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Hour 2: Stephen Jackson

Dec 7, 2017|

The guys continue their talk about Mike Mitchell, play Fill in The Blank and then bring in Stephen Jackson to talk all things NBA and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Support for garlic in window comes from blue apron earlier bring delivers farm fresh perfectly portion ingredients and step by step recipes so you can make incredible meals at home. Rediscover help and cooking can be well reducing food waste in supporting sustainable farms and fisheries is it blue apron dot com slash Jolie get your first male a thirty dollar value free with free shipping. Is a beautiful day a beautiful Thursday ledger hanging out with us this morning go doing go on ESPN radio and ESPN to present a congressman churns. All phone guess we'll join us via the shell pencil performance line. It is start to another NFL Thursday we got a lot to get to with the saints and falcons and a huge game for Atlanta. Which we will talk about. And we also have to be were recovering out. Rant. Retribution if you they'll proceed with safety Mike Mitchell would. You yeah I mean that listen this this is becoming a big trouble because our number of people who don't like. With the way football is going with dating and there's a number of people who do understand and I do wonder out there with football fans. You all are aware are you with this do you like seeing it trying to have less of the the hits that we have seen in the past or do you wanna see that more balky tweets I agree thousands without a percent with Mike Mitchell. Football's a tough sport I don't care how much Jaffa tries to make the game safer you'll never take injuries on the NFL. It's almost certainly. A certainty that your bigger part of football but you're right I mean we said that a thousand times you are correct. But that doesn't mean. You can't adjust to things you adjust to situations as they arise we're finding out more information. Especially about head injuries in football so you. I just threw that. I don't think there's anything wrong with that what happens is is what I'm BJ David and says he says it's getting more complicated. That's the thing so were adjusting but the adjustment. Is becoming complicated. Especially if your a linebacker or summer in the secondary and where you can hit somebody so you are I'd do. I understand and if that I played in an air I want that that don't go play our remember the most was that every player tried to dry just like my dad taught me. Try somebody I tried to teach my kids dry summer and ground with a clean hit and if they get up. Then that's great if they don't that's part of the game that you accept it sounds harsh sounds bad but that's the way it was. I tried to hit everybody's heart as I could there was a play where Emmett Smith was running on the sideline who along the sideline. And I shot I am and I was running full speed and I mean I I literally had time to think I am going to try and knocked him out of his uniform I want to hit him. That part whether it was in the in the shoulders the chest that had didn't care. I was going to dive in him going after him and try and destroy him now. I hit him as hard as I possibly could and it was like a boxing match three hits somewhere your best fought their best punch a mega had turned them and they look at your Nero or god. That's what happened I knock him I mean he flew he flew a lot of violence didn't quite work that way you don't bounce right back up and Rana how I want him. But the bottom line there was a that was my that's the thought process that I had him thought process you have playing this game. But when you learn more things about it and you need to adjust for some of the safety issues. That pass happy you can't just. Keep screaming out there will be blood thirsty bloodthirsty bloodthirsty when you're saying wait a minute some of the results we're seeing now we're seeing later. There may be tying together we're learning more about that so we have to adjust. A little bit. I don't have a problem with that but again. Like you were bowled to in my it will fly and had a from 30000 feet now we're no longer on the field in the bang bang decision. And I think that's the problem is we see this in a lot of things and we saw this in a very different Romney what that players coalition dealt with and what the NFL deals with the CBA every year you always talk about. Representing the interest of the bowl of your players for the meet the bell curve of players guys don't have the luxury of worrying about that Mike Mitchell. Said that he changed his family's life for ever and their legacy with the amount of money are made in football. And the most guys can only see that really only have that to worry about is how can I grab as much cash as I can. In this process all they see as you lightening their wallet for something they look at wonder. And that that's why people bring up this point is football's always going to be violent is the wonder is this in vain. Like as much of the NFL is doing this in an effort to try and make it look like they're about player safety and spinning this for most guys are asking themselves. Can you or is this just them lightening their wallets and they can spin this for PR because when you look at the fans and the people that are most outraged by this. I want to this a lot as someone who's certainly was a former players to look at it from a different perspective. We're also now in the media the media is about as much closer to the players from the fans. There were put these guys they meet them in different settings they talk to them learn about them as people so I think the media is a little more conditioned. CB humanity in these guys of course we feel slighted when you see that humanity compromised by the violence of this game. Put fans are detached even another level for that and so to expect them to care in the same way. Is is probably a little bit misguided in most cases and so you wondering who you're trying to please are you trying to please a fan base that may still be just as bloodthirsty. Or a media who was finally coming around to seeing this happen to people they consider friends that'll. What's that that is absolutely the case because football is different than almost any other sport because you wouldn't know have to football players of the song on the street art because you're wearing a helmet you're wearing a lot of times a visor over your face let's be honest as a fan you root for laundry. Okay you see these guys I was people using him as a widget you seem as a product. And that that goes into the draft and that's why we want from my perspective on we do the draft we trying humanize these kids their kids OK they're not. Although block that you put into this hole that makes everything around us sort of work. It's it there. We see them completely differently 'cause we relate to them we talked to them. When they have that mask off and we have. That uniform way in LeBron is out there shorts everybody knows who he is you know baseball players the same way you eat there's a difference in football because you see them. Not so much of because of the nature of the sport but also. Because of what they where. They've they did they don't seem that personable to you oral and all the sudden you see Ryan G easier down on the field may remind you that he's a new father and he's got a family all of these things but just punch you right in the gut so when those moments come they are swift. And they are devastated they absolutely on by the way there was some good news we don't you know it was right she's as they were able to move him from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh. And you know you have to believe that there had to be some sort of progress would be able to do that for able to move and so will hopefully have more updates on Ryan she's here. A throughout the week or maybe even later on today we don't know but the fact that he was able to move from Cincinnati Pittsburgh. Can be perceived as somewhat of rape of a positive sign a goal can we go presented by Amazon Amazon is everything you need for the perfect holiday get together. From whining to dining to reclining together afterwards visit Amazon today. Now all of this sort of what we're talking about was fueled by the Mike Mitchell rant which we talked a little bit earlier in the last hour. About how football is never going to change but to some of the frustration you guys were talking about Mike Mitchell went on talking about it looked just tell me what I can and can't do and be consistent with a because that's the problem I have now. You know I signed up to plate full speed contact football and we're not doing that but I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for immediate you right now for us it's. That's crazy I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and Altman's the player because he's on and an overall and oh quarterbacks in the net all messed up. That happened two years ago that's I I'm I'm not open at all. Any don't to a border town driver two years ago. Tarver headed I four I was in the fourth gut but if you don't argue don't get me that's fifty grand out of my pocket because any growth of bad ball. And at first it taken our money but now you know that. Like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and I try my character we've never met before. We got to do better asked that yesterday we got better as players when he's on the knicks BA we got to get better leadership as who's run in the league because obviously everybody from fans owners players are disappointed in Rodrigo. Which is which is got to do better we can have a guy where you just. Hand out discipline on how you see fit their needs to be assay guideline of how we do what we do but I guess that man is still those who were well. That there's a lot to get into there and there's a lot that I think is very valid and what he's saying there. I don't know how anybody plays safety now or linebacker anymore with with the shrinking of of the of the strike zone looked. He's right I mean that we were just watching that replay of that that that think two years ago on TV. That's a better from well I mean he's right with the Indy adult thing if that's a better throw event maybe Tyler for doesn't doesn't get hurt there and that. Changes the dynamic of what a player can do and how he's trying to stop them I've gotten us and tell our tech guy you played with you reject play Griffin and we all know very well and and. You're right that that past hits him in stride that it gets him in the midsection and you know and not in the head. But the DB is responsible for people say where you can dive well I mean when your few yards away you have to make a play you know diving sometimes is a quicker way to get there. And I and put your shoulder RT your head out that it's such bang bang plays. I understand his frustration. I absolutely understand his frustration. And I don't know where the answer is going to be because there's with the talk of now we've been more. You know the talk of possibly the targeting now it's not only lightening your wallop negating. There's also that there's always a federal lightening your wallet and being suspended now they're could be the father being tossed out of that game itself. If they go through this targeting rules so. I understand his frustration. I don't know you know brought the CBA I'd I don't know where that's going to go well because quite obviously Mike Mitchell is thirty years old. That's TBA is even going to be in place for another three years you may not even be in the league is going to be a number of guys that are. Complaining right now and I understand their complaints that aren't going to be in the lead. So you're talking about. Who who then is it's the younger guys it's guys who weren't even in the league yet guys who get in the league this coming draft are going to be in the league three years when this comes into play. Go to different set of circumstances of guys that wanna get bearers now all before they're done as opposed to do we fight for the next guy that's coming up at IB. Forged in the opinion of a guy like you just missed Shuster whose suspension was upheld who's gonna sit one game for playing a brand of football would have been OK a while ago how does he view the way that this is all going down because I think. Just getting into a glimpse of the mentality of the guys that are coming up from going to be that next generation we've made. I taught a huge deal out of how young he is so he's a guy that probably won't be royal gala for taxi BA and probably will be. Someone who was very uniquely affected by that. What is the mentality of the guys that are coming in right now that have been victims of this system and the way that we see in the system that Mike Mitchell's lamenting right now. Now what that's the thing and I'm glad you brought that up because Hines Ward is they celebrated stealer not only for his ability to throw the wall but and catch the ball. Though they hits that he put on players. Like juju Smith Shuster just got suspended for again the rules of change I understand that. And and you people have to understand that that's the new reality those peel back block they don't want I don't walk those anymore but that was. What made Hynes port legendary Steelers those kind of plays. And to the point that Mike alluded to Mike Mitchell mentally Mike's here Mike Mitchell steeler safety and you might go in my go junior expounded on. Unfortunately from my he's thirty years old and he probably in three years when there's new CBA starts. I hope seasonally write about but your company safeties split thirteen years and you know I mean yeah so then it becomes that's that's the battle of the players are never going to be able went. Because they won't have a longevity. And the resources. And hold out the way the owners camp it's billionaires person Mitt millionaires it's never fair bet some. I never verify that the Mac growing and I get his micro. Frustration of wait a minute I'd I'd play for awhile here as you mentioned before Mike he said I set my family up. For ever because of the money I made here and now you're taken money away from me for I think it's going to be good tackle and I got a guy changing his level now all of a sudden I'm like what the hell in my sport to do out here right and you're taken my money is confusing. And unfortunately. There seemed to be to be even more possibly more rules added when it. Through the guide to appoint we've been making may be defined them more with the games or hollow that the the discipline is going to be. Handed out at least a good players always like this and we are itinerary like guys right. Be here at this time being here at that time if you don't this is what's gonna happen that's gonna wanna know what's going to happen to me if I do this okay at least now I know that. Now can we get past the gray area what I actually did to earn those gains or about five. Right look and we'll see what happens going forward that's obviously going to be discussion. To continue. And this and this is not going away while this ought players are very frustrated about this. Well again Mike and I'm Mike and Mike here or a tree we go go and you'll join me as did radio and ESP almost at almost swear jar jar all that used to swear jar for the first time. We represented by the rest of insurance awful against join us on the show pencil performance line but we move on because it's time for another edition of and that's why we only in lingo. Like fill in the blank brought you about him detractors and utility vehicles Mahendra USA the world's number one selling tractor OK guys you ready. Month before ten and two teams. The one you're least competent in vikings Eagles Steelers or patriots who has a while. That it. That's a great question because. You lot lose confidence in lieutenant to keep so this is Communist separated because I I have confidence that all of them I'll go to the quarterback. The least the least quarter and that would be case keen Ameren now. So an end and I I don't even one at the summit itself like a slight but you're asking me to pick one. I'm gonna pick the one of their big of the quarterback is Iowa I've Wentz has been playing fantastic and then you have Big Ben embrace of those are no winners. I actually probably go with the Eagles on this one I look at the vikings' top to bottom probably most complete every other fast that I think they've got a better defense slightly better defense than the Steelers and you're gonna take one of the two teams it's gonna spread talent around him to trust the woman's got Tom Brady at quarterback and the Eagles modeled it. Will see this is a big two game stretch and I'm at LA this weekend against the rams is gonna tell us a lot about this team is going down the stretch. Yeah you know this may sound crazy but ominously the Steelers and I'll tell you why because for them to go all the way the team that they're gonna have to be is knowingly. And historically. They have not done a very good job of finding a way to beat New England in the Tom Brady Bill Belichick era and again week fifteen game coming up is huge next week. Because that game will be in Pittsburgh between these two. I get it it was in Pittsburgh last year but it was early in the season and Landry Jones was the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in that game you'll never going to be item. Would all these guys healthy this might be the time. I haven't seen that in this Pittsburgh unit going up against the patriots OK we continue fill in the blank. It's a good when Jerry Jones first words to Roger Goodell next week's owners' meetings in Dallas will be. Choose your words carefully I've snipers on the roof are. Yeah it's. Doubt it I as I mean in all honesty I'm sure it'll be cordial it sounded like the most recent round of owners' meetings. There was cordial nature to a because Jerry Jones sort of understood the road that this is going down this is going to be a slow play from him it's gonna be calculated at one I think for Jerry Jones and it's gonna take place behind closed doors that don't involve Roger in the room. It'll be one of those handshakes leading to that that somewhat awkward hug and handshake will be the joke how your body and you know and then the hug it'll be whispered in his here. I. Yeah with a here's the thing I but he won't say who. You won no no he can't be on what does say he's not as they. Congratulations on winning this one right pretty sure that's not gonna happen. OK Andy Reid didn't wait for anybody from the league to do this right in a big division game coming up when they've got the raiders the chiefs suspended at their head coach they suspended Marcus Peterson throwing rest Glaxo. The chiefs doing the suspending of Marcus Peters for throwing Ross flag his. Very Herman Edwards asked exactly right where were a coach not really caring about what the league's going to do with taking care are responsible of of his own team Marcus Spears again through the flag and then walked off the field. Walked off the field and Andy Reid I think how to cover Foreman oppressor after saying. Well mark are starting to sort out of the game that's why I left the field when. He was never thrown out of the game we just left the field himself a man came back and said there was something about the Sox I have no idea so that's it you know Andy Reid you know saying. I'm gonna take care this I'm not worried about the league. I would say leadership image in that vein because this is not outcome depending he doesn't care that this is a huge division game for them all the wrong nodded at the top. He isn't here the ramifications are going to be because he's got job security he's got security in himself and his coaching style and that's not something we've seen a ton of lately whether it's what happened with the giants weathered what happen in the college ranks at Tennessee. It's refreshing to see similar with the confidence in the ability to say no. This is more I draw the line in the stand your going to live by my rules here regardless of how hurts us even if I may disagree with it yeah. I think it's admirable you know because look what they've lost six of their last seven games that start at five and know when they're in dire situations now they may not make the playoffs. But Andy Reid is making a statement and now he wants his players today and we heard we had Herman here. And this to build the some of the slow play with Marcus Peters over the last couple of years what he's an exceptional player but there have been some issues and I think it finally came to a head when he thought he was ejected and came back out. Try to play without socks on now for about latter part of a game with the jets I think Andy's just saying look enough is enough and I'm making a line in the sand much in the way Herm did with Larry Johnson when he was in. Kansas City and also with John Abraham wrecked and I was will with a New York's now okay this is interesting. We got Chip Kelly Willie Taggart dim eligible Fisher's got frost Jimmy Pruitt now we believe finalizing middle Tennessee beat most successful new college football coaching hire will be. I'm gonna go with what the life blood of college sports is and that's recruiting and number to give the edge you guys who have had success as Chip Kelly. And that symbol Fisher they're both of that success at the schools Chip Kelly Dorgan Jim Fisher Florida state of going into homes and getting some of the top athletes oh. And in their new place is now Texas and I mean UCLA I still think they have the clout to walk into these rallies as a combo platter you dog well at all. I've I've narrowed it down to those two and then. I'll probably I'll probably lead more tortured counting Chip Kelly is is kind of the college coach type of player of today. Running those offered to place players know they can move on to the NFL. From Emma and and he runs that that quick for an offense I think players gravitate to that. I think they could the problem I have with Chip Kelly because the system has proven. It's in there but it requires quarterback in their losing maybe a top quarterback in the draft and Josh Rosen maybe not a Chip Kelly quarterback system kind of guy. One of the best in the country and that's hard to replace given it. Lack of talent and the rest that team I'd look at Willie Taggart. This a Florida State team had a lot of expectations coming into the season gonna get Dion for your friends while back healthy. This coming season and I think he's going to walk into a more talented situation in a conference that's more winnable than most of these in his prime for an early jump here are pro even a year problem here. That would be the issue with what really what what's the expiration on the milk carton right because it tends to go bad pretty quickly what does he. He's Kotelly in one of the four games that is bowl games nowadays that team's been elves less warriors don't look at Mullen and I'll tell you why because Dan Mullen has bait quarterbacks everywhere he asks me look. Start the Mississippi is a hard place to to find people to get to go to one win and he did a great job there he may deck press gotten he was part of Tim Tebow. And we talked a quarterback was Burt is gonna have a lot of people are valid horrific Utah absolutely so I think Dan Mullen has a real good shot to be the most successful ball he's got a nice freshman their terrific leader franks who's coming RC right -- got some action games meaningful time with him absolutely benefited in the offseason it left of the baseball here. Rafael Palmeiro. Our wants to make comeback. At the age of 53. So happy trying to make a comeback at the age of 53 is. Bomb. Aggressive the craft but. I'm trying to figure of a nice way to say that all I'll say it impossible. It is it's not happening the oldest player I know Julio Franco was 49 order retired in 2007. Rocky son is in the Orioles a system right now at least 22 years old. I would say impossible on the hooters anyway expect him majors and doesn't. I think it's trendy listen guys beating back the clock is what's hot sports right now we got that Tom Brady and LeBron James pool for a reason. Right now it's because guys are trying to play longer. Who was at Russell Wilson came out the other day and said he wanted to play news or forty yeah so now 53 B next of 1015 years is gonna look like chump change. I hope so I mean look I'll say Minnie Mittal says taking at look at bats I think in the seventy's at one point a regular play. Let's just say I think it's wishful thinking again rated Herschel Walker few years ago. Itself and he said he believes he could still come back and like that's great for you. But there's zero chance yeah I TO keeps talking about come back I measured the comeback trail I actually impossible my man be a 8252. And I think that's possible. But then one needs his diploma after he gets a first base I mean I would even question if you do that you can get nice second down specialist dad. I guess first I'm not third down close second doubt I am I gonna go there but with Rafael Palmer dream big. Dream big kid merry go let anybody limit you but you nothing's impossible and it's never happened that's only a year older than him I guess you think about it do it think about that element on network so for I'm 240 returning governments say if you weigh right now because of so much. So I was your forty time that we need to know you can mirrored as you have the federal money to pay defines its good areas. Life happens fast with the team can feel safe. He started yeah. Specially installed for only 49 dollars call today and install dvd starter kit that includes. And security panel keypad key fob entry in motion sensors and for a limited time get a camera included and installed at no additional tax that's a 400. 49 no doubt in sold for. 49 dollars. For resources from western countries to speak today actually religion is no question Marxist lessons they'll. Totally content comfort features Bluetooth. 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I enjoyed watching that the threat after turner I I dogged got interesting at times when when time Allen Iverson didn't show for gay men amendment. I do love this so best trash talker. In that assault. Obviously that's number one question to ask him we all agree NBA stuff from them by. I'd love America's I was a horrible. Horrible trash talker. As I've found trash talking the further away from the ball you are the better trash talk you all right rarely was alive it was well outside the wide receivers Steve bees. Running backs linebackers in and moved in Lima and we're all too concerned about getting air in our lungs rather than to. And by my best line was basically two words and and and and you yeah I mean debt that was my basically come back to everything and I play your strengths my brother Greg. Was a very good as trash talker and he always trying to give me lines before game to use in the game and I would either a never remember Moby. DB too tired. To use them but that's a fine art. John Randall from the vikings he was fantastic I decide interviewed him or use talking about his trash talking. You would actually read the bios of the players he was going against and get down into the family in the personal stuff and used act. No not in a derogatory way but I was actually impressed you he would I'm a big fan research I was amazed and that did you Lima doing that he never I'm house on the silent obviously when he was on the field but as our guys is that he never stopped talking all by the way is real good yeah. Look when it's up my temperament I've often all that is just fantastic. When Andrew Kramer used to work for us here she wants their piece about John Reynolds trash talking. For Sunday countdown and she did it with Randall barking behind her the entire time really amazing. It was really really do the most memorable things I season it's something I'm I'm convinced you're born with yes you know what you can't develop that you either have that knack well you just draw that line at the right time. And hit the right nerve or you don't know what's what's he'll Steve Martin line some people have a way with words other people. Not halfway yeah. I'd be back better and that's all that up against him will join us in just a little bit but one thing we didn't get to on the fill in the blank which I think is interesting Steve Spagnuolo. Is now the interim head coach York football giants and they've gone back to Eli Manning which means that whole thing was for nothing it was for absolutely not isn't that could mean 210 straight streaks ended for nothing when you stop and think about it I mean how do you match you shake your head and what a waste such a fantastic streak in a tough sport. To be able to manage and there was room over that bridge the Cuba situation. Again it reminds me of the old Ricky Watters line when he. Went from the San Francisco 49ers in free agency the to the Eagles I think they'll get blown up by Tampa Bay week one. And that was a pass late in the game were Ricky sort alligator armed isu did I remember I asked him about it after the game and his his line was for who know what ya. And that makes me think about the history this was and it for who for what why. Why did this come to an end of this yeah you know what. We we all disagree with the benching but I think if it was fourth a rookie Davis web we'd have had at least an inkling of understanding. But Davis Webb wasn't even it was inactive was and he isn't even in the end in a good enough weight to play in the game jet. Yet humorous that you I was still benched for geno Smith I mean it was just ridiculous and how we go back the Eli within interim head to. Okay so we have an interim head coach in Steve Spagnuolo is somewhat revered in in New York obviously would be the defense of coordinator when they won the 2007 noticeable 42 rather. Over the patriots ending the patriots a chances are perfect out of season. Nineteen and one not as good as 181 of excuse me who bomb so the question then becomes where should the giants go what should they be looking for in their new head. You are your Roque in her locate say you thought Jim Harbaugh. Might be a candidate or maybe it's disarm Iraq would be a good candidate I don't think that's gonna happen I think he's going to stay. At at Michigan I think you has more he feels he wants to do there were but I do see him eventually going back. To the NFL but I don't think it's going to be right now Spagnuolo may be that guy. You know he's he's not all the inner knowledge he's going to be trying to show that hey I can I can handle these guys that I can be the next head coach. You know there's always comes down to. They tried it with the quarterback whisperer and then Mac could do maybe that was Aaron Rogers another quarterback and not exactly do now be here now go to a former head coach who has the experience or do you pick another you know assistant coach we'll. The other plays out again huge game for them with Eli Manning back under center this week for the giants the other fans react to all of this. At MetLife stadium right has promised ESPN AN BA analyst Stephen Jackson is here. Joining us in studio giving us the straight talk brought domestic took wireless best phones best networks no contracts. I'd say we sort of put this Twitter poll out there to find out what people more impressed with what LeBron James is doing his fifteenth year in the NBA. Or what Tom Brady is doing at the age of forty and potentially an MVP candidate in the NFL. How are you as a as a player. Who is aged gracefully I should point out that I had a great effect how are you sort of dealing with what LeBron is doing your fifteen. Always talk about Brady in the brunt don't they missed a sound comes to my mind now the sound yeah witches. Well as sound as the build a gold make out about it I mean they're both goats in the book degrees of our time to me I mean members of our time with the rays in the gamer now. I think Bert Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. In my mind and and just what they're doing this what dominantly as a LeBron gets better every year and a sack him because he's still athletic is at that is hasn't hasn't dropped at all and of Abreu videos to still be able to dominate made the decisions he's making a winning games and be so dominant. Is is it is it is a testament to how are they working out how dedicated out of again what specifically to LeBron is a guy who. Played that game how many years did you play porting OK so he's fifteen a batter was Duncan a fourteen exact category leaders he's fifteen years in run and I'm I get it he keep winning and you know straight from high school give them a little bit of an advantage but you're still put that way or Terry your body and boasts and ends of the floor for fifteen years now. Can you even relate to what he's being able to do physical. I don't think anyone can pumping anyone recruit can relate to so what he's doing and how he's doing and I think the B two did just to be able to see it. Is a blessing follows you know to be an op played against and so. I knew I Dominique he was monopoly is not good he was with the C fifteen years in ways and better actually. This is scary to see an amount of guys in the league it's there for a so so for your sport Uighurs I I would talk about a football my sport of what will be the most impressive thing about playing at an older age in basketball. And abroad specifically what's the most impressive thing about what he's doing at his age. Well Bill Bennett was still dominate army began looks easier now. And a lot of players look Leo career known as of today's game that game he's at his he had three points and now he's he's pseudonym lights out 43% of the way I think made him the bed of the two areas now's he's the up close enough. As big as he is a post up to drill was is that the best these delays get layups is making guys better I think postman just raises gang. So overall you know we're gonna give him minutes or more of on the court stuff put. We we hear more about Tom Brady and the off the field how guys take care of the body probably at the end of my career orchards in the mid 90s94. Players just started knowing the supplements and what they would do for you that they would file off the shelf and started to get smarter about that. Now guys are on real with how what they do. From the beginning fourteen years so for in the beginning today and how was that grown. Players own knowledge of nutrition. A supplement to how they take care of the body to where we are now our guys are worried about how much sleep they're getting indicted as far along with everything that. Is nine day is night and day out they when I was plan are you will Wear bows Macy's to leave importing gang. And after that I you know at Macy's Phil well not they are constant hyperbaric chambers they are constantly doing now. But guys to get the ready to play and even had the gains we've got to do to be other so talents as a Sainz was just like they said the same thing we play well. Bad candidate you have trainers they've been ahead tape. You know let them honest though so that the games that we grow. Violated as ever been a hyperbaric chamber ever try that I have not I want to try to wants yes unbelievable I we were on vacation somewhere in the head of this hotel like. I'll give that thing I tried that you get in there like this won't working. There's nothing serious. I'm locked out of doing a good match like that I I woke up like. This is the greater greater good yeah bring world. I don't. Need any anti. Aches and pains but it was it was awesome. Highly recognized and honored to do lists and I was so most of this ball. I was out and I like you to stick rattled it right yet. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I've never felt. More I've. Disclaimer Michael cannot guarantee you'll feel more alive you want to possess functioning respiratory and circulatory systems or you got all your zombie if you are indeed a brings all zombie and would like to save money on car insurance the -- legal team applauds or excellent life choices even endorse stumbling afterlife but we strongly encourage you to visit Geico dot com or double the Geico at least a minimum of 500 feet away from our large and presumably delicious delicious Morgan's. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Again we continue there was a Stephen Jackson studio when we talked about the slow before you joined us. You want the best trash talker in the inaugural victory. Did you feel again a lot of competition there this summer did you know you walk in and taken the crown broadly you know. I didn't have I not have them Wisconsin's size Kmart and again I pay would turn to our way. I knew that this must stress and I'll talk before the season started had a bag you know. And I randomly didn't score and so I talked about trying to bank the two I ice that I I want goals like I never could do it mop my trash talk with two wars and it ended in you bet that that's all I can do. Nice highest said. You have to be born with that right I mean you just have to have a knack for how to get under somebody's skin or to give the order a great line right that you can't develop you cannot teach day yeah dad has to be and you from -- debris and manages and is is some in the by the Japanese showed that you have you know and a lot of words come obviously and we'll listen. Because you are not the attitude here we have the dumb butt out that's how. Let me say this. I know me play man but I've been planned does this game we start tomorrow our last 23 months. And I put myself on the warriors out for myself on the spurs so I understand. I had to make your realistic I really I'm his own ego does translate yet another a lot of those players gangs are. It's actually admit it they play the same way you'd realize you know you know and the stats on the same issues and ever since is that the same so. They they they made a gamer realistic saga are Agassi how he says that bush. 888 is so far from realistic I actually to actually play an NBA game is knowing he compared went. His imagination is good at so so let's let's put the imagination let's look let's try reported literally what do you see. How the cast can change when Isiah Thomas does give back on the forward change what the rotation and how the team walks I don't think that the road races this won't have these Colombian star positions are the espresso bar. He's dominant right now he's he's doing everything right now. This imagine. You know taken a bar last chance before five minutes. And he ended and you will be even stronger than last four apartments for the game and I I think that's what desolate as has not committed to singular personal clumsily to be sanity. Stephen Jackson with a some studio and if you're not watching on ESPN two and just listening funniest in radio. The slaughter game you're wearing a strong audience because it's like comedy Shah Halladay. Candy stripe were red and white multiples are a horizontal stripes I mean you you really bring in the spirit to the holidays are there Libya so. It's appreciate resume its noted that in an attack and that outlook as we talk a lot about the cast in the amazing streak that they've been on thirteen straight. Does it matter for the lawyers at this point I mean they don't have step scorer for two weeks have been a dream on green obvious that the hornets are the best team out there but I had no problem. Do you see anybody maybe is in the thunder or not but under the rock rock rest and get and the rockets present a real challenge them in the west at some point. Iraq is playing great you know they of their plan regret the exams is lead right now and VP bone in my mind. But we Katie plays like he played last night he's arguably the best player on the world. You know when he played lately and as mad as leaves say well I don't know the bronze better vacating when he plays like he played last night so. In. Went along with Stefan dream on a clay Kate plays like that nobody could. How about in the east do you know we were like are always Cleveland and look at the Celtics are now that's kind of Switzerland about but the Celtics are still so there are 2214. Are you surprised losing pay or the way they did that first game and we're all it okay this is going to be a year or even more year away now. You surprised at how well they're doing and can they sustain. I definitely I'm doubly surprised that they want eighteen out of him as my thing I'm definitely surprised that they've had to have directed I'm not surprised that the way carries plan. Don't think it's his recovery with the city in the uniform is his game is the same and is under a great coach to. But though though those guys that play well but they're that they are said is to begin a season Cleveland has the best roster to me. From from one to fifteen have all pros guys that there's been in playoffs guys as veterans as understanding gamma can play Rosen debt and has played roles. I think Cleveland Cleveland can play with the Golden State is definitely get to a final. I just Stephen Jackson listened studio you outlook. You alluded to it a little bit more we were talking the other day away from around the studio here and how that probably he's changed it you know they've lengthened the season's of those not as many back to back games you guys just went up their play it right that a lot of that stuff in your day. According to spoke tracks injury tracker players are on pace anonymous over 5000 games this season due to injury. LB about 20% increase from last season this despite all these things were seeing. By the led the way the league in the the schedule is set up to avoid these things why even when having these issues. The zoo has their bonus babies. The united days they need to meet again a lot of money and you know they they did this wrong you know armament on north said his back in the day come bonus babies. That get they get now is money by a lot of guys they've earned it and I workforce so. The taking games bag you know is is is as they got a credits in the Boren I give the bar like they'll tell by. Well it's our radar of the club in the brown off or what he's done for the game is unbelievable. Everybody's can pay a lot of money now you know he's there than than the that they cannot think about is guys' health and gains back. You know I think for the most part you know what used often against guys. More control of their careers now in a basket pick and choose where they want about the SR causal abroad you know he's he's borrow less to the table so. The game has got to says that's got a lot of software and a lot of these guys you know don't. Going to earning money to me it's as good as we give a tumor and it is. Part of that we're about a minute left is part of it with the these injuries visitors has five you know missing games more injuries. Is part of that because. And today. Aboard insane any of other they were just go play were may be today guys are bringing it up and is that a bad thing is that a good thing. Well I mean I think I'm out with him. Mu fans appreciate me more about go out there and play would have broke its all like I did the two years right then me say OK our minds relegated based the money's coming anyway. You know I I'm. I love speaking to fans nine hitters from fans I was one of the fans they've pamper a result. Play if you can you know that you know that of the game in if you love the game those things come naturally really tickled to come tell you what you can play we really need you you know since I'm I'm used to having guys that wanna play the wanna be at the for the team is against it becomes as naturalist trash that's exactly had a effort in the trash talking with Steve and a sweater wearing all coming naturally at Perry are very very strong. Steven van with a good time as we get those letters we need a joy usually horizontal academics. A couple while that would be bad hello athletically in new York and then head to South Beach to talk to still got that's our next goal look at lingo roll it through Thursday morning stainless.