge I wouldn't care because. The whole thought process should be LeBron got a couple years left of being where he is. You do what you gotta do to put championship team together yeah I mean look the actual best way to do this if you're a fan of basketball. Is find a way for those four guys on Golden State not you'll be there yeah I mean is it hears it because a crazy idea. Put good players on every team yeah I'm happy that there's only so much so he can do right of the leaking into anything that's my point they'd let me make it clear that the league's fault you know it was as silvers at our show. A unique circumstance. Where this player became a free agent. In the same year that there was this colossal increase in the salary cap. He was well within his rights to do it again I don't blame to rant at all. I do not blame him though despite the fact that the sum total of what he did in my opinion is a disaster for the league but that's not his concern. He should be concerned with what's best for him and if he thinks it's what's best for him I'm not here to tell him he's wrong but I do believe the result is terrible now. If you're gonna put all George on the cavaliers OK we'll have a different conversation. But I don't see that the realistic what I guess is Chris Paul the San Antonio right right that's how we talked about as well yeah there's like them a legit there because we're all hanging on the 23 point lead or whatever was in game one until coli Leonard got hurt now and it just disappeared so yeah putting Chris Paul there yes. Those were the two things we did as we are trying to do to fix. Not fix the league Betsy who was gonna compete against Goldenson. I mean in the in theory would that mean Golden State had some legitimate competition is there. Is there something that the clippers could do it met all the talk about because we thought the series is going to be oversell you know that that changed. So we got one more game out of it and we'll see I will I will be very very pleasantly surprised me. If we get another please pick Golden State in a listen you're all in four albums I guarantee picking hey I do think that's gonna be if I thought that I can have any swain and I would do with every. Out of strength they have. Guys don't really talk about any bird friend despite that in 91% of dove men plus care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable yeah. So obsessed facilities as well. Let's if I don't it's hard I paced by masculine. You man's arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym. He's Tyler Hoover Dam farm best guest from dove men plus care any person pretty tough on slip knot on skin. There are micro peer support for like a Mike podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life. Rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. Rocket mortgages simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident your getting the right mortgage for you to get started. Go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Patch partners who works on our show actually he fears are social media when Andrea who's here today. Three out of there has been a fair amount of it's rigged NHL wants penguins to win rivalries are bad talk through this series. It just doesn't go mainstream. Yet it doesn't get the attention of course Rachel doesn't that the NBA does right the point is I'm talking about the reaction of the teams themselves. The reaction after last night's game from the predators was quote that sports. Do you think that we drama Greene's reaction is called tonight go into deciding in the game and fans again for whatever community leaders he things quickly and art Smart. His mother thinks the league is getting paid off right but the rest are getting paid off this is that this is the narrative the end you know. Wraps victory to taking cry quiet over to rant before court got injured in game one he was looking. He was like Ortiz down and polite couldn't be contained often. Why is a better offensive players becoming modest profit to play that he was and because adding people to have this vision of him as a defense of given the low overall program. If you tell me right now that I am. I can starting team with either one of those two guys coli or cagey. I'm thinking long and hard about it. And I think at the end of the day I probably would take to rant but it would be very close to say it's not an automatic direct dialogue it's now. Water deserves a lot more than went out and in money might tweet Golden State has. Jonas all of their beatable twice in the post seasons of the cavs emperors only need about one player added a straight talk about as straight talk on networks. No contract I wanted to mention is profit winning the French Open yesterday he surpasses Pete Sampras in terms of total slams one. So he trails only Federer now in that. He did not drop a set at the French it's the third time he has done that. And he is now on the French Open ten time and time so if you look at the total dominance total domination. Love an event or if you wanna use eight it looked hell. In his career Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros. They put together lists that I really liked it and I think the thought they sent it to me it was due to a comparison which one is the most. I don't why don't put put it but it's a good list I saw the list regardless just read them just look at the way some people of dominated some places. So the total dominance again Nadal has won the French Open ten times. Three of which he did not even lose a cent. Here are some other total dominance Tom Brady in home games to let stadium is a 101 and sixteen. That is the best home record by any quarterback to debut since the merger in 1970. Jack Nicklaus we Obama won the masters sixth time right as the most wins in a single major venue. How to compare X Mac as it you know masters to ten French opens out. It is it is in arguably harder to win a golf and it out and as you look at the overall time to play the masters overall I'm played differential but I agree target when the masters yes it's harder beaches to win a golf tournament you have to beat everyone in the field. Where is to win a canister right after he told the gist each appointment as they. Continue to go down. See an eco facts about this cynical fact at Dodger Stadium. Saturday RA of 136. Eight ERA at home. Was 137. At the lowest ER rated single ballpark any pitcher's earned run average became official in 1913. Clayton Kershaw meanwhile has a 129. ERA. In San Francisco. Here's one line I'm Aaron AT&T park is the lowest by any visiting pitcher in a ballpark since earned runs became official 1913. Jimmie Johnson won ten races at the Dover international raceway. And Floyd Mayweather fifteen or his boxing career at the MGM grand. Of course he never lost a flight and define ourselves those urges him individual areas of dominance if you had to pick the one that impresses you the most which one but it moment. That's hard. How many starts did I was as a sex and doesn't like that like how many starts at the end there obviously. Or Kershaw analog last start in temperatures goes technical facts that. In LA how many times how many starts is Jimmie Johnson averaged over. To get the tag titles at times as as. A rifle won his first nineteen. Army times he played different children. Well not many time he lost. As a loss like men now get it for I think I think you have to take those they consider about Brady. He's 1%. Of his home jobs that that's pretty across all 101 and sixty at home and starting quarterback two good sample size to. To go 170 games is an a sample it's it's a ridiculous Apple's eyes and it covers an extraordinarily long period of time. And and that's the only one as you look at this list up. It's not the only one that the teams were because baseball's a team sport but the individual pitchers are only pitching in the games and it was a stupid statement. There early pitching in the games in which they pitch well ago so there is nothing that ever happened that they can't really effect yes they can't affect their own offense. But they have more control over any individual game that a quarterback does. So corporate quarterback for Brady to have been that dominant home I think if I did look at all of these I would take that and and speaking of that to see LeBron making news about Tom Brady as well saying that Tom Brady is isn't the greatest athlete. Taylor played maybe about football player but not the best that they because you only affects one side of the ball academy president. I understand what he's saying I completely understand I don't agree with that at all if you're gonna say that you and this counting every football player. Since chuck it Merrick from that discuss again you're talking about athlete it is conversation probably for another day but major definition of that. He's never gonna be considered one of the great then my definition of athlete is go find the guy who wanted to cattle run right all right so I mean we just counting up the number of different things you can do. My first guess of the morning standing by here every afternoon here. Coast to coast Downey has been ready with the right time here's our friend money John good morning robotic. Morning gentlemen. Are well I mean we are sort of holding out some hope that the NBA finals uncommon when and the night although I don't have a very good feeling about it. I would start the conversation very generally and that all worker hours more specifics where what is your overall take and where this thing has gone through four games. Was that they go about this course and write in game three had gone like game four did in game four win like game three did we would say the Cleveland still has a chance to be done like look they're down 31 data that others. Is that they went down 30 so as well as they played in game four I think all of us feel like that was simply though it's a wonderful cliche staving off elimination. But in theory they've got a chance at the game for the birds game where they legitimately play it well. I just don't know if you don't play well the first three would you go play well the last three. Yeah I play and I said this before as a former athlete did look at ourselves and tells in the off season three minutes ago in game three. Make a few buckets there and all the sudden it figures through to roll back the Golden State that's the fun of this but they can't worry about that now they have to go play. Game five did your narrative change at all all we talked about Friday was. Is Kevin Durant another best portability is this the greatest single season team of all time now. Walks while we have a game five to talk about so all as George narrative change on the things we've been talking about. Yeah I feel like if if your thought process is a law in any of those lines nothing about the Atlanta games should change now I'd never got addicted it is editor at the best player in the NB eating out though we learned last year not to play these games as a counselor bride he is a comfortable number to. He is not number one now. I am vacillated whether or not is warrior Steve is a Gray's team that I've ever seen and there's certainly an argument but I'm not golden apple bought it. Just because they lost one game all the robe like that would be the place to take a look anybody started within the greatest team I've ever seen. And then they dropped off after that what lost you I believe emigres team of all time into first place you just played his game we play. How would you describe what level your level of surprise will be tomorrow morning is this series is not a I'll be out album before I will be shot I would also be thrilled because I'm in the business of talking about these games and we've got hockey left to talk about had not prepared to go to baseball just so quickly. I'll be stunned if they manage to win this made the warriors in that building or its close to unbeatable. As anybody has been in this isn't the team that they were last year it out even notice Cleveland team is the one that they were glad you had no idea that happen. I would be pleasantly surprised because I got to come to work Tuesday and Wednesday. And you know what we're just gonna keep talking about these two teams and the continued. Competition between them so I wonder are we started seeing that some in the last game. If we continue to see that chip penis and with the with these two teams are so much on the line. Starting to really kind of set their lines as far as personalities and get on one another do you see that continuing as well. I mean I wouldn't guess so although Dahntay Jones probably BJP is that it should be because his entire job is to BJP even if he does and I get to play he probably won't get to play that's probably where we wind of moves that we are mad at me I think for anybody else ready to play four games against the warriors as steps out here intimate making a stink you on your home court and everything goes to be ready to fight -- -- the CI can't get you ready to fight lawyers they've beaten your brakes off and just nodded in our ways it was ought to pay that there won't be some measure chip Reid is. But any if they get down about 1520 points a village to go players on the cavs aren't the ones who did you beat is is what happens when you do to bitch in the dude I got nothing to lose. Mike Mike can borrow money Joan something I haven't gotten to yet today but I I'd like to. I'm is dream on green's mother and my general rule here Mike and you and I talked about this many times and I'm willing to give. Almost all the slack in the world the family member now when it comes to start you're gonna defend your past your husband or wife number lash our own oil and it was us it was nice occurring right. So but the lie gets drawn for me. When you start talking about things that are genuinely. Damaging to delete. So there were there are three tweets that I have here there may have been more but there are three tweets here that I have for married neighbors green that's a great amounts month. And she is very outspoken on Twitter I was reading a story is dream on a one point want to call what social media LA OK so she's three. So one point during that the insanity that was the officiating a Friday night. She treated the reps have lost total control. I'm good with that that's fine thank everyone for all of that she treated the rest takeover. I think we're all good with that problem that the other thing she'd treated was. These officials have been officially paid. And that's what you get into the same stuff that we got last year whether Asia which is. At some point. I think you cross the line yeah I you have to recognize this is the league's biggest flaw the biggest fear their biggest conservatives the whole world thinks that there are fixed the we're not the whole world but so many people think it's fixed. That for people who are as as are on the inside. As I Asia curry was married to a player or as mayor neighbors green who is the mother of a player are Timmy that's where you have to really be careful but money what do you think. Yes I mean. We you mentioned it did the NBA has this larger dilemma which is people think the games are fixed writing today you talk about that without a hockey game your absolutely right that happened in the NBA everybody because of an idea talk about is conspiracy to make sure did the best player in the league won this in the NBA has to be like guys could you please talk to your significant others and parents and tell them not to say that our league is based. But the league has no authority over those people so they get to act like fade into the problem is NBA fans are quick to come with all met. Big game is rigged Wii is go bear as a replay in his way so it I agree with you that I think it is problematic in it are really really bad look at his don't have any idea what anybody can do to fix it because I got to be suspicion that address a migraine had the authority to tell his mama to stop saying stuff like that he'd done that a long time ago if Agassi says stuff like that tells me that have that kind of authority to how to stop at a pretty sure I don't either. All he has an all any of us have when it comes or mom is a bloody lips from biting our lip and cannot be able to stop them from during editing so we just have to kind of hope we don't at the cringe too much nobody ardor Revell said that a couple of floor tickets for tonight's game. Two tickets for seats tonight's game. 90000. Dollars is are any sporting event out there or any entertainer out or anything that you would pay. 90000. Dollars to go see. Unless you're telling me their prince is doing a concert tomorrow. Marvin gay is opening free him a Jimi Hendrix might come out what our core I don't have 90000 dollars for ideas ideas like like I. Idea they you can just feel like all the tickets are 90000 dollar to hold on to write fast let me go get my card played 90000 dollars on my card you know how to go they call you don't like a mad but not a thousand dollars in your car is in place of shenanigans. I personally cannot imagine who it is if you can't do that and I give it a second thought. The less your heart you probably had to do some dastardly to get the money but the money you'll us. I wonder if the majority of people who could afford to spend 90000 dollars on tickets to eight to something. Would sooner do it to see a sporting event a championship event or as opposed said like got a come out of contract yeah you go back in time but money like to me. If if if if you go back in time and she Bob Marley in his heyday and and it whatever what do be considered like V. The quintessential Bob Marley event concert or something like that to go back in time and I don't even go to builds your problem is you go to Woodstock or Bob Marley and pay that kind of our you're not remembering the concert directly. I'm. No recollection of an accident were you work out. Amateur right like there's hardly. A top machine element like it you gotta top machine concept for me to go to that you give me in my body Pittsburgh 1980 you give you know the Roxy is 76 yes I am gonna be there but you're right but not a grant I better get backstage I don't know who's backstage I don't know what's next day. I better beat your foot in ninety grand like I need all and it is what I got. That's it right there every bit the past you have pastor say all access for 90000 other people are sitting by the way I'd 90000 tonight when that if the warriors are there drinking champagne tonight those two people are not going with them know right I should be back villagers started and it's a matter to get a bagel warriors 90000 dollars for a they would get it. They just paid stub hub or someone on the title. I don't know if you got paddy grand to give to the ticket you better know somebody at the arena that he did you backstage right like like with the with the idea gram per ticket especially a public to clobber somebody. Like yeah with an ID gray a dual boot thank you all back here vacuum here at one other than the money Olympics are are adding three on three basketball. If you okay you know this is the easiest question in the world for radio you can take. Lou what would be your three your three guys from the NBA right now they were to do NBA players played this. See this thing man I guess again as we take in BA players I guess you want to with a like LeBron Kevin Durant and insert third player here could you don't really need a point guard how on NBA players in my three on three competition outlaw three dudes who was supposed to go to the NBA but somehow guide you re at a now working UPS. Those dues as they'll come back here and play hard this is there one opportunity policies real fouls in fact I wanted to call their own files went on you know international officials out here with the technicalities that are roll call your own files ought to do as well a lot of models hardscrabble cats they unified dudes who have never played basketball on wood in their lives only know Utley and concretely technical charges were beaten on on a little eighty that outlook calling you all found to begin adjudicate the matter should avoid at the time that's looking. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Hardship my grandmother would go through it every month to pay your insurance they'll fare issue at hand write a paper check incurred if then using her own tongue she would way to stamp for an envelope. Today however we need not weary our hand and tons. Today we can pay our Geico bill with the Geico lap away with hard chip in with bill pay on the guy collapse. Mick col below. Are programs right that I had a dream I was eating a pizza I woke up and I'd shoot through my pillow and was eating the stuff and pretty bland -- that I don't believe that I don't see that kind of thing I don't tweet and and and it sounds interesting I don't believe you ate through your pillow Edward the stuffing your goal I don't believe that Mike quick tweets I had a dream that garlic and green you're competitors on the show the Amazing Race they came in second as Lara at winged. I believe it or race we would be smaller than go. Oh I absolutely. Twenty surgeries color yeah actually I think that we feel like his lingle ever done is like that twenty surgeries on me all right I just to clarify yeah. The window and I think we're at a race and running rays are a wash I don't know that there's any reason I think I'd be faster than him I don't know that right. I've seen drainage here many times and what he generally does what I've seen is. He put the elliptical on like an extraordinarily high at all yes the guy climbing a mountain ears he gets after it I know you when your elliptical yard for 33 minutes and I do it fast enough. So I like that bastard I should have an elliptical race. And appease. Would that be thrilling remember in 90000 dollars not to watch oh boy yeah actually is that a true story happening between today. I was having dinner one night after this the children are doing in LA. And a guy says to me and walked over the restaurant name like the show thank you and he says to me let me disagree. Who wins in a fight between humans do God's. This is what is said to me. And that out there about lies that I did the winner in that fight is anyone who's not forced into it yet and that was the worst fight that would be a very low paper number but it running race that you got slower and slower at that unbelievable athlete he has but I mean he and very strong I would never I could never beat him lifting in my life he's very strong I was and agree laughter. But he had so many knee surgery and I've and a couple I have a brilliant idea you do get ready for a brilliant idea. Nobody gonna put it coming Henry agree basketball. Into the Olympics is pretty cool absolutely. Now three and three basketball. Should be played out I understand. That the game that feels that was meant to be played at Rucker park her at west fourth street. Whatever the equivalent of where that is in every city in America as well I would say knock on wood I don't know what yeah by. Here's the thing. If if Olympic basketball. Was played in the winter if you put basketball in the Winter Olympics. You couldn't have the NBA players because as during their season and that the NBA's isn't likely to us like hockey has done as a southern rocketed into the market duke they're not gonna do that. So basketball goes in the summer right vesco is really not a summer sport. Basketball's a winter sport we traditionally played in the winter has played indoors. If that I'm assuming that three on three basketball is not get feature any active NBA players. Maybe I'm wrong if they do you play maybe they will I don't I don't know also well it does or not but I am absolutely it's a forcing ice and I said it anyway Belmont it's that is well I would not have NBA players. You would not have an oil rich country I don't want rose in the Olympics anyway but that that horses on the barn but. For this because I know where your goal I would it would it would work. To not have NBA players who was the only way I believe they should put the three on three basketball in the Winter Olympics. They're dying to find stuff to put in the Winter Olympics. If you look at the number of events that exist in the summer vs the winter ambush you can look at it from me it's like three to one the ratings are overwhelmingly greater in the summer because. For lack of a better word all the good sports are in the summer gadget you know you have the freaks like me who are gonna watch any any Olympic sport any time of the year but they they want that casual person meant that it gives you the big ratings and you're right this summer does way better than that when do you like the Winter Olympics I do you like this summer better I mean you just don't bet there's more events and they don't watch the ball mark the guy like me I watched them all but only because there is there gas ratings wise you know the yes why is swimming in the Summer Olympics. Like if you want to make some sort of equal distribution is actually used to I agree that because swimming season shortly in college anyway you know it is. Brutal winter and this seems like you're swimming pool bright eyed you know there have been bounce house. You're swimming there are some already outside but you're not an Olympics of privacy the right outside that Alex why you're not your enemy Travis they took outside the Olympics. In Australia this planet outside art but for the most part it's okay advocate for it is to your point is this idea so put this swimming so if you wanna try and make the Winter Olympics better so here's a great event. This is just me talking. I think three on three basketball Olympic awesome. Absolutely awesome. The Winter Olympic. Why would you put it in the same olympiad where this summer where the basketball where the actual basketball whatever you wanna call it the five on five basketball is going on. Put the three and three basketball tournament a graduate of the plane on wood crazy you're not gonna plant outside. But put it in an arena someplace. And play three on three basketball on the Winter Olympics I think you'd be terrific I do as well as I and that's one of the reasons to I don't want NBA players so you can work swimming could not work. In the winter like why because. You're during your during the NCAA season of college yet swimmers there that are serving NCAA and the gates is some now getting the NCAA swimming you're short course 25 carpool. Olympics is long course at fifty meter different training Saul right in the middle of your short course season. You would be going to the Olympics and swimming long course of events. A little more difficult to do so. I could see why you don't want to do that Michael Phelps has been out of the NCAA for fifteen years or did you say would be eliminating there's a lot of swimmers in the I know you're looking replicated the decades of the world and by the way isn't about swimming in college you took your offer college because it was Olympic here a lot of as the timing of that. So that that I can understand that do this without question no NBA players. In the Winter Olympic there are 306. Medal of events in the Summer Olympics. 98. In the winter. There's three times as many events. In the summer weeds are taking some of the summer Olympic Oscar winner and me in the winter ago I agree anything at all set up currently in the summer if you want to. I start by asking intimacy in a ridiculous question of all the things that Cleveland did so well offensively. On Friday how many of them are repeated bull which is to say they just little lot of pop looking shots. Is that the kind of thing that carries over to the game is there anything they did offensively Friday night. That you say OK we used that we build on it going forward tonight on the road. Well the scary part is that is shooting confirming that more than anything as bad a real challenge war because what you don't really shot ridiculously well first quarter was. Restored. Clearly what we're getting all over they shoot 53%. Really from all of from the from the appeal is from the three point line. I don't know the engine 53% from the three point line again but I mean it was more about individuals risking. You know the Big Three of spending or surgery of above and all the time I think I read Kevin both had two excellent games. Of the games played so more. But that's forgiven I think the big regional plate the other dogs were MIA that you trust students first group game. You would say trust in god get double digit rebounds and the figured I'd got lost in the shuffle is offensive rebounds he got four of them but he got five assists for for three point shots. I mean person thought it would really a factor in the game. JR had two good games at all I think that's doable. I think he can play again but they're supporting cast is as bad what's hurt them but as governor and our guys play well. Hole number of people stepped up and played well Richard Jefferson was excellent art such jump. The beggar well there everybody's best game so. To me that's what it's integrate the Big Three have to play that good they have to please super. I think that's possible but all these other guys didn't show up and give me shoot from downtown. That well prepared pin that's what's impacted their defense the first three games were made in sure do well. Goldmans say we just watered down their throats. You know virtually every possession so they escape they were able to get their defense set up a little bit and they were able prepared and make Golden State run past quarter offers. So of of guys that played meaningful you know before got the last couple of minutes of that game and of the block game for the Cleveland went. Guys coming off the bench wanna stay there to the quarter record role players not so much. Chris synergy there on the start line up but Richard Jefferson choppered Williams pore over those guys. In game four they were six. Ten. They were of three abate I believe are three of seven from the three point line so they did well I always hear his role players played better at home. Is that it is that true I mean I just hear that line kind of thrown out there this could be back on the road it. It's true extent might but it's too it's too big a generalization that is register go to your bush talked about it bush talked about difficult it was. A bit and talk about playing in Charlotte miles the call timeouts and try to settle apparently clearly. It's more about what what barred. And cabin and Kawhi to have bigger games on the road and that's why they get paid what they get paid. If they're gonna play at all murdered player in order to play at a real high level. On a consistent basis but. Our that you talked particularly Cleveland we got you mentioned who got veteran guys bigger guys that have won rings already you're pregnant particles are at an All Star Games. You I think it's more an advantage for the home team didn't do a disadvantage for the visit are really do I just think that they're the cloud. Helps the home team a little bit more just more comfortable playing at all I don't know Michael if you read it was that way in football but I don't think it's as much and negative. For the Libya appalled you know of the world jeez I just think it's applause revolved. Yeah it is definitely different football you don't have I don't believe you have that same affect. On the rolled to where where the crowd getting involved in the role parts of which I was one player really any differently on the road that's a distinct. You know football home field advantage and guess there's a variety of factors and it's a one game and a weak situation in the travel and it's hard to explain why there'd be thought. And whether they're limited benefits and advantages you're not used to play it and you know Green Bay or something like there are right it's still the guys in the uniform but people O'Grady's straighter through the building every. I coached him at all or was it called more program. People one word about comedy and oracle there and we have a fair to Kuwait. We had great for example we were allowed to change so it's it's the guys in the uniforms because in the white uniforms are the problem for the parents help us but the other night was a perfect example. Because the atmosphere. In the chew over toward being forward. With nothing like it watching game three nothing it was a more. Protein came out on the floor in the team. Played unbelievably well I thought it was a clear example bureau base at the right thing after the game ball they have what club what. The team got the crowd into the game in game four really want the atmosphere or debris was. Incredible before being born there wasn't there. Until the until a team came out and started playing in the way they played they got carted here. Mike and Mike in PJ on the shelf mental performance I get instant gold status to shell. Join the fuel rewards program now if you or awards dot com slash gold these teams have played four games over the course of the last week can change. They play the finals three consecutive years so I. I think are already know the answer to this question but are there any adjustments left to be made is that. Is there anything either coach can do that is going to be different or surprise aura usual at this stage of where these two teams are. I don't see them changing their line of our I don't think there's a lot of moves to be made they'll be so you know during the game they'll be substitutes or you know somebody gets smaller you know. Suspect we'll barber GB you can all of a sudden decide to double of you know I mean political would love to get the ball a lot of Kevin's may have been captured and gold they would sort of the ghetto apartment arteries but. Easier said than done when the other people step up their particular make it please the three point shot is so important. To this series I think people. Victor Golden State is a three point shooting team they don't know. The magnitude you know how how many threes Cleveland took it made all year and how good they've been in the playoffs. From the three point line garbage struggled the first result the three point juts gonna really be important and again bold statement better defensively. Defense in the rate. So I think that's going to be big bird. I really think it's gonna be about a major individuals whose gonna step up in really going to be intriguing if Cleveland. Can hang and just beat they're going into the fourth quarter reflected the deeper you get into the game. The more the potential for Golden State all of a sudden start going don't know. You know the pressure what ma as the game goes if it's close or Cleveland's way for record.