Patriots in Trouble?

Dec 13, 2017|

The guys talk to Gruden about the Patriots loss on Monday Night, speak with Ramona Shelburne about the NBA and then bring in Charles Barkley who dishes on LaVar Ball and more.

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With Devin Hester looked obviously he didn't do things or round the return game as much as other people have but he has more of those kind of scores. That anybody in NFL history. In your mind have you thought about the idea of maybe we have to someone who specifically a returner of the football be eligible for the hall of fame. Anatomy that's the way the world's going where Macon exceptions for just about everything these days that I think there is a place for Devin Hester to be. Enshrined in the hall thanks so people do remember his accomplishments but. I think the criteria also aims a little bit different I think yep played a certain amount snaps at tickets for the every down players. It in some ways maybe it does discriminate against punters and kickers returners in coverage by. Perhaps there will be a special place for Devin Hester I know there should be I would imagine. There are some more genes in the hall in the them already without him haven't been strike. And maybe something that won't help his cause so much as part returns eleven point seven for crew that's tied for eighth. Kickoff return to 25 yard burst pipe for 67 now. I did the people out of America they've done it last widget or could we could break that down a little morbid an interesting thing either way Devin Hester are retiring from football with the most non offensive touchdowns. In NFL history our John. What a while our world of sports hampered the patriots last Monday. And surprise you that that might. You know it it we all know it's Chris and I went to England goes the Miami's or they have traditionally been as dominant on the road in my and whatever reason other. Hotel or the sleet service I don't know what it is but. They got manhandled dating goal for eleven on third down. You're you're not gonna win the game they lose the turnover battle which they never do. Pull up their defense their world championship defense from a year ago. And then look at this eleven men that played on defense against Miami New York City. It is there are up against the real. Did that go out on this week and that's when I'm out or get as many options they are I don't know how the speed sent over a week was given up twelve points a game. Are missing a lot of fire power on defense. I'd Rob Gronkowski not playing is the huge deal. I saw struggle without gronkowski on the road camp earlier. And they were the same team the Miami without guard either. And illicit market can and their right that all Burma and a lot of patriots. And for that reason they have struggled a little bit the last few weeks. Yes it's interesting John the last two games even though they they've won pretty convincingly in buffalo. The offense also seemed a little sluggish it was the defense is sort of carried him through that game as they got after Tyrod Taylor. And he had to leave that game and obviously they were limited when Nathan Peter Rhee came in. But you look at the last two games Brady has thrown three interceptions. And one touchdown. Is it is it's something that you're seeing in Brady or the players that are her around him that aren't there is a bigger concern for you. Although latter part of that as a bigger concern from hey I'm not concerned about ready whatsoever. You know they. You lose gronkowski that's one and remember there mister Ewing an omen do better team in receptions a year ago their miss and what you're blunt. Who had eighteen rushing touchdown franchise record or miss in their right tackle enormous and most of their defense. I think they're gonna continue to have to win some games. On the patriot like they might have to win a couple ugly games like you're talking about against buffalo on the road. By Tom Brady is still a great quarterback I don't have any. Our reservations about that I studied him and not let a beauty defiant. Other ways other players. Get the ball then and I think Josh McDaniels done a great job they did. Isn't just appoint John and because you have Tom Brady they always get the benefit of the doubt it's just like quite an error Rogers is on the field all they have Aaron Rodgers so they have a chance put at some point. You just say and maybe do we think the patriots. Might be very even though they only have three losses but we're talking about a Super Bowl championship or bust for them that sometimes you there's just too much to overcome with lack of talent on the field may because of injury or whatever other reason. Now that that's the case might damage for us to think Tom Brady's loss and I retire he net operating loss of these Ortiz over the hill. Yet 3700 yards and 26 touchdowns or he would rip in the league out. It was DMV. Candidate number one overall if he had me on eight. He has a bad night without ground out either miss him too many. From last year's team right now hopefully straight flowers idol band boy mark is CNN. Love ground out Eagles are or big time players now. Oakley they come back. Is suited up on the road to get it Gergen I'll make things very generous. If Jon Gruden with us here on gold and we go to that point when the patriots lost in the AFC champs to game to Denver that your. And the and the Broncos and Panthers. Made it to the Super Bowl I think combined that your the Broncos and Panthers had seventeen players on injured reserve and the patriots had something like twenty wants a health is always going to play a part in this but we now have John what could be an epic showdown Sunday. In Pittsburgh bout with the Steelers getting juju Smith Shuster back after scoring 39 points and bad passing for 500 charge without him. And now you get gronkowski back for Tom Brady look. The question then becomes for this game because of the Steelers. Issues on defense and some of the things you alluded to with the patriots. And there are holes on defense right now on whether or not some of those players will be back. Is this game going to be come down do whom for what could be by the way home field advantage in the AC essentially whoever has the ball last. Now possibly sound like to shoot out to me when you look at the steeler defense or miss and obviously Ryan Shay is here. You can't underestimate how great he was he was say every now got warm he was good against the run and pass and he can chase down plays Emeka. Hell helped prevent a long run they're also miss and Joseph Haden I don't know Hayden is going to be back he's the best cornerback. And Mike Mitchell met up and down what injuries that safety. Older streaky Pittsburgh Steelers. You know I gotta say it's it's going to be issued out I do believe that the patriots are depleted on defense that you have. Ben Roethlisberger. Tom Brady with all the yet on the table you can't miss this game I'd get got to say this. The winning edge to meet for the its perch Steelers as their offensive line. I think if you're really look beat sperm left tackle or right at all led by Mike Munchak are great offensive line coach. They dealer when it because of their overall. Dominant up front on the offensive line. One and a football analyst Jon Gruden joining John grew endurance on the shell Pennzoil performers on of course coach winning a to wall with Tampa Bay has been on this Monday the falcons at Tampa Bay. Another of big game is going to be the Carolina Panthers or sitting in now a wild card spot right now against. Visiting Green Bay Packers or on the outside looking in kind of a long shot to make the class but still have a chance. In her yard John I know we've asked you and we'll have asked other coaches before as well hi you treat. A injured player coming back and in this case Aaron Rodgers always cleared medically to go is that all you need to hear as a head coach. If you're start kinda still in the playoffs how do you decide how you want to use Aaron Rodgers ours are clearly just that the if the medical staff says he goes he goes. Well you have to ask obviously. The doctors if that's the case and it's it is the case you go right there and Rogers and has given what what these seals. You know how prepared aria. Obviously feel about going out here a permissive late period of time. Bad weather games big games on the road etc. Had a great conversation with them and also he got a good look at how he looked on the practice field all I've heard his. Raving reviews of him thrown the ball on the practice field with his teammates. Electricity goes way up one number twelve walks in the building in his agree might go. But I'm gonna go there Rogers doctors say so and A-Rod says sale wanna play. I'd say let's go play it may well even if we have the back in like we did last year they want all the way to the NFC championship I rallying late. And they've got to have Rogers. We're grown train I completely agree that playing him right now a lot now let me add one question to that let's let's let's do what we do this what we sit here we look ahead we project and on and now we saved Aaron Rodgers plays goes to Carolina but they lose like games and I'll basically they're out of the plants that they're not gonna make the playoffs now. Is there any thought in your mind as a coach you say okay. We're gonna announce it to the last two games why take a chance of re injuring this thing let's just get to the end of the season did you get to completely healthy for next season. I think you're deal with the wrong man. I think you're I think you're dealing with the wrong cat you know when you get on the airplane and hammer brat in their step we clinched the NFC south are there any game much to bear next week's game he's not in the seeding means absolutely not and while we sit down. You played a lot of football. Beat me up and these guys want to play these guys loved the play. There signature there they're defining moments are on the grass with their teammates. If Rodgers is good to go he really think he's gonna go there or let or what read only I doubt it. Outlets puts you squarely in the Herman Edwards camp than you grade two winner brigade there you go you go that's our job. John and Barbara cut from the same glow that there's no question that there's no question about it. I so we've we've hit you with a lot of football questions here but there was an interesting note. In the Monday night game we saw you may get sitting together with guy Thierry the shaft and make it some of those Cuban sandwiches and inhaling them by the way how much fun was that material. They he had no idea if you can gig guide it obvious he would cook for you guessed. He is really some kind of character and a great friend that I have become really good friends with guy I got the go down South Florida yesterday and gabbana we. Went Tillman episode of diners drive has been diets I'd gotten it in the night 68 car he drives around. I was off some my get the belt cooks and Cuban sandwich is as. We just had a blast he's been up. All and big raider fan and out necklace now to add a hard time wrapped in my mouth around. The legal those brutal out all all would love. All I want you guys hear you guys would be is yet not about to go back you're Notre Dame days when you were really eaten. All the slams that commercials now you're looking to get. And I would love god love that show diners drive ins and an I love that show. I think it's a great show and I'd look I'd love to try that semitism about about it. At willow bit at a sandwich for you this past Monday in a real big honor for you John coming up this next money you're going into the box ring of honor. In the Monday night game of the box welcome in the falcons what what does that mean to you my friend. Yeah you know my dad's coat with the buck up and markets scratch Douglas in 1980. Do a damn work for Joba gave my bad draft that these young drafted both Jackson Hole and it worked out. Might go my best friend there in Tampa and in this organization so it's going to be humbling obviously very emotional for me it. I just can't wait to reunite with the Super Bowl champion demon and a lot of Buccaneers that I grow and they've redone in football what football is is being a coach's son. Run around with Gene Wilder gets his get compact that's Doug Williams and now he's green and. Cool that's great uncle James while running back at University of Missouri and a stake in Ottawa. Jockey graduates by the way I love the fact that we had you talked from a guy Thierry. So you can actually say I love that guy love which is the doctorate I love that guy have not done a lot of yeah absolutely a job we're thrilled for you now we all think congratulations after the season's over I know we'll get together and talk about the draft which is gonna be a lot of fun lot of quarterbacks John-Michael. The first round of this draft which makes it very interesting. Well they'll seal mark milk diapers you know not every downgrade everybody's. Wallet to the third round just or not I gate the actual denies words have a great weekend not least of. Always good window the podcast. Very Waco and Mike Mohler senior. Ramona schober our senior writer for was there and she joins us now. On the show pens all performance line. A Ramon Alonso led the ball led the lakers played forty minutes last night how important was it him for to play in the fourth quarter and the OT last night despite the loss. Mean it's important for him to step up and situations where these guys who you're hoping to be at least. Core players here granted it's not a easier franchise and a two shot. And I mean he you know MasterCard if you can't play well there then he should mean it gained and I I thought it was a good moment for him because at a cabinet or at. Is there then in his first summer league game his first papal letter game I think he needs. Generally tended to have. Or gains in those big moment in the the first time he really had a big big game on the big stage. Well certainly he certainly did but they they came -- short how would you rate Alonso season so far so much talk about him. You're coming into the draft and how we played really well at times in the summer league at what what do you think he's what forty think he sort of leveling off now. I mean it's really just a the confidence and shooting and everything else in there but you watch tonight's opponent to cut out and I'm glad veteran goalie like that you guys who play against him but I go what did you mean by Larry you know any any that I got and I am ready to talk to Michael do you believe they had just just a guy you've been around and he and other rookies who didn't repeat themselves. And and people love them and you might amber don't want to in that I couldn't believe you've just gone off and on about how great he was but because conflict. Like people like people really like his game because he plays that engulfed there's a tumbled dial he makes really quick. Decision he great point guard me the tag I wanna play with great is he's not really looking for I don't shot all the time that the problem is yet. Solitary don't shut all the time and pregnant is especially if you're going to be that big appointed yet they into the focal line up and I use. That fuel for the game that everybody talked about him what we haven't seen yet is that can just an incredible business and you're not particularly aggressive that defense advocate asking for that they're just gonna that opulent and it. They don't really respect your shot your ability to make it then you're gonna be Rajon Rondo and I think that list. It's it's way way way too early as today. What kind of player he can be in the NBA but when he came to delete everything we all by which led in. You know he he he could be Rajon Rondo he can be Ricky Rubio. Really have such a cerebral than to waste he's not really really fun to watch that and most viewers game Rosie has a long way to go and we we know what comes along with that a familiar you're around that a lot more than we are to me. His dad Lavar has become kind of white noise nothing affects me on what he says anymore I just think about that the kids in the situations. That therein but obviously it affected. Or it seems over affected the lakers are enough to have a meeting with Lavar ball Lavar ball. Critical love teammates and who didn't passed Alonzo one point critical of the coaching. As well and we know he's gonna speak his mind to wall may be white noise to people like Trey and I. And not they are so much soul what went out of that meeting and was there anything agreed to in that meeting. Yeah I think diet I heard about this. About a week week or two and maybe we can house about kind of right after it happened and then he. He and I didn't you know I I I didn't know exactly what it wasn't as they have to report out it can't keep on find out exactly that who bared. And let tenor of the meeting was the Miami last night as real to get enough of the sourcing -- then of Karbala there and he is going to that I I'm writing a collector's items don't take your. And you said you know. It might in a diverse diet I heard was. The lakers essentially said and humanity you gotta tone it down when in May when we talk about the criticism of coach not a players but it. We we watched videos they would he wanted to that your private citizen we knew we are doing when they're adapting you completely Wear what is the lakers are one of those teams that are sort of they like to drop as LA is that he had been around Hollywood that the worst he could be as boring so bad they're finally holiday as long as he still. Play well on the court. When you have when they get stuff but he made the coach it does create negative atmosphere and to what they asked him. Let's just just keep positive and that's and they can they come to us first before he got media and last and I laugh or cry about it but yet it outright that Barack don't get it let it go the other really good thing to peacock to meet in a very good about that and that the lines of communication open. So that they Obama thing. Because I think coach among them his whole life that I know what makes Atlantic and I know I get about that it's so. I Atlanta's heat and time. And it helped the boat they attributed battle. Not know the debate the lakers I know want to wait not meeting feeling like they had a good understanding. Of the art he was gonna try to be more positive reviews and try to at least. I think before he says certain types of things we buy it. Don't literally that meeting with two weeks ago and then the next week he wouldn't get a hold other round of interviews and elegantly done and they showed them that was with his younger signs. We're going to Gannett in the Angela let's pull out east LA. And obviously the mellowed in plata high school earlier like it was it that some salad that kind of a tour but he went on to criticize the club again and being interviewed so aliens. How effective that was. We remain in the. It does it doesn't sell it really took sole recourse if they have to be another reading about that going forward more children. Joins us on this opens a performance line is she has apiece right now the greatest story ever troll which is a great title by the way. A deep dive and how to Elin beat his turn the sixers fame process into performance. It's snowing you can download and listen to the double truck podcast on the ESPN app or what can you tell us about the on credit president and access you had two MB. And what did you learn from this process. Usual word that he didn't know maybe before you started this piece. Ally you know I went and did it again you know when you're you're right it's a certain things that people play a key that make you cannot account named a magician guy Michael what is. When it went from me that's here is caught up manure and the austerity remember he made a big campaign to try to get into the game. I'm hitting it and but. But with the show happening there by himself court tied him. An area. Eight ballot you know a chronicle about fun and ago that the way. Shifting make you still show up regularly HI patrol in the league dirty just one appeared to be around eighty wanna be your someday you and say look I'm just trying to have as much fun as I can be where it may turn them. And it was such a healthy. And I honestly. How popular that was it away but I darker and Michael that's fatal isn't it great but are they haven't had a showed this incredible understanding of the same cycle I'm and I thought. Firm has like. This is like a 22 year old kid from Cameroon who didn't speak English six years ago let alone play basketball. And somehow he Blake now in the united it's just trolling on Twitter and having signed and liked it and the other person and I like Shaquille O'Neal. And everybody like that Israeli nobody nobody even close to turning on him and he had just like a 31 bad game you'd seen as a rookie of the are pretty much and he says something like that. How do you understand the same cycle labor rebuild do not been carried out and then go to back up again have to feel that had Heidi get back and that was. That was the beginning of the whole thing just like out there I understand it. I'm curious as Oprah started rough but yeah he said that what did he give you reason why he thought eventually people would turn on of. Yeah yeah. Everybody just let that ever ever like something now. You know they get their people loading it up for for a minute ago that happens everybody that occurred he had no what I what I've ever done but people turn on him in the Brian Russell Westbrook and it was kind of like there's. You know what exactly. Cynical I haven't really it would clinical and yet it was more of an understanding and I think the market time with him and don't try to jumping off point of our conversation and we rent a car again at regular hours and Sacramento and it did and try to repeat everything that technically they're gonna play game. And I. I'm delighted that Allison. Who I do know that you'll understand that and beat the the white hot and why did I can hear it would like. It's not like he's afraid of it I know it's coming it's almost like he's preparing himself or it could be in this world where like maybe we don't think he's funny anymore maybe because of the line. I'd like to. Is that something that you want to something that he needs. And I didn't think about MBE it has personality a little MRI and a little. Like he and he did he meet at the county good teammate and I'll say it. When when people can't trust the process but if they don't Janet get put that. Check out in the crowd on. And and it's like a bit bit. Without he'd like an Internet troll he's one of those people on Twitter will leave something that cute just to get a rise in value and that's what makes them better and indeed but I can't I'm on the road there and then people like Joseph you saw that he'd like I. They don't candidates I go to making you sleepy. I had it a big man with a big personality got alone I'm with you elect and like Shaq you got to look who's who don't we know a lot of guys that kind of are little more introverted certainly not Shaq certainly nine MB it's a great store or talk her movement Ramona shall run shot times are performs on a three time academic all American its effort and they played soft line I love this. Mountain that was a professional screenwriter for children's TV shows very very cool there. I want you to answer one question we asked this morning yeah away from Alonso away from draw again. If you can only have one on your play him would you take Crist opera singers or bend Simmons. Well we it's. I want go to them and I'm gonna guess an entity like apple really hard question but because the Palkot papal are and might I loved where I think it is game I worry a little bit more about his health and long term that I do about semi adult long term -- knock on wood it's really doubted that they in my intolerant parents. But. This women and eventually got to learn to shoot he's not an issue left handed anymore you'd like this offseason they're gonna just make him a right handed shooter and I think it's clear that what he should be by his game yet that it'll run LeBron James coming. Potential that he could be that good. And he's a playmaker. So he's missed an entire season are adding. No lights I don't knocking out lucky on the what do we. I am nervous about all of them but. You know I mean I'm only gonna go with a great. Point guard play maker over the great big man because the big men is the point guard get involved. So insists that it's only my preference. I remodel we appreciate it thanks to the inside the story is really good you can Jeremy is panda become the greatest story ever troll blog that things are being with us. Only can we go the podcast what are daily show what time dot I want great sports night last night no doubt about it. There are micro here support for a bike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. Rocket mortgage is simple allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident your getting the right mortgage for you you get started. Order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I've never felt more alive. Disclaimer Michael cannot guarantee you'll feel more alive you want to possess functioning respiratory and circulatory systems all you got all your laurels on if you are indeed a brings thoughts on the public money on car insurance Geico legal team applauds excellent life choices even ignore shoveling afterlife what we strongly encourage it of his uncle dot com or double the Geico at least a minimum of 500 feet away from a larger and presumably delicious delicious Morgan's. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Join in the student every once in awhile but alikes of RG three joins us in the studio to give us the straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless has phones does networks no contract I gotta say. Gotta be a little intimidated right now Baylor winner Heisman Trophy on the right he would. Just been regrettable. But we're here just for trailer door and are not allowed yeah I know my place no moral know what place Norman welcome. Welcome to appreciate you guys have me and I do I do like I like that rule and I know. It was a tough year for them certainly there some things overcome out there but I I do like Matt Rourke I do think. I can get things going on and it's there's no way this fits to you because you are a great athlete already. But as I just said that's force out to be. Something like a porting and I would probably take a abroad for one day he would be able to. These 68 to sixty to seventy do everything that he can do slammed to edit a trying to think of a person for one day that you would wanna be. In another sport that you are I know some people say like tiger for one tournament in his heyday. You know to be to shoot that well I would that have that feeling in my hands dabbled in like you can like the ball anyway element of I mean who you would wanna be for one day you beat that great in a different sport. That's good that's that in very interesting course and radio question what does a very radio of course I think everybody wants to do something that they're just not very good that's a premiere pro indeed you know tennis is soccer's on either wannabe Roger Federer or Massey in the aren't very good another Arizona I think that's that's who comes out you wanna do you can't do and now those two things exactly right and that's why they put me on radio wanna do it akin to. Robert Griffin the third little overpass on gold can only go OK unfortunately for you your very. Familiar with what Carson went the Eagles quarterback is going through you suffered a she'll tell Terry Baylor who and again in 2012. In the wild card game wild card game against the Seahawks with a knee gave way after being injured. Well in that hit that downloading not a put on your current so what advice would you give Carson about. About coming back from this is again it happened in December he wants to be ready for week one you were all in for week 12013. Correct I'm. What would you tell about what to expect and what's real what's not. You know he got injured a little bit early and I did. What I'll tell Carson is do exactly that is gonna do continue to work hard come back stronger you know he has a belief he's he knows. Why he plays the game he knows a column. Everything that around him is stable this team is stable is organization a stable. So I don't think there's a problem with him wanting to be ready for week one at all just like when I was coming back I didn't think there's a problem with me wanting to be ready for week one. But his job is to do everything you possibly can get his body right in the coach's and organization's job is to say look. We're gonna pump the brakes and not bring you back this quick or say lucky he passed all the tests the doctors say he's good in nine months ago. Soul so that a couple of things I want to ask on that first and I said this to people who would ask a doctor can tell you you're physically ready to go. Public the mental hurdle yeah how is that hurdle of of trusting what the doctor said it all the rehab viewed as a group do get on the field they. You know they say. Playing the game is not a person and also the mental aspect that is extremely huge burden and as a player. Nobody can tell you how you feel. A UC Gaza Lotta times for themselves on the games or or put themselves on IR because they just don't feel right. So I think the mental aspect for him is gonna be a second reaction plays when he gets back on the field. Those things are planned in rehab you can take a three step drop him. Rolled to the right to make a throw because you know you're gonna do that nobody knew nobody didn't but when you get on the field. And you have a guy like I'm alone not on board for me you know DeMarcus Ware these guys are coming matching. Those are things that are not playing and you have to react and that is where the knee injury that comes in he's cutesy knees right you know you can see additional his collar bones and all that Casey needs you gotta trust that it's gonna be there. I think he'll get. So that leaves me to the next question should I you get over the mental hurdle now it's the physical aspect of the game again. And forgetting like pocket passers because they're not really leave in the pocket anyway. For guys like yourself like once that will move when he has to for quarterbacks or move Rhonda Cam Newton. If you get a major injury is or any thought process to I have to stop. Doing some of that I have to keep doing some of that somewhere between how do you are you go about that. I think you cannot do that. You know for for Carson and and Shawn Watson would they have the realizes. Their ability to move is what makes him great right now. So use that as long as you can 127 I can still move around those guys are younger than me they can still move around even after they come back from the injury. So they have to make sure that they continue to utilize that over the years you will develop and you need become better as the pocket passer and then you won't have to use your legs as much which you wanna keep that threat it's what allowed Philly rubble holier use those are PO as those run pass options. To make those easy throws of the easy slanted the backers come and up and play action passing on the additional Watson's story. Quicker and that's our turn real quick that it be the terms not FiOS sleeping the RPOs or the read option that once would do. Dick can made sure they just not to do them because there's a threat full who's gonna keep the ball so you have to is it become more about just the play calling as opposed to the play her. Home you know obviously there's some things and it will be able to do yeah Carson I think he's pulling the ball around and I don't know anybody is coming up by as ever called Nickels a fleet when I don't know. Quick release quarterback and that's McCarthy can do but. There's there's many ways to skin a cat so they can keep the RPOs and this is not going to be as much. Quarterback run Carpio as in right after I met Margaret out in May he. Handoff fourth throw as opposed to hand off or wrong bright and I think you can still run those and they're built the built to do this. But you know they can also gorgeous and understandable often jaded I didn't run the Goodyear Monday fun. They got four running backs second best rushing attack in the NFL Robert Griffin the third with a us. On ESPN radio ESP into. More chuckle about the something that was a bright spot for the Cleveland Browns announced the return of Josh Gordon a guy you know well from your time ability to be. You know he obviously has cut I had a lot to deal with any sort of waited out there. In that one interview where you know he was he was dealing with these substances his entire life. He's only 26 years old a what do you think the upside still is for Josh. I mean you know JG is part of the reason that I ended up going to Cleveland. On you know are really believe in hue Jackson have Hamilton. And in the vision that they had and I know you wanted me to be there. This year and since that the analytics. But JG is only our analysts guys in there anymore so there are okay. JJ is a guy that. The sky's the limit I think everybody says if you meet them and you knew him while he's at Baylor. Or anybody that's come in contact with and you know he's a great guy he's not a guy and it's you know just out they're doing bad. Things he's made mistakes and he's had problems. With with addiction and how they got a serious issues not simply just push into the side and say. We're gonna give up on you on never give up on Josh I think that now he's back playing and that's the best thing form you know he went on in great deeds don't talk about it going back Tuesdays and college where he was selling in the anyway in the pros and maybe even because I can't remember but I definitely remember in the pros either had a drink or. Or hit at before every game where were you guys aware of all of lateral wells and this is the the beauty in the Kirsten yeah we knew we knew a judge is going through. We tried held. But just got to a point now where he wanted to help themselves. And that's Robin most problem. Marcus they'll tell you I've told him things in the past that he didn't wanna hear it just didn't want him and you know uneasy since the money Texan as an analyst on him he's trying to be honest with them and indeed their form. And that's why Josh is a brother to me. Com you know he's all he'll always be fans because he not care about the and I am excited form happy that he's back on the field playing and I think that Jim Cummins. To the realization that what he was doing was going to killed before Elton and now he's making the right steps that he himself back on the field and voila well let's. Hope that I mean you get these big get a few chances let's hope you know it's Dixon and he has way more life to live than football and god knows he's an unbelievable talent on the field. What's his hope off the field goes well for him as well as far as the your position the quarterback position. RG three joining us again Heisman Trophy winner of Baylor Pro Bowl 2012 rookie of the year 2012 so Conner from college to pros. It obviously hit it worked well for you that transition. Or how do you look at the quarterbacks now you know there talking about the possibility of maybe five in the first round from bigger guys like that Arnold's and Rosen and Alan Stewart the baker mayfield a little smaller and smaller size. Of how they transition to the NFL and how the NFL. Helps them transition can you can you dig through where that is now I think. It all depends on where you like and com a big guy it all depends on what coach you've you've you end up with Julia Carson this or you know he he needs a big pocketed the little ball. In Philly you know put together an offense form that allowed his his talents to it to be showcase bigger missiles the shorter guard. But I'm a strong believer in if you have success in the college level you can be successful in the pros. It's all of Ogden in the right situation. Did with the right team and I think whenever teams draft these guys they got to be sold on them you know you can draft a guy and have half the organization not like him have the organization of them. Especially if you're gonna give up picks in draft him high in the first round. But these teams you know the figure that out I think when you have split organizations. Things you know can can go down hill extremely fast but they're all talented players. And I know when they didn't its ability to be very excited it's a dream come true reforms. Then we go the high. It was all sort of one big Jaya kilo more of the various missing whereabouts when. You know it was more of our age bracket that the bread truck this year and Charles Barkley TNT NBA analyst joins us now. A Charles we appreciate you being what this week we know it's we've been through a lot in your home state of Alabama over the last 24 hours or so so we do appreciate you get up early was how are you this morning. Well man I'm just excited at the more congratulations. Over them so these are they're not I'm just so per. Well the people of Alabama a rabbit out there and congratulations to Doug. Old. All right so yeah that was that was a big result right like right there but let's talk with the NBA now what's going on near Charles Paul George returns Indiana tonight. First time since he left in the offseason. It's gonna be on a higher what do you remember most about the first time when you return to Philly after leaving Philly as you were an icon in that city. Well I think it's. Just as emotional. Is very emotional because you meet some great people. Politician who covered are relevant Billy put eight years to get to know the end. They become your freedoms every really good friends. Put our number telling your. My team is that's a great man a logo are low bit unpredictable and no losers here animal deliver bottom as large or about brigades we've got to be due. Is stuck with us the last thing I told them reported gain much that. If we lose a game all about Bombeck things. Very thought. I love that how or how about beat the thunder that team. With that mixture of players that they have and how they came together and it's just not happen right now sit at twelve and fourteen. Favored in 25 games and have lost. Fourteen of them why is it not working for them in this group right now. Are they don't they don't have a good team has served us there at six weeks in order not go have a good thing publicly they don't have a vote opposed the you have three guys who meet the ball. It's all in one basket ball up and up to public those were just standing around. A Serb propaganda that Olympic regatta work I'm not surprised at all you go back and look at the tape are there. You know they're not gonna be very good you know by. When I got three of the critics are also definitely would ban Marley and your result of more West Coast does put you don't want what would. Give him a bin had a goal and when I was compared to get to rebel what the good defender. Well the contingent 1718 rebounds. Those guys. They're all just scores. So they don't bring your the first three weeks so the table 111 cancer you know work. We're never going to night I would just give a bunch of rebounds. But they don't do that be all the scores. Well roasters commands the bill of two guys there are other scores investor. Russ so you don't think there's anyway they can get this to work as I'm sure a lot of fans were really excited about the three of those guys together B you don't see anyway with the what these players those three players like to do that they could find a way to make it work and become a better a better team. No I don't put it to work at all agree with mr. there's only. It basketball you know you got all these schools are and who believe an analytic data limits all the work you have police still pretty nevertheless that's all the time analytical work and awards what their rockets to a dangerous level as them. You know they got a bar to scores. You gotta have who can do different things. And they don't have gotten to do different things they can all score. You don't see you can't say one guy I would agree but there are no one got a degree rebounder. Urges all great scores there's nobody gonna work so. This'll it was quote bill the gonna be a pill experiment and it. It's far as guys coming back from injury talked Iraq while editor team that went nineteen innate need to play in the first 47 games of the year from that ankle injury last year plate sixty minutes last night in their lost. Talk about coming back from an injury in this case a lower body injury for basketball player. In how you do need to bring it along sixteen minutes this first game how many minutes you think the next game and when. A guy like acting get a full strength. What. Are my. There have been able to explode. I have a couples on the surgeries. And I was scared to lightens up with all my energy so well you know pop is. Degree is you know these are up there were two objects such Driscoll W Dunham managers minutes with a number one thing you just got to get competence and his body. Go to like a circle but read the editors others heritage up with all my energy and don't look like. Listing dollar deal would beer in public it will column it just takes a little. We talk a little bit with Charles Barkley about what's happening with Paul George tonight when he goes back to Indiana and then of course. Chuck they go through New York on Saturday LB Carmelo is first time back there what do you expect the reactions going to be went Carmelo goes back to the garden. Well I think it'd be a little bit different took the way to mix of this respected him. It's just it was unbelievable the last year or so output inability of the it's going to be emotional. Or as big as you get to know these fans when you have a simple law extended period of you know everybody who's on the front roll. Did you know you play golf would go also how could you develop a lot of old friendships. But I tell you is interesting. Powell. You know everybody keeps telling you who's great players and great players and reporters. And go to a truly great player. Everybody in the NB AQ play. Everybody in the NBA to what it is like stopped great players. This just in some of these teams to play a bill without these court on all great players. Alexio they've got other good players like you're sort of doubt a patella -- the reporter. Some of these two need to do it must go to a doctor or unquote superstar. Aren't Charles Barkley TNT NBA analyst also for all that remember and all Americans sent her Auburn MB NBA MVP in 9311 time. NBA all star and there are one of those great players without question would be LeBron James but in the general question. LeBron is playing extremely well right now for all the miles and ideas and his legs and his number of years. In the NBA. We we've been reading a lot hearing a lot about Tom Brady and what he's doing at forty and other quarterbacks that say they feel good enough to play into their forties do you think this will. Expanded to a very physical running sport and and physical sport like the NBA work. In today's age where guys in their nutrition. And arresting a little more and making the NBA's she's a little longer all the things may be at their disposal. You could you see players in the NBA lasting longer than they did. Well there was hope all of Tom's always always go win a lone run both that you noted two differences. Mike. Does or the game was less physical. As not to do what does he can better care of himself listen doesn't always taken care so that these guys out so there's just not yet it may really. They do but the reason they can play longer they turned it gave them to a report children cargoes. And there's no but the talent you got to reason go out there you know player of the I don't know poll. Somebody's got the power however there's no locality in the game and have bought it to come and jumpsuit and contests. LeBron made me he's water. Two in Greer is cleared up ever seen in my life to reason he'd be gather. There's nobody can hit you at a more. Are you gotta do is run remotely good sound recorders and a bit in the report shooting contest tested different. Nobody double b.'s all the the duke all the comments always aware of in the long run. By the way kind of sounds like the NFL defense you can hit anybody. Your I had the Charlotte. It's the exact change about your sport it is sport that's for sure that's why that debate is always interesting when you talk about Michael Jordan's bulls and the warriors and the question is was rules are you playing well right right -- of the bulls played high I was at the warriors now play by so you can get all those three threes they obviously Charles low tar balls in the news for a couple of reasons right now with the lakers asking him to sort of tone it down a few weeks ago was more schober reported. And of course he's got the two kids that are playing for the lakers. A moving over to play pro ball in Lithuania when you heard that these are two kids sixteen in nineteen years old what was your reaction. I just feel so bad news. I just feel so bad news. The media. CN and ESPN has given there's got platform. To Britain does everything has about sports. It's all about him. Not just feel bad for those fears that those you know he Airbus talk about you might be a good problem there's the matter who's not just explored this year. Is Sears love to hear plant for the lakers I don't know the other two years he's all about big ball aborted he has no it was suitable talent. He's trying to make money owners' fears and I just feel said that of those kids because they're gonna do what W filled divot do. That and I just don't like guy at all plain and simple and don't tell me you would could well just go viewers what your years. I'm only Monica is you have motel up that the public who grew at all while the machine export and your peers and I don't like the guy at all I would do would put them on development because you have no help whatsoever. One thing that that we talk about whatever we bring that up is wallet you know hopefully the kids can can make something out of his lobbed a ball is already you know showing some great times obviously in the NBA so let's talk about a from the basketball side of work. They're going to critical play obviously overseas so that means are not playing the warnings and ice going go back to high school can't go to college to college he can't go back to college so. This is our lot right now. How tough is this road certainly receive other obviously foreign players play European ball and come over play in the NBA. How tough is this road for basketball players to go through to try get back to the NBA. You know I don't know enough about I know I do know Lithuania. The government great basketball Karadzic to go back and look at the 1992. Dream team double what's there to be part of they were one of your league teams that we play. I don't know. Anything about that movie go harder. Legacy that could always tell the police all the way from America to send help. I don't know where little went years ago but what local please all the all the way all the local. Well wouldn't have believed my peers over there. That didn't go legit father. You just deal with a with those fears the dark cloud that would scoops up until meat. You know people want a certain degree although mostly over there would go here about what medals than mark to remain here. Political winning your initial backup and your ministry America great. Almost three wood in my here's the volatile group father like the largest real prayer for the last year. Then and I'm sick of seeing here earlier Greer who witnessed booed on television all the. Just know if you listen to the show I was once showed isn't going to do that you have that four chart there that that much we can we can guarantee you console move on to what's happened Friday here. Friday ESP and goes all axis with the Philadelphia 76ers a full day of exclusive coverage. Across all of our platforms store spurs can have a one on one we've been Simmons joy Allenby who will be live on for stick with Steve today. Are there still missing Marco faults the topic from this year but when you see envied and Simmons out there. Where is the ceiling for this sixers team as you see it right now. What did Michael Jordan Syria a few years ago. And about a live on a so mr. route they got those grueling. Those two years applicable to read those people. Are lol what is six lose. What do one up victory gallop Blair ran out the last year attempted to sit there with Hank and I don't think they look thanking I think it would just try to deal with Israel and the two best players in Israel just got hurt I think it looked at realism of him being got to play. Osama double play and they will him when he gains rate to thirty games better. And I think they got a bad wrap up been accused of taking. And the material some districts are put America. Are they not gonna win its deficit this year and next here what they're gonna be perennial contenders. For the next two built built built the ball well here is they help you. There's going to be a real contenders for the next ten years in about three years. Charles we we put on a poll question Michael Goodwin daughter on her Twitter page who would you rather have right now. Would you rather have closing its right now or Ben Simmons right now. Or where. All where we got Charles double clutch at this good news is good by the way it's fifty why won't tell you which in favor of right now the voters 5149. Til exactly vote everybody. We'd rather we ought to vote. And and it is almost one of the best portions. El burro. Man I know. Precedent general Larry. Some as you go out there at zillow. I got a central figure out how good how. Homeowners are good. Yeah I view voters 51 present forcing us 497 I would take Simmons. I mean their bull freaks but man that the last that a big a point guard we're talking about like that was Magic Johnson that worked out pretty well on this kid. It's just a freak I would take both a mom with you on that but. Add a that those that 202 kids would really bright futures. You know they're built to root them out might cool Portland Google is the brother score. On me this is similar to go how to improve presumption on his free throw. Mean I want to attack us sermons about two weeks ago when he shot one of corporate rose. Are in one quarter and BitTorrent are up 31 leader to they'll buy that is gonna help improve the opera. Absolute dribble and what I might take this lingers but there's very close. Well it certainly hasn't led to that point the shooters usually what you're looking for the three is more than two weeks ago how that works out of Golden State Charles. We appreciate you being with us this morning thank you my friend thanks Charles. I got picked up the great working toward gradually dominant so. Yeah. Goalie can lingo. Podcast what's not expect too much there's only one person out there that expect him way too much part of this guy surely we know that is. It's father. This time ear people call the most wonderful family as they do in the article for a variety of reason. On holidays. New year college bowl games all this kind of stuff. It is my favorite time and yes because we get the first post. Mock draft from topic today. After the regular season which really means. It the countdown to the draft and I know all that well let's do women love it. Because we're holding YouTube that's what are your six mark dress probably only have one I'm probably we're gonna hold you to this one the most low it's tough I don't about this all the time mock drafts now if you just at a draft right now as opposed to the rapid and it comes in April how different they would. Did you write they're going to be different there will be aided significantly different and you know first votes team needs of free agency guys are gonna to change teams and all of a sudden if you you need to tackle you go get one free agency in need different positions so. That's part of it in men. Right or wrong first fight I have a lot of tape is still up on NFL teams are still going through that process as well and then. The scary part though is when you start really. Looking at the All Star Games and much more so to come by and in the the individual workouts that's one. The a lot of mistakes are made Eric it's not like the old days it's not there we don't have the Mike Moore was necessarily anymore but I I think. The last thing your focusing on for couple months the the numbers the workouts and in the private stuff compared to just the football and sometimes you can edit. He juiced ray with your valuation so let's look at this well wolf we have the rest and a half hour to after Todd leave to go officers threw more of this first drama let's look at the quarterbacks so in your first five picks you have three quarterbacks going no mourn the brown you have Sam Arnold. Number two to the giants you have Josh Rosen UCLA number three to the colts. You have to pass rusher Bradley child from North Carolina State. Number affordable 49ers their DB I mean if it's Patrick from Alabama and number five to the Broncos. Josh Allen the quarterback for Wyoming you do have a fourth quarterback going in the first round number nineteen to the chargers that would be baker mayfield of Oklahoma. First and foremost I want to ask what is the percentage is you thinking and it's purely a guess that Sam dharma actually decide to go back to school. I would proof I would guess maybe 730 he's gonna leave at this point thirty. Is a pretty high percentage considering. He just has a tough decision make me doses BR OC if he goes back to school I think it will benefit him for the long term. I think you know have an offensive line will be better than this year were they lost for guys to the NFL from the starting group last year. And had three more injuries that against UCLA now in the pac twelve championship game there on the right guard right so he he started to lose trust in his protection. Started to see some ghosts feel some ghosts in the in the pocket and I think his footwork. Regressed this year as a result. He still can be Sam Arnold that that we've seen that we saw last year and we saw. A little bit more of towards the end of the season this year is immersed receivers were really young and they got. In a big developed as the season went on and the report got better so he started to play. Good football the second half last five games if you look at it. I think he's like nine to two touchdown interception ratio 64%. Completion so he's playing better. But he can I think he'll be in better shape to succeed in the NFL he goes back to school for another year but. The Stravinsky and he still what does the money how you turned down twenty plus Melissa and Michael Vick wasn't ready to come to the NFL but you're not get a higher than number one pick where you're gonna go so I ought to be interesting to see you fifth. If you leaves there's not nearly as deep a class is we think right now you get to Arnold Josh Rosen who I think is most polished quarterback grew you don't I think he is the best thrower of the group yeah I I. They do it's OK and you know what if you know it wasn't clear. That apples to apples comparison that USC UCLA game really was noted stood out to me just watching how how much more policy was in the pocket going through progression and making NFL tied throws compared to Arnold who. Seems a really. He had his best when he extending and has a chaos yet to that I was gonna asset about about I think the same thing about rose and as far as that that throwing ability. You mentioned 43 in the top five the fourth quarter regular going in the first round is baker made few bright eyes when rout of Oklahoma. Look if you you have going nineteen to the charges and I'll just be honest with you from a draft respective. If that's where baker mayfield goes the first night's going to be epic because you know what that big bad guy that everyone has questions about especially had a quarterback to maybe go towards the back into the first round. Com Sam. Adam Schechter is gone on it's that he believes is that Akers at all lot higher than people think David Pollack thinks he should be the first quarterback taken. What do you think are the compare bowl quarterbacks. Who baker mayfield that he might be. At the next level. I think for probably the best comparison to me I'm not saying there it's identical right but I think Russell Wilson is close. I think it's Russell Wilson may be with a little. On the field Johnnie Mae and sell to his game refer rides in the day the chaos but Russell Wilson's got the same I think he's a little bit more developed. A little bit more developed as a passer and a little bit twitch here but I think a lot of the similar characteristics and and just starting to taper I think Russell Wilson's an adequate. A comparison obviously when you look at baker he's round six foot it is a little bit taller but. I'm still not a sizes is not at his advantage what he's thick lacrosse he is expecting strong and and he's got a good job protecting himself he's been durable he has four I think his unit and this for 4546. Starts which if you go back and study it. It seems like the simplest thing in the world but there is a correlation between. College experience and future NFL success at the quarterback position itself baker I'll be honest when I when I started the process in the summer. Watch a tape I get my date to grade and that's quarterback to me that's OK it's going to be great back up maybe he can develop into a starter. But we're not counting on it and didn't investing not much money. This year he's improved so much of his accuracy. His arm seems stronger maybe used to seeing him live he he has more juice on his Rosen have been our remember spot watching a tape. And you know I know that yet those incidents and I know there's some immaturity questions need to be answered. But if you when you see him live his ability to just galvanize the team energy he brings he's got something special in terms of the intangible. He certainly does but you and I know having done this long after me to sort of measure bowls. That will determine just how high he goes besides the arm strength and everything else one's going to be the speed. Is he gonna have the same speed close to rustle in the forty time because Russell is elusive because it'll faster than people think so I will be curious to see exactly what Baker's forty times going to be because of the way he plays. And the other thing that not many people talk about but is going to be huge staying. It's handsome eyes do we know what is fans' eyes as yet. I don't think we have it I don't because you know that's going to be a big yeah I got its under its own Joseph I'd I'd seen I think it's and then in the 93 rate I think it's it's adequate I think it's it's solid because that's gonna be can I birdied I birdied a more taxing me this morning about about one of the other quarterback's hand sizes and thinking that it. I'm I'm heading down the wrong path and explained like to explain to people like that such a big bugaboo for for talent evaluated in the NFL hand size per well at its first of gripping a ball. And and in the rain in different situations like that and also there's a high coral ration between guys with smaller hands. And ball security protecting the football being able to it would pump fakes different things like apple when your carrying the ball and you don't have a chance to get two hands on it. And defenders are wrapping you up in and going and Tibet bat the ball away. Guys with bigger hands or typically the ones who do a better job protecting goal going Aureus generator ESPN two or talk or Todd McSherry just released its first mock draft you can check it out now and ESP. And dot com the fourth quarterback won't we haven't talked about. You have him going number five to the Broncos we're gonna try again with a first rounder Josh Allen. From Wyoming who is just a specimen he is off fire and out ball and his size in the pocket. And and he struggled at times this year depleted receiver corps and all that but he's also the least quarterback anybody has seen. I'll not knot of people are breaking this down but other general public right because of why a girl being in the oh Wyoming Pulitzer sergeant Sutton. People nationally saw more or game in Iowa renovated it and put salt does he get a bump. From the fact that all local Carson once looked at school he came from north sort of state and look at how well he's doing big strapping quarterback may be Alec could do the same thing. It's that he's to me the most interesting of all these quarterbacks because he has the best physical cools off. I mean god just doesn't make many guys in this frame his army has more bill on real he makes throws were you say oh. You just don't see a lot of that out there but he makes decisions very say it won't. You know what you don't you cannot get away with this so mentally is. He's not nearly as advanced as Carson Wentz was coming out of school. And I think that's the difference same coaching staff same system. It certainly Allen has improved and matured he's competitive he's tough to say it once is but I think that's the difference whereas. Alex has better physical tools whence I think was mentally more. He just picked things up quicker and had a better grasp of a football. Intelligence or knowledge at your Broncos fan the best news he's 65 he's not 67 yeah Straka saw Tyler and Paxil it's. We laugh but that makes a huge difference in your ability to move in set get your feet right the release players that tall that just. 67 doesn't seem to work it out there in the NFL very few of them and it was 101 real quickly that we got to go Mason Rudolph how close was he to being in the top five I'm a being up a personal I think he'll go on the second round I didn't and Lamar Jackson is another one who's gonna is just a really difficult evaluation because he does things. From an athletics import the most guys can't do but can you hold up physically. Can he continue to develop as a pocket passer those are the true. Really intriguing players because they have special qualities. But there's some development that needs a miracle we're both of them and I I think the second round is probably fairly close but there's still room deeper meaning you keep. You can go down the line and some other quarterbacks you don't have big games have been he's a really deep group of quarterbacks and one of the better. Top to bottom groups and some water. He sees from the best of gold within windows pod cast new tool to subscribe on the ESP NF. Apple podcast to listen to every. 6 eastern known ESPN radio ESPN UMB.