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Hour 1: The Final Show

Nov 17, 2017|

Greeny & Golic discuss the Steelers defeating the Titans and then talk about the Boston Celtics continuing their winning streak and go on stroll down memory lane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Support for Mike and Mike comes from blue apron away bring delivers farm fresh perfectly portion ingredients and step by step recipe so you can make incredible meals at home rediscover how fun drinking can be while reducing food waste and supporting sustainable farms and fisheries is a blue apron dot com slash might give money to get thirty dollars off your first order with free shipping. As anyone who listens knows math is not my strong suit I hope somebody helped you with this so with the help of the calculator. And a whole lot of estimating. I believe we have done right around 141000. Hours of Mike and Mike. Going back to January of 2000 we have got four left to do what we will make them count lots of memories lots of things today but also. Plenty of sports to get into as two teams. Flash championship looks last night the Steelers and the Celtics a good night should be a good morning how are they fellow all you know. Herbert says that the math I've said we got about 4000 chose together. Now so I usual here's what I did IR IT got to calculate I someone's gotta try god I got a call I estimated 1818. Times for. Time times 200 region roughly probably don't roughly 200 shows a year together I did two point refuted two under GAAP because the military industrial. We were joking that we should have opened up the show this morning where that man and blogger sitting in these chairs. Because lord knows we don't do all too corny together now. I'm a got a 141004. Correct OK so I estimated to be about I want I want to towards one last time I got a math close to right but one way or another we've got a lot to do today we got a lot of fun that to be had been got a lot of people to say thank you to we will certainly do that a lot of nice things have been said about us which. We're not always accustomed to use it or not very play. I try and get right to the bad stuff that's being said about three to feel more home yeah quite honestly like I mean my home a bomb but yeah you're right sports is going on and what's happening on the field and on the court. I'm pretty darn interesting especially with the Boston Celtics. Gordon Hayward goes down there aren't twenty million dollar man teamed up with carrier ring in game one and you think OK. Well there aren't gonna wait here until they do anything and they are absolutely on fire your coach why I think a guy who's not only is he the coach of the year in the NBA to this point but. He's the coach of the year in sports and he's as good a coach as there is who got a lot to do what we start with that that. You know. The Celtics were down seventeen. At home last night to the warriors. Came back and won they won fourteen straight yet they have been a lot being made of especially guys dram on green about the free throw stuff. The Boston Celtics got the line 38 tied up 38 times. And the warriors got that are free throw line nineteen times. It was hi Kyra Irving he was the one who outscored the warriors in the last five minutes of the game himself. Eleven attack and an in this one I said no Jalen brown who's just as young phenom he led the way were 22 points. But unfortunately he had his best friend passed with almost didn't play in the game. Yesterday but ended up playing and played very well as a team did step curry meanwhile held under ten points for the first time in an awful long time. Who is loving his more than carrier all without a doubt again without a doubt that the proof will be in the putting and the putting doesn't come till may. But for this moment he's look at all legal. But the cavaliers struggling and his team when he fourteen straight itself Kurz ask that that game he thinks they're gonna be back here in Boston for the championship out and in his his response was. I heard the weather's nice there and under our nose and Julie had to Wear a plain cock just out of the rockets scored nineteen points last night. In the first half in the first again half makes unbelievable thirteen who shot clock care that started 54. To score at least nine point two the first half of the game and score more points in the first half. And 39 teams did in the entire game including. Warriors who just scored 88 Harden had I 900 points in this game or. 46 I believe is the correct number Chris Paul came back and it's one new in Matthews back from that Bruce side that he had eleven points in tennis this. And just one turnover in those point one minutes James Harden I'm sorry at 48 point escorted him. Two and I shouldn't do he was sensational last night again ninety points in the first half. Of the doctor. And VP voting in the National League it was as close as it has been in decades. But John Carlos Staten is your National League MVP. And in the American League Joey vital edges out Aaron judge and everybody accuse me. Jose elbows out to enjoy Nevada got edged up by stand by children may 28 points so start with Stanton again. The joy of out of by two points third closest margin. And MVP balloting in the fourth courses MVP race overall Stanton you know had those numbers had all the big numbers with obviously the home runs. And dollar extra base hits and and those kind of about. Did the news now it's been interesting with him is what's going on with with the Marlins as you know he could be on the trade barker or they're gonna listen to teams talking about. Taking on that massive contract with the Marlins trying to revamp and it won't do it with the National League MVP at pretty wild situation and and Al to based high eight. With a body she Nantz and Phil resume. As shortest MVP at 546. And one of the great tembo stats and Campbell will be so missed on the show. That all of those L two days five foot six your MVP. A Little League World Series was played just not too long ago as there are seventy little league world players that are taller than 56. And I was about to say in almost none of them covered baseball for our network actually I think she'll. Love bus or a little later this morning while this at Yankee it and he claims to tower over who has nailed to the power means you know you're just happens and okay. And again whatever he had a magnificent season as a magnificent player but as I was scrolling through stuff this morning did you see the picture that Aaron judge tweeted yeah I mean I. I just incredible guy's got to get it up it was on his own brother he looks like you not reading the child parking lot does he looks like some kid came up to when asked him for an autograph especially just the way the picture. Is his bout framed between the two of them like he's given all talk our rights on here's your autograph we had a home run for me today and words of encouragement that or it honestly what it looks like let. Algebra may be small in stature but he is much larger than that and I'm in heart and inability and then on the other side of it Stanton who is who can look I don't I don't judge a pretty close to it which OJ yesterday could become the third ever. MVP to win the award then changed teams the others were Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. And I. Put up forty points last night and if you let Antonio Brown on draft kings. You wake up with a big smile on your face out while my son plays drafting my son Mike whether it's also has he's in some leagues and forgot he had Antonio Brown. On his bench get out of here left him there. Lost out on those point oh my that's or let's call it really bad mistake most games with a Honda receiving yards and at least two touchdowns in the last five season Antonio Brown eyes nine. Time build a back come next with six tied with Jordy Nelson. With six but then as is that we talked yesterday gave us that has been money in primetime and Marcus Mariano who does not throw a lot of interceptions. Through four. In the game first time a tight pars or forty games and Steve McNair threw for week six and 2000. And former Marconi had six interceptions all. Season entering the game through before last night not a good night from them and that is a lot and I were presented by progressive insurance to go. Test drive snapshot see how much you could say before switching to progressive visit slash snapshot lets start. Right there because at least for the moment until the weekend comes the Steelers are alone atop the AFC standings and it's been a strange year. In Pittsburgh for this traditionally very buttoned up organization. There's been a lot of Norway's if you will. And yet through it all pure they are. Eight and two with a defense is playing way better than it has for a couple years. An offense that has been spotter he along the way but maybe now start to pick it up at the right time and in the beginning of the second half last night they looked on stop. While the thought process and offense was probably going to pick it up if you're gonna that I whether they were gonna get to more of what we're used to seeing of them I think a lot of people were taken that bet he often told by for the first hire him. Last hour for the first time which is there a long time many games at their original starting five on the offensive line that's canal that's a pretty good. Our unit there. And then obviously you have the the weapons that you have no they didn't run well last night. They're editorial on times for 65 guards at just a little over three yards per clearly got bell about it a big night running the ball bought. Ben Roethlisberger threw a 45 times and that that's been such the turn and you see the evolution of Ben Roethlisberger when he first got the league. All of you didn't want him throwing out of the team geoghan while throwing two warning. To 45 times let the teams running game and let their defense when it for a while we talked about their running game and their defense is really coming along but now been thrown the ball you know when he's thrown usually good things are happen a lot of that. Is because of Antonio brown and you know about that whole thing that when Alan Moore or Mark Davis Bryant. And him want to get out there and I'm juju trade him and why you're here as a wanna be their trade in Suu Kyi and get form. This is why you you keep on. Not a big night and again you know whose homer broke on the targeting. Antonio rockets those thirteen targets maybe I'm dog got eleven target Jesse game to tight and got eight. Judicial issues or got eight Bryant got four he caught two passes and averaged fifteen yards per catch. He gets you yards per catch he's gonna get some in the end zone as well that's a reason you don't trade him especially you can do it in the offseason. He can be a big play guy for you may not be a lot of targets compared to the other guys. But he still has that potential and you want that in your hip pocket as you go forward. Also jumped on a fumble last night to remain sort of a big play in the field they will play the patriots. If you sort of think about that that these are projecting ahead to what we can expect. Down the stretch in the AFC again with the patriots and that chiefs and the Steelers right now looking like the three best teams in the conference that you just bear in mind. Those three. They've got this sort of rotational having each other's number throwing golf right. Pittsburgh has Kansas city's number Kansas City as new England's number New England as Pittsburgh's number. So a lot of it could easily and I'm we'll never know you always give the edge of the patriots period there is straighter tea. But generally speaking you figure you see where those matchups start to fall as we get towards it again Pittsburgh and a New England will play each other on December orders they seventeenth. And that game is home in Pittsburgh. For the Steelers to super profits burger. Against been sort of an up and down year for him and pass the talk about possibly retiring state doesn't have it anymore now and he he sounded yesterday that guy is kind of tired of hearing all the talking. You don't know lot's been made of me or not. Panic carrying or whatever are not enough from you guys with some of the local or the national media stuff and it's not the further from the truth go out there and give everything I haven't. Play as far as I can't for these guys in there and our fans in the Rooney's and you know it's it's it's funny about penalties games. Listen I'm not saying media doesn't jump on some things which you want people to stop talking about it like that then that's not saying what you say. OK it's not say how much our thought. Well everything I might retire this year we know we always talks about his injures maybe I don't have it anymore said that nobody else said that. So people are gonna jump on that they're gonna talk about it talk. That's something I I I'm not gonna lie get a little tired of hearing. One athlete actually say something and make its comeback against them a little bit that's like all the media why they doing that. Tired of that Ben likes to talk no doubt about it but but the bottom line is. An excellent Hebert him a quarterback I think he's going to be playing so a couple of more years I don't mind all the talking like a syndicate that that he does I'd rather. Not two but he does and we know that about him. And when the media make something out of it that that tonight as I said I get a little tired of a win when he comes back at him for that. He's an excellent player in the bottom line is they're they're great team when he's a quarterback. And I think he's going to be the quarterback there for a few more years which is which because of that offense and that defense which is the younger defense to come along. Is really get a good they're going to be right in the mix for the next few years if you what. Stay and play week in week out it's it's very strange to say this about a team that has taken to. But they've been sort of an enigmatic team they want me I agree here has gone on have you watched their game in Indianapolis for example on Sunday at halftime of that game you would've thought the Steelers Geneva wanna be there. They looked disinterested they they added and then they came back and they found a way to win in the last night they just explode offensively but you put your finger on the most important point. The Steelers as everybody knows of one million Super Bowls and every year they won it they've ranked no worse than fourth. In total defense in those years. And even in the Ben Roethlisberger years those were teams that were built primarily on Polamalu have James Harrison a well the last three years that he resident bad I have Madison have they're not anymore. This defense is now ranked third in the National Football League you put that together with Roethlisberger of that group gets hot at the right China there's this and there's no reason this team can't win this. It's all about collection at the right time which they're starting to do it's always you know we do during November party plane December can you plan broke into play in cold. This team can duel that then can rifled the ball through bad weather and got guys that can catch in depleted if you're Damien Woody with his thoughts on that steeler offense. Finally solve them but you know you love and their weapons out of luck see more touch wood lay beyond Bill Clinton ma'am we'll have that connection we're Roethlisberger Antonio yesterday. You must stop holding a knife and obviously he's won the best policy was in the league chairman Al every now we can hear you waking up and took a broker but targets ten cats when you have that cut the connection that could be and end Antonio Brown has this really ought to stop. This all does that we can wait in the sun for so long in and they seem like they've been in in a law. This is our first game this year they scored over thirty points last year they score over thirty points in in for our turn three of their first five games. And they certainly did more than a few times after that as as well so this is that the American lighted up and and like we said it's not restart it's where you finished they're they're gonna win that division so it's all about. How are you positioned when the playoffs start. And I think they're going to be in a pretty good position and a lot has to do it that defense coming along the way it is they also get a lot of rest coming up now they get a little mini break that you get when you play the Thursday game now they they play next Sunday night. Against the Packers in Pittsburgh. Obviously feels very winnable. Then they go to Cincinnati on a Monday night than they get the ravens then they get that big game at New England they finish up. With that at the Texans and then home against Cleveland so. They have ever that's not finishing up action there's a few Martin at that but that that's that essentially what is it pretty well Gloria I like the Steelers right now are going forward right now that was. That Bobby when you're late on that pick I pick they're doing a Super Bowl last year. They get there this year were mica like mr. forward thinking project by Geico where fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance visit them at Geico dot com. Or call 180947. Auto Sunday we've got a double header. In the NFL we have rams vikings. And the second and we have his Bengals Broncos the coverage starts noon eastern on ESPN radio rams vikings yeah there really interesting match up I was reading a piece and yesterday. It's Jared golf against case Keenan. McCain and was the quarterback of the rams. Last year I went got it looked like he wasn't credited Randolph said he learned a lot from him his work ethic and such was very impressed with but does so. Unity got quarterback and quarterback but the bottom line it's took off. In this offense. Against that Minnesota defense those in the B Minnesota defense is if it very good offensive team McCain scheme has been playing well. But defensively is is where they make their bones that keeps him in games and is going to be great test form going up against that that rim often they've had these somewhat surprising ability to be a little explosive offensively though you know you see like feeling and dig or whatever number this together have been fantastic. I saw us that an ambulance Phelan is the only receiver in the NFL with five catches and every gallon this year. He he's been consistent on those of us who played all that you don't weekly senate last week he's he's money every single week and new digs as weeks where he goes crazy anyway whose mix for a little bit but now he's he's back you know. Couple weeks and get back to full strength and they run it a little and the loss that obviously when I lost Alvin caucus battle line has been revamped amend doing a nice job but really. Pace keep them. You talk about a backup quarterback you wanted to keep afloat case keep him as renewing a nice job for this year and possibly for what's gonna come after this because you don't know that quarterback situation is going to be well my legs are kind of left the little suspense at the beginning of this week bullet beat him all the B Bridgewater re easy to do what at what they gladiator Bridgewater against the job I don't know why he would in and out of things are going like this there should be zero question. They're should've been any question brought up after the last game and I'll announce a star on Wednesday to me it should have been case keep him as a starter. How how could you even think about going away from that. And Bergen and a guy who's coming off the unbelievably catastrophic injury they came off while it hasn't played in Seoul law and and that's put back out there when this team has is playing well. I mean I can't even believe that was a thought process when you heard him say we have a planned a plan change so I think the plan walk us. To get back to Teddy Bridgewater the case came and the reason they're not case scheme of the reason that Zimmer said plans changed because he's playing well enough to be out on that field. It's it's an interesting scenario for the vikings short term and long because the long term is all three of the quarterbacks and the rosters are free agent GAAP Bradford here to Bradford Jimmy is not going to be there and in my opinion probably the immunity in the league am I and and I wouldn't take achievement as a back up our I would. Personally I wouldn't I mean. He's a guy it's a shame you know what the injuries but he's back in touch you know he's he's missing games and he start games and ever become a lot of games and he's going on and I are so. You know I'm I would stay away from that to me it's the two quarterbacks do they have important next year as Teddy gets some time this year those are going to be the big questions yes I like it might so. There's the football for you we have plenty more. That as the morning continues but let's take a moment to just hail with the Boston Celtics out. Have done to start this season and got a lot of credit will go to their coach and deservedly so and Tyree who leaves Cleveland under all of the circumstances that everyone is well aware of and wanted his own team and he's got it and even without Gordon Hayward who drew one level only count disarming a Boston Celtic uniform his foot was unfortunately facing in the wrong direction up. They've got a lot of good players on that team Irving is this general that they can score they play really good defense and they come from behind to beat Golden State last. I to win their Forte do and they shot him particularly bad they shot 33%. Golden State shot 40% the biggest difference here is what drama angry brought about the game as. They capitalized 38 times did Boston and the warriors got the line nineteen times twelve points scored by the Golden State in 33. By Boston from the free throw line that was the difference because they shot horribly. In this game so. You can take out for Boston I mean they end up coming back and winning this game a lot of that because a free throws but shooting that bad and still come back and winning that game. I'm I'm sure a lot of people are surprised I don't think many people you see here we're rode out on the other one of fourteen game winning streak. Again I keep saying it's gonna level out at some point they'll lose let's see if there's a keyboard but. Man they they're making it very interesting for all of us who keep saying it's gonna be Golden State political in the finals again the foul shots were what it's worth. Boston took 25 in the second half Golden State took eight foul shots carrier ring with seven for seven from the line in clutch time yesterday. Golden State only made five fell shut in the entire second half and and as you mentioned at. Seth Curry was asked afterwards about the possibility that instead of his annual visit to Cleveland in the rock and roll hall of fame night. They might spend some time in Boston this June. Very very likely right. By the dozen and isn't it since they beat Cleveland. That it. There isn't room. And see and hear the weather is great here in June soliciting. It is too as the whether how about equal in Boston and Cleveland June social let me ask you this as a laundry together for that you know that that run on this. What will it take. During this regular season. For you to decide. I believe Boston not Cleveland as the team that's gonna come out of the solve the out of the eastern time to get the regulars it's gonna be that the key which you said there's in the regular season and I'm like what would take in the regular season although it to change that's I mean and that's key because I don't know if there's anything because I think Cleveland is gonna take all of us. You know guys that guys are they're they almost came around. Guys are gonna mess with mix no doubt about it I don't know if we're gonna have a great regular season record certainly hasn't started out that way. But I'm just not ready to do it I'm it as much as I'm sure people's heads are going to turn. They still have LeBron James OK they still have LeBron their defense is awful but they have shooters. They can score. They seem to get it together when they need to and and I think they all understand on that team those guys have a lot of those guys have been around the block many times. That they need to be right when the playoffs start so to me I kind of throw away the regular season forged them more than anybody else coming up next I've got a number. That will make you very very excited if you are fan. Of the Boston Celtics. Holiday cash. 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So you can feel at home wherever he go to ATP dot com we'll get that feeling for less than a dollar a day. Home state ball. So but a lot of Twitter reaction this morning at 31800 flowers dot com Twitter feed and and the hash tag they're using his MM say thanks and we're. Very appreciative of all the very nice note that we're getting some of them from our friends shifty tweet at us this morning and Chris mortenson twittered us this morning by a I'm more me focus though those guys we know when we right. But all these people who are just waiting nice notes at us and again I we will do our best to get back to his many people as we can't it's not going to be possible. To respond every one but please know that we really appreciated. And then that the funny thing that happened or are among the many funny things. So that two original members of the Mike can Mike staffer we first started this thing and there were four of us in the row right. Again you predate me I appreciate you edited the short Tony brutal for a year. Both and then. Texas Jenna seniors producing when we were trying to find a new post and when you were followed it went through Lyle and and you went through a bunch of different candidate bunch of different candidates Pete. Nice that they're every single day. And it was actually thirteen official candidates. And that was good that was the time that I talk to my wife she listens all the shows all the time. We'll talk director the first segment of each of those and she would either say oh this won't got potential. Or she would be like oh my god you have three hours and 45 mormons to distract. And I mean we we at all Heinz. People trying you know and they are coming in their to do their best my favorite story tell but the one that left the room. Where where a guy who who was really good at an impersonation or said he was and it was frank Kelly and a nose out Frank Caliendo so why all this you know these guys coming for their four hour you know. Each teacher to try and be the next co hosted the show. So he would he would run out and yeah it's there I knew we did impressions you would run out and I would just kind of look at repeat to the collapse in the middle of a segment we'll just open until it right out and Howard just look at Pete you know and I'd be ramping. And he would say. Lou Holtz his arm. And I'd pick up the Florida and Hewitt or run out 200 doing Lou Holtz impersonation. Debate that's like three or four times Steward Pete finally told them if you run out of the room again. Don't come back in the Republican tell them that didn't go. But but with that that is the story were you thrilled and you were not a candidate. But we needed people to fill in until the oracle real candidate showed up. Refilled and now the first time that we look like you're number ten because I was fat he was skinny I laughed and fifteen minutes into the bat after the first segment. Talk to my wife and literally her quote and this is this is the God's honest truth or quote was he sounds kind of geeky but he's the one. I said he's not even a candidate she said again sounds geeky but he's the one so that was the start of it that's the true story and. Always on our I was in November of 1999. So then they they the impression they gave me the job right officially started January of 2000 right. And so Pete came in here Peta just in both in here with us this morning it was just average everyday at that point it was just before GAAP no real careful numbered here at some point watching came Al it's what I think later that year. Although we didn't become Joaquin for a couple noted how we renamed demoted and of that story he was curt Kaplan Iowa I'm one of them one of the first fights and so Pete and NA NA hilarious. And very touching move this morning came in this morning with a copy of the USA today gave it to me and and and bear in mind this was I when we start it was 2000 this was. Before there was Twitter this right but I mean we used to solicit taxes. And emails there may be thinking why is Pete giving me USA today in al-Qaeda sentimental thing the first fight that we ever had when opposite routes and on ESPN was that we could not get we went on the air at 6 o'clock in the morning and they would deliver the newspapers which is how we get our show Oprah yeah classically we'd sit there and read the USA today right. We could not get the newspapers until like 750 day they would not bring them in early. Wouldn't know it would go get them early anywhere we're trying to looks like don't you understand we're doing a live show we need this and that's how. How unimportant we were up reward important enough that someone could bring us the newspaper writes from wherever they brought on to the ESPN compound. At that time so we then started you would start I would I would guess I would stop at a gas station and I would buy two or three copies so everybody can kind of be an on this side despite in my. You know the each day. By and he's in bringing him and our member of the argument over whether you'd be reimbursed for that exactly it was unbelievable. That we're had a little fight the problem was I knew all there was going to be a tough fight what I wanted assumes that I said we have a problem he said who were you. And that's okay maybe I should bring this here right now I mean that's that's not that's honestly Howard's out it was obvious to clowns who are here now they're both big executives now they've done. Great work over the many years and and of course now we have a staff that doesn't know what a newspaper you know it's exactly right I made it would be like there's got my fingers so it's apps are that was you that did that government give to an indicator I still to give you an indication of just tell Longo was Cambodia nice job of putting our man a little list of where the world was when we started this thing beat January 2000 to 2000. The number one song in America the week that we started was. So smooth by Santana actually a very good song is very Smoot and aimed it it just as just it's a good on really years ago it's on I think it's if you're. If you're going to have had a song at a phenomenal unhappy about this because I was dissipate the supported in the movie of the at that time the number one movie the box office with Stuart Little. That's it's a children's religious right rerun yeah that's. Whenever the average movie ticket costs five dollars and 39 cents five that you can't get. Candy for five dollars and 39% of the movie theater you can't get candy at that time for five dollars and 39 cents for the rest of us couldn't event. The number one show on the on ABC was. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? that's the reduced form right that's not my I put it on it was as a huge success and they then put it on every several things today and just drove an underground and they hear on some of the great ones this one might be my favorite one of all when we started Mike and Mike Mark Zuckerberg was fifteen years old fifteen years old he is now the fifth the richest person in the world things went well so. He's had a much better eighteen year run and we have yellow or look at it runs cheer his who's this who's top god that's over as a sitting here staring at each other out as like seven people in this room now Mark Zuckerberg is the fifth the richest person on planet earth. So FaceBook did little better than my cannot I what else do alike on this list Bill Belichick had not yet been hired as head coach of the patriot if there's a great prediction I gave him. His second year as the coach of the patriots. They lose their first game. Week two they play the jets the jets knock out Drew Bledsoe a quarterback you've never heard of in your wife comes running on the field for Michigan named Tom Brady right and I came on the the next day and I said. Bill Belichick will get fired at the end of the season. There's no way in the world Belichick will survive this thing going to be two and fourteen he didn't work in Cleveland and he's not gonna work anyway and and this is going to be a disaster and he's gonna get five. It's amazing how that turn I would yeah I won five Super Bowls and there's a lot of what we got a lot of these are what global spread out through the show that reminds me. The right of the year before the show started somebody sent me the link to this. Of media called college games that I got here all the way till 2005 before my kids start to go and high school. And somebody sent me the leaker was 1999. It was Michigan against Michigan State the quarterback for Michigan. Tom Brady the head coach at Michigan State Nick Saban Al. Had a tremendous and I dousing some of those told it was I'm in an earliest days goalie did. The Saturday night ESPN two game right college game and Bill Curry who was one of your partners in the Booth. Became B eight a regular on our show right and we will have him on today are we wanted him to be on our last day because he was such an important part in the early. His sensibility. And he is. Decency I think really informed a lot of the way we started this and that way we approach it out when we started. Yeah I mean you can't find a better guy he's like the old EF Hutton commercials for your older people know when he talks people listen. But also to go along with just what a great guy he is a sure guide of the quarterback for Bart Starr at the center yup I'm sorry the center for Bart Starr the center for Johnny Unitas played for Vince Lombardi I think were incredible story. I can tell about rain it's ski back in the day and how they checked if you had a concussion or not I mean out and Don Shula on he's got the ball the united some star he played for Lombardi and shall I mean just an incredible plane crew went on to coach as well. Kentucky Alabama. Just hard Georgia State started the program run around state. But forgetting all that just incredibly. Classy and wonderful man. That we look forward heaven out for one last time again we will all I have a little more of our stroll down memory lane to sort of periodically as the show continues today but we got the sports coverage for he was well. Mike in my presented by progressive insurance customers who switch to progressive save an average of 500 dollars call click today find out if they could save you hundreds. On your car insurance coming up next I've got that number. That will make you very excited if you're a fan of the Celtics knew even more excited as they did last night excited right now though we want to make even more much more excited plus one more reason why goalie could not have played in the NBA. Ever or micro or care support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans. Chances are your profit of one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage Guizhou that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and M Al has consumer access dot org number 3030. My my my yo what's up fellas congratulations on your. Dear old comply with the governor or any team you have Goosen hard. I can't imagine. Not hearing your voice is together you know I'll have a bit. Everything that's happened these past eighteen years you guys have been there and just thanking them for all of it. He got off them. And I love you not because you name it might it might have been together as a great at what you do we presume you left eighteen years who wish you got the best yet. It cleared so lucky eighteen year. Yeah yeah heartening. The guys thanks. And it's very nice. Two things. First Robin Roberts is one of the greatest people in the face here she is by far without one of our favorites over the Mike and many years Michael Strahan we can't stand the Michael Strahan is as hot as can be and is everywhere and along with that is making a ton of money. And I did a pilot show with him women with him where you were we were involved in it and in you know Michael Strahan was hot that if you order got picked up. We're basically. Written his coattails didn't know maybe a nice payday delightfully but unfortunately. This schedule is too busy to do exactly like at the Georgia. I'm Michael Strahan shows other things did he show any options Ehrlich. Over it showed that we would have had a a part of death but he is also agree I'll stretch and you know what I remember the most. About Michael and Robin I have I mean real pop singer tell stories all day tease rob and everything from she was the one who first. I'm told the world I was a jet fan I I'm on sports center and I thought it was going to be the end of my career and Quebec knew this would all happen. To all the that the millions of wonderful memories that I have with Robin in New Orleans after I'll treat the and other things. But then Strahan now remember him. After Reggie White titan and I remember him coming with you and you guys are the funeral together right I still remember seeing that and I remember how emotional that. Add the obvious who's very very emotional but yeah I mean what what. What great people there right yeah I did it they really are and let's let's see if they can last eight under eighteen years. Lock our Robin about alleged very much in that time for straight talk. Brought here by straight talk wireless best phone best networks no contract all right here's some straight talk hour if you're a fan of the Boston Celtics I got good news and that I have much. Much better news the good news is he came from way behind to beat the warriors last night. And you've won fourteen straight here's the much much better news by average age the Celtics are the third youngest team in the NBA. The four oldest teams are the rockets the warriors the spurs and the cavaliers. So if you look at all the teams if you wanna make a list of you to put all the teams into a pot and say here are the ones that I could I would give any realistic chance to winning the championship this year. Those would probably be the fight Seward right those will be the five. For Obama the oldest teams in the NBA. And then as the Celtics whose average age is 24 years unless I said this at the top. Would any danger is doing he was getting you know critique for some of them that do not moves he was making. Answer this this guy you don't want that right man he's got asset seizures and assets he's building a team. They're doing all this without Gordon Hayward and when he comes back it's not like he's getting a twenty years to beat to the AG's what 2720. Pennies 28. So he certainly in the prime of his career. So I mean they're doing all right the way they are building their building to. Probably peak as those others that you mentioned your teams are on the way down now. Very good doing it earlier we thought again this won't hold let's see where they level out too for the season touched. But boy they look fantastic right now fantastic. And Everhart is gonna look at them to say. Very these young team that can knock off the old guys in Cleveland. You don't get that championship auto cica is just a different brand of ball from regular season. To the post season on how the cavaliers are gonna treated so a lot to wait and see a map let. I've been so impressed obviously would what they've done and where and with that young talent last night again it was Jalen brown. Who led the way in just what do young phenom he has straight talk. Carlos nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable four GL TE networks. Omid take a little wind out of the sails of the people in Boston the shoreline what router rumor is that picking up a little steam okay. And an and it's probably nothing but that. Have you or even hearing he LeBron to Philly rumors are yes I have that now that would take a little ahead of him because if you put LeBron there. With Simmons and and beat and who knows what full support an alternative to area but even with those two. Because emptied. Is is a butting it in him being as healthy he is a superstar is not a budding any without a doubt and Sam and Simmons is better you wanna talk about the air the arrow can't be any more up. On a guy that it is on Benson I'm not sure how much of that that we're all this said that he's going to be a better one yeah and so sick and fault she's got the shoulder art and definitely will wait too but again. That's a rite of passage in Philadelphia miss your first shooter so nothing new there there's going to be an entire revamping of the NBA powers are structured as a terrorist I was about to say. If you're LeBron stay in the east why would you go out west but who knows where everyone is going to be. Because at the end of this season. It feels like almost every good player in the NBA or half of them are become free agents now so everything could get moved around and some of them might wind up in the east you never know. But if you're LeBron you've owned the east why not continue to set up shop in Philly when I was young guys are. That reviewed and and you think you get to people come along Wear them. Some of the ancillary players and help along they would have a from what I understand if they move one make a quarter two little tiny moves like not big moves almost they'd have room for two. Huge contract out LeBron and one more that would be something because sport we talk about the future right in Boston and I I would say it's pretty darn bright. In Philadelphia as well so that that brings us then to Weickel could not have played in the NBA elect lotteries as I've said many times go like if you. If you spent time with him and of course I have. Mike is annoying league ordered everything like Mike and seeing you can dance we play tennis gets each other he would never picked up tennis racquet is like he almost beat me. I am you're just good stuff. And but you could not have been a basketball player because you know what the new thing in basketball is they're all becoming athletic feat again. They're becoming begin hiring Irving plant based diet Damian Miller plant based diet they're all becoming begin saying they've never felt better their lives whatever. And that if nothing else as an excuse to play one of my favorite sound bytes now the history of the show. When Roger Clemens was being deposed in front of congress where are hearing of his own request mind you. And he was being asked about how various different things while he was sitting up there. This moment and we don't have the video but the audio it tells the entire sorry is one of my absolute favorite moments that has happened in sports. In all of our years have you ever been a vegetarian I am not a neighbor and feed. I'm sorry begins. I know I don't know what that is I'm sorry okay. And let me tell you wanna volleys as I would've said the exact same thing didn't know what have figured runs notice who's a while ago. But it was still I mean that's vegetarian vegan a pastor Terry aboard oppression terror and I think it's averages each fish out I mean all these different things up but to your point. All these guys managed TB twelve and everywhere you are not in actual TV to what you're gonna. Could do a delicate about played in this error and that was what was going on I think I would have followed up that no donor got a chance to go vegan donuts what might even ask him and I would meet that nevermind buster Olney Bill Curry Frank Caliendo and more still accounts in there. I just stayed hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I'm so happy feel like I can fly a disclaimer you'll be able fly by switching to Geico this is against the laws of physics and major if you -- offline policing professional handle medical help immediately in the unlikely event to point to a flying you might be a superhero or did you or superhero named Paige Newman who was bitten by a radioactive pigeon if you or indeed the woman like overtook all licensing publishing rights in the event it's woman the movie becomes a top grossing Hollywood blockbuster Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.