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Hour 4: Kenny Chesney

Aug 11, 2017|

Greeny & Golic chatted with Kenny Chesney who was in studio for the entire hour

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Did you hear that 91% of guys that used government less scary deeper and recommend that government cluster user Bobby says he doesn't know how it works but it gets the job done. Let's get enough for anybody. Pick up some new government plus carry deeper and for yourself at your local retailer. The movies he's not a bad deal might get my podcast we can subscribe now going to listen to happen. He asks yeah. Aston might get right. Care. Are we are back and better than ever my kid Mike presented by progressive insurance our guests on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And put the work mistreat people it's a football Friday. Rookie quarterback setting the world on fire. We'll talk about it plus Nick Saban responds to Josh Rosen and don't expect to seek Larry Irving traded anytime soon at least not as soon. As we thought those name on a jam packed Friday gullah are ready to do this all absolutely nicely to games last night's seven pre season games and we had just come off the game Wednesday night of Carolina. And Houston a couple of rookies and Shawn Watson. Locked in a Christian McCaffery talking about how well lots and played and I guess mr. riske took that Martin's. Okay do you play well armor try and won a bubble of one up him a bit and boy he sure did you know it's hilarious is that even the most educated of football fans. Will have this reaction we all know we all know these games don't really mean anything they don't count but they matter you wanna see good things. At its the first pre season game too risky in this case last night is going up against the reserves and a flag with three dollars. And yet we will react overwhelming if it looked terrible last night to crush we wanted to say do you see that should take out genre Watson and instead we're basically saying the bears have finally found the quarterback David looking for Simpson and while I'm not gonna go that far I absolutely understand your point because they'll be many people organist say. Well at ease up you know it was the third quarterback in where and and before half a nice two minute drill a nice second half organ and all the numbers and how we played in such. But it was against guys who won't be in the league are okay that's fine but all it can do is go up against guys who are up against. And he was fantastic he showed a lot of things he showed it is very limited time. In North Carolina with accuracy and completion and you know completions in a row which which will get into. That's all we can judge him on an important it would sort of crushed him if you air mailed some balls. There were gonna talk while bottom when he did well it is the competition will get better pill and go play against a you know that going through the pre season. Woolsey as you'll hear John Fox said the depth chart not changing. But all I can do is play these the plays he spoke to play. And let the chips fall where they may and he looked very very good light and for those of us whose job it is to react we have two options one. Is the reasonable common headed to right it's just the first pre season game reaction and the other is. I got this guy looks fantastic and personally. I vote for the life the top. Job Dodgers win again I again I feel like saying. That we shouldn't even bother mentioning anymore when they win it's only news when they lose the Dodgers are ridiculous they really are they haven't lost a series. Since their June 5 the seventh series against the national all of the other teams in the league have lost at least six series. Ever lost a series since the beginning. Of June and Yu Darvish you know covered the Timor has he done well he became the fourth pitcher in modern baseball history that since 19100. To have at least ten strikeouts in each of his first two starts with a team so. He gets traded over there. You wonder because you are struggling no doubt about that is leading up to this. And he has been money in his first you start to remember that or that Clayton Kershaw back and I really hope they're gonna need Kershaw you worth it and to win the World Series you know personal hasn't been great in the policies but imagine him coming back. Healthy with what they have right now which were picked out the Darvish thing he can't help but wonder if the weight of possibly being traded was on him his last start before he got guilty just fell apart completely. And now he's been as you mentioned my talent you're right I Jordan's been try to win some money in makes him history this weekend at quail hollow would did not start extraordinarily well. For him speak one over after one round of the PG and yet he's won over Rory McIlroy who's the favorite was in this turner was Rory was the the favored and that speech was next again we know it's been trying to do. Become the sixth player for the career. It hitting the crew and all the majors you could have been the youngest he will be the youngest if he's able to do it. But he made back to back birdies at 78 to go one over. Worry were finished he was never won an official event. After posting an opening round score over par it's Kevin was is accused her Kaiser I got an article by. Don't even know and and Thorpe Bjorn Olson. Olson Olson like what I don't want to draft kings. You're just. Yes and really needed someone to fit his the money slot into which you think it's really actually have him as part of my group on trapping goal posts here to go to 47 year old from Denmark Fargo international wins. Mrs. first leave following any round of any PGA tour. Are you made fourteen of foreigners were doing gang. Fourteen of fourteen putts. Inside ten feet you know and as a money this weekend Soledad AMOCO are passionately reset eradicate the top. Name right it's up the NBA has released its schedule for the opening night the opening weekend Christmas Day and there are very few surprises it's. Loaded with Golden State enclave dad as well it should be in this it's going to be. What the warriors and cavaliers army Christmas for the third straight year by the way. Christmas with LeBron in the family. Eleventh year now he'll replaying on Christmas Day care eleven and certainly that's what you do you know who went to the biggest are and where you play I regret what happened that you just send them it is our LeBron every or you know it's on the wherever your gonna be in or is apparently celebrates Christmas on a different and that's exactly right. And it's OK understood they got have to be good to have that out there ever been. Every once in a while I guess there at home right right back this year they go to Golden State has the warriors got the win and to the winner I. Speaking of basketball we'll have blow junior a little bit later this morning the knicks and the rockets are talking again about Carmelo talk again or really this is the only team Carlos and away the no trade clause for so it kind of puts in Mexico but a little bit of a box. We'll talk two wardrobe out this year need they need a third team involved to make all the money were knocking out. Or anybody were all that the job. The facts about that bottom line is that's were Carmelo months ago. That makes it a narrow narrow channel for the next to try to get something done I mean you're threading a needle there with him an unlikely carrier Irving thing where the cavaliers. Have a very odd I think a very read. Noble option of just keeping him the knicks dealt which is to say they could keep Carmelo but it really doesn't make any sense for them. I've never really thought it made any sense for him they can try and call his bluff and say look we don't have a deal here you can play another year on this young rebuilding team. Or give us another team or two year might be willing to our ground up a bit and I have no idea what is react automobile that'll go so we'll find out a cartel. It's an action headlined by Mitchell Drabinsky let's make that off the top presented by progressive insurance or they'll compare rates for years you get the best deal even if it's not. With progressive saving you time and money now that progressive call. Or click today you you used the expression the perfect storm earlier this week in relation to something else. And and I don't know why I mean it's obvious and not that I've never heard it before. But it is stuck in my head this week. And we've had a lot of those this week. And the one to Chicago last night was the ideal one to you've got Michael and and right who is the the highly paid for one year free agent quarterback to the bears bring in and the fans are completely unenthusiastic about it. You want to going up against one of the best defenses in football and Denver he throws a pick six. On the third play of the game up as an underpass and and wants all of the reserves come into the game Mitchell Drabinsky who the Bear's mortgage the future it's rated up to get. Winds are coming in setting the orders were on fire riske didn't go in second trip to rescuing a third mark says that bench as a way it went in second or so to rescue came in third. Into this game that was the perfect storm of circumstances for us to wake up this morning and say well obviously the clock is now ticking on the Mitchell Drabinsky era in Chicago but you know you do what you look at again. If you wanna look at the numbers in other that that's just fine the numbers were were great eighteen to 250160. Some yards and and that touchdown and a short touchdown pass as you rolling laughter Victor Cruz which which will break down a little bit. But it coincides with a bad outing by Glenn and who by the way. It was a quarterback in Tampa Bay before the number one pick in the draft or Vonage and there was blood and flooding goes to Chicago thinks he has new life then all of a sudden there's a number two pick in the draft. Your quarterbacks ought to talk about deja Vu for him so that's really the key here. Awarded him one thing is too risky looked like he did but Glenn and didn't play much through eight passes that he was six of eight. You know for fifty yards or whatever and and look fine but instead used to elevate and get Missouri get a blue tar studio grade point average for for his off court about a graduating. To a great would that the pick six on the third place we talked about and it's a terrible throw it wasn't at president of triple cover was a bad throw I had no idea where he restoring I don't know there was miscommunication again with the receiver or not that Robiskie comes in. And comes in especially at the end of the have you got a minute 55 to go in the half and he leads him on a fifty yard drive he leads them on a touchdown drive. At one point in in his time out their completes ten in a row and always done that in college and I think he had eight team in a role any game in college and high percentage completion. In college certainly at a high percentage completion. Rate here as well. But again for getting the numbers. You know he looked good he looked poised to sort of set about to Shawn Watson. An N from the accurate he sample we talk about locked and haven't some off throws but still looked good morning resort. Robiskie was stolen parts I mean he he's a big kid strong arm can get the ball all over the place and he was comments from darts out there. And doing well I read a couple of times for some some some nice chunks as well. Can be dangerous runner to move the change. Change but he's he's another one of those guys you think of a you always say a big strong guy pocket got pretty good moves are really good athlete. He'll run just enough to her Chela but hill put the ball on the spot and he's not afraid to throw word in there and end in in traffic in coverage and try put on my. And that's exactly what he did what he showed you much as and Foster did the night before. Pete it is there's no wire here that what I say Foster John Watson yes I'll watch much to shut off into the night before. Does it mean they're going to be great players and it certainly doesn't mean they're not gonna have night where they look like rookies exit because they're going to. But they showed you glimpses of why there is reason to be excited too risky put on display for you last night all the things about him that scouts like the reason that he was going to be the number one quarterback taken in the draft even though he's played as little as he has. Because of the size and the arm strength and all that kind of thing and the be somewhat unexpected athleticism and Watson had done at the night before he looked just terrific. The night before I thought he looked terrific tonight before even if you'd get a nice job break out of it yesterday and he missed a couple of throws they did but that's going to happen or is he put on display for you all the reasons to be excited about him Drabinsky did exactly the same life and the thing. About Robiskie is look at the situations he was in a two minute drive. You know. Obviously just starting out as a kind of talk for a tumor to drive which he takes him fifty yards and throws the touchdown to Victor Cruz third quarter. 75 yard drive of which he's five for five for fifty yards so it's not like just these hoisting big plays that he had he played well he play he he had. Good sustained rise. And all over the place whether it was in the pocket whether it was rolling right and I think coach is all doing nice job when they get these guys rolling a little bit as well the take out the field away gimbal comfort out on the edge but he rolled right year old lefty stood in the pocket. He took some hits he made the throws. He was it was a very very accurate thrower that. That impressed me the most that you you're throwing to the right guy and then how are you getting it there and your on the money you're giving your receiver chant your leading them well you're throwing them open at times he really really look good I was very very impressed that I. For for all the trepidation. That god management are right pace had to be bill of at least at least right now going okay. You know the GM for the bears OK as a good start because they're taking a lot of guff and analysts and I was one of them not not that I didn't think. Mitchell at some point could be a good quarterback I it's an hour taken walked to force that would not taken too risky second so. A ride pace whose catch him in the team a lot of flak for that up you know what this guy gonna turn into an all that but. If you're brave us at least a sigh of relief now it's early but as we said before. If the air mailed out onto balls we'd be crushes him today he didn't he played well I don't care who was against all I can do is going there play against whose goal against any did extremely well and it's more than the numbers the numbers were fantastic if you look at them. But watching him watching his feet watching him roll up watching him square upper shoulders while he's rolling up witches. The most important thing when your role on the ball rolling left. Roland Wright put the ball on the money was really it was an image you don't haggling he had command. He had command of that offense the moment wasn't too big for him ever know which are going to get. I thought would be on watching you could expect more of a guy. Even though was his first NFL experience a guy who would be able handle them all because he's played in monster games in college and a lot of them. We're too risky hasn't that been the knock on him is yes he's got the arm yeah I get the completion percentage yes he had a string of of completions record. As well. Audio only at thirteen starts what to get it do in the NFL lights go on. And you know what game one I'd say he checked in the icebox. I would say this. I'm gonna be right I just went back and found it might tweet April 27. If the bears believe it Robiskie this was a great move Glenn and as a bridge people will crush its move but I like it for one guy. Greeting has redemption. All right let's take a listen to what that the media let's get right to the Louis Riddick a case or it let me tell you quickly the other summer it has appointed John Fox basically said we're not changing the depth chart don't ovary are sure why any Gunnison nor short Wile. You don't look at this game and say alt all that sit. You don't because as he mentioned now it it's tough to help the cause. He said take a landslide against a starters. That's a really good defense in Denver and and no doubt London struggle but no way now what does it do in practice. Would give you know you start ticket for risky. More reps over Sanchez you know I don't know how the split had big and so we'll see where that gold but in no way shape or form I completely agree or you're changing the quarterback depth chart. Form of the thirst or your going to first trigger after one pre season and introduce himself said all the things you wanted to say we music completely downplayed everything and then Louis Riddick. When ideas began last night and he said this. The great look you wanna see you guys operate at a very high levels got to the things he thought he could do well when you draft than people thought that mr. Boesky could roll out. Change the launch point as far as where he throws the ball from inning to get it out of his hand bass. And he can get it there accurately we see a guy I've been able spurt left it is shoulders turn to line of scrimmage and then put it on the money. That's what you want that's what did it North Carolina that's what he's doing here at Chicago. Doesn't have that his feet set. Again quick flick of the wrist here three step drop quick slant put it where the receiver can catch it and then protect himself. Those kind of things that you wanna see I know you just mentioned it its first pre season game easy coverage is second in thirteen hours. But look when you if the guy won out there was airman on something donors that's going to be a key stakes we don't wanna give him credit but we would be ready to cross. If I'm going to start. This is gonna. Well again that was the plan but remember we are that was the Blake portals correct we heard that plan in Jacksonville that he's gonna redshirt when they pick him in the first round and I can apply emanate quite a and they said the same thing about. Doctor rescue we're bringing Glavine in one and against make it 1415 million dollars to risky at thirteen starts in college so I thought was to set a lot of learn. But a bit the player is the one that can take care of that really in this situation it can be bold because of the eleven was playing great you know you wouldn't really be thinking about it right now there has to be. Two sides of that but. With two with as well as too risky it seems played in this game again we're out of practice to see what the coaches and everybody sees in practice. Start to move up up the ranks a little bit and then it starts to go down to okay. How's the team doing when do we start the clock ticking on this guy taken over the hard all but a lot of things that go into. Well to the exact point you made Louis Riddick while this game was going on treated every plan is a good plan until it isn't going to be as he is not sitting all year no way I think. Maybe the best case scenario is go out and plays well let's not discount that possibility defender he went to rate last night he threw a pick six on his third play and I know there's there's a snap went over his head back and that wasn't his fault obviously right we keep showing that. Well we talk about Glavine not playing well this that was nowhere and out of nowhere near that was not his fault yet. We wanted to lump that in there at all all the bad but the basic the but the bottom line is he gets three drives and and that you know one of them. So that's why he wanted to break with a 00. Quarterback grainy. But the reality of the situation is if the bears are not going to be. There's a lot of things working in the direction of playing too risky this year and one of them is job security. Like yesterday listed a look John Fox has been around the block and back in time so I'm not I'm not in any way suggesting he's doing something for his own job security. But the reality of it is. If this is the team is not expected to compete for any threat this year if midway through the season. Michael and isn't setting the world on fire probably the best thing you can do if he seem as if he's not Christian convert and and your not afraid of putting a mere assault and you know or worry you but they get on the field let him play and if you showing signs of developing. Men that also doesn't do bad things for a coach's job security was our hot seat all the agree a lot a lot is going to be obviously as I said there's. More than just one thing here both the main thing is that the feel comfortable putting the player on the field you brought a pack numbers are brought a jerk off for obviously coaches. Didn't feel culpable about what these guys on the field. In that has more to do with what they're doing in practice and what they team pre season. But but here already again it's just week one. It certainly looks to be going in a positive direction as we saw last night for too risky so listen I agree with you a lot we'll have to do a collateral will have to do without the team is playing but. Drabinsky at least for last night and what this is what we do after a performance like as we said OK the clock may start taken a little early night where Mike in my three. Are asked every week park rented sport clips to picket MVP moment of the week sport clips you watch sports we cut hair it's perfect sport a sport clips. It's good to be a guy let's give it to Drabinsky because as you say. All NFL debuts don't come you know the same. He gets thrown in there and a two minute drill into the bigger kid go out there and do this for the very first time at Soldier Field and see what happens and he handled the way he does. Again it doesn't mean it's gonna be a superstar does remain weak through above the pre season he won't look exactly like the you know on develop a rookie that he is. But for the moment let's give him MVP moment of the week brought you by sport clean up completely agree again you watches throws they were accurate throws. They didn't it didn't a most of the time for the most party didn't Purdue's receivers in any kind of bad. I situations at all. And as I said about this on lots and I'll say the same thing which Robiskie and all the numbers look good the best thing about it is there's now a tape of him playing his first NFL game. I guarantee you made mistakes and that's that's what you concentrate we saw the good things but at the little things that that the I have that the person who's not a coach doesn't see that Doug all over and that they'll fix it healed and he are already know examine the coaches. Ogle over them together and that's going to be the most important thing on. I really got his football Friday Mike and Mike and Mike Dolan juniors here just three guys name like say on morning excel shirts. Again if you're just joining us a junior and I switched shirts. After we made the observation actually senior guy earlier this week. Maybe observation with all the weight you've lost and that that the first thing people say to me now like he used to always be you know you're bigger than I thought he'd become a good look at I am you. Coming out over the years people will dump it all always make some remark about due to me and write short vice Versa humanize lower Chan. A you mean the second one of the third over one of those electric user he's developed my Graham posed his now. You lost weight it's like you depleted the sack below fraud. Now it's like a floppy desert why are you still here. Hi Brett. The haven't. I've lost track of what are good at everything that everyone commented to me on how is how much what you all right that's all I ever hear is oh my god I can't believe how much weight Cilic has lost. At that we made the observation earlier this week you've gotten down to an excel which is my size we Wear the same side shirt. Or who is. Anything but junior when it comes to size and eyewear the same type shirt so we switch shirt during a break I think we both look fabulous on Rio where were where it well right now. You're well green gets a little. Baggy on you to touch baggy but I mean much it's not like I'm wearing like a nice shirt it's close it's a reasonable looking size it really shows off your pipe cleaners listen I get the shall sun's out guns out my friend out of pocket in his defense that if you put that shirt on when I got it brain and you might be our right foot stress that I blown out a little bit Alec much to excel plus a look at. I'm on the sex felt a little bit extra to it all right let's. Let's get to some football here not really want to make sure we get to that Josh Rosen stuff because that's when I've been looking forward to a week is is this them. Now the discussion about that but quickly obviously top headline today Mitchell Drabinsky controversial at the bears trade up a spot in the draft to take him number two. And does one night mean it was the right move obviously not but you could not get off to a better start than two billion couldn't say he did everything you're asking and and as many will say dollars against third stringers or whatever but as as we talked about earlier he threw the ball poorly we were to have. Rip them this morning its policies not ready put him on the bench he threw well. He and forgetting to throwing well he looked good roll right role and left to put the ball on the money that Mike was one of the most important things to me. Is a is poised and just being able to hang in the pocket and have command to come in at the end of the half. Minute 552 goal lead to a touchdown with thirteen seconds ago. I'll put together the string of completions that he did he show a lot of poise and a lot of command of the offense but I was really impressed with his accuracy he never really hung his receivers sought to draw. And all and you know what they count earn someone brought this up on Twitter this morning when I was doing first and last Jacobs is out there played against third stringers he's playing with them to. The guys are blocking for him and guys that are catching forehand or not guys that are at his level either or at that starting levels it's not like he's getting a ton of help from those spots either. But I've form meet you mentioned situations that's a huge part of it that's a huge part of pre season is trying to see guys. In situations against different teams you can replicate those are practiced major two minute drills and all variations. Of time left of timeouts left to play on the field and you can replicate that in practice but there's still something to doing it in a place that's not scripted doing it a place. We are not controlling all the variables and to see him be able to operate like that. In one of the most important scenarios in those two minute and a half end game scenarios is a huge feather in his cap. You know we always look at quarterbacks and other quarterback Sean Kaiser for the Cleveland Browns he's a guy that. Look like he was rising up and then look like a rookie in a scrimmage and he played well last night throw the deep ball incredibly well but what goes along with it. Is that guys he's trying to beat out didn't do a whole lot now again Brock got filers play against the starters and then it was Cody Kessler when and then Kaiser. But he looked good I mean when they get their chance to show they're showing so these rookies it to Shawn Watson. You know it will he have a chance to displaced Tom savage at some point. Nauert Robiskie threw himself and that conversation I know it's only one game Kaiser already kind of been in the in that that discussion. Were it won't happen is in Kansas City were what Holmes Alex Smith is there going to start their so no that that's not going to change no matter how well ball's plays but these other three situations took some interesting term well if you look at the. Four. There were four quarterbacks in the first Robert Kaiser went sore right the second let's let's use the four of them. They're vastly different situations right my home goes to a Kansas City team that is a Super Bowl contender right and hasn't established quarterback. In Houston. Watson goes to 818 that is eight the Super Bowl contender without an established right quarterback. But beat the fact that he what everyone's estimation of him was he was the most ready to go and play I think he has a chance to go in and play I I think. I don't think it's inconceivable he wins that job weakland that he is the starting quarterback when the season begins in Houston I don't think that's inconceivable either I would would the Texans love Tom savage to play extremely well be being that he has more years in the league and Watson and probably dispute absolutely that's what they would want but. I grew fuel where it would not start mere two Shawn Watson one match I don't admit. Doesn't make the decision would do jogger Hopkins came out come out the other day and essentially throw his hat behind Tom savage as he did and freight dialects bite to hot Johns Hopkins who's been one of the better receivers in the league but has suffered two quarterback held there in Houston. That to me is kind of telling them what Tom savage put together behind closed doors so far. I went into this thinking that additional Watson probably had the best chance to be on the field we want now that to mean looks like a senator work could be the opera was all these other situations were it's a lot. You're not getting those veteran returns out of the quote unquote veterans that are on your team trying to stave off these rookies were Tom savage seems to have secured some of that. Because all these performance is doing you noticed a big old security more reps right in the following week strike may be Kaiser and mr. Beers he. Give more one looks in game two of pre season so they can see them out they're on tape again as defense maybe it's just in practice the way those reps did divvied up but they've earned that much out of this game down the situation in Chicago with cop I'm done with Robiskie is. They brought in a guy to be the quarterback this year they're paying him starting quarterback money for this one year old eight. And you've made a huge investment into his keys to your gonna do whatever you think best develops him if you think it's put him in soon he'll put him in Sunni think it's wait till the end the or not at all this year. I think the Smart thing to do with whatever you think is in the best interest of his development. That's job one this season over anything the first thing you're going to see there. The next step and Mike you know this is it'll be in practice where we don't see he'll take reps from sentence. Or that that's what's going to happen is is that they feel more comparable to what they saw. We'll start to get more those routes and albeit Mark Sanchez expense as he tries to go to move up the last picture starts to get super clear as the week's press on here receive those reps window and you start to understand who's going to be on the team and who's not. And that's going to become very very apparent there. You talked about it with the quarterbacks how much does I urge you guys bring it up before Ryan pace and John Fox they put out our list on dot com last night quarterback some hot right. John Fox's name was on coaches on our coaches on a hot yet John Fox's name is on there. Hue Jackson is not to hue Jackson gets to operate from a place right understand I've got time. Would have all the sudden things are going south John Fox has to make decisions in a hurry. There are necessarily in the best interest of long term or run for this right right but are going to save him his job and you're now by saying are we got this came out here now I need time. Those are things that have to be taken into consideration. Again fox is not have been 39 year old coaches a guy's been around the block but is also on his fourth coaching job and isn't going to get a fifth summit. Or third coaching job isn't gonna get a fourth I think it is. Right it was in Carolina and they was in Denver and Federer right I mean so I mean I'll be active coaches sometimes do things in the best interest to keep their own jobs of course they do. And you can criticize that but then you would be being unrealistic everyone does that it is not a criticism but it just acknowledging that while those quarterback situations are similar. They're driven by guys with agendas and places in their coaching career that are in a much different place you can expect the decision making a probably reflect that aren't let's roll on my in my presented by progressive insurance creators. Of the name your price to Alter is a range of coverage options and picked apprised. That works for you so Michael senior and junior here. I'm one of the big stories of this week certainly were the comments of Josh Rosen which it turns out or from an interview that he did several months ago just. Was posted by Bleacher Report this week. And he is the IM opinion dated an amateur at the right word is young quarterback from UCLA with all the potential in the world and he's a guy who gotten. Trouble is the wrong word but certainly got a lot of attention he's got a hot coveted element all kinds of things that have gone on with him he also might be the first pick in the two path next year depending on how the season plays out. And he had some comments this past and that that were posed to this past week in which most notably he said. Football and college don't really go together and Michael X senior was put off I think to say miss out on a put words in and out but that's where that be a good description of. All you know a bit off that line of of football and and academics and college don't mean you can't do ball. When there is a a long litany of thousands of of people including an academic all American sitting in my left who did Dubow. Including Josh Rosen never said you can't do ball right so they don't go to gather that they don't rush the comparison that we got brought up a lot was people work full time jobs and go to college and I'm pretty sure if you ask those people do these things go together they'd probably say no. But probably say they would rather do they can my point is he never said you can't do this he said they don't go to gather well. But he never that you can't do it and that's what everyone seemed to wanna make it about which had a problem. I what was your problem because that's disingenuous and knocks off a good when he was going look at the body that interviewing tell me he wasn't knocked off a place that he was going. He was asked about talking about the deck some guys just really are caught out for college and are brought their because of their ability and athletics. And many ass wait you mean some people are supposed to go on college that was a scent that was the sentiment of the next question. And what does the kid with a background of Josh Rosen who comes the not too dissimilar from ought to come from a background we come from a bit of money and are in a position where a lot of work you know I've got. A background and understanding the ability in the tools to use my academic career to the utmost potential that. What does a guy who's in that position who is already kind of seen as maybe a little bit elitist because that background when he's asked that question wait some guys don't police don't belong in college how does he sound if he says yes to that question. Probably not very good and especially doesn't reflect very good his peers who -- clearly cares about based on the rest of these statements it's who he's out there advocating for all the rest of these statements so we did not property says the answer to begin les blowback here. And we all attached to that one idea that these two things don't go together and we make don't can't. And go down a whole bag warms that is not appoint the senator what he was talk well. What we have we had agreed on and talking some of the things he said do some guys you know maybe don't wanna go to college I absolutely do some guys get pushed her to ease your class is absolutely. I mean we we completely did admit that. But I I still I still even the premise of of don't go together and I can't go to together they have been. May Day they have been for years I meet people have been able to do it and do well last I checked. You know a guy like Andrew Luck was an engineer major we've seen in my room roles of the world go along. For. Scholar Rhodes scholars we've seen and and I'm done I'm picking just a troubled what has happened over and over and over again so it can't be done. And can be done well. I understandable but just because things have been done over the course of a long period of time doesn't always mean during the right way to do things and his point was. His point awful event Alyssa I openly said he misspoke I heard Damien say the same thing with you guys probably could've chosen his words the better as a twenty year old kid is a good easy way to mark Allen Jamal Adams. You're very early on how low stakes environment to choose your words right is okay but we Jamar Adams we're all cool and comfortable saying you know he was trying to get that. Here we don't seem to be willing to give jobs that benefit of the doubt I'm very curious as to why I think it's because it's something that kind of upsets the establishment will be no I listen I. I I understand what you're saying but but even. I'm not saying he said they they can't do it you figure you you can't do it or camped out even how he meant that I disagree I guess that's my point so. I'm not taking it further than saying it can't be done. I'm saying the way he said that the intent GMAC I don't agree with I mean what's the better way what won't know the intent to imagine this is the way I took him taking an in context with the other answers. Which is you look at the intent behind that these things don't Mary up very well together already used himself as an example he's typical graduate three and a half years and pursue an MBA. But because of football and academics and you know Burke class as you can always take you got to move things around choices you have to make a choice yet it which is fine. That's an example he used he said it's typical for me and I'm a guy who has these plans for a rifle right. Look at some of my teammates were less equipped to handle that slowed academically look at what some of them are pushed into an asked to do this work on the same schedule as meat but we're not operating with the same tool bag. And all he asked is why can't schools drew more to help some of those guys out why can't they take more active interest now. He doesn't have the answer he doesn't need to I am curious as to because listen we all went to Notre Dame we see that help. They are free you bear I'm saying that's not everywhere okay purported to meet them tell it it's not everywhere but I mean what what is what is universal everywhere I mean that the intent is to help. And it can't as as as Nick Saban said we take guys who maybe would struggle and we put them in a position to. If I can AFL they have a degree. You know will help them along the way now at some of that shortly can be disingenuous I get it because there helping them on the football field. But if they didn't have football where would they be so at least it's giving them a chance I'm not sure. Of everybody who is a green we're Josh Rosen what's your answer. Everybody you know over a 100% of all colleges do what the right waking me a break nothing happens you know in a vacuum that way. I understand nothing happens a vacuum that way but to ignore the beaten the meat of the poker in this as we can bring up my role when he Andrew Luck and me and all these guys but the individuals are out liars on this right. The meat of the bell curve as a bunch of guys who probably are qualified to be where they are who don't want to be aren't equipped with what they are. Like think about that too like I came from background because you guys right understood and valued education right there's guys that are coming up just trying to make sure that there say they can take care of their family however it's posse told me. Are you quickly what she answered that I'm not saying you have to have an answer Josh wrote the twenty year old kid of course she doesn't have the answer pointing out a problem and saying something is wrong. Doesn't make in the bed I guess I'll ask him I mean what what what's the problem you get you guys okay may be ours equipment they're getting scholarships are being poured in a position. I did targeting and a lot of times this has sometimes we use this against them. They're skated toward putting easier classes in how does that help them on the back and then if you going America's the idea of a degree is great we're even seeing the debt not giving regular kids the returns on all without a doubt there are so many guys get a degree and do something completely else or whatever they learned after alerts on completely new I agree with I know or don't work through the process you're putting kids an easy classes and passing them through just so they can stay on the field which. I can't not coaches for an administration fundamental we are because they've got jobs and families defeat. You created an industry in college athletics with a multi billion dollar industry were all of these other people making money and have that real life steaks on the line. And just because you paid these student athletes and IOUs and asked them to accept it on the back and doesn't mean you can look the process in the middle and just say what or giving you this bank it's sort of a promise that something might happen when Ben we're not going to put the value in the meat of that process were belong but isn't there isn't there a irresponsibility. Of a student at some point as well perhaps there absolutely is but one that responsibility also drop brought their because your skills at football you definitely want to play football right and so when all of your coaches and those people on double liner saying listen. Not a not so many words and you dealt with this in Philadelphia and I dealt with this to a certain extent when you appear to have outside interest and wanna put your time and effort of the place that did not always receive right well right and so when you get those message from a coaching staff that the I came here to do the thing I love nothing my best skill set is in. Might be infringed upon because I want to also explored the second half of things how is that supposed to incentivized to do want to go out there and do those that Michael Michael presented by progressive insurance are guess in the shell Pennzoil performance on a really good discussion. What I would just add to it is. Might as senior in response to what you're saying what is the answer. What Mikey is pointing out here is. If you listen to everything that you just described how do you describe the situation accurately what do we actually have here we are making a business transaction. This is a business like agreement that is being made between a seventeen year old kid and a university. But the actual benefit that is being received by the kid with apologies to all of the people who graduate with all of his debt I understand. That you don't want to hear this but the reality is the agreement that you're making it is by no means equitable to the kids they have no option you have no choice if you want to let any chance to play professional football in this country you have no choice but to sign that scholarship that's what it is and that's -- that's why if what's the what's the lesser of two evils here or not let them go to school because there aren't there skill set and and have them go easier classes say you know what. Can't go to school and our guard up. Well whatever you wanna do liberals are what those are the only two options what's -- -- what you are the other option is for the universities hold up -- into the park more than you about 85 full ride scholarships to kids on football teams out of the goodness of their heart right universities getting something I want our children so I get I -- so I guess that's my point is when we talk about other people who say what normal students are getting this that the other university doesn't have an investment you -- not making that university money you -- it all the time no -- lining up and stadiums to go watch a ten lap and that's on a knock on member schools not getting things out of you so the least they can do is make sure all right we've got this agreement were going to live up fully to it for you because if you don't live up to a fully on her in his student -- what do they do more often than not listen to find a way to get shot -- and the kids and they can -- also by the we don't live with all of the restrictions that are placed on all of these varsity athletes which are. Which are numerous and in many case is ridiculous that don't all listen that's true or something that needs to be dealt with I get it. But I I guess the whole process to meet is. What's better. I understand but I got better available right now whether could be better will look I was unavailable I don't know I'm talking about the general of 88 student. Eight AA an athlete coming to college maybe not as well equipped as others as well equipped as view or Josh Rosenberg Andrew Luck summoned out of a quick as well Myron Rolle. Still the option to them is better than the alternative. I guess that support it doesn't mean. We can't try and fix some things and make them better. But still right now all we can do it's like the marijuana thing we all think marijuana should be legalized everywhere sold but the bottom line is it's still illegal and you can't get tested positive for so that doesn't mean we shouldn't be sitting here saying legal I don't know dug up what and that's why I'm so glad to adjust. Rosen is doing what I said that's all Josh Rosen did his point out say you know what and abet the thing about and why it resonated so well for me is because he wasn't talking about him. He was saying this the problem that some of my teammates do with guys and I'm sure he knows other places that are taking his good care of you academically as usually there are giving you the help Notre Dame is but they don't really good job with bright pitino's guys are doing that so I don't know why he's the bad guy for pouring out where a lot of us all the rest of us have just because he's inside the system now we generally don't tend to respond favorably to college athletes. Voicing strong opinions but just not gonna happen Sam Arnold and this is not a knock on him probably gonna be in a more quarterback right not to you know what that's Josh that's what he does that's not why I'm about I'm just here to play football and people love that right did people love the kid it's just a lineup he's gonna be appreciative of what he's got. And that's good enough for most people would just says you know what this could be a little bit better I'm not saying it's terrible now on the he came out said he was living in squalor NASA's. I don't know he did not at some of the politically worker I I guess just his overview I I had an issue heartless pause on that thought I'd love to get back to it as we continue Mike and Mike again presented by. Progressive insurance are guess on the shelf until performance on. We'll go to a different topic coming up next as well would you'll join us Adrian will Jen are skiing Georgian house origin ocean out I still can't do it but. He's the best in the business and he's got enormous insight and a mellow and cutlery and more and he's live right after Edward and by the way very quickly the shirt that your shirt that's on my son right now is completely pitted out and how were you want about actual animosity. Wanna back heal I mean I needed back I've got plans for the Dana Wentworth Fisher Alexander slam final solid year. Yeah. Ever on my door here support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your profit of one comes to your work your hobbies your life. Rocket mortgage -- that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. OK keep your club you can I want to assure you my first ever painting RA okay. Who mere days. Tell. Owners yeah and she Sylvia asked what do you think. I I like Powell. If he risked a guy could you could save hundreds of dollars and car insurer and yeah that's that it's true. Here one little honey pulling your. Geico because hitting 13% or more car insurance is always agree dancer. I'm told shaft is ready to go and I'm gonna give him the floor here's. Our NFL insider Adam show after what does. On the shell Pennzoil performance line with a little insight into something we should expect to hear today shifting what do you have. Well rewarded by demonic and a century ago that he did and I think a lot of people have expected all summer long. Wait before also Malone and exit date that the NFL. Is likely to rule on UT QLA investigation that'd been conducting for over a year. Now this is compact imports so many different times so I wanna protect this by saying. Serious informed and educated speculation. But it he's just it is not actual reporting act is giving you do the stuff that I've been able to pick up. This week over the last month or Portugal last year. Again we think unifil doable today. We think he's gonna be suspended. We think it's gonna be I think more severe. Than people think and the reason I say that is because here is the whole issue. The question becomes how is the week only to frame. The violation here is looking at a ZQ elderly or domestic violent violent offender is finished. It says that it that effect. You can get a six game suspension. That's what that the that the violence policy carriage. And by all accounts that it would have been illegal oil and you remember Jerry Jones say. There's no evidence of any domestic violence in this investigation and in this report. And that's where it gets interesting and gets back to the question of who each want to bring them. The results of its investigation. Packets out and not to think it is a domestic violence. If you hear the critics then you're looking its exchange now if they decide to go this program. And they start to say. Particularly in my personal conduct policy or eight accumulation of behavior it was very clear. The league has as fact considered. All the events that have taken place. Over the last year don't be confused by anything else so when I say that I mean any. Or considered these and by the way I think they're important have been reported. We're talking about the woman on Saint Patrick's Day record undershirt talk about being short and missed me eating. We're talking about a literal belief is found. Police could describe to say OK you know what I'd and I promoting it you know we don't have enough evidence for domestic boat but there's enough here. Personal conduct. To see you could get you for two games of war Putin's. Order Italy disturbance. Is to win. Effect that domestic violence past. Nobody's as well the doubt to abortion Jerry Jones utility. It's going to. Pulpit for being too. To cool what do what do putative. Write it could here's the problem. The league had a chance on domestic violence with Ray Rice and didn't get. The league get a chance on Josh Brown on domestic violence. And didn't get it right it's suspended one game. And then a couple months later he journal surfaced. With their actual documentation about an abusive relationship. So don't mean it's wrong. And the weak don't even have enough evidence. And I don't know what they do and don't have I don't Dayton it. Wiki accuser. On multiple occasions. Okay so embarrassed to be old various shots but it stay error to the side of caution. Do you think anybody or in Dallas Cowboys can be upset about that. Because they haven't done that in the past with previous domestic bounced Kasich. Spoke to pull it together here. The bottom line is that the king there's going to be a ruling today which it is going to be a suspension. And it becomes a question of how the league decides to frame. It's its domestic violence. Totally black and white it's six games. Italy is set to go a different route to personal conduct. It can be anywhere from one to six games we don't know how. And it delete this particular domestic violence route. We may be looking at a prolonged story. Because I'm short but you do Eliot Jerry Jones. Nearly looking at the outcome was Adobe perhaps that would just because they don't believe. In rooting me investigation that the league is done for every year. That is enough in there to convict. Particularly for probably never been charged or arrested for. Okay and out anymore here. The point oh the history of the article to that balance this investigation started when Nico Kelly was called into mechanical the first outlet amber. What September. The next time he's cold and in December. 3 months later. And the only thing that really changed in that time while there's other things about Ito is back in August. It Josh Brown incident surfaced between that time in October. And it would increasing criticism for all involved again. So again reading between the lines just read between the arts. Easy Kelly case this horse didn't. But here. And that might match but maybe it or. To Garnett much more serious but I think at that point aren't and it detained don't want the point where did secretly people. Delayed turn over evidence which delete this case and do we want it short it's the right. And you're here to date finally. What is the weapons we believe this can be a ruling and really meet key question becomes how did we want afraid. And so I'll say that that's. Rid of that this is surprising it's only surprising to me in the sense that this is not I think what we've been led to a right exactly for the weeks and months leading up to this thing but the last couple days you started to get the singling in his atoms chapter. With the very latest telling you expected or potentially capping how we characterize that we expected today we we we we we know will be today. But I know I don't know I don't know because I I I I mean. I only speak to that he believed it was this goal law. I believe once we get expert too late to be Thursday or Friday what it is they want to put an addition we didn't expect. We think it'll be today our Jacqui thanks a million things that are related there that's at a shelter whether it's. Again and the shelter until performance line might in my presented by shell Pinto get instant gold status at jail to the fuel rewards program now would you reward dot com slash gold. Again if they do decide to characterize this to classified if you will as a domestic violence incident and then the policy says excuse well again the policy says it six games but there is leeway to make it Baltimore if it's egregious or less. If they feel they deserve less than we have seen that part of itself while it says six as the headline. It can be less or more depend. Oh yeah our friend AG Edwards announced he has made usually indoors studio as there's a ton of basketball to discuss please tell me I got it right. It's absolutely that was I think you I've struggled with us as you have and I'm working very hard at it but won't do is drop and arms left and right all over the place so let's bring to basketball into what many very busy football conversation David that would be easy part of that the Carmelo Anthony conversations where are we right now. Well. New York in Houston re engaged sheer in the last few days. And started to talk again about ways to do a deal and they need a third team. There's no straight and one on one deal that. At least New York's willing to do that they don't want to take on Ryan Anderson sixty million dollars and three years that's the easy. Deal from Houston's pointed Yuba. New York's I do when that deal they need other they need another team maybe two other teams potentially. Good right now Carmelo is only waving that no trade for Houston for now and so New York it paused that conversation with Scott Perry got hired as GM in July. Tried to get a conversational Carmelo about how comfortable he might be. With coming back to the team in many clearly let's get a trade and so so that's where they are now and they have six weeks shall training camp that deceit they could find a find an avenue how how. How much how much it is a putting handcuffs on the next four Carmelo just saying Houston I mean. Where where's the line of them saying Melissa and were were just. We get to continue to go feel you're gonna have to open up your options for and that's what they want they want him to open up those options and the team to watch in there. Is Portland because. This has become very much of a recruiting. League it's almost like a modern. It's almost like a modern day EU travel basketball model where. You know James Hart and played a role in convincing Chris Paul a big role and commits in crisp Polycom if you complain. And so right now you have dame Willard and CJ McCollum who's that tremendous backcourt in Portland. They've they've made progress. I'm told with Carmelo Anthony and peeking his interest on that blazers team so if the blazers were able to come up with a deal package that. Worked for New York. Then. He gives her most something to think about again they've. They've made inroads with him I'm told and CJ is in New York right now plane we saw some video yesterday implant pick up with right. With Melo and think about that team in Portland if they do a deal that they could do a deal for Melo would my column little heard. Use of their kitchen played just tremendous basketball for them the young senator. Down the stretch and you put Carmel on that team if they can piece the other deal that didn't and with with the rest of their team picks. That for that top four outside of Golden State stacks up pretty well almost anybody in the one. You know how motivated is Carmel I understand how motivated and Pixar to move on from him it makes all the sense in the world. How motivated is Carmelo to get out of their regular said to Mike earlier this morning if they wait him out and he's right now only giving the accused as an option. At some point. What needs to say to him you do realize what you're signing up for is another of this that you may could be delighted that fellas gone but your team is still gonna be bad. You're still wasting one remains. Of some semblance of your prime and a situation where you have no chance to win. How motivated you think he ultimately will be to get out. Well that's with the knicks are curious to find out is that once they get in the camp. Star playing in the sea where the team is that. You know. Phil Jackson spent. The better part of a year trying to run from allow waived the no trade publicly embarrass him at times. And so it took Carmel a long time to get to a point where he said all right I'm willing to waive the no trade lead the next and then all of a sudden a new regime takes over and they say well. They were open avenue back. He wasn't ready to go back on them but he's always low played in New York he's lived through the losing. And I I think for the knicks the one thing that I know they told Carmelo is. When you come back here you're not when you hear that from us anymore Scot pare their new GM. It has essentially told Carmelo I'm not going and bearish on not gonna call you on the media that's not going to happen anymore we're gonna make you comfortable. For as long as your here and the knicks are trying in good faith to honor. His request on the trade because they know they're the ones who started it and they're the ones who pushed for and they gave him the no trade clause I know. There's a school of thought of Li's holding impossible that's why a player gets a no trade clause to have control over that. Bill Jackson the wanna give it to you didn't have to and so. But I but I think the knicks wanna see. Once he gets the camp if if he does wanna move on and they can't get a deal with Houston and again it's a very difficult pathway with Houston. Does he start to open up and put more teams on in Portland is a team at the top of that because he looks at. McCollum who alerted says hey that that's about as good as a tandem outside of among the team ditched it in me a Saudi he's an appearance. If he doesn't open up his options and could that be leverage on his part. For the next two by a mile or they will they think about doing that at all. They've resisted that for the beginning that's a lot of what. When it came to head with Phil Jackson. Was organization he wanted to just mine right and the only organizations and I absolutely not mean it's 54 million dollars over two years. That there's no appetite right now in New York to do it can always change money is never an object with would Dolan and it never has been. He's voice that a lot of it and a lot of it but. Their feeling is we are going to get passed through and we're gonna get something we'll see how realistic the knicks are. You know. A realistic and Pixar in terms of what they can get for him and he used it for everybody where Melo was in his career 33 in such a big number let let's say hypothetically Portland does not deal for him. There he cost them and luxury tax to pay a hundred million dollar luxury tax bill on the in his second season as the Paul Allen will pay that. Because if it's usually good and committed Paul Allen will spend that money but that contract isn't for everybody. Mike Mike in woes hit our studio Adrian org announced he'd. I'm and that brings us then to something that you were talking about last night on television that I I don't think most of our fans are aware of as as we ponder. The trade demand slash request made by Carrie Irving in Cleveland. That there is a date looming in December that might actually change the paradigm a little bit so maybe don't expect to seek Harry built in these next couple of weeks explain that. Well one option. For Cleveland is the way December 15. Players who signed free agent deals this summer become eligible to be traded so. Let's say hypothetically. Minnesota one at the involved Jeff Teague signed a free agent deal this summer they can't trade him till December 15 and you go through the legal the rosters who signed this summer. So that the summer fifteen date. Potentially opens up a lot. This more possible deals for them to do not today wanna wait that long I think it was that they would prefer to do this before training camp. But there's a lot of pressure and likely an organization to get maximum value for him because he's the one NASA now it's set them up. Let's let's be honest post LeBron LeBron leaves in free agency they get nothing Kevin Love doesn't nearly have the value he had when he walked in the door there. Perry is the one they have to get a return on they can't do a bad deal for him is this. Turned into more than may be high react again we're all just speculating to sky re just wanted to be the man somewhere what what's the reasoning is part of the reasoning though. Now we hear that Dave McManaman is talk of him going for days without talking to to his teammates. During the playoffs. Is it turns sour with relationships do we think of that team. I think that. This is more about in from the beginning at spend with Tyree was getting control. Of his future his career not being at the mercy of all the bronze gonna do. At the end of 2000 the and its 1718 season that if LeBron leaves. And leaves him behind with a team that he just doesn't fit the pieces don't fit around him. That. He wants to have a voice and where he goes from here and that was a big part of this trade request that more as much as. Yes he'd like to have a team built around there's no question that's part of it. But. If you looked at through the years everyone has had to react to what LeBron did had to react in Cleveland the first time Miami leaving there this is a player saying I'm getting out. And of this thing. Which makes sense it's it's actually of all the different things that are happening that the one that makes sense so there where I'm reading what you're saying is. They're looking to make a move involving carry that will not necessarily be. To try and win one more championship in the early in the year left they have with LeBron but a bigger picture move that will set them up for a post LeBron world. So where does the confident of that because he's going to be 33 when we come out on the other side of this thing and I understand that he's in the greatest shape of anyone ever in the and that Tom Brady is forty and everything else but every read as a when it title is another year he doesn't win a title but where does he stand well as. This is by LeBron not being committed. To coming back in Cleveland might not telling them hey I'm in a Kevin Durant was on a one year deal and Golden State they knew it was coming back in it they planned accordingly. By LeBron not giving them direction yet I'm and it's his right to free agent he can. He can wait it out. Cleveland has the move with the idea when we just don't know he's going to be here they are not going to do a deal that is. All win this year veterans big contracts they need a really good younger piece that may not help them this year. They'd like to give both for now and for the future that may not be realistic but I think if they had. I know that they have to they're looking at this with a longer view that does not help LeBron James this last season but without a commitment from him how Waltz to the proceed. We all get worked up now what with LeBron and I'm coming home or going home or whatever Nissan would help. Well I owned LA I mean I don't know about that to me that telling part is that organization is acting as if they're very unsure whether he saying and they are not going to just load up to convince him to stay. And put a team out there that that straps them financially if he walks out the door. That's not been their intentions so far entry talks and told all right we'll see what happens again will happen in the next few weeks will it take into December. All those things are still the common you know that he'll have his ear to the ground force Adrian more to announce he. There's always a pleasure great work thank you so that's good to see us go to this Mike in my presented by progressive insurance. Our guests appear on the shell Pennzoil performance on what it Michael Collins in for the PGA coming up but right now it is time for better or for worse for the I'm sure another addition off. Were shocked at how we might be in mind. Let me ask. Kilometer shot we were just brought to abide Granger is also always brought to you by Bubba who is backward this year and collect I stopped and above a little boost and you did earlier this morning a few things to do and had a good chat Bubba seem he seemed revved up he's excited about today's love to show that he's got props forest today how oil hubs. Through grid back on the board again for some reason. Talking about a well you seem excited about that. Yeah I mean it's always great to wake up again in three and you know sometimes it's good to go back to your roots don't you think Bubba. That's fair nor can our bibles got a variety of headlines and he we will decide every love them or shove them by about let's get. Of Dauman took Leonard four net and Christian McCaffery McCaffery well the best rookie season lover show. I'm not let. You shot and I got to I think going to be between gallery cooker McCaffery. We'll see how he how he Jews were when cam is quarterbacking. I would probably lean toward Galvin cook I really like. What he does we'll see if the shoulder injury comes back to haunt at all but which drew the running scheme they have a Minnesota his ability catch a ball out of the backfield. I I look for him. And before and it's gonna be really that. More that runner than catching a ball out of the backfield and gab and I think they're getting different ball got you don't and but you don't has to happen and old line has to block form. It's not very good offensive line in Jacksonville so I'm I would of those three hour leaned down and understand that they've got a questionable quarterback situation they have. If these guys got to come together they should have a good defense they have a ton of players on that defense some of whom have been hurt you I think for an that is gonna get the ball Lochte is and has nothing to do with your offensive linemen running the ball you average a little underdog but shouldn't it could ask your quarterback not to make huge mistakes he's gonna try and run it until we are handled the 89 in the box and say we're gonna stop for an act as a quarterback camp passed the ball well Howard measuring the best rookie season if you're asking me who was going to have the most yards from scrimmage. My prediction is that of those three McCaffery will be third. The that he will be he will be third on the list of those three as far as who will have the most yards from scrimmage this season. Yeah I'm because you do have yeah obviously another running back in Carolina you know along with McCaffrey and for an that's going to be the guy but the I'm dot I'm Alina govern Coke would what you can do any opportunities that he's gonna get me to his my priest my pick for rookie of the years that we both shove it baba next both carrier ring and Carmelo Anthony will start next season with their current teams while orders of. I'm gonna they shot at a feminist I mean. The boards I'm glad that he came in here any clear that December 15 thing I doubt what quality is an interesting little side bar. It isn't as definitive as I thought it rose one I was reading about it this morning he was talking about it on TV last night I didn't see I read it. And now that I hear him tell it. While it it it really only applies to players who signed this summer if they're motivated to move Hammond and I think they are they will so I believe he'll be dealt. I go Carmelo 5050 inquiry I believe will be gone so yeah we'll stay sharp word both makes me shudder to think that both are going to be. With start the season with their current teams fell. Iowa Iowa showed that as well Bubba knack. The Dodgers will not lose another series this season and never lost one since early June lover shot I have to shut down I just don't think that pace can stay they're gonna wrap things up. Tomorrow per. Though the way it's going right now so all I absolutely don't see I don't think there's a lot of mode you tell me do you think there's a lot of motivation and try to break the all time wins record. The Seattle Mariners who didn't win anything that year. 116. Games. Which is the record for most wins in the regular season the mighty yankees 114 and and they won the World Series right in on basketball the warriors went after that record the do you think the Dodgers go after that is that of any consequence to them I've got to believe the answer they know in 87 now so. We did the math yesterday admitted the math yet what it would take a native 37 wins I got one last night's OB 36 or less than twelve I think you have to go the rest of the well. However the only reason that they they sort of keep the pedal I don't know there's motivation for that or I've the motivation should obviously be let's set ourselves up to be a position where in the world like you think most people knew that the Mariners had a record about a because they didn't and it would their World Series I think it's lost like the 72 wins at the bulls had in 1990 that people knew that number that's that that's a number anybody near enemy many people who Americana and neither are they were both get a shot at the Dodgers. We'll definitely lose at least one more series. The rest of the year Bubba with love it or shot at next living down bell is hurting himself with the whole though the other shows that the GM of four Pittsburgh said listen this. His money yet out because he can't get anymore than that there's no. Monetary value to this holdout. He's not getting fired because he hasn't signed the deal also technically is not under contract. He can't do a different deal the absolute. Most he can play for is twelve point one million for this year that fit so they don't he's not doing is he's not at camp. So the thought is is he hurting himself by not being at camp. Listen he's a guy that could step in and play well right away he doesn't need to get all the hits you get in camp even though you couldn't you could certainly. You know dictate how much that happens. My biggest worry at all my biggest worry is when you're not playing football in football pads into football plays you're not getting in football shape. And you have the possibility. Of all said that hamstring that quads some muscle strain when you come back so all. That is always been my biggest fear that is a monster fear for running back. On August 11 I'm not worried about it ominously shot at. Big givers got the point that you just made if he doesn't go in the gilded Easter deciding this himself he'll decide when he feels like a neck. Thought if he does it with like at least two or three weeks to get himself into that football shape I think will wind up having been completely irrelevant. If he decides to take this all the way to the end to try and make a point or just because he doesn't feel like going in at that one head start learning about awful habit I'm not worried about it now dog coward about it now that question is right now but. I was hurting them over the sold out right now also a shove audio is not a lot of New Year's right now and a bubble one more. Misery Bristol to use nicknames on jerseys of players weekend love version of what's not to allow above loving hours they were doing more I adore that chant I want to marry yet. The little march. I want I want to live with a for the rest of my life all children whether it all right I mean it's it's how could you not do this and there are 58 players in the sporting decided not to do. As for those who don't know we're talking about there's a date at the end of the month I think it's the 25 or whatever it is. That all of the players in baseball have the option. Of just putting nicknames on the back of their jerseys whenever they want and they can be creative and fun and whatever it is. Got what we should have fun in this game I had no problem I have probably 58 maybe don't have nicknames maybe a ticket put up anything on there nobody babies don't feel like I think he jerseys you tell me Brett Gardner's putting Gardiner on there which is of course just his last name. Now the Yankees don't ever have names on the injures right so. That's adding something body I mean you could put a nickname departure kid's name he could put anything you want on there. For for the guys are just putting on aims on is that kind of killed joy. It is not kill the fun this thing out not at all. You don't wanna put something on the what would you what if they'd like you put my name on the back teenagers doing or what I what are my what are my putting out there I know you put green yeah you're just kind of collect. Now but what legitimate you couldn't put any that you could have put you know. Love you Chris. You gonna put he hate me you're gonna put just standing there and that rhetoric directly to lower enough. They viewer playing I would have I would have paid you. However my short of taking you to do a billion dollars to just put on hash tag just standing there are. That's not funny too yes that I'm not laughing at all would be funny. I think it's a great idea Nevada at some doesn't want to care I have an issue that I've an issue of them not want to do. That's above British governor tried to make Granger and amount of the job Granger got your back Granger for the ones who get it done and that was public get nicked up a bit big all right on Bob's sure Ellen you know if you wanna exchange shirts literate okay not that doubting and these are all up this room now I thought they were props when accepting your office this morning or did you say your props. Users weren't listening we. You did you or did you not say US subsidies can't remember at. I have some T shirts got the Mets Jersey's got variety in picture Talladega some things pop up box. He does look what does it look more likely trying to apply a variety. Or cue from impractical Joseph Connolly looks like both of you looks like Zach Martin from the problem. To me I have to guard all the game but that's not a person whose face to most people know what it looks okay but that's not what to do it that's what who we looks like they'll cumulative picture of him. Get me a picture of Zach Martin's which out of Zack Martin and bubble picture like I'm Roddy. And a picture of cue from impractical joke prioritize ever order holder exact mark Angola go tell us what it looks the most like good looking guys. I. Well prewar halfway through another baseball season and we're really seeing some players who stand out as winners don't like business travelers to win it business by staying liking to inns and suites that because you can import your liking their returns loyalty points to work on the spot with instant free nights just drive up with no reservation at instantly redeem points for a free night that same night simply by using electing to actually getting a Grand Slam with a map instead of a bat well located the credit when a business by learning more about instant free nights and check out the summer rates at LQ dot com. ID if you missed any of the show in polluting Michael Collins and our three Youkilis and all four hours a Mike like I demand. He has and that and I you can subscribe to our best of podcasts all the available in the listened. The ESPN. This is our best power to visit our features. A music superstar Kenny Chesney is in our studio to go adjusting brandy which is his coach Jim Carey and he's on. You've heard a lot of music over the years and you've made a lot of music what was your official review Google it. Perform well my initial thought. Was he picked a song. That was fairly easy to do. In other ranges in two sizes and hello. But. I thought that it is his vocal quality. Was better than I expected. But the thing that impressed me the most was his he was just I could tell he he wanted to get out of the inning he was his move is an he's really an. Animated you know I could tell we ever got him up on days that. He would be one of those guys that would be ham out there date you know I mean I feel that about my. And we will these days we'll get him out there but I felt I felt like I felt like the vocal on the performance was pretty good. You know I thought there's room for improvement but also fill up or make a record we've got to. You know we got a new single more. That's a fairer I could have very good absolutely failed under absolutely right I'm pick and songs were my the range that don't have the idea that with our movement you could tell you're getting into you want to stand up and I sing along or song or in gyrating hips. Really the truth of the matter caddies I've learned this over the many years he's a knowingly good at everything. Like he's become such sort of a lovable Teddy bear of a man now. World class seniors in the NFL. So there's nothing you can sing dance. There's nothing you can't kind of dual at least reasonably well I am illiterate to this what did you play other sports livable you know SI I wrestled. I've played baseball. I Miami's one myself the first that it apparently I was swimming. Austria I did and by the way as a off tangent. Kids love sports they don't oh yeah without questions all along those lines or the name names unless you want to. Bad guys sitting at age athletes saying there have been some really really bad ones you can name you have and you're a. There have been several. Nothing he was a bad singer but the four Troy Aikman got up on page one night in Dallas and he'd he didn't know the words you know he just wanted to get up. And so he goes to all the wars are suggesting just say watermelon every now all the time because if you watermelon it looks like you're saying something might know work at the music and patriots sit here and elected to draw Troy Daley sees little stage at the arena and Dallas won not only I was one only in. He moved his mouth too it's at one arm on the whole time. I like that Larry Layton Manning guy got better over the years. You know when he first started getting opposing him with a wooden very good. But like Peyton is and he worked really hard try to get better so be it about time in the last coming got couple's age with the views of he was pretty. All fight did what I did here up on stage at this point I wouldn't be the worst of what you heard all of I don't know you'd feel you'd be. Closer to the top yeah who's the vet who who who came up let's say you thought my goodness this person can really sing. Jake Peavy. Sure really yeah yeah into that come on but OK yeah I think I yeah I Evans and giggle 19 thing. Listen I was like like well Jacobson I would be so jealous of an athlete that could get up images belt it out as well intercept credibility while that that. I got a lot about yourself the question ticket people spent all morning long sending in questions for you and I'd like I'd like to give them a chance. What Jennifer McGwire treats what is your favorite song you ever recorded. Oh well. I. Probably I'd go back. As part of my favorite song that I wrote a rope us all by myself. It's it's it's probably my favorite moment of the show that a look forward to love it as if the moment of the show where I'd do that song in just. I just elevates the show in just come and go from there. So book. I have let when he aren't on the welfare ought to great songs sound so different now is little song Joplin when I recorded them as it. Like that guy is you know and the thing and awhile right and so many viewers and gotten deeper down right got it got deeper over the years so that leads to another good question from Kevin which comes first when you writers on the lyrics of the malady. Sometimes both like I in my head right now had these melodies in my head that I. For a couple of years and I just you know I've I've got recorded things on because it'll forget them. But also if you go to my bus now and opened the door of got a notepad. Wheeler accident that. I don't have any music news had been I've just got thoughts and so it's it's it's very very rare does it come ones for me and when it does its magic bullet that sometimes it's one of the Ochoa won't win you don't. Sit down it's okay today I'm gonna right is it just or you do that but but do some of this stuff just come. You just kinda comes on women you just have to remember. I know those guys that will now go OK today and arrive for certain bowers and more of just live my life and in. You scratch and claw for everything you get as a songwriter idea that. But I don't I'm not regimented like that maybe I should be blood. I is let sauls company and in our right when our ride in I create create it's not like something that I set aside hours a day to do. I've never never been that way when you say maybe I should be you know at oak or change. That's our guy can. Final thought and make sure everybody knows your next album which is coming out of October is alive collection it here first got a problem and eleven years. Thirty song on the album coming on October and it's got a lot of there's a bit as much as songs nothing novel songs from fox world some more from arrowhead. Some more from the Cowboys Stadium thing in Pittsburgh and red rocks in Denver in. The couple songs that we did last year from MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. And is that there's there's thirty songs and that the earliest songs that I have on there. It's in 2007. As beacon and covers like you saying brandy I got that Dave Matthews and I or on stage sing in Bob Marley Spielberg's Ali why record I have no sorry about it thing. At. We are at a time we can do this forever SA perhaps coming into this tradition thank you so much or have and I hope we never end Kenny Chesney won at a heavier thank you so much again if you're in the area negotiate a Mohegan Sun tonight is going into the walk of fame this afternoon. However very weekend goalie gracing regular job on Monday night Columbia mission on nuclear.