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Jon Gruden To The Raiders?

Jan 3, 2018|

The guys talk about Marvin Lewis receiving a contract extension from the Bengals and then Jon Gruden talks about the reports about him going back to the Raiders and more.

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We all right. Oh yeah all good men mid week we were were all bracing for the big storm here in the northeast coming up tomorrow seems to be a vacillating forecast amid if it does Howard and and you know what I I can't stand here and I and I'm sure others is like can't stand the weather people's giddiness. Now just how bad the weather's going to be and how giddy they are parents all around their ankles right now are really just love and life is it's it's sick and twisted beat up were going to be sitting mayor. Let me be a place that we all go to we see this is shoveling right now would you just regarding how much in my going to have to shovel load whether people are thinking about that they're not thinking about the every now and they're just. They're concerned with themselves and stick but this is this this is like the playoffs for them there and as you'd be right dorm like that's what it is out of order we get geek dove for them when they NFL postseason in the college football player up it's sort of the same thing. But really just to show you how cold it's been in the northeast and other places by the way across the country I Asia thought I was driving into work today and I realize it was 6 degrees warmer this morning than it was yesterday. And it was one met amazing it was one hole that he knew it was six degrees warmer than it was just good thing though the weather the weather people. Did speak up about bad weather yes speak up about good stuff all I don't know we like cold other playoff games in the NFL when we do that guys like debt. Over here and Jeanne good weather on every yeah 72 and sunny July dot what I mean it's playoffs were talking about as good basketball or talk it out it's all the rigs in the NHL or total orders violate our throwing my highlight were talk about good things in sports that. You know how much snow we ought to Shell Oil a day and a half yeah that's I hate those people -- at all well not a bad way to live local late breaking with the doppler five extra super sonar there are three deep greater radar weather for you get that if we're so that's what's break would celebrate really up and down. But this may be is now Dallas Florida yes this Wall Street are we want to get it out I was here to clear out of Atlanta because I'm hoping for like the incremental bubbled to your point 6 degrees warmer this morning right if it could be in the thirties and Atlanta this weekend or down there I mean dominate its I'd go oh yeah grand pop the top you know longer off the plane and shorten your slip LaSorda and this is. A. Unlike Keenan Allen last Sunday was playing in LA and nobody out that was that was quite an classic we have a lot to get reader that we got to Isiah thomas' debut of for the Cleveland -- get to that nick saving me it's more interesting comments about some things that he's not happy with with the college football left the numbers came out for the semi finals yes they did we'll get to that we have some more surprising NFL coaching news Marvin Lewis is sticking your round win. We'll get into all of that and now. On the guest today we have Jon Gruden. Will join us talking about the wildcard game as well as may be something called the wall Oakland waiter may be to see what's going on and that since we may talk about that Kyle Williams will join us of the Buffalo Bills helmet hair and eyebrows or first time the big man touchdown pass salt a way that victory Kirk herb street will join us as well the talk about the college football national championship and Brian would Norse will be when this is Weller ESPN NBA insider. As we get set to talk about what it means for the cavaliers now that Isiah is back and how we will manage his minutes going forward after dealing with on the hip issue that has kept him out of our big key mound the first 36 games. So what we're saying is it's a happy happy hump day lots to get to let's get started with. Time. Okay. Off the top feel like it or not it's just it's golden window. It are we start off the top and college basketball temporary Kansas lost woods lost his third home game of the season last night. Fully 857318. Ranked Texas Tech. Jayhawks had. Just lost three of 83 home games total over the previous five seasons that's a tough call or losses came at the sprint center in Kansas City it's consider home games kind of like when UConn plays on campus or at the Hartford the ultimate sacrifice they're playing Milwaukee I don't know exactly Sosa there lost to a their actual home with three. Home games overall. As you mentioned eighty MP3. At home in the last previous five seasons and all three. Coming this year that's a tough call when you dominate that much at home the expectation and Holman misses an 8573. Immigrants are ranked opponent in Texas Tech but still when you have that much dominance at home to drop all three are ready war when the standard is winning the big twelve every year a marinade is eerily reminiscent of I remember when we put Oklahoma football back when Bob Stoops is home record there I think they're lost four or five games when we went down there and beat him in twelve up until that point so you understand as a team coming in the how much that means a portal we rarely appreciate in the moment as athletes right historical significance that was on I remember in the time going this is special so for Texas Tech on the other side to come in there and steal a win regardless of where this program is a huge Texas Tech by the tour on a conference right now are an ounce. How about this coming into this year Bill Self was 220 and ten in Allen fieldhouse in his fourteen seasons and Lawrence he's now. Between six and twelve million that third home loss as you said. Was in the sprint center in Kansas City we continue off the top. People leave in the desert. First Bruce areas and now Carson Palmer the quarterback announce his retirement after fourteen seasons he played for the cardinals Bengals and raiders over the course of his years that you just know about. When it was time to walk when we won four. Quarterbacks in NFL history to release a hundred touchdown passes for two different NFL teams cardinals and Bengals others. Peyton Manning colts and Broncos French parking ten giants and vikings and Kurt Warner. The rams and cardinals so yeah it did you go over the had the injury bug obviously the last couple years inducing way where when he left Cincinnati. You wanna play there and most harm a lot of right to play got fifty million in the bank by the way the biggest number for him is I think he made a 173 million or so I sat in his career for him good number for you good job and ending out in the desert is great as well or I'm gonna end up making a lot less money than he's made art in the desert but if I'd like making fifty million years so it doesn't matter who you. That was oh so I was told me some out. It's all company all I gotta say is this Sydney's opera listening right now should be really really Anna Maria please do not it's like sell her that lie because that makes you officially worth mortar just I don't know I mean you don't ask you talked John Mark quarterback never to start a Super Bowl. Warren Moon third of that to 91 Carson Palmer second to 94 and Philip Rivers first at 342 for that but I obviously a good career for. That's the ultimate list is appointment you don't you don't wanna meet you think about it I mean that's that's that's sayings that really good things about your career but I imagine every quarter earnings. Don't know beyond help me on that list now that's likely in the minor leagues in home runs that's a big crash Davis like company like Dean Martin Lewis. But look at all nicely done all which we went there a global both sort of bring that up a little bit I thought about a more Marvin Lewis lot of people thought that. He was gonna be done I mean if had been reported that he was gonna walk away Le present Nielsen won't boldly it's a two year contracts and certain. It's going to be a group over here and that we will get into that on as well but I feel good thing for Carson is that I think junior on your show. What was it that he had the best winning percentage of any Heisman Trophy winning quarterback yes I am I digital look that up because I know I think technically Cam Newton might have more wins already your may be close in that category is a former Heisman winner have the most wins not the best raw emotionally when he's on the horizon wind which it is in impressive and I'm sure you kind of a burden of that award how Leo much it really is about the college career not projecting for Brooklyn and Mary got up a lot of pros successor by the way the disembodied voice of humble good to have you on the should have been welcome back our food at him bow on this. Nobody's fault you know get the White Sox lineup one through nine and and their war against a replacement thank you all the they are lower against. His or gets a place it's. Guess that's that we're dead that's boy are below Tuesday's when he gets an expert said coach Gregg Popovich moved into sole possession of fifth. On the all time NBA coaching wins list breaking a tie with George Karl. George Karl next up is Pat Riley so public sit there fifth Pat Riley he's 34 away from Riley 44 games left in the regular season for them so here goes 34 in ten. 35 and ten moves and a in the fourth obviously he's gonna keep coaching he's 34 away from Riley. At four piece 45 away from Jerry Sloan a third so all that that's in the very near future and then it gets a little a little more distant. Second is Lenny Wilkens he's a 156. Away from Wilkens and Don Nelson leads away he's a 159 away from Don Walsh and so and Don Nelson so. We'll be getting up the third by next year at some point put this guy has been ridiculous. And what he's done. Since coming out of the the management group they're not for the Ford coaching it really. It is amazing obviously the longevity and the amount of success that made the playoffs in all twenty years fifty wins in all but one season and that's does that season were short quite pleased at the end at 137 of those and then win a championship they are I guess they raise it sells it's still many do you're on the top and and really was. Biting always time to get to this chart time socially because he's been in the forefront of NBA coaches popping off and press conferences about the current state of affairs in the guy and the united yet Israel yes it seems like he was tailor made. He was one of those guys that was important too early in thankfully made it got to sustain the success into the time he deserves it. All and now we are getting yelled oh my gosh yeah the interesting thing there is armed. Popovich is an unbelievable. Coach when there's no doubt about that. And with the things he's done in a small market city though Santonio is not one of the bigger cities in the NBA. Where he has a very different thought mentality as opposed to a lot of coaches. Are we the golden era of coaches right now when you have Bill Belichick who I think people most people would agree is maybe the best coach ever in any sport of all time these gitmo within the next and it's a fact that's that's my now you have Nick Saban you're Gregg Popovich. You have Bill Belichick right now and I know you were all about the players and we should be but when you look at these guys and what they've accomplished in their careers. I mean obviously you have John Wooden with what he did you see anyway. And we had a similar Red Auerbach did in a different time it was a different time where there wasn't as the war as many teams that could be. Invited into a championship event whether the NCAA the NBA playoffs and compete so those numbers will always standalone dual always standalone. But are we looking at maybe across sports with that with the depth. And competitive balance that we have in all the sports we look at maybe the the golden age of head coaches are in in in the sports right now. Why did especially you take into account free agency you're just feeling well a lot of different circumstances. In all this and you remember the guys coming up to now I mean when it's all said John Brazill made a wise what are we gonna talk about Steve correct as a guy who has a chance to amass as much success is anyone else and deserves credit for setting a tone bearer and creating an environment for all the success we've seen in -- they. And certainly what comes along with that is well look at the players you have well what do you get up hours member here and that about Phil Jackson will add Michael Jordan will any coach. Who won a number of championships. Had great pleasures okay. What I think is coming to an and is the longevity. That we're seeing are these coaches it is is guys the ball in college and pro staying I mean as. We come off of bomb Schneider going for 207078. Year old bill Schneider ridiculous here absolutely fantastic story there. But they're way more the exception than the rule for college and roll in in all sports or wanna or change coaches over and over and over again there's just no patience. Unless you're in Cincinnati yeah Cleveland Marvin Lewis but it but it is interesting like the book you mentioned Phil Jackson obviously his rings are ridiculous and people civilly had Michael Jordan. Doug Collins and Michael Jordan you know even he didn't win anything in that to be fair Michael Jordan when they go Scottie Pippen showed exactly did you see got one great connector ghosts things were going to your point is in his intrigued to see these three guys in different sports completely dominating Internet we are not supposed to dominate your to your door and I think what's at what ending. Overall I don't I don't know when it has kind of ended is the longevity you just don't see coaches. Get that much leisure anymore it's its continuity it's what happens when you flood any system with the amount of money that's at stake in all of this for a lot of the people making the decisions was it's just interesting he of pop is just a guy that he's just been a consistent winner. In an era where you didn't mean yet Tim Duncan I get that but he didn't have a LeBron and he didn't have. They aim Michael drew he had some really really good players that he's built around connecting to and look. If collateral and it doesn't get hurt last year in the first game of the western copper up finals you don't mean they weren't there don't they were shown a lot of hours orders and get more than one thing I like about Popovich as well that's a sport in the NBA where let's be honest player from the show correct the players want you out you're out. Except for a few Popovich is one of that's exactly right and did to that point it again with with. With via the lack of stability and the lack of longevity and the players having so much power in the sported speaks volumes to what I was able to use of gradually just a pop. And we'll see what happens going forward all it's all staying in the NBA hey the cavs finally have the team they wanted to have. At the beginning of the year Isiah Thomas after missing the first 36 game of the year. Made his Cleveland debut scored seventeen points in nineteen minutes in the cavs win. Over Portland yet they were they were good where Thomas on the floor when LeBron was off the floor and vice Versa they outscored the blazers 3113. Isiah Thomas and LeBron off remember they came off the bench in this one eventually he's going to be the starting point guard put up better numbers at the point guard position. No one has gone on all year for the cavaliers at the point guard position but. My thought has always been take your time is sitting out tonight. And a lot of people are looking into that has its against the Celtics have game against the Celtics but he sitting up I jetted. Any athlete he's gone through any injury especially as major as he's got coming back. It was in the game they were limited his minutes and he did well with a seventeen point to ninety minutes but it gives you know Mike it's today. How does he feel today waking up after all that time I'll play an actual game how does he come back. After that injury in and try to get himself in basketball shape. Admitted that people are going to look at it because the Celtics and feel some type away about a but this is a timeline of they have been working the training staff begin the game all of the head trainer there last night for all the work that he's done helping Isiah get back. To this point so they've had this plan in place they understand what they wanna do with business so the Celtics are nameless grave phase that happen to be on the second night in the back to back now by the way again not only seen up playing. They're not gonna do to tribute video that so many NBA teams do when a player returns right and that was I think I think they talked to Isaiah about that. Ridiculous he's actor play niece that knows more he was getting crushed a little bit for that present it's about the my family as well for the new journal well known terrific situation in the playoffs pleasure with a sister. Give us passing away so they're gonna wait till he actually gonna play any game and I completely understand why he's not playing in this. Yep again Isaiah Thomas Brentwood horse will join us later on a show to talk about so Isiah Thomas gave the Cassie confidence to win last night because what do you seventy points I think that. Via the average for the point guard for the cavs have been like eight point nine some big guys good and he is good yes it was a lot to a little analysis now it's much better as he's on the a lot in the little had been the previous point guard play. So he didn't accompanist when last I just like the folks over Quicken Loans were brought to you by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully. Mortgage confidently and again we'll get into a little bit later on goal can we go the situation with Isiah Thomas and how they're gonna sort of working men. And what the long term team will look like this member last at the start of the season. It was a little rough start to the cavs have I went over the Celtics and they completely righted the ship. And now the gonna go through this processing with Isaiah and see how quickly they can get that thing going in the right direction as they did last night against Portland. But we brought up Marvin Lewis because it'd been widely speculation. Again by bring people here including our own out of Jeddah this morning's and that once the season was over I think two or three weeks into the with two or three weeks ago the regular season. That Marvin Lewis was probably to walk away. From the Cincinnati Bengals after a fifteen year run and lo and behold. Instead coach Marvin Lewis got a two year contract extension on Tuesday. Trying once again now I get that one playoff win that he has not had in fifteen seasons now they have bins in the playoffs seven times right. 017 in the playoffs however people need to understand when Marvin Lewis got the Cincinnati. People forget this word a short term memory society now. The Bengals with a Browner the brown that would occur or around so that that's how bad they were they were that we were they were called the bundles they couldn't get out of their own way. They couldn't draft well nothing was working right and he made them are respectable France right guys that has been to the playoffs in seven of fifteen seasons almost 50% of the time. But the one thing looming over him. Was that doughnut in the win column in the postseason and are Stephen A Smith who by the way can now we are naturally went three and ESPN radio. Went on sports lot of last night and let's say he was having none of it. This Bob pastor Mike Brown if that's an added to the ownership. Has essentially given the city is this an ad in the proverbial finger told him to go kick rocks we don't care what you think how we feel because we're getting paid why this is the thirteenth lowest attendance in the league. Only the charges and Elliott has doubled them up and down winless Cleveland Browns have worse attendant benefits and had a Beagle took a fan base is abandoning you you all winning Tampa Bay didn't do a level of productivity. Has abandoned and you still keep a job. It's disgraceful there is no excuse for it. As far as I'm concerned it's an abomination and highest order when it comes to go to because what you're saying is you don't care about winning. Well. Should agree with all of that you have ought to be clear about that but but there are some points that's our that that that he thinking that are are valid. What's even it was saying and by the way on the record thing Marvin Lewis you often talked about a you have won a playoff game only seven. But it'll be favored in two of those games when he thirteen it's charges 2009 it's the jets are crazy things happen of course obviously. They have that wild card wild week in game against the Steelers right right or devolve into a street fight crime and exactly when it w.s so we'll we'll get into all of that yeah. Always good. When you're on the podcast and great way to go and Mike Mohler senior. We're delighted to be joined on the show visible forms slime by Jon Gruden. Of course a former head coach of the raiders and Bucs won Super Bowl with the bucks and he's calling me titans chiefs play a game for us Saturday as forcefully eastern on wild card weekend John thanks for being with us we'll get to all of that. But obviously your name has been in the news quite a bit the last few days are at a Shepperd Chris mortenson reporting that you they believe you're going to be the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders you've said yes you believe you are being considered. So what can you tell us now about that are you going to be the next head coach of the raiders. What's up the Mark Davis. I have had conversations with mark and there are still I believe gold do the interview process and when he knows I think we'll all know but I appreciate. Adam and increased his confidence that I have a chance to get that job at all my so. So I guess a question via Mark Davis call June so we've gone through our candidates and John your the one we choose we'd like you do the next coach of the Oakland Raiders would you be the next go to Oakland Raiders. Think there's a good chance. I'm excited about. I am. In terms of studying and Damon and I'm prepared to come back in coach I just don't wanna sit years circulate in its almost like. I don't know what's gonna happen Mike I gotta be honest with his Villa along couple weeks I know they've gone through there. A process of interviewing candidates and in. Until they're done I won't know but I did have a good meeting with mark abnormal long time and got a lot of respect to reader. Football organization. I'm a general think as we said Bruce aryan time yesterday who just called it quits and and said Boyd at some point he. Turnaround and his wife said it's his son's birthday is like his son Jacob turned forty years like while I know. You went through coaching your sons have grown up some another possibility. I've gone back to what we seem like bill power going to the media and not come back and I and I know understand some reasons there. Jimmie Johnson as well and it's always been talked about with you whether or happen are we seeing it in baseball was some managers leaving and coming back. What's the draw with you coaches what is it even though you've been out for awhile now. So this is more general question that says you know what. I I wanna get back to doing this again. Well he missed the players you know you missed the ground that you missed the journey. Obviously you miss winning the opportunity to win. But I dismissed economic team not a lot of time to wake up on this economic team I do love my Monday night and that's what. Then outstanding at at a great. Opportunity to work was some exceptional people. But the peaks and valleys that go along with the football season ever thank I thank all coaches. Are always miss when they get away from it but it. You know again not to speculate very much Amman. I'm I'm being completely honest I don't know what's gonna happen opt out its contract negotiations with the raiders or right I can tell you oh they did in 2001. So. I'm not I'm not gonna do any thing except I'd go about my business does Monday night all got ESP home excited this game on Saturday. And John we understand that and listen that's one of the reasons Herman Edwards left us to go back be that coaches in Arizona State because he said he wanted to feel the grass under speak one more time. And we'll get into that titans game I promise but I I have one last question about the raiders situation. It's been reported that they offered you ownership. In the team and some intimate things that they talked about what can you tell us about that. The most butchered that at all I heard us being dismissed screaming at me on TV yesterday I want it shows. Everybody saw it's I know most is that matters. There's no no validity to that at all not a hero so. That's a nice Signet that I saw but no no ownership that's for sure I great. I will whether or not we appreciate it wouldn't do so nothing there and a and a mark call that offered you good job and go back to do what you love to do coaching so that's fantastic until that time you got a game to call a Saturday. Titans and the chiefs so as we look at that game we saw that she start Patton hall of what we know obviously that go back to the start is now on the titans. Are coming into it to the end of the season the way they have as well to get into the playoffs. You talk a lot about how your finishing a season and how you are a by the end and playing. Where do you put these two teams that's how they're going into the playoffs and what kind of shape. I think Kansas city's playing good football down the stretch their winning against the chargers at home couple weeks ago is very impressive offensively. They look. Who have found their groove again the Big Three is going to be hard to stop. The running back on. Is spectacular and he looks like he's revived his legs are back economic art. Tyreke kill good luck stopping him he is everywhere in each and change scoreboard instantly just like he did last year been tightened in the regular season. Chelsea is a terrible mismatch problem right everyone's so the big screen are in high gear I think for the teaching you re. Trust Alex Smith who's had a week off his arm will be alive. It'll be interesting I would think they're gonna be a hard. At home. But their defense the key defense has struggled they have obviously been mr. before the top how these residents all years pass rushers. No lose in the great state demand. Early in the season this is is that terrible loss for them and I just semi competitive markets Mario and a in this. Can live up to I think their potential they they've added some really good receivers. The rookie Davis. Brought in Eric Decker Rashard Matthews can play the wing walkers Pro Bowl they got smash mouth off now it's time for them to fly. And I think noise and whether they'll be a big part of his game to Mike. On no question best smelling stadium anywhere where I got Barbara Jones watching him from the parking lot but but John you mentioned that it's time for this office supply and you mentioned Mario and it has been a real regression year for him obviously. He's coming back from the leg injuries had some hamstring issues this year what do you think's been missing from his performance in 2070. Partly to say number one they have a lot of characters we talked about Davis Susan rook. Practice time together and and Decker came over late in the process from the jets. So there are some new pieces that have been moving. And the injury is huge LaMarcus I know he's played through it but this man uses his alleged that creates so much off Sampson. Watching him run around late or quarter against Jacksonville last week. Makes me feel like you know what he's back. And I think lose in time on the practice field with his injury with davis' injury. I think it hurt them I think obviously the leg injury is a little bit more serious perhaps lingered. Longer than people think like I got a lot optimism Mario and big gains any handle the ball cold weather. Some of these people from Hawaii don't like on early and yeah. Yeah it's far as Kansas City we hold all the talking we saw that Andy Reid who is so respected as a coach. Moving up big time to get pat Mahoney has started the last game in the thoughts of him going forward. It do you do you see this as is or what discussions our imagine you have to have as Andy Reid and with Alex Smith that. May be whenever there's a lot of people Spectra whenever the season ends weathered this weekend next weekend or whatever that is going to be the end of Alex Smith and and the beginning of pat my home. If that's been decided by Andy Reid already do you think Alex Smith knows that as well. I think Alex Smith after meeting with them and get to know him over the years I I think he has a real good idea. Abdullah of the reality. I'm his long term future in Kansas City in my last another year he's had a spectacular year it and they might keep them another year to. Help bring this young quarterback along but. I think you realize is that my homes as the future of the chiefs but. The future doesn't start today it's it's all about this single elimination tournament and this guy's such a professional. He is such a team guy. I don't think Alex Smith is is it given at one grain of thought. Jon Gruden with a son go doing go of course he'll be calling about wild card game between the chiefs in the titans and again as we talked earlier on the show that the raiders. A do indeed come calling with a offered looks like he will be taken that job and heading. To Oakland and then eventually on to Las Vegas John let's talk a little bit about the Philadelphia Eagles because they are the number one seed in the NFC. But it sure doesn't feel like there are number one seed because of the injury to Carson once the offense has really struggled. Over the last two weeks nick balls came in against the giants and actually look great for touchdown passes completed or converted 46% the off instead of the third down conversions. But in the last two weeks the weather was Hemmer Nate side felled of that offense has just been nonexistent. How concerned are you about what has been a great season for Philadelphia. May come out flat because of what obviously happened at the most important quarter opposition in team sports and in this country. Obviously there's a lot of concern. The weather to the last two weeks as has been Burberry it's cool little ball and in Philadelphia against the raiders and cowboys in the may be that way in the playoffs but. Remember windfalls looked over Trey he took over late. In the season when one got hurt against a rams. If you go watch a professional football contract dispute they backed quarterbacks. They get no rest. So I think a lot of justice is going to be. How much wraps how many. Things can they do to enhance. Nick holes on game day they're getting to know each other now his strength his weaknesses they perhaps they got to avoid without. But the bottom line is Wentz was spectacular he still should be considered the MVP oh yeah I certainly he's made so many ways with his legs. And that's not nick also gain things apt to be. A little bit cleaner in the pocket receivers have to be open the protection has to be therein. Each is not a guy that goes out makes a lot of creative plays scramble around and that's what went at a lot. You don't know on the currency bill Philadelphia out of dire situation. And as far as the AFC obviously doing on the number one seed and most people pointing to Pittsburgh as being their biggest threat but. There are some that say not Pittsburgh the biggest threat that is Jacksonville that could be the biggest threat to knowingly you buying and it matters its still prosper you. I'm still stand with the Steelers I think. Rumpled burger. Big games that they get Antonio Brown back I think her problem they can deal. Or whether I like Jacksonville on this concerned a little bit with their offense that they need to score. At the end of the football game and a two minute drill there behind I don't know that they can do that it. The one thing the Jacksonville is gonna do they're gonna play outstanding the trapped men are they impressive they can shut you down around the corner. Would Fauria and Ramsey in. They do a great job with their scheme and get some one on one rushes up front they get guys to get absurd by. When you look it is determined that might you must agree there's six or seven dark horse teams that we really don't know much about in the playoff format. Remember buffalo in the tournament. The signal but they'd be in the hermit rams have turned things around. This entire field as a lot of us know that that that's what makes it very exciting for me. Let's certainly you mentioned buffalo Kyle Williams will be joining us and little but talk about the bills finally ending that's seventeen. A season. Playoff drought and that's the Doug Marron bowl as hook against his old see their old coach in Jacksonville. I wanna ask you a one year old players though John and John Lynch. Safety for you with a box obviously up buffalo to a Pro Football Hall of Fame now. What what what are your memories of him as a player in the things he was able to do for you. You know that this thing I remember most about John Lynch's just looking in front of the team in the meeting room. How wired he was he didn't like what all you local law. He had that. Bring every single day I don't know how he woke up in the morning he must. Got very little sleepy look like he loves football more than any gatherer were coached. He had a presence about him. On the field as a leader he was an incredible communicators. And he was one of the biggest hitters. In pro football for almost a decade. But he had great ball skills that we play them beat. We put a Muppet near the line of scrimmage he was he was before he played like a linebacker. Just the great professional football player what he did the community Eric Tampa. I can't imagine him not being in the hall of fame and I wish you the best social propped his successor Ben Francisco is one of the really really good guys. And we certainly -- a -- from their quarterback in Jimmy problem with the way he's played on this resolutely John Lynch doing a good job their job we appreciate you being with us good luck on the game this weekend with Hewitt Sean calling the titans and chiefs and if it does indeed turn out that you were headed on Oakland I want to show on the draft this year my friend. Aspect on this you guys you'll see what happens then. No matter what I consider you guys my library your friend about the fort catch up yet. I John brings so much appreciate that early you later. Only campaign window the podcast what do. No doubt about this. Ever or Michael care support for the Golan Quinn go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage Michael and loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Welcoming in yet has it Williams Jeter scored a touchdown and I never. There's rarely go Arnold joins on the shell Pennzoil performance line Dayton synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. Make the switch depends also that accident Kyle first and foremost congratulations. On the bills ending that drought what was the scene like we saw the video of all you guys watching. The end of the Bengals ravens game. In the locker room when you finally sunk in and you saw the boy touchdown and you guys were going to the playoffs what was the first thing you want to remind. You know you so grateful you know first you have been here twelve years and to make things have happened you know up and down ten. Yeah surgeries and you come back from things and yet just grateful for you know. The opportunity to be there in that moment you know you kind vision that then you'll that it happened that you know not having that happen so many times or to finally happen. Just to be here when it happened Melissa's sister uses great cause and are also on them. I was just went on for everybody there. Does it not now it can't erase obviously everything of of not making the playoffs but does it some does it mute some of the pain that you went through. The last however many years all your entire career there obviously yeah before making a blast what does that does it mute that some. What is going to make him work that bright you know you you you're gone through everything because. You want opportunity to be I don't world champion or champion Pete chance to win the super Owen. You know commercial McCrery who they you know this is really the first chance I've gotten so you know it makes it work event. You know the artists like a so there's so many ups and downs but Kabila celebrate there with my teammates and you know couple months scientists this it was a really special moment and I somehow get. Well we saw the video you run around on the field would you sons afterwards but obviously the the playoffs is is the Sunday for you guys the cherry had to be the touchdown. And the thing that we loved about that you will basically the worked on that no no last second decision to put UN right as you guys any coordinated celebration. So take us through the idea when you knew that play was going to be called. And if I was successful you knew what you were gonna do. Well what we've worked on that a little bit during the week and that he was mostly about transition and ultimate. Comfortable. And and you only got the atmosphere then go we're the only person who won from the wind sucker you know if there ever gonna run at the house that not been I don't know about that. Hang our hat on that play on third down and and we ran at him weed out and went as far as the celebration goes. You know. It was totally. Spur of the moment spontaneous. We're all to open up the middle what are we gonna do all of the mail as a player Lola Obama both there all all like great that we are ready and just fell down it was a lot of fun celebrating those guys. Intranet celebrate the match them look that are rapidly yet. Hard to colleague's defense to tackle for buffalo as they get ready to play in their first playoff game in a long long time 99 and 1999. So. I know you had one other carry any game in 2009 not not carry greater on the field and you blocked and that we're Chan Gailey was the coach but I know you. Practices and a couple of times during the week but when. You know what's coming views so the play is called it's common view you're. What was your big as your getting nine your stance. Hey it's going to play what was your biggest worry. Well I I couldn't hear Tyrod cadence so I had to watch the ball. So you know number one and then watch out and Paul started as it was balls. Heck can't I can't fumble this look at our top on the latest Bruce not. They're never gonna let you do it again make that call your number they put supplement specifically created. If you screw that your now you know some I don't go to a little too you know are stopped or something like that you know nobody really. Expected you to score rushing touchdown anyway yeah but if you if you get a priest not only are you fumble on your turnover. You know you hate your on the blacklist outcry at that. Over the two days go to Amman and lucky and luckily I got the ball well it all for our yard night after an insult it just about anybody could. You know I don't put huge data Kyle got to the thing you're better now I don't like to give away you know any game planner or anything but if we see first in one. You know on the one yard line against Jacksonville do we see your reappearance of you're on the field. All I'm saying is that had one opportunity sort us out I'm gonna want touchdowns. Or might be the making them and Muster up much column for the ball lobby. And I'm not want you don't ever know how far my coolest thing. I'm and you gonna be a wide redeemable for all we know it's his call for the whole you're always open but Kyle here's the what they I have a concern about can we get you on the. You know not for me you know I'm one of the year it was here when he was here and you know as far as I'm concerned you know pass passed then. I think about being around the NFL for a long time it's your always gonna play. All teammate Charlotte took place friends euros and played all coaches on different staffs and you're always gonna count. Continue to run across one another whether they left on good terms I left combat arms you know so. There's really no connection there for me assist this is an opportunity for me and my teammates to you know dom played a playoff game which who worked so hard or might interpret the. So let's look at this game up against Jacksonville we know they love to run the ball. Certainly it'll throw and they need to go with the backs they have the line and and met our offensive scheme nav running the ball so. Give us a breakdown of them we know how how great their defense is put the side of the ball you'll be your against give us a little bit I met that Jacksonville offense. Well I think you know a source for the running backs with Ornette and ivory the other you know I mean I don't anybody's ever. They will run back like heavily regulate uranium in our that you bad jumps off the page when when you watch this guy. Also too want big physical guy that committed to run games so it's something that he essentially we're gonna have to be prepared for. We're gonna have to you know be really focused on our because or around that sent in different things like that because they're gonna challenges that lay. They could shrink again any minute and take it over so. It's a great challenge for us you know we're excited about it will be up or. You know Warner have a great week of preparation a lot of energy and we're going to be excited to go. Well a lot of times. Early in the week. Before we start getting in the game plan specific things. Watched individual alarm and I'll watch all of their offensive lineman I'll watch. On past jeez I'll watch stamps is they'll watch. Formations you know what they do in the back field. And then I'll get us are gonna feel for what they like to do what has this got you well. Intimate jacking go to Jerry Hughes and like I have been locked in this in this Scott does this well LeBron and perhaps in the Arctic I don't work my way down the line words not just about me get help and all the guys on the line you're gonna help them well they're operation but. You know I'm like OK well you know what what are what are they doing that at this what does this got to do well let's not do well at struggled with. And they know kind of the ball a couple of days and then won't get into they would start in in the game planning and you know what they like to do in and I just kind of expand from there so. It you know we'll start put in our our game plan our defense is the things that we're gonna do. Figure out what we wanted to do on third down against the men and just come merry all of those the end. And kind of bring that belonged in a long way to me and make sure that we're all seeing paying the same way so we can communicate pass and we don't play fast. Bills defensive tackle Kyle well Williams with us on goal can we go and you mention about the running game of the -- we got to ask you about shady McCoy he went out of that win over the dolphins with that ankle injury had to be carted off and looked really bad. What can you tell us about his availability for this game Saturday. You know I don't know you know I know that he's been trying to determine. Obviously we're hopeful they can play either big part of who we are a great player for a great teammates so you know Laporte for him and hopefully his ankle. Will be something that can hold up and and and let us have and let us have our running back that we got. Now sure like most players are being get on the field he's gonna try get on them feel how how about this how about if you're at a microphone and you're in front of the tens of thousands of Buffalo Bill fans that like you have been waiting and waiting and waiting in this moment is finally here what would you say to those fans. Well I'm I'm so I'm so happy and thankful for the you know my career out. I try to be very go about our hands and how great they are and in who they are and what they mean dust. Yeah I think more than anything about it kind of thought about it overlap those who. Well my next year one more one win the football he's a little around and they're getting into that lukewarm off on the arc priest is an hour talk about well. You know they don't have to stomach that thing well you know the Buffalo Bills are seventy your play out Charl has become an eighteen year playoff drought. I don't have to take that anymore they'll have to listen of that anymore. And I know that's a tremendous weight lifted up the men and I'm so happy for them I like that earlier I'm so grateful that I couldn't. I'm being here for so long but you know more than anything I'm oust and a lot of what what I saw that that whole thing was over. Yeah and to see how the fans have reacted donating all that money the Andy Dalton's path out there 150000. Now Buffalo Bills fans of donated death. To Andy Dalton's foundation because obviously the touchdown pass but you guys in the class that was a great thing to see is well I Kyle. Congratulations been a long time coming enjoy the heck out of this man because it's been twelve years in the making we appreciate you being with a sex trial. Although that I thought I hate. Not a buyer very nice comment about another thing I thought I heard that part table that was painful to listen to burst in more. I I told them to not have you be able to listen to that I apologize but actually I don't ask him off. I'm OK it's painful for me every morning with the Laguna I taught him god it turns out today if you aren't they are so much as. Always been lingo the podcast it was all sort of one big Jaya kilo more of the variances and where that went. We just had Kyle Williams on as the bills are back in the playoffs. For the first time since 1999. But today is a very special and it doesn't make sense that it would happen. That the bills would break that drought. This year right because today January 3 28 team. Is he twenty path. You know we are old the twenty thank you I should just accepted the 25 anniversary of what I thought was the single greatest game in the history of the great comebacks are great comeback game between Houston Oilers in the Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Bills. Were down 38. At one point and he came back to win that thirty to three I believe Wallace and came back to win. 4138. In overtime. One of the craziest games I've ever seen in all time and it was just nuts I mean. The view all the Houston Oilers were your team you know I don't know if you are it would Kanye yeah but. All the oil is needed to do in the second half of that game was literally. Get a first down in the second half and it and it would have been over I mean it was it was 28 to three at the half. And then they had a pick six that made 35 to three. And that the bill stormed back with 28. Points in the third quarter normally able frank right yeah. At and lived and grew with their backup quarterback know it is Jim Kelly and he was hurt in the season finale which was against. Other Houston Oilers in the house of pain in the astrodome. And at that point frank Reich had the biggest comeback in college football as a Merrill quarterback against Miami and then did it. Against the Houston Oilers as a member of the Buffalo Bills and what may that game great for me was not only. The comeback but the bulls took the lead. 3835. Only that Houston come back and tie it. To send it into overtime. And then in overtime they get the field goal to go on and win it it was it was the rebellious craziest thing really well. Incredible so let let's let's add to some of the other things on the stand sports again January 3 let's go back to 1920 shall we let's do it but New York Yankees. Purchase Babe Ruth from a Red Sox. Our 125000. Dollar now at that time that money seems like an astronomical unbelievable amount and now we're most of the athletes they could find the narc how chat mode due to subdue some calculating what what would a 120 grand in 1920 be equal to today because that was a ridiculous amount of money now however. He's got the better of that deal no matter how much that money calculates out to be yankees got the better of that deal. How about on this date January 3 1970. Thrill of ought to write this out the Columbia broadcasting system wouldn't do CBS sells the New York Yankees. To a seventeen person syndicate headed by. George Steinbrenner. For ten million dollars Campbell calculate those numbers are calculated gamble we calculated as were presented by progressive insurance we're gonna make sure that humbled progresses us with these numbers we're. We need 1920. Money 125000. What would that be today in 197310. Million what would that be and I've won more foreign 1983. On January 3 Tony door sat. That's an NFL record with a 99 yard rush. The cowboys against the vikings tembo find out what in 2018 and 99 yard rush would be it would be 99 yard rush forward yet just to work where I'll that was in the old metro Muirfield metrodome. The sidelines in the yard markers were not pain it was like a chalky yet since all I don't know if that was always chalk all over the yes absolutely. That was by the way that was at the strike shortened series season 1982 that was in the playoff game Mel was not that was a regular season game that we had that Alcatel was get in the playoffs that year but there. Yeah that was a regular season and then January 3 2003. Ohio State beat Miami double overtime in the Fiesta Bowl 31 Torre for for the national championship the BCS. Titled apply remember that game that was the late flight NASA listen I was tacit or turns when Miami thought they had won. Goalie can lingo. The podcast. Let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that expect him way too much part of this guy surely we know that is. It's father. I'm gonna fix that for John I think. It's going to happen I do is Gladys or like said the way said but if they offer the job guys that listen you you'd. Don't know how somebody can answer questions like this is John's name comes up every year for head coaching job and we've asked him. Every year. And a lot of times it's you know odd perhaps you or I am not thinking about that in this year are remember what we talked to him. When it first started coming out he said never say never saw it kind of raise some eyebrows of all maybe this is the time he's looking to go back and this morning. He was about as honest as could be as far as this is concerns basically saying. LT get offered this job he's he's good and take this job and talked about other candidates being looked at I had no idea how many other candidates are looking at a mean. By from a tactical standpoint there is a Rooney rule there are supposed to be going to correct yes I mean as far as. You know that is concerned but once they go through as as John said all their candidates. If I and that's why I asked him if Mark Davis were to call it off you job would you be the next head coach he said there's a good chance which are right means. He's good US coast I think and I think you believe as well I think most people think the next coach of the Oakland Raiders and then you did ask him. Flat out about the rumor or about the rumors the the media arts that you more ownership that he would get a has ownership as part of the deal. And he absolutely denied that's the that is not part of it at all he's gonna get paid a whole load of cash is no doubt about that and more power to anybody get all the money they can. But he said that part of it the ownership part of it was not true. But again he will be called the titans chiefs game for us on May be ESPN's simulcast on ABC a soul see what happens or by the way this news just came in. About the college championship game coming up between Alabama and Georgia and more linebacker issues. An attorney Jennings the linebacker just posted this on Twitter I won't I've played my last game but I'll bet back stronger than ever next season. And he recovers from knee surgeries so look. That that's hurt so bad person think that Nick Saban has been talking about their line backing core has been decimated this year at times and in Vernon Jennings now. One of those linebackers will not be there in the national championship. I mean that they've been nailed all year away at the linebacker position. Injuries all year Dolan Moses. John Gavin Hamels in our poll currently out with season ending knee injury tell Moses weather five star. Are true freshman who end up playing some because of all the injuries that they've had they've gone through so all many injuries at deposition and that was that was a one. I know they were and maybe they had more information this going in I'm sure Alabama fans who didn't were really keeping their fingers crossed avoid that MR I was gonna show but now we know. Yet another linebacker down for the Crimson Tide and we'll see how that plays out going forward again Monday we will be there in Atlanta. For the college football national championship game. But Hillary we asses of humble a couple of segments or he's able to come through force we're looking on this day in history January right third yes and things that have happened at a 1920 the Yankees sold Babe Ruth or the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees for 125000. In today's dollars one point five million still a bargain so drop on the bar as this one is the most interesting though. In 1973. The Columbia broadcasting system otherwise known as CBS sold the Yankees to a consortium headed by. Tampa's George Steinbrenner. For ten million. On that would be worth 56 million today yet but Forbes estimates the Yankees are worth three point seven. Billion dollar bond worked out pretty well well it's like real estate and make it anymore and maybe give us a hold onto it eventually though I always go up so. That is an amazing thing in Syria as there were three point seven billion dollars today and in today's dollars that ten million would parlayed part way. Into 56. Miller plays that user so anyway as something else that's that's going on here the 28 modern era finalists for the pro football team actually all the finalists are out there we have fifteen. A modern era finalists was ruled mentally go down to ten in the vote. To get the results of the initial class as we get to senior finalists in one contributor finalist and out. It's interesting because. One of those players again on the list is Terrell Owens. Now Randy Moss is going let's let's not kid ourselves Randy Moss I would be blood this I would be stunned. Beyond belief. If Randy Moss is not a first ballot hall of Famer for things he was able to do in the NFL what they're probably going to be some writers that work. Are going to be angry with him at the way he handled himself at times movie and they don't Pro Football Hall of Fame is about what you wanna feel that's it. Those are the only qualifications did you excel on the field. What is interesting I will say is among the 25. Modern era wide receivers like to go pro football fame only five. Where their first year of eligibility up five. And the latest. Was 2010 that was Jerry Rice who was the button the number one does far in every sport that it was 95. And Steve largest. For that you'll back to 1983. With Paul Warfield 78 Lance all worth. And 73 Raymond Berry so you bad guys like Tim Brown Waite and six years Marvin Harrison three years Andre reed nine years. Chris harder six years art monk eight years. Stall wart tenure Lynn Swann fourteen years so it is not. Happen too often where you're going that first year I think radio listen I think he should have been generally well that's an out at the same thing now so now we are Randy Mueller. Assume that Randy Moss is getting and I think we both agree that's going to happen right yes okay so now. Because of what you just alluded to every group we only the sixth time ever that a wide receiver a first ballot gets in. Does the committee wanna keep him as a standalone. Because of what. That means being a first ballot. Wide receiver to go and all fame in your very first try and what does that do for someone like Terrell Owens just some people about Terrell Owens what you love them or hate him. Eighth all time in receptions receiving yards second behind only Jerry Rice now next year Larry FitzGerald right right might be able to pass him if he comes back complaint. He's third in receiving touchdowns so he has the credentials whether you liked him or not and he was a very divisive personality. This Reza men on the field. War it's being in the hall of fame do you think they're going to put in Randy Moss and Terrell Owens in the same here. No I do not you know I think ready Moscow is in I don't think TO goes in and I know you know you barrel Bill Polian it's. I think hall of famers are for people make their teams better. Not who detracted from them what they're going to to make it seem better well I would say second in receiving I don't know lighting just Alyssa and I love dope boy and he's one of the greatest ever but I disagree with that I mean I've got that certainly is part of it. What kind of a teammate you are and how do you do YouTube but. All of famers rob greater and we'll play you are as well and TO is one of the greatest. Wide receivers to ever play in the game it is a joke. Any joke from the writers that he is not our radio hall of fame a joke. They're for these writers just sit there and wicket with the high and mighty we're gonna decide we'd like doing US acted so we're gonna keep your art hall of fame for awhile. When it's an abomination. For the fact that he is a hall of fame. Wide receiver who. Who should be in all paint that said I think Randy Moss gets in and I think the guy high and mighty writers and voters do their thing again it's a word and keep you on the outside TO looking at events again. But he's going to wait and it has been a position. Where guys have had to wait Isaac Bruce is on the bed that the finalist list right now as well he's not gonna get in the this year I think at some point he does. But that that line at that forms at the wide receiver position that is real there's no doubt about that big a here's. Part of the argument and I I blew up odd I'm with few disorder because I think he should be and there's no question to me that Terrell loans was. The eye test is a catchy catch a ball more not a fumble is he all of them are not hall of Famer Terrell loans to me was already even though he was. Sometimes. As divisive just say there's a salad you know I mean just not a lot of things that drove you crazy but to that point here's what it's more things a Bill Polian said. What did always do to make his team's better he put up a lot of numbers Bill Parcells said that he was a destructive force. Jerry jones' problem was easy going people it comes disrupt the players got rid of them I got texts from people in Philadelphia responding. To the campaign saying the sky was a cancer and destroyed our football team I get all of that. But results elective is it not. I mean Bill Parcells says he was a disruptive force in Parcells worked with Lawrence Taylor now the lower still have a budget issues that that wanted to what's disrupt. And he walked into the hall for a seeded walked into the hall of fame sort it all depends on how you look at certain things and I I get it that sometimes he rubs you the wrong way and there's no question. He may not admitted but I think in his mind he probably is again maybe I should have done some things a little differently but to me that doesn't measure up against the production you saw on the few other. I completely agree I think it's me now he's there and and how are all of this if you could choose one to have for your team. To be Randy Moss or TO not alcohol fame but to plan your team. Well I would go with Randy moral order and I because I think he has more the he had more of instant home run to the mailbox. And I'm open to hit me I know I agree our right and attract a guess what TO this is splitting hairs this is not saying you don't want TL. You know for the production had but. So I do think Randy Moss gets in I don't think TO get to and I do think you've got to eventually get him but he is an absolute altered and looked to that point them. The several teams got rid of Randy Moss I mean I vikings decided to move on verdict that he went to the raiders that didn't work a deal with out issue as well correct that's a thought processes while world news room. Orders today we're gonna show you teach you a lesson to Randy and your not. We don't realize they grammys when we don't feel you deserve to be in though in the Jerry Rice Steve large and Paul Warfield Lance all worth Raymond Berry you know. Category of first time I've no idea. I don't know you what within a within these guys' minds who run the singer and both eventually worked his way out of bill Belichick's faded out and doing Nortel is amazing though that I found out is the voting how they tell the people there. They're getting and I will we were used to for the Super Bowl last year that's worthy of the players find out. How I happen to be in in the hotel and I ran into Tony Bocelli who was up again you know fearless hall for the list. And I saw him we're chat in the hallway were staying in the same hotel and I said I asked them you know Chris I sure I'll never knew that the Obama. Bill how what what happens what's the process here. He said like for an hour or. I mean it was like from 34 in the afternoon they had to be in their room. If their hotel rooms that there waiting just waiting. And David baker David baker would come and all not present all for president will come knock on your door. And if you didn't so if nobody came to your door and our. You weren't then there's already knocked on the door urine. And later I'm. I agreed later on that day I happen to get an elevator who got on David baker of the camera crew to go down there. What floor is yours soon exactly and and Bruce Shelley was on my floor and we didn't get off on my fly a flight school. I thought that. When we didn't get one of the largest and now like north Camelot is going to be a really beautiful holy smoke hassle with the DC he's in the best of gold would give legal pot yeah. To subscribe on the ESPN and a couple podcast to listen every. 6 eastern on ESPN radio. ESPN UMBESPN. Yeah. Hello I'd like to deposit this a checking seats is a sickness that this future is insistent Kenny and what's my account balance. Her eyes in this county I Acie Law Lucic usefully. You know with great federal look at just get a pass slippers something. Eight fortune bank teller surprising what's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico. Yeah yellow excitement and includes EPO I Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.