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Epic Blunder by USA Soccer

Oct 11, 2017|

Greeny & Booger McFarland talked about the USA missing the World Cup, Strasburg's odd illness and protesting. Plus, Will Cain & Kirk Herbstreit

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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And smack dab in the middle of the baseball playoffs and the football season and the hoops and hockey. I honestly curious just how much the average American sports fan and cares. And the good news is I happen to have the average American sports fan sitting right next to Maine. The one the only bugger McFarland is here this morning good morning big Fella and and let me start by asking you the question now alas everyone. With everything else that's happening right now we all understand that a lot of things are going on both on and off the fields of play. An American sports and within the conversation that we have here daily. Just how much is this on our radar the US will not be in the World Cup next year. Good morning for vote green it was a Omar radar last night and I think he needs around the World Cup comes around anytime we're playing. Country vs team country vs individual sports that they the United States galvanize and I think for me. The US his national team is something that I always look forward to especially in the World Cup the last time they were fair with the flu was halo isn't. On August of wanna like it was a spectacle that around the country we all galvanized around and I think this time. We were looking forward to in effect at the US his national team won't be there. I think really. We will care about it today. Twitter was abuzz last night Taylor Twellman was religious off its any last night when his comments and I think everybody. Was gonna care last night but they wants today comes have been after ball I think would everything going on today. Once when he for owls go buy a 48 hour was I think the soccer team not making the World Cup will be announced that the. Yeah I think will happen and is when the World Cup starts people look around and say oh wait a minute we're not in this right. And and then it'll become sort of the big deal then and then the world couple become much less for a big deal. In this country than it otherwise would have been I'm I'm thinking back to four years ago and all that Mike and I pounding on the table and say I believe I'm really meant it and all that kind of stuff and you know so this is a day what it is un and disputed Lee is a devastating. Blow to soccer in this country I mean a gut punch. To your growth of the sport. In this country because the growth has been in the astronomical their a lot of people who feel that soccer is a sport in the in a big way on the com. In this country and I am one of those who believes that even though I don't personally follow it. Closely or barely at all. But because I have kids who were teenagers and I don't know. I'm your kids a little younger than mine and but I see that the teenagers a lot of teenagers are into. Now they're not into American soccer particularly they're not following MLS but they are following Premier League stuff they know all these plays much much much more about it. And I know. And maybe they'll still watch the World Cup because they'll look at the C messy and Renaldo and all the guys who were playing over there. But by and large to your point there are so many people that to an interest because it took major international spectacle and you. You're you put your patriotism cap on who you root for team USA team USA not being there this is a devastating. Blow to the growth of sock. You agree and we can use this right now I mean 2018 the World Cup I don't see time's changing very much in our country body and our identity of the World Cup the US team being there. Was something that the United States could have used it you're right from a casual sports fan I think the casual guy. Is gonna tune in like hey where's the US were not there because they were forgotten. What happened this year and realize we're not there notes went off and move on so I I think it's a huge deal I think everybody realizes that. This team probably should have been a hit every opportunity. To make the World Cup yes I know there was some some circumstances that may be were out of their control last night with the war on the field. But understand this when you're the better team. The other team is playing on the same field that you. Regardless of how much more stirs on the field regardless of the war Conte regardless of the cry out if you're the better team you're supposed to win and I think. If you're a soccer purist if there is such thing out there at. You are saying this morning that the United States. Has has invested so much money in the US soccer. Because we realize that football around the world. Is the number one sport around the world here in the United States it's our version of football and if we want to ever catch up to what's going on world while captive vessel with money and we have. And the fact that we failed to qualify for the biggest were ordered bit unsure is going to be very disappoints a lot of people in your sock. This in the population of Trinidad and Tobago was one point four million people I think there are that many people in the apartment complex I grew up in the and that's who we lost to last night against that a bunch of things had to happen last night but the part of it that we control the American team controlled easily was to lose to Trinidad and Tobago. And they didn't and they they needed help and other places that didn't come and all that is what it is one way or another the bottom line of it is I'm just curious to know. How much people care about this I put a poll question this morning because I really am interested to hear. What people's reaction to what will be and it's a pretty simple one and the question is as follows. What is your reaction to USA soccer failing to qualify for the World Cup and I gave you three choices. Highly upset mildly upset. Don't care that much. He can go if you're on Twitter on ESP ingredient let me know what you think candidly to see what people say did you do the poll curriculum we have trouble I I struggle with that I don't do better now it will expire twenty minutes before the show and I timed it out. Okay we'll have like the last segment of our show today we will have final result and we can discuss what you've gotten better armed and subs out and I I am pretty easy to do this and I'm a quick study but Graham I think a couple of years but I can I mean it only took me six years to figure out who did what sort of and I can get 280 characters my ball would be spectacular. I were Mike and Mike let's go off without John and for the first time. Since 1986. The US men's soccer team has failed to qualify for the World Cup going into yesterday here's basically what had happened burger. The US had to lose to Trinidad and Tobago Panama had to win Honduras had to win. The ESPN's soccer power index projected a 3%. Chance that all that would happen. And guess what the other 97% went down the drain and and again team USA not going to the World Cup this year. No doubt and in the US not only do you have to blame themselves they actually score a goal for the other team Omar Gonzales an own goal. And it was a 43 yard shot by Alvin Jones also our greatest superstar on the US missed the World Cup since 1986 I was nine years old. I was in college I mean what a general rob that it now that you so much younger than hatton and I the reason that it lets you do about Arnold knows more about Myanmar used I'm gonna put a poll question out. The last that does America how how significant is it to you how old burger was the last time. That US soccer didn't make the World Cup very significant slightly significant don't care that much but it. What you makers aren't about you wouldn't have heard wasn't born in the last time we didn't make it in the World Cup all right ought to feel young now here we go what else went right. I'm supposed moment of game four of the nationals and cubs. Because of rain in Chicago yesterday means that we'll play it today at Wrigley Field and in what can only be described. As a stunning decision for stunning reasoning. Stephen Strasburg will not pitch in this game four today despite the fact that it would be doing so on his regular. Rotational rest you're gonna hear dusty Baker's explanation it just a minute. But programming you're a football player you guys in an animate this this is the equivalent of the Super Bowl I mean it is a an elimination game for them it's at least a post season. NFL game. Can you imagine being a little under the weather a missing this game burst. Elect hit my deepest line coastal meet you rob Mary and I support him street. He says hamstring on on those guards unacceptable you'll run for a anyway so here's a guy who has the sniffles he gonna stand on the mound sixty would six inches away and pro baseball. Yep the sniff. All's I know you have a whole. Act and a are you serious and didn't. And I am. You put your manager Dusty Baker in a very procured situation because Dustin is always there to protect this guy and now he has to go are here. And star line about mold and that I got all the mole companies in the in the in the area concerned about the whole tip is a huge mayors and honesty mr. Osborne had to do. And a okay stepped up and show some grit for you teammate. Upon us don't like Cornell. Economist au prince America but it's that you're gonna hear their time and time to believe I. Game five yankees Indians tonight of the NA LDS and courting clover and CC sabathia. Will be the pitching match up those two pitched in game two which wound up being one of the most dramatic baseball games you'll ever see. But Corey Glover had almost nothing to do that he got shelled so he's the best pitcher in the port as Lisa the American League this last year's gonna win a Cy Young. He got taken apart in game two what is your expectation for him tonight in game five. They will see the norm I think game two was an anomaly and we all made a great big deal. About Tito and everything that he did I think court the court's move comes out the night he played well. I'm more concerned about CC sabathia because I know he's a horse and Oakley the struggles against left and appears in. But may CC. In this situation can be content conjure up the magic one more time I'm more concerned about him I think court clover will be fine I expect the Indians and him. More than likely I think if you were leaning one way I'd lean toward court over this it's him over game and unions when it. Special how has Vegas last night as the new NHL team in town the golden knights. Played their first home game is the first game in the history of their franchise they've actually. One all of their games the last night was their first home game and Steve Levy was there they did a terrific job I thought with the coverage last night. On ESP and some of the little features of it that you may have seen. There were no advertisements on the boards anywhere just said Vegas strong everywhere you looked and they brought first responders and others out onto the ice is part of it. Ceremony was are really special night. And to the point you're making a little bit earlier a good illustration of the ability of sports. Under the right circumstances. To galvanize people and bring people together. O'Grady you see something like this is it just breaks your heart what happens with the UC the people come together. An F for me out my thoughts and prayers rocked all of them is that were affected. They do little pissed off green and here's why because at a time like this we all come together. We don't see caller we don't see anything we just come together for each other but it always happens at times where there's tragic situation. Can't do when things are normal. We can't do would just like okay this is a great let's come together make our coach a better place that's what bothers me a bus into a situation like this. I think many people share your feelings and the answer to your question is I have no idea why does this happen this way obviously. If I had the answer that question I'd be doing something much more important for a living in this. But I I share your gut feeling that it is to start off. Title off the top note this morning Adrian Peterson has been traded he would never really felt that the Fed in New Orleans anyway now it goes to Arizona where at least until David Johnson comes back. He has a chance we would think maybe to get some touches and see what he can do what do you expect from Adrian Peterson in Arizona open. Because I think when you look at agent Peterson so far he's a show himself and I think even if he was closer to the agent Peterson and we know. When he gets the Arizona he's gonna realize that the five guys bought a form of front. Those are hall of fame guy and I think the good the struggles of the Arizona cardinal offensive line. Are really going to be the issue there is at a gonna bring in a new back tees or take the place of Chris Johnson but he India I don't think it'll matter. I that's what I presented by progressive majority could save hundreds. On your car business or recreational vehicle in charge of a local independent nation go to today. Now that's progressive tons of of I guess all over the spectrum today including gruden and Herbie back to back in the second hour today as we have every. Wednesday we got Brad Stevens the coach of the Celtics have daughter's today and rolled candidate field gates a whole lot more blogger. Is here for goalie jam packed sports day of course we'll get to baseball in a law on the way as well of course. Taylor Twellman went nuts last night and you understand just how personal significant this is. To the people who have been building soccer in this country you know I mean right now football and basketball and baseball are so ingrained there's so much a part of the fabric. Of our country that. I am when things happen that are bad for the sport I know I know. What the National Football League is a tough place right now for a variety of reasons and I know that a lot of former players like yourself. You take that to some degree yeah originally there but you didn't build that Lee medley was there before you. And it would and it is there you know will be there along after you. A lot of the guys like lake Taylor and and some of the others that we know like they're a part of the building of American soccer like the last twenty years or so. Have been big debate veep have been what American soccer has been so I understand how personally they take it. When something like this happened that was a very very very bad night and Taylor Twellman had this reaction. It's not just about tonight than anyone at home sitting at home saying it's about the game against Trinidad Tobago. 100% unequivocally it is not about tonight. It is that a complete embarrassment. When you look at CONCACAF. For the amount of resources. And the amount of money that is put in our sport I sat. He hears what I said if you can't beat Panama home and you can't be turned it down the road you don't deserve to go woke up. It's not about tonight it's not about your concludes it's not just about Bruce Arena as a whole US soccer's not prepared. Every single one of those players they can takes ownership for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment. With the amount of money that is a Major League soccer and in this sport you can't get it wrong all our top. Against Trinidad. You don't deserve to go the World Cup. And thus they don't that was a very emotional Taylor Twellman and again I know teller I respect him a lot and I understand and appreciate his passion because again. This is. You know we're we have a bad year in the NFL or even even when we didn't win the gold medal in basketball at the Olympics when everyone was extremely upset amendment 1988 we didn't win the gold medal ours and and the next thing you know we've got the dream team were sending the NBA players. Because we decided we was not okay for us to lose. But it wasn't the death blow of basketball in this country. I'm not suggesting this is the death blow soccer but boy this is a devastating blow to a sport that is trying desperately to grow its. Ops the momentum Grunin and here's here's what I mean you know when I was on local radio antenna problem. My partner than most element that there was a movement a ground movement to try to make soccer. Not the top sport maybe not the second sport may be to force sports car behind. Football baseball basketball maybe you could take the place of hockey at being a force sport the United States of America there was a ground movement starting down low which are small here it's. Get marquis is involved everything that's going on with football with concussions you start to movement early. And now by the time our generation gets older the hockey excuse me soccer has an opportunity to overtake hockey to become a force sports I think this is a blow. To dead movement to all the momentum that was gained over the last few years has the World Cup tour now that the effect if they aren't going to be on the biggest national stays I I think slow that momentum down. Listen I mean there are more kids in this country playing soccer maybe than anything. I don't know how they quark is it is that the number one you supported him by his nodding back in the am and and I'm assuming he has some numbers to a we're just getting about it and where other. But but I do believe that is the number one youth participation sport now it. Kids in this country have played soccer forever right is usually not translated into popularity with the sport on television executives what it is there's no point in. And I'm trying today to determine what this will mean to the port five years down the road. There's no court it is it is just in indisputable this is a terrible thing for the sport and for those who have an interest in seeing it grow. Remark in my can right now blows pro customers can save on the supplies you need most from the brands you trust to help get the job done on time and on budget. Visit Lowe's for pros dot com for details. Okay back to the sports that we talked about more frequently here. Game four in Chicago brings out yesterday that they will play at this afternoon at Wrigley Field of a couple of games for a today on ESPN radio. Next cubs game for Wrigley Field in the afternoon. Yankees Indians winner take all game five tonight in Cleveland gonna get a weather report for a for both those cities please Campbell. In the meantime. David Strasburg I think we all assumed. Would get the ball instead of tanner Roark in this game for now because. He would be on his regular rest and all the sudden Dusty Baker gets up there yesterday and says actually that's not what's going to happen. His latest. Didn't work out for straws whose bullpen day and you know we're all creatures who have it and close. Do you have full confidence in him tenor and straws. There have been better if she's he's still others on under the weather. Mica like a lot of my team is. Stealing a little under the weather. Like a lot of his team as it gets worse it gets worse because obviously you have to follow up on apple what do you mean a lot of reach she missed field right under the weather and here's the explanation of that. Know a lot of my team has come under the weather with the change of weather in the air conditioning and hotel and their conditioning here and this this time of the year. You know from mold around Chicago I think is most good like I. Mean I have a two. And there we we got. 175. Million dollar pitcher. Who if we are to take his manager at his word and again I like dusty I loved us and I guess he's he's just. Just an hour frat Brothers by the way are you guys. But there's still has not gonna do with being the Molder Russia cut in Chicago. A city that has to small float around I mean this and I lived in Chicago for eleven years I met married my wife they are spend. As much time there as that you almost anywhere I've never been affected by moment. I don't find the air conditioning there'd be any more or less destructive. To my overall health than anywhere else while I'm I'm taken aback I don't know what to say. And like I guess if there is some criticism of -- to be counted is if you're gonna get up there aren't they something could you have come up with something better than that. You know lesson it's this kind of year we got what we got air conditioning. Addition. Short conditioning and and that's the reason that I'm sure you today in the motor boats. The vote. Now we we go to funny baseball injuries all the time I elected on the Rickey Henderson fallacy by an ice pack and missed a game with frostbite in August it's remained my favorite injury and in the history of any sport. But this is something new. We are about to have. One of them the most. Decorated highest most talked about first pick in the draft 175 million dollar contract pitcher miss an elimination game because of the air conditioning. Now that is something I've never heard of before this. A bad look for dusty going back to when he took Strasburg excuse me scherzer out of the game who had pitched six and a third gives of one he would now you take him out. And that's a disaster and now you COPEL that would him getting to the podium. And basically giving an excuse that quite frankly nobody across America believes. It's a bad a couple of days for does the topic the only thing that's gonna really Sal was this for him is if they can go out and panel Rourke and gliding and you win. But more importantly it is a liberal watchdog yeah. I had to come out of opinion first probably is his Strasburg is a look at. The may may depend on the conditioning and I don't know. I gotta be honest with the covered a lot of games Wrigley Field have air conditioning at building was built in nineteen trying to hold I don't think is that conditioning in that building. I know that they re did the locker rooms and public on a person's last I was in one I haven't covered a game there since the ninety's. But I don't believe there's if your conditioning it's relatively new when he is not that powerful now. I've never heard this before it was and this sounds and this may be the most damning thing I can think gaga this sounds like something I would complain about. Right if you're gonna miss again because of something that would impact greening and no one else like I could see myself coming and saying you know the air conditioning Kennedy cut me yesterday in a hotel I have a smooth so well I have the sniffles. That kind of thing I would say. All business O'Grady this is a bad look for Strasburg with his teammates because regardless of what happens as post season. If your teammate of Stephen Strasburg you're gonna look at a different because as an aptly a cure were kind of sporting news if we're a team. And we're galvanizing we're bonded together and you leave me hanging in at the most important time of the year because you don't feel well because when your run this new forms were bothering you. Stand is gossip. She can play with blood come out of his body yeah depiction instruct our has this new. And how he's being mocked not only in his own clubhouse but around the sport of baseball. Are her beat Bob begin ballot may hit it's because temperatures ninety point stepped. The best I can buy. But it McFarland here for the big Fella. One big Fella in for another word Akamai presented by progressive insurance. Guess on the shell Pennzoil. Performance on budget things to get to hear and a great hour and try to resurrect John gruden and Kirk herb street back to back as we have. Everywhere and they wanna mention quickly the Bobble heads are continue. You know that Mike and I've taken ourselves out of the bubble had business our wives are giving them away. Stacy is gonna do we predict a score contest with the Yankees and Indians tonight. So if you wanna get involved thank you wanna win assign Mike in my bubble had you can go to her Twitter feed. Q let and I use and Mike are taken. You'll wise for she particulars so it's really not true true true well what happened it means the pitcher it if you want the true story wanted to make a joke about the story is true. Chris started giving them away. Because people were tweeting and saying I would like them and she just sort of David you've thought she's got like I'm a soft spot yes and she was like OK Ali I sure you're nice you love the show all these years us into a bubble and all that. They saw this and said can we do this and I said no we can't. Mostly because you know me I'm I don't wanna be bothered and I think. And then when Chris started giving them anyways they start yelling and it like when we're gonna start giving way Bobble heads are so my camera now we're giving away Bobble heads. An hour in the giving away Bobble heads business they do you promote points over the last forced a way to given way to Bob well on where another if you want to know are predict a score what do you think is gonna and and I yankees Indians for all the marbles in the Yankees do you think the Indians are Covert who were a big game two was an anomaly not in the well if you go to states that were defeated states EG as you can you can predict the score you could win. Which is giving more free Bobble heads today meanwhile also on Twitter and his look at some of the reaction on the soccer again if you're just waking up and hadn't heard. I'm really trying to get a gauge for how. How significant this is to the average American sports fan art based upon last night's loss to Trinidad and Tobago and a variety of other seemingly improbable circumstances. The American men will not take part in the World Cup this coming summer and it's it's really. It's amazing when you think about a huge story that because we're right in the middle the football season and the baseball player and everything else is not gonna get. All that much mainstream attention today I don't think they're trying to get a sense of the apple not in the World Cup for times 1986. So as archery tennis this is an embarrassing loss for US soccer. Our fire the coach and players who wanna be there reg Jones tweets I believe that we will win was awesome to hear and participate in in the summer of fourteen it will be missed. Next year and I agree with that I think right now. Go through the middle the football season and and baseball playoff people are paying a lot of intangible one cubs starts. And people wake up detail wait a minute that's right we're not in this I think that people pay attention to that then. No doubt and has a lot of blame to go around people wanna blame you're gonna Klinsmann they wanna blame Bruce Arena they wanna blame the players. I think in the end when you look at the skill level. Of some of our players and Tim Howard H and now I mean what words do you where's the young goalie has come and I think the skill level. Has to continue to get better we have to improve that and the players have to take ownership green. Win and indeed the NBA. It's at their players. To the Olympics the dream team Dole's ownership there we took ownership and we are the best basketball cards and a world we're gonna show it to you I think the same has to be done. For the US men's national team they have to take ownership and the only real sense of pride in the sport. Keep those treats come into the Twitter feed of your football session a strained relationship. You need And order doesn't. Read or assorted roses for only 2999. Yet another dozen plus Avaya is absolutely free go to Slash ES began. So from football too football. Jon Gruden and Kirk curves you're ready to go back to back here we always start John with a song that. That we think he'll like look at pickle had nervously as Travis you're disarmed for a job this week let's see how he likes it. All right Jon Gruden this is Metallica a lot of restraint. Patrick scrapped its lives in a dark room when it. Grip and lawsuit I don't like that song Travis Guantanamo. But although growth. That's rob are gonna have to quickly before the end of this interview Bakalar Morgan and aids on the he liked it Lisa van hail and that anyway good morning John gruden barrier today. Great good morning yep Booker McFarland and with me today let's. Let's go over the game that you guys had on Monday night is it was interesting and so many different levels let's start with the big debut of the bears quarterback. What was your impression of Mitchell Drabinsky. I was really impressed by cat thought he did a good job. Again it's very good defense as sophisticated experienced the transom primetime TV especially early in the game. If it weren't for a few penalties. The Chicago Bears I think we're enacting. And some most penalties I didn't like that thought they were to keep tax. Touchdown called back because the receiver LB had a beautiful rodeo the drop out of twelve yard line up third down call back. He scrambled and made some plays in the pocket outside the pocket and this gives the bears hope. And I think that's a big. Start right there. John what would you do going forward whip Mitchell too risky obviously had a pretty good start and how do you push push the envelope forward do you do you continue adding to the playbook and you continue ripping. Some of the things that he's doing just haven't Duma a bit better. Audit where at this stage reality Chicago number one they don't have any ships that are notable. You know mr. Kevin White and listen. Aired it out for the season are not coming back and moved up too many oil now shot GF three. They have a bunch of no name wide receivers that really have struggled to make any kind of an impact at all. They just don't have very many weapons outside Jordan Howard. And Tariq owners are rookies so I think you're gonna see more bootlegs you're gonna see more of an emphasis on play action perhaps they put. If they don't pick up some wide receivers that can make a difference I don't care who placed quarterback are gonna struggle to move the ball put points on the stuff. One of the things they think is most interesting about this and and and it is certainly not unique. To the bears and Robiskie is that in that game Maloney took more snaps from center that he did his entire collegiate career. So would that thought in mind how do you devise an offense for that are you force feeding him. What we were considered to be a traditional pro style offense do you think we see more and more of what. Guys like Andy Reid and others are doing where they are mixing and a lot of college concepts where do you think that is going not just in Chicago but across the NFL. Well I think it depends on your person and audit the best player on the bears team right now Jordan power and he'd be a school. They get in the shotgun. And how much his own read you wanna do at this meant he could not formation in. Really enhances running skills he's a guy that can dominate the team is outstanding but. In the long run you want out. The reverse you wanna do little bit what Seattle if you have an athletic quarterback you wanna try to merge some of the things that you see in college football this only read the perimeter offense. Is that. Really used the no huddle offense by. I think you have to enhance who your best players are in right now Chicago with tailback in an offer that it Eric creates some play action after the group where it until. They're receiving corps come off. John look at the other team Minnesota Sam Bradford the traders says he has wearing town is Neve we don't know of that's gonna give him you better. I you have case keep him Teddy Bridgewater could be ready soon what do you make it a quarterback situation in Minnesota. Other Europe's one of the most difficult. Quarterback groups to figure out in all of football like rapper on the last year contract. I don't think they picked up the option not Teddy Bridgewater contract. Whoever the medical people are gonna have huge savior and try to determine. Who has long term sustainability. Is. Sam Bradford going to be help he can stay healthy what are the doctors say what are the medical reports. How severe it was Teddy Bridgewater injuries he backed that have been Bridgewater of the of yours characterizes. It is mean going to be compromised ethnic. Yeah happy at all these medical facts. And you have to really be prepared to make it difficult decision because. You're gonna have to invest in one of the two none of that too. In the meantime your goal what is Keenan who is the ball brought a Jeff Garcia rightful not quarterback you could win whereas. He's proven that especially figured he sent a I have no idea where they're long. With those two injured quarterbacks. That's the long term a question and I agree with you but as far as the short term I heard some people suggesting yesterday. That until and unless Bridgewater is ready to play this year. With Bradford being as injury prone and and I'm gonna use the word brutal out of it at that might not be exactly the right word but whatever it is. Not dependable as he appears to be. That they should just make it a vision we're gonna play Kino we're gonna rally around him so everyone and the quarterback is we have some stability. At the position is does that make sense to you that you just say we know this guys available he can get the job done. At least we'll know the quarterback in the team although the quarterback is every week and just decide on that. Yeah it makes complete sense. I don't like playing injured quarterbacks can't take the reps on the practice field he can count on fire. If you go back and watch your opening game when he played against in the war of saint we were there he. He looked as good as any quarterback in football. So you have to really be careful what you say it's still early in the season. I would give him a couple weeks to try to get that thank completely healthy rally around Cheatham who really made a statement the other night in Chicago. By the by Jon Gruden whether it's on the shelf until perform and poor performance line up. Taking synthetic Motorola performance to a whole new level make the switch to pens all synthetic today so that was last week let's go to this week the colts and the titans. A couple of injured quarterback situation is there as well we started Indy we won't see Andrew Luck this Monday were not sure when we will see him. We're seeing some pretty good things I think at a Jacoby percent from what I've been able to see I'm sure you're watching the film what are you seeing from Jacoby percent. Athletic I did not know Jacoby present workers that's where I mean eat. Is winning games with a scrambling ability he has the big arm. He can throw any task from anybody position. On film I've seen that. And they have any dismantle offensive line and other herbs or different senator the protection hasn't been great. But he just hung in there and and really done an excellent job considering when he thought he Indianapolis on the heat. He got here late this process he has come alive and really given. The colts and hope with this athletic ability in his powerful arm and Q I know there's still one of the best receivers that I see in India it's. So that's the game this coming week the cold and the titans in Tennessee in Israel let John go. We just couldn't live with a job and come and it is not elected usually a matter of. Today. You just start every show with David Lee Roth yes they better have a that fires me up say a Barley keep going out. Thank you Janet Jagger whether it's always good to leave it with a smile on his basic job is not even in the room and intimidates me so. I'm glad to see an illusion did you see the look undeclared right it's kind when John had that initial reaction good stuff there Mike in my presented by progressive insurance. Compared it to help you save now that's progressive call or click today and find out how much. Progressive could save you system football there were Jon Gruden on the field in the NFL autism. College football on the field with Kirk herb street coming up in a few minutes and her BM I mean I'm I'm looking forward. To listen to you and Herbie talking because obviously both of you are as well versed in college football office anybody is but. We also understand that the off the field football stuff is. About the big topic in sports right now. And within the last half hour or so the president of the United States has treated again about the NFL. I'll read it to you this was from 6:47. AM eastern time this morning so. Basically a half hour ago it is about time that Roger Goodell of the NFL has finally demanding that all players stand for our great National Anthem respect our country. That isn't I don't know that that's a fully accurate way to describe what happened yesterday Roger Goodell sent a memo I'm sure right now most football fan. Are aware of it to all the clubs and we'll have an owners meeting this week to discuss this. At more length for. If I order summarize the memo what was basically Roger Goodell telling the owners. That the league has come to the conclusion that they need to figure out you know a solution to this because. These the the protests. Whatever their intention are have created a reaction that is harming the leaked and that I think was what the what can tell we're seeing to the owners. What exactly is coming where whether the owners will unilaterally implement a rule that states that all players must stand. For the anthem or not we don't know we've obviously seen much Jerry Jones has said we know the dolphins have made such a rule. The book are you played a legal long time and I know you'd be very thoughtful man. And you were talking about this with me a little bit and the makeup room before we came inside levee to share some your thoughts. O'Grady first of all I think it's gotten to a point where it's a lose lose situation because the initial message there comic afternoon. Was putting out there about dealing with it per the police brutality. And social injustice is now gone by the wayside in and now it's become. Both sides grandstand and it's about the flag in the cantonment and the players and now. The economic model of the NFL is starting to be effective in so when I say it's lose lose the player's message is no longer being hurt. In the NFL the economic model list on and be affected by sponsors and things of that nature so him ross' sacred. If our locker room right now I would tell everybody let's Stan. I would call a player and each team and how they let stand regardless of how you feel now's the time to stand because which are nearly four is no longer being hurt. The I would go to rush the bill now say Roger. You walked. Everyone to stand because it's now affecting our game it's affecting our bottom line let's be honest about this where the money is this where people are gonna listen so when the sponsors or call us and hate. This is a bad look we have to listen we understand that we're all in this game to make month so now. Let's everybody stay. Roger everybody all seventeen of the players are standing Kenya couples can you now be the voice of us because we listen to you. More importantly you and everyone else in in your owners your bosses listen to the president the president says that he's made this is again. So now that we're standing. We need are forced to Bieber. Because the original message was about can we do something about the police brutality and the social injustice so why would ask every lawyer in the NF noted. If you can hear me still. It and in whatever. Stands. Commissioner now we're spending. Can you both stand for a because the initial message is gong greedy. So now it's a lose lose situation everybody's who's in the NFL has loosened sponsorships. And our company. Are being affected because of grandstanding on either side. Is now. So if you're NFL player is so. Stand up. Let's take the politics out of our game. Take the politics away from the NF they'll let the fans get back to football and did what happens now. Somebody stand up for take our message take you to do. The commissioner and the commissioner. You talk to you buddies talked to two owners and take our message to the president United States because due to grandstand if you want to call us out on tour every morning at 3 AM 6:30 AM. You listen. Are you gonna listen that we bomb missed its argue gonna listen in when we do what you ask you wants to stand great we'll stay. Can you list if we study and can you list. I think that's what we need to go right now greedy because it's obvious that the kneeling and the anthem has overtaken. Everything. And so I would just ask if your player. And you can hear marvel. To stand up. Stand up let's unite in a dip to unite behind each other gig back to the common cause and that cause is really simple. We don't want police brutality we don't social injustice. Kneeling no longer. It's our calls for a stand and see if we can get our calls her agreement that we promise. I understand what you're saying I have I have a variety of questions and these are really complicated issue yet. So it isn't as simple as 02 right so right or or all your wrong correct that it is a complicated issue and a variety of levels. The first I would have would be in which order. If I was a player. And I was moved to be doing what many of the players are doing in which order what I do those things. Would I say to the commissioner and or to the owner of my team and or to the president of the United States. Would I say. I will stand and then I demand that you listen to my claws or what I say. If you listen to my cause I want it now. That might sound like a subtle difference but I don't think it's a little bit right to significant effort it is it is also making. The issues that we're talking about here into negotiating chips bargaining chips which I understand not the idea of not hiking. I don't like the idea of negotiating bargaining or whether we're gonna stand for the National Anthem and I don't like the idea of negotiating bargaining over whether we're gonna stand against. Police brutality and and and social injustice that don't feel like things that should be to go write it that way we negotiate benefits and and and other things like that. But that does feel and also at the same time in some ways that where we are now. Next up got greener. What we have here is the president of the United States has has made this an issue yes it's one that he he feels he's winning on and he's not going Politico. And as a consequence of that. So many people find themselves in a position that they cannot control. Album and how I understand. Where Igor sentiment is coming to him. I'm. And it makes some sense to me I would I would need to. Sit and think a little longer about whether there is no other answer to this. But it certainly feels like a a legitimate dialog. Is arm is the only place to begin and a I don't know that that legitimate dialog is taking place it feels to me like a power player I would wanna say. It out as a player on the team how understated Jerry Jones. As a player on his team I'd wanna say to Stephen Ross or any the other owners who might have this the New York Jets I think with. Woody Johnson and others. I understand what you want me to do are you listening to what I want you do exactly. And if that becomes a two way street. Then I could understand I'm approaching this the way you're talking about. You green I don't look at it Wednesday as a bargaining chip his way I look at it as the players started taking a need to be hurt. Now that message has been overtaking bustle and the other night OK so now as a player. How do we re direct the conversation how do we re direct the mess and not bargaining. It's more OK were taken the next step and the next step for me in my opinion is that the players Allstate. So now let's take that step. Put the onus back on one our commissioner. And to our commissioner can put it back on the prison the United States it's amazing we don't wanna talk about politics and sports but no sauce that everyone out there. When the president of the United States tweet. Sports companies sports personality he he's he's bringing us in and in you house to respond in order to get the dialogue rolling the NFL player's gonna have to do something and Roger Goodell has to be a part of it. Because these commission the National Football League. And he also worked for 32 owners who. A lot of support slot so he's got a tow a delicate art and I truly understand that but guess what when they pay you thirty of forty million dollars they paid you that. Two totals one they pay you that to straddle those it's not like he's got to do get more importantly. He should do that for the betterment of this leak. Because he's concerned about the bottom line. He said onetime mod my goal is to make this a 25 billion dollar lead. We're halfway there. Has what do to since he's been the commission where more than half wit Anne and I think if if if we can handle this. Small ice. In I think he handles it the right way. He'll be indebted not only to the players the players who appreciate it but he'll also move the dialogue back to where it needs to go. Which is owned this owned the ratio of police brutality and the social injustice. Ever or micro care support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your profit of one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home Walt. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. 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Everyone's at this time our pleasure to welcoming Kirk herb street as college game day of kids that go to half. For me Harrisonburg. Virginia for Villanova James Madison this week and good morning Herbie. I don't. We're doing great let let's let's go all around a little bit here let's start with that is the game that you guys had Saturday night in the month or on. And Ann Arbor and the somewhat stunning result as Michigan State. Which it felt to me I watch the second half of that game it felt like they intercepted every other pass that was thrown. And they want to handing Jim Harbaugh a really tough flaw in his own building that night at brought up a lot of questions. About where Michigan is in were Harbaugh is of that program and everything else what was your biggest take away from the game. Obviously kickback. Competitive team I don't know they're back in the play out their their they're Korean art last year. And there that's coming off the three best years in school history. And they at all the fuel issues in despair everything you could go wrong went wrong. And I think a lot of people kind of forgot about the VP candidate. I think it was there are a reminder that mark Antonio coach of you know they they seemed to have. Right now a little bit of an edge on the the mindset of that rivalry. Michigan players continue on Wednesday. Specially their alumni and you know higher state notre in those are rivalry in the state. Not that big rivalry and you know on the estate down the road going to keep ticket that had no problem at eight Japan not a rivalry. I really walked out of respect and so what was wrong with your hard ball and he can't beat Michigan State he can't deal by mistake or is this program is obviously in great hands and they're only gonna get better. I look at it and thought. On this they read this from what a rebuilding year for Michigan not a date they re thrilled with. But they lost 43 seniors and they lost ten starters on defense. You're gonna you're gonna have refused to back when when you when you lose that much experience. I was I was more. And pressed by Michigan State. That was really down on Michigan now tunnel or replacing will speak out that the real issue. You know he he might turn out to degrade put. We've seen him play now against Purdue where it looks really really good and we saw him against a good defense in this state and and he had his struggles so I'm anxious to see where he would this weekend. Against Indiana. You know herb I completely agree with you and people questioning John Jim Harbaugh and as a college Coastr BR insane. Her do our best uses it take Alabama Clemson and set them aside in your opinion. Who's the next best team out there and Contra thing that's where the real debated. Yeah you're right I mean what if it's a week to week thing for me me from now on its state and state. Tortured debate. As we could hear about we week's fit. I don't maybe give Georgia just a little bit of an edge based on what they've had to do with their schedule. Going on the road against Notre Dame probably they're. They're a game that they've put a little Patrick next to. I don't I just thought you'd still have a young quarterback. And and he's gonna get him to some. Situations that are going to be challenging program to to really feed where he he can be. Totally fit here right now like give to order a little bit of an edge could we did the threat to land him. And from has been a great compliment to what they're doing with the running game. Put it you know at some point you're getting into a game. Bugger you and you know what it's quite yeah quarter wreck and have to make plays. When when the world is watching and everyone knows allocated to work third seven candy do it. Because right now he's throwing a lot of all the play action and publishing the run. There are dictating when he's throwing. They're gonna give it give into a game against Auburn we're gonna get a new game Havier sport where. He's been those obvious passing situation that's my one concern. Recorded down the road but as we sit here right now. I'd give them to the slight edge over Penn State with Penn State being that fourteen. Yeah it would definitely grew don't know one and states do has there are for games coming up. You know hurdle we often talk about who's the next best team after Clinton's and and Alabama no one mentions Washington and in in my opinion it has to do with how they look on the big stage against Alabama. Last year down in Atlanta how do you look at Washington and are you count of it's corn based on how they looked against Alabama last year. And I natively edit any great point. And a great discussion. If we're gonna be honest with ourselves. There's a reason. That the committee and people who watch this sport news. The Alabama is that cool ones I was stated the benefit of the doubt. It's staying power if it and it is probably shouldn't be that way. It will be really honor the creative. We we know there's proof in the putting like we know. Who these teams are. Because they've been here and done that and with what Washington did last year. And again we're gonna blow out put. It stated that surely as it as kind of at the new guy on the block. They didn't help themselves as far as showing kind of building credence. Who they are the brand now. It doesn't impact me. You know we talk about this whole time I you know when Oregon was kind of building that brand up. Because we are so many or in games I was in being packed twelve Oregon guy I would try to release and other organs. I played with these games they opened up the heat with the LSU and parent Mathieu and in the game got away from second patent and people in the FEC collapsed that at or. Our our Arctic Oregon on a given year and Stanford and you let the amount Washington make you wash state. I think I can play with the best team in the country but I do think it's your question what they did last year. Does hurt him as far as perfection because I think to people outside that region don't necessarily view of the pac twelve. Maybe the credit that that it deserves and I think a lot of times they end up losing. In that debate with all that being there. I have no problem at all. Looking to wait Chris Peterson building that particular program with the defense of line and linebacker the quarterback play. And giving him now for me. Are academically give they're now the benefit of the doubt. Moving forward if they beat good teams that they still have left on their schedule. I think Washington in a position to be able to capitalize and and and at least secure a bit in the playoff what they were to win now. Like him I can Herbie weather is brought to you like I just me by Allstate. You know sometimes we see these upsets in college football at and there are some what easy to explain imagine Michigan State Michigan will Michigan State is better than we thought they work. Sloppy track that night rivalry game you look at what happened Oklahoma. Afternoon against an Iowa State team that was taken total disarray on a variety of different levels and they go into their building and beat them. I'm always curious about that how do you explain that out of some hurting how does something like that happen to a team that all of us believe is as good as Oklahoma is. Mind that. Collectively. Not respecting your opponent. Towns like elementary or middle school approach glad you're dealing with eighteen to 22 year old kids. Look at the Oklahoma pain. Look at the energy and attitude. Of when they played in Columbus. And today. They wanted to beat the world pick and they could have played. I don't it is like in their mind they can have played the Packers it was so. Fired up and on edge they want revenge on their mind they had a purpose. They're tired of hearing about his state party here and know what date it. In Norman the year before this was their chance. Their leader breaker may deal meant he was like today we know these guys were gonna get these guys and they played out of their mind right. Went public but we'll start fit well okay Oklahoma could represent the big twelve they're great don't know Oklahoma a great there are other playoff after two weeks. And what happens in the with Nick Saban talks about it. That threat what they believe this is the rat poison. I'm telling you man it is it Nick Saban or 52 weeks out of the year not well during the season. 52 weeks he has. Middle coaches to come and talk to their players. Because what there'd be doing it in and not Tuscaloosa. And how they avoid complacency. And how they keep their edge is on the precedent. We just don't see and for the most part innovate they don't have weeks with a racial flat. That's hard to do for twelve straight week with eighteen to 22 year old kids and so what I think happened Oklahoma. Lincoln Riley. Great coach first year. Haven't seen baker mayfield they almost did show up against Baylor. Breakers on the sideline after scored touchdowns yell and up to the fans. Happy of what national yeah you have to be focused on the purpose. You tip. I'm never Pete Carroll telling me I used to talk it about it that he can they were rolling year after your year. It's a crazy that you guys can go. Because we're a really good they can go anywhere in the country. Whether that team that they're favored by thirty against or in their favor by two against with the same brand same team every single week. In his point was. We don't look at our poll. We work so hard against each other and compete so hard against each other. It's Saturday at recess like Patrick given we're gonna go out do we do. So he created a mindset that the rule book it who were planned or use later this week we've really got to get fired up. He looked at it challenged his team to just get ready weekend and week out regardless of but the point is that would dictate. And I think the Lincoln Riley human probably viable left for accurate coach. That you can't ride the emotional it's bedlam now we go it's Artest and now we don't here we go up you can't do that you've got to. You can't go get perfection. You go every week and you don't get caught up. If the media and Twitter. All the shenanigans all the outside the war. If you allow your team to be caught up in that you're gonna show up take your foot off the dance you can get beat but I was statement backup quarterback Matt. I can bear for for Oklahoma and we'll see how they respond to that but that's what happens in the and college football what happened somebody this week you but the way to games. Probably not going. What you don't want someone going to lose probably because they're not gonna respect their opponent. And I promise you we're gonna talk next week on Wednesday and you're gonna say holy calvary up in this team lose. Committee vaccine than it it's an epidemic. The challenge for the coaches and somebody will will be a bit in this week. Yeah I can Mike Berger as you're let's change subjects for a week away from the start. The NBA regular season earlier I usual earlier than usual started to expand the sees little bit to try and work their way through some changes in the schedule in which hopefully will result. And fewer players resting and all the rest of that and one of the teams that we'll have a brand new look at a lot of expectations the Boston Celtics in their head Coach Brad Stevens. Is back with us and the shell Pennzoil performers like coach it's Mike and Booker McFarland in with me today I event. Kukoc climb well we are well we're looking forward to seeing what your team looks like is obvious it'll be an entirely different look after what was a really Goodyear last year we finished with a one seed. You made wholesale changes. And the biggest of them of courses is bringing in Harry Irving and Gordon Hayward in free agency so let's just start from its most basic when you have as many new faces. As you have what are the first and biggest challenges as you get a season started. But I think you always look to try to figure out streets of your team. What they've done in the past that they've played you know and at this level and and perform at this level four. How to try to mix those strings together and you know I think that you do start. This season with certain objective. You know for us it's been trying to play it with a high motor on both ends of the court the end. Being able to. So learning each other to read and react off of each other both offensively and defensively and you know it's been it's been at the start it's hard to believe were only two weeks then again and you know tonight's our last exhibition game and and then we open up in six days. Here we go. Brad as a guise of myself that was traded from one team to another I know what it's like the Communists and acclimation period I'm curious. How has the acclimation period be in for Carol readjusting to his new team now you bring in Gordon Hayward how have you handled that. And made no more comfortable. You know I think that those are probably questions. That those guys can answer better but we got we only got four guys back from. From last season. So it's really acclimation period not only her you know Kyra Ian Gordon but for most of our team and then. Even for a returner because you know they haven't played with a lot of these guys in in the first. Few games here. We started two guys that are returning and and brought two guys off the bench that are returning it. And I think you know there is going to be some. Some learning in me growing together but. The the general attitude the work. The desire to do things together the desire to compete in practice. And it's been a really enjoyable couple of weeks you know I think that these guys. Recognize that we've got to get better. And at the same timer and join in that process together and I think there's some things. That we tried to do by going away for the first few days training camp which we have not done in the past couple years and you know scheduling every meal together at those type of things but then it you know at the end of the day when you when you're competing. Together. It's more about learning girl and on that practice court threw game experience so. I think there's some things that you can try to expedite. In building a team and there's some things that just happen happen organically and we're just trying to do we do as well we can't every day so that we can expedited as much as we can. Game tonight Celtics and hornets 7 eastern on ESPN pre season action followed by the rockets. And the grizzlies Brad Stevens head coach of the Celtics is what this and I opened it up by saying you guys start irregular season earlier. Then in years past and and that's one of the many things and I commend him for the commissioner is trying to do. To try and cut into the idea of resting our regular season games and all the rest of that how do you expect. These schedules this year to impact the schedule the armed scheduling if you well they're the the plane are from different teams around the league how would impact. If at all the way you approach the season and how do you. Expected to impact other teams. Yeah I'm really interested to see. You know you keep talked to a number of players. Obviously need the extra days. Provides. Or eight days or whatever it is provides I don't think there are many if any. Four games in five nights. It lessens the number of back to back that you talked a few players that they'd actually say that. They prefer to go back to back because they know the next days off for sure. And so I think that there is it'll be interesting to see how it all works over the course of time but clearly. I love the intent and the thought behind. You know prioritizing. And maximizing. The rest factor and help our players with it are skit. And you know I think that those discussions this is probably the start of those discussions and commissioners silver's been. Interviewed in a lot of different areas about length of season game etc. And you know I think overall. Relevant topics and you know we'll see what plays out over the next few years. No coach ever heard the experts talk about how all. The move cow re in how all the moves make your better team I'd love to hear your explanation how does having I read. At the point guard position instead about Isiah Thomas and some of the other moves how does that make you a better team in your month. Well first of all is the only answer is time will tell right I mean we'll see we'll see we'll see what happens. And I really like the group that we have. And I said this before you know when when you make the moves that we made this summer when you're in the coaching position or playing position. Everybody else around to there's there's an emotional costs when you make those moves because of the impact that those players not only had on. The team but more so once you. And more so the people in the locker room and so I think that and those guys. That are no longer here. Isiah obviously. Included. Like I think that those guys had. Tremendous run and and those guys did things that. You know made it fun to be around them every single day in and they note that I could not appreciate it well current. And as we move forward with this team I think the biggest thing is is that. This team had to become the best that it can be doing what it does well and so. Received it has its own vanity every game itself and these you know you go into the game and if you don't approach it right. You don't put your strengths or you don't do which you do best you're you're gonna have a great chance of getting beat and for us. We just have to focus on who we have again. How we can play the best of our ability can't accentuate each other strengths that we'll see what happens but. You know time will tell if you know for better or not. Did you Brad Stevens had coached the Celtics again opening next week include much of interest in carrier ring going back to Cleveland your very first game. What what what are you have you already had a conversation with her about what that's going to be like we've seen star players going back to their. Previous cities and the reaction that they frequently tend to get have you already talked with them about what the expectations are for that. Yes I think I think the biggest thing for us Mike is that. First of all when you look at it we need your mind and in my position you're looking at it say okay we opened the season with Cleveland oh by the way the next night we put Milwaukee at home. Really good team right so. Were looked at it from the standpoint. How we prepare ourselves to play well through 82 games and so. Obviously Cleveland being the first game there will be a lot of lot of attention. Extender etc. But you know everything we're working on trying to be able to focus on the task at hand in the moment and the great part about playing in a game like that is. It will bring you right back to high high level basketball. Right out of the gate because you're gonna have to perform without. Concerning yourself with the distractions that you wanna have a chance to be gay in oak. Ultimately that's say that's a great thing for our team and its in its young stages to have to go through early. You know regardless of result I'm looking forward to seeing and how we progressed from there. We're looking forward to watching him coach it's always a pleasure thank you so much good luck if you season gets started it's coach. But straight talk with us I'd like about it brought to a straight talk wireless as phone's -- networks no contracts. People are acting like crazy. To Stephen Strasburg the explanation again given for why he's not starting today on regular rest. Being that he's feeling under the weather the reporting that it Dusty Baker talking about mold and air conditioning and other reporting in the USA today that he ran a half a mile and was woman's words humor just. Are you look what Strasburg looks way worse everyone understands that does is trying to defend his player right but he's lying he's blatantly lying to a supposed insult I understand people lying to me. Right I get that. And at and listen. Honesty is the best policy it tell that to my kids and that is a good way to live your life but the God's honest truth is it's not a good way to live a public life right sometimes you gotta tell little white lie. Don't you don't get up there and tell me that you can't pitch because it's molding and there's air conditioning issues and all that make something up. Fought protect your television our means something. That pick some semblance of sense because otherwise he's just gonna get he's gonna get. A serrated which is being eviscerate it right now the Chicago marathon was run over the weekend. Mine octogenarian finished at. Nine people over the age of eighty ran 26 miles in that mold over the weekend. This guy was wheezing and a half mile run. Is unbelievable here Jack you he's 83 in result. He ran the marathon in four hours 31 minutes and 59 seconds he won the octogenarian group could beat me on the going to be a whole lot of people. So I mean this is this is just a startling. Circumstance and I I I I don't know what to say about it. And according to Washington Post the nationals at Strasburg if he can pitch on Wednesday he said quote I'll give you what I got according to GM Mike Rizzo. How do you view what I gotta give you what I got straight talk wireless nationwide coverage and America's largest the most dependable four GL TE. Networks and this is something that in less some further explanation of it some more. So more. Understandable. Or acceptable explanation of it comes out is the kind of thing it's tough to live down. Boy it is going to be tough for him to overcome Maine and we thought the nationals were little dysfunctional if you go back from Bryce Harper got choked out by Jonathan Papelbon we were kind of Warner what was going on with this situation. Now this gives you another little. Sneak peek into that locker room and I got to tell you greedy when your best players. Archer most unselfish and he's the kind of things that come on a team environment. But I don't understand the selfish piece of this that's where this is confusing me I get what you're saying yeah if this is about contract and his was about money. But this is not his elbow was bothering him which could jeopardize the remainder of his career or anything like that and it's not about the contractors he got a contract. You know. And maybe the other side of this is if he really doesn't feel like he can give the team a quality start. Then maybe on some levels it's unselfish Chile's Gupta trying to help you shouldn't just have to try and support you when we expect we have been conditioned to expect. Is is guys saying you're gonna have to rip this ball out of my hand right where where where works were conditioned to remember Michael Jordan and the full game in Salt Lake City being carried back to the bench. By Scottie Pippen and having one of the great in my B month one of the most legendary game of his career and the general manager Reza said we think it's smarter. To get him yesterday to get better and hopefully government full strength if we get to a game. There is no game if you don't win game four and read NASA itself disagrees because if it's helped. OK so he's concerned about his own hill. But it is in the big picture is that is this gonna make him so much work what can get a worst cold them all front makes it looks worst affected a bit. So cold sniffles he goes it's evident. Was why we have a reason not to step out there on the mount he's got his money. He's not concerned about is wrong. He's just aren't. Scuffles. Max Scherzer this is also the Washington Post Max Scherzer marched into gusties office Tuesday morning and announced she'd be available for an inning in game four if needed. You probably wouldn't be able to give the nationals much after throwing 98 pitches on Monday. But a person familiar with the situation said the nationals will be well in the pictures are up on his offer void that looking at worst it's a tough. And I'd just I'd get hits on wheezing he guided us through our hundred pictures as you know what I did you know the how bad does that. And again he's got I've what does it what does this contract that how many millions of dollars this ensures there's I mean he's the highest paid pitcher in baseball right if he's not close. He got the huge country but so is Strasburg to mean this is just. It just a terrible situation of something about the ultimate makes me feel bad I feel bad for the degree of piling on that we're doing here but I honestly don't know what else to say. Yeah they brought you to a new low you're you're basically. Encouraging our national audience a lock. You made fun of Stephen Strasburg you don't know what a nebula as he would like brought it to a new low this. It is true I've I don't know what an idealized or are we are Mike and Mike are we estimate that you baseball game today you'll hear the most out of both on ESPN radio. You'll hear the nationals of the cubs as Washington tries to keep its season alive and get the ball the Strasburg if he's able to pitch tomorrow depending on the wheezing and then you got the animal Indians. Tonight. And we've got if you want the bubble head contest his onstage as a predict this court contest. With Indians yankees for tonight's if you wanna try get him on the ticket when the market next time Bobble heads. On Twitter at HEG and G. I Mike Michael presented by progressive insurance are guess appear on the shell Pennzoil performance on and we are delighted. That you're aware that today I'm delighted to have bugger McFarland in with me all morning long and we are together delighted to have will Cain and here. Now both discuss the many and varied topic and the port schedule how are DiFelice in a row and have a bone to pick with the McFarland was there hours Vick make Farley as Jon Gruden called in this morning. It was a problem great moment. In my in my history. And that is I'm told you're the reason that I'm freezing to death. I'm told they they keep we have multiple temperature settings in the Mike and Mike Studio One of them is much too hot. And all the others of them are much too cold. There is nothing temperate on the temperature settings infected so cold and here it's remarkable that I'm working David Strasburg could never do was show in this room at the temperature that is right now with the wheezing. But when I complained about it I was told. There was any warmer than this voters start to sweat. Well here's your first book you wanna you don't just get a take from we'll he'll get a high takes and I think he can he's young he's made many people I do man number two. The equipment along with me when we get excited we get warm. So we have to have it cool when I get excited and when the equipment gets. Speaking of excite ask you question the truth so you know I hit the Promos around here I've been watching the show I do when I wake up in the morning nasty net promo about you calling him out on nervous chatter on fake it chatter on excited chatter if pollster yet false chatter yeah acting confident acting excited we're actually not here. Minutes AM today he's got that cup star looks old I can't tell Libya's but he is talking a hundred miles an hour and he's got topic after topic fired up and ready. Go well. I you know this called you know doing my job and NN I. I'm drink and Eritrea as a there was tee and I usually only have the one cup of coffee first thing in the morning and I try to limit myself to that. But I'm so cold. The finish what ice has got an eyewitness that's why this. Can someone get something hot to breakers I'm freezing OK now you start to starlight Stephen Strasburg had a lot of cars and yet please do you go let's get down this will gain is here we are all on the Scott slams together by the way grow quicker picker greener grass. With Scotts turf builder grass seed if we can grow in the most winter like of conditions. Then it would be able to grow over here this god you have right now because it eight degrees in here. But anyway we have a couple of different topics that then I'm fired up on today as you point out. And one of them is this thing with Stephen Strasburg and I'm trying to find a million different ways to give him the benefit of the doubt and I can't do it. I'm reading Thomas Boswell column in the Washington Post today and other things. What do you make of this if indeed on its face it is what it appears to be. And I I there is no other obvious explanation here what do you make of a circumstance where any any an elimination game. He star pitcher who has given up zero runs in seven of his last eight starts. Is this is not able to take the ball because he ran half a mile and was wheezing and a feeling under the weather in the manager says. It might have something to do with the mold with the air conditioning. What I take away from it is at the surface level taking everything at face value of the same things you guys says I mean. This is not only indicting Stephen Strasburg desire to pitch in this game but it. Perhaps who used to voters point about rising to the occasion going to be part of the moment wanting to game on his shoulders but. Not have been accused on many occasions of being a contrarian. Just for being the sake of a contrarian looking for the other side even when it's not there I think it's a worthy exercise time and this looks so lobbyists and we are indicting him so deeply we might consider this something mortar and honestly green I don't know what it is army. I get have been laid out by allergies. I mean I have yes and I laid out the key part of it. I have I have I suffer very badly from seasonal allergies. And I mean many people will or won't know the show over the years will attend the many times I've been sneezing and sniffling and all kinds of things. On the air attempt to hit me once really hard in the spring when everything starts blooming and everything. And you DI I've learned over the years of the combination of medication that I need to take that gets it under control and you do what you have to do. I mean and again I understand that if there's really bad issues with the mold in the pollen in the American Asian whatever it is but as I just point out. They ran a marathon in Chicago this past weekend and nine people over the age of eighty finished it. Yup that everybody reacts to Indians I'm with you I mean I can't imagine anything short of broken bone that would keep him from going out there and performing his job or at least attempting to and then as you point out but having the magic column back in what is obvious that he can't. I agree with you put a little party school hand. With Stephen Strasburg really at this point in his career shrink from the moment when he really do that what else is that a what I'm trying to adolescent mode anything else asked the point I'm trying. Maybe he's laid out by mold may be mold has really taken it's all on him and they can just tell him to wait didn't and eighty year old at the right any visitor would a straight and I think incomes you know the lady is something else to write this just may be something else there is some of personal I don't I don't know man. Whatever it is an an endless and I don't ever wanna be sitting here and advocating lying right I mean that's not a good thing where you're when you're a person did when you're a person with a with a without with a microphone and allowed voice was starting now but there are some circumstances. Where the truth is not always the best policy right I mean. If they try if they were trying to defend strossen is discipline we as leaders and dusty Dusty Baker may not be telling the truth I don't know. I think he is telling the truth of what makes. Okay what do you know how well what he's not to if he's not that what is the reality what could be worse than as what what are they hiding. That it would be worse for him reputation only and otherwise then. We got mold we got air conditioning I mean. It it just it the whole thing feels so ridiculous I hardly even know what to say sports war. Is more than anything. Drawn around the great ones who've risen in the worst moments and the Michael Jordan's flu game comes immediately to mind the Curt Schilling bloody sock game comes immediately to mind. I Sandy Koufax pitching with his arm basically hanging at his side. Comes to mind in so many others Jack Youngblood playing the entire bubble with a broken leg and millions of other story basically every football player ever drag himself out there you know with with with the you know Milton why McCain and everything else that you guys need to play every Sunday. That that's what sports is supposed to be even I know that and I'm the un toughest person in the entire world ordered into. Your point will about Dusty Baker based on the questionable decision of taken ushers. After you pick six in the third inning on a given a one hit based on the underachieving. Nature that he is the Washington Nationals I don't think Dusty Baker. Is in a position or will he put himself in a position in my opinion. To get up there and I think dusting was given just honest to god for about I don't think dusty was in a position is that you know what. I've earned enough crib in this town market take this one and Stephen Strasburg you'd deal with the do you think Strauss mobile and a pitching in this game. Yes which would make it mop. In Strasburg look you don't exactly it will make it of course. I think you're right I think he'll pitch and again I don't know I don't I think they'll save him for game five a what are the game far well that's why he's not that you should have the ball big game I understand that but if he's not well enough to pitch in the game and he's not well enough to pitch in the game that would make. A lot of sense to me especially if you are then planning to handle the ball in game five he could make any. Literally any other decision might sound more sensible aren't a move on. To the next topic here with will Cain we opened the show this morning with a startling. Story coming from the world of soccer and again we understand that. I am in in the general sports discourse especially in October. Will we have the baseball playoffs and we have football both college and pro as as hot and heavy as they can be. And the hockey season has begun of the basketball season is around the corner. The people are taken a whole lot about soccer right now. But when the World Cup rolls around this coming summer that generally the one time this whole country Connie gets in the soccer. The American team will not be planning for the first time since 1986. Will Cain what is your reaction and at the risk of asking it and and an overly simplistic way to scale of one to ten how big a deal was this to you. My reaction is it's embarrassing and it's it's about a nine tenths from me on I like soccer. Promised soccer fan I wake up on Saturday and Sunday mornings and watch Manchester City when their plane I'm a fan. Beat whoever it is they're playing right now because there. Our I like watching the American team. I like watching international soccer the World Cup. I like watching euros CONCACAF I like soccer and embarrassing United States of America a nation at 350 million people with unlimited resources can't compete. At the highest levels in soccer. Now I'm not Taylor Twellman. Om I don't have. The insight in deep background in soccer and a lot of these guys have to analyze what the problem why is this because this isn't a problem of one game and Taylor pointed that out it's not a problem of the United States for Trinidad to boggle it's the truth the matter is it's not even a matter of missing this World Cup it's the missing the last two Olympics as well. And why he is why is it's a country with that kind of population with that those kind of resource is cannot compete the highest levels now. Quickly I take his green this is the only thing I think I would have to add to its deep now my kids play soccer. And down day play in New York City and actually played through their school. In which is an odd thing to happen at the elementary school level aide and the philosophy. Of this unique program in New York City is this that everywhere else in the world. Soccer is the sport of poverty. Soccer is the sport of the streets people play it. Even though they can't afford to plate and in the United States the feeder system for cup for soccer is. Kids that are wealthy enough to have their parents pay for big travel teams beat you get the best coaching him plaguing the highest competition. And that we are following the model enacting again Taylor Thomas pointed out especially the ages of fifteen to eighteen. It is just neglected to develop the best players in the best athletes in our country soccer among many other things in this in this in this entire. Recipe needs to add the ingredients of being available to every one and I'm proud in New York City this program were part of his part of that. A bringing it to African Americans Latinos. On every race creed color and most importantly. Every socioeconomic background. Or here's the Osce will that you live in a country and around the US words soccer at this may be the fourth the fifth most popular sport they're trying to grow it. In the best athletes go elsewhere so I don't know if it's effect of a choice. Maybe the kids are make in its shores to going to play football basketball or baseball. Instead of soccer I think the parents are the ones that are really pushing soccer for the key is because of the safety. On the pick that they think is there. The only reason I think that fails blogger business there's 300 in fifty million people right even we are also at swimming. We're awesome golf were awesome fourth fifth sixth. Selection sports you know it's not just the football and basketball get our best athletes we're good at almost everything except for tennis that I can think of we're good at almost everything in soccer shouldn't be an exception to that. And antennas were really I would describe it as an old law all. Outside of the Williams on the men's side we got a good I mean we have historically these great they're right we have produced more great tennis players and then all the other countries in the world combined. Bristol all right we haven't done a lot of it lately right. But but but but to your point is well taken I would because I was thinking what brokers said. Also if you took the best athletes in the United States have to take the NBA. And if all those guys are grown up dreaming of being soccer players instead of being basketball players. Would we be the best soccer team in the world did you we will but yes that's a so that mean that kind of is the answer to quell. But that doesn't mean that has to be art that's not our problem that would be you what you said it's certainly true. If the best out of the United States were competing as soccer we would be among the best in the world but that doesn't mean that's what our problem is because again. Sports it can be third fourth fifth on the on the on the kids election when we're still great why don't we grade soccer and it's good to in my estimation part it's a development problem. Well of course you're asking you know or or the state mr. making news these other countries take their best athletes and put on the soccer maybe some and baseball whereas the United States are taking there. I mean their second third maybe fourth tier athletes and tournament soccer I think that's a very viable option as to why we've fallen behind we're trying to make a. Huge push it in three repeatedly people how deep I still don't have Belgium I mean does Belgium have more people in New York City army melted does probably population and over eight million I'd be done and Belgium is a world powerhouse in soccer. In that sue. It's not because their best athletes are going to soccer in ours or not we have more people to put pick from we have a deeper problem than just where kids are so what sports kids are electing to play. What we lost to Trinidad and Tobago yes hi I'm more people grew up in my building than that but that's. Neither here nor there all right Micah Michael Cain as you were presented by progressive insurance or guests and Shelton's all performance like okay. Bugger this morning I don't know if you had a chance to hear it had I thought a really interesting an impassioned. Perspective on what has become the overwhelming sports story of this time. And that is the issue of NFL players and healing and the reaction from many including the president of the United States and others some in the you've been on basically every show on the planet talking about well. Nom but burger because I. I don't wanna ask you to shorten it because you know there's so much new wants and it but but for those in the audited get to hear what is that. The the basic point you were trying to make. Well I think right now we're in a lose lose situation and I think the the unifil commissioner in the NFL owners have figured out that this is affecting the bottom line. The player to start the seed that this could potentially affect them and their ability to work with Jerry Jones from the other illness and you can't wait for it's I think it's a lose lose situation. And more importantly that the the overwhelming message that was put out their buck comic applicant and others about. With a racial inequality some to social injustice the police brutality has by and large getting no it is being ignored right now so. My hope Lee's recent let's all stand out that the players the message is being lost. I think things are being affected that we didn't expect or want to be a affect so now let's stand up all the players stand. Now turn to the commissioner of the National Football League rods ago. It's as you want to stay. You you're sending out memos you use sending out pleas for help will help. But standing in return or maybe not in return but we would cute to help. Because there's a dialogue that needs to be head between the president of the United States. Who's called nothing NFL's call not to players who called up people that work at this network about this very day. It's a work and asked the commission on sting it. 17100 players we stand now you know plus get a dialogue to give back to the initial issue. Our police brutality and social injustice that's monopoly. To the players because millions now working in it nearly is now creating issues that were not intend. So I liked him to stand. To push you almost owned Roger Goodell to push the owners back home the president of the United States to do some dialogue so weak and eventually solve the issue. At the beginning of this controversy which is what Colin company won the first. Voter I'm almost wish you 100% of the later on I am so. Personally exhausted by this entire topic. It's not because I don't wanna have this conversation. And it's not because I don't wanna find solutions with you for example bugger who have had many conversations with. And it's not because I think at the end of this rainbow we're gonna agree on everything are. But it's such a mess right now man it is such an aide gaggle of BS of people yelling at each other. Accusing each other of the worst of human motivations and intentions. I don't know how we see our way out of it I mean I agree with you we are now landing in a place where it's lose lose every which way around and I would like to help find. A win win. I do think kneeling has to stop. I think it. You're right I think it's gotten in the way of any kind of productive conversation or any kind of productive solution are really did. And I'm one of the people has not made clear it seize kneeling as an insult to the concept of the United States of America. I won't stop there. Oh stop that in sold in the collected go forward and hear the conversation we need to have but I think many people can't keep beyond that emotional reaction to something they feel very deeply about. The American flag the National Anthem. In players need to realize that for a great person to the fan base that's how that's landing and there won't be any conversation after that. I think if we can do our best to look at this from the east pouring present a United States please stay out of your exacerbating problems not solving them. Owners number two Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. You probably have to do what you doing. You have to put down some kind of ruler you have to say this is not gonna happen because they're simple in solitary goal is business and it hurting business. Fans fans of made clear at least a great precision then they don't wanna see this anymore NASA owners are responding to and finally players. Players have a greater goal in mind the kneeling for the National Anthem. And is there a way we can keep that conversation on some kind of productive. Path. You know. It's yet. We've had conversations about police brutality. The killing of unarmed black mean yes they're going to be aspects of that data perhaps that we're gonna disagree on but we're not gonna disagree that there's inequalities in the United States of America. That there injustices both on isolated incidences in on greater scales. And I think we can't if you and I or you and I green cemetery in these small symbol any small symbol there are things we can agree on big things we can move forward on. But we can't just keep circling back to this National Anthem and flag over and over we need to move beyond it I think the way you sustain. You'd agree it's just two point agree now that everyone is grandstanding on their particular points. The president has found oh appoint a case in point where. Now he can say look at the NFL are got you were talking about the tax were to talk about these different things. And it's all about the flag never want about her has I about her image and about the police brutality or the social injustice now you have the owners the owners are really in a tough situation right to the that was in the top. Because he's employed by the owners but he has to govern the players. You have to always look out for you players because. The reason is so much tension now. Between decent at the Roger in the players and in the league offices because a lot of the players don't think the owners give a damn about the so it is that you have to pay attention to your players but the owners are saying wait a minute. But bottom line. Because when the sponsorship start getting effective. Now our business it's affected in the pocket in the bottom line it's affected so it's a very tough situation that's why in my opinion Roger good day though. Has to be the one says this. These are our plea. OK if we can. Asked him to step on this field. What all the dangers of CT all the dangers of concussions and all everything that goes on in the day the sport of football at least we can do is listen to what they're saying. Because they're putting their lives and their friend was right in the on the line every time they go out there and it would be irresponsible of us not to do Roger has to convey that message to his bosses. And to me. I think if the players will stand. I know Roger well enough I think Roger would do that. But I think the players. Are diluting the message right now by kneeling because as long as you Neil now the president can continue to grandstand he can continue to send out 23:45. In the morning he can continue being what he's being in. And now the NFL owners are rocketing up the response all of that instead of feeding. To the issue up how can we help the communities where black people for like they'd been violated over and over again at once we get there. I think the and we start to solve the issue right now and wants his grandstanding on their particular plant will give the final at. A it is who's. A lot of time and I have as well. You know. Going after Roger Goodell talking about all of Roger Goodell failures in the way he is. Not lived up there are really whose job this letter bugger acknowledges pretty much everything you said it says you know. It in Atlanta is spreading to road unifying force of our sport that like many of our fans we believe stamp National Anthem but he does say here we need to work with our players to find a platform. You can say that's political speak you can say that PR talk but that's exactly what you're saying yes find a way to help. These issues. Work towards solutions out and it doesn't have a obligation to do that no workplace dust. But in being. Part of a community with your players it's probably a wise included.