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Hour 4: Five Point Stance

Jan 12, 2018|

The guys play Five Point Stance, Over/Under and look ahead to the NFL playoffs this weekend and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But it suffers cleanup on our heels of its fourteen. So it's the cleanup. An article up to fourteen and it's a push someone dropped a dark golds at a pickle a separate post but a pickle that the tee box at a big box store surprising what's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico a written up submitting their. She has a lights on post in the parking lot of Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more go. Based gal blow. Yeah. So an on call the gangster. So you all love Marines. Oh business speak. Of the pump but this in the OK there really aren't aren't the opposite low bureaucrats aren't noted that no body no remains. What's he Miller says that if it's always I'm always like when you don't know where who's gonna how. That was that as a maybe that was the original this could leery that made it that way this throne and not a word there it's little by once again Clift well done and rolled through Friday with the goal do we go on ESPN radio he has paean to. We are presented by progressive insurance awful guest join us on the shell Pennzoil. Performance line. We are glad you're with us and we'll get our cigarette lighters out of and continue karaoke at the latest very well as we hold the flame. I'm glad you're with us it is going to be a huge weekend in the NFL again. Arguably the best two days of the entire regular post season divisional class too great game Saturday mostly to great game Sunday. We'll get into all of that a little bit later with our over under is vols are five point stance when that's a great guests earlier on delegate access Phelan. With the vikings talking about who we came out of an undrafted player to be a dominant. Wide receiver on the team he grew up rooting for. I you know I love the way and I and I listen you could just spend a shell on it of guys because yeah we know the top picks and and how important they are. It's the guys again and feel and there have been plenty album lemon draft to make a mark. In the league and I'll never forget it I'll listen even Dow's attempt rounder. Now I have a twelve I was around hundreds rounder and it will run I mean test drivers were expected always to make the team so we always had a you're to find that way to get Norris and I remember a couple of players asking me when I was done playing and doing games and I team on the college circuit seniors going and they were like. You know what what's the key in like a training camp you know every season. Especially when you're not a star as a player question US steel and by the well I merely because it it it's true though the first thing. Is. And I make a mental mistake because what happens when you're undrafted guy or later round draft pick you will easily get prophesied if you make. That minor mistake right you don't lineup in the right spot. You know if you make a mental error in your illegal procedure jump off sides. That is so magnified against you when your on drafted that Doug is quickly put to decide. And then basically what I what I told guys like that I said you have to make the coach. Stop the film night. And that's exactly who adds that I made a couple plays in practice. You know that got their attention so a night when we all that meeting and view their coach. That stops the tape by new rugged back a couple of times become something an undrafted guy did well. That sure moment that junior say OK now I have the NI he described it perfectly. Made a couple plays in practice and after that I just had to be consistent. You know don't drop that ball don't run that wrong route don't make that mental mistake I'm not saying it's easiest thing in the world to do. But that's that's the deep product in the process to be undrafted guy and at least kick yourself Norris and a shot or the first year yen about the practice Roberts so what. You're in. During the building every day and that's that you wanna be. That's exactly what happened with feeling that was caught on the final cut down and 2013 to get to the 53 man roster but they signed into the runs while the very next day. He made the team and Tony fourteen in his careers been going the right way ever since I was so good for him and by the way. We have to say kudos to this woman in Santa Clarita California good news is amazing to me it's amazing that a she thought of it and B she pulled it off so I do like to explain what are your drive okay grad. It's the end of the Christmas season right and if you we are both purveyors of fig trees right we are outraged I guess I did real trees from my own fault I'd rather have a real tree dry too many out mild fall. I'll fall so she went had a Christmas tree was a real for real tree and then went to Costco where she purchased the tree. End her interaction as she brought the tree back this is our Christmas that I'll bet on January actor entry back. Another shopper knows what was going on behind her in line and put up on FaceBook on. She returned the tree which are why why did she returned because the tree had died as a tree died a tree that had been cut down there that was basically dying anyway or I'm going to die cracked. She brought back to the store she bought it. And she said this tree died I want my money back correct and you know what what happened she got her money back they gave her her Monday nights a laugh well you heard a refund. They gave her refund so my question to you is what's more surprising. That she pulled that off. That she had the idea to think give it to begin with or that they said yes hey I don't know all afford to do is. I don't know or should we give her credit she was trying to pull one over on them or. She truly believe she she get her money back either way OK don't let me how evil genius houses. The source doing it just too I don't think they blow real think they're gonna have a run on people bringing back. Dead Christmas trees which by the way is exactly what's going to happen when you cut one down yet. So I think Garrett is got to hear take your money we don't want bad we don't want you spreading the word that that we were bad view here's your money and ago. I think that's why they did because that's looted it's it's a ridiculous. It's a ridiculous but that they said yes Jeff is the most impressed I think that was what don't they got more for PR. A not guilty because she doesn't get her money back she goes out she may tell to people they tell two people and so on and so on you know Olympian and then for whatever reason you see that line. Lady who's disgruntled Wal-Mart and help my. Right you know or Guanajuato hostile cost noted how mops all Rudolph but to load that. Eight dead tree out. That means pine needles are everywhere everywhere now. There's there everywhere picture of this guy's FaceBook page everywhere. When you drive that thing out to take a back and say I walked. My money back. It's amazing it and you know kudos to her after the rush to get caught it I don't wait another holiday question and the holiday season. When will likely become about. You know what are we dare I I think I think for most people were there you're probably not right. Not checked that's because that's why you're asking about you're looking for guidance it I I don't know there's not a specific date. How long do you get tell you shortly pass a new your eye and you get that but how much it did in new I think there was one year where would we struggled through the bushes in the front I think we'll optimal point yeah just as it was hard did you see I don't if you don't know if you don't lied about no one knows advance order it or not only do that but they forget to unplug amendment in June when you provide our house that night they have like the icicle things lit led up by men don't know what you do. Icicles are more specific value via public white lights yeah you can get away with that everyone's all always wanted to beauty of the house for having a party in June or July GAAP illustrate death if you have the red and green and blue Gary icicles a little more notice how I get called off just gotten laid out exactly but but if you go with just the white lights in our legal in the shrub and you don't turn one you're geez if you're saving yourself is there you go. And they're running out there you still got that tree that you had that you throw on the city ought to get picked up you know hey Jordan heartache back where you got to you to money go get a refund there you go carting in new trend humble but are you ready for a little love find out what you hassle. This is five point stand. I'm goalie can only know. I just five points is get you ready is all about the wild card a divisional round by the way. Cereal all four divisional play a matches feature quarterback with a lot of experience going up against the quarterback making either their first. Or second post season start. Brady has more Super Bowl wins five than Mario don't foals and K scheme have playoff starts combined three it's unbelievable. Just to put a number two at all Brady 34. Both seasons. Start Mario or one dog owners want start martyr or has more receiving touchdowns encumbered with a Ben Roethlisberger has twenty. A post season start what portals one Matt Ryan has nine. Holes one through recess twelve case seen him he's got goose thing. So you know you wanna get into the experience factor of this. You know he's important anyway a lot. You're inexperienced don't know what's going on here or you're sort experience to Donald's got a war affect your you know you can you can tailor. However you want your right giants nature and you don't get to me a little I gotcha I imagine we haven't done our picks yet. I don't think I'm going to be going chalked up because there one game unfortunate word spent most of my career will see but now that there's a big big disparity of of of quarterback. Experience in class no doubt about. Again just the numbers as you go through all I did a good job until I was I know you are what I want to listen Paula. But at Philadelphia currently a three point underdog according to Westgate. Barring a drastic change in the line. It will be the first timing number one seed. Will be an underdog in its first playoff game since home field advantage was determined by the regular season win percentage in 1975. That's something I mean that's. And I get it I mean listen your your MVP quarterback is out. And Atlanta is really started to play some good ball now especially on the defensive side of the ball so you're replaced an MVP caliber. Quarterback a guy who makes a lot of plays on the move. The quarterback who's got a good job what he's had to kill an and as a starter we know the one year which are Kelly Tories haven't touched on two interceptions but we know. He's got that quarterback right. And now you have a defense that you get after the quarterback and a quarterback that can't move like the MVP candidate quarterback so. That to me is the biggest worry locked in a fall on that offensive line. Led light a by the in a JC Kelsey lane Johnson up the right time that right side of the line that we talked about as well. But so much for running but that's going to be to keep the best way to stop or mute a really good pass rush. Is don't let him know you're gonna have to your gonna be passing. Taught me to run the ball well play action pass well as I said to her plan their heels not their toes that's going to be the task of this on Philadelphia office. The amazing thing is a lot of people probably didn't realize that it hasn't always been home field advantage prior 1975. It was just predetermined right where idea where the home field advantage would be based on. We're just gonna embryo is a rotation if in the crazy thing about that back in 1972. In the Miami Dolphins ran the table. Perfect season seventeen and O including the regular season and playoffs still the only team to do that even though the patriots had a perfect sixteen and oh. Regular season when they played the AFC championship game that year it was in Pittsburgh and even though they never lost a game the files ranking was 21 to seventeen they want Honda. Cap off the perfect season Tubal seven went fourteen to seven but that's so foreign to think about now that. Having the best record doesn't determine where you get to play out your playoff games and it just seems like the most comical sense that thing in the world to do. And yet in other sports we've let winners of All Star Games which I never understood some news or rob Manfred there may be other issues that that there that he knew and when that one. Getting that would turned around was right no way an exhibition game as they called the Midsummer Classic a German word game seven is going to be. Of the World Series. Continue on this five point serious New England is currently favored by thirteen and half points over Tennessee. The way who has been involved in the last five instances of at least a thirteen and a half point spread in the post season. And teams are nineteen and three since 1966. When favored by that much. Here's the deal Derrick Henry is gonna get that the mother load again no DeMarco Murray and we saw a much better Derrick Henry got as the game went on he's just a beast running the ball. And doing what is not the greatest stopping the run especially tumultuous season as of late the defense and as certainly played better. But we've seen them give up the edge a bit at times and get run through at times. But they're also the masters have taken out with the other team likes of viewers you talked about writes all I don't know with the expectation of Derrick Henry getting over 150 yards again. I think is going to be tough to do I. I just think this is a classic New England you think there's cracks in our wall right now you think things are all bad you think this thing is coming to a man. Get a load of this you know and I don't all girl doing it as they're like band of Brothers there may do is do during this as. Pay 44 all maybe each individually to show what they can do. But to me this is kind of a classic setup for it. I've I'll just tell you right now I'm taken in doing a number given the points well I know Tennessee fans are gonna feel and you know what play that card or the Tennessee players are. That nobody thinks we should be here were not Gator respected it you do what you gotta do. To win that game but I just I just don't see it happen. Well I I do get a feeling due to that same point that in the post game press conference when they were up twenty in the fourth quarter they went for a fourth down. Bill's response will be there we give we were giving the defense an opportunity to stop there and I got a PR. And to that point we said they've been involved in the last five times the spread of this much or more will just check it out. I twice sixteen when he was favored by fifteen and half over Houston they won by 182011. They were favored by thirteen and app over Denver they won by 25. While east 2007. They were favored by. Georgia for San Diego that when they won by 92007. There were favored by thirteen have over Jacksonville that won by eleven. I'm gonna 2001. They were an under underdog by fourteen and guess what they want. So ID history says go with the patriots in these scenarios. They have covered most of the time with that express. And then there's a game to start off Sunday's play in the AFC the jags. In Pittsburgh did beat the Steelers 38 and nine in Pittsburgh in week five he'll become the seventeenth team to play two road games in Pittsburgh in the same season. Listen this is another one with that great Jacksonville defense. We talked to Millie Jackson has so what is from Jacksonville there did their. You know. Barring injury you can you can you can get better you can get worshipping standstill the F three pro bowlers. On that pitch for off until I go over the left tackle how to senator and Castro is kind of taking over as that top guard played very well it in the league made it's I mean the all pro. Team this year obviously as well the problem but again the all pro is you pick one team from both. AFC NN ST so that's that's the bigger deal there. And he's not so what a great match up with that group against that pass rushing. 55 sacks. What's interesting in this self. Is late beyond bell. Go back the the steelers' playoff elimination since he was drafted. 2014. They lost in the wild card he didn't play as a minute 2015 divisional. He didn't play because of me they lost those games 2016 AFC championship game. He left that game with a groin injury they lost that game I don't do well when he is not in the game so that's one and he has. Had more touches this year than he's ever had so you'd you'd expect obviously barring you know that injury where wasn't even playing games are sort have to happen in game. That he makes it through the game but and they need him to make it through the game average in 27. Touches. A game what it what a great match up that offense against a great defense. And we generally Jackson on the show earlier and you know. Use sort of dealt with this your time in Philadelphia despite an offensive firepower on sometimes that offensive weapons just didn't really work. And the defense carried that team and clearly Moly Jackson has been on a team with a defense has carried him to a Super Bowl championship in Denver and it certainly feels like if they're gonna win the defense is gonna save the day again. So we asked him you know how do you handle it. When you have an offense that quite. Isn't as good as Jew as the defense aside is on the other side of the ball was that relationship like this is what he said. Insecure really flinched at all simply didn't even look that good that day or if they're given to either Archie those sub the the moment car are just quickly and they don't work out didn't get it there so that's how we see it pretty girl. Oh. Cry about it you know we're a little more power than doing you know we just we know that figure something they're they're gonna suit and they're gonna get a little and they do. It's gonna be a beautiful thing so it is Alter it to work out and make sure that lackluster keep working source too important to not. The problem need to score more than ten but you know I started this portion off the top with a step that this will be the seventeenth time a team to play two road games in Pittsburgh in the same season. Only one opponent has won twice in Pittsburgh in the same year. LB jaguars. In 2007 really well they're trying to repeat there'll franchise history here and see if they can Ned do what the 2007 jags did win in Pittsburgh in the regular. And post season. We'll finish up our five point stamp with the vikings they led the NFL and points in yards allowed during the regular season. Something the franchise hasn't done since 1969. In seventy big days of the purple people leader's defense. The last two times the team let him points and yards a lot of the regular season. Reach the Super Bowl that would be the Seahawks in that super balls 4849 so what. Will be interesting for Minnesota defense as is what you wanna take away because you look at the game against Carolina that New Orleans one they took away the merit and Ingram. They they rushed for 2322. Yards respectively they each had one reception so they didn't damage Carolina at all. But Drew Brees threw for 376 a couple of touchdowns. It's so that's the thing that they have the weapons to ritual on the ground short passing game longer passing game. Especially with a guy like K again to go deep Banja and Michael Thomas who's been incredible. But this Minnesota defense and a two media stacked on all three levels Eli linebacker secondary so. Went especially would come Maris splits out that tells you a lot on who were they're gonna we're gonna cover worked. How they may grow ozone man disguise what you're going to do that that's a fun chess match. To see that type of a matchup but that's a side of the ball everybody's looking at them their certainly is the other side. Of Minnesota on offense against a resurgent. On New Orleans defense and I you heard Adam beyond talk about he thinks one of the best things about that defense for. New Orleans is the confidence that they're playing with right now can't be any more confident as a defense in Minnesota in Jacksonville right now the way their plank. But that's such a huge thing. Just what beliefs said there we scored ten point two we feel our offense course template whirlwind. A little at and that confidence that defense does have and that confidence at New Orleans is getting right now on that side of the ball you guys kind of had a feel that way it with that defense you guys that they're always there I'd trade there were times. There were times we were in the office to turn the ball over inside their home 510 yard line. We'd run out there aren't that bothers no shot their scoring right and you know what else very not even pretty good chance that you'll go to and turn the ball right when we stopped. St. Louis Cardinals seven times inside the two yard line that was. Really impressive I doubt any end to us it was. Third are not getting and they ran it seven times and again it was seven because Ross sides a couple of times we gave him you know look a few more chances. Seven runs you definitely a generous to give them opportunities to argue there was. I'd I'd I don't know how to really explain it there was just the thought there was no way. That they were scoring. How shortly doesn't work every time but that's the confidence level. Every time Jacksonville runs out on the field. I'm sure they think we're gonna not only stop there were gonna turn over Minnesota the same way that to chew when you're a great defense is like that that's just the mentality. We score warhead at some point of the game well if they don't score more we win so we win. Well you your you guys had that depth on the defense gallon on terms of I got everybody and Clyde Simmons Reggie White might pitch yourself right and Jerome brown and I miss and anybody there that was that was that was the five of you guys just real when I first got way it was Spitzer and drama started mil I would rotate in and had Clyde and Reggie obviously on the outside enough. It was out there and and the linebackers asset join Ernie and are you kidding me Eric Allen yet underwater is Wes Hopkins Biron never I mean. Dual stack yes check with eight personalities unbelievable talent and in a game where you can get away with a lot of crazy hidden inside a little more physics talent out there want to but I. He noted is Jacksonville defense in his Minnesota defense I mean again it's line linebackers secondary. They all have stars and big time players are all those wobbles and you do make it like. Competition. I mean there would be time to read you get the sector role would be right behind and drove it I'll do and they beat. You know there'd be that chatter amongst one another you've got while I was gonna get you weren't too concerned about the guy blocked Mueller's who's getting to the quarterback first I mean that's confidence and how great these players work. To watch it was incredible to see these guys play. And I mean you're seeing that some of these teams work really care who they're playing it's about let's have our own competition who's gonna make the play who's gonna come up with the big play here. And that's the thing he is different from Minnesota as opposed to Carolina the front seven of Carolina's very good but the secondary. The secondary of Minnesota I don't think is gonna let Drew Brees carved them up if they stop the run deserved you know Xavier Rhodes freeway lanes right Harrison Smith Terence Newman rotating and that's secondary is deep from Mike Zimmer and that's his bread but I just love watching the confident defense that just lines up they don't care how you light up. We are going to stop you you can't a chess match then Bakersfield or do or do they will be Chu and anyway by the way a very important update come because we came back the cliff and continues to cook behind the glass came back with Steve Miller. Our Joker in the line populace of love from our fine researcher bred by the way is wearing a fine hat. And he has the last couple days I was six or human has had warned his lead I like Joseph I have I do like to act on pop and this is not a real work knows first use and in 1954 song. By the LA basin due up group the medallions and and Steve Miller of course. Used it in the Joker. We just like saying it the competence of love got to reward. It is to us okay that's all the matters coming up a troubling trend for one of the best teams in sports and how many more championships will Nick Saban Bill Belichick win will now won't get into that an over under next goal originally go back with you on ESPN radio ideas into presented by progressive insurance. Vote yes on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Eight we played that little rejoin sound there now. And what at what level of alcohol. Did you guys decide on hey let's cut our fingers and see if the per honest can get the tips of our finger. I would probably have probably have to say just just before the pass I'll level with the ability because right on the line of demarcation perhaps. Passed a lot let me say this past the line of common sense and before the line a blackout now look at that does come hear our prayer how dumb were we how dumb or we look we've all been out output but just I mean now. He did how many run into the hands it was like a school or college as just one as a just one. Just once those it was a lonely product trying to make it in the world you know we're we would have we you know. You forward you liked the feedings of the price you know if you the prior watching him do his thing and and then late night we were downward middle stupid live a stupid. Well I bloody finger product and got a year prime problem problem problem problem yet here you have report he never got it okay well you know what you guys I would have taken the over on that instead it was the understood and gradually as he too much I and it's time is play a little. Over under. With the Lincoln wind down. Hi all about. What's going on this weekend in football over under brought you by grasshopper the entrepreneurs phone system. Run your business from your mobile phones see how it works a grasshopper dot com erratic yes I would certainly NBA here. 126. And a half. The most points the cavs will all work and if. Either of their Dexter games. Indiana tonight at home against Golden State. On Monday and we don't know what's gonna happen. With staff current right we do not die until they give me I'll take the over all I'll say one of those things most likely Golden State. You know put puts it on my it's not like Cleveland it's gonna figure this out in two days all I think. And he gave me realize that a decent amount of all that the defense of part of it could be the one to yell and you don't want to awarded greater for them his decision to sign yet but later against the want to will be desire kiss that's not the way to go about your business but this season be working for that while well again and they have allowed. The cavs have all over 127 in three straight game while. That is read that's that's. That's defense from the late eighties. In the NBA now he's certainly gonna win championships now OK speaking to championships. Again understand. That overtime. There were six. On the field raising for Alabama. Including quarterback. Salt. Mean they just they just re vote mean that that's what they do there. It's all I think he definitely can get there already the favorites next year and let's see what word doing lines up this year but. As long as wreck the thing about that that you worry about is they're more dependent on obviously Tom Brady rallying there endured as seeing more nick is doing what players that the players that the players. That he basically the better once he keeps for just three years. Where Tom has been their for eighteen yeah and that's certainly helps sell the I figure Tom has another year to deter me another year two years hops. Of where he's going to be where he can be so that train may run a little it's toppled sooner than. Nick Saban won but tell ya I go over and I would say nick won't get the lion's share those. Well yeah and the and the thing there is your right Micky go get at those guys aren't peak of their career when they're just starting you know be at their best and Brady has to hang on to his priced. At this point against you year issue about saving. In that national championship game when they came back from thirteen down. In the first half. They're leading passer they're leading rusher and their leading receiver in terms of yards all fresh offer so they look like they're loaded from bearer for another round you have a just went. 99 and a half passing yards for Blake portals on Sunday against the Steelers over or under Dowdell we've played the Steelers needed them overnight and nine Wright hit I he had ninety's. 95 I 9595. Was eight of fourteen for 95 yards or more asking. Because last week he threw for 87 but ran for 88 how do we think he's going to. I but you know what oddly enough I'm gonna say over. I think Gilbert oddly enough I'm going to say over even though last week he was under the last time you played that you that the Steelers. He was under under that 99 point five so but I I'm going to say over. Not like I'm going 350 here and you write that but I am gonna say over. We'll give 140 or ego you know and then he's way over and he he was so statistically bad yardage wise in that last game it's almost impossible to believe that that would happen again. But again the when they one week five again. He only had 95 yards what are hornet ran for a hundred Nady including a ninety yard score. And then tossed five interceptions threatened or pick sixes so we we certainly think some things are gonna change I'll think he overly Blake portals gets a reasonable amount past I euros while reasonable. And then there's this 116 and a half points for the Eagles this weekend with nick pulls as their quarterback. Against Carolina defense that's playing while averaging sixteen point three given up the last six games that I. Could say over though I am gonna sit over. Well again I think they need to get that running game going as well so they can kind of slow down that pass rush and not just let them you know tee off. I've I'm gonna say oh Brohm and have a little more faith in nick foals that some people may have. It's not going to be any kind of scoring juggernaut I don't believe a but the guy can pass the ball well lots could depend on the pressure that's on him because he's docket to go remove every time. Now on and again be the other issue with the real number here might be twenty. If the falcons scored twenty more than win. That those courts wanted to lose it is being viewed them write their line of demarcation. But the issue for Naples is that bad rams offense which was highest scoring offense in the NFL in the regular season. Daily up thirteen points against that falcons defense they are sure that. Or Alford. Or meal they have done a great job that guy makes the catch he is going to the ground. Okay I'm on this nineteen and a half points allowed by the vikings in their home game against that pipeline saints' offense. Happy I was heavy. What I have too much. Belief in Drew Brees and that often to think big and held. 120 point four points by I think Minnesota can Kim score over that as well. But I I just have a hard time believing their dog and held to that 2.0. They did did we want to Minnesota I know that week wants a long long long long time they're a totally different Jim Bradley was on the field they'll just came out at Comerica okay do you do it different. Even though he Peterson was a safe no doubt I'd even though Meriden to a lot the last and now I I just can't. Not now we're Drew Brees softly over your goal I think I'm gonna take the honor don't tell you why. The bikes are the first team since the oh wait ravens to hold their opponents under twenty points in all eight regular season home games. But the saints have all scored the twenty or more all but two games and one of those was we won in Minnesota am building about Minnesota I mean the north saints. They have not won away from what was a long time yet they haven't tonight in buffalo was the last time they want on the road they've lost their last three games away from New Orleans. But in many ways what they'll see in Minnesota is similar to the to home field advantage they have exact hero is going to be loud afforded the right idol so great about this 1 but I am saying over anyway OK you'll go over all go under. And then the last 11 and a half. Losses by the home teams this weekend. All games are the Eagles the pats Steelers in the Mike Morgan did nor Pixar won't say and I just gonna say how many golf under reducing one home you're going to I would go with you there I think we are some potted of their we will. We both think that one of those teams it is losing on the home several tell you who that is. We get off our predictions little bit later also ahead. We have asked and you guys have delivered yes bunches. Kudos to Alley for framing the question the right way. Give a sure oddly specific. Divisional round predictions would get that M all have our picks on all four games golden we odious in radio ESP into. I go doing go here if you get close to make our projections for all four games but we have to give a shout out to Galley who put a great question on our Twitter feed in the twits the tweets have been worse. Just the response have been amazing. Oddly specific yes things. That will happen in the divisional round like DeVon tweets growth catches six touchdowns for a total of 69 yards and it's fine by a non. Finley beat gets fine for a non family friendly TV celebrity and us that. I'm we had jittery are bit master extraordinary or G or bear as we call him come up with summit and will came up with this one. Portals will bore hole five times setting a new playoff record for borrowing. By a guy with a name bored holes hash tag sometimes you got to board a great sweep or what would it sound like your actual play by play better what does that mean so once again here now. Jerry. Heinz Field here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is Steelers well on top of the jags with a score of 49 to two small holes is not very good. The clock ticks out and that's gonna do. For us here in Pittsburg the Steelers are on to the AFC championship but the jags won't escape without setting a new playoff record five total portals by a guy with the name. Portals I have no idea what that means but babies sometimes you don't. Or. When you've got a verb now portal in yeah yeah portal service. I I don't know so well I don't know order means here but we're putting into play about flavors and it's it's in the great beyond and we appreciate until we appreciate all of you out responding on Twitter. Through your oddly specific predictions for the divisional round playoffs and now it's time. For us to make our excellent tour are we drove her to a points or WellPoint however you wanted to. I hate to a point but don't most people to a point we weren't we have to do let anybody else says we can do our own way I want I'd like to it's it's a winner or winners when letter to him to dinner are let's start off. At Atlanta at Philadelphia man. The Duke Team I've played for the most I love Philadelphia and integrate sports town. Usually when you start out with something I don't know what is going all but there. I just like the way Atlanta is playing right now especially defensively. You know less mobile quarterback that what you Eddie Carson whence. I'm so I deftly leaned toward Atlanta and not the offensive juggernaut that they were before it's still. The potential fire power will Julio Jones and who knew him and Freeman and Coleman. In the backfield. I think you just can be very very tough for Philadelphia look forward that matchup perspective Fletcher Cox against Alex Mack the senator. For Atlanta it's a nice interior line matchup here. But the ended the weather's supposed to be in the mid forty straight out word about bad weather for Atlanta team a dome team come up and playing outdoors. I like Atlanta over Philly in the swamp. I'd I do love the fact. That. When you said man I love Phillip missiles like saying look you behave no disrespect gas and then the district and I don't just don't know I I certainly understand your torn. Look at the end of the day for this match up. The it's about. Not so much the Eagles offense but the falcons defense last six games it's really good teams only given up sixteen point three points per game so my question is how was a nick pulls led team that struggled to convert third downs last two weeks of the regular season. How are they gonna keep the chains moving against a really good falcons' defense. I'm not sure they can I'm going with Atlanta to win that game and get back to the conference championship game of the NC for the second straight year. All right the next game Tennessee at doing on this isn't just him because Tennessee run the ball well obviously would would Derrick Henry ran well last week and they stop the run they were fourth in the league. In stopping the run. But I mean New England at home in the playoffs and Tom Brady just too good and I really do think there is something to the intangible of oh you think we have issues here and there it it's ending here weren't sure just how much it's not ending here. Tom Brady were all the experience general Marcus Mario aura was no on one game or did throw a touchdown pass from solid. That big of what the line and assists thirteen some points thirteen thirteen to have point. Forgetting all that new renewing the wins this game moves on various teach him. Look the one thing that's not gonna happen is Derrick Henry in Delanie Walker will not be tunnel the patriots Bill Belichick takes away what you do best that's what the Tennessee Titans do best offense. The running game. And their big tight end so if they win somehow it's going to be. It's going to be Marcus Marianna it's Rashard Matthews and Corey Davis for big chunk plays. I'm not sure I see that happening either there's a reason they're a big favor I am also going with the patriots by the way we met our picks against the spread you can check them out her Twitter page. I've golden wing or their behind us on the chart very. Never heard a report to the job Pittsburgh offense against the killer b.s against that Jacksonville defense which is you're so dominant. To me let's say they wash out there you look for who's gonna hit the big play let's look at the other side I like Pittsburgh's defense. More than Jacksonville office in depth. So I think that to me can be the difference in that game comical Pittsburg at home in this. Well look. Only one team in the seventeen teams have tried have ever beaten the Steelers twice in a regular season and post season that was the jaguars of 2007 believe it or not. But I think the defense of Pittsburgh rises up today had more sacks than Jackson gets 56 to 55 I will go with Pittsburgh last game nor as the Minnesota can be the best match up the day especially that New Orleans offense against that Minnesota defense love the way Minnesota defense just went home gonna be allowed maybe got to be a couple of procedure penalties on the war in which could help in this situation. And yes some big time receivers have done a good job for Minnesota this year Korea and the autos on the show with us earlier I like Minnesota home. I do to that home that dome field advantage that the sage really enjoyed it in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Is just Israel and US bank stadium for the Minnesota Vikings it will be allowed that defense will be getting off against that saints team I really like Minnesota Keith so we all right we're Rihanna all sorts of bad radio like Atlanta we like doing and we're like Pittsburgh airway like Minnesota either will be geniuses or will both be fools they granola don't Monday morning. Go with the fool's day thanks for watching TO that are listening who's gold. Hey Eric I'm glued stink so I have one job I can't staff so sorry for being jealous and I count who doesn't tell you all are like ED 24 sevenths access to thousands of licensed agents and Michael has been around for over 75 years and hasn't 97% customer satisfaction rating by just got mediocre adhesives skills eichel also has an award winning mobile app. How Hudson Preston and knowing. Who's this many guys don't expect great savings and a whole lot more.