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Hour 1: NFL Preseason

Aug 10, 2017|

Greeny & Golic talk about NFL preseason and the promising starts by Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson. Then the guys speak more about the Mayweather/McGregor fight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten oil synthetics with fewer plus technology makes this the time for performance winter is here. But with cold start protection an excellent performance an extreme temperatures Pennzoil synthetic keep your engine purring. So we'll know winter is here isn't as ominous as it sounds. Visit Pennzoil dot com and make the rich today. Are we are back in better than ever I get my presented by progressive insurance our guests. I'm a shell Pennzoil performance I don't we football to watch last night. And a couple of high profile rookies getting their feet wet for two teams we think could be pretty good plus. We got the final major championship of the golf here on the tee this morning as well and my favorite entertainment story of the year bar none was in my timeline when I woke up today you're going to love it too big Fella how we deal well dual while got to watch a little football last night certainly got its start last week with. The cowboys and cardinals and hall of fame game the game I was part of so many years ago didn't play I I'd I that was heard at that point put. But got through that whole venue and all but dock here we go boards more games tonight a rare Wednesday night game. And it was it was fun to watch it was fun to have and I. And I talked a lot about yesterday guys at the back of the roster this was fun to watch guys at the top of the rock are hoping to be the top guys and in Christian McCaffery for Carolina the running back and DeShawn walked to the quarterback for used to end and while we're gonna get into that I I quickly want to note there was a great story last night and and it I'm gonna put this over the football. David quiz and they're all yeah that's third day course David Kuo isn't very good offensive tackle. And I remember watching him in the Senior Bowl 2013. That year after that that season. And it really liked about let electorate from San Jose state it was a from a Biggs the college good looking kid good sized kid. Anyway ended up from San Jose state and that going and had a good good senior ball and I'm going in the sixth round of the Houston Texans. That first year Costa because of foot injury but he hasn't played didn't play that three years after that. Who's who's battling cancer. For those three years you've missed his first you're the foot injury in the next three years battling cancer. And the tactics kept them rather would wave what he could rivers bring him back non football injury list last night. He play last night was his first game in four years the first time you'll be able played football he finishes chemo this past April. Got involved in all the offseason. Activities. This is the first time back on the field his his family surprised him in going there he said he got pretty emotional when he when he saw that. The players had nothing but praise for this guy. And so to me I I put that is the top of this because whether it makes it Jimmer not Woolsey. But for that battle that fight to be back on the field what do laws to do but going through what he went through an agency said all my teammates saw what I went through from the keep Mo to lose in my hair to losing weight to gaining it back in and the battle to get back on the field like to be at the best story of last night that David Europe got back on the field. You know organ anatomy and things are far more important in the temple there is plenty to get to essar with the football although we will do that sucks for the Dodgers win again. They beat the Diamondbacks. They win their eightieth game. In just 113. Tries this season up the quickest they've ever reach that mark in franchise history about this as well that this may be even more impressive they trailed two to one in the game. And they won the game so they moved to 34 and 33 in games they've trailed at any point. With a win percentage of 507. There it's better than eighteen teams have overall the last team to finish with a winning record in games they trailed at any point. Was in 98 yankees they were in fifty and 48 so. They're doing it when they believe they're coming back when they don't have the lead there are just absolutely on fire at H top Zimmerman drove in five last night. Minutes and one win over the Marlins and he now. Zoellick is the franchise's all time leader broke Tyler Tim Wallach to take over sole possession of first place on the nationals Expos all time RBIs list. I've certainly gonna continue to climb up the ranks he's the leader for the nationals and Expos in home runs and RBIs and doubles as well. He becomes one of three active players who is it franchise's all time leader in home runs and RBIs Evan Longoria with a raised. And Giancarlo Stanton with the Marlins. But you know the nationals and Expos franchise but or a little longer they've existed for 49 years. Marlins and rays aids existed for a combined. 45 years that's in danger signals that there at that the players that are the greatest in the in the categories. In the history of their respect. I had time. All right to golf begins today there you go championship so let's go to Jordan speaking as one chance and one chance only. To become the youngest player ever to win the Triple Crown first you'd be six in the sixth in men's golfer in history to win the career ladder to have occurred around I said Triple Crown you right yeah Angeles Gregg I grant rare Grand Slam that I can't even say at this point. Which is obviously each of the majors at least once. He is twenty four years old and just seventeen days the youngest now is tiger awards. Who is a little over 24 and a half years old. So all that that's what he's shooting for right now says shockingly copies not the favorite Rory McIlroy who plays well well hollow Barack favorite. In this seven of one Jordan's feet is a two on all of a all the regulars who think you know the Dustin Johnson Rickie Fowler's Jason days are are in that group as well but it's Rory. As the favorite but beat looking to make that young history by Mickelson plays very well on this course as well we'll talk to Andy North about it. Off the top of the next hour but by the time they get to the next PGA Adobe told me I'd be older than tiger so this isn't one shot out to be the youngest I'm. How hard David Bryant is back Mike he's cleared to practice and play in the pre season it's a conditional out reinstate him to have to believe. If everything goes well he'll be on the field for the Steelers week Baltimore drug violations or is not all of the whole year was actually told to get off the practice field with the Kennedy camp couldn't practice. With that team. But he's done everything the league has asked so now as is greeted said the league has said okay. You can practice in the pre season you can play in the preceding games you're not clear to play in the regular seeking yet but I agree with you. I'd imagine if if he keeps all the way he's going that he is going to be a lot of and it let me die that's a big weapon for them to get the event toward her brow we know that but that would be a nice weapon for them and get back on the field. If he can keep you know keep doing what he's doing aisle absolutely that that. You put him back in that unit and they missed it last year with Antonio Brown with lay beyond bell with a healthy band and that's always a question markers of all the hits that he takes. But there's a reason I think they shouldn't be as good as any offense. In the day and a half of the game last night let's pause on that thought here make it off the top of what everybody's talking about brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts better parts. Better prices everyday because I wanna get into this game. Because as our body marks worth always said these games don't count but they matter right. And I know that you always watch him for understandable reasons you were tenth round draft pick right you watch the late in these games to see all these guys battling to make rosters. For most of us what's really interesting our quarterback battles and there are some of them around the league and one of them is in Houston. Where Tom savage got the start last night and was pretty good and then to Shawn Watson came in and I thought was very good. And that is going to be an interesting to watch all the way through the next month as I said all along I thought to Sean watts and I would have taken him the first quarterback not just because I think he would play early but I I just trust him and I would trust him. Going forward as as well. First time ever listen nine of eleven out of 69 yards or you know wasn't. Rip in the balled on the field but. And and you were certainly under pressure especially early in the game that align our for the attack and struggle a little bit with protection and youth dodging some bullets back here. But he certainly did fine and then to Shawn Watson came in and I tell you what I love the way they started the game with them roll up. First play well half roll out basically no thinking involved pitcher feet wet. Move a little bit with your legs if you get quick pressure you can dump the ball if not usually have one of those dragging receivers coming over the top that usually wide open either mid ranger short. He hit the short review a receiver. Easy completion no problem at all. So I really like the way they started that. Second play looked like a rookie second play was a seam route up the middle he he knew the safety was coming out on the play any overthrew it all a wide open receiver. Third play he did a nice job a pocket collapse around him he he rolled out to the right hit a receiver the receiver had stepped out of bounds in comeback imbalance that was incomplete but. He was as advertised and what I saw in college he doesn't get rattled. He smoothie hung in the pocket even when it was collapsing a bit and then and and waited through to get out until he needed to get out he didn't have fancy feet had a nice touchdown run we know we can move. So I'd like ended up or fifteen or 25 so that 60% completion the best thing about all of that the absolute positive best thing. Is today yesterday. He now has tape to watch and then all the little things that you don't see when you're watching the game on TV that he in the coaching staff will be at the breakdown. What we look at that why did you look here why did you throw here he had an open guy why sought so why overthrow was that the safety did you get spooked by him. What are the reasons that you did what you did that's the great learning curve for him right now is he now has tape to go over I think that's one of the most important thing. Well look I have to believe that if bill O'Brien in his heart of hearts would love to see him win this job yeah and if you look at that the lack of quarterback consistency that the Texans have had. Under O'Brien you notice that they've had eight different starting quarterbacks under O'Brien get going back to only 2014. The most in the league in that time. And you would think that means well that Babbitt in the playoffs every year they have a mimic the playoffs every single year win a bad division every year. Without any stability and all the quarterback position of Watson wins his job will be the ninth different starting quarterback in three seasons and won game. And yet it feels like they've got a championship caliber team right around him to to try do that Iran rookie. Would be something else but it might be their best analysts say because some of his throws were were bad throat you know that he he would that they are the critical part of his game sometimes that mid range or longer pass and some were were they were flat out ugly amended figures were near the receiver so that's another thing you see on tape saw that he's going to see on paper that it kind of followed him. Off from college so there're certainly a lot of work to do if you're gonna sit here and ask me giddy when the starting job last summer saying no woman to say you saw what you saw him. He can move he doesn't it rattled he can make plays but he also has some inaccuracies as well that he has to work for Japanese got three more weeks to try and win your job. I think he showed you the signs of what it is that make people excited about him is use all of that. On display last night and if you look like a rookie if he is a rookie playing in his first pre season game it would make sense that you would look like a road. We're without a doubt they'd be the interesting thing on the other side to me or Christian McCaffrey's it'd have one catch. This is a guy you keep talking about how how much was it over on the Internet when he went one on one in practice against Lou keep playwright and caught it duke Durham and all that are all my got him out of the backfield catching the ball. You have one catch us on seven carries 33 yards tucked in behind nicely are showing a little bit later tucked in behind some alignment does a nice job of that. In between the lines going outside you'd laws they have some moves to try juke a little bit. But I think he also found out our last night that some of those troops don't work as well at this level. You know you have better athletes here and some of the moves that sprung you lose in college. Aren't going to work here but I thought he did a nice job there will be questions about him. Kenny go between the tackles if he has to Andy as I said he talked it nicely behind some of his alignment to get some yards he's good looking kid. Run the ball why haven't some moos has the speed to turn the corner and does have a good start stop arm that we'll see what Carolina is going to be when cam comes back right at. Now that there. I'm not sure exactly what point you start to worry about that but it feels like very soon list of what we start to worry them don't and Andrew Luck right I mean tour you're top quarterbacks young quarterbacks in the league these guys that shoulder issues throwing shoulder issues at a young age gap. You're you're absolutely right when you start to us are to raise an eyebrow little let's circle back however for the moment to what we saw from the Shawn Watson last night our friend Louis Riddick. Was watching closely. Bill O'Brien for the ball forward Shawn Watson was home plate vital to bet that you know he might go with them for the game and said look these are things that you do well. These things I know that your comfortable with based on what you didn't college this which you've looked good that so far in camp where he gets you hot right out of the gate. For me do they move the pocket play action group give him on the program let him run a little bit but in concentrate on half the field and that is what would the thing that he really excelled at a Clemson. Then when things broke down a few times you solve very good pocket awareness what are the things that you didn't see with RG three. As his career start its progress and and go downhill pocket awareness something he really really struggle with the shots that tonight when he had to operate from the pocket. He stood in their toss it in their strong was not afraid of the rush kept his eyes down the field and put some balls on the money here. It starts at the end of that third quarter where they have significantly larger and fifteen play drive that ended in his fifteen yard scramble their for the touchdown. Tremendous poise all the things that few saw coming out of Clemson that we all lot of war right also this is what he is he showed tonight which is exactly how you wanted to start off. Completely agree I mean could you wanna see you would expect a rookie their first time in the NFL there's going to be some jitters Heidi handle. The lights and and I completely agree and I said it earlier is they did a great job of putting him in position to be comfortable with his plays early on. Knowing what he can do and putting in a position to do those things as I said some bad throws and your work through that nobody is perfect no doubt about it. But I do like the wages is Lewis said that he stored in the pocket when he needed to he took some hits he didn't bail right away those of the things. Outside of the statue look for you look for the the big word is poised to the app happy feet especially a guy. That can use his legs to do some damage as you saw on the fifteen yard touchdown run does he rely on it too much does he bail out of the pockets a collapsing too soon he hung in there he took some hits to make some throws down the field so to me he was as advertised both on the good side and where his deficiencies are as while we saw that I think that. It also is a testament to the value of a guy who's just played that much in college completely agree he comes into the NFL so much more ready at least to do backed up. Then the other guys well when you seat Robiskie gets thrown out there with his thirteen games of experience. And if and when we see some of the other young guys in there. I'm my homes and and on high earn and others and we've seen it go going back to Mark Sanchez these guys who did not play a lot in college it it. It sounds obvious to say now but all experience matters and so he's a lot more ready to go. And a lot of these other guys probably will look in their first cast Mike in my presented by progressive insurance. You can test drive snapshot to see how much you could save before switching to progressive visit Slash snapshot tons and tons more football. That would get you coming up shortly I find myself interstate. In this story I find myself. Probably disproportionately. Interested in this Mayweather McGregor fight. I I'm almost embarrassed to. You're in a quiet so well I get a lot of people are gonna buy up it doesn't mean they're already thinking about it now it doesn't mean that any time anything flashes on their time like about it immediately go to it. I find myself intrigued by. This entire thing in spite of myself in spite of my understanding that it makes me a soccer and a boob I am Gil. Incredibly interest at an here's an actual sports part of the story. They're fighting in the state of Nevada and the Nevada State Athletic Commission well at least entertain. The possibility of letting Mayweather McGregor where lighter boxing gloves in their highly anticipated fight later this month in Vegas. The executive director of the the athletic commission. Confirmed to ESPN yesterday. Both fighters have submitted official requests to where eight ounce gloves for their fight on August 26. Bernard at a regulations any fight contested above the weight of 14747. Pounds after used chemical and outlines. This one is going to be at 154. So they would have to Wear ten ounce gloves they have both petitioned to wanna Wear lighter gloves. Here's a quote both camps have submitted a waiver. By the date we requested the commission will hear both camps reasoning as to why should deviate from its regulations the chairman will then lead a conversation to blah blah blah. Arguments in favor of smaller clubs will have to be weighed against potential concerns regarding health and safety which is the utmost importance to this commission so what do you make. Well what I make of it first I understand the rule collider guys you can use smaller because the bigger you get the heart of the punches you don't want a smaller bunkers you're talking about health spirited him ahead. An awful lot with a smaller club. And I'm sure McGregor I devoured their power to start and I'll say all right your sport of boxing but use my gloves and other men are born on my or not you would've loved I think there are three or four ounces or four ounces. In in anime so I'm sure you log back so. There's no doubt he would want a smaller vote to make you feel the punch more. And you know it is far as may want to listen I I'm not a boxing aficionado a few shouted to no aficionado thank you to know all the ins and outs of this but. I do at all you know a glove too much is heavier in each hand over twelve rounds you know can it it's not too loud to may not sound like a lot. But it is more your hold up you know for all that time and and I'm sure you'd like to feel that the the punch as well even though Mayweather is not known as they knocked out guy. You know he has talked about being more aggressive in this fight and he I'm sure he believes because he's going against a guy is not a professional boxer by trade. That he may have more openings and he wants his punches the landed punches to to feel like I've I just can't get down a completely understand from McGregor side of it completely. You know I'd I'd may need may need a little more of a professional in that sport to let me know why. Mayweather would say OK yeah although smaller rather as well I'm just kind of guessing there. I'm still picturing Apollo creed in rocky one reason not even paying attention his manager saying he doesn't know it's a damn surely after today and fight. Everything that Mayweather does I can't make up my mind whether it is actually for the the competition or mr. somebody's trying to used to sell I substituted every story telling this. Is Floyd saying he'll Wear lighter gloves. So that the world will say who they want one punch and you never know I mean this is a light or glove that he's used to one punching and Everett held up and is he actually soak confident. That is our friend Max Kellerman who has forgotten more about boxing and I'll ever know. Max says. If Mayweather doesn't want McGregor to hit him once he won't I can't hit and that that's hard to believe but hey you know it's nice that are right right right if if it is indeed the case that Mayweather is so convinced of that may not even the least bit worried about it and put owner won't pull it because you were in this for tour stop Mayweather actually said he where the four ounce gloves. That had a I don't know would that be a Smart move but right he said he where the four onslaught that they were in MM yeah yeah they set a lot of remember those and if you see those laws that you know the fingers are kind of open on that note that the four ounce padding on the glove. Yet they did say a lot in those restaurants to try and sell the same but up. Yeah I mean I can have to see if from McGregor side note out of big that they let can't leave him asking this but you do they let them do what I mean this is this is like it it's not. It's a boxing matches it was being a officially sanctioned by his commission. But if it's just a pure Schroeder's era and do what they want right I don't think I don't think the boxing commissions. Decision is gonna weigh it's not like a lawyer tells the Islamabad and that's like I don't think I don't know why Harry and I go I'd I'd. I don't know what day I die I don't know will they because obviously if you. And another thing I don't know is this requested a lot is this is this something that's done a number of times do. Other fighters requested the eight ounce goes over the ten ounce when their heavier that I don't know because of it doesn't happen a lot. You know and that's something we can obviously find out you know is it is it something that the boxing commission doesn't wanna start doing because that they asked to do it than then. Other groups will duel but maybe it is Ottawa again I don't know maybe it's got a lot and they turn it down a lot. Don't go that that's part of the story that I don't really know. I just read through the rest of the story there is no mention of of what rise to somebody that is commonplace are not one way or another we'll see I we're just getting started Mike Mike presented by. Progressive insurance great guest list today shell Pennzoil performance that we got Andy North. Live from quail hollow as we get set for the PGA championship we got Brian Billick talking football today and Damien Woody general buddy Michael Irvin and others. And coming up one team with Super Bowl operations. May be trying to trade for quarterback. Right now. Well prewar halfway through another baseball season and we're really seeing some players who stand out as winners don't like business travelers -- win it business by staying at liking to it inns and suites that because you can import your liking their returns loyalty points to work on the spot with instant free nights just drive up with no reservation at instantly redeem points for a free night that same night simply by using electing to actually hitting a Grand Slam with a map instead of a bat well played better when a business by learning more about instant free nights and check out this summer rates at LQ dot com. Guys don't really talk about any her friend despite that in 91% of don't mental care users recommend and here's what they said it blocks the yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. Sosa as a regular basis though. Let's if I don't it's hard is quite masculine. You man's arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym it's kind of like you're damn farm best guest dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept. Not on skin you got Jordan. Yeah Rory. Got somebody else feel like. Mahan Dustin Johnson started off the year so well just kind of giddy filled on a flood shares are down. That was the end of that. Yeah I you know what I height of Jordan's playing for our debt immortality I mean of of the group always say that nobody. Nobody Kim Kim we don't think can match what tiger did for that decade or so well you know here's a guy that can have a better star. As far as our youngest to getting all the majors and so I I'd like to see that guitar and I always like we knew things are done like that so willfully why I don't want them to. Had a fifth major I know that they're moving the PGA championship. Two may and I understand the thinking behind that that I think is really being driven more than anything by a desire. To grow their FedEx Cup right the thing that they do it yet I I feel the need to explain that is I think a lot of casual fans don't even know what you're at that exists just. But it sort of fair version of the chase they tried to model it on NASCAR's chase for the championship which has been such an enormous success for them. With golf I think people focus so until they gonna move I think up into August 2 doesn't compete with football which in and of itself I think is a sensible thing to do. But I don't think it's gonna make people excited about that none at all I've listened your different than being golf I'm I am more I like it more than a casual fan but I am not really interested in the FedEx Cup. No I'm not as a relatively either too much for me at all mean either I'm I'm not anymore necessarily interested in those events than many others I'll watch if it's on right but I watched the majors much more for it to the majors in the Ryder Cup or what most people really aren't you right when it comes to golf so that they're the conversation is bin. Do they add a fifth major do they make the players. Championship a major they've they've people if sort of called it the fifth major for a long time they actually make it a major. And the concern with that is if there was all the records are not really got away I don't know why you would do that I just trying to bring a little more otherwise you're looking at us at and orders barrier major championships are going to be played over three month period right and then you've got nine months of the year where you don't have any of that and non Ryder Cup your people will just go go away or so that I guess is the concern I anyway it will talk to Andy North about it a little bit. Some Twitter reaction Twitter feed a lot of people pointing out to us Mike. Including this one from James Mayweather has fought at 147 always use those so he's accustomed to those that loves ya. Throughout his career yup so that it would not be unusual for him it might actually be more comfortable wrote what he used to doing forehand a Bob treat that as the reason it doesn't care about the size of the gloves is because he's not gonna get hit don't you understand. Okay about things did he champ is not gonna get hit I don't know that's ridiculous to me that's a ridiculous statement to say he will not get hit one time. Now what may be your definition ray hit hit hard you know a jarring hit you know whatever your definition to to to think that not that I mean. I know that that McGregor is not a professional boxer but he boxes as part of what he does sort of think he is not going to land a punch to me. Is ridiculous. I do think he's cardinal and a few punches in this thing will seek. One hour and other than century actions do to Shawn Watson's performance last night's CMA street statistician on. Still has some things to work on bodies better than savage big bite to eat at a traditional under the steel. Of the draft he was a first round them up or down picked I guess you could still call on that considering all the guys of one atom I certainly possible your wasn't wasn't the first quarterback pick but let us in the second steal in the middle of first round is is tough to sit. It off first round they're still expectations it's just a matter of when you realize those expectations so I don't know if I were I would go that far to it and it out Arnold Palmer to sit there and say. Right now insert him in there and he will lead the team better than Tom savage. Because. Give it a little more time I'm not making the decision after one game much to us by meanwhile. The Denver Broncos are the team that I was referring to MIT is as a team with Super Bowl aspirations. That may be trying to trade for quarterback. The quarterbacks on their roster include Trevor simian who started fourteen games for the last year pact and lynch. Who started to and then a couple of other rookies including Chet Kelly what a well known but of whom. Not much is expected certainly not this year. So there was a report that the Broncos were aggressively pursuing a trade. For AJ McCarron. Was he highly thought of back up in Cincinnati. Beat team through sources has disputed strongly denied that report. And has the story that I'm reading here says as they should even if it's true. So just have to wait and see how it plays out. But I guess the point is if you're Denver you're John Elway and you don't have confidence I don't know if that necessarily means you're admitting a mistake with pactel you know or just that. Everyone said when he was drafted is gonna take a long time now so maybe gonna one here is not long enough John Elway himself to greeted. Rumor of us being interest and anyone other than quarterbacks we have is another example that are responsible fake news. Which is the the second mr. George go to lines but let's say one way or another. What do you make of it here's the deal if if if in fact you destroyed your look and a bit of trading for and AJ McCarron who's a young quarterback. I think you're yeah I think I think they're you have to look at and say it was packs and lynch the right move to make. You know was that the guy. I'll keep repeating though you don't draft a guy even in the first round at quarterback. To be a star his first year in this case the second year you want them for the next decade but at some point. Do you who. Need to start seeing a return. You know if it's not even the first drive you can go on the second round electric Christian hack amber with the jets are like okay. You know I didn't hit him in the first which took the second door you know let's let's start to see won't we got here. You know you can't beat the field three to five year waiting period you know that it it doesn't happen it's it's a joke anymore you gotta. Either get going right away during that first year of not. By that second here you gotta have a little more command what's going on I I certainly had my thoughts and worries about excellence and I set him. When that draft was going on I would not have taken him. Thought in the first round. But Woolsey it but if you trade for a young quarterback you're not trading me you know for McCarron like you are for Jay Cutler for. Fil a this year coming no system in general roll from there but AJ McCarron you'll be saying well this could be our guy. And that your guy that means your first round pick is injured guys so that would be saying yeah have we we may have missed on. Or you may be saying I've got a Super Bowl caliber defense and Alito met someone someone right now took into a little better than what we have here will see okay. So that's one again journalist calling it fake news lets you want that happening. Elsewhere in another quarterback note there was a story earlier this week that I think. The most important piece of it. Was overlooked and that is. We saw an interview in which Johnny Mann Zell said that he's considering coming back or that he would be adjusted and coming back as a coach coming back and coach college coach probably on the college level. And unspoken and then I guess is. All these quarterback conversations all these openings all these teams. All the discussion about Miami needing a quarterback and where will Colin cavern ago and his team and all that. His name doesn't even come out now that never never never even mentioned for a second and so that leads to the question. Is it over is it just done as is his is the notion of him coming back and playing in the NFL over which wouldn't surprise me and if it is. Do we have to start talking about. One of the great busts of all time for got to win the Heisman to be as highly touted as he was to be a first round pick and start only eight games now in a whole history of the NFL. And quarterbacks I should say drafted from 1990. Through the present time. They're only three quarterbacks drafted in the first round started fewer games and then man tell Jim drunken Miller only started one bright. Dan Maguire started five Andre ware started six. Partner in imagine Johnny mental started eight. By comparison JaMarcus Russell started 25 yeah it was the first pick in the draft who will Madani what one seconds yeah but but here's a guy who came in with. As much height forgetting where he was drafted he was a first round pick and as much hype as anybody's shoes is Jersey was outselling Tim Tebow jerseys. And he's gonna wind up starting eight games and go away and never be heard from again well. Listen I it would not surprise me because much like when Tim Tebow won the first round and Johnny and Mandela on the first try I I couldn't believe it as a lot of people couldn't put it only takes one team to make the move. But there are a lot of people that thought neither one of those guys should be first round picks anyway. God you know they would affect not just not first rounder but later in the draft picks. To me so then going and first round was it was ridiculous and it kind of bear itself out there. In all honesty now now. Tim Tebow was dealing with the fact that that he was struggling deposition no doubt about it that that was in the main thing and we know. What followed wherever Tim Tebow went. But you know he struggled at the position. And for John mentality struggle that the position and he's got all the offseason. Off the field issues going on a well as well. If these guys wanted to play in the after their position you need to show some. Okay because they didn't they both showed they struggled passing the ball so your position in my mind. You wanna play a mean Tim Tebow didn't wanna change positions certainly his right to appoint our reason baseball. But people were saying about him that people say it about men tell you wanna show you could pass play Canada. Would they throw the ball all the time. Go play there and others a two year thing they're written C which you can worker but it's a two year show he can throw the ball. You know you do showed you for joining men's W showed you don't throw it very well you show you have issues. Gobi somewhere where you could prove to throw the ball. I don't have any issues but he hasn't so who's taken that chance who's look at him and saying. Yeah. Last we saw him wasn't a whole lot he's not shown me anything okay. He's shown some video of him working out the sand somewhere that's not gonna make me sad now a team could do that. And because you don't it's it's no. Great loss if you're in a car you re not you're not that likely cost a lot of money. But again is he worth bringing what comes to town with him. He benefits for short time I I don't know why these guys truly want to say you know what I can play quarterback in the NFL. Right now nobody thinks that complain the NFL if you really want to go pro Canada. Bigger field. With the ball all boys -- you can throw and I bet you'd have a job in the NFL or at least a shock to have a job in the NFL if you go prove you can throw the ball. I wonder how many quarterbacks and I don't know this is some of the can be looked up quickly or not. Have been drafted in the first try to be completely out of the league this fast. Three years. Every season's. And he's completely out of the league and know his name and even come up no I mean not at all not at all cover it didn't even economy now like into all his main title in connection agreement coaching I didn't even think of him right. And then now all I said wait a minute at. He's a coach. By that I what happened or trying to be a quarterback it seems like everyone has just given up on that very notion. I would like my coming up next. We will analyze the fine line that separates stupid. From sensible notes item ever or micro peer support for Mike and Mike podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Few other trees to the Twitter feed Andrew tweets lack of interest in the FedEx Cup is because of football the end of baseball season. I would pay more attention in July and August I think that's what they're banking it certainly could but could play yes so we'll see if they do Chris tweet I've abet that in three years bears fans who wish they had drafted Watson what do you think my chances are to win listen I I said to Sean walked rewarded. My first quarterback taken in this draft so I I can I could see that I meanwhile let's let's wait and see which Robiskie does again just thirteen starts but he put good looking kid. Thrown the ball got an armed Florida everywhere. But I'm I. Look at the difference. Our of experience in college machine between two strong Watson. And Mitchell too risky obviously the bears think the ceiling is higher for Robiskie that's why they took Kim in where they can go that while we say. Let me let let let's pull the reins even after Shawn Watson starts. Don't everybody just automatically starts at all he should have been the number one guy take it. Let's see in two years in five years in seven years where these art that have you taken a number one quarterback for your take and for longevity and at. I yellow and so on street sat us. That's what alcohol and drugs will do it will ruin your career that refer knew Johnny Mandela got another stab here and a good job by Paul car getting this force quickly. Quarterbacks dating back to those drafted in 1990. There'll be four quarterbacks. Who were drafted in the first round early played into NFL seasons doesn't mean they wore on our roster necessarily but at. Actually only got into games in QNFL seasons and they are. Jim drunken Miller Todd or an image Cade McNown and Johnny man's out. I mean this. We don't look at it that way because. Perimeter sure why everything with him to sort of you know little different than a dozen everybody else but at some point we have to start putting it into context with him among the greatest boss has never been. Right right up there I mean who will be in the conversation I still think is JaMarcus Russell because he went number one now Russell started 25 game is mental started eight he did. Yeah Barbara went first demands public when he certainly understand there are complex but I guess in so many people. Obviously got blind about JaMarcus Russell his size was incredible. And I think he made his his career beating Notre Dame and a pool game that he was a ball game or just wasn't all just torched you lost a bet on him by the way all yeah we're announcing the LSU fight said. But. You know with with with a man Zell now now that's one again. It it's not shocking to me may be shocking and it is going to be completely out of football. And you know you'd. What issues you'd you'd ever foresee issues off the field. And we knew he was this fun loving guy that everybody loving college everybody loves what he was doing in college and then when he got that are pros and all of a sudden. You're here and saying yeah I didn't really study the playbook browser back a quarterback. You know it was flowers flied out to Vegas all those. Fun things in college all the sudden are so fun. When you have to be a pro and you're not doing them and these are the results let's make him on the field straight talk much of a straight talk wireless best phone's messed networks no contract do you believe we have seen the last of Johnny mental and football field. All I do yeah I remember the leg I don't think he's willing to go anywhere else to show we could throw the ball he's I think he may work out and just try and had these workout videos and show teams he's working again it won't cost you much to bring him and but I'll be honest I don't think it's happened I don't think it's happened. And that that's really remarkable forgot to be as highly touted as he was this talked about as he was his biggest stars he was. And while yes there were many you what their doubts about him as a pro including UN meet there were people who were saying he should have been the number one pick in the draft and I mean there are people who thought. He was going to be an NFL star Jerry Jones thought it was going to be an NFL IR who added he got talked out of that took an offensive line and a might be the best player in the whole league yeah. But but the point is there were people on that then without a doubt he came in where there's much fanfare as any player in recent NFL memory he did and into the season to get out of the league he was a show lethal it was a show because he was he was a personality as well. He was a kid it was a Kato had a ball in college played well at the college level everybody kind of love how we can I just went and did his own thing so yeah there was a whole lot of hype coming into it now. It is that that's that to show you what the difference or some of the big differences from collar to the NFL straight talk wireless nationwide average America's largest and most dependable four GL TE networks Gammon to save my stupid sensible thing for the top of the hour let me give you as promised. My favorite entertainment story of the year bar not bar none OK was it my time line this morning and you are going to love that guy. So I think I told you that I'm I saw Groundhog Day did the movie ground the classic movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. Has been turned into a Broadway musical and it's good not great but I good okay and my kids that would say certificate to see a few months ago. So that was a big story that I was reading yesterday. That two nights ago. Bill Murray went to see okay for the first time at obviously it's a huge deal the Bill Murray being currently jealousy Groundhog Day in. He did they were there were all sorts of stories about your tears in his eyes of one point anyone up on agent met all the actors are just great great vertical absolutely so that was a nice story I wake up this morning. Last night he went again. So. On consecutive days. He went to see Groundhog Day. How many days in a row do you think he'll do it for those of you know the plot of Groundhog Day out. It is that you do the same thing day after day after day until of course there were a million Twitter jokes they were going on about their eye on out there about Bill Murray going back the second night but how great would it play every just keeps going every night for awhile I think everybody gets the joke now they went back the second time I think he's done baby out how great data it is critical that that is that is a very cool that's a very Bill Murray asked thing I totally agree when I read I sat down this morning that the first thing I saw on opens what is this morning and I love that story. UN doesn't groundhog two nights ago. He went to see it again. I'm showing up tonight standing outside his Internet just to see if he walks into.