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Hour 1: Warriors As Coaches?

Feb 13, 2018|

Adnan Virk in for Trey. The guys talk about some of the Warriors players drawing up plays and then discuss the Johnny Manziel interview and more.

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He was dated usurping his father mr. rumble would passed away unexpectedly last summer so big he and his staff last night and emotional moment ago. But handler I heard his voice quiver a little bit now was it for me a puddle in the middle my. Guidelines prior to bush who cried during the bush introduction. Right. In my life last I other starter at all sure that. Were were were double Pug owners can wherever we have a a lab by a top hole and that we have hanky Harry or to plug so reload the hogs were raided the Westminster we had I think. Four or five. Besting group last night a few more tonight and invest in show where your only hope biggie expressed in Joseph want to see he's got to stiff competition now. It's a non are already to be named best in group any handler and dog owner will tell you that in this competition with this many great dogs in breeds is are involved already huge honor but really rooting for the little guy right now beneath my tattooed bearded exterior held a lot of feelings indeed he tugged at all my. Do like the shirt though the puck like a third of the Internet and we'll tweet that out somewhat somewhat. Interesting last night as were watching the Westminster they go to an interview with a handler and they're on one knee with a microphone in a tuxedo. Once heritage yeah. -- an idea yeah I would love to be in his stead doing that I would love to be sure you would as well you would have broken down right with a handler. I'll yeah that would have been brutal weepy mess that was really was where I felt my prolonged proximity to -- got shining through guest is in that moment I'm sitting there watching standards are front row why can't that be me death right exactly I'm like why am I not doing this already I did not garner so what we know it noted lacrosse since Asus to get us out here al-Qaeda operative and now linebacker I do love those guys just when they're describing each dog like oh yeah I think they're like he has wolf this tendencies are receive a sport as well. Little groove and delightful boy is agreed with the boy it was like there with and other world away charming smile that lights up the room. They just don't write those friendly dogs and unfettered and and I love all they explained it and they said they need to know that has the same qualities slight right you know exactly hit it definitely got to say can and resembling your dog out both of personality and love is no law that we're gonna have a breakdown of that. No question gold going up as survivors insurance our guest list for today AJ Bayless at 730 PJ Kalus mud 805. And Royce young at 930 all phone guest join us in the shell Pennzoil performance line. If you missed any of those guess you can list all four hours on demand in the ESPN app off the top. And they re you know I mean this off the top. And you know yeah I. Also it's not what we like it or not it's just there with golden window. Off the top three next. Khloe Kim given all yeah that's awesome story last night were all over the Winter Olympics here on goal going go youngest woman to a snowboarding medal in Olympic history. A couple of cyber eighteenth birthdays she took gold in the half pipe. On Tuesday and kill us different and Sean what will both go for gold tonight ship from the it's become. The first back to back Olympic slalom champion and white can join this is amazing now Bonnie Blair's only Americans to win the scene the Winter Olympic event. Three times but Khloe Kim story Mike seventy years old dominating my uterus and earlier to them first alas when you guys talked to Michael leave seats and watch out for her. Seventeen years old was so great in the first run. Didn't even need to perform in the final one and then it was nearly flawless exhaust now. And 84 runs all of them over ninety points not one other competitor got over ninety points in a single run cheated four times so. That's as you you know the expectation once she was going to women and where and in the domination. God seventeen years and 296. Days the youngest I mean just incredible what she's done it was O it was. Tough expectations over seventy nor a lot was put honor she came to apply collar. A lot but really displaying a lot of what I think did sort of oblivious nested that she was nervous and had all that but was tweeting in the middle of runs after that first -- she dropped the hammer on everybody if she had time to reflect on it's not finishing a breakfast sandwich and go -- that running angry choose tweet about sure it was before and this is sort of how starved we are for personality from athletes and someone being forthright that people were eating this up she gained over 70000. Followers last night I've just by tweeting about sure rose it's that easy everyone is that easy but she was off she was on her game last night and more ways than one climate hot she does as well as who's talking about. It's a good point you bring up you know like I think now people are still pro V in and like you know gluten free to a sort of zealot. Click the GAO's our national security and you're bigger and how about our our our tour that would with the event read our seventeen year old regular dog group whose families over there you know shotgun and Beers right you don't watch him win and now Chloe seventeen year old winning by the way. We dominate and a half pipe. We have more Olympic week you know well that's week out from the US that's right America. More I have my medals than any other all other countries combined eighteen of the 33 medals those. Of the eighteen in women have played so we are dominant. Dominant now happily and and tweeted between runs as well. The exact glowing in traditional America American fashion the minute she mentioned euros broad trying to Golan I'm interested yeah that's exactly right I've got you let's insure all ice community about the way I did I take what they should ban metres and restaurants. There's the minute you look on Kelsey yourself I mean I was I was like a wild animal the dogs at the Westminster show what with more class and grace and I knew that I displayed that public census. I'm wolf who studies these candidates and yeah that that's how you would be explain everything and it's different what you're gonna do already that you know delayed a bit but with the wrong with the wind and and Shaun White I. Bonnie Blair I remember watching body blur speed skater will few had been doing and our Sean what do you mentioned. Equal which he did. The three times in in the same event so look forward to that. Also human interest story here which is amazing eleven months to market more asleep waiting for rescue Hala helicopter in the back country near. Whistler British Columbia fractured job ruptured spleen internal bleeding multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung. So the Canadian snowboarder I was pretty sure is going to die eleven months later. The guy is a medalist in we with a bronze medal in men's snowboard slopes now the Regina native coming up huge this like the red to orange. Or are warning and then two Canadians took this over and and the bronze. Mark being one of those ET took the bronze were. Game it's ridiculous. What we heard broke seventeen bones or fractured jaw ruptured bring in internal bleeding and now he's OK so. We can read this and and did haven't. He said I was pretty sure I was going to die he would miss timed the jump. And struck a tree in midair. Like how we're Greece Joseph bring to miss time they hit truly. This is. The world that these guys live in and when you talk to people read for amid forget just the competitive Olympic athletes but people who. Chase these highs and extreme sports just in their everyday lives you read about some of the things they're doing whether it's to dodge avalanches are put themselves in position I mean this is the sort of perilous world and so. When we just see the gold medals on the back and you forget that all along the way there are stories like this. So this last year right now this you've won a bronze in the 2014 Olympics. With that in 2016 before he hit the tree midair. He broke his femur and had a metal rod surgically implanted it is like I mean I'm due. I UK's gonna be buyout by the end of this thing but he comes back for all that medals in fourteen and Matt and gets the Brian cure credible. Story. Ian tough. That's all there pretty easy to do the robot leg right and I'm not we'd all agree and it probably need to look into that unfair advantage I think the NBA Utah Jazz came back from a thirteen point deficit to beat the spurs extending their win streak to ten games Donovan Mitchell on him first rookie to lead this team is scoring during a ten game win streak since. Wilt Chamberlain for the 195960. Warriors this is story. Nobody stock they let a player a restock and not give up some love for Donna Mitchell yeah odds without up thirteenth pick it out removal. Would you talk so they were. There were what eighteen or whatever they were. And in 1928 or mistreated started another one general and it did to see the one every report in the same name of Wilt Chamberlain you said Chamberlain. Do the same vision to an average 41 points Mitchell 21 points in the ten day after 41 point again. Every wilt Chamberlain's that your read deserves its own book. Without question also Mitchell's the first rookie guard of multiple forty point games prior to the all star break. Since Michael Jordan Saudi I give up some of these rookies are having some certainly some big years you talk about a game and have fought in a plastic Crowder got traded there in that in the Cleveland you know. Would urge that they had he had heard team coming off the bench sew up a nice night for the rookie Mitchell. Yeah and equally as impressive you mention all the 44 downing in the offense put over that ten game stressed. As far as defensive efficiency second in the NBA and that ten game span during that time period so did it done rumbles ends of the court and try to right the way if. The top. Also cavaliers business under the seedings seek new avenge a loss in January 20 Oklahoma City scored a 140 points the most ever allowed by LeBron James team Russell Westbrook Paula George O'Malley at the combined to score 88 points in that victory. The most in a game this season Westbrook an entry both questionable though was sprain ankles and I could take a little bit of. Juice and now I that's not an M if they're on the game but will sees Cleveland second game with. The the new floor coming together on the court the way they did in Boston to destroy the Celtics now. Again I don't think anybody's gonna gonna see the shooting percentages we saw Mac game will start to settle in a little bit but. No foregone got a team that they gave up 448 point of fact three of the four high scoring games against LeBron have come this year actually in the last two months when Cleveland has just been. Playing horrible before again. Don't purge. Underscore a 148 on arm timberwolves back in February 138. And in January the rafters a 133 cell. Now let's hope that I anymore those games and see how these four keep acclimate himself. If I'm not mistaken a 148 point outing was the Kevin Love game this sort of got everything going that snowball affecting Cleveland has started. When Kevin Love left at halftime of that game. Odds are going locker because the illness that got talked about mentally writing writing after all that so the last time these two teams met was really the beginning of the squad that we see now. Pretty crazy why seriously and Roger Tempur-Pedic ranked highest in customer satisfaction. With mattresses by JD power Tempur-Pedic sleep. Is power and did we find out it's not Kevin Love salt that is going to a.'s fault yet plus it quote it is an incredible incredible quote it was all right our our own David Mamet has the story was talking about of course when we was a part of that purge. And the cool cool. He says the big click LeBron James after the cavs lose a game a tough losses says the practice schedule 11 AM the next morning. LeBron is they moloch provinces say doing C at 9 AM tore let's go to work it and it is now Melville like ten after him in ten of these. That's nothing wrong. But it shows Obama's gonna in humor when it comes his approach of the game and ability Dwyane Wade not on the same talent NASA LeBron and these guys that can help remember prop him up produced agers courage rain Dwyane was not doing that. That's like Kobe Altman on this conference call talking about the trade. This is a great line. He said we need more fountains that we do dream school from all of that and what headlines you wait but I do graded golden terrain there as he's got a private play what is what is beautiful wife fly back to Miami don't see ya. I get the king's ransom to go back and sort of like when Miami punished. Blue collar Cleveland's offense off the. At trailing on the play third ranked Oklahoma seeking a snapping a six game road losing streak at 7 eastern on ESPN the sooners visit number seven Texas Tech. Any victory against a red raiders in Norman young shoddy season low. 30% in the Gilbert did record. Point seven points ten assists sooners and actually lost I'm the last six did well to pick up silly that you know they did era one point fourteen into the season ranked as high as number four to mention losing. Lost what six of their last eight games another 23. All he has died trade young is looking to have to have to dieters five sweep this father's all the mater. Are referred young who went to Texas Tech shall see your trick to him but as you mentioned didn't shoot too well. In the first timer already know the one the sooners are six and two against ranked teams it's over unranked teams that get them and knock in a dollar a little bit and it's when. You can test train young a bit and try and lock him down summary have a little bit of success against them. Yes hampered Texas Tech to third ranked vs ranked matchup of their hosting this year two now in those matchup so far so unstoppable force me to move blog. I have to let's sell it somehow I'm jackal was amazing how much she's a parlor opposite he's apart 55%. Or offense it's insane to me. Annoying guy that's incredibly at any Ari come tournament time literally just one got a slowed element out the ball out of his hands and that's become a challenge as well I've never infantry when it's that we are. Goal doing going ESPN radio and ESPN two might you with us as well so a story last night from the NBA. This year its along season. As I try some different. Different strategies. You guys have been they don't like Ronald so gold assay wars goes to capture received her capturing his 250. Put on Saturday took some time off on Monday this is always celebrate. During a timeout midway through the first quarter one point 983 win over the Phoenix Suns so. Well and it. Other team that drafted currently the second round pick in 1988 and he was the GM 2007 point tenth he hit his clipboard untreated dog around the huddle. If your dog sat incurs to your break in the plays his teammates well versed in a few feet away resistance. As the game continued David West received a coaching not in the huddle I did cherry lime green who sat out Monday's news sprained finger. Reiterated most of the time if not models. Throughout the game and cursed his guys need to hear a new voice explained here is Steve for explaining what his decision making processor Lewis. Because their team. I think that's one person's. Yeah it. Consider as coach Snyder teams. Myers in the special things a lot like a soldier and a that's some players into their team they have to take ownership. That's coaches our job is to nudge them in different directions guide them. We don't control and they determine their own thing. I don't feel like we've focused well at all. It just seemed like terrorist thing to do and how they communicate really well together and it draws less pleasant. Good night. Did I I think the truth inducement gutter. Long season smoking these guys by some fog guys I mean I have broad that was the explanation institutes of players it's not the cold draw I mean. And you're setting back coaching are a hundred years by saying it's not outside me c'mon I mean by that little fly and did you when you mix it up a little bit. You're destroying this team Europe and and I'm surprised some of the suns didn't come over maybe take part in the coaching as well I'm right. I I look at it nothing more as it's a long season you mix it up a little bit you have a few last year and a laugher like this. Probably enjoy it loosened down nine's day tomorrow however once in awhile you've been together for a long time got a role play a little bit. If she. Where you are using Lincoln. You're using US and not us and them of the role play analogies. Exactly all of a sudden you know the UPS guy comes in the door and looks a little bit familiar look for the days Ted. Oh my god how did you deliver hot you're the cancer today I don't spruce that up I don't know I don't. Would you be offended by junior fearless honesty that all of hell are you serious future. All the planes this is one of those places I never understood the disrespect me spots whether came to running up the score and football. Teams did a this all the time when they pass. Asked laid Russia Oleg is our job is to beat these guys we didn't do well it up and they wanna just keep playing the sport that we're all playing right I'm really gonna lose sleep over this about the suns are looking over a dare sideline. On our sideline trying to figure out why were about to lose our fourth game by forty plus points this season. Couldn't agree more I mean this is what a 6245. And a half an NF by day did quick math 9971. Going to fourth quarter of which. Phoenix scored a total of twelve points. In the fourth quarter you know that's a bigger word coming of get me back in this game one of the big twelve in the fourth quarter. I'm with you Mike I miss I I can't stand especially at the pro level. When you're gonna look at the other side to complain about anything they dude you're getting blown out right are you worried about Lotta hell you got blown out you know what what not why they got into the end zone why they're running you up or down on the court you know not worry about all look at that disrespecting us by having a player draw a play. I don't be a little more into respective and look at yourself on why you guys stink so much as opposed to why some team is rule you know where there are defense though this didn't really come out and say now. Jerry Douglas might be but I said. We have to worry about more effectively maybe we don't deserve that respect for the yeah right I mean the worst speaking in general how exactly what we're not putting us on a Sunday generated outstanding you know I guess what we are definitely doing in generalities what. Where it if the suns did say some about being the first one to say. What are you talking for right you know you guys cared so much or put up twelve in the fourth quarter Watergate destroyed so were about yourself but they didn't say anything like that but that that would that would be my message. To any team. All quite honestly even college. In at this point you don't you don't like what they're doing stop on. Right and their coach diminish rather teach round who's coached a Canadian national team he joked I noticed their plays were a little better at timeouts and often I. I hit it probably a stable and even Devin Booker said highlight the loop personally if I was a coach. I do doubt throughout the year so wouldn't even look at it as disrespectful act and even his curse edit you know my voice to assess the Charlie Brown's teacher after awhile long long long it's exactly or I got to mix it up a little bit unreal that open rule applied. It's give back to the shades wrote in the that the. And in the ravages. Did you shot two pointers to give Kurtz yell let's just tester sells were up by thirty no it's allowed to shoot threes is that gimmicky with that we pass. Every person on the floor to talk to vault it. You have to have at least five passes and had to shoot twos. Public at the boy and then this assertive role playing and then as you keep destroying them now it's everybody asks you talked to volunteered on issue in the paint. Just keep moving calls a back then it's you can only dunk attempt to work on to get a get a dog that. Would be at a field that feels like it's really point no weird finger it's after all vessels are I'm an only dogs from here on out yeah right exactly figured out. I'll let us know goal can swing a tweet us your thoughts what else to the war is doing still beat the suns play with four guys. Give career direct to Phoenix for the entire game oral only shoot two quarters to discuss all activists are best ideas once again at goal at the wing. Gold going always presented by what is her flowers dot com. Guys there's only one day left until Valentine's that she's still looking for the perfect gift. One in our flowers dot com is here few with a beautiful bouquets starting at just 1999. Or go to one of her flowers dot com. Slash ESPN coming up a redemption story of sorts. Or does it go from here plus you get some wonderful luge out shall be locked into your recourse or brace. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you can get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Michael here. You know eighty keyed in on more security company can now help keep you safe at home and when you're on the go get started with an 83 starter kit professionally installed for only 49 dollars plus you get eighty if you don't the new family mobile Cynthia and service with one or seven emergency response for free with. With any ADT security system toward ADP dot com slash podcast or more today. Parsons took modeling contract to a team to pay a commission clearly termination fees apply certain markets excluded listens to will be needed to accomplish what country you don't premium services at march 31 2000 team. I've timber imports trade today along side of the goal X we are goal coming colonias generator is into a son Trey was in a big fan of the tri tray. Now last week Jason fifths filled in for a few days and we did try. Jason we we X out tray we did Jason Witten Jason fits again who you would. Did a college football show with four for a year now. Yet didn't dodge the ball Monday showing him for a year for a fiddle player of the band Perry now co host Spain and Fitz is while there you go. Soaring to try again today really not illegal if you don't mind trade yet like 46. Traders who want to do any of that either as a lawyer disclosed who we have now he doesn't if he doesn't he just got something to hide out we really little. We're starting here that took questions some things about him I was wondering like cliff had to Al American rejects dirty little secret for now I understand what on I'm gonna try to get to the bottom of we'll have tried yeah soft underbelly and Qaeda or does it work well we understand your in steepener mile wives or children to talk. It into the bottom of both you guys are a pretty good arms out instead telling everybody else out there and you have to know your little what do straightforward guy apparently and. On to the feeling like to play back in the NFL at some point. But his very circuitous journey and it has been one of self destruction into which parting out the field and when he has kind of Tony's been disappointing and of course there's always issues. Prior to that criticized for on field antics planting the flag on the field iced it after victory. Making an obscene gesture towards Kansas players during his sooners' rout put most notably you know did reset plea deal after arrest in public intoxication charges. He was a guy with such high expectations and now. Early on this year felt that growth markets like. Yeah I've and so you sit down the street bet that description is baker made the I was that had to sit in their closet yet and the subject to the same story BS baker mayfield who would. Draw on those constant comparisons to Johnny man's dollar because of his brash style of play because of off a lot of the same sort of antics and dozens stature of their both short white quarterbacks have played neck and largely the same vicinity. Right thank you heard that is the comparison bush is trying to draw but men's cell for his spark coming on saying he's suffering from bipolar disease who. This is now completely different situation if you look at this guy in the past you say well he's is reckless he's just a party boys track Katie immature. But now Mike do you have more sympathy BC he's suffering from a disease with which he's now. With a therapist in getting medication for now should be viewed viewing him through different prism. I I think we will anyway I mean he came out whatever you you. He could've had a she didn't have to go public with the DB got to announce it to everybody always been a very public figure since his. Days at Texas a and M in winning the Heisman Trophy or I think everyone of your age group Mike would look at him and say yeah. That's the way we're waddle and have we wanna be considered the best in college football bill brought party all in one and I did you know that was that was college. You don't then I got to the NFL there was a lot of skepticism on his abilities to transfer. The NFL I I certainly was one of that warning that as head of the list of that along with many others. And it didn't transfer well you heard of other things you know the off field issues. From football as well as football emitting not knowing the playbook not studying the playbook enough until he was a starter. And so then you start to wonder okay was part of it you know that the part of being bipolar. I you know I don't know that I'm not a doctor I don't I don't know that but him putting himself out there I think at least gives you a reason to say okay. Are you put yourself Bob you're saying you've learned from all list. You're trying to fix all of this you have this condition your tried to deal with as well so yeah I think you've got to say okay but let's see where you can go with us. It's interesting to me the way that people are going to view this and you are coming off of doing a two hour show already and seeing some of the response that trickled in. It's really been all over the map because your I think you did people that. Have come to this design he also said self medicated with alcohol or admitted to being addicted Matt sense met with something I think we all kind of soft from the outside looking in. And I said there's difficulty in admitting a lot of these things Johnny was very matter of fact about it he's very honest and forthright he's a guy now who is trying to mend some of those relationship easing gauged to the girl that was his longtime girlfriend brought all this trying to make those changes but. Durst part that I. Understand people are going to be skeptical with which is. This is a very public show because his goal is still to be back in the NFL and so certainly going on GMA going on parred my take doing all of these things. Is to that end for him trying to get back to that goal. And I think a lot of people look at that say well I'm not ready to bite you still did this baton as the spoiled rich kid all of the things that people who refused to let go because really. The way we operate the only way that every one that most people are going to forgive or at least it's the look the other wayward journey man so is if he were to become a winner again because that's the only thing that we really value. Great point Mike I was thinking America loves a great redemption story. But it's got to come full circle K just being I meant that I am bipolar disease and it is goes place failed to our cats right here than nothing ever happens it's like. It's gotta go all the way to kind of get to that that element of real true redemption. Here's a portion immense self from his interview yesterday on Good Morning America. I was self medicating with alcohol because what I thought was making me happy how we get out of that depression to a point where I felt like I had some sense of happiness. But it into the day near west. Staring at the ceiling by yourself and your back and that that depression and back in that. Holes and dark hole sitting in the room by yourself being super depressed thinking about all the mistakes you've made in your life. What does that give me word and I gave me except on the NFL we're gonna give me. Disgrace. There's. I'm maybe not the sort of do that but that's okay well. She yeah I look at the problem. There's there's two things stood toe to look at here one is. The guy's life you know what. You don't straighten out if he can straight out as like these two short years old are you got a lot of life to live so that squared away where do you get back. Whether football workshop for your not meet clearly wanted to work out form I get it. But you gotta you gotta get your life or Norah you gotta gotta be live your full life as you mentioned engage interview declared to wanna start a family got a whole life. To get right there dump on the football side. I I can understand where you're saying Mike is he what public revolvers he has an end game and all of us he does wanna give back to the NFL. We don't know resorting Hamilton had an out right all I know is that I can't had a day like that was the right and I don't answer any talked about doing that correct about going there. Listen nobody signed him last year. I don't think him OK I admit I have this problem I admit to the mistakes I did I'm trying to get better not gonna lie. Don't think that's gonna get him signed either I don't think someone is going you sign him now and say it looks like he's on the right path. Now because now you're separating the personal life from. The business of football and I think for the business of football are going to be teams that wanna see what you can do because he had shortcomings as a football player you know from from. Playing the quarterback position. Personally I don't think he's gonna ever make it back to the NFL or make it in the NFL if he gets a shot I just don't think he's going to be able to do that. But I don't think you just getting it signed right out of the gate from coming out and saying OK am on the right path now and some team is gonna sign and I do think you may have to go to Canada. Yeah I don't think he's gonna play in the NFL ever gambit that should be color our assessment of this just because he's got that goal they were no I'm I'm not saying you are either but I'm saying just in general we see someone. As pursuing a goal that we've decided is now out of their reach. And so we'd color in our own personal way after that and say well it's disingenuous he's coming out doing is just for the selfish reason for him. I mean this is the reason that we would think in theory has been part of was driven him to self reflect in this way to go inside himself and hopefully come out of a better on the back and we can't make him stop dreaming sir I things for himself just because we think there entertain a completely agree with that completely area. There is deathly percentage of the population have to say no matter what Amin's Al spoiled rich kid now he's using this as an excuse this is gonna be part of his redemption Torre gets back the league at least I do. But I do think there's an L because OK I know some of the bipolar disease or maybe about a Palin member. That's a killer like if I rivals manic highs this up dedicating that there's going to be people were sympathetic. Having said that you could be sympathetic and still not saying only it is job and drinking behavior and a legal and I know your deal with I don't any hard feelings towards you but as Mike said he still shortcomings the football field so I I hope you get your life in order. But I still think you're too small clear position. I don't Iran no one owes him anything in that regard certainly that is very true but your point and it's kind of where we are at this mixed bag of some people will see that immediately just dumb about empathy and say well. If you're you're in this area now let's just hope you get the right things together but mental health still a tricky thing because it's an injury that you can't see and so a lot of people look at that. And zero point just say it is an excuse for McCain duet all of these advantages that I didn't have. Have a fine you know. At XY or easy persons I'm still going to look at him and say. All you what are your problems your bipolar now all of a sudden they're gonna look at it is convenience whereas the old men aid. Mental health is such a tricky thing that debt still part of why people have such a difficult time coming forward with things like that because you get people to look at you and does not believe. Now listen at the end of the day I don't care about football for him I I just told me if he had the issues that that he's talking about. They get square with that and has a great life as far as football is concerned. You know is necessary or is trying to get signed as you know under team now. And see how that goes if not then go to Canada because of candidate he goes there's got over two years yeah I don't you want any part of fact. Org for two years and the like a shot within NFL team. And as part of that all the timing of trying to get out of team doll before you would have to commit to Canada so there's two sides in this. Combined obviously with what he says he's going through and still trying to get back to what he loves to do play football now. I hope were great for the won an N tier one Mike you're right. That goal that's his goal. There's no none of us to sit there and say should have that goal or not we don't think he's gonna reach that goal but to me the key is men lived that life hopefully get that light squared away the key is still realist. And a candidate for two years tech tie I think. What's like all the NFL team losing candidate. Israel living there yeah as a did you negotiate that what Serena looking like right now fire this team in Vegas outside there's there you go play for a team that's got flames all over an element out on I still well Michael it's like we should play a couple of years of the Dallas and I just wish you had the experience of like two solid full and it might that play our and may see a milder beautiful city doubly sports now was great time man. And throws it did know my father played for Montrose has kept trying to Hamilton so limited that tie that tie catch Jack in the black etc. guess what I can out about this neighbors smoker coming up next Michael Jeter mentioned yesterday areas injury ridden. This is not to play for much Rollins routier's he has an actual legitimate dream we went ahead and made a reality. Winning at sports and of sports broadcasting means changing things up just like like Keith get into to each his changeup looked. Renovated lobby the so contemporary even make Scola quote cool as it does that it totally updated fitness center that even has -- though feeling like a work out primary up plus plenty of comfortable spaces to hang out yet this licking Ito look definitely has a viable victory so you can just relax refresh and get ready for your next big meeting prepared awarded business with or keep things in tweets book now LQ dot com. I've never in portraits they circle going on ESPN radio and ESPN two you heard the Paulson tones of my junior yesterday describing his dream to retire the Winter Olympics by the right tool get back into shortly but what are your dream is Mike is to be a part of the figure skating. On some was oracle and Olympics you don't just look at such a far cry from what we do is football players out of stadium fat sweaty run and another big fat sweaty guys. It is not a very visually pleasing thing at the level I've played it adds I wanna be a part of some beautiful show all of folk art I didn't see that comment because we sat outside of curling which we're all love to do that which event will really really like to be good at doing where Olympic puritan ski jumping up that I would wanna do the downhill right and you came up with figure skating been hurt just. A visual of that alone kind of makes me wanna pearl. Well I mean listen it'd be very for frustrating that is one thing I have not negotiable for me as I am figure skating. Armed and were gonna see at all right now pink ribbons and such else gold hill lingo is where dreams come true Yani is degrade any Isp into and so. Chairman Jerry can make this dream come true stimulus. The crowd roaring as Joseph Joseph takes the ice he's not a ravishing glittering green and gold in wrestling single. With the plummeting beat down his back. Before Jim Ryan the lack professionalism is not surprising Gary he could really is that there aren't as head coach you're appears to be in the ready position as a music is set to begin. Dearborn clearly. Should go to spend enough is he going nod to all corners on donuts it's. All right can't believe it junior is cruising on most problems I expect to see secret weapon near. Should the do you not know that's where I'm still wants Joseph. In this arena. And every single one. And Justin roses for only 29991800. Flowers dot. Weren't we go. And see us. Great stuff they're daughters Jolie everywhere did you just did you feel that as a as it was going on just yourself out of me I Stewart is palpable I now see it right there couldn't you all fours growling and everyone went wild tiger I'm at the moon that's nuts is that I exacts jumping you know from. Exactly it's it's a technical term I won't bore you guys went and pierce hitting aficionado would know I thought I thought the V down the back was pretty impressive with the jets laid back back there it's tapered you don't grab it really the my in my head is more a product of gravity and anything else everything is just a tricky later on down to those other parts have a different way to wherever it is you don't work. People tell you go for the ticker content where the people are just ticked minor war torn down now. I'm going to be sick that was straight talk my electric top wireless nation recovers in America's largest most dependable forgy LTE network speak of the Winter Olympics now alas I was watching. Female ski jumping last let's go to bed easier getting it with a UC's ours is in on this female ski jumpers a believable. So Norway again come through a goal by right to want a medal count Norwood that Norwegians probably absolutely on this site that I always like when I was nine medals they should dominate but there been awesome. Also docking with the luge Washington well last night and we've got some more lose stats of its attempt. Let's say a minor obsession to feel it lets you said minor heart surgery in the answers right right there are sexier nots is not a minor obsession is obsession. I love luge love the doubles luge rep from our researcher has some stats on this gonna have brought. Well considering you are obsessed with the sport as dissent com. What do you called what do they call the participants in the luge losers no they actually called them our make younger Bolick sliders. Well I'll just say we're going to have a sliding Centre showed okay the sliders or who like that includes jurors might sound too much like loser like Lou my girls derogatory and it's up down there. And I mean growing up at your leisure. Now people might. But it might be illusion the might have been Luby's and that the outlook isn't good to who's who's winning in the illusion most often urban a 129 medals awarded in the luge. In the Olympics Germany 75. Of the one law allowed all of Germany you have to let it I. Love knows his job when it comes to lose GA journey I don't know where you have more good stats on that from the sliders you have the sliders and a sliding setter coming up instead it tried tray or try. Hey that's the stuff I stance clustered bill the next hour golf lingo is fifty it is good tip. Hello I'd like to deposits checking faith is a sickness to this future is insistent Kenny and what's my account balance. The horizon is criminality IAC illegal who successfully. You with great federal look at just get a pass slippers something. Eight fortune bank teller surprising what's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico. Yeah you know it's different and includes EP Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.