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Hour 3: Lots of money

Aug 4, 2017|

Sean Farnham and Willie Colon talked with LaMar Woodley and Jeff Darlington. Plus, what they would buy if they got the money Neymar is getting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten oil synthetics with fewer plus technology makes this the time for performance winter is here. But with cold start protection an excellent performance an extreme temperatures Pennzoil synthetic keep your engine purring. So we'll know winter is here isn't as ominous as it sounds. Visit Pennzoil dot com and make the rich today. Welcome back to Mike in my group roll into our number three on this Friday don't ESPN radio EST Ed to the ESPN app presented by progressive insurance all phone gets. On the shell Pennzoil performance lying I've I've been searching searching to try to find George for a will somebody dharma Miller. Put him to pitch a shooter. Yeah Twitter you know course you can tweet him at will Cologne 66 I'm at Sean Farnham and of course the show. At Mike and Mike. And that via the Twitter feed we're. Obviously rights handles garner a lot of attention today its biggest sports story coming out of yesterday because now it sets the table for. The idea of OK if this is a long term thing and apps after reporting six to eight weeks to rehab or season ending surgery either one to meet. If on the dolphins are shutting down you have to shut them and it primer lying there in a Zelda or Ryan's handles agent I'm saying. You've got to invest in yourself right now we did not get surgery after a week fourteen last year. You must get the surgery now and make sure that you rehab and strengthen that neat because of that when he is not stabilized. And clearly it was not because it was a non contact thrill he simply just pulled up as he was going out of bounds. Checked up and then he went like this so if that's the case even this long after the original injury you have to get it fixed. If you're the dolphins or. If you're writing a whether or not the dolphins believing you're not as a long term quarterback whether or not you ever start a game for the dolphins again. If you're going to start another game in the NFL if another team Gordon back to new they have to build their investment is secure. You also have to wonder you know it there's been talk about. Where the key will be with the dolphins and that is I mean he's only the only home four point six does not from Miami Dolphins. You have to start bit them on a future. It all the pillow on his Rica in as this guy able to come back and be the guy you need to be who knows we talk body seals it talk it about it sealed. Posting the tricky and I played well a lot of Gaza from coffee seal surgeries and Cheney have good rehab and they need to give back restart runner in emboldened takes one play. To get back to zero so. On my prayers are out of room but if from the dolphins you have to start looking around the upstart now saying hey. What can we do this team is built to win now they have the pieces of are they have a defense there and a good division with where they can beat number two or possibly number one doubted that the page is there. But they they can be in the heart. They were in the playoffs last year you wanna be able to build on that you don't wanna be a team that wasn't a playoff last year and not in the shoes they have to keep building Kenny go forward. It all starts at quarterback in Saudi Assam. A there's a timeline of what that Tomlin is they need to make a decision they need to make it happened on. Opening day is right around point. So what are you going do Miami Dolphins. Willie Cologne Sean Farnham here on Mike and Mike a reminder on Saturday 10 PM eastern time. On ESPN and ESPN app you'd see one of the best pound for pound boxers. In all a professional boxing world champion mr. lawman Shiancoe who has sublime least skilled is what I was told yesterday by one Joseph Testa torque will be on the call with Teddy atlas he's defending his junior lightweight world title against two time world title challenger Miguel Mario Agha. That's Saturday 10 PM eastern on. SP and we welcome now onto the show Mike and Mike Willie Cologne Sean Farnham one of your former teammates. Your guy LaMarr Woodley former Hollywood will alert. Former Super Bowl champion he's never really are former Super Bowl champion Jesus flat out of Super Bowl champion what's up how we feel very. I do agree. Would are you what are you doing which of these days broad men are we talk all the time we chat. And you have logged on Abby don't watch a football or you should move on camera. Doing your your production. Make you go out on the front of the camera you don't was sort of that chip or all you've got she still missing and two. Sort out what does occur appeared security you know filming last night part three you know. I'll do some miniseries so that's put those on hand to sort of article check those military people all but the other than that there that there probably wouldn't have calmer. Older than the spirit have Liu walked in my community expect. All right when you look at what we heard coming out of Miami you may be heard what. Willie Jones was talking about this team making the playoffs last year Tenet hill now. In my opinion done for the year obviously that's not confirmed 68 reeks rehab or should season ending surgery. If you're the Miami Dolphins. Are you comfortable with Matt Moore as your starter. Or do you need to go find a replacement starter let alone a view obviously they need to bring somebody else and but. Are you comfortable map more as a starter or do you need to go get a cup or cap. Our parent grade ago. But what happens with these tainted soup bowl nobody can do you grade played school bully bit in the film started this in the lead narrowed. They're so Britain out of those backups were caught cat you can very easily between gore clear up look to. Would make you bitter part a lot of we've been part of three teams the Steelers will meet. Give us a training when your favorite training camp stories that you've been a part of. You don't put your portrait stricker story about you. Boot yeah yes what you hear a pop out to about their collective commitment that while you're at it but at the until. Not that the equipment that the paper when it comes out of the usual but it Mo version Pittsburgh in. In the mock human element of Bakalar for which bloc but reform that. In I wrote about that the plants without possibility of bail older that covers so. And I am looking down when the kimonos product that would no Plaxo. Practice is how to do the topic he knows who were apparently but if there is really core hole trying to care. So gluten that shook trying to get up to arbitrators of that you of this. Yet had a blue Monday with Baghdad could irksome but he's got their own. In this week's big trouble when I was. Complete it in one day years to epic epic after correct outlook Russian you have to practice just with a cruel to Moroccans sought it out. Of course them. But what you can results. I just never like Sox eight Sox. I don't have more now the worst it. Yeah and they should stay that way you know that yeah I mean you could this mean we had that these are high and at a lot of called ozone that you throw to please and ozone. In his apartment deep on your cleats of sometimes I would figure in we have a little bit of lingering odor Pallet the mist you know macular you don't have that in your house now. Now couple Ali used outside of emotions on the book sucker absolutely not Hillary. If you bet that the death of yet the only man. Currently I want Mora or more Willie Cologne stories let's go to Cleveland Ohio. And let's just pick a random date say that you both were injured in New Year's what what can what can you tell me about New Year's in Cleveland Ohio with Willie Cologne LaMarr Woodley. Where you don't want to hear I can't believe. Would yet be. Actually you'll make it work. And directly. At the neck and got you got the carpet or fool. There are the bracket who are the with a guy that was throughout the vote for a game leaving Cleveland. And being when we went with the certainly provoke thought that led a look at what a pretty good right it will have better. With a story is we weirdness or in his car service and this guy farther up that we're Tuesday it was of Pittsburgh. And LeBron and and Walid tells them like you know will clean the table the brunt sucks and got lost. Cozy wood it was killer LeBron and to god and take it well so people of Cleveland are very sensitive about LeBron. I want to what it's like he raunchy you know what. No no I didn't dislike him when he was there with Rebecca he's our go to guy. There in the war games at the right to do we weren't in the Garrett was back in the priority of course about a quality but leave the market got which. What would happen it wouldn't let. Don't you should depend on the prior to a particular political and make no one. You. Know you're. I'm LaMarr Woodley joining us here former teammate. Of one Willie Cologne former NFL Pro Bowl linebacker and obviously always he's Super Bowl champion. If called cap and it was to come in your locker room. How would you address and as far as making sure that it went smoothly. To maybe if you Marty obviously I I think I can sense where you felt on this we are talking about. Going to Miami and he would be the first cut to call so assuming you're okay with a but let's assume some other teammates may not. How would you try to move it over to make sure that the locker room is cohesive. My outfit that he's grown compared to we've got a new he's not gonna call up mr. Obama is not elected got committed a crime really been. You don't even go out period in harmony button villages you know we focus on the bill that was right we're becoming are locked my mother spoke about their emotional plea arc. Going to be kind of back and trust in the game. It's if that the number one guy went down which broke in or out or play full quarter of that book folk who are gonna be any big trip with the media command and technical questions. What is he the Steelers this year. We've got to get Peter's right we gathered. Open last year Watson that we brigade. Tom Brady hits it was time in the party. So we we got to get our own problems that America is spectrum. We would expect that championship game off authors offers strong. How probable losses. You don't want prisoner when we were speakers I mean we work to people who smoke respect with the Cologne on opposite that the speaker was was pretty great pack. But if the are what about lady John Bell they've got to sign onto a long term deal don't thank. They found him on the lips and get to demand money he doesn't think he's straight and opponents to a a bit of cricket if refuting that they keep their business right due date there PO. Very important to offers not only is there respect for the weapon ankle apparently wide receivers and make things happen so well. I think give you that the right way. Brian LaMarr Woodley we appreciate you joining us talking NFL and telling me Willie Cologne stories. Yeah baby out Tony if you pick the same locker room make sure. They're great use of the of these two don't look let's bring these political role is great and everything in his in his work. So back in the neck. You can be part of my commitment of the operative. It is the work habitat or the the. All right it's yet but I appreciate the at night and and evidently the smell of my partners the government keep him over on that side of the table all stay on this side table LaMarr Woodley thanks for joining us. Presume that you would brokered the deal but I can Mike in my Johnny ESPN radio ESPN two and ESPN app presented by. Resonant terms vote yes. Part of the shell Pennzoil performance line. I'm taking that you've exhausted and surprised you look at your mobile and it is it is not a license numbers are high school. Kind of the marketing is bitten. It's been. The ball forever surprised to hear about it. Well I pity on the Iowa I didn't do researcher Diana bio on your Wiki page that I mean it was she added in don't really clones feet. All right maybe Egypt at the Twitter handle that will equal the news talk about things Mela every single day Oregon I've beat it we look at that idea no socks no socks. Sox now the cakes or bill thank you produces like that connects it sucks that and Alex arc the appointments. All right time out to play fill in the blank at the Alamo. Help us out element you're what should tell us what we need to fill in today on this Friday on Mike in my. And in the best option at quarterback for the dolphins is blanked. Lead assault kept. Well is that we is that we you yours yours this effect at at you don't have Mo common cabinet I think he's a serviceable quarterback you if you start more I think he's a solid number two. I I'm gonna go cavern it here as well I. If in in in it in a completely fantasy world and this would never happen they goaded Jimmy G. Give up the farm and get Jimmy G and try receiving get him out of New England but if you can't know obviously I don't see any way to New England would make any deal right now especially in division. With the dolphins when he got to face and twice they call it aperture best option. Guys Chris stops were Zynga studying kind of McGregor to help his confidence in trash talking is blank lame. Wave length. A study something you look you can't fake it trash talker you either put it trash talk with the guys study to be a trash talker haven't like gone on note card on their hand and a Billick. You know what with the person says this I'm supposed to trash talk this. Now you either are good at it. Trash talking at its best is what it's about emotion and and meet all right reaction I gotta stop you haven't there's a language barrier lab that there's a confidence thing if you study big guy. We as a moxie a bottom. It to work he's in New York a lot of people in the Euro loud talk trash is part of what we do and who we are. You got a chance to be a big market guy is maybe nine your personality you to learn from the best in me give you some degree it is there was probable have you watched the Connor Gregor press conferences there's not much is it actually. If there's an assault on the court it is that it. Here's some illicit KP when those guys he looks a little meek and it will shock if you need somebody trying to imitate why not economy greater release a Jirga trash talker where you go trash talker back in the day yeah I was okay than you may you live in New York. But it call up the unicorn is say let's go. Well aggregate is number first and in this league is number hopefully picks up as he won't pick up for anybody else so now I want to be in it for life he might change his mind all right so is what's next. The patriots sending out playoff tickets before the season starts is blank. Responsible. If that's responsible it's letting you know OK hey guess what these are when the days are. Make sure you leave them open. Because we're plan on playing football on these days and you look at their schedule again the talk isn't just about the patriots. Winning the division. The talk is about the patriots going back to the Super Bowl they have the highest percentage according to Power index system. To make it all the way and then win the super better than 50% chance I believe to actually make the Super Bowl game so if that's the case. I'm just telling you I'm filed with it is call cocky. It's not if Brady gets hurt they're not going to the Super Bowl tonight go to the playoffs you don't believe Jimmy GQB Jimmy GOR I taken aback. Possibly possibly the playoffs but not a Super Bowl. It Tom's not in the game for whatever reason you're always an injury away from Ginn hurt now if you add the Cleveland Browns now playoff tickets will NASA as flat out reckless and a bit ago that irresponsible I'm responsible for the patriots your practice of the browser and I. Golfers who finished behind after yesterday's should feel like. Sad. That your professional golfer you lost to a basketball guy. I mean look up loves golf okay about how many rounds he's plane over the course of the year I don't know how much time he has to work on this game. I know he's very skilled I know he's very good. He shoots a much better round and I would go out and shoot right now but. Nevertheless. Your he's not a pro golfer you are pro golfer and if you're on the Web.Com tour and you're trying to get to the PGA tour. Probably fallen behind have Korea's probably not the best way to go about. He has a little lame apart UK you'd be bust of hers especially. When the fact that more people watching him that you would know come bother me too. Lowland and don't let us earlier in the show but name largest transfer to EST from Barcelona for a record 263. Million dollars the player in any sport you pay record money to acquire is. Blank this has had to be active. I'll make an active players active players are good for. I love. Will pay for Kevin Durant I would Kevin Durant. I would go with LeBron James to. I just think LeBron is so marketable I think your return value is still going to be high for the next. You know three to four NBA seasons but this bill this whole thing is different though I mean people talk about named mark. And it's 263 million just to transfer and then it's 475. It billion million yeah a pagan. So in all in total. Well over 700. Million dollars to get this guy nah I can imagine waking them each and every day Norman get a million dollars a day. For seven days week. That's why a lot of things I would do for a million dollars today I mean honestly man like what what else I mean. It's over. If you get ever talk about work you know Cash Money Records I mean so weak you bijur wrapper to one and 63 million what do you buy with 475. Million. Isn't. I don't know fight not a draft Polly a fighter jet that I thought she. Will you release it a flu a fleet of giraffes by the turn is actually how lower. Of giraffe school official tower of dread every day ago I learned something that Amanda and get this information anywhere else they'll match like that but at the but the next Aaron Rodgers TV all of his own interviews it is. Slight change strange. Really really strange no not not snack and you watched your show right you don't watch yourself when you you don't know. Yeah I had this you get matter seed ballplayers watched tape they depart the department flaws in the to correct the ball not just like but he says he wants to make sure that his quotes are not being its economic writer sometimes you may say something and make from the wrong way I've been there done that social does get a check yourself so you don't like yourself. Home drop marked. Now it's strange your quarterback your air Rogers you're one of the best in the NFL you don't have to go back and watch your tape. I can't remember a time to have watched Aaron Rodgers been like whoa really controversial figure here he's really gone crazy why applaud effort at least say hey man I know on the face of the franchise. I have to make Sharaud. Projected right image and ups and right things I supporter as the little old narcissistic sure but it's Iran's. Look at the arguably. They'll almost ripped it Chauncey Billups had to teach Darko Milicic had a shower when he got to the India and off the weirdest thing one of your teammates had to teach you was. Blanked. Our Wallace aggressive ya know on talk you ought to Wear socks oh no my mom did I has rebelled against it. I don't know I don't know if I'd known. My teammates really taught me anything you like I wasn't like. I knew how to shower when I showed up to use he'll. Com and yeah I mean maybe where buildings were on campus I think that was that was maybe one of things that may have my teammates stop me but I mean that's like oh I did have a story when I was a rookie. My college quarterback. We drink yellow tails Obama got to the league I thought yellow tail was high price wanted. And Latin LaMarr first outing with the football team. Aus I hope give me give me your your your your best bodily delta and its cable wing nuts and I was offended I'm like this is good stuff. And one of the guys I play which are made him who was the center at the time looked at me it was like pro you can buy yell till 7-Eleven is not high priced stuff. And cows like I had never I didn't know anything about the warrant for the marijuana was what mark quarterback figured he was drinking a best object in the best. I it took so I got the early lead to realize double tells not the best you'll wind comes or no but I noted different drink good wine and bad one now so I guess I did learn something. I of their ego that it deals for us that's it. That's what I can do like two hours of film won an accident or just what you wanna come up for more what more for the next are that be great demo version. Every remember you just mentioned are Camilla tech 32 years of age he's one of the most notorious bust in NBA history. And yet he still has found success as a former. City exclusive interview on east sixty coming up this Sunday 9 AM eastern time on ESPN and the ESPN. App. Well prewar halfway through another baseball season and we're really seeing some players who stand out as winners I don't like business travelers to win a business by staying liking to it in and sweet that's because you can import your liking their returns loyalty points to work on the spot with instant free nights just drive up with no reservation at instantly redeem points for a free night that same night simply by using electing to actually getting a Grand Slam with a -- instead of a bat well played better when a business by learning more about instant free nights and check out the summer rates at LQ dot com. OK Kevin the grand prize of one million dollars what color he is the White House. No vision of this enormous. And far and second oath. Switching to Geico continue bunch of money and car insurance. Judges. That's true given. Do they Jens yard. No oil. A great tweaks that have come and willing or. Of this one for release. What we be naming your draft. Don't know I think you have to name singers and rappers so mood rouge rapper Hoosier go to. Probably a name big east of content that's his one and hopefully. Pretty much a practice but this one Willie Cologne we should I'll circle and you will lead the draft whisperer Cologne. Makes cents. Is it's at two groups that to you get that on the ruby you get a before the in the wake of the problem. He's got nothing to do this we can do is on Al civil with that all welcome end Jeff Darlington is joining us our NFL insider here in studio on Mike and Mike funniest and radio ESPN two. Drive the rest of insurance driver mechanized. What would you give you the most revealing him. Good dogs that are. Achilles goes back to exotic pets are flying objects you know he set a fighter jet and he only don't argue that that's always regarded have a dog but somehow I'd want a huge leap right into an exotic pet DeBoer exotic pet that. Like Jim bit of a much older. About B like Ross from friends. They had a related problem so again I didn't really thought Rubin and Hewlett I just. It's just direction on that. All right we we joked and we said okay well Jeff comes on we're going to be obvious are about right it will. Retirement on Kapanen will be matched inject color and it quarterbacks need to mention maybe it's RG three to scrutinize the bill and Hillary Rex Grossman about this one from Rodney Ella on Twitter at Mike and Mike of course you always tweet to show at Mike and Mike. On the 1800 flowers Twitter feed. Is Tim Tebow no longer a lot for any team that Britney golf ahead of how to get brought up by somebody I know we still went there I thought it was a baseball player does not always parties there. They were Ortiz met Marty's America at this crucial audience into the EU did Tim Tebow on the first went to TiVo's Osce to try to give a football team look at sort of weighs in on the longer football player so I think that's why take it out of the equation. If he isn't even acknowledge this and by the way our record make the connection out of this was 22 Eagles quarterback coach in Denver during a magical grandma. So say they you know it's a circle of life they'll start this the Virginia started is that somebody's waiting right now on your phone today you notice Tim Tebow. Are two notification yesterday and now reporting that. And to go after Bernard okay and I'm glad we can start news regular on this Friday I'd so where are we right now right tan he'll help. Situation complex situation. And all options still on the table the team really trying to take their time on this despite the fact that obviously the options are are. Everything from. Surgery season ending surgery to he'll be back on the field but it's it's it's more complicated than that because we're doing with. To go back to December partially tore. The ligament in his news now the MRI yesterday did not reveal any falters that's the good news it's not like. Absolutely you must have surgery right now. The problem with that sentiment is dark clouds things do you continue to try to play on an unstable me. Trying to make it through a full regular season or you ought to have surgery now knowing. That you'll then be out for the rest of the year. That's where they're at right now I wish I can tell you more but even the dolphins. I've been in contact panhandle have been in contact that gates beta two or having to simply reports now. Meant more. Yet this. Not more of the really good player that the and I feel that the dolphins know what they have now and more in terms of one of the best back up quarterbacks in the league. But we're 05 weeks removed from the start of the regular season so when you're one of the best backups in the league. That's obviously good prospect if you're and we gave your quarterback goes down need to rely on the next man up. But with five weeks left the question the dolphins now face is is he the best prospect to start the season for us. From my conversations. I know they liked more but they also questions reliability. It's not as if you injury prone. But you know last year it took a couple of huge shots that knocked him out of games does that mean that he is prone. To taking such it's in the future these questions are asked themselves and in the way against other options include their are some other options that I I would imagine. Were potentially going to talk about here we we were. We will but I wanna go back to some the or say about Bryant can help first before we go to some rules of options are obviously Cutler Kapanen and Rogen and probably an uptake innocent in a very short period of time. But you talk about ten hill last year and impartial care. The Nate the knee is obviously so once stable that in a non contact her old running he simply just checked up. And he got hurt again enough to fall to the ground enough to probably be an exact same situation I would imagine that he was. Back in December. Why didn't he get the surgery in the it with a partial to hair. Last year. And sure maybe he misses a couple weeks of the regular season but his knee would have been stabilized he would have been able to perform Matt Moore would have been more than capable to take them through weeks 12 with three potentially this NFL season to get him back out on the football field how much of a mistake was that by ten health. And for the dolphins. Until they keep it. That's obviously where we wanna go with that in my head idea to and I and I have a good grasp of everything that's gone on since December. And I hate the idea of questioning people when they're the ones. Getting the advice from the doctors who were seeing the inside of me. But I can tell you as a matter of fact right intent hill was told by multiple doctors that he is me. Wasn't at no greater risk for more damage. Then it would have been. Before you injured in December. I don't look at this obviously and say that's hard for me to believe now because very few days ago. I can't call that a coincidence. Yet did you hear the button that would. Overall death dead wrong I mean how can you say not. It's not more likely to get injured and we see him coming training camp yes it I'm going to snap of the game and and I started out as. On onshore and Tamils had these cringing at the same conversation like I'd thought I was OK let I was told that I was okay and this really does bring back some really. That memories of covering Robert -- from the third through his knee situation. When James Andrews the most renowned doctor. When it comes to knee surgeries in the world is standing on the sideline. Telling the head coach of the Redskins. You know. He's OK to play right a new book and now we took away from that back in the day. This is tricky one because even Andrews a guy who's so renowned is opts to look at and Ian Baker a decision. And every decision is great nothing is black and white when it comes to these new situations. I don't envy the decision the dolphins face I didn't and it then and I certainly don't India now. We talk about options one of the names that Campbell was Jay Cutler few walks on the field for Miami Dolphins is he the starter right. Just today than that and that's where this thing stands I've been told the Jay Cutler disinterested in delaying his TV broadcast deal to go back to play for days it's not like. They're performing arts are on Twitter when I was reporting to publish stuff before our economy how dare he demands starting money go earn it and it's like. Stickers from you know human element here in and realize that he's got a priest read Gigot fox right now. And if he's going to return to the field he doesn't wanna do or to back up Matt Moore he wants to know that is going to be that. If you sign a disease is the signing for the future does that put him go outside now it's I would imagine that you're one of those Ryan Fitzpatrick specials. This a couple of them again this totally just speculated about like. Just like a one year deal worth twelve million and I mean that's our money and it's not. Franchise quarterback are but like does that get them out of the Booth. You know. Premier would allow me to abide perhaps Japan's new video yet they don't you go about talent what would you name it and that's probably. I feel like whoa what did you say it's got to be a rapper or articulate the route yes when skinny white guy a Landry that you have ultimate safety Ed Markey named Oguchi Churchill like you to go to design today got something right button but he if he can mean added I'm not gonna judge imposed a cardinals will be involved. Out of him or turn off the market sort of talk about what it's propellant to deploy to taper color to be cornerback but it's true like you can't just expected to lead this sweet little dig that he's he's somehow managed. It to go backup quarterback has but he's in shape has been practicing do we know has colored and anything he isn't doesn't matter. Much is given some sticks in the animals are nonsmokers and sentenced Lauren damages in smoking Jay Cutler be OK look. And 4050 like in people wanna go down this road atlases which is difficult jeopardy thing out there now to let's talk about it like. People wanna say hi Pepperidge clearly better than Cutler and like I get the criticism for Cutler I get the support for cap predict but we cannot. Just ignore the fact that Jay Cutler is tumor years removed from the best year of his career. Under the tutelage. Of out of days that coach the Miami Dolphins but those two have a relationship. They Jason is able to get this guy. From eighteen interceptions one year to. Down to eleven. Did the board of the most efficient seasons of his career that to me just makes too much sense if did you opt for surgery. Aren't you also were about Ambien and unlock and who's supposedly just lock arms tight in you know Jay college doesn't have a reputation of being a locker room yeah. This is team that arrows don't know what to the playoffs last year he should go back this year bright can this guy common you know and possibly into rough was going on in Miami right now. I'd give gays the benefit of the doubt in that regard you so good with the locker room yeah I mean he has he has come in. Quite honestly an empowered to ham hill in the way. That the ten hill didn't how before games doctor when Joseph Philbin essentially undermined. Ten hill's place not locker room so I think it. I just got engaged all the credible for what he did with Cutler in Chicago are in that same situation. And has concluded you'd not withstanding so I think the yet gays could make that work. All right I'm gonna play game with you here okay all right Tenet health best record for the dolphins this year if Tenet though is healthy able to be there and be able to play. I'm an X ten X Matt Moore. Lease Finland's you're 671 race you're seven and nine the tougher it's a problem. The tough schedule OK caller says. And 73 and that's. What. Five. Like I think there I think the public that reeks of like. Everybody's gonna underestimate it becomes in elected let's not only are we really going to be surprised by any story or at this point. Back in 2008 dolphins arms covering them for the Miami Herald. Chad Pennington they sign him in the middle training tipper risen to anything like it's gonna fall off and comes and reads and the only she's title that they've had decades. It capita. Last one I don't think that's. I'm just I'm just wondering your thoughts I mean if these guys come and and we talked about a playoff team from a year I would pretty obvious evidence on what they suddenly I mean OK so you're pretty ultimate hard to argue that the American rookie of the and now but that's that's I mean and that's fine and I'm putting unit in -- honestly don't have the schedule in front of you but my point is that so if you're looking at this you're saying okay cap predicted more are gonna give you seven enough register with more productive and then you just stay with more debt but then I bring to operatives as your backup right. Yeah I think like you could bring in operatives are back up you tampering Cutler your back correct. Right there I don't think I which is gonna take over it's in God's. I mean it's rather hard on him well if you had 263. Million dollars and and play our final battle in the stay out of it like we're sort and you read a comic view likable billionaire over night for 200. A three billion my eyes are running away with this. Our Jeff Darlington in studio us here on ES TN. Mike and Mike in the morning institute ESPN radio via in app he's going to be staying with a we're gonna get into the deal Elliott rents are about legitimate quarterback battle going on around the NFL. And injured off what do you make if you need your rams can't before we goatee too it is again at Mike and Mike. That will Cologne 66 are soft patch on Farnham will chill and where this. Hip hop partner. G. Toderat stayed out of a TVG's collapse. Wrapped up well. Well you like that for your giraffe you don't like that is a name for your drag out G wrap of the worst ever demoralized. Home isn't just a place. It's appealing. Whether you're at home to your business or online. HT helps keep you safe. With security system. Home automation yeah alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home. Where every. Putting needs. Get that feeling. It's time for straight talk -- you buy straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts show on foreign on the long side Willie Cologne. Jeff Darlington second segment with us here talking. And and it fell he's our NFL insider. He loves Rex Grossman hooked have you ever lost we continue to don't let us. For bugs that the yet you go ahead and tweet him as well that color Rex root out there don't hold on in the blue its its all good but anglos. All right. Texans quarterback situation what do you make out what's going on right now lot of great things being said about the Sean why has he already won the job. Is he the week one starter and there's no debate anymore. Well that's bill O'Brien's decision but did Shawn Watson from all the players I've spoken to but let's say three or 43. Or four. A spoken to a number of people with the Texans who loved to Shawn Watson he has won over the locker variety. They believe that he is the future of your organization it's a matter whether you delay the inevitable it feels to me the way that the Seattle Seahawks felt. About Russell Wilson midway through camp when they were like. That's our starter I know we're just paid Matt Flynn that. Eight million dollars a year but that's that's our franchise quarterback. I think that those Texans already recognize that Watson is different score and look what story at all. Shouldered kid that has to be an issue. You know you look at him and Kim Newton. When when their deal with their their respective our injuries and both seemed to be going down the same road in terms of they're trying to tell them back a little bit during treated yet to make sure. The ultimate goal here for both guys I respect this is week one let's just try to get them ready for week one and not worry about whether. They're ready for. Are we to the pre season. Yeah we warned you mentioned. We we teased on overtime Nazr you'll it would get to him a second but a more importantly last year as a rookie he's at the league on fire. From his ability to run the football didn't catch the ball a lot out of the backfield. What rookie running back do you think has the best chance to put on a show this year force whether it's running or Pass Christian McCaffery log for net who is it that stands out to you that you think could have a huge impact that this. Really good year for running got rookie running backs because I was actually in that Joseph Nixon yep I mean that the Bengals are so deeply deposition. But Nixon is the home run hitter when you look. At what they have in Cincinnati and as much as she'll be splitting reps of two other guys. Before long he's going to be dependable of those carries I think he has the potential to be. The biggest home run hitter McCaffery it's going to be fun to watch. I'm gonna do it that precedes him on Wednesday it'll be a traditional Washington. Person account for some was like why would you wanna go to that the Texans Panthers pre season game I'm like we're going of the Watson McCaffrey should aren't that's going to be. Pretty far and experience to see those two guys. Get their debuts but and then Leonard four and gotten three good guys but I think Nixon has the most potential to be that sort of offensive. Rookie of the year Hitler. Mr. Joseph mix and officer's anatomy is gonna stay in in north was to promote the quarterback position in Cleveland Browns. We're just normal that in the green room over about sports and or who knows if I thought I mean seriously like. I I didn't look at that situation and and I mean I just hope to show on ties or gets enough time to be groomed the way that he needs to be. I was at his pro day at Notre Dame and I don't remember senior quarterback. Out of college look. Like such a pro and that the throws I mean are so beautiful just spin it. In a way that told quarterbacks in college customer outside of the rainbows where you just the it's on a rope and I had the fear there is like. You're gonna see him in practice and be like let's get back and feel he's ready you know. But he's that you need some time and I think he'll get that would hue Jackson that can be patient with them than who's disorder. Rock. Global iron about thirty seconds at Zeke Elliott well when do we expect. To hear anything about a mansion obviously Jerry Jones Conan the whole thing this week in Berlin. Well it's funny because Jerry Jones has been frustrated with the timetable that the NFL has placed on this continued investigation and believes that Ezekiel Elliott should be exonerated. Now I think that you'd prefer just a couple more days once they get for his big celebration golf fan and I do anticipate is coming down the line. Once they get through this weekend with the whole fame weekend. They're gonna have to make a decision because ultimately it's usually it's no status as you can upwards. I Jeff Darlington are NFL insider join us here on Mike and Mike we appreciate you guys join us for not just one but for two segments it was a lovely time.