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Hour 4: NBA Finals: 6/12/17

Jun 12, 2017|

Greeny & Golic talked to Marc Spears about the NBA Finals

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Greedy you know how to win a business coming out show up early for meetings that way everybody who's only on time look like soccer I got a better way to win a business what's the instant free night took a liking to inn and suites. You can show up with no advance reservation and redeem your liking their returns loyalty points. For a free night that same night. Just by using the lucky to act like I'd win it business more than your I'd create new business impossible I'm undefeated business through out Q dot com now prepare to win ad business. We are Mike Mike presented by a progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performers that's another one of my brilliant ideas I'll point that will be ignored time. There's three on three basketball they put into the Olympics. Which is great I think it's great that they have you know it's got to be delirious Lehigh I have not heard is is it going to be NBA players. No I'm sure it isn't going to be NBA players because the NBA players. Well they're going to be and they're playing in the actual basketball part of the Olympic you could do what we're doing guys adult make an Olympic basketball team that you're that you're debate to be thrilled for what they have there's three other really great today I asked Cuba to Miami faster doing. So I wonder who is those guys at the the majority that league to my understanding is going to be former players are divers and in Garland as a Bonnie said there's Claudia Claudia bowlers out there are one in the NBA record. The could put on shell different story ya. But would you put who else would it I mean now that I think about it every big try out. And I don't know it is opening an underdog going on NBA your your title productive to earth via. Where you're doing former players they would with that would you wanna get an audience. And they're doing it right I mean there's Big Three thing they're doing and gives us realize right then and former players just make sure all make sure they also on the release from right Richard can I understand out there I mean I wanna see that all hot in a heartbeat you know and and you could actually get have a bracketed by age group. So like I'd like to see doctor Jane doctor Jay's got to be sixty something years old now. So he's not gonna be playing against guys who just retired well known but if you if you had an all sixty to pick up guys who are over sixty. I'd lol he's added through three I'd watch that I I if events Julius Erving. And it's and it's element heading or is that I'd watch that they're very real whole Lotta medical center there ever met etc. does. I'd like to watch it on ice bat anyway but my daddy had to go back to my previous point. Three on three. In the Winter Olympics yeah they got to put stuff in the winter. It at the Winter Olympics have 13 event the amount Modigliani but all the events have you are on rice personnel. In the in the Winter Olympics. I is that some steadfast rule that's written somewhere just like no professionals Shelby on the Olympics wasn't that a steadfast rule once upon a time listen I agree with you I'm I'm with you wrestling in the Winter Olympics mean. All the good events are in the summer and lets you that that the the only really huge time. More credible event that people pay attention to any other time that hides the Olympics. Is figure skating yeah people like figure skating a lot of they're huge fans of figure skating across the country. I'm just heat even ski which a lot of people do and a lot of people like you. The average American sports fan only pays attention highlight a brilliant and I think one of the coincident people loved luge to yeah. Loose but but right this is not a number cure no one's watching Lou I know I don't illusion going on somewhere right now someone is illusion and what his watch always a fan favorite has anybody would that would with broom whether could Cole yeah curling amid a growing right now you know watching it not while I might be you know watching Carly. John you right now you're not watching calling except in the Olympic that's the only down here watching curly stroke. Tony but what that mean that. A lot to say good sports people need to watch like. Mainstream sports. Like women's professional soccer people lose their minds yeah in the Olympics and the women's World Cup there there are barely scraping together anything's and a women's professional sports a soccer league a league yeah you're not put together oil pumped currently lead. And not to my knowledge with all due respect no one watching illusion so we delusion. As opposed to us. To lose lose what would do what would be an illusion that form of that. We were and challenging we were an illusion today I'd love to do playing luge whatever it is that the term has. The the the only sports. The only sports. That people pay any attention to in the Winter Olympics. If that that there would pay attention to the Olympics is figure skating one thing I have heard that the X games yup you know snowboarding do what I did watch I watch a lot of it I don't see you know a lot more is downhill I think the downhill to the craziest group out there look you go to our guys the United States. Skiing is colossal downhill is ridiculous how fast are wrong what they do a crazy what we are not having his discussion about how great athlete I I would either. But I it's not on anywhere here. He's leaving no doubt it actually is but no one watches that nobody even knows what is an odd it's on the console him and his channel and it's not a channel I can't fly same places that that air like the bike races and stuff like broke these things are on but you're not watching it and neither Iran. No one is watching it. So. Put some sports that people otherwise watch you were not good at memorial hall right do I talk to Europe a remote control skiing just say skiing deaths US. While you're right receive some other words saves you a hero controllers say not today it's too hot not hot it's 95 degrees that's nuts anyway. We should and I think they should put the three on three but there are so many. Summer sporting events. Do not have to did you not take place that's right. So there's no reason you can't do them inside a put them in the winter this divvy this thing up a little bit give me that I boxing. Why is boxing in the Summer Olympics but boxing in the winter gymnastics absolutely. You can I think they wanna keep gymnastics and figure skating separatist I think they're both. Similarly. Popular on high alert. I'm audiences but but I'm but yes tragic and I want to just a question asked a degree in the winter coat you know and so could. So could swimming and you you pointed out yes he there's dazzle or these girls are younger there's not they're not really in. College gymnastic these are all more on the those you're a mean man do gymnastics to right right right but from a swimming at the collegiate swimmers who won't make it to Olympic teams I'd have to see a whole. Olympic team I am trying to rattle off in my had some taken years off of college to. A Olympic year so I guess he's been the most famous male swimmers last year worth Phelps and Lochte and right at both of them well out of I let Becky took her a year off a school she she. Cheat because of the timing she delayed going to school one year because it was an Olympic year and right as a freshman last year I believe two of the swimmers or Stanford that. And they're they're all there are living well and I say that in the collegiate swimming it's 45 yards a short course and analyze it takes swimming and a half but there's a million a wrestling your favorite sport in the world it's all indoors you could do that it went different frankly to get more attention. Pardon me more people will pay attention to the wrestling in the winter. Because they're just other fewer other guy out of going there are many on the Olympic team many collegiate wrestlers. And I know how Snyder won it is still Russert and college. Are they different disciplines. Yes yes they are collegiate wrestling is different then mentally and Olympic wrestling look for restaurants all freestyle wrestling freestyle which is like take down its offer and not a lot of mat wrestling Greco Roman. It is all upper body rustling about we look like and and and weightlifting. What could you do that in the words of the gym and doing that out I don't know what kind of Venice Beach. Right they're doing it and some general way to create and jerked. But that what does that have to do this conversation. Anyway the point that I'm making here is that you could do a lot of different things anywhere you wanna do with them. And you could ask them inside just put them in the winter I agree or three on three basketball is the first place and we could I agree with you I think I think you can just some things over to the winner to make to make it better so those go from there aren't that go to the busy it's. We have so sidetracked elect Allen goes all I wanted to say was they should put the three and three tournament. In the Winter Olympic war where we went all right penguins' wound up winning the Stanley Cup otherwise. The penguins won the Stanley Cup last night beat the predators to a nothing congratulations to the fans congratulations to Sidney Crosby all that is fabulous. But there's a hugely. Controversial missed call that gets made that cost Nashville would goals the second time and happen in this series. And whenever I was very gentlemanly about it afterwards and whatnot. But the truth of the matter is that absolutely goes a long way towards deciding it was first minute of the second period shot on Marie off to Marreese right side and the referee Kevin. Pollack is standing to the side the right side of Marie and behind him a little bit the shot goes in Emery he makes a stop. And the rough loses the puck all the talk is dribbling on the other side of murder right in the blue lights and pulled Susan just just nice that writing and but before that happens on the replay you can clearly hear the whistle blow. Pollack the official didn't see the puck lost sight of it sort of blew the whistle stopped play. It happens we Stuart we've talked about this happening at football play is dead can't do anything after that. I I understand that it's not are doable because a whistle blew I get it it's just a bad mistake by the ref there the caution national goal. We'll look to win a championship tonight at home. Cavs warriors game five really hearing here on ESPN radio you'll see that on ABC go like. What chance do you get well Cleveland and a couple of things first LeBron James has the best points per game average in elimination games 32 and a half points. A game in those elimination game all. You gotta believe he's gonna have a big game. You know it's going to be adjusting to meet green after game four. All the refs called this game two they call it quits tonight to all of a sudden one of the top players in the first five minutes have two false. And you like all okay. Are we going this direction tonight while here's the thing out if if those players are on Golden State you know what Twitter is gonna say and by Twitter I mean every one. Everyone says that while the league wants the series to go more games that the conversation I don't know I guess the other side packets that is a whole drama green incident didn't help the cavaliers. If everybody's thinking that it's fixed to make this a longer series or have Cleveland come back. The opportunity to would have been for drama and add that to attack these at all is because that's not what's happening now. That isn't what's actually I haven't right but it's what people think is happening and that's a whole sep oh I. Just like ally in soccer played to a draw against Mexico on a World Cup qualifier and that they wanted to the last three times they've gone to Mexico border play there one all into as opposed to 124 times before that. Where they were old 23 and one. So things are picking up a little bit from Everett area on top of current judge gag garlic Amir call like it. Piccolo yeah she has reached new heights again this kid hit a home run yesterday 400. In 1986. Feet ridiculous against 67 to 82 of the most impressive thing about me is the way he plays right field. Let alone swing the stick at at the plate with a speed he does in the power that he gets. And lest you think he is just a power guy and that's it. He right now leads the American League in batting average 344 home runs 41 RBIs 47 map my friend right now Triple Crown. Ali congratulations. Rob fun Nadal. He finishes eight AT and French Open victory is now on fifteen slams or second most all time behind only Federer he breaks a tie. For second with Sampras. He has won ten French Open he did it for the third time this year without dropping a single cent. He is as dominant in that event. Pretty much as anyone has ever been anything that's who we started listening as athletes who were dominant in their certain sport. For certain time for him and he is right there with the best of me he absolutely olds play and that my flash it. Up just presented by progressive insurance. But from a range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you. But I think we could describe as at least minor breaking news okay and of course I wasn't here last week I can think trade ad man everyone else. Who was I'm sure you guys talked a fair amount about O'Dell Beckham union and I think president at camp. Josie and Anderson to waited eight minutes ago wider zero delve outcome is currently at the team facility. Physicals are today. Well there well look at what I don't know I don't know every team is their mandatory minicamp on I mean he said you know I believed Al I believe that's not until. Just on that outlets like that I find out I was reading all about this last throws elbows are ignored the many campus you can not beat the OTAs he's not gonna get fine. If he doesn't go to the mini camp will be fine toga or lose some money which all venom at the mandatory minicamp. I don't know where they are you will find that odd to me give me thirty seconds because I was fearlessly give me your your 32 take on the O'Dell thoughtless and you get. The only leverage a player has is to is to say I'm not going to give my services you. And you do that when you have the biggest leveraged camera that you have. And O'Dell has that right now. I've noticed no issue for in a sport where they all know exactly what's going on. That you can find a sign a five year deal and they cut after two years or you can try to get more money after two years so both sides can try and rearrange this thing. A well before the end of the contract. So what you look for is leverage when you have the most leverage owed about the junior has unbelievable leverage right now. And the New York Giants and I'm sure they well they they want him on their team. Are going to try and work it out now you don't you obviously have a cap you have to work out a lot of different things. But you know do you do kind of a deal in between video of the kind of make him happy now than they do that would Antonio Brown before they gave him the big deal that yes I did corrects all you do something like that to appease him because you want this guy on your team. You want this guy on your team long term. So all. I am and I don't blame him for doing what he's doing right now. Because you have the the leverage camera this way we actually have a little more of a story here. What zero Dell Beckham junior has arrived at the giants team facility Monday one day before. That mandatory minicamp is set to begin. The players undergo physicals today he would skip DOT is over the past month in part to indicated desire for a new contract sources told our Adam chapter. Is scheduled to make one point eight million dollars this year. Under the terms of his rookie contract O'Dell also posted and mr. Graham video early today that included the hash tag I'm back. I I read I pulled this out of a column by Gary Myers who moved covers football for the New York Daily News. And has forever. I pulled us out of his column yesterday. On the subject of a hotel just lost here for a second while I find it brought fighter like you're saying that so to me this isn't really huge news to the expectation was correct was good to be a mandatory minicamp so he's there he hears what he wrote on the subject of a Dell getting a new contract or not. The giants have a history of not backing down. They dug in on a hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor in 1990. They don't again Michael Strahan in 2011. Each of whom held out until one week before the season began. He writes I don't think the giants will lead Beckham bully or pressure them he is no more important to them this year than LT was in 1990 your Strahan and O Kevin. By the way those holdouts were not a distraction the giants won the Super Bowl peachy listen. As just as I said. O'Dell Beckham here as a player you swing that that. I hammer of leverage when it's the heaviest and right now it's pretty heavy for him out but that doesn't mean the team asked a blank because. What does a team baking as if this team at the end they gonna sit there say. He can say about the whole year he's truly going to miss the entire. Season. And for the most part 99.9. Because it has happened. 99.9. 99% of the time it won't and the player will come back and will play now all what you do and they can basically have him. For three more seasons. This year it picked up his option for the fifth here and then make your franchise tag. So all you could basically and then no you kicked him off so much. Then after that time there's no way he'll sign back with you or campaign. But you can you can based technically have him for three more years unless he decides he doesn't wanna play. And that's that that depth that the leverage hammer for the giants. Is for the most part guys are not going to sit out the entire he's insult in a game a blink. Most of the time if not just about all the time the player will blink because the players Dockett missed an entire season would you. Would you sign him would you reply I cut my hours I apologize I would try and work it out if not it at the cap thing sit down with him a piece them are you candidates they were going to get this done but this is kinda how we have to do. Yes I would work with them and I do I think he's that good and Utah are you worrying about the off field things. Well off feel things are we talking about I mean he's not the only one who played bad in the Green Bay game and Herbert and talk about going down on the board you know of the boat. Endurance and I don't think it was the brightest move of all time. Myself but he's not the only one who didn't play well. The antics I'll continue to say. With the net and all that and I'll continue to say this when you see the antics within that watch all his teammates go to the silent nor even pays him is an attention on that. Because they know that's what he does. It's he needs to not cost them fifty yards by taking his helmet California knows damn well that's a penalty that's where he needs to mature is to know. I don't care what I just did don't take my helmet off and don't get myself in a position. To be suspended so I'm not helping my team. That's the maturity rate that he needs to get to bare but ever find them. Absolutely I'm trying to. Work it out with him so he isn't my receiver for awhile. I totally agree with you that things that he does that worry you that that might give you pause about pitching your wagon to him for the long haul. Com our of the comparatively minor yeah variety and almost all of them feel as though there are things that with a little more emotional maturity is still an incredibly young man. Mike gets smoothed over a little but he's always gonna be demonstrative. It but he does not seem to be one who chairs the team apart. The cop the comparison I would make is Terrell Owens who never got in any trouble off the field we did not gotten you gotta get all sorts of crazy things. And EP because of contract stuff really he created some divisive as an ally Serbia and Philadelphia. I'm but I would too I would I would one way or another I'd make sure I don't was like I -- Ackerman is one of the truly special players and again I don't know if they had just laid out all that money right now but that's something you talk with him about like I said maybe to Antonio Brown type appeasing deal until you can get him. The big deal as well so but I I would definitely be trying to work that out by comparison. If you want to Julio Jones. Got his big deal going into his fifth season O'Dell is currently going into his fourth season so. We tell him let him give us one more year like he did another 110 catches and fourteen touchdowns and you know just be the most dynamic player Martina in the league certainly did that take everybody got a ton of money now not this should ever anything or doing that it should not ready got a huge you know endorsement dealer and you know that you have nothing to do Stew which is with this deal with the John it doesn't accept that it puts him in a position where. What are that I got a lot of money want us die you're talking Rodgers sit out the year you would view would be getting paid. What almost three times as much by Nike this year as he would first hers her contract they will be and they they hate that that's going to happen if they don't reduce the deal. Every tech has made standing on. But there's only one that's always had a winning an outstanding outcome. 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All right obviously were ready to talk about the finals here tonight game five. At golden staters who bring in our friend mark spears from the undefeated but a market in note here that says Earvin and LA interviewing Keyaron Fox. And I would love to just get a quick thought on that from you if you will the more people I talked to and of course all of us know what happened when he played. Head to head against Alonso in the NCAA tournament. But I talked to a lot of people who work at ordinarily high on fox and wonder if in the big picture he isn't a better prospect. Then Alonso ball what sense that you get from him in what sense are you getting from people around him about the expectation for fox in this draft. You know when you when you bring up all because of her possible way from Beverly wanna talk about it he he wants to do things lovable merit. He's an extremely competitive cheated out I was actually visiting him at eat a video game thing. And he wants to win and everything when he doesn't when he wants to do that you know six very impressed by its competitiveness. Also think he wants to be somewhere where become an important. So you know he's genitals were grow fairly. Later this week but I don't know that abolished in the all their guards are Phoenix golden gardens attractive. But I think if we could get to the lakers skewed to. You know really or even get to Sacramento which seems excited about he'd be party he doesn't really worry about whether he's won two or three. But he will tell you think is the best play an extra. You know you have mark helpful to have him work and are gonna work out for Sacramento worked out for Boston so Sacramento they have the what for five and ten pick I believe. You know some to be going on their do you expect when we get down the draft you expect some surprises. In goods and the only reason folks could be working I was certain minerals ago we try to move up and not talked talks about Sacramento is on the a lot of people like wireless one wanna go there. Well one scout periods kind of righted the ship to. Visit golden opportunity to walk in and start point call. So for the June to do in this point guard heavy draft supplemental suddenly becomes. You know a very exciting place to go could you walk community it keys. Where the couple other places in the top five hour of Phoenix and Embarq and such would be securities. So on you know folks thing is that just doing it I know he's kind of getting beat up a little bit. People question whether these super competitive. If you were a lot of gains Washington. But this is going to be a point guard draft we will remember for a long long time and then there's so ago. ID kit from North Carolina State to. Have a chance these personal. I like an actual look forward to that that's actually the rapidly creeping up. On us but first things first we have the business of the warriors trying to put this thing away tonight what from what we saw on Friday night the torrid shooting. Of the cavs especially in that first half. Tom is there anything that you saw there that you think they could bottle and bring with them to tonight's game five do you think Cleveland. Can pull off something a lot of what they did the other and I did it and this thing. Our lord what do you think they could pull something similar from our efforts there point four you know. Now over show about the and then in Irving to a world no interest in Thompson's daughter rebounding. But I don't know if you could match what perhaps the greatest offensive and shooting right now history there BA finals. I'm about fellow watch in the know that the video game thing yes dip put out there Friday. They're negotiating everything and one thing to remind me that after the game was. Yeah I mean it's a bit score a lot of points and indeed it was a pretty bearable and never but he he never felt like it they were out of it came. Like they had a chance to win associate with people they could do it again. And eat typically is you know role players play better when their home. It's going to be crazy environment in Oakland they had not won a championship wherever. People there have been slightly nervous. And that the war is definitely need to get it done to me is kind of a mosque when informed they don't want practically would you want to keep giving LeBron chances. So tonight's game. Clean would have more energy on Friday that have ever seen there. And I expect that to be the same place and we'll sort of crazy environment Oakland. And I agree with the Golden State never seems out of it I think it has it has while LeBron and employ all Winston played almost 41 minutes is like you wanna take a while the court and when they did for the bit. It went from like nineteen to eleven and he had to get back on the court the one thing. Mark that I may be worry about in this game because of last game at the technicals in the jaw and is that we get those early fouls and all the sudden someone in four minutes has through files and and the game kind of feel that way what are your thoughts there. Well bottom I'm curious and crews. In 1000 blue sparkle Friday night. And that's what pictures to prove. And and really kind of look at it like off. A little bit we got those guys who have children they're they're waiting to see who developed. The best route for reasonable ones that you don't know you know and I'm really hoping that they just let these guys play. That they let them that's what putters determinant. Into the rough reasons stopped testament of 32 reports. She didn't win its you know also. The warriors also I didn't village. You know emotions in check. Realizing what the bigger picture is they got to get this title. To marry in the politically don't. In the process LeBron it's like again and you don't know what's gonna happen from there is. I would think that if they want to marry who you favored Cleveland in game six in the city this is like question over. Mike Mike Marc spears in the undefeated with a spur another moment just curious what the we all saw what we saw the immediate reaction to it. Any further conversation over the course of the weekend about what happened with train on his second technical and all of a sudden wasn't didn't. And to the scorers table haven't wrong did the rest chart yeah like Europe sort of up. A strange way of correcting what might have otherwise been an embarrassing mistake what what what did you hear from people around the league this weekend about the way that thing worked out. Well the general world virtually. Talk with some MBA people their leg and and actually agree with this if you watched the film. Kurt clearly got the technical the first stepped. And then the referee like points that it occurred now I wonder if Callahan was trying to like. Hope not a referendum in this horse cable group of after the game is that it was as well he wasn't clear our student he gave the technical pursuit. And it made me wonder if somebody from the sport table. Wrong we gave it to generate more minutes and that's which is good story there. But he said he wasn't clear and that's where the mistake when the birth. There was just a lot of weird box stuffed into the back court that went to permanently to didn't get called and you know even read my mentioned a time when that you can win. LeBron and KB were to all of that if he's good rough reason. You'd be disputed there pushing away. But he could be garden sitting there listening to the conversation. And like these acute giving control of the game so. It goes well hopefully tonight they'll be crew that you have a better control of everything you just looked imploded. There won't be any controversy we talked about after. We'll find out they'll give tonight they crown a champion in Oakland are all looking forward to that mark thanks so much forget apparently ours always appreciated. Thank you mark that Marc spears of those in the undefeated joins us on the shelter until performance on your type what you typing up a mystery right now the names of whoever of the guys this tonight you officially were just announced two seconds ago so literally. What you wanna throw him back on real quick it's deceiving comeback I give his take on the they just two seconds ago announced the names of the officials called back. But finished typing that last name first if you would please him you've left me with one ever thought I haven't got Danny Crawford Ed Malloy and Derrick Stafford. That's the crew that was just announced for tonight's game five of the NBA finals Danny Crawford Ed Malloy and Derrick Stafford and those are names you certainly know. Crawford has been around a longtime. I think that's a well respected crew I would like to hear a tape from some elect mark. Here's a dominant again to worry is it okay they Soledad the last game you try to be in control this game right away and and you know was a lot people early on in this game that's a in any sporting event as I've always that I like those first. Five to seven minutes or where how or the officials gonna call this game and what as a player and I think down the road during the game that I can get away. An audience at no point to that game that I feel that was on the verge of getting away from anybody I did I at no under no circumstances I think they had to call. A flagrant on Kevin Love. For a play where he was clearly going for the ball that he accidentally hit him and had a flagrant foul or if it meets the definition of Lincoln felt. And how the one on dream on later wasn't even right look at that table. Is an absolute joke. LeBron and Kevin Love getting double technical for where they work. Are not my Kevin Durant excuse me it's not elected to the more you know we're we're about a dollar and daughter were just jaw and this was this is nothing. This is up that in the NBA finals. It feels like fifteen minutes ago. Would have been nothing so I never felt like they needed desperately to get control of anything. The petroleum punch was what it was right and I know I'm a bit numb in my jumper was come on how many shoved him away and didn't throw a little bit of a jab in that you're out. I got over that while Marc spears is back with a mark thanks a million but literally as I reviewed the crew was announced so Danny Crawford David Malloy Derrick Stafford what's your reaction. Or outside of Minnesota I think everybody thinks more is okay that's another story for another bit poem. They're to Crawford did step for. Pretty good rest electric stuff. OPEC and do you think that will be met in the locker rooms today. With a positive reaction. Yeah I mean Danny Crawford. You know and believe it's going to be is more prone years there's. My vehicle are communicating well. He wanted to universal approval time could be a profitable and they definitely have control. Like Benny during the game and it's been really beautiful long term we'll vote for our tunnel syndrome. Okay good very good marks awarded the world court. Politically Dubuque. War is clueless it's worked in a raft as the wild card that will keep a spotlight on the auto. Company. Take your partner your blood no Minnesota could probably get a kick out of. All right so we gotta I've I've I feel like I should know what he's referring to and I don't immediately OC we get to that but I'm up against a break here Marc thanks a million Danny Crawford Ed Malloy Derrick Stafford. Will be the officials and again this is one of the things that is unique about the sport although I think in football. Most people know the main rap yes and then they know they've because they keep their crews together exact everyone kind of know always shift yet you know if you got that hockey of his crew it means action right and and that sort of thing. Combo we watch this stuff pretty closely in the NBA. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Let's talk about how. Two straight and tell me to tell you the story about how he moved a ton truck 25 months using only my index finger. I was stranded with a flat time. And even concurrent. Then with a few trips like things like that condemn militants he roadside assistance and a ton truck to my com. Usually people to unleash the full potential if you think it takes but the country. All right a couple of big thing is imputed Clara to clear up because a lot of people. Are tweeting ass and and sending us and other raised. The Pete are the portion of the actual rule book yes that stipulates what is subject to video review. And there is a circumstance. In which an inadvertent whistle can be overturned if you will. By I mean by a video review let me read history here. The circumstances under which the video review process shall be permitted to assist the referees would also include situations where the referee stops play or. Is in the process of stopping the play because he has lost sight of the puck now that happened yesterday us candidates subsequently determined by video review. That the puck crosses or has crossed the goal line. And enters the net as the culmination. Of a continuous play where the result was unaffected by the with all IE the timing of the whistle was a relevant to the puck and during the net. At the end of a continuous flight. The way I read that. That means that if the puck had gone through the goalie and continued and trickled into the net itself. That you could you can wave me off the endless Burton whistle. But that's not what happened it got poked in our happened that it it actually got poked a hit by cold insistence stick after the whistle heads down to sounded now. There are going to be those that say all that it was a continuous play he was diving for the pock nobody else was around. Common sense would say. That was going to be a goal. Because there was no one around him that could have eased up here in the whistle that it happened almost bang bang the whistle I was blowing in cold stick. Was right by the puck and knocking it in the net now if five member house watching the game it just looked like the officials got together. It didn't look like a white to review if there's a mistake if recognize someone needs to correct me on this if I'm wrong but but. The decision was made pretty quick. By and I'm glad they all got together but it wasn't review. So is there a reason it wasn't reviewed is it that. They immediately said it was a continuous play 'cause another player in this case does that mean that gets caught clear I don't I don't know that tidbit that that's what I don't know. Continuous play could be like a said cold it was gold for the talk. But as the whistle I was blowing is that continuous play I. That that's what. That's what I wonder and to not at least send it to review to take a look at that because common sense says to me. That was going to be a goal whether the whistle blower not that nothing was stopping in that instance that from being a goal. Seoul with the video reveal been able to say yeah that was going to be a goal or word you're you said no lower same goal I don't know my reading of the rule is no. My reading of the rule is. The determination by video has to be made at the puck crosses or has crossed the line and entered the net. As the culmination of a continuous play where the result was unaffected by the whistle. That suggests to me again as I said to juggle Oracle's true and honest when NN is your point I I can I see your point because. Now now that you're gonna do what I think he would have scored anyway yes. But he was sort of encumbered by a defender for a second and then he broke himself free of any dove. Do we know with one 1000000000000%. Certainty that the defender didn't hear the whistle on listen I don't know that I think you're right now I think. This is does not meet the standard. Dubbed the rule the way I reply I watched that common sense would say that was the goal. But if there if that's the way the gold the rule would be interpreted that the puck would have had to cross the line after the whistles on without the help of somebody hitting yet. And and cold and stick clearly hit the talk after the whistle had bull. I mean an instant but it was after the talks on May be that stops today as a continuous play. And that's the only act in big oval why they waved it off so quickly because there is no disputing. That Susan stick hit the pock. After the whistle had blown so I think I'll. Agree with you and knows. The shaft here as we didn't know I'm sorry that's the other day nevermind wise this twice this truck trending your all boy. Thought he had to I thought I did Joseph I'm sorry that was the other day but that they're taking extra out of try to figure out why restraining. I stand corrected so let's take our last minute here first off to remind you. That if you miss anything on the program including Vijay Carlos Ramon Bruce he bow and everybody else breaking down tonight. Game five the NBA finals. The Youkilis into any and all four hours a Mike in my god to man in the ESPN happened and you can subscribe there to the best of Mike in my podcast that's all available on the loose and tab of the ESPN app. Having said that. Tonight game five. In Golden State. Assessed for me your chances that Cleveland wins this game I I think they have a chance I mean listen. The percentage. I'll say a 39%. That's high yeah that is that's way higher than I would that is that is and so I hope more than anything in the world garage the most. Points per game and elimination game need to hire Reid have another one of those games. Big the bad guys to make a few threes in me that I don't. Listen I don't think they have to shoot what they did to win a game you know because just look at game three there were winning that game shooting well but not that well. And just missed in the last three minutes to I think it's gonna happen probably not Kazaa I I don't see staff and enclave being. You know off the way they were I'm hoping against all hope that it can happen I'll need to I'd love to see this thing got extended regardless. Of who you ultimately want to win the championship you'll see tonight on ABC you'll hear it on ESPN radio and will be back in better than ever tomorrow. I cannot.