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Hour 3: P.J. Carlesimo

Feb 13, 2018|

Adnan Virk in for Trey Wingo. The guys talk with ESPN NBA Analyst P.J. Carlesimo and then talk about Baker Mayfield's chances in the NFL and more.

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And it's special savings when you entered Bolick in the promo box and check out liberals don't. Where life meets legal. I'd never came for traits latest a look at wing audience can radio and ESP into his always represented by progress insurance. All of our phone guests on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Mike Dyer lovingly Winter Olympics right now federal watch you'll hockey USA's facing. Russia and I dig it'd tweeters and his are getting some luggage has been the curling. And Canada key laws in fact in Canada winning in the mixed doubles so didn't the hash take what has Dick curling his cool. But this is a good idea now people think it doesn't always exported want to do but it's a cool sport are funded I. Saw the mixed doubles I think the the bronze medal last night I think was. And once it was Sweden and the the or team you're Olympic. Putt brought a little political battle in Russia just Russia now it's always a look begat this rush. We just explain what Russia the Russian Federation was banned from the lone bright and then. Today. Basically rely Ol pick the flag away but you guys can compete your team you could apply to compete just sort of as not really Russia. Right no Russian. Flag it connects to their name is the Olympic five ring symbol is not the flag or anything like that insult. Yeah orbit yet or kick or kick given up again early from Russia funeral that it bigger news I just got a tweet here that Oreo in the cap the owner of Oreo Cadbury is hiring chocolate tasters. That is bigger news mine and my last hagel going off much right now great having her might be authorizations. Are model that's. I'm actually out what are the qualifications for that job regular job that you need a New York knows me and let me chocolate tasters shock I had a meeting me me right we every target no no no you got me for like I like this on lifetime contract please. While in on that Pete Nicholas who's gonna join as a big shot guy b.'s deputy target. MBA hill college hoops he enjoys those seven minutes from now as we continue once again we get a lot of voice Phyllis during calls its excel. 50655058605065505. Ben alliance mom dad is Phillies 710. He's a better version of me loves movies he loves sports and he loves the show. So Ben felt compelled to read the Josh is to get the last prosper dot com and he felt compelled calling because you heard Mike instinct he's missed the show. Mike is not a fan of the ship water. Alert them aren't here you here's LA how are your buddy a lull recovery and you sports bra. At. Only catch you'd like to see if a water I have to say it's gonna listen to your show every single day I was not surprised one bit and guys who drove us across the street are cancer risk or street Allen like grunt auditioning to take over for these tapes are in order. Why would you understand or appreciate the green to be able water or no goal or do what's your favorite. Eight and build a ballpark do you think space there would be Jon Claude van dam. How did your power in quite a get well tell Chris that there are fears the Oxford stole it probably going to wash though you're Notre Dame instructors. Here. But it does. God and I look at a guy picked up hits like hidden talent meeting. That is thumb out to a lot of right over there and all of a sudden you know he's he's he's now tell me out yeah and voice message of and I don't understand I understand it's a stupid movie does start to understand I lose myself but more movies than anybody knows this stupid movie I don't care about any meaning you're at a fish per cent a lady you can't talk doing some dance. For God's sake you are ridiculous. He did earlier pursue the it was a ride though that they got really good friends and cold out as far as a state the movie yeah you know what do you are safe and got to reckon that was right still love him in the fast and furious is he in the rock grown added a bunch of men Nam. What was it oh god death race. I'd love to the death threats go back to 2008. I think a kind you don't notice I don't go to law although. Death wish that the that the classic non thinker movers loaded a bit of Princeton newsroom I I enjoy that state that like he's cornered the market rate action I love love to eat I figured it was great community great fighter in the back to remove region in a big fat all right CN van dam. I'll go state of yeah well while we're the state numbers the rock. While they they went at it going a couple times you know I I'm going the rock on that I'm wrong size matters on that rock is pretty solid death race greater in the shape of water. Clarify the question this is that nobody is watching. Time. Okay. Off the top feel like it or not it's just good good goalie can we go. So Khloe Kim became the youngest woman to win a snowboarding medal in Olympic history Kabul much cyber AT burst yesterday she took gold in the half pipe. Tonight Michaela Sheppard and Shaun White will both go for gold chip looks to be the first back to back Olympic slalom champion and white conjoined Bonnie Blair. As the only Americans who in the same Winter Olympic event three times I remember when Shaw wipers went out there might Flying Tomato all the rest Seville the reliever Jeff back that right or right enablers and icon on the fact without a question of the sentiment. I remember watching her speed skating went without a doubt I mean tell firstar we're it would Chloe what she's doing. How much did she dominate this here four runs. She scored over ninety points on all four runs. No other competitor score overnight at points I'm a single run through absolutely dominant the US dollar has been very dominant in the half light metals. Then all the other countries combined debt eighteen of the 33 medals and ten of those eighteen. Belong to women so she's continuing a kind of a trend of domination and my in in that event but. Seventeen you have read our board red. Yeah who's a seventeen years old he won as well so very very cool men and then you go to. It's different in what she's normal. Are delayed because that a highway into as far as the slalom run into the downhill I suggest you Allard and she never competes tonight tomorrow and Thursday it right right I'm slow to and then you're right about Charlie White I mean man I I don't I started seeing commercials for the game that he know who's going to be competing in it right again but top boy the match up well Bonnie Blair's done has pretty impressive Phillies and actually derisive can't say is like a Carrot Top and the other real sporting event is awesome a dollar of capital and often don't watch it all these these people are to an army today. The board the board of the X games yet we kind of didn't pay that much you know much attention but man. What they do when their ability what they do is impressive no doubt about it all the top. Jazz came back with thirteen point deficit to beat the spurs extending their win streak to ten teams Donovan Mitchell. Became the first rookie to lead his team in scoring during a ten game win streak since Wilt Chamberlain. The 19591960. Warner's stock at a team and a player not not bugler talked about out thirteenth pick out a little bull by the way Wilt Chamberlain in that ten game win streak. Was averaging 41 point two game. For you are 41 points a game Mitchell Warren an average in 21. In this one but a very impressive in their winning streak. There wind streak they have beaten the spurs twice led the warriors warrants the raptors and the trailblazers as part of a ten game winning streaks all. There's still a game map out of of playoff contention right now. The stop. Cavaliers visiting the founder of the seeding seeking to avenge a loss from January 20 and Oklahoma City scored a 140 points. The most ever allowed by LeBron James team as Russell Westbrook Paul George Carmelo Anthony combined to score. Eighty points in that win but Mike west for any of the both questionable with sprained ankles tonight. Yes all that door obviously deter a little bit from this that the magnitude of this game of those guys are out. Second game with the news four new players from Cleveland after the did destruction may out of the Celtics. Always interesting just how bad has it been for a LeBron James team. In the last two months they have given up his teams have given up the most points. In his career three of the and in. Three of them off of the top four have been in the last two months a 148 to the thunder in February 135 that are winners and in January 133. To the raptors cell. They give up a lot it was it was awful in Cleveland cold we all men are gonna get that executive of the year for the moon's that he called the timing out way obviously good finish up. Number it's funny give or criticized in the roster make or Betty just completed reconstruction as you said he could he sent out via an hour so off the stop and go more for every two BJ Carlos mode tray young at 23 ranked Oklahoma seek the snapping a six game road losing streak 7 eastern tonight sooners is at number seven Texas Tech. And a victory against a red raiders in Norman young shot a season low. 30% from the field record two point seven points and Tennyson. Yeah I lost six of their last day have mingle while there but they do well against ranked teams in this as that man mentioned Texas Tech at number seven. The sooners are six and two against ranked teams this year oh by the way ray young can sweep his father all my daughter's father referred. Went to Texas techs who can sweep that tonight but Texas Tech look at. The rankings down to see some of that no I haven't heard a lot you know I haven't seen a lot Cincinnati sit there at number five yeah you're right now it cronies three into Texas Tech it's 114 seeded number seven so. A good good to get really to sing as again we started this like in football. Were you get that the rankings halfway through the season we start to get what his team that does the top sixteen young basketball discussion points each week. Schneider right and before we get to PGA Kalus abode just for those were unaware what death race is already priced as aside. IDB's description as ex con Jensen Ames I'm assuming that's his yes there's forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in our post industrial world's most popular sport. A car race in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to. Don't be one Renner saw the rest of the people you know they have to die. And he finds a way not only to win those races but I ATS 2008 to try to pass a spoiler alert here of how we escapes. A pretty impressive this as contenders the other stuff is flotilla. Figuring out now. The Victor go the spoils as is an MB analyst Peter Carlos who joins us in the shell Pennzoil performance line get the feeling of being rewarded we gold status has shelled the fuel rewards program. Dell the fuel rewards app join and start saving five cents a gallon today PG a thanks to Ron go away go tonight. What sort of micro I don't reject. What will start with the PG they changed much of that garage of the trade deadline they dominated the Celtics is Sunday. Look at their have a more fine younger more athletic. Why did you see that Caylee keeping copies it. I think they can and I want all got one great Yiddish to its core commentary I. How bad chemistry close to gold group and how much difference. Just guys beat this guy actually get it right now it's just some dealt with you know not. Eastern Conference continues to improve the but the fact that Randy he's been attacked it. Run his own the east for so long. It certainly makes you wonder. I've got a city. I don't see them play more you know the tartan. In some cases people have burned in the playoffs support Evan Benn on the Turkish group into the good at the end it. As always with Obama it hopes. Good enough to get the ball for a lot of respect all of what Austin. Aren't really remarkably watched Michelle talked about the agent called Google got more guys are teeing it. Although Oscar last year of course Gordon Hayward goes down. At Toronto continues to do so. Or two with not a believer yet. It's far as. Time I PJ how much time do you expect for. These players to kind of find their roles in that water kind of levels out of what this team is going to be. I just. Did the rotation big Eddie. The director going to be debate so forty feet open and then of course it would hurt. And now Richard the last couple they got it back up LT ever allowed direct combat aspect. People will appreciate a little bit more art golf when he struck back it would didn't expect to play in the way he's capable player and you know I think here's. You'll have more dominant mold that he had earlier this year little I liked it by the Dutch ball consistently he's got to eat. Yeah I'd be held these got to play on a regular basis. I Giorgio I love Ali yeah torture. I really liked a lot. Could Jordan Clarkson. Got to prove he could do it. I don't really see. Our it is group into these debates. I like our gesture here. Coming up through sort should get your blood. A shot output. I like eighteen not gonna be supplies to its. It's been really competitive but I've got a street you're talking unbelievable. Changes. If any of them are I think it's significant. Talent it's particularly without ever well. PJ mention the fact Toronto improved right now the one seed in us and in our my heart is here your boy doing Casey James is now the team at this in their their passing the ball more DeMar DeRozan shoot in three east. I you really good young bench in fact the bench is played the last five games stars build arrest in DeRozan Lowery Jaco portal Fred van fleet along right. How we look at when it comes at Toronto and then being the best here in the east. You aren't spared through our bottom bureau with that particular. Our hours of music question and and I you know I'm. A good opening. And play the way he's capable oriented. And you order steps college steps up. I think there. Aren't perpetrated a bit better at being distributed are unbelievable I just got bad news. Bob securities and pretend you wouldn't. That I thought lost the war are ready to eat that the caps. There hasn't happened and so it. The depth and state law is not so I just you don't want to know what it's all output. I'm not sure yet but it would be brought. Is G. PGA any issue with what the warriors and Steve Kerr did Latin three of the players how to run the timeout to drop the plays and they were dismantling the Phoenix Suns. I think it's just got twice as two weeks I think State's biggest challenge. Eight off the court etiquette turned the ball over and bit. Britney bench regarding important. They got that. Its biggest challenge is trying to keep things fresh greens big fight. Inaudible and it's so. It is important bases change. It it's safe coaching. Virtually the same staff. Saying a lot of the same thing these guys day in and day out. It's fresh it's huge huge challenge to their I think the all star break its partners Bagram you do all star break. Right now I think a lot of teams don't anticipate. Maybe they did I used to hear it talked about. What are difference Redknapp schedules starting earlier Abington shorter pre season and I hope I asked him back to increase. Receive any idea what it was always how Tuesday's all star break. No more be achieved its way to the middle of June ended June. The last years so I think to get their batteries recharged. It they're gonna have only won some games. I just its first quarter's zippy as. And another Torre to. After the all star break. So that's a nice little. Drew heated side we don't recall him so all day long answer your question I think he's due to. It's fresh it's our. I did amber came contrite today its goal doing Gilani has been rare and is into overtime and are in the analyst the great BJ Carla smoke. But of course BJ can do it all you called the college game last week in and back across over tomorrow night. You're gonna be on the call for Kentucky and on bird all be in studio with Seth be real Alfonzo Alice. Really to my favorites BJ at Aminu is as good a play by play guy in our business and Dan docket to might be the funniest analyst on. How psyched are you for this event tomorrow night. Believable it's a great game of direct impact big huge are relieved and excited by Luke. But about Seattle or Scranton PA yeah wanna watch it high school read renewed district Barre playoffs this week. Seattle I'm gonna try to pac twelve and at Donna West Coast Conference. Hudson and zags had you done quite it's a great job. The more people don't realize how good Auburn it's. Spiral it. Adam has done an unbelievable job and without two starters last year would call FBI investigation. The best team in the SEC. Cal wants cleaner overall for the first time in. Otherwise I think the people in the commonwealth of Kentucky. I don't think it's good that you have just think it's another commentary on Warner remarkable job. He's done over the years they continue to reach a boy they continue to have fresh new look played like freshman this year. And you felt. Just who was born the wrong. It's early but if you look at today's schedule the rest of the way is very difficult that'd be Johnson reformat. That is Juan Alabama. But it's really really. And I think it's going to be tremendous day. I'd be all it's one of the most ready teams in the country. So I really look at all the media is building a bit past. Yeah I imagine Avery Johnson Bruce Pearl to former Ethiopian guys back in the coach who ruled and doing big things eject always appreciate the time mammoth for the game tomorrow thanks Vijay. Big billboard. Chart chart I'll thanks beat Jack. I listen there is no doubt all star and that. I could taster for what was is Cadbury Cadbury the owners looking for a chocolate tastes are so I am. I'm effectively putting in my two weeks right by here ESPN. And and at all contingent on me applying for that job in getting a job that there but I I think I can be one of the I think arguably one of the greats bullets are one of the great chocolate testers of all time let's imagine I am doing the hiring Mike why do you think you the right man for the job well because and then I I love chocolate I love any kind of chocolate there is milk chocolate white chocolate dark chocolate doesn't matter to me the chocolate. I look chocolate and I have that. I had that. Pallet that can taste the differences in the chocolates the highs the lows from the good the bad the sugar than not the BB less sugary and and I think I can tell the differences and tell you what. The masses out there would love to make you my friend to make you a lot of money Micah understandably reluctant leader who love chocolate dealer gets sick of Reading shock and now we're gonna teach shocker for twelve hours I give a chocolate 24/7. My friend 24/7. I live it I breed that I own it I'm your man unlike a beleaguered diabetic or use still available yes I am. That would probably probably stop me from doing this job yeah SI I until I did coming every time you hear Brett thanks for that that's a pretty much ends that I'll be remaining here at ESPN for the duration of my contract. There are micro peer support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I feel like I'm on top of the world the like you will not be transported to the top of the world in the unlikely event wanders off the Arctic Circle six open from the elements immediately to avoid frostbite or hypothermia buckled up be responsible to wonder ultimately more troublesome little lonely abominable snowman who would all likelihood will fortunately games including but not limited to go fish -- Chinese checkers or his personal favorite red rover red and yet -- on over goggles not liable for any damages either physical or emotional. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% more. I've never came for trade them our goal to Rangel on ESPN radio he is into is always you can tweet to show those know you think we're doing so far. We've been talking about a lot of Winter Olympics of course we'll get back a little bit later on but don't shift gears your Mike and talk about a little bit of college football how pertains to the NFL on that will be weatherman baker may feel right now. Obviously very polarizing guy of people that love a love his ration is an obvious he's town the fact his ability these delivers those adult like and diesel too cocky little too much lag. There's a very interesting article from pro football focus dot com San Munson who say that they may fields tape in numbers say he should be. The number one overall pick. First though they have them is a small right and they mention right away right okay Arizona missed the facts small guy and here's a case he is listed at 61. And weighed 216 OK the big deal as of keeping their six Russell Wilson's 511215. He's never had issues are before we get to the numbers just viewed do you need to have a quarterback who's being well. I mean any any measure a little over six foot sores under the 61 but 216 sorry reviewed Wright added that. I think the way the NFL is going out had there were starting to see we're not seeing. I've done that don't Google's target not two not seem college systems. In the NFL. But you are seeing some more college concept and or plays as part of NFL packages. And I think that's playing to the the strength of a quarterback coming in we're seeing a lot of a lot of quarterbacking in college that isn't necessarily have a quarterback any NFL. Instead of kind of the old fashioned way of what what we saw more pro style back in the day now we're not seeing as much right and a set of bringing that quarterback in and saying well forget what you did in college you are going to do this right now. They're starting to blend them a little bit and let them use some of the talent they had in college. In the pro system with some of the play calling as well. Saul normally. You would say all baker mayfield should you better believe Drew Brees. You know he'd be better at the accuracy drew breeze. Or you'd better have the versatility of Russell Wilson by worrying gonna make it no more of prayer purely rice we don't and that that's not necessarily the truth anymore. Because of of some of the concept that are kind of in a war over and now in the NFL with these added that comes down to the coach understanding the ability of his players. And using that to his advantage you know it's it's a good breakdown of baker mayfield from raiding it is you can't get too caught up in numbers. Because of one things you don't want to translate our numbers. I'm you know there are observing guys who are unbelievably high completion percentages in college that go on the NFL it's a different type of completion percentage. That we're looking at from open receivers to where they're throwing to the tighter windows in the NFL here's the biggest number that's eye opening his NFL passer rating wind kept clean in the pocket. 143. Point eight as well a twenty points higher than any other potential top or right good good the one part of Bob that I don't like as one kept clean in the pocket you know I mean c'mon we're not playing Madden football here I mean you know at kitty kept clean in the pocket it's tough but. I'll say when he's pressure because the dice job of moving and the one thing I do like about him. When he moves he's a movement to run he's moving to make played on the field and that the biggest difference to me. Running and lessons why don't like she she manual says man coverage and everybody is running away for me because they're karma guy you up. You know enough of a green pasture rackets he just taken off right other than that man scramble to make played outfield. You get the ball on the what are your playmakers and until the last until it's an open field more. Until the last minute. I think you know prisoners through the comparisons to Johnny mentality giant Intel would take off two run when he got out do you run I did throw sometimes but. He looked to run baker tries to make a play by the field are finalized the result. I would normally say he better be perfect. You know in what you do. Or what I do think they are kind of melding the two little bit together so. I'm really he's really intriguing to me because Josh Allen has the best arm but not the most accurate arm and while I said. I don't always look at a high completion percentage as automatic success in the NFL and I do look at. Bad completion percentage as a real red flag. Josh Allen as bad completion percentage in a college at 56%. Mean that is it that is a monster red flag note dropped a couple of nice throws in the senior ball right person after he struggled a little bit in that game. So I while he looks the part there is no quarterback they've got looks they are like him right but he and Josh Rosen and Sam Arnold. You all have some question or are I think Rosen is is. The most ready to go well growth at best now there are off field as you really love this game Bobble a block type of things that people wanna get into right baker mayfield to me is the most intriguing. Of thrown from the pocket. Thrown on the Ron Klain in the big twelve again Mano a big twelve quarterback naming a big twelve quarterback who's a star in the NFL star in the NFL. Everybody sport not pat my home Woolsey. Like one game so we have no idea dish out about that so there is still that an urban number of them but I am intrigued by him. And how a coach because it's gonna be up to the coach Wright too I mean I thought they did a nice job bill O'Brien in Houston. Which can be a technical playbook and all of Wendy Shawn Watson first started for them all the running plays that. We're geared around his talent lot of right fit ordeal zoo right I've dug dated a real nice job with that as you've grown to that position. And it'll be incumbent on. NFL coach to do that would breaker may feel as he has that it thing yeah absolutely has edit thing. Right and you look at Josh Young girl watching earlier in the season Wyoming really shrugged and he showed particularly and those who were supporters of a Mike Hsu listen. That team would very good lost always receiver from here got out a guy stinks O'Neill and probably also fly actually game good receiver refine. Pure power velocity he's a guy like he's out looks apart strong accent or. Don't oral liberal was document impetus it would in the Heisman but it would intercept and sad decision Judas at times you he'd make got thrown neutral while at a time you go where is he throwing the ball why's he throwing it to her right and so that was the issue would probably be clean things up globally are on on C received finish strong. You mention rose in his town prowess and mayfield is the one that ego. It's crazier the clock isn't true everywhere that he musical wildcard now because of the size because of this why bill too much arrogance of Serra. But when you are these numbers again pro football focus now invention the fact when he's. Have cleaned and also under pressure right. His passer rating was eleven point six old you are those top prospects have already higher than 100 when pressured as you said. He's using his feet to make plays not so his take off. The running we actually isn't the biggest difference is obviously going to be you know the comparison sir Drew Brees who's going to be that accurate the comparisons are Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is going to be able to move. Like that Russell Wilson I mean. That guy came in I know is a third rounder but man was he from the net forgetting his athletic ability. From the neck up yet he was he was ace god right up the back. Baker mayfield seems to do that a baker mayfield seem to do his things that are not quite sand lot like I'm just going to be brought up in the dirt yeah I'd I do think baker mayfield is a Smart player bought. Different ball game picking up the the defense is in the end it all just magnifies. So much where what's going on salt his escape ability how was it in the NFL where where. NFL and linebackers and linemen will be able to catch you in the NFL so. It gets a little bit different but he. He really is intriguing to me it seems like players gravitate to him. I seem to be a natural leader. Care about the of the flag planting and a young game Moran Democrat and I don't care emotionally yeah I high exactly right that that's about it. That's stuff is not saying all get a lot I gotta make sure he's he's cool before I die and know Mel I I I'd like what he does on the field so. He is intriguing to me there's no shot. There's no shot he goes as the first quarterback out on the anybody would take that chance but just odd because you look at the other quarterbacks they all have those measurable sprite and while. He throws a ball well and we can do all this nice number thing to say his numbers are the best right no one's gonna do. You can tell me a jam out there that's gonna look at that and say you know what. I'm gonna take him over Carl Rosen and Alan if they're not gonna do with a six foot quarterback no matter what the numbers look like and and that could be a huge mistake. He could turn out that you could turn out to be the best quarterback in the group. Because none of those quarterbacks did any did any of those quarterbacks this season make you go. Yeah that's not always guarantee you know all of them kind of you know had their ups and downs so. But he's not gonna go first. Not that she hasn't looked fifth to Denver course. Makes sense and then melt and thirteenth the washing those before they got Alex Smith so yes so that's not gonna happen and the fifth the Denver I think he was the third quarterback to gold that was our it was yeah required only first and according to Anton resident to Arnold Rosen adorable brows rose in the giant he had gotten jealous girl after him right after him to the jets at number six cell right it it will get interest same because now we get into the whole interview. Shorts and T shirt. And I've stated my feeling many times on that I'm in my god it. You know that you can all of a sudden we forget that they played a season and we want to fill mortars are watching him in shorts and a T shirt. Oregon comeback from pro day and say oh wow 65 passes and completed 64 right did do. I mean he does a complete 64 to 65 in short we got a problem that's all I mean I I think it's ridiculous. More important thing to me is when these teams get him up to the grease board or in the film room right have a really start breaking stuff down. When he goes on an offense went on a visit to a team. You see him that evening you go over some of the playbook had a recall was he had the next day of that playbook how how quickly. Does does that lock in to him that he can pick it up and make our adjustments on the fly that's a stuff I think you can learn. I'm not learning. I'm sorry I'm not learning anything hint you know by about all the stuff that goes on in the come by when these quarterbacks and does not. Bullet going on is their enemy is kin to present about progress matures all of our phone guess the shell Pennzoil purports like coming up proved he never actually know what you have until it's gone. I've never in portraits they lyrical going go on ESPN radio and ESPN two will dive back in a more I try eight just threw well as you'll get to know Millen just owner Jerry trying to commute the Canadian nurse got to shut slower is going to think you know we pretty well I think that all this now as they're Jerry's Eisner is as might juniors and as even medic and unbelievable what do actually is doing. Probably haven't gotten bloodied MBA today thanks earlier to PJ Kalus more for joining us he's going to be part of crossover tomorrow are asking page of the fact is now very much a new look Cleveland Cavaliers team. And among the musik Kobe Altman made jettisoning. Dwyane Wade back to Miami. And for weighed its interest we will look at this in the stories we're parent here from David Menem and don't talk around him. Other first up here is weighs himself saying it to leave Miami. Truly appreciate it. Me and you know I think for the organization for the city of Miami. Come by me leaving. I think we all appreciate each other it's a little bit more known and unknown. Almost anyone appreciative but it would be this thing and now I'm not an end same here and I appreciate the city more appreciate your organization more. And I actually figured you know in the same thing I think from the city of Miami and also Wednesday's so. Everything worked as a thought to win therefore reasonable. Well he's back now but Corey and Ambien senator cliff fall over loves Peter vesey Dwyane Wade Sapp the teams energy and spirit. Furthermore head coach Ty -- believe what it was the cavs biggest issue in the locker room. Stuck to me you think this is a veteran player multiple champion confront a LeBron James Wayne sub even revealed my reporters a pal LeBron James. Would catch him watching heat games in the training room and checking the score person up. That's amazing and he chose to leave what your Chicago before even ended up. You don't Cleveland that and that was more you know between here and him and Pat Riley Tucker playing with the money being offered and such but yeah I mean that's. Will follow skeletal muscle right and everybody reportedly so I think that's going to resign Dwyane Wade Bruce was. As cold real instead we need more fountains that we need drains which I thought was an interesting line. And obviously tape with from or do well with guys you are right about that team including doing away. Our cats were David Letterman does a great job and he was saying that you know. Things that LeBron James if they lose a game it was say in the practice schedule 11 in the next morning. Well Ronald relieve your locker and say joints he would not answer our historic right and why would say not a bill like ten actually mirror like 1015. And that's the wall that human nature so to speak LeBron is coming in humor when it comes is approached the game so. You know this is that the best at their craft a maniacal there SaaS for this and they. They won't take any margin for error and where we was at the same level as the brawl well I. Mean and then that's one thing you all wanna be on the same page are you going for the same goal and then there is only one going on LeBron you're not to make it to the championship trying to win. A championship and it's something. What do that Dwyane Wade just just that thought process right there can be along the lines of a football. I talked about when do you stop doing. That extra. You know what when does win or what could become the norm. You normally show up. You know on your work there's during the week at 7 o'clock you get your lift him lose you know do you stay after practice to watch a little more film you were your group. So then at what point this season may be. You're not committed seven only have to wait right before your first meeting they've come and at seven. Now you hit the weight room and about 730. Here you have your work out in right now if you stay after practice watched. Only a few minutes of films that are behalf filed a downed power like 50% or no film. So you kind of sad you know and you're you're kind of at work where others on the team are like we knew we keep doing what we need to do 'cause the goals at championship. And bill so what what does that does that cause in the locker room when everybody is and pull in the same way on the chain. Yeah it's interesting because I think in the past Mike I would have thought gave got to be fanatical and keep the routine but I went the I think if you're professional have you done this a certain level. And if you feel I receiving corps is at the meetings and made me feel like I can delegate semi Lipton at 730 routed seven but I think that customers that's more. Right I mean it's been lazy well. Why are your body better than anybody quite honestly I I kinda mad at the other way icon a matter of you were doing that during the season why would you stop. What would it would mean something new they have all the sudden you stop doing now if your body's worn out there was more recovery reason play in ways that I can understand that right but evolve a sudden used to watch a half hour tape on your watch in five minutes of tape budget you know. You know it is now is it just like okay I'm gonna do show up a little more than put into what I've been putting into it. Because that that's that's what makes obviously the champions and knows this he's he's been a champion and that's I'm not sure they're saying he doesn't know what it takes. Everybody's human so sometimes you know you two point in a season or in her career where. You're like OK I got this I can I can do just like you set our can job at this point that can be justified but in other people's guys who are still. Wanting to get that championship I'll join wade doesn't want one but some people just goal bottom a little differently at different points of their career. And that's fair for Peter bash it is say when we sat the team's energy and spirit and for Tyler audibly that. Wayne was that yeah official through that that that's shocking that that's a that's a tough call isn't it that I was a little surprise that that is well no question I I I would agree with that cavs are two doses trade's new guys only plan that would against the Celtics when a stable when that was on Sunday. Obviously a big test tonight against the thunder will have to okay see in the next hour plus old or try eight add New York in for traits falcon wing always been an.