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Warriors Player Coaches?

Feb 13, 2018|

Adnan Virk in for Trey Wingo. The guys discuss Steve Kerr letting his plyers draw up plays, play "Try Eh?" to get to know Adnan better and talk with Jay Bilas and more.

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And it's special savings when you entered Bolick in the promo box and check out liberals don't. Where life meets legal. This is the best of goalie didn't mean. Mean go podcast. Sacked again here on goal and window I'm not membership to try alongside the Beagle likes and Michael junior coming in hot as always are present about progress insurance. All or phone guess Michelle pencil before it's not Ronnie has been rated ESP into rock you'll plug life. Westminster kennel dog show a big night last night the tour group the Pollard biggie taken home the win with a heavy heart really dynamite feels last night it is. He was dated usurping his father mr. rumble would passed away unexpectedly last summer so digging in his stead last night and emotional moment don't. But handler I heard his voice quiver a little bit now is it for me I was a puddle in the middle mile limit. I'd like cried during the bush who cried during the bush it was a dog show right. In my life last I on the show at all sure that. We're were were double Pug owners can wherever we have a a lab by a tough hole and that we have hanky Harry or to plug so reload the plugs we're gonna get to the Westminster we had I think. 45. Investing group last night a few more tonight in the best in show where your only hope biggie expressed to Joseph want to see he's got to stiff competition out. It's an honor already to be named best in group any handler and a dog owner will tell you that in this competition with his many great dogs in breeds is are involved. Already huge honor but really rooting for the little guy right now beneath my tattooed bearded exterior held a lot of feelings indeed he tugged at all my. Like the shirt though the plug like a bird did learn and we'll tweet that out somewhat somewhat. Interesting last night as were watching the Westminster they go to an interview with a handler and they're on one knee with a microphone in a tuxedo. One check to ensure yeah. At all. Should an idea yeah I would love to be in his stead doing that I would love to be sure you would as well do you would have broken down right with a handler. Ali yeah there have been brutal we Damascus that was really was where I felt my prolonged proximity to -- got shining through that is in that moment I'm sitting there watching Shannon -- front row why can't that be me death right exactly why why why am I not doing this already I did not honor so what we know it noted lacrosse since they just to get us out here al-Qaeda operative and now linebacker I do love those guys just when they're describing each dog like oh yeah. I think they're like he has wolf is tendencies are actually was more well. Little group a delightful boy is agreed with the boy it with a new with and other world charm and a smile that lights up the room. But just don't write those friendly dogs and okay and I love all the explained it and they said they need to know that has the same qualities slight right you know exactly did definitely got the receipt and resembling your dog both of personality and love is they'll love it we're gonna have a breakdown of that. No question gold going up for survivors mr. it's our guest list for today. 730. 805. And Royce young at 930 all phone guest join us in the shell Pennzoil performance line. If you miss any of those guess you can list all four hours on demand in the ESPN app off the top. And they re your oh and off the top. You know. Also it's not feel like it or not it's just before we go with him wean down. Off the top the remixed. Khloe Kim given all yeah that's awesome story last night were all over the Winter Olympics here on gull wing go youngest woman to the snowboarding medal in Olympic history. A couple of cyber eighteenth birthdays she took gold in the half pipe. I choose tonight to kill us different and Shawmut will both go for gold tonight ship from its become. The first back to back Olympic slalom champion and white can join this amazing now Bonnie Blair's only Americans to win the scene in the Winter Olympic event. Three times but Khloe Kim story Mike seventeen years old dominating my uterus and earlier to them first and last we need to talk to Michael leave seats and watch out for her. Seventeen years old was so great in the first run didn't even need to perform in the final one and then it was nearly flawless exhaust now. And 84 runs all of them over ninety points not one other competitor got over ninety points in a single run cheated four times so. That that's this year you know the expectation once she was going to women and where and in the domination. God seventeen years in 296. Days the youngest I mean just incredible what she's done it was oh it was the tough expectations offers seventy nor a lot was put honored she came to apply collar. A lot but really displaying a lot of what I think -- sort of oblivious nested that she was nervous and had all that but was tweeting in the middle of runs after that first rom or should drop the hammer on everybody she had time to reflect on it not finishing a breakfast sandwich and go you know that running angry choose tweet about it sure it was before -- this is sort of how starved we are for personality from athletes and someone being forthright that people were eating this up today and over 70000. Followers last night I've just about tweeting about sure rose it's that easy everyone is that easy but she was off she was on her game last night and more ways than one blaming hot she does is lawsuit tallying about. It's a good point you bring up you like heading now people are still pro V in and like you know gluten free so it's Godzilla. Click deficit GAO's our national security machine bigger and how about our our our tour that would with the event read our seventeen year old Brady right docs group whose families over whether it's you know shotgun and Beers right you don't watch him where in an alcoholic seventeen year old when he by the way. We dominate and a half pipe. We have more Olympic week you know well that's week out from the US that's right America. More I have my medals than any other all other countries combined eighteen of the 33 medals had a those. Of the eighteen in women's half pipe so we are dominant. Dominant now happily and and tweeted between runs as well. Exactly going to introduce numerical American fashion the minute she mentions euros rock garnered Golan I'm interested yeah that's exactly right I've got you let's insure all ice community about the way I did I tell you what they should ban mirrors and restaurants. Because the minute you look on Kelsey yourself I mean I was I was like a wild animal the dogs of the Westminster show with more class and grace knew that I displayed that public census. Labeled Vista had a Z candidates yeah. Yeah that that's how you would be explain every little advantage different what you gonna do already that you know delayed a bit by with the wrong with the winds and and Shaun White I. Bonnie Blair I remember watching by Diebler speed skater will few had been doing in our Sean what do you mentioned. Equal which he did. Three times in in the same event so look forward to that. Also human interest story here which is amazing eleven months he'll mark McMorris lay waiting for rescue Hala helicopter in the back country near. Whistler British Columbia fractured job ruptured spleen internal bleeding multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung. So the Canadian Stillwater I was pretty sure is going to die. Eleven months later. The guy is a medalist ably with the bronze medal in men's snowboard slopes out the Regina native coming up huge this like the red to orange. Or are warning and then two Canadians took this over and and the bronze. Mark being one of those ED took the bronze were. Game it's ridiculous. What we've heard broke seventeen bones or fractured jaw ruptured bringing in internal bleeding and now he's OK so. We can read this and and did haven't. So I was pretty sure I was going to die he would miss timed the jump. And struck a tree in midair. Help we're here he's jumping to miss time they hit truly. This is. The world that these guys live in and when you talk to people bid for I mean forget just the competitive Olympic athletes but people who. Chase these highs and extreme sports distant or every day lives you read about some of the things they're doing whether it's to dodge avalanches are put themselves in position I mean this is the sort of perilous world and so. When we just see the gold medals on the back and you forget that all along the way there are stories like. So this last year right now this dude won a bronze in the 2014 Olympics. With that in 2016 before he hit the tree midair. He broke his femur and had a metal rods surgically implanted in his black I mean I'm rude. I UK he's going to be biopic by the end of this thing but he comes back for all that metals and fourteen and Matt and gets the Bryant here credible. Story. Me and tough. That's all there pretty easy to do the robot right now right I'm not we'd all agree unit probably need to look into that undeterred and it's I think the NBA Utah Jazz came back with thirteen point deficit to beat the spurs extending their win streak to ten games. Donovan Mitchell on him first rookie to lead his team in scoring during a ten game win streak since. Wilt Chamberlain for the 195960. Warriors this is story nobody stock they let a player a restock and not give up some love for Donna Mitchell yeah odds without up. Thirteenth pick it out removal. Would you talk so they were. Then there were what eighteen or whatever they were and in 1928 when the streak started. Another one general and it did just yet they won every reported the same name of Wilt Chamberlain said Chamberlain. Do the same did Chamberlain averaged 41 points Mitchell 21 points. In the ten day after 41 point again. Every wilt Chamberlain's that you're Reid deserves its own book. Without question also Mitchell's the first rookie guard of multiple forty point games prior to the all star break since Michael Jordan Saudi I give up some of these rookies are having some certainly some big years you talk about a game and have fond of the plastic Crowder got traded there enough in the Cleveland you know. Would urge that they had he had heard team coming off the bench sew up a nice night for the rookie Mitchell. Yeah and equally as impressive you mention all the Ford report downing in the offense but over that ten game stress. As far as defensive efficiency second in the MBA in that ten game span during that time period so did it done on both ends of the court and try to right the way if. Off the top. Also cavaliers business under the seeding seeking to evangelize and Jarrett went through Oklahoma City scored a 140 points the most ever allowed by LeBron James team Russell Westbrook Paul George Carmelo at the combined to score eighty points in that victory. The most at a game this season Westbrook and entry both questionable though was sprain ankles and I could take a little bit of juice. Now that's not an M if they're on the game but will seize Cleveland's second game with. The the new for coming together on the court the way they did in Boston to destroy the Celtics are now. Again I don't think anybody's gonna gonna see the shooting percentages we saw in that game they'll start to settle a little bit but. You know for Oregon to team that they gave up 448 point of fact three of the four high scoring games against LeBron have come this year actually in the last two months when Cleveland has just been. Playing horrible before again. The purge. Underscore a 148 on them timberwolves back in February 138. And in January the rafters 433 cell. Now let's hope that our anymore Eagles game to see how these four keep acclimate himself. If I'm not mistaken a 148 point outing was the Kevin Love game this sort of got everything going that snowball effect in Cleveland has started. When Kevin Love left at halftime of that game. Odds are going blocker because the illness they got talked about mentally writing writing after all that so the last time these two teams met was really the beginning of the squad that we see now. Pretty crazy lighter asleep. Roger Tempur-Pedic ranked highest in customer satisfaction. With mattresses by JD power Tempur-Pedic sleep. Is power and did we find out it's not Kevin Love salt that is going to a.'s fault I have lost a quote it is an incredible incredible quote it was all right our our own David Mamet has the story was talking about or swim it was a part of that purge. And the local open seat said. They took LeBron James after the cavs lose a game a tough losses says the practice schedule 11 AM the next morning. LeBron is they moloch pharmacists say doing C at 9 AM to Orleans got to work it and it is now Melville like ten after some. Of these. That's not federal on net. But it shows the monastery in humor when it comes his approach of the game and ability when wade not on the same talent yes and LeBron and these guys that can help remember prop him up at this stage yours occurred drain Dwyane was not doing that. That's like Kobe Altman on this conference call talking about the trade this is a great line he said we need more fountains. And we do draining school for law that a lot headlines you wait crush you waited golden terrain there as he's out. Private play what is what is beautiful wife fly back to live I don't see ya right I didn't king's ransom to go back out sort of like Miami punished. Blue collar Cleveland's offense off the pad tray on the play third right. Oklahoma seeking a snapping a six game road losing streak at 7 eastern on ESPN the sooners visit number seven Texas Tech. Any victory against the red raiders in Norman young shoddy season low. 30%. In the Gilbert did record. Point seven points ten assists sooners are actually lost I'm the last six did well to pick up silly out you know they did era one point fourteen into the season ranked as high as number four to mention loosened. Lost what six of their last eight games another 23. All he has died train yard is looking to have to have to be dislodged sweep his father Salma mater. Are referred to young who went two up Texas tech's souls here tricked into him but as you mentioned didn't shoot too well. In the first timer aren't even though the one the sooners are six and two against ranked teams a total unranked teams that get them and knock in a dollar a little bit and it's when. You can test train young a bit and try and lock him down summary have a little bit of success against them. Yes I'm per Texas Tech to third ranked vs ranked matchup of their hosting this year two now in those matchup so far so unstoppable force me to move blog and I. I have to let's sell it somehow I'm Jacqueline it's amazing how much she's a parlor opposite he's a park 55%. Or offense it's insane to me. I'm going to go that's incredibly at any Ari come tournament time literally just one got a slow to elevate the ball in his hands and that's become the challenge as well I've never infantry when it's that we are. Goal doing bloodiest in radio and ESPN two might junior with us as well so a story last night from the NBA. This year it's a long season. As I try some different. Different strategies. You guys have been they don't like the model so goalless or worse goes to capture received her capturing his 250. Put on Saturday took some time off on Monday this is always celebrate. During a timeout midway through the first quarter it one point 983 win over the Phoenix Suns so. Well and it. Other team that drafted her with a sick round pick in 1988 and he was a GM 2007 points and he hit his clipboard untreated Don around the huddle. If your dog sat incurs to your break in the plays his teammates well versed in a few feet away of resistance. As the game continued David West received a coaching not in the huddle as did Jerry come on green who sat out Monday's news sprained finger. Reiterated most of the time if not huddles throughout the gay and and cursed his guys need to air new voice explained here is Steve for explaining what his decision making process there was. It's their team. I think just one person's. Consider as coach Snyder teams. Meyer's team is fragile. All right so your. It's some players it's their team they have to take ownership. That's coaches our job is to nudge them in different directions guide them. We don't control. And they determine their own fate and I don't feel like we've focused well at all. It just seemed like everything to do it I think communicate really well together and it proves less pleasant. Tonight. Did I I think the truth emerges through better. Long season smoking these guys by some fog it's a mean right or rather the that was the explanation institutes of players it's not the cold draw I mean. And you're sending back coaching there a hundred years by saying it's not outside income lie to me play that little fly a new union mix it up a little bit. You're destroying this team Europe and and I'm surprised some of the suns didn't come over maybe take part in the coaching as well I mean right. I I I look at it nothing more as it's a long season you mix it up a little bit yeah have a few last year and a laugher like this probably enjoy it listen down nine day tomorrow however once in awhile you've been together for a long time got a role play a little bit. She. Where you are using Lincoln. You're using US and not us and them they are role play analogies. Actually all of a sudden you know the UPS guy comes in the door he looks a little bit familiar but for the days Ted. Oh my god I had to deliver. The cancer today I don't spruce things up I don't know I. Would you be offended my junior the son do you all go are you serious future agreed to all the planes is one of those places. I never understood to disrespect me spots whether came to running up the score and football. Teams did of this all the time they pass laid out like those job is to beat these guys we didn't do well it up and they wanna just keep playing the sport that we're all playing right I'm really gonna lose sleep over this about the suns looking over a sideline. On our sideline trying to figure out why were about to lose our fourth game by forty plus points this season. Couldn't agree more I mean this is what a 6245. And a half an NF by guided quick math 9971. Goal in the fourth quarter of what's. Phoenix score a total of twelve points in the fourth quarter you know that's a bigger word come and get back in this game of the big twelve in the fourth quarter. I'm with you Mike and I I can't stand especially at the pro level. When you're gonna look at the other side to complain about anything they do have you're getting blown out right you worry about Lotta hell you got blown out you know what what not why they got to the end zone why they're running you up or down on the court you know not worry about all look at that disrespecting us by having a player dropped the play. I don't be a little more introspective and look at yourself on why you guys stink so much as opposed to why some team is rule you know where there are. Defense though this is didn't really come out say that a jury don't know that might be but I said. We have to worry about more effectively maybe we don't deserve that respect train you know yeah your right I mean look at the we're speaking in general how exactly what we're not putting is on a Sunday generated outstanding you know like that's what we are definitely doing in generalities what. When it if the suns did say some about being the first one to say what are you talking for right you know you guys cared so much or put up twelve in the fourth quarter Watergate destroyed so were about yourself but they didn't say they like dampened that that would that would be my message. To any team. All quite honestly even college. In at this point you don't you don't like what they're doing stop on. Right and their coach diminish rather teach round who's coached a Canadian national team he joked I noticed their plays were a little better at timeouts and often thought. I didn't have a problem with Steve and even seven book percent highlight the loop personally if I was a coach I do doubt throughout the year so wouldn't even look at it as disrespectful right and in his first set it you know my voice to assess the Charlie Brown's teacher after awhile while on wall that's exactly right got to mix it up a little bit unreal that open roll replied I'll hit it hit its give back to the shades wrote it and hit it. And in what ravages. Did you shot two pointers if Kurtz yell let's just tester sells were up by thirty no it's allowed to shoot threes is that gimmicky with that. Every person on the fourth to touch a ball hit. Yet to have at least five passes and had to shoot twos. But at the glory and then this assertive role playing and then as you keep destroying them now it's everybody ask to talk to ball and we could only shoot in the paint. If you move recalls that back then it's you can only Dong. We have to work on to get a get a dog. Would be got to feel bad feels like it's really point you know weird finger it's after all this aren't and only dogs from here on out right exactly figured out. I'll let us know gold doing a tweet us your thoughts what else to the war is doing still beat the suns play with four guys. Give career direct to Phoenix for the entire game oral only shoot to porters and discuss all that give us your best ideas what to get that goal doing. Gold going always presented by 100 flowers dot com. Guys is only one day left until Valentine's she's still looking for the perfect gift. One in our flowers dot com is here few of beautiful bouquets starting at just 1999. Or go to 100 flowers dot com. Slash ESPN coming up a redemption story of sorts. Or does it go from here plus you get some wonderful. Luge actually locked into your recourse or race. Always been. We know the podcast and great way to go in my goal at senior. Hot never in portraits they were our goal going on ESPN radio and ESPN two you heard the Paulson tones of my cheer yesterday describing his dream recital which Olympics quite a bit right tool get back into shortly but what are your dream is Mike is to be a part of the figure skating on some was oracle and Olympics you don't just look at it's such a far cry from reduced football players I was saying in fact it's why you run and another big fat sweaty guy is a it's is not a very visually pleasing thing at the level I've played it adds I wanna be a part of some beautiful show all of folk art I didn't see that comment because we sat outside of calling which we're all love to do that which event or we really like to be good at doing well Olympics Hewitt said ski jumping off that I would wanna do the downhill right and you came up with figure skating encouraged just. The visual of that alone kind of makes me wanna pearl. Well I mean listen it'd be very form fitting that is one thing guys not negotiable for me as I figure skating. We're gonna see at all right now pink ribbons and such who else gold hill lingo is where dreams come true Yani has been rated news into and so. Chairman Jerry can make this dream come true stimulus. The crowd roaring as Joseph Joseph takes the ice he's not a ravishing glittering green and gold in wrestling single with the plummeting beat down his back. The shape does that beforehand Ryan the lack professionalism is not surprising Gary he could really is that there aren't as head coach you're appears to be in the ready position as a music is set to begin. He's airborne clearly. So it's not easy going on to all corners on donuts it's. All right can't believe it junior is cruising on those problems I expect to see secret weapon near. You should absolutely not no that's where I'm still want still. Every single one of them is throwing all of their eighteen engines and only 29991800. Flowers dot com keyword and we go. And see us. Great stuff they're daughters Jolie everywhere did you just did you feel that is as it was gone I just yourself bottoming out Stewart was palpable I now see it right there couldn't you all fours growling and everyone went wild tiger I'm at the moon that's nuts is that I exacts jumping you know from. Exactly it's it's a technical term I won't bore you guys weren't and pierce getting aficionado would know I thought I thought the V down the back was pretty impressive with the jets laid back back there it's tapered you don't grab a prelude of my in my head is more a product of gravity and anything else everything is just a tricky later on down to those other parts the highlight wherever it is you don't work. People tell you go where they take your continent where the people are just take minor war torn down now. I'm going to be sick that was straight talk my Cuba straight talk wirelessly simply covers in America's largest most dependable forgy LTE network speaker the Winter Olympics now alas I was watching. Female ski jumping last outlet got a bad easier getting it with the UC's ours is in on this female ski jump is a believable. So Norway can come through a goal by right to want a medal count Norwood and always is probably absolutely all this right don't always like wind and nine medals they should dominate the David Austin. Also docket at the luge Washington well last night and we've got some more lose stats of its attempt. Let's say a minor obsession to feel it lets you said minor heart surgeon you the answers right Friday prayer session here not so it's not a minor says it is obsession. I love luge love the doubles luge rexrodt our researcher has some stats on this gonna have brought. Well considering you are obsessed with the sport as dissent com. What do you called what do they call the participants in the losers losers no they actually call them are to make younger Bolick sliders. Well I'll just say we're going to have a sliding Centre showed okay the sliders in order to like that includes yours might sound too much like loser like Lou my girls derogatory and it's a down there. And I mean growing up at your leisure. Now people might. When it that it might be allusion to might have been Moody's and that the outlook isn't good to always who's winning an illusion most often. Urban a 129 medals awarded in the luge. In the Olympics Germany 75. Of the one why are allowed all of Germany actually and I. I don't know is it doubly when it comes to lose GA journey I don't know where they're more rich that's our that's from a sliders you have the sliders and a sliding setter coming up it's a tried Trey we'll try. And eight that's the stuff our stance clustered bill the next hour golf lingo is fifty it is vintage. You only can window the podcast what are Dey wanna show what kind of odds I want a great sports night last. No doubt about it. Ever or Michael care support for the -- we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage buy equipment loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan with rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started or new rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. But it suffers cleanup on our heels of its fourteen. So it's the cleanup. An article up to fourteen the parent of someone dropped a guitar pick Olsen a pickle so close but a pickle that the tee box and at a big box store surprising what's not surprising how much you considered by switching to Geico a writ of submitting their. She has a lights on post in the parking lot at Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more legal opinions. To try spread. Try trays by two by discover card who'll match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first years learn more discovered dot com. Slash match limitations. Applies so early window does not like the concert tour. Is right and not a big fan of that that we did this who Jason fits and he played along we're doing his music background we got we got to know amber well. Oh you're doing try not try we're doing try eight which I think it's Canadian background oh did this pictures written this to happen to your fingers when you take a photo shoot. This is the dollar seven dollar it'll go to Iraq ten minutes you start acting silly that you wouldn't you want to look fish and against the jazz hands of course. Nothing ever hits the cutting room floor there's always a smile back there right. And then as Joseph the camera guy just bullying got to know that you've got that right whenever there's a little like not everything is fair game everything's material to delegate Jetsons or united you felt assured. Don't little old what's the best life lesson you learned in your time spent working at McDonald's. That's the American civil war ends. Oh my god are all Mario I can work at McDonald's worker McConnell two and a half years. On it makes you think of coming American relenting in paglia an out of him earlier this is his like. A couple of years I'll be on truck as it wasn't quite like that here's the best lesson I worked actually on a McDonald's uses on the highway I would for awhile which is big stretch between Toronto Montreal bank and cell which is highway right shouted tells Noah to return back you mess up the order. So they were and it was rude or obnoxious. I'm honored move rather a co accused him a root. And so I learned that McDonald's is that that passive aggressive approach is the best way to get people at least someone ordered Cokie gamer root beer correct and that is your way of getting back at them out and why it's subtle way. That is convenient just to survive or are there big time does it Coca root imagine six hour drive to want to let your guard stop rankings I don't. What let's go all of intake. Okay one repair producer. Enjoyed I was waiting here you're spit the food ourselves. Though that none at what point. Did you fill the root beer and senator code at what point do they drive or do you feel bad well. You mailed him an apology Saturday. Our story Borges and they're hard to a guy you know ivy it and went too far guys have a long day you know when news is the root beer guy that bad enough. Oh good garbage pick up my team. What's the fast food restaurant that you frequent the most. There was no it's not good at a lower level Jenna has clearly never met a Canadian her life that's been. What's the fast food restaurant that you frequently. Hi there I. Don't care. Or from Britain are yet. Very specific to Halifax Nova Scotia Brad that it doesn't actually and Jerry is going for the merit times. I iced over mcdonalds case are gonna be honest my kids love the mic nuggets and they got to play area there are so. Now these debt 96 and one got some nuggets is bullets and run around on me and zealots way to go ever on the while the ice cream if you decide to work I don't know. The odd foot Sunday it's still a great deal about dollar menu under whoever got a group here in senator broke that you don't know because they know it's not a drive thru I would come golf in my Byron through. We know you love a good day at the cinema. Does it true US your wife to marry you let a movie theater. Well what that music yeah. Also note that it's a little more time. We know you love a good day at the cinema does it true US your wife to marry you let a movie theater. I yeah yeah. I Jerry's in BP didn't do so I like the San Jose com I was there obviously but propose went to a restaurant but the vibe wasn't right. And people urgency Kennedy you know little moments right in the apple was not as you planned on doing it there right at the vibe wasn't right you did you get to know. It was just there's its future as vigilant as I was the sentiment that euros late she sure. All right well. Cheryl fish treated at a regular. There aren't sure license is really angry in San Jose regular senate euros awaits that was kind of obnoxious you know the five just was not right OK I can put it and we're going to a movie app. Afterwards lets you know I'd. As they can do is still the timer can just do it now so was actually in the movie theater. But just on the way in so not quite concession stand by just one may elect buses outside in the movie theater and a few emitter pay for her ticket. After she's coming at you guys did a Reich is definitely talk on the meal Aubrayo stock as weren't exactly up to my specialties you do that parking lot right right yeah Eric Bruntlett going into it while images drop down. Many get like three people clapping like waited and it really that excited to see spider had to like it at their fifth. Well yeah if not the guy I like that one out and you can appreciate jackets and our track my admire her ripper proposal and the parking lot every it will get that we are usually probably when it's labeled the is that one more here guys by eight. True or false you wants asks Jessica how good she thought you looked like Ben Stiller. I yeah. But mostly decent December 1 we've got to the budget here and any Benedict the question did you or did you just gobble is here my wife when we first match than McLellan Ben Stiller Kevin Gundy thinks it look like Ben Stiller is so low that you senate just album works the minute they beat the lockers. So I just say people they don't love Ben Stiller and she just stared he has. Mean and on our fuel import I don't know how thorough and it's and as much as it was they are yeah you ought to verbalize. The other do you think they're not one bit and added. Yeah man that's tough to choose I was right how to okay how drug among a and we go on the podcast it was all sort of one big Jaya yellow molded very soon where that went. Is being college basketball analyst Jay bell as the illustrators got you by Wendy's proud sponsor of the 2018. Jaw John. What are its all the college hoops or just a second I promise did you have bought. Winter Olympics time you are a man of many tastes. How locked and you hear his or sport you would most like to play. Yeah I would a growing up I was really good at. Actually today we learned that yet called sliders not luge you're because lose your job a little too close to losers so you do you been a slider. Little earlier this. I don't know today it is Ireland's illusion well but they pay you double it to hurt its election may put to the top sixteen teams in the turner. I was with Seth Greenberg and Alfonzo Wallace on Sunday and dealt with two cripples or Michigan State is a three seed Oakland was a four. You waited a few of the decisions in the bracket preview top sixteen seeds are laughable I hope this was just to create controversy and discussion. Otherwise the committee is wasting its time what particularly raised your ire. Well get the idea at first the ball wasn't there when the committee chair about a year. Which we doubt that they are great people I know on the committee members were great. When the first thing the committee church because despite the committee for all their hard court at that cage got a governor you know you don't we quit thank myself. I. They're deadly started in great start talking about the lead with corporate wind blow that he'd gut the harper one went to the that he'd gotten proper orbit where it. That I don't I don't think is the right way to the links because it's just it's an organizational tool that organizes information or you're on after all I churlish to serving orange doesn't mean they're not make it the right decisions. But these quadrant one waited for the tell you what those are. Oh win against. Our top thirty team at home in the RPI is the clock or. Wind and it neutral site to get to topside of fifty team in the our guys are up when it. And in a broad way to get the top 75 even the RPI. It require so what went so aware on the road against Leiter held at saint in the same quadrant as it would at home against although the order. And that's up doesn't make any sense it's all based RPI which. The hole which we all have for a million years is flawed measure that shouldn't be used at all. They've just yet given there's this new thing. For the first time that nobody outside of our scrap smoky understand or care to understand. It's based on the measures that we didn't like in the first place so that that kind of super dumb part about it and that the Iraq issue. I yeah. Did do we lose ten. You do rouge there. And it Milosevic they were lost there's no way to just me I don't lie I deserve loses and when we got a Mac were. There gotcha are not gonna lie I I acted like our new order quadrant where it was just because I wanted to sound smarter than I really am a but I didn't know order squadron when one win was now that I do know what's the dumbest thing known to mankind I mean it is ridiculous how how stupid that is so it does seem weird to doing this just like they do in college football. You started halfway through the year becomes a talking point put my gosh that that that that is a ridiculous. I'm with Pia and why they they see them that way sell. I'm gonna forget that and I'm gonna look at. In North Carolina team that beat Notre Dame I said the design I was one for a Rona how overall them beat duke a couple of games ago is this team. After losing the players they did from the that the championship team last year that can make a run another way they're setting themselves up at the end of the year. Well it depends what you mean by Iran every I think their second weekend keep sweet sixteen elite eight they can do that I don't see them go on beyond that. Like I think my Thursday. A separation among those at the very top teams teams like gay you know like work through their bill though where if help the at Cincinnati but did they. Virginia. But outside of that there are other teams but they're getting their rockets that are we like South Carolina are. And it even front of them all now that can happen. But part I think for North Carolina that a lot like 2006. The 2010 years after they won their last two national champ church 2017 below Williams hurt they had a budget personnel losses and everything in their entire front court has gone. That was about our court the country. So to I think there anywhere near as good as they were last year at Butler of the best in the country 161070. About it but it was much art. Are dead they just happen to get into to get richer and I don't see this team be the same last. We're games they've played much better than they did any time earlier she's I know that their firepower they go out there is that your. Our Jason we heard your gripe with the process. Are of selecting and would deed group editor tier one wins and all those things like that as far as the actual wave to sixteen teams were seated this time around and use it a few of the decisions and that befuddled you won't work a couple of the teams that you thought were missed seated. I'll start what Michigan State like that eleven they were eleventh overall that that makes zero sense to date the USA little. That that the argument would be. You put Purdue as a number one or you put machines sadism toward. That's your problem with the number one is such a high. That you know reasonable minds could differ on what you do your clippers could say that is not a war there's a court or what they'll. Because they just beat Purdue all the critics that they paid up. Midnight. Saturday night at us like boy I hope they're party. They they certainly were talking about basketball. Then the that number sixteen seed as the Oklahoma made absolutely zero. The go to Oklahoma and there are they lies. That is is you know pretty pretty bad and they they've been they've lost. I think they've blocked six of their last seven. And they've lost like eight games overall. And there's no way you could put him a lot being middle endlessly law the other less sleep played like. You work it series to its old saint warriors somehow we can achieve that but a lot campground. That that's not that's not the principle put them up there. In Europe to meet in addition to that quadrant stop which I don't like the way they organize the information. Might it if you're looking it up and their way to let Oklahoma they ought. Then you need to start looking at all these other analytic like Kent Bob dot com and start looking at they're just the urgency all he does a great and it and it pursuant to a different there at the Tokyo a different story that may be got some just why. Let your alcohol was ranked 31. Aired in those those measures including in the eighties and beat that. So the idea somehow that they've got some some formula that makes some cops came up lose all these gains. Just doesn't make any sense. Tiger and OJ bella Staley studio tomorrow night with Seth and the fonts for the crossover always thought of fun when you got guys that Dick fight talent Bill Walton called NBA games. How pumped you you're gonna do Virginia Tech duke on ESPN two with a hall of Famer Hugh B brown tomorrow night. Yeah I don't smoke let their QB can majority gave is that it just taking notes and every bit as best. Because you know he's got a lot of so called that up. Now that basketball was about it and I just hope it doesn't miss earnings by tribe or try to take it all land right learns. Exactly like I'm so excited about you know QB who was an assistant coach at two years ago and you Ian Chuck Daly were sensitive to pick the respect of the sixties. Ed if I would I was a grad assistant. For three years there at the coach K I the early nineties so. Maybe we prepare our records that might end up by people out. RJ I I saw your tweet about that the kid from a lot technology woes it's Kobe Boykins had the slamming got teed up for I mean. That was stunning to me I don't know I prefer those that didn't see you're you're getting you find it on Twitter YouTube anything. The dude as as a great slam on a steal and breakaway. And I mean your a like a split second stay error at the opponent and the raft that's fifty feet away. He's a mop and end of get tossed from the game thought I take it you had a big issue with that. Yeah I you know I did see it out alive but I went back and looked at the tape and end it there that was his second technical for doing nothing law the first one he blocked a shot. Are behind. And I'll let the player that he black player would result well. And they called technical foul line element in there wasn't even a look where. It'll look I understand these represent our job and their whole like that you know they waddle or eight harping it all out. So but I mean I can't believe you got the block a shot four. Or if you donkey you have to immediately called virtualized. Ruthlessly manipulated they ought to Wear those that we got it where. All helmet that. Though you'll buy when it's beat the other fighter jet did but he died at least got to start doing that at all. And I know they're worried about a wider shot like that but I don't see what you are eruption ever gave him there are quite there yet not that big deal. It's total overreaction by the officiating crew the guy that called it on the dock which was their traps that are. And he didn't dump old Brady but the guy would behind them it's not that big a deal. But the referee was at mid court and it if there even was a look roper. It it was an anymore than that we're looking at a guy I don't they I got here you got here or it was it was so ridiculous. Talked up after the hit but the only good news or origin they invest. Is the entire Twitter world got the keys down. And it was it was Louisiana Tech at Charlotte Charlotte at wanna gain it wherever. So maybe your baby ducks got a dog a little more touch or. I just on the way out jays beacon amid cor. But they can't Virginia third time college game is gone you guys have gone there as some it's a mid court shot that was wild and how great was Chris Long to bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles hang out the guys. Chris Long could not have been nicer. I was maybe one of the best examples of you can be. But with dale and still be really nice yet tried or. But the athletic speed of was was starting because he could not lift his arms above his wage. Right little tiny suit this medium to. Ask relatively impressive and athletic he's about saint or. Are there really was raised up to appreciate your men's specs say for eczema. Always great beyond what Ben Stiller I. I. I've sat at the illustrator he's always losing us and. I only can lingo the podcast. Let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that are expected to wait to watch part of this guy surely we know that is simply the my father. Egypt thanks of Angola Kuwait go tonight. What sort of micro I don't reject. Well we'll start with the PG they changed much of that rise of the trade deadline they dominated the Celtics and Sunday. Look at their had a more fine younger more athletic. Why did you scenic in the keeping up. I think they can tell you I want all got one great addition to its core commentary and how bad chemistry bars of gold blue and how much difference. Those guys beat this yesterday lauding the what are now it's just that some elves but you know not. The Eastern Conference continues to improve the but the fact that Randy he's been attacked it. LeBron has only east sold all. It certainly makes you wonder. I honestly I don't see them play more altitude target. In some cases people who have burned in the playoffs or have been banned under Turkish group into Tibet at the end it. As always we're all part of hopes. Good enough to get the ball well I wanna be respectful of what Boston. Garden really remarkably large Michelle talked about they can get multiple got four guys are. Oracle roster last year of course Gordon Hayward found. And Toronto continues to prove so. In order to root for not a believer yet. It's far as. Time I PJ how much time do you expect for. These players to kind of find their roles in that water kind of levels out of what this team is going to be. Doctors at the rotation since Eddie. The Dutch are going to be debate supported people and then of course what it. And now Richard the last couple they got it back rub it LB ever allowed direct combat aspect. People will appreciate a little bit more. Well when he struck back to what didn't expect to play and the way he's capable player and you know I think she's. Your morbid out of that mold that he had earlier this year so it I'd like to establish the ball consistently he's got to eat. Try to be held be stopped play on a regular basis. Our George alone lovely. Tour till. I really liked a lot. Big George arts and got to prove he can do it. I don't really see. Our biggest group in these debates I like art history here. It could come up through sort should get there. Sean output. I like eighteenth I'm not gonna be surprised it's it's. It's been really competitive but I've got a street you talked unbelievable. Changes. If any of them are I think it's significant. Talent difference particularly without ever. Will. AJ you mention the fact Toronto improved right now the one seed in us and in our my heart is here your boy doing Casey James is now the team at this in their their passing the ball more DeMar DeRozan shoot in three east. I you really good young bench in fact the bench has played the last five games stars build arrest and DeRozan Lowery Jaco portal Fred van fleet along right. How we look at when it comes at Toronto and then being the best team in the east. You know our spirit through our Barbara bureau with a particular there. Owners of these questions and enact you know I'm. A healthy. And play the way he's capable quiet and you know steps college steps are. Got big bear. It portrayed it you know better at being distributed by people aren't just bad bad Britain's. By the securities and potentially include. That I thought lost the war to Iraq is ready to eat. The capsule but it hasn't happened they had those great bit of depth and state of the art it's not a habit so I just don't would not get acknowledged it all out. I'm not sure yet but it would be brought. With these G. TJ any issue with what the warriors and Steve Kerr did Latin three of the players how to run the time out to draw the plays and they were dismantling the Phoenix Suns. I think it's just gotten twice as two weeks a big stage biggest challenge. I've beaten all the court etiquette turned the ball over and deliberate bench regarding it are good that. Its biggest challenge is trying to keep things fresh beat Mike yeah. A little bit and it's so. Issues important bases changing. Your ear it's safe coaching virtually the same staff. Saying a lot of the same thing these guys they in and day out. Keep it fresh is huge huge challenge to their I think the all star break and its partners absolutely you do all star break. Right now I'd pay a lot of good teams so we anticipated. Maybe they did I used to hear it talked about. What is difference read about the schedules starting earlier -- shorter season. I'll bet that's him back to increase. Which they had any idea what it was always how these days all star break. No more it's seen its way to the middle of June ended June. The last years so I do to get your batteries recharged. You are gonna have only one some day. Justice urged supporters have been ads. The other 242. After the all star break so that's a nice little. Students aren't we don't read quote spend all day long answer your question I think he can do. It's fresh it's all right. They amber came to try today its goal doing Gilani has been rare and is can tumor tot indirect in the analyst the great BJ Carla smoke. But of course BJ can do it all you call the college game last week and in fact across over tomorrow night you're gonna be on the call for Kentucky and opera all be in studio with Seth we rely upon as well as. Really to my favorites PJ Adam Aminu is as good a play by play guy in our business and Dan docket to might be the funniest analyst on. How psyched are you for this event tomorrow night. Believable it's a great game about its impact this year which are really good excited our live. But about Seattle or Scranton PA and I want my. School read renewed district. Playoffs this week but it. Seattle I'm gonna try to pac twelve and Donna West Coast Conference. It's in his bag at U dub art it's a great. Student of all people realize how good Auburn it's. Pearl Jam. Has done an unbelievable job and without two starters from last year would call FBI investigation. The best team in the SEC. Cal wants cleaner overall for the first time in. Online I think the people in the commonwealth of Kentucky. Umbrage in negative I just think it's another commentary on the border remarkable job. He's done over the years they continue to reach who they continue to have freshman who played like freshman this year and you know. Chip solution for the wrong it's early but if you look at. Today's schedule the rest of the way it's very difficult that'd be Johnson reformat that is one Alabama. But it's really really. And I think it's going to be shall stay. It's. One of the most underrated teams in the country. Really look forward to the building. I. Yeah I imagine Avery Johnson Bruce Pearl to former Ethiopian guys back in the coach who rolled and doing big things BJ always appreciate the time mammoth for the game tomorrow thanks Vijay. Big billboard. Chart which are Al thanks Pete jags. Goalie makes me wanna vomit and then punch you square in the face and window hole he. He saucy today. Do you mr. Leggett treat it like this well what trick you know and when Mike can Mike went for eighteen years and then true Ingle became my new cohost so we do little thing called try trade getting to know try care. It really did a lot of play along too much did get it but I know social we got some fun with that arm and then Jason did did it was a try Jason or try fits and remember. We dinner with him. Go try. And we did a bunch of questions really questions are good but Jerry who does all the bits now for the show is asking the questions. In what he thinks is a Canadian accent which at times sounds. Scottish. Even your opinion what's the biggest problem the history of the Oscars. So dry there. I mean what were accent isn't stride again. Even your opinion what's the biggest problem in the history of the Oscars. So dry air into the for a. Angle strike is playing in Canada apartment and well being he keeps changing his accident obviously it's of course 1990 goodfellas las best pictured dates is with wolves. Fell hard that I should not likely through life and all and Walter and about a five hour movie as well let's say three hour Mel B and it's got to know Christine Stewart but no real honest when he hears is sent got a three hours looking out dates we'll ask. Where's LA times you're flipping channels goodfellas is on it if it's edited like yeah I can watch that she go off of these guys are says he's direction IC generally don't like good well that tells is eminently re muscle all my eyes and this is this true loser guy you're gonna cost never costs are so obviously if you wanna get a hold you know. All his movies you're gonna fall that I put war world a better grates and it. Not a secure million. I made it this is nobles is like the peak for him because he won obviously writer writer director but your right waterworld a huge bomb. The postman was terrible like author Altamont choreographer calls I agree that was ridiculous that was a monster movie big time Oscar snub. Outside of sports movies and wearing an outfit completely made out of Adam what's your number one interest Rodney. Yeah well I'd like you mentioned the the denim productive with the Canadian two million dollars and don't ask. You know listen I got three young kids man Alex and in time with the boys we are the park play catch by about our economics and use of its. You know I think 96 and one so were the Little League sports at all by wise guys guys you I told you last year now I get really into an impact used to that a vast volume on Sunday were I was there and what the coach did that. Score board messed up he scored his only basket of the game and get to that team. So I have to make Allred is politely asking McKay actually run basket and italics mean is all right I know you like mergers sterling gold do you take this definitely I. A Florida guy and I'm not that guy does tell me like he is really ever gotten thrown out when your kids games I have not and we're actually asked to sit down ask to be quiet. This let's say wait for it. The team is currently only five I'm not our coaching I can't take any or all. All okay dialogue not follow its own style that that's your that's our or passive aggressive where reprieve coach right now but I gonna say this game was our most competitive so I was up rise right shouting insurers did real another nursing felt potential delisted that's the word used 92 runs and knowing or knowing. Originally came Allred is not any also goes I heard your goal at nine on a hockey god I. Operation thanks but this story made the rounds by the way if you unless there's a ticket items if you columns up thereof go to Jersey. I got travels all over the place all that is often. Plus the biggest misconception. About guy. At all proud not to. Yeah there is just killing me are you. The nicest thing Americans always say about Canadians. People love orient them restore consumer Garcia party is against the stars being that was great back breyer's I prefer god bless America Kate Smith good point but some Americans it was in a lot about Canada and our nature okay for today you're the one who does not get a Zurich here's some like us. The biggest was a course a cold averages Gonzalo what was it like right going into an igloo Dynegy Jabrel caribou on how to how cold was it it was a lesson. Toronto is southern of of is more south than many bright it's in and you know we talk always in Minneapolis recognizing get cold absolutely not it's not as biting leaf frigid weather is as people like OK all right. Have you ever had any bad experiences because your food I like say for example you can hold on your full manual really really the only. Are. That is a nother explains how is this is nothing do with Canon this is his producer did says he too is the brains of xenophile. Utilizing that information so I'm. How many of the stuff Mike I. So it over eleven a foreign city where I go on the road for college football right they're pretty yellow cabs are right there out earlier today at a hotel yellow cabs are there. Of course go to Lou Michel like that yellow cabs are everywhere. Several was a just get a new birth but I was in Atlanta. It was there for the national championship what some movie and afterwards I asked that it's like midnight. I asked the funeral comic act a regular caddie this applicant does plan on it I think yeah it is like not we're not. The way here is a summit and let's talk I know that's what it did because you know your calorie does not mean just get knew were in my. Al how about physically need to have dynamic like I know what it is I heard that black or have you NORAD site was off league is I can co. Like cabins could take a while this is like a can have a late 1990 yeah I didn't do thirty minutes to get their. What's assures the right one I've seen instilled at its terrific anybody who's gonna die hard it has been gear again now and park city Utah the U mass liner that. That I was in your time and I didn't have and I thought about AdSense. I don't throat injury and the guy was like Obama camp. And he was like to pigs listened to our rights are like that great news. We have a lift right here animate and does the lift that tissues you haven't enrolled number. Is a great you're already over godly. Because you don't have lifter overly huge as army contract knowing he said he should walk over the pay phone employers offer cab. Why did not know these things don't my phones are usually there. Yes I have since taken measures to do it alone are not provided it and I was an intruder first it was when the Super Bowls in Sanford Cisco OK and my daughter was out there worker for the NFL organ the Super Bowl the different events and soft yet and we were words some more on the street she said are gonna I gonna get a new prior to go ahead out and I said you know what. I don't have that yet to find out she actually set mine up on the streets in separate Cisco all right semi rumor got at all score and I got my first two were in separate Cisco and it is aid to dream but let's say life changing. I realized oh I heard ray and Donna. Stick it up we're gonna tip your little help yes things where you lose all my gosh a static. Anything about it but now back in a lot mover it's I think it's great so we'll mum are right. What's the book you'd recommend it to the most people here why don't. Try it. I do slip of the a let's Latvian. What's the book you'd recommend to them. Most people here why did they drop they recommend closed people you've never like northern Ontario brides like suddenly unbelievable you know I law. As the movies right easy riders raging bulls which is about the directors and nineties and he's great stories of us were says he's Spielberg all the difference for Coppola make in the godfather it's an awesome but kind of a lot bill and I would like now I'm I wasn't even listening to us just say that's when you glossed over I don't go to great care where you're recommending a book I'm out to. I lost you there whatever. We all moral. What's the most comparison. That's happened to you Longley. Our lineup last try. I had my last one of them that I had when I was in Toronto it was the end of the show and I just started doing numbers are MBA guide our station at the score right and my Toronto in trying out Cuban rafters at that they were terrible. Anchors of the schoeneweis and right time now for the finishing move and I love Obermann and he's on the show on Hilton MSNBC would always and the show. By pulling up fees to pay right and they're right. Right night and good luck which is not Edward. Yet I got okay not quite yet we just one more we do live look and so let's just check back in on the lakers game. And the and now this is like Twitter was legal matter hard the run all the emails and it really and well not finishing move and it's of those often like you know this you'd make a mistake yeah it's not that that we see it. It was ten or lose to a horrible you see a guy looking like he's. Be funny collect on dug up the that is real and I'll shoot action we're gonna go the lakers hit the yeah. There's no bad all right lies that I still think if I can get video about I think that has been. I thought I would love to see beyond that anybody has really on that we need that we're gonna tease York's most embarrassing moment on the air look later on. Hope you've got the record. It's time. He sees from the best goalie can we go hide. Make sure you subscribe on the ESPN and a couple podcast to listen to every. 6 eastern on ESPN radio. ESPN UMBESPN. Yeah.