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Hour 1: Sal Paolantonio

Jan 12, 2018|

The guys discuss the Raptors rout of the Cavs and then bring in Sal Paolantonio to discuss the Eagles/Falcons playoff matchup this weekend and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Great news here's a quick quick you can save money switched to Geico gecko could help you get great coverage and a great price then and only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save 15% or more on car insurance go to Geico Doug come today and see how much you could say it's. Welcome and happy Friday everybody glad you're here with us as part of our public service announcement. On golden window and ESPN radio ESP into it is. A football Friday getting set for arguably the biggest weekend of the entire and a failure glider with a tree we go and might collect. We are presented by progressive insurance cell phone just joining us. Via the shell Pennzoil performance line we have a lot to get into today might we got them division. Big news in the NBA what's Koroma Cleveland all kinds of simple first and foremost yes how would you drive in this morning foggy. Unbelievable. It was it was something out of like a horror movie I felt like thousand jobs lost now just trying to find the road. Al I was waiting for any pick any. Evil. Murders character in any Wear or local every day I was waiting for them to step out into the road orders I was driving that's why I've felt because of that I was so nervous about that. I drove faster oh good I Savard steel last June and I drove faster just in case you know somebody some villain jumped out in the over the road. I would hit them see this is why you're not outside the box thinker yeah most people would say hey it is soupy. It is dangerous. It is Ahmed take it slow. Like dog didn't do the day is fast is positive all the drivers slowed Jason from Friday the thirteenth he's able hop on the hood of my car okay. And six yak it take you about that's my thought process wanna buy yours well I don't know why I'm here yeah ice and all that maybe didn't happen out there to somebody else over outward for the news later I will find out good Chris it was brutal. All it for those that don't live on the East Coast it you we've had that the bombs cyclone the bomb writers write whatever you wanna call it. And we have tons of snow and that is warmed up massively with rain. Over the last few days and it's just thicker than pea soup out there so we are trying will Wear you were trying to deal with the difficulty essar are of the road. As well some other things as well apparently there are just so out so we are here review in spirit are yes you do but we're here do you student radio. Did you hear this on TV using a horrible picture of the to hang in there hang in there will respect it has something to do with the flaw yeah I think my talent I think it's Jason Day Friday the thirteen dollar Jason got the machete music over the wires OK he's just got to act get a lawyer right now you pick a master or all of that. No it was it was a little frightening his only got coming up candidates Sal pal Tony old join us in just about thirty minutes talking about the Eagles and the very. Odd set of circumstances when they find themselves. In a position where no one has ever been before. In the NFL in a long long time so war war would get to that. Dan Quinn the falcons head coach will join us talk about the challenge of going up there in Philadelphia as a road favorite. We'll get into that Malik Jackson at 730 of the Jacksonville Jaguars amazing defense will join us talk about. What they can do to make sure they win in Pittsburgh for a second time this regular and post season. 805 let Adam Phelan. Vikings wide receiver or great story he's been. I'm from Mankato state now are actually playing for the team he grew up loved watching him and really integrate our sorrows my gosh our draft of the things he's been able new. If Bill Gates is beautiful insider. Will join us as well so we are football heavy and we have lots to get to but let's start to show Mike as we tend to do with. So it's all I have. Off the top feel like it or not it's just a week goal can we go. Are we start off the top in the NBA after losing by 28 points on Monday to the timberwolves the cavs. And it took it up a notch they're lost by 34 while to the rafters Thursday is the first time Mike in the LeBron James is career. That is teams of lost back to back games by at least 25 yet yet. They're the only here in the NBA this season to allow hundred no porn nine point 100 procession possessions in consecutive games. It's not good right now we're we're gonna get into this a little bit more. It started out the season bad and when that nineteen into Rome where they're playing better now. It's somewhat bat against still trying to get Isiah Thomas. Into the flow we started our old eleven and up to fifteen. So I sent a strong yes he finished Drupal Parker and glass half full right here that's adapted doom but you know as I mentioned. Last year around this time didn't get a whole lot of LeBron saying we do another playmaker and things were all well and so loaded into a more that a bark right now. It's ugly and the ugly part is. Is the defense aside and gets into question is that Jack x.s and o.s thing or is it an effort thing and man pictured at and I'm. A lot of it's going to be an effort thing and a lot of it's gonna be a lot of people ought to be pretty self aware or their looking in the mirror what's going on. Well there are some very interesting comments from head coach strong moon would get into that a little bit later but you're right it this sort of reminds us of how the calf started the season right now we're starting the second half of the season it feels like they're just doing that all over again here ambled we'll get a development later and all double we continue its. We go across the pond over in London the Celtics overcame a 22 point first half deficit. To top the 76ers won 14103. Boston now has multiple one point Comex in the same season for the first time since 9697. Yeah after the 76ers it's our third loss this season when leading by at least one they were just haven't talked yesterday at the midway point this season the expectations. For Philadelphia. You know with them beat woods in Simmons and what they're doing and get mark Al faults hopefully back. Pretty soon here but there were just on the outside of the class look at me and and so. There there it doesn't seem their meeting the expectations a lot of us have for them to be a little bit better but they certainly have time in Boston. Exceeding their expectations after Gordon Hayward going down right in the first game of the season they're still like okay. We still get it done with a young group that they have a man we keep talking about Philadelphia. In the future where they're going to be in the next few years obviously the same can be said for the Boston Celtics with ourselves so they're still saying and why not this year why not now. Why not this year only they're playing into your point about the caps because of the defense that ball right and all incredible mean that that's the thing that stood out to me the most impressive thing about watching Boston play the other gonna get their points but the way they need to clamp down somebody do my god they find a way to do assertive are we continue off the top. Brush off their loss against the clippers the warriors begin a five game road trip this evening in Milwaukee 80 eastern on ESPN. This game features one of the best individual matchup in the NBA Kevin Durant against Janice undated combo going head to head. Toderat opted to crew reported they've had the last three meetings Durant averaged thirty point out group or 47 to rants team has won. All three of those came out that screw ball is on track to become the second part ever to average 25 point two game. And have a thirty. Operating at eighths to 43 journey hall of Famer Tracy McGrady how about out the pickle ball they're I like this one. He's averaged seventeen points a game in the paint the only player in the last twenty years to finish the season with a marked out high. Shaq while an expert and this dude is such. An athlete out there what he's able to do yeah crazy by the way you who'll be in the zone tonight as the warriors take on the books that aid on the ESPN will be Kevin Durant. Dream on green. Honest Eric Bledsoe so check it out in the zone brought you by auto zone debt in the zone AutoZone. Mike let's finish up off the top of one of your favorite stories off the women's basketball number of the removal just absolutely destroyed Notre Dame 100 to 67. To earn its first home win in program history over AP top five team. And now more portly and at eleven game career losing streak they had against the fighting Irish. All right yeah I am. I am. Sorry about that he's a guy I talked orbit its Mac. About Anwar's backwater Jack and I want I was regrets a little hole off for that. I was Misha hides Allen and Asia Dirk combined for 67 point took Notre Dame scored. High in this game by the way there were four unbeaten going into. The game last night and one of them got knocked off that was Tennessee they lost to number seventeen Texas saying damn in overtime to down to 3M B took regrets removal for that one. And that's all it would you would you enforce governments all -- at all I have to say about that is for those I I gave that that the stat about I'm the most player efficiency rating on her like war so whenever he wins above replacement now we're just that we call their efficiency rating how efficient well what we call that the unicorn I figure all the law deals you don't put all that is today it right to CD VOL tell you know hole holds all my shot at that point now it's just DV OA it's incredible video but. Nobody says WAR for war exactly say war so do bola I showed up so don't look at what is that I resources sale or or congress say out what the word you are four hours and was a little say lowers the global heard a lot of her. I'd that was also a top let's go back to what we started right here and that of course is the issue with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are three in seven. In their last ten games to win six in their last eight. And again and they've given up a 127. Points or more on in the last couple of games it's been blow out city. What do you think the biggest problem is defense for sure. No doubt about port but before we we and we're gonna play sound and what's the issue now and that whole deal but let's look at their first twelve games. There were five and seven last in defensive efficiency right. The next 21 games there were nineteen to. And they were about halfway there defended their defense of efficiency went to 62 about halfway right. Last eight games two and six expect to last again. Just call back one year shall we OK this two in six or for Christmas Day on eight games. So last year for Christmas eight games they were six and joked so they flipped it they were better last year than this year. But DA gained after that they were to a six so this is right around the time and we heard LeBron talking about. We need another player you know without all what's the relationship with the image you have. He's complaining about another player there or in the doldrums on my god they're not playing well. It that this is an annual thing to LeBron team when your fit the pieces together. Is it more this year we'll find out we all know you can't get a read on the did team until the playoffs because when I reported the other they're putting together well up to make it to the finals so. I don't know what to think because their defense stunk last year. It was horrible last year no word they end up in and out of the finals live up losing I get that put the ended up in the finals we'll hear. Auburn got I mean I ice see this as the same problems they've had last year. And they overcame them so. When do you worry now I'm not very I'm not in the huddles I'm not and we're gonna play the sound and and there are different guys on this team than last year so what effect does that have. You know Isiah Thomas wolf what you get going it offensively got to believe he will. You know again shooting horribly last night and not shooting very well since he's come back but you gotta give that time. But this is same same song and right where we we say this every year they go through some of this and then their work where they wanna be at the end of the year. Well it's interesting too because this feels like it's the second time this season they've gone through this might they freak they came out strong in the season opening win against the Celtics in Cleveland where they were suffer them or challenger by the way we're talk we're Hayward yes area. This reaction to the injury might be the most impressive thing I've seen earlier in the NBA. He's looked at his ankles of us probably are supposed to happen to me was the Jerry wasn't it didn't like our sat there boy boy that's that's Sox after another way that should probably be turned the LA out he just ate it at his team today that was the most impressive thing I've sailed well NBA. All season long but getting back to the point is I got sidetracked by a and Michael Gordon Broadway want more time. You know this was the problem at the beginning of the year there's a new cast of characters they were playing defense and they figure that out all what happened when Isiah Thomas got up back healthy is another character they had to fit in. And they're trying to figure that out but the bigger concern going forward I'll might be. What was the issue last year in the playoffs when the Celtics took on the cavaliers over the cell with a number one seamless right right. Hi re Irving ate up as its arms defensively and did so what if if the issues with the cavs once again seemed to be really on the defensive side. With Isiah Thomas in there a that it can help is that can help letters that I don't know her or talk. Help reason he's he's not he's not counting on Isiah Thomas. For defense you know there's no doubt the defense is bad it was bad last year. And they play well off and the class to make her files or lose obviously though I like to win it here there weren't in the finals. But waited and it's a bad defense again now what may add to it. It's the offense is starting to dip a little bit right there they ranked 21 in offensive efficiency after Christmas were are they ranked third prior to that so. Listen if you're going to be bad defense to meet you gotta be pretty good opportunity to make it and finally you have LeBron James and that has maintained that helped. Not your offense is in very good. You shoot that and all by the way you make up for by playing horrific defense that's not a real reform. So we write this down yeah to recap. Bad shooting death defense not good not good maybe that's what to Ron Lewis talking about here's what he had to say after another blowout loss. Better. The most interesting thing there now. Was he said we've got agendas we've got to get rid of so that makes you wonder what agendas do you think we're talking about with the Cleveland Cavaliers I have no. Idea I mean he was asked what do you mean by agendas and he said you know. He didn't elaborate but let's just reported that we kind of just left glut that one out there so you wonder if it's just kind of day. The players know what he's talking about because they didn't sound like a whole place Amazon about that. Wasn't this a message to the players coaches love to deliver message to players through the media at times. I mean I I've no idea you will lower an agenda is so isn't burns there was that. You know people have different agendas then the agenda of doing everything you can win a championship. Well here it it got it got away from them really in the second quarter it was only a six point lead by Toronto in the in the after the first and then Toronto outscored 35 to sixteen in the second. And you know. What we talked about the slowly yesterday you know shooters shoot right that write what they wanted to do and they believe that hey. You know the only way to get out of a slump is to keep shooting and we'll have a hot hand. Keep shooting and you wonder if some of that agenda was let's try and feed Isiah Thomas and get him going edged it over eleven finish to a fifteen. But it JR Smith I think hasn't made a bucket in the last two games yeah right I don't think he certainly had I don't think he's made a bucket in the last two games. When they won that champ B Jim JR Smith was an integral part of that rotation and making key shots and if you look at the last couple again he only took five shots. And he was old too from deep didn't make a free throw so he hasn't been effective so is the agenda trying to force feed that the new player here. At the expense of guys that have helped before. Because they just seem completely out of sorts. Why do I am that the bottom line is you have to integrate Isiah Thomas and it is a Isiah Thomas. His rally to this team is to have the ball out of the LeBron and obviously score some points as well. So to do that you gotta take some shots so all he's going to be one of the main shot takers of this team going forward. I don't think there's any doubt about that we know it's going to be LeBron it's going to be Kevin law it's gonna be Isiah Thomas so. JR Smith when he gets his opportunities he's one of those guys that he's got to make them that's what he's out there for. He knows what he's out there for from a shooting abilities or the guys that end up coming off the bench what their role is play your role. For Isiah Thomas Mann it's driving that ball handling in its core router does endured in my opinion as well as Kai reality I read this is unbelievable now. With the Celtics. But Isaiah is going to take shots I understand he's not gonna help you much defensively so we better score you know real handle the ball other than LeBron so. I don't know what the agenda is is the agenda is people are going for personal things to opt their value for either this steamer another team I don't know. And it didn't seem a whole lot of players knew either. Well since you gonna all players knew anything in terms of how they perform last night it if what makes it even worse if you the cavs are Caspian. Surgeon bucket in play. Kyle Lowry got play and they still blew you out by 34 mean those are two people that are going to be critical for Toronto going forward. In whatever they're going to achieve in the playoffs as well as the rest of the regular season. They were even there. And it was still a lay up drill for most of the night got a cast playing Indiana tonight and then of course they welcome the warriors to town on Monday we'll find out whether or not. Over the weekend with a step is going to be able to north think they're supposed to play tonight. But he's got that ankle writer which is bothered him again but don't the frustration Mike is really getting to Jane you saw at one point during the game. He basically took over the huddle and assorted coaching the team right and then after the game he was captured by the TV cameras and yelling match with cast player development coach Phil handy. The videos and posted. To a interim account call at ball god were among all people. Hi re Irving light that I'd entered a post he's enjoying this and let's just say the cavs are in a rut and LeBron says so. He's in the fall when the focal most of you were virtually reduced field. We got to find a way to get out of you know it. And as those photos and their budgets. Dimensional were doing were punt the ball book and so fragile and I don't know where. No kind of we won't know what happened kind of switch went back. We Ochoa figured Beckham find. You know what when I hear him say that word. Fragile now like an NFL player using the word soft data says that's Alec yeah oh definitely has and again I'll say let's go back a year. And go back to the old old interviews you have a LeBron James it was something else she was viewers who was the player we'd really playmaker we need some we need something else I mean they were going through the same thing just to. Maybe a week later than they are right now last year. Who's that so let's see they get their overcame a last year to make it their finals. And let's see if they can overcome a this year I don't know I mean the key for them again. How much better is her defense going to get we saw on the nineteen to nineteen to run they had they had. Middle of this first part of the season. Did they wanted to succeed so there were still halfway as far as defensive efficiency in the league and they're not like going to be in the upper part of it. Obviously it's a combination of things they don't have great defensive players number one and then there's the F part of it I mean I've. Very so much to sports you can drop any x.s and o.s you want you can drop any strategy you want. But then that player man they got to have the will want to it's got to be there right you know you practiced in it even. Even if you understand. What your deficiencies can be what you can help make up for somewhat. Not to look this pathetic quite honestly in this embarrassing so there I as I said there's got to be a whole lot of looking inside of okay. You know my doing my thing what I I know I'm not known defense there but I am on the court I got to play some defense you know and I need to do a better. You don't you know to see coming up here and other team meeting if they are ever and I had one in order air anything out there about now agendas or whatever. We'll see as I said. We want to go slash you're Cleveland went through LeBron complaining about not having a playmaker now I said there in a font in the switch is flipped back and secured all ends up age usually and there we as we know it hands over them in the files yeah. Is seven straight years is this year it doesn't it is it did you finally say OK it's caught up with them. You can't do the Asia LeBron is that an anomaly will year right is it the master of all the new players again and the nationals players not being the fact that they're still horrible on defense and now they're not gonna get enough. On the offensive side. And oh by the way we haven't even gotten to the draw moral bronze shortly openly talked about when he might retire. You know he's a he's not there is no words and not anytime soon right beneath the blitz you once you start bringing that up into the conversation why people if he's very upper people are bringing ask him out of it these asking about their asking you about it you know. And then you're gonna and he said he ignored nor does it feel to anywhere near that and did to be fair we we sort of understand increase our numerous kids being able watch her is all telecasts of we are getting older. We both understood that I have and I've been through that again. I'm not willing to count them out of another NBA championship on January 12. May be on April 12 now. Off global look at that not now unlikely because that's when the playoffs begin for them of course the plans are in full swing right now on the NFL coming up something happening. In the divisional playoffs this weekend that is never ever happened before last cell pal Tony about that. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage Michael and loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home Walt. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Yeah yeah. I'm. It's time to check in online it's worthless dot com slash checking for fresh cut legendary hot steamed towel in massage and shifted sonics. Listen to your your favorite by checking in on line and arrive just in time to your sport clips and be. Keep your caddie experience what you surround yourself with sports on TV. In line online at sport clips dot com slash Jacki yeah. ESP n.'s NFL reporter Sal pal Antonio joins us. All right so we've we've heard all along house over the Eagles are let's say disgruntled. About how they're doing viewed in this game Dwayne Johnson the right tackle said people are acting like we're the browns but just put it in context since the NFL started awarding home playoff games by a best record in 1975 this Eagles team. Is the first team ever to enter their first playoff game as an underdog thanks in large part. Through the injury to Carson whence how has the team responded to that. I'll give you one example. Yesterday when they were coming out of the field the Lincoln Financial Field practiced. Didn't curry was leading some of the defensive linemen and they would just bark at all the reporters. Know giving the old underdog bark. I as they came out other people every possible location trade at this point. This seem. It's trying to find a way to get to Bridget there he is very large gap. When they line up to play against the falcons to will be eighteen full day. Between meaningful football game trip that Christmas right. And the divisional round of the playoffs and they've tried every motivational thread one of them yesterday wise. You know Doug Peterson you know little practice got a little financial PE lined up at Boston ill gotten Barkley did little to care. And they took great completely blocked. Drive over to Lincoln Financial Field just searching defending I don't think. Oh absolutely yeah feels the need to say something yeah yeah yeah I ate it you wondered shake something up or. Some more Seychelles are they doing too much are they over thinking this. I don't think so Michael adult. I think he really did try to find any motivational trick at this point. As far as the game on the field now the weather looks like it's going to be nice having mid forties. So it's not going to be that's no it's not that cold snap that we've had here. So to be nice job and one issue we know shell is. Mick full doesn't move like Carson once and that. That are undersized defense they plan speed may get it pretty good rush on the passer so talk about back concern from Philadelphia side. Did a consumer and you know Atlanta's only given up sixteen point nine points over the last several weeks. So their defense you can argue is playing as good as any player. I you know I never seen a game. Where it comes down to one player. Playing well in one quarter. Newt pulls us to play fast don't usually. Do little Friday's morning at the plate bad in the first quarter that you no doubt about it. And yet to Carmel fire. And maybe doesn't mean that get behind adult ticket program that will be bad. What will well that in mind cell what are the odds of that happening because we saw looked. He played great in the giants game at his numbers were very Carson once asked for touchdowns no receptions. You know about 200 middle 200 yards and they can be converted on 46% of their third downs in that game. And then lone hold the last two weeks. Conversion on third down has been the problem how does he do and how does the Eagles all of us do exactly what you say they need to do in the first quarter. Already they got to play hurry up popped into of course quarter normal. Into the got to do. It played no huddle hurry up out there and get the ball out of his hands quickly I think a lot of success. Don't sell we see the running game do well we see general lime play well received the defense played well as of late they haven't played as well. In in your mind being there all the time as you are what part of their team right now do you would you have the most confidence and. Yikes while I would say up until line. You know they got a number of pro bowlers. Chasing calcium thing is one of the best centers in the league. Named Johnson has gone to the probable for good reason. On the right side of their offensive line as I would say is the top element of their. Of their team and I am writing and they got to run to right side. And they got to use a multiple world. The GR eight core requirement. They've got to use a lot of alligator blunt. And they've got to dictate to the falcons that they're gonna come out. And they're just terrible football and the guy I really do believe. That they got to run a hurry up offense right from the get. Non eagle chip Kelly's double machine guns but lineup. And snap the football. Well you considers itself hello Tony knows what is if they do that I think what Atlanta once it was almost the exact opposite they wanted to try and for all the talk about Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and Mohammed sue. This this falcons team has gotten in a class based on defense and the running game. And the one thing you know Eagles have done really well sell all year long they have yet to give up a rushing TD at home all year and now comes in Dovonte Freeman and Kevin Coleman. Which has really been this sort of the the thing that's gotten this offense over the hump down the stretch. For the Atlanta Falcons how confident can the Eagles be against that running game with the defense that we that I just said hasn't give up rushing touchdown all season. Yeah I think it can be pretty confident you know they'd be. You know it's really a simple game defensively for them stop the run and hammer met quietly trip. You know the Eagles are not a blitzing team they're a good pass rushing team. And I think in this particular case. They need additional Matt Ryan right away that they're gonna come after them multiple fronts. You know Jim Schwartz has a good job of showing the illusion that our rushers but not bringing art. And creating mismatches. The problem is that most the time and I don't want it she so wanted but you want to match a show recruits are politically great job. This week a really breaking down. Where the Eagles have done it the illusion of five. And then not sending. And Lincoln had eight is over the setter with Fletcher Cox. You're not gonna do that against Alex Mack you're just not he's too good. So I mean just to see what Schwartz is Kamal where. Against this falcons up front lines as they need to make that Ryan feel uncomfortable on the began Opteron. Make Matt Ryan feel uncomfortable. And I think you know that those two areas run the ball to the right out there instantly. And then get after Matt Ryan defensively. That they do that. They will be OK not great. But OK but you got to remember one thing and I think. I had several private conversations with Doug Peterson. Who talked about him on your show that a lot speak. And one of the things he says it warned absolutely. Must start fast play that first quarter you. Don't give three quarters of the field and Matt Ryan. Like the rams it it was a I don't know they went in LA well. They got two turnovers on special teams in the first quarter and didn't preclude the field why. Can't do that. By itself not alas a Simon who want to reduce Warner want to get to the wall. And yet you know what I'm gonna and instead I don't copy of Michael Green Tea Party. Or don't come like you may need that mode already got a weekend you'll pitchers Hoffman thanks Al we do on the wall brother that is now on our guys. Help protect what matters with DA DT safer smarter New Year's sales event for a limited time get an ADT security starter kit everything you need to get started with EDT cults including a security panel keypad a motion sensor and two entry sensors plus there's an indoor Cameron -- up all professionally installed for only 49 dollars to 599 dollar savings that comes with a warm confident feeling of safety at home requires 36 month monitoring contracts US beat me today activation and early termination fees may apply certain markets excluded licenses ability need to dot com fortieth 0001121. Louisiana 1639 visit PDT dot com slash podcast curry the special love for now ends 121. We're along goal do we go on ESPN radio he has paean to graduate as some of course were all about the divisional playoffs this weekend to game Saturday two games Sunday. The best two days the best weekend of the NFL's regular and post season combined of course. The games on Sunday. Will include the vikings and the saints but it starts with the Steelers. Posting the Jacksonville Jaguars a rematch of what took place week nine when the jags went in there and 130 to nine. But there's been a lot of talk Mike out of Pittsburgh not only about that match up and hoping to play the patriots again. But then our Jeremy Fowler. Came up and really got the straight talk for straight talk what was from beyond bell nationwide coverage of America's largest most dependable forgy LT networks. Basically Levy on bell was asked by our Jeremy Fowler. Listen you've had some contract issues the last couple years you won a long term deal and he basically came out and said I have really certain parameters. Yeah eight he's listening he's playing on the turned out of a nice deal would have been a very big deal and they tagged him he made twelve million this year on the franchise tag. But he basically. It's good to singles a couple ways Jane if they tagged me again. I have to decide that if I wanna play and if I said I may sit for the entire season and divisive for the entire season I may not play football anymore I may be done. He says he's trying to get the most he can not really for himself. But more for the others coming up behind him the Todd Gurley is easy Cali it's the Melbourne Gordon's he's trying to set a new standard. Which he roots you really can do. One of this quote I don't necessarily care about the money aspect of it I just wanna be of value were ramat. If I am playing this game I want to set standards for all the other running backs which he certainly can do. About the monies and I've made a lot of money I'm happy where Matt I've got good camera I don't really need to play football. He's made sixteen million dollars and a score twelve of it coming this year he is set up that that the best. Running back deal with about the Freeman. Five year for 41 Oreo million but the key number there is twenty to guarantee you that that's a number ours look at. Was it. Yeah welcome blow that out of the water lady Annabel had more touches this year that he had in his career 4063. Or four Lorie carries a five receptions. Closest that was 2014 torn ninety carries. 83 receptions 33 more touches this year 47 touches a game he can absolutely set the standard. I don't think he has any intention now I don't know I don't know we talk radio ES outside interest I get that. I find it hard to believe he's ready to walk away from the game when he can cash in the way you cash in but again. Everybody is different I don't know. I would think you still want to play and I would think he's gonna set or a ridiculous record you talk five for 41 point two guaranteed. The lady about those a five year deal. The 41 is gonna be to guarantee part of could be close to it should be it should be rewarded of one of the ball and catch in a ball and you know that the Pittsburg. Doesn't really want a goal that that high because that they are setting a precedent they're paying him and all the other teams who have the tiger early to the world. You know embassy Kelly it's a cowboys and thereafter oh this is coming up like here on us as well. Are so. I mean this is a distraction for the team by any stretch of the imagination hurt him badly got a holding out early. Then thrown five picks say maybe doesn't have anymore Antonio rock you can get National Anthem thing in the national at this Euro James there isn't a thing so I don't think it's is that a distraction to them. And quite honestly I don't see Libya and bell being done playing ball. After five years he's going to cash in big time at some point. Look he's he's he's 25 years old yeah. A B 26 next month on February 18. At the end of the day I while he may have made sixteen million in his career. I don't think that he's made enough to retire at the age of 25 great amount he's made and I lived the life he wants to live. And while. That is great that he's done that I think he should get paid I understand why he's putting his put this in a drawing that line at the end of the day. Right now is when you have to cash in that non-GAAP because if you if you don't get it this time. Of the 29 year old a thirty year old out of L running back contracts. Are not going to be getting real close to what you're seeing right now so this is his I want to say I've got to make as much money as I possibly can and I'm with you. He's he's very into music all the because of he's very successful series good yes there's no way he's walking away from I don't think so we're we're item with the amount of money he can make I don't like this this is just the beginning about. You're you say this I must say this and eventual meet somewhere closer to my numbers. Organic intact and again to be about fourteen million dollars and they would have till July 16 to work out a deal or he'd have to play the season on that fourteen mil or not play. And that's that's where they're talking about the rubber meets the road. I'm with you I think a guy like him gets paid an alligator and dial that he's going to get ya hey these guys that are the best in their position are gonna get their money. Here's where it plays out franchise tag in the work out a deal before July coming up next falcons head coach K and Wednesday when. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. 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