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The Black Eyes Peas, Tonya Lee, and Caron Butler

Feb 13, 2018|

Adnan discusses his week taping vignettes for The Oscars (5:00), Ben discusses his time at the Oscars luncheon (13:05), and they review Black Panther (8:35).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

PCs and didn't see in a spot. Often does he love discussing the auspices and with the greatest miscarriage of justice people love say all right what should I won best picture and it didn't ordinary people of original goal. This loopholes for goodfellas pulp fiction is the course of xenophile. What do you say to those critics who say listen Jerry Brock Harris please make a ton of money but they lack the substance and quality classics and. Still I make movies for audiences the popular culture. Same personal like my dinner when Andre is not gonna like pirates of the Caribbean. It's gold has Jeremy Renner with us or any kind of friendly competitive has such steps would you guys. I think here there's as Morgan. Susan and that he the great and lovely and talented Jessica Alba as you listen studio thanks mister Columbine it's grabbing me the great Richard Lewis is joining us at what point did you find that voice did you realize. Channel all this came into humor to be the principally. I was about five hours old. Things could doubt in my family. Burton. The undercover CI agent who saves James Bond by killing a crime bosses henchmen smiles widely. Extends his hand and says the double O seven. A gum to Tangier. Xenophile relief magnet perk. Podcast. Once again. Black cancer coming out at a review shop suppressed. But me about men van lines kind of join us once again we are also recapping our Sunday it's adventures thanks so much everybody who listened last time. Ben south fourteen movies I saw eight films you heard the interviews the people that I spoke to end this time you're gonna hear all the interviews had been compiled and he's got some heavyweights thickly. Imagine dragons Black Eyed Peas will I am it's awesome so we continue on our Sundance adventures and thanks Hillary like is it was the last time. I neglected I had started. I think off the top and I forgot to tell in the case preamble senate tell it now I told them this afterwards. So when I'm lire for nikkei's as I said you had to talk to him I mean arise brawl Linus Roche and the director panelists second spot to lose. So this solace film Mandy was finally pass for where are we do it the chances screener on Mandy effort in our effort into it I rulers is Mary's so. Most of journalists they're going in their talking off for the LE 810 minutes and I can listen O'Leary's writes I heard a couple of mention a case of this gonzo. Violent thriller nikkei's during nick Hastings and at the based system. Reporter from the Hollywood reporter says to Nick Cage. What's a great in this restaurant. Parks and this is what I'm about to go the doc and like obscuring the cage and I'm officially out on Sunday and he system was a craze is purchasing government. In the case looks ringers are you ask me that. Stone called. Executives is a movie Soria walked in I'm like he had the red tinted sunglasses like exactly he is an intimidating presence that is a movie star real mess this. And it is why you ask me that the tigers. I was just ministers' news that you don't ask. Silence in Tucker earlier this frontal got to make skates but whose image is leave the guys all public your charity work is really. To brag on my charity work. And now everybody is officially dubbed at a discussion biggest telecoms that took effect in and I cage is in and out here. I feel like he's should like you said that he would get a man. Well I have nobody does get him out here I knew that I didn't react right away rob Fleming using Hillary is again and I in the Gonzales and his talk with the film. Blocked a bill Schneider because noticed and that the likely. Is it but Morgan. Is eager to get all those. So after he left. I really don't go grocers and it went what was this guy doing so just Google Nick Cage money. Apparently he's made some purchases if you look at Nicklaus whose money can buy a castle he bought these crazy things like art to this guy was trying to figure that end. He's had some financial issues he is I think he was worth a hundred million dollars or 25 point he was six moon IRS. And it might question to all of you is this. Immediate starts asking Nicolas Cage about it you don't understand. This is not the form this is not the venue to sort out. Asking about purchases you may have the body to do it for us the secret to his Nick Cage and it was an offender go about it Ellie Ellie do this down. The journalist his credit was very curious on how Nick Cage used his ghost rider residual of that movie opened at forty million dollars. A future lions did you have to tell us the most cringe worthy incident you ever had with a Hollywood actor director's we Ericsson you have one. I have several hundred nudist for a lot of we can turn and I don't hold separate podcast of you who Ontario I cannot wait lines as to that was that when a Denver like Kate's story but here we go. On a BioWare thanks so much the group from the academy Crispin is the one who first took me up with them last year and they're kind of to fly me out to do some vignettes some segments that you'll see an Oscar dot com in the week leading up to the Oscars so. In a you would Wolfgang Puck come out on the label did like he's he's making the food for me to the governor's ball which for those who do not know the governor's ball. I takes place after the Academy Awards they feed 15100 people which is all members academy and it's another 2000 as far as technicians expect the group so Wolfgang Puck to only make up for 3500 people and he could from me all the food that they make any isn't known what he's not aware spears says he stories I sent a file he just dropped in the it is obvious the pots and emulated is on Mars Chris says he does craze according to -- is. Oh every time Marty sees newswires that cost to look at I want that cost. Legalistic calling us and you look economic awesome I go I want to eat the food that Marty eats and then you've got to try this Saturday night. He got a cola card. Chris Stephon knowledge and love the tool in the car and I found in Pete sat. The dead dog won't gave my mechanics of and you OT was incredible it was modeling I know I'm Marty noticed it was awesome and of course then you know Lucy she she places in the eyes as you get like four little piece of possibly because of it finally lets go a single. Maybe the beast like extra fine I don't get wolf anybody called me being described as not up Kobe Bryant got nine. I should wolf it is chef you cannot just tabloid is not we led to limited to two in a most of us want to regard. Idol who eats the most like you we've got the sweet dishes there's as many Oscars and dark chocolate you buy into little raspberry filling as art more remote to the guy I go voices are the most. It goes well Tom Hanks is Susie c.s because I want to those right away at the new is Israel is the most and honestly I could of guessed it I really thought about it. The person that lead did did it gets where it's at Hollywood actor would like the suites that was not not overweight participant and a Mike Agassi and likened suites. An actor and I'm just gonna guess our guy Michael Shannon now I don't it is I know it brick. Not overweight but you can see him. Liking somebody with a sweet tooth. Mean Hanks for surely bad makes tanks with birdies and he's the nicest and gave it to come and go Harrison Ford good gas is John hell know John Travolta. Kind of used to it it makes us got our decision ball really. My dad does that I just I just let this originally ads. But so Larry as bad as you are beds impression he's a character or had their full disclosure my power forward in my high school basketball team Mike Lucas our work that spot ago with Wolfgang for the first seven years we lived in LA resident assistant manager and and became a manager at spot ago so. Yeah out lots and lots of salmon pizza up by about Boies the high input at the Vatican I just want stories Reza Khatami the dinner. As gods heroes Greg as he's as he always has given everything he's he's as you know he wants he wants and I got chino Vegas he rarely comes anymore eggs I don't I don't ever seem to me was. Because my restaurant spotless of law. Very quiet since the back may be your friend Jesus tees it is a world that spot go in the eighties did so much for Los Angeles right it was originally on sunset now it's down in Beverly Hills but first open air kitchen and made the kitchen kind of the centerpiece where you go into all the aggressor and hot restaurant that you can see all the chefs working. And it just became. The place and Magic Johnson Michael Jackson Harrison former all Connor. Rubbing shoulders haven't salmon pizza and Wolfgang created an empire that little spot on sunset it's invasive barely open altogether so what the end that is going to Oscar dot com also my interviews are with the Rebecca Keegan. And she's right we went from movies all the major categories. On us and it was a lot of fun and and thanks in attacker grabbed me out there end. I get the hang of my buddy Ben Lyons you hook this up the screening of black band that I've. And isn't it how much ado let's go to Disney why he's never been on Donald Duck drive so let's go check out black panther which is directed are trying coup there. Who. Is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met working in Hollywood icon and Orion a little bit. Through all that from bill station coverage aidid and we went to Zurich in Switzerland for the film festival this. Beautiful now fiance is Indian and he's just seven. Are a really intelligent guy asks questions and no one else asked do you like a barrel and got their real Oakland draw color books you read bin. He talks you're Graham are racially support we connect with our elders and your like I know how you yes I should call my grandmother Wrangler I'm fifty conceive a that intelligent shine through even in comic book movie which is what black panther is let's not let's not. You know call this something else it's not transcending the genre it's not a film that's gonna be nominated for best picture and these are not shocked at the film. It's really good comic book movie but it still in with a careful hand from cooler who I think really counted to introduces audiences to this world because let's be honest. I didn't know anything about what conduct and history of the black and terror and anything about this universe on. And the way he's able to use Michael B Jordan who is directed now a few times having the third time he's worked with my cues menacing as a villain in this but has a back story and I thought for a fantastical movie about your rainy armor whatever that that that you've you've bowled me over whatever the substances that fuels all the avengers and all this stuff. For movie about finishing comic books. To have it start in Oakland and to be grounded in in in some sense of reality I thought I'm really added to it and I enjoyed it I loved it I didn't think it was. Christopher Nolan Dark Knight or anything like that but it's it's a really good fun comic book. It was great we get to watch it that's screening because you can feel the buzz there even those who announce a staffers is that I'm just so proud to be black and a near Wright has. You don't see a story I mean this to the diversity all black cast and like you said. This is like diving into like the real ancestry it is there's characters in Africa. And right guru he takes his time setting up that atmosphere and goal and indeed I agree good gets to be huge hit and I liked it. But I'm just saying as a guy who suffers from superhero fatigue. I was not raving about black panther but I fully copped to. That is no I'm not impugning the crass mr. with which is made I think that you said. Could be huge here people love sober moods are gonna love it I like the fact the one secrets when action set piece you do nice reelect isn't cut it's a really great. Track casino and all this tracking shot at a casino was in writes on its just not intended for me but I'm with you that it's gonna be future. I think he said super your fatigue right remember in and what 2007. Being a comma con and do rumblings of you know Iron Man come in Hanoi at seven that's like ten years ago. Right in marvels cranked out over when he these kind of movies in regarding to the galaxy to the war or with a haircut. Iron Man army to three fund is it's it's a lock and connecting the dots of which universe is connected to this story line. You know that their fighting for a Condo Nightline as Captain America shopper I don't know he can pick and all the hold on what you wanted to do. But who cares I think Tom like you said offer for these characters to be represented on screen for the mix of traditional African. Costumes and ceremonies mixed with heightened superhero technology and weaponry win. Daniel went away now what's his name be dude from get out wind died Daniel -- yeah blizzard when you ride through one giant by chaotic and you know you're like okay its movies did not cite its is a really interesting mix happening in the movies and across authority a 100% rotten tomatoes and and opens or at least a hundred fifties weekend here in the states have Richard ash Forest Whitaker. So confusing. Now. And let's where's the guy he's always I can use. He never walks in like the smartest guy in the room anymore it was always why is an old now but he's always what's at what is happening to me. And Angela Bassett is always a steady US domineering tall statue. Yet on daylight that Angela Bassett biceps routine is like her arm the gun show it's just it's out there she's she's ripped to pick two tickets I'll give it to an app may believe somebody I really believes that I review movies his words not an inanimate object. I really like to. I thank you broken up Oscars much I'm so Josh you got to be there before you tell me everything I've two questions. Did you talk it and they'll Lewis and did you talk to Paul Thomas Anderson. The one telling image in a Day-Lewis is for the movie nine. And Monet and picked via bat before we came in they said don't. What ever you do do not. Ask him to not ask him about living in Italy as a cobbler. Right famous story left acting 97 Marty convince new games in New York he was a cobbler for time you can't ask him. Okay wasn't on the list wasn't on the notes going into a working at the apparently what the Daniel Day-Lewis cobbler stories and what ever you do do not ask about the boxer. He is not like that movie he doesn't doesn't like the boxer don't ask them about it okay sounds good and but no no don't data they lose Paul Giamatti he's not doing interviews that Oscar luncheon where you're not on your body will the photo started off the data hears that they wouldn't particularly to the Oscar luncheon to get PT Anderson. No pulse comes right now don't beat. What happens is. That Beverly Hilton hotel where they have the Golden Globes host the same room host a luncheon for all the Oscar nominees having issued his 205. And you I get around 9 o'clock in the morning and we get a little cabana by the pool right next to. Extra and Access Hollywood and you know yeah. And throughout the day starting around 10 AM to about 6 PM they just bring in one nominee after another. And you sit in this room so it's like you don't really know who's coming from behind the door. So also in 10 o'clock in the morning at here is willing to follow okay cool Florida project let's break it down that ending incredible that a CF 34 questions boom he gets up he leaves and then in walks. Dean dean Murray indeed Mullins you know them from the animated short blue and you gotta switch gears OK animated short which historic. And then boom here comes Virgil Williams there's screenwriter for mud down so all in all I did 45 interviews throughout the day with nominees. Highlights being version Williams who wrote mud down was very. Appreciative and excited to be in a category alongside Aaron Sorkin and James angle loses his first Ras mangled. A decent core is great yeah he's a friend Yvonne said a file podcast right I got to spend some time with him yesterday. As well as best director who I think's gonna win Guillermo del Toro yes Hollis got behind he's a good Teddy bear she did give Omaha it's funny you say that and she said today he said you know for him growing up the Oscars. Was the ultimate trailers you know. Because as acute in Mexico you'd watch the Oscars and you go like. What are these movies these are all coming to Mexico and a year. So the take trailers for the latest movies he got to learn about all the skills what this thing called up a it's silent to the let that guide the trailer and get this eclipse from the rigorous solid Mexico says funny how he you know looked at the Oscars during a presented but yet the 4500. Diane Warren and common. Take the fourth time I've seen common in a week and he was night you're really you're addicted in my house party it's Sunday it's a central to stage you kind of lose your cooking and so that's it to me and I got now as fired up back then was sick I can give back to the outside is that the common house party and watchful more in Oregon this government property so common at Sundance he's been a staple their for a long time he does a house party on Sunday nights and I had tickets for everybody I put it out there and once the com my wife was on fumes she crashed. Add me and was barely alive he didn't wanna go. And usually at these things you know Argyle do two or three songs and DJ. Boos very crowded and it's kind of bits. He did an hour 45 minutes with a live band he brought on John Legend needed insulin living room there's about eighty people there. That was one of the best Sundance moments average I'm still waiting for the bar or you get on a couch or dancing. I get a little excited you know don't let the sensible J. Crew shirt fool you I'm kind of hip hop nerds so when he was getting so like water for chocolate stuff I fellow Los and in not the light crates in your the fact that he's onstage and he says to be a week later oh yeah you're aggregate time. I was I was prequel are one more follow up to judge in Kobe Bryant and one of those 45 winners I did not talk to Kobe bean Bryant and fortunate talked Iraqi Al Sadiq. That's we've that's pretty good though Rockville city no Cologne and end. He had no Kobe bean he I hope we will get them on Oscar Sunday that he's gonna win that game that was kind of a buzz. From everybody in his category you know he's nominated for best animated short. And some of the other people who've been working on their films for years and have been there like where our worlds this year it's congratulate Kobe bracket so I agree I kind of worked Alfredsson got the buzz on senior right to Denny's actually the favorite effort to Abbas also I actually got. I just got a link to all the shorts like you were to die throws I feel for it stopping in the moment Connor right technical press officers and that is what once we actually see these are going to be good ago yes and autos one day we get about 45 DelHomme including Brian fogle who. Directed it Chris which is this yup he says it's not a sports film it's a geopolitical thriller it's available now on Netflix if you wanna watch it it's a you know it's movie starts out he's trying to use steroids he showed that. You can slide under the radar from the international doping agencies as he's competing competitive cycling in what ultimately happens is. He uncovers that the Russians have been supporting athletes using steroids for decades now and Olympic competition. And that's why you see the Russians out of this year's Winter Olympics he doesn't call a sports movie. Tom did even though it's set in the world the sports our guys got to interview him. At the luncheon and then last night for special QNA as well as my first winds then percent of files all I'll be sharing that with these guys are in next week's sell yet. Yeah big big day I mean I'm Rachel Morrison nominated for cinematographer you first woman to be nominated in that category for mud down she's going up against Roger deacons who is nominated. Fourteen times this year for blade runner and is never one that's an interesting race a lot of people are keeping their eyes on so yeah it was a really really fun day and and yet everyone from the ABC Oscar team though is we still fired up for meetings salmon with Wolfgang an ad in her companions energy. Permeated long after he left on its great to nobody at BankAmerica may have an overall loss of immediate. Sir say how how how do we get to do this it's fits with the eyes of an eye out there at 9 AM doing interviews are bringing into followed they're bringing in that the makeup artists in the darkest hour who retired from the business for ten years in Gary Coleman said the only way of doing this movie. Is it you come back and he signed up and he's got his third Oscar nominated. 0:1 o'clock Mario Lopez walks in Annie get some ninth inning it's enough to Moly birdie there watching sports center and hotel room dozens one interview with Greta girl waking goes off. I. It's great ordeal lowered their on a lot of pride in how well I wish I could have been Greg Louganis and TV movie segments on to an hour and leave. But it suffers cleanup on our heels of its fourteen. It's the cleanup and aren't up to fourteen the parent of someone dropped a dark Nicholson a pickle that supported coast but a a pickle that the tee box at a big box store surprising what's not surprising how much you considered by switching to Geico a Brit. Submitted their. She has a lights on post in the park in life it's Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more go. All right Sundance. Interviews what do you have forced. I had a chance to moderate a panel wind will I am from the Black Eyed Peas taboo an apple the app from the Black Eyed Peas. As well is hip hop icons rock Kim KRS-one. And the sorry Harry Potter movies Jason Isaacs now why are all these people on the same here don't you ask. It's because William created a comic book with marvel. That is also a VR experience scored by Hans Zimmer don't buy FaceBook documents but it's also would. Eight our experience where you hold your phone up to the comic turn the pages and images come to life on your phone. If it's in her incredible. And Williams. Crazy enough to put this whole thing together sighted since the top with will the Black Eyed Peas. Jason I six it's so random rack Kim and Paris one. As powerful voices obviously. In the hip hop community into the culture community what does it mean for you guys to be able to create something. In a totally new way to deliver to the youth in a way that we've never seen before. You know assist our terraces where meant to be able to. You know cause it's what we do this will be doing wreck is meant we trucks who. You know you can do you do this and no she can't dismiss him or so so defeated so. In this project speaks that Biden's and so. If it's refreshing to be able to get right to the point you know have to sugar coated with. You see him in in in nice rounds you'll read this this project you know meeting is going to be Steve you. And they could see you know what what what the problem is or what we feel the problem is in the neighborhood some maybe they can juicy footing so to speak kind of changed the school. Chris or somebody like yourself who's touched her proper and every corner of the globe what does it mean to come to Sundance with this project in eastern time here before. Notice my first time the Sundance is actually a really cool experience. Every time Sunday comes around our our church read this know. What you guys are going through right it's absolutely today. Is crazy but what I don't you go. It's actually pretty cool as a ski town council it's not as treacherous as it would be in New York Mueller assays so who is wonderful experience upbeat and of course our Black Eyed Peas has brought us into the future. I'll what are and on reviews to be actually part of a project like this won't be Robin to wrestle with thirty year. Use OK we started before it is it. Before the Internet okay Rabinowitz only 1984. Okay who his 86 OK for a Black Eyed Peas to bring us through like this and have bosses plumbing problems will be X amount. That's just keeping it real real quick OK there's the Texas what it is and so. Obviously you've all Americans on us right now we stand for that like while I was just saying this is going out to young people this is this is the business beat this is it pops. Voice for real and that's why this project is open to respond here last hurrah he yet but he was on the project Slick Rick when the prime rate on point you you you must boot the you guys called everybody and everyone responded because we knew what this was we know what this is about soul. Again he set out to mall will soon because I took everything out of out of all of this guess who's the or stare at least. Stan Lee is tipoff. You mentioned so many emissions so many great and sees one forgot as Jason Isaacs who got the call out how did you get involved with the project and what's your relationship like with hip hop music are you huge chip. I don't balkanization I should. Well hawks hope. Where it superior in 2005. And we don't to OK that's true at Sundance we got a two action. I would keep him and I mean Wendy's does just forming their band I don't my first laptop and I was on I was emboldened boards and in our news groups before the inspector able. So what I heard that there was something that was a dome field and mixing Egypt elegy and street culture and the Pope and it was the peace who always pushing the frontiers of a music and communication. They go hopefully through the sentence for attempted its path it took its untested and completely new idea. Of the great live shows I've ever been to one of the great live show as it ever been to was our random Saturday night at the hard rock in Vegas what apple the app without you guys was solo. Am brought so much energy it's a show them my friends and I talk about still. You probably don't remember you've done 101000 shows since but how do you bring that energy of a live show is for all musicians had to bring. The energy that can only exist in a live show how do you bring that then two and AE RV ER comic book new levels film experience. It's great to be able to deliver. A positive message. And that will reach to youth. And also. Doesn't historian now in a different media mean our enemy in. You know more. In a more. Right in a more fun way you know ought to mean it's like. You're you're introducing something new. Technology. For the kids to learn also. And you know. We just. New ones something tangible for a further for the Mets who obtained. Obviously everybody's excited throughout the project and be here at Sundance but taboo have you gotten over the Steelers lost in the playoffs may get. On the B artist I'm still hurting from the Steelers loss to Jacksonville I mean their defense is incredible but new nom I'm excited to see the Super Bowl. As a person that actually got to perform at the Super Bowl. Black Eyed Peas 2011 and Steelers were playing although we lost it's always great it's it's fun to see the you know. Athletes doing their thing especially athletes standing up like calling capturing. People like Bennett. Doing their part here actually make a statement. That's actually. What we're going masses decide to speak it's reflection of inner cities it's a reflection of you know woo act. We come from hip hop culture being brought from South Bronx commits Los Angeles. And historian historians know fiction but also conspiracy. And and fact. Well for us like you know. It's important for the message to rollout is not just about sports it's about actually making a difference in the communities. We've been doing a lot of ground work on our own. And that's going a tangent. But we've been doing individual work in our own communities and trying to bring that to Black Eyed Peas. Now that would do a mass of the sun. It was an easy transition go from like being on the reds working with the native American kids being in the Philippines apple being the Philippines will be nimble heights. Doing his thing with stem up I am Angel foundation. But the most important thing is like uplifting giving the kids something to you. To have hope. An inspiration to dream big. Things are really Kuwait's introduce younger generations and music of rocks him in the music to terrorists once or will for you was up part of the intention to put the project together some that's almost like a an added bonus of the project that a young person might seem NASA's sun. And finally discover with the eighteenth letters. Yes so 1978. Was awesome year. For music and transition from Disco into hip hop and 1988. Sad news was awesome you know it was it was the is the told me like oh this is what I wanna do. And 1998. We really suffers record. And 2008 we are here at Sundance and I did yes we camp for Obama and helped helps you know move the needle to. You know get in the and in 2018. You know as a new medium and so you know hip hop has taken me shapes and forms and now it's you know it. It's up to us to define what the form is going to be for VR NAR and and I'm so proud to do that. And and in start back at zero again rates and what better in seized two light educate. Entertain inspire but Harrison rock him to be part of this project and this is the first so I mean I. There's going to be other VIR eight. Full blown rock Kim BR AR and a full blown terrorist BR a aren't like wet restart and right now it is what it looks like this is like. This is Def jam from VR AR and beginning this is like. Jive Records sleeping bag records from the beginning and right now the C hill right now for the beginning of the art yet. Sugar hill good to say thank god you didn't zealous group originally would they would never what you tell the story you tell the way you wanted to and it you've done in this. This project passes in the sun is the project last question in because your word is the gospel who's gonna win the Super Bowl. Whoa. It did not do got a little full pool that was meant. Mapped upset some people ma'am Gorton who would jaguars. You heard from rocked him the god the jaguars won the Super Bowl ticket to Vegas. Bigger right now men know Tom Brady have a cat named bush. We go to him cast as we're home we meant so you know we'll see who is in a minimum managed to Kuwait before day Tom Brady thing. Appreciate the time masses of the sun is sure to check it out assume things just. Was Iraqi in the guide and see the eighteenth letter. Under the Super Bowl prediction right that's okay we don't hold against them combo but as Williams said to me said. You know added. People are say right now which use we you know I watch the Super Bowl I watched game of sorrow and she's tell me that in ten years fifteen years people are gonna say. I'd leave strangers things would you do this weekend I'd lived. Add millions kid's birthday party because we're gonna feel so connected to the content network. Experiencing were not just watching it we're experiencing it as can create a viewing as if we've lived it so last night. I believe it's forcing guesses ACL getting torn in the garden like I lived that close to it. Om and yet will I am one of the great visionary minds we have working in an entertainment today to sap solutions at odds great delight salad is that it wasn't just a matter of movies these are like musicians as long as the fact that those stars of their that the collection heavyweights organ Sundance is about discovery you're discovering new talent discovering new films discovering new projects discovering new platforms and and discovering that a different side of your favorite artists and that's what I've always loved about the festival. Shots what I loved about the film monster you know directed by Anthony man Miller. A guy who had done music videos over the years and now we're discovering a new side of his talents as a feature filmmaker it's a story of a young boy. Wrong place wrong time. And we are left now with this court case we have to decide is he guilty easy units in the young boys played by on Calvin Harrison junior it was a terrific young actor. But the films produced by Tonya Lee who spike Lee's wife fighting chance to catch up with her. My old buddy Mike Jackson a big Eagles fan. He runs get lifted entertainment which is John legend's production company who I also spoke with the producers of monster at Sundance. Joining me right now at Sunday's one of the many producers of months there is Tanya Lee who. You have to city you have to be so proud to be here at this moment because I've heard just how hard you guys fought for this story surprises normally feel for you today. You know it's a twelve year journey toward Nikki and I on this project. And kind. Of the outer body it's actually finally be here to be here at Sundance to be here at it at the theater at Sundance for people to be talking about the velvet so excited about it. It's up it's really phenomenal. I've always believed that the most impact away for a story to be told us through feature film so how. Important is this story to you and how important thing to be for audiences when they see. Well you know this story is about a seventeen year old boy who finds itself on trial for his partner robbery that goes wrong it's really a cautionary tale. Tell all teens especially black team. About how quiet moment in your life can change everything. It's personal to me I have a black man. And and I agree that. Why do why do what I do because our does have the power to change the world to change policies to change the way we let our that I'm. Hoping that monster entertained and also inspires some chains you can come into this festival for a long time as a buy and when I was not about Sundance that Israel since the discovery. So would you discover by yourself as a filmmaker and about the state of movies every year when you commit to you John. I have to say this particular stunt and what I am discovering and that there really is the place specifically here at Sundance. To diversify. The boy is that we hear from down. Whether it be women and whether it be people of color and I didn't really stuck by that really touched I didn't. Have my hand and I just feel. You know very fortunate to find myself and I had group incredible filmmakers and to be among them you know and thank you struggled for so long. Yelling near the oval office building he office trying to get things to happen. And then here I end up on this incredibly of the day's night. Hum I hear it's it. It's really made me. I've seen you here and I love seeing spikes years in the corner and go Tillman I've noticed those kids I said. Hey good to CN knicks lost by its morning again tonight what else is new bank what is the most dejected active he did you ever seen him as it expands. I think you glad that they get good at remembering that that game but I think it was big game. That the knicks lost in the playoffs when Charles Smith. Couldn't get up. But but I'm not stop again stop the amount that was I think that had. You believe that words I have ever been you know I think we'll see a mixed title in our life. It's like Ali hold out held value now I'm hopeful hyper children have no idea what it means for the victims and at that bad now hopefully they'll pull it together and figured out. Congratulations on the moving congrats on being back here at ABC. Yet John Legend has been at Sundance a number of years now add nanny he's produced documentaries he championed feature films. And let music to films you know it John Legend and calm in. And and will I AM and to have these guys out at Sundance and bringing what they due to the film experience I think is really cool and and great to see Jennifer Hudson who's been through a lot obviously in her life back on the big screen Jeffrey Wright is disputing everything he does so yeah monster. Is I actually goes to can and sells and and watchable keep driving on the in the trades for monster it's going to be a big movie awesome. When Austria. So I got to Sunday is still looking for filmmakers. And I'm trying to find directors and artists. But the basketball fan in me it's always there advance so on the last day of Sundance I caught up with tough juice co Ron Butler. Who just retired. Announced his retirement I believe today which is kind of odd considering he was out at Sundance on Wednesday January so I would assume you had given up basketball about two weeks ago. But core Ron's life. Mom always shared in a book he wrote called tough juice that was option by Mark Wahlberg who is going to direct its gonna be his first time directing. The story of Cora on Butler coming of age in Racine Wisconsin. A tough small town in Wisconsin crime was arrested I think fifteen times by the age of fifteen. Sought jail time was really going down the wrong path and basketball and and some coaches and some instrumental people in his life really looked out for him see him go to Connecticut. To get out of that environment are really give him a second lease on life and and yeah I caught up it was out of maverick Carter uninterrupted panel. With goth and showed road just directed Tom vs time. And corral Butler Tuff juice I asked him about working with Mark Wahlberg and being out of Sunday and so of course that would define a basketball player out of Utah. Are joining me now at Sundance you know I talked actors and talked to filmmakers they're very rarely do I get a chance out here to talk to a real three Indy guy a guy who could still help the knicks out and now he's transitioned into the contents based. He's an analyst he's not there are lots to get into the core Ron Butler who's making its first sound here it's on its. Never came up from park from Salt Lake after plane jazz on the road it. Try to sneak in a movie up here you go. Are using always explored these. These grounds and amid sound but this is the first time bit actually came to Sunday as I got the invitation to chase anonymously on erupted would maverick. There and it was amazing panel to be a part of and I just wanna do this you know that some insight. Let's talk about your relationship with film obviously your book has been optioned by Mark Wahlberg and people know about the apple over the movies you watch growing up in Racine Wisconsin not really stayed with you from your childhood meant you know what I got a will range. Stories and movies that I'll watch it. Listed from the color purple suit. A league of their role to godfathers star phase two. You know something a little laid back still magnolia hosts. You know these two the group was up that you maybe it like I haven't. Wide range of things that I just love watching. You know you know I got a lot of stories detail from those things that sort of light through respectable life. Love to be a fly on the wall on the wizards team plane when you suggest putting on steel magnolias podcast. That ago autos crazy you know what will become the Olympic team captains are pretty sure they wouldn't just probably rolled would it. But do is definitely something different that were some of the guys you played with over the years pics into files with the biggest movie fans because I know a lot of NBA players watch films on the road you know what a Kobe was huge. There's two. You know cinema just because. You know he would talk about. You know one of the movies like really just by afternoon you know he pressed the loaned me was a whiplash. If you don't talk about you know someone just trying to achieve their goal would be best muted dream. In you know going above and beyond you know going to push him herself to desperate measures to accomplish their goal. They know so that it be passed along to me it's Obie does that you don't keep that. Insight as they go lower units and don't slide you know that was the jewel that he dropped them. Come full circle because whiplash premiered here at the Sundance Film Festival I think four years ago and it was one of those moments that everybody opening I was like. All we've discovered new town line. Talk me through your playing career when you discovered you town as a player when there was a rookie Jerry young player in the league. They've said you had that with last Sunday it's moments like all of this is the gap. Do you know what. I discovered dead as you know being in the studio. And watching this summer particularly. Disarm lead showcase with the lakers. In I think it was a lakers or knicks or whoever would reduce and a Kyle Cooper. You know he he comes out he plays a setup Mazen faces you know zoomed caught doing silent report for duty last night. If this is what. You know he's beat column in its wanna be told he hasn't also muzzled his nobility. And you know I just feel like views of superstars make. So Kyle crews is the miles teller the NBA I'll go to. Let's talk about your project with Mark Wahlberg how did you guys link up and what did mark say to you that make you realize that he was a great a great partner in telling your story book you know you you talk about film and you talk about you know I refer to mr. Michael Jordan of you don't do that Beardsley misplace it and you'd also accuses Jack of all trades you know he's someone dead you know gets it. You know he's seated at the real story is that he till from invincible some you know. To do it this story just put out you know with the goals you would be fuels do. You know deep water horizon. You know Soviet days they talk about him even all the money in the World Series that he's just a genuine guy. He knows how to. Take the story can keep it offensive. Did you know put it on screen so it's an inspiration. It is common across exactly the way dad. You know my storage needs to come across the newbies to being inspirational and aspires to so many people it has not taken away from the store. You know because sometimes we get involved with theater. You know things are so attracted. What baby days are added for theater but. He has a unique way and I watched him over the years he's he have a unique way of this big commute exactly what it is. They keep but it really altered. You look at film like the fighter for example which is from where he's from our even what he did with patriots day having a lot of the real life he'd ball all year so tell me a little bit about. Racine Wisconsin and how we're gonna see you portrayed on screen. You know Racine Wisconsin is in no small knit community population just under a 100000. But you know purpose cop is this population to crime rate is astronomical. Did you know particularly in the ninety's in the time and I was raised you know we're gonna such openings. You know. That I seen joke when I first jumped off the porch and diversity that I had to face you know bullets who what did I have to go to them to get to school. Adobe what did I have to go to begin at frost come back tomorrow porch to go back into my doorstep. The doorway of my home so. You know this is not a basketball through. You know basketball lives the light at the end of the total. You know that story is doing well documented but the other stuff behind the season's. New so must be toast points so. I think that's just gonna be life. This is this like as the most therapeutic thing like I did it with telling the story in the book. But is going to be the most their duty during the Cecil would be people inspired understand it seemed as believe me you can come back from really good. Any truth to the rumor that market might actually direct to projects first time directing fifty. There's a lot of truth to you know he's you know straddling the Frist put through the big thing is that. You know he still descriptive the bird people are really loves it here and it's. Over by overly excited about it so you know we look to be probably filled with so we're in November. And you know is this a little program like having a conversation remark last week here. Quotes that are open and of the Walt Burger's solicited just talk about it and sit down with the team who loses like may have to stay really happen. I can imagine the catering onset it's gonna be off well hydrated protein bars and all burners god you can have clockwise great everywhere I go this excuse me but I haven't it would be right now with the wall burgers is definitely go in full effect I would be surprised at you over what are receive police duke goes through wooded. More like graft favorite basketball movies of all times hoop dreams premiered here at Sundance many years ago talked to me about some of your favorite basketball movies or favorite moments of basketball on screen you know what I'll I'll have to say dome above the room. Would teach two plus sykora was indeed we're blue chips. Was secure little bill. A thought that was you don't Biddle and it did you know I got to give a lot of love and respect too much guy he got game because you don't. Ray Allen and no you can't load. Just active alongside it would do is they'll Washington and take an accident police. He did a magnificent job. You know just being dead dead dead athletes in their role so I'll look. I wanted to ask ray why he didn't pursue more acting opportunities after that noses first time on screens with like you said always major players and then I guess that you didn't have the bargaining just. Gave it upwards to organize juncture did you know was he. You know what he's he actually tourist event is sit and he probably if he could do it all you'd probably do a little bit more of it. You'll because he was really good at it you know and but you go to wasn't that day because. You go back did you guys loaded ventured off a little bit too much bigger. They would have thought she wasn't so serious about your craft you bass also. He did it right he's still walking hall of Famer dollars bill can do it could be looser I've been in this Sundance bubble for like the last week seeing films and talking to filmmakers so. Kind of Italian checked out of of cover in the NBA for a week herself but. I know that. You know the defender haven't figured it out yet. The cavs are obviously a soap operas playing on the media. You know you look at coli situation now in San Antonio there seems to be all this kind of just functioning happening around the league. Is that because of the warriors being so dominant everything's smooth sailing for those guys. Listen at the end of the day. The competition is good the the Golden State Warriors they're very good. And in a bear to bar they're the standard is you know copy and philosophies is a form of flattery. You know and you see so many people Tron coming imitate exactly what they created. In the closest thing alters the Houston Rockets you don't invest in the Western Conference if you look at the Eastern Conference whoever commodities. It's what you probably don't bug Golden State Warriors aspects. They have is this just sad to see because the pace that they play would it. In the style that they play in now have been adding Kevin Durant today and today mixed. This is extremely so for someone to people with him at that pace that they play. It gave valued at Kevin Durant in the half court he's got to recognize that you can plea was back to the basket. You don't take you to choose to rest more possessions right now on the shot clock a little bit. In Estes a tough pill to swallow so everyone's trying to figure it out and how do you beat drone do. And I just don't see nobody out there a symbol. Off a season teams off the deck and pushing the six possibly but actually beat the Minnesota game series with everyone healthy I don't see him out. Our last question here I've been a long suffering knicks fans took over forty years the fact I didn't say the next and you lap. Tells you that a bill my state of mind it's been over forty years since they've won a title. I'm out here producing movies and TV shows what he did have a better chance of seeing in my lifetime the knicks win a championship or from me to win an Oscar. Gossip column broke his coat with black you know what are okay let's be realistic. The Basel to play another hobby over the years who goes to America put up the Eastern Conference if you goals were us. You still got Toronto ball stood in the woods who's better. So is still not coming up the Eastern Conference. It did. The rate of the warriors is gonna exceeds whom you know let's be stressed out because they got the recent start stacking you know continue to lead their ballclub and organization in the right direction. Kevin Durant is just you know. Hit his prime. He's going to be good for the next seven to nine years. I just don't see it happen live life in the next fifteen years I don't see that. Sundance is a place to get inspired. To feel like there's hope out there. Oscar ever have a different I don't see that tiger got beat while another paper weight my office honestly didn't knicks championship go to it BA store you should be able to back of the Jersey. Put it up. In your Medicaid they did put the Oscar in front of New Jersey which should be able to back. He would do you championship clearly Karl Butler has never met mrs. lions appreciate seeing you I don't think don't fly so well and house appreciate you spending some time out here and humid to see your story and experience eggs are broken it. That was Karl Butler at the uninterrupted data out at Sundance and ad deal when you hear Mark Wahlberg directing. How does that make you feel he's directing the crime Butler movie it's so random and let's that we know Woburn love sports RC you know better than I do we've had here a couple times this in a filed his Odyssey into it like you know sometimes certain actors image of the sports fans. Yes well questions I Nin fan named Wahlberg is legit ease into it and you know what gets rendered for stretches creative muscles by director developed like a real relationship with Jimmy Butler is kind of a mentor to Jimmy Butler. I he's really close obviously was gradient and and Bob Kraft in the patriots and lots of breadth of his relationship with prom Butler. Truly interesting and and it apparently marks told me this and Koran mentioned it's like the movie's gonna. Let's stop when he goes to Connecticut so his religious about his you know experience growing up in Racine and no Wahlberg goes out there in September and films in movie you know there's going to be a wall burgers and okwu hydrate. And give you protein bars out their like Racine Wisconsin is gonna get all the wallboard business. I after he leaves I'm sure. Are they have a add in with your interviews with Paul Rudd and Nick Cage and Ethan Hawke and I've got the Black Eyed Peas in Jason Nuys six and we talked to John Legend in young grew I mean what we really. Really covered Sunday's effort we hit it from every possible angle on the fact even survived Sunday at this as a tremendous accomplishment. Unto itself as about to say thank you so much familiar happened and you know as Sundance is my bucket list and listen all kidding aside. It's a wonderful experience anchors people we go on us to be like park city Utah tourism. But honestly. This is city of a 100000 people and you know I don't know if this thing you 101000 people at 1008 and then did the big driver told us a 100000 people may get 70000 visitors. Non I don't know we gotta get we gotta hit the math. On I think I think they I think if they are 101000. Are in cities in the morning they get like 700000. Yep the park Park City population 8000. 200 in 190 my god in a more aggressive how they handle a Beverly and I saw the fact elected to get around easily hop on those buses ever super friendly. Of whether it was colder it was a brutally even early on you really this is drier than I'm used to we love the snow but. I see men next year reveal happening but I just I just don't get the bug but again we don't you bet I was getting just about to say next year you get a bad here it's your rush hour is going to be good. Get bigger banks are making it happen bad to the best. All right thanks what to battle lines he's the bass of course we are going to reunite. At the Academy Awards for Oscar dot com look forward those vignettes coming on a couple weeks that I was able to do and also. As Ed mentioned in the previous bike has been will now be part of every episode the lion's den. His own self contained segment coming next time xenophile and of course loved our refusal latest films since the next steps over the last from content for the Oscars. I'll talk with some documentaries that scene including a Christian heard and mentioned also the shorts were to look forward to sell. More Oscar themes coming this in a file until then I'll see you at the movies.