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Hour 2: Notre Dame Denied Appeal

Feb 14, 2018|

Adnan Virk in for Trey. The guys talk about Notre Dame losing their appeal to reinstate wins and then talk with Larry Nance to talk about his son and the new-look Cavs.

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A three time all star 94 slam dunk champ become about thirty minutes from now Keith Olbermann an hour from now Tim leg learning thirty and Katie dull at 930 as well sir mix it up all the place today. We're talking Winter Olympics were also talking about the dog show yeah it is of course Valentine's days is sinister most epic fails tweet to show ankle going. The as far as the dog show is concerned we reduce talked about that aggressive Flynn the Bichon Frise who won best in show last night. But you mentioned the dog that didn't make the spicy nacho spicy nacho. Are almost always chimed in on that one out busters all over I I look this ought to buster. But they said let's be honest no Westminster. Kennel show judge. It is voting for a dog named spicy nacho maybe the Cleveland kennel club that's how our shot pop but not Westminster. I've put through hell on the owner. The dog is absolved of any responsibility in this defeat this is on the owner because of the name. Their mother. I treat dead that way were all these cases I'm not gonna put any of the blame on a dogs and no situated no way I'm on the dogs every dog's a winner out there very good dogs they're all very good boys and girls out there I don't see any reason to lay blame at their feet regardless but. This is interstate because this is one of those places you talk about this is your movie preferences all the time out there it's not quite going to meet the high of well. Expectations. On an Oscar nominated film percent of the with a dog show the expectations of these dogs aren't necessarily what we're used to we like the begging we like to jump saying we like hugging in the affection. Those things don't necessarily play well with the judge is all the time. Now that's very true that they they wanna see the NLV the prim and proper all of us sometimes in braille. I like a dog it's not really producing thing because we have three of the fifth. I should say don't have any elitism right sociologist at every minute that I get the fact is certain to the pageantry here I got I had this I do I understand the history those laws can mix things up Logan all right. Like this all makes in the Roosevelt has his stories and dot com slowing here's what's trend. Tiger Woods paired with a Rory McIlroy Justin Thomas at the Riviera now tiger has yet to commit who's adopted hometown tournament. That we the Honda classic waiting to see how he fares and opening rounds of the Genesis opener Rivera country club. I think they'll be great sonnet by do you play I think he'll be as Smart senate by didn't play how about that. But that is that it's pretty good. Tiger he's 42 making his third tournament starts since returning from spinal fusion surgery last year. Two weeks after a tie for 23 at the Farmers Insurance open he tees off Thursday at ten point 2 AM tongue firmly plant quality of the audience. What are your answers that is I mean you know the tiger come back yet again for how many ever times. This is him coming back and and what's the goal again is the goal again to make the cut. Do we what went to a stop saying make the cut you know when he makes a few cuts in a row I guess. Thought I I still think to me Mike that's. That's the goal for him is to get barely get four days in in not just two days in an angle from where. There goes to the finish the round you started I have 11 or two rounds for me especially one that was far less serious worry you don't see him double over wincing in pain is not enough yet for me I wonder personally what that threshold looks like. For me but for him to with a mental anguish in this we talk about mark health faults and what he's dealing with tiger's been dealing with this for a long time the swing changes the injuries that a ball mounted to a point where. Competence is just what you wanna see again from my dad it was once the most dominant golfer we ever seen. Your bang on my junior is that that's ends of becoming easier right physical out worse the back there or if you're applying and I'm just assume you're good enough right eye liner got extra 8% I'm not disperse it could be is urging him but. I just assume the sheriff is clearly can do it now it's mentally how can he handle and of course the big things you guys now with golf. It's always tidy downs background around it's always aware and to OK first run came in hot sector around right line third round now is the backing up a little bit and I was in mental struggles have been part of it but that's an interest and if it's really raises a lot of my wife probably Smart if I don't and Al all eyes are sure will be on the driver senses drive all over the place them last tournament here is in so to see if you got that squared away a little bit. Love this story with spring training now pitchers and catchers reporting gonna Keith over on later on an hour now talk baseball but angels manager Mike Sosa says the pitching comes first for showing its Connie. He's part of a six man starting rotation now the angels his exposure as it designated hitter. We've based impart the workload he's prepared to handle. The angels regard him as a picture first the work off that assumption. In assessing his offensive role obviously is a major cycle are now and he wants to hit and he wants to pitch and Sosa said he's gonna get the most looks as a pitcher. If he can pitch to his capabilities that will always influence your team more than what he would do hitting. But that's not to say he won't have a chance to be difference maker on the opposite end to. They hope he's a huge success so I wish more guys did this I was again got it negro doing the throw you pay you an answer to your best your best players grower when you're young player your rest players for your pictures right there they're your best hitters as well and that obviously along the ride up the latter that that separates like get the fact you throw seven scoreless the next announcing a break if you what's the hit deeds that stay in my chair. I'm off for the could it let's go exactly be you can understand your organization again protecting the resource for right now in saint marketed dump this all once we understand this is part of a bigger plan for us to make sure that this is an asset for us. For a good long time making sure we don't overload right in front of a job I. So it's all going to be pitching he's got to perform pitching and you don't get. Immediately if it's all got to from a ball every now and then see if that leads to more and more and more 'cause he's used to doing that by right up. Security does pitching first in the six man rotation by. I I personally am excited to see him you'd be pitching and you'd be hitting it well right it's going to be tricky Billick and actually get shells and they go okay now you can hit for a few days of like I need it again because. I'm gonna say may yeah Ali historian as I said definitely it and make up for what that would mean the other side yet he failed miserably pitching well okay you are going to cut. Regular salt that for this money were there now it actually is not a ton of money right now the guys who could have made more but it did waited another two years were forward come over its two point. And also in new colts coach frank Reich embraces the role as backups that majority. Of his fourteen year NFL career playing as a backup quarterback he was a back up option as Indianapolis Colts head coach. After Josh McDaniels reneged on his agreement last minute. The backup role has suited me well in my career right send a roomful of laughter in his introductory press conference. Al Lucas Oil still able to sell the part well always endear yourself to the local it. It does but let's be honest euros and even the back out to the shop about me in their viewers he was pretty down deep in the lineup. As far as who they were looking at initially tier player like Chris Ballard the GM had Reich and his initial list of nearly ten candidates back in December we did not meet GM's top five right right so he refused down the list a little bit but came in here to save the day after Josh regatta Josh McDaniels. You know backs out of this so that as we talked about they get the winning offensive coordinator permits fell from the from the NFL this year not the losing offensive coordinator. In the Super Bowl salt. Let's and it's a role he's relish his entire career from a back up it's not like. You're not gonna hurt the feelings of a guy like frank now you're just not going to reason he's lived the life of having to comment at certain times when meat the better players. Aren't performing or are hurts all knew that this is gonna get to him at all. You just wonder what the least looks like for this guy because the ones you also learn in that back up role as a player as a reserve player as you are not afforded the same number of our communities are the chances to screw them up. Did someone who comes in with a bit more fanfare that someone like Josh McDaniels. Would probably have been afforded based on your initial thoughts on the and so what does that look like especially fourteen and an uncertain future. That's a great point because it goes on the players as well does and I mean this goes on the players is while when your when your that first or second choice. You know whether to coach or player you get a little bit of leeway about when you're not man you'll all of a sudden your mistakes you'll get to work through them as far fetched. You know from a player standpoint or or lower tier coach it's employer from some standpoint. Mostly because he needs a lot of help and that team around him you know and a lot going to be thrown on him as a head coach but there's not a whole lot to work with right now. Hill climb right net not all come on cliff there was 12. Now dollar of its 12 it's okay Sharjah tackles is very quick recover whatever are very quick recovery. Uphill climb right now for frank Reich both who happens with the calls a look at Winger is presented by dollar shape club brought to buy dollar shave club. Upgrade to shoot eighty with a fresh clay whenever you want for a fraction of the price join dollar shaped cloud dot com today I never in portray we are goal going go. On ESPN radio and ESPN two. My junior not sitting the segment out. This could be painful. And she'll lay denied notre Dame's appeal the decision to vacate 21 football victories because of academic misconduct including all twelve wins. From the school's 2012 national championship game run for those are unaware course until my junior was on the team while offensive lineman. Notice present the reverend John Jenkins criticizes isn't a letter to alumni say in the penalty was unprecedented. Considering who was involved in misconduct at the school is being punished for rigorously enforcing his honor code called the ruling and bear. On Notre Dame agreed to accept certain insulate findings acknowledged cheating. Involving several football players any student athletic trainer but appealed all the pill that they give the victories so the Italy stripping the Irish 21 wins. By the school 5000 dollars and plea yeah. And place to school on one years' probation that was in November of twice been. And just of course again Mike Hsu noses well national runner up in 2012 loss to ban in the title game finished twelve to one when not if for 23 two. Like Judy floor is yours first. It's gotten beyond the point because I did the initial rant when this came out does something I almost forgot about through the course beyond a lot transfer out about it and absolutely we had a conversation the first time around. Where you look at it and you say well what's the value really a stripping away wins that we all know or there I had someone tweet me this morning and steamy Internet age where we can all go back and see those games it's impossible to a race that great for a place like Notre Dame were having those on the ledger manners. Were having it. Relative to your all time position we know that win percentage they constantly waffle at Michigan for one Ventura all time. This knocks them down considerably to number 60 really become secondary at this point because again you're not really going to rewrite history. What you've done is you've now slated someone who came this was really an ally for you write the winner Notre Dame operate because you know this is walls idea. When I talk about that honor code dark what is different. The outer court expects more out of you don't want the NCAA is going to expect out of use a student athlete be barriers in the markers that you have to meet. At Notre Dame are different and so they're saying we hold ourselves accountable. And that wasn't good enough for you another instance and we seemed audio runner Jed Gillis had just read the NCAA totally overstepped bounds again the Penn State overreach means nobody won best to get themselves again this is a student issue to which Notre Dame applied its honor code now nobody will apply our court again when you've got to school at Notre Dame they can beat the beacon of this for you and say it would prop this up all the time the NCAA loves the student athlete monster in Notre Dame actually backs up which are looking format and now you've lost them. Good luck for a seat full of people are tied fool people already calling for what do we need the NCAA for anyway John Jenkins a company got to look at that demo going yep exactly what do we need you for. Well after those who may not remember what went on this it was a couple of student a couple of football players who were cheating. And who were doing the cheating with a part time assistant trainer. And basically what the NCAA said was that that part time assistant trainer was a representative of the institution. And basically what would John Jenkins Hussein there's no precedent previous NCA cases. For the decision to add to discretionary penalty of vacation of team record indicates a student. Two student cheating involving a part time student worker who has no role. An academic advising. And when there what one guy that bet a lot of you may not know that we have gotten to know it is his father John Jenkins the president Notre Dame. He is a he's more of a quiet man. And he got riled. And you riled that and he he. The letter he sent out in amber bottle to of this explaining a lot of these things are much better that I would ever have a chance to explain you can you're closer to him and that certainly I can of explaining. What's going on here but. To your point we are heard you before what Jay's point is as well. Notre Dame you know I know a lot of people hate Notre Dame say your lead us in blob blob off fine. But Notre Dame has higher standards to get in for student athletes and then to MTA gets that the fact that just is so well why however you want to look at that. And how what Notre Dame holds its student athletes to is that a higher standard that other schools are what the NCA Woodward deem these standards and Notre Dame. They disciplined when these when these student athletes were cheated and sold to the point that everybody is making is now the NCA comes over the top. And vacate all these wins that's is what you're doing here. Are making schools now say why the hell we're gonna have a lot of code. We're gonna we're gonna take care of our own here we're gonna did discipline these people are not a code but then you come over the top and smoke like this and you haven't done it before. Or how or why are we gonna do this anymore. If I'm a kid and you'd do in my mom we're always the same you wonder you wanted us to put you keep you were involved in the things that we are doing keep you abreast of what was going on even if it sometimes it was uncomfortable if I do that Barbara war George trust by telling you something that I've done something that might disappoint you guys. And you go back on that punish overly harshly and and lock me away for all time what am I gonna do the next time I tell Italian there as of now that's exactly what they're going to face Notre Dame and other schools organs are right. We don't believe that this is something that has overstepped crazy boundaries we reported it because we believe it's the right thing to do and what's our award in the back and being punished for something that goes so far over the top that why would we ever put ourselves in that position again so now you just create a breeding ground for more to go wrong and places words more likely to go wrong and here. And I know one of the comparisons with North Carolina went through the and the reason one of the region are believed the NC didn't jump in and out on because involvement regular students as well with a fake classes and fake curriculum and all that but I mean athletes seeking irregular or is holy smokes you look at that situation but they said elicited it's not just athletes its regular student as well where this. Was student athletes and a part time athletic trainer so they felt it was more than their purview to come down and do this it just yet and and I know we want to say you guys once snorted yeah we did. But listen. If this is about school exit wasn't Notre Dame. It's in the exact same thing and it's it's it's ridiculous when you're taking care bureau under display hero and an honor code. That doesn't involve the curriculum or it's not institutionalized. Here as far as the cheating is concerned. I mean man I I do it's a bit overstepping. It's your chance like like he says Sony people are Notre Dame haters they said they don't like the school stands for and all the rest of blah blah blah and Rudy Exterran. Do you think there's a chance because incidentally they're from that's whether overreaching there saying we don't want to be seen as being. Given a break through that given a break or absorbs solar punishing maybe excessively just so nobody criticizes of being. Pro Notre Dame I know let's assertive by that would open up a bit is search it's that when your big dog he yell let's let's pell Notre Dame on this I don't think Ernie feet. I think it's one of those words like in sports. Just ten to punish the guys that they can get away with punt I think they tend to punish the people and situations you're never gonna see someone's. This proves what Malcolm Butler got sat down in the Super Bowl they're not sitting down Tom Brady if it's a comparable situation that ain't happening and so a lot of those other cases there big. There are really complex cases they involve a lot of moving parts and a lot of impropriety it's really difficult to deal with the the public right stuff of the NCAA we talk about all the time as well out of its jurisdiction in dealing with. This felt a little easier for them. This felt a little bit more compartmentalized in a way that we could look at make insane justified as we think is wrong we're gonna strip wins and that's gonna be the end debated felt low stakes and up the problem is. You thought it was a low stakes issue with a place that still carries a fair amount await whatever you wanna say about the state of the football program wins a loss is wise father Jenkins jacks for broken that group over there still will the fair amount of power in college football circles. And I can't imagine this is going to be a group that's going to go to bat if the NCAA needs it going forward. Another thought speaking a football people fired up Charles Haley the no effect this is crazy that the four defensive Limas last linebacker pro football hall of Famer he resolve the Dennison Kalish are shell on one of 3.3 ESPN Dallas. And went off on a variety of issues criticize in the cowboys. From gone thirteen and three twice sixteen to 97 this past season. NEC had I blame everybody it's one team everybody's together and that's the key I go over their I tell guys man. Jerry built this house for budget damn loser wild and they get mad bit to do something about it I can't do anything about it I can't play all I can do is give you some knowledge. Crazy that he was is it in illegals are so big they're so busy getting on Twitter FaceBook everything else maybe you should get mad playbook Shuler had a rush catch and block. I mean nobody is scared of them ain't nobody really scary all we all noticed listen to people saying you got the best offense upon the business. I should whose security L. Those little things like that those intangibles the attitude you take I go over there and I watched guys were I watched him go through drills. Charles Haley. Hammering today's Gallup that that was I you know low Bruce DOS it's like constant. I know what it is if they put something in the raisin bran for these guys is a bit off the Dow off the norm by. To come out firing like that as it is in general with football but a lot of the problem becomes for the sport as a whole that. North harshest critics are within the sport so it gives everyone else credence to look at an attack drive the Dallas Cowboys are. Already polarizing Morgan Nelson so now you invite this out there for a team that is coming off a rough year in the job for Jason Darren company continues to get put under that magnify. You know and you just wonder I guess you look around and everything for us it would be more like Notre Dame could you see yourself for me met that's were you play and national champs to game you dare you you. A you know our whole Famer Dan you. Radio rejected. That if you saw. If you felt the same way Charles Haley felt about the cowboys would you be speaking up like this would you be going off on that as well I mean. Is that the team you're associated with the most and Charles Haley is it while he played for a number to catch no doubt about that. Associated himself I've when he was a Dallas cowboy. That's the thing I mean would you would you go off like that. You know I I think there are ways to go about a good you can appreciate someone being critical so I think they love and I think we all do that to an extent I mean hell that pops up with the U we'd like in this building sometime you have to be able to look at certain things objectively. And called a Mal but the tone with which you do it also matters and for. Someone that you okay here's what I go back on campus how I'm received I'm always careful to say I wanna be disrespectful because I understand what these people are going through it does that's the thing that's shocking as Charles Haley understands what these guys are going through May be that what he feels like gives him the ability to say this but. You think it would also breed a little bit and empathy for the coarseness. I usually criticize those in law like being cared continuing to saving ground area you think you Cubans in the situation. You'd be a little bit more can I think there are ways to do it as well where you don't wanna be beat that guy that says oh you're gonna make an excuse your team all the time and there's times you can be critical of play x.s and o.s we you know we can break things down that were critical of but yet there could be a way of how far do you go from a personal attack as opposed to what you're seeing on the PSA criticism and constructive canals and got Jerry built this house are but to damn looser now I not be the best for us. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage I could get loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Michael care. You know eighty keyed in a more security company can now help keep you safe at home and when you're on the go get started with an 83 starter kit professionally installed for only 49 dollars plus you get eighty if you don't the new family mobile Cynthia and services. One or seven emergency response for free with. With any ADT security system scored eighty. Of course there's a motor co director listening to pay a commission in early termination fees apply certain markets excluded listens to nobody needed a television country you don't premium services at march 31 2018. But certainly the Valentine's Day sawing thank god isn't Led Zeppelin crank it up here for Valentine's Day goal going on ESPN radio news into a Matt Ember can portray. As always are presented by progressed insurance all phone guess in the shell pencil performance limelight you know was for the next thirty minutes as well. Coming up fifteen minutes from now a heavy topic him volley millennial Los bounce on Wednesday. Could be able Dicey yeah but let's bring in our mayor Larry Nance three time all star 1984 slam dunk champion joining us. On the shell Pennzoil performance line taking a synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level make the Swiss depends on synthetics. Today mr. Nance congrats on your son's performance last night. Thirteen points as the cavaliers put up a 120 and defeat Oklahoma City one point of 112. What is being your reaction is senior son a florist on his new home. And it's just there's just served lesson bit to have him here and you know you you want to Q2. Do well it's stuff and make an MBA it was pretty darn good and make an NBA gay and straight to the team operate for just I don't know how we distant third day of his. His momma really are out of control excitement. So there there are as as I sit here and have my son sitting next to me Larry and we both were were football players and as you mentioned you know you want your. Your kids to do well. I he's going to be in the slam dunk contest and you won a slam dunk contest this economy and very say hold on sun you don't need to be better than me just yet in this thing. And not at all not at all known to be better than me I want him to win at road America there's going to be better than league with a K is because I. I've had my and I. I felt so much fun watching you know. That I want them to just just. Everything he does so. On the support him winners will lead. Eternal or enhance the shell Pennzoil performance like. When your son got traded to cats he had to change it'd to potentially on retire your number 22 and where that. And opted not to what was the conversation Michael was done one between you guys discussing that. Well it really wasn't a complication because solid he called me and let me know that he's he's got traded here. I called a cab to take it could have been number he's given the number's not they use currency and my big dessert keep. But you know I got this summer emote just let him where toward export hopefully there's some more work I'm also occurred. I would be nothing if he'd just had that number on inspect these borders closed career and where he Edward number seven labored I would be proud to award that you respect means so we just gonna ridiculously jamaat is nominal record are committed to it. We're talking to Larry Nance senior three time all star 1984 slam dunk champion will top of the Don content specifically in just a second but. It's just you know it's a different five around Cleveland value known as well as anybody Larry you know. What is it like do you think as he beat beat a former player and having your Sunday air. Just when a team seems a lot looser you can feel like David Letterman are used in reporter said he feel it the balloons bit of pop now this Cleveland team what is that like you think for his team. Well it's great because it that the people around here just. Talking to Hitler as a major. In. Well Democrat elected duet they paid at all. A northern America Portland and they contagious you know they know that demon in you know I haven't heard our. Superstar like LeBron on there and it doesn't make everything. Kick just got a bunch of great players that know how to do wrong. Almost doomed really and non that there one. Two big games in it's it's a lot of fun to watch him in America you have a lot of foreign and that's what about the Volvo about it when you really do we're also real big cubicle. You know he comes from the lakers which was a young really everybody is looking at this young up and coming team maybe grab a couple of big time free agents in the summer and see where they go he goes through a team that is now. Looking to compete for a championship right now. What I see in talking to you what what does he say you about the vibe of the differences of the locker room of a young up and coming team to a team that's ready to win right now. Well I think you know if I can say does that make you young up and come in and went from night to night sometime they were they really well at sometime they would just. You know. The record did headlights look Brooke you know there. There are. The tech guys is auto. Polished detained and make him just a little bit better I know Larry well he didn't get better or brought their work to do or do all the hard work. And and make a game better so he's excited to be and it all failed I came and I argued that he just sort of more more you learn his rolled very he's going to be as well apparently going to be. And I think added to that end. When you look at now the rest of the season we get this natural break around the all star game and coming back what you see is the ceiling for this team now knowing the ultimate challenge that lays at the end is the Golden State Warriors. I don't think they know what they I really writer Brian I wished it could not go to the threat are. All star break because they're really the Dolan is different the other night solidarity they they know what the feeling is because. The force guys they're brought in regard to go along with. What they have it is if you broke your wrist and they have about different pieces of a lot of options in. I think this kind of commitment but I don't know what that hat. I just don't know what they would because here. It showed really in two games of really don't really good. I learned I gotta give us the real good stuff you won the inaugural slam dunk contests in 1984 now I your son is competing. What kind of vice Miguel dumb can you give this city is any clues as to what he might do out there. I would not do that he he told me you don't deny it I'm really. Excitement feel much ready. If they eat terribly I try to picture. And the two he told me I cannot Richard doing so. Talk really excited you'll go out there reluctant and he wouldn't do well you know I'm proud level where another round hope we win and I know he wants to Wear to bed and now we have. Note to slammed our children and I get that up to take it gives him man of the if he wins. Larry and what. Age did your son spurs beat you more I want. He can beat me now. It's. I. They look you gotta and I can be introducing typical boy he's. You know this fiction that it took 35 he's the machine so our. When he went the white male reality is it's it's stickier why don't you do you begin to get a look too bad for me in that respect so. No it. That the night. You know juncture you know you've got that late in the world right what do you kids play. And well I can watch a practice in the better than any game I ever been in it and and it just so much at such a blessing to. Be able to do whatever door right now with my kid and now I've been very fortunate to have a girl who went to Dayton. Great basketball wore number 22 have married doing what Wyoming. They've got the ball or number two that you were among villain is going northwest in a word number 22 part is there really blessed with Joaquin. Great basketball you've read this I think you know announcement. Larry no we we saw that the great shirt of your son wearing a picture view if he wins will you are sure with a picture of him dunking on it. I would look to we've got to get made and we will then you'll definitely see me would it on because. You know it it's it's good on her to go in the left that country is biggest chancellor president. The demand said print the shirts Larry Nance every time a very normal 94 slam dunk champion congrats on the success your son is enjoying Cleveland good luck in the dunk contest and thanks much of the time thanks Larry. Thank you glad you have a great day. I'm just gets tight some I. I object to me were so cool because stuffy I rematch op I thought the same thing I would sit there and go watch these guys just practice in weather was football practice whether or out scorcher there are younger than. They're all to just go sit at practice. I go watch the seven on several Mike was just snapping the ball to a quarterback and they were doing seven on seven. Just watching him there individual drills whether it's tight end for Jake or old wide for my. I sit and watch Sidney swim for two to three hours to sit there watch practice going back to form and Larry's right I got more enjoyment. Out of that that they're saying in this news sentimental thing of parliaments on here if I got more enjoyment out of that it and Larry's right and even when I played a watching your kids do something that they love so that was very very cool I did notice not in my kids decided to Wear my number and every one of Larry's kids decided to Wear his number if that's okay. Let's just say no worries Lacey how eager to think Larry is it plugs and where it's. If Larry has to climb into the record in Cleveland himself into red bed 22 New Jersey down from god those heights he's gonna get that yeah. That's so great to hear I just let the biggest cigarette they're really three is going to get his kid you're torn do I just love. How much she enjoys a watches and that was very very cool Brittany talk this summer that digging at assured your dad number nine in the Eagles you want to have to health awareness of your debt you're sure I understood it and I don't the first thing you could deliver it does unit reddish or not interested first off they were gonna make sure we just you want to listen and ask him to send it on I did have assured me dad dad and other members that eagles' defense on there today and I did whereas so let's see see how much it really residents had to thanks. Cook cookies that you wore one would be out of second they were here we are just some jerseys I have are of a shirt with your picture is. Big that is true hero why are you trying to remember you having met yet okay like three point Spitzer is just likable none of those days you might as it has been a resident who ordered his son Marc I hub for the fact obviously Jake couldn't do Jake was a tight and very did you ever ask for fifty phone when Clinton and now I did you were 55 high school with Bob I had a long time for a look at him to gurus want. Yeah I mean Padilla fives are really a greater number. Twos are and somebody break down numbers like viewing your brother Jake about how they look on you and you still think 55 is a good number iron to listen I understand and it's just a little too symmetrical all right an average gallon drums are great in Albany numbers that seems lazy. It escalated quickly. That means that really got an answer so that's fine that's fine if you ask the ice and the mentally talk a little thinking about how much I love what Larry enters talking about my own kids rip me that's greatness and I don't mean into the Brandon what do I do agree though like as his dad watching acute frat house nine year old playing bass the world in five. It's about Syria Veronica I just had a burnout or practitioner and a complete solid six and let's not throw a chance here. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I feel like I'm on top of the world the like you'll not be transported to the top of the world in the unlikely event thunders off the Arctic Circle six opened from the elements immediately to avoid frostbite or hypothermia buckled up be responsible to wonder ultimately more troublesome little lonely abominable snowman who would all likely little fortunately games including but not limited to go fish -- Chinese -- or his personal favorite red -- red and -- -- on over -- not liable for any -- either physical or emotional. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. I remember in four traits nineties gold going all on ESPN radio and ESPN two Keith Olbermann good Doris for fifty minutes now. Not baseball new managers Arum booed Alex Cora was Goose Gossage going off once again. But it's always great to have Michael junior in the house of us first and last 4 to 6 eastern. Every morning weekdays he's also a tremendous Twitter follow and the best weeks he's ever said. I've actually tweet them again video we can reach freedom from goal going go and goal junior 57. There's a photo spread that Brad Pitt did this as. After the is the break up of the Angie and and he addressed the fact he was alcoholism right now so there's a series of lake scenic shots and size of these semi Q describe it that. When your reaction of those pictures were and if we can replicate that voters in general. Brad went on to nature to find himself and it's on the Mitt right now given the time a year I think we can all do a little bit of searching and I I said I'd retreated one of them work. Brad is hastily laid out on the grounds sort of like if you could imagine a merry net someone's just drop all the strings. Really let dole himself an out moment I say I can't explain what or how. I definitely learned something about myself through this photo you can just sit there is so much sole president in these pictures. You're thinker he's there were no doubt about that deep thinker and my son is a thinker and I hope you think along our about this one. Too much Netflix none of chill that's a headline why young Americans are having less sex Hala. Happy Valentine's everybody. American adults on average are having sex hood nine fewer times per year in the twenty. Ends compared adults in late 1990s. So that's a 14% decline in sexual frequency so let's just battles. Now eighteen to thirty year old aren't doing at all from 2002 to 200412%. Reported having no sex in the preceding year a decade later in the years Tony fortunately sixteen that number rose to 18%. And sex is also dead among teenagers. 47%. No 541%. In 2015. So why are of course folks in my junior the members the millennial born between 1980 in the mid 1990 yup. And I gen boards at the mid 1990s generations are more cautious on average an earlier generations. And hence more inclined to focus on the emotional and physical risks of sex. Rather that is Joyce. We have say about that your generations ever less sex in my generation or there that's on Luzon could make those decisions affect. I'm. I'm at the liberty the other party involved and I don't get to me I don't get the cause I don't walk in his right is I want to be at the mega damage that's. Are what ever normal audio group. So I admire girls sorry we're not just these crash. Six hungry monsters aren't I look at a little person and notice notice is maybe we just have better game what do you think about that I'll what are they about that anyone who's hung now you for longer than one him at all. Listened to you you know this is classic case of deflecting right now listen and collected and I like to take your mind and body bruise is when we get or were going. Obviously there's dirt but I love the explanations for last sexist well because we're thinking about that or figure out this you know you don't have men you guys just. Don't have it that's fine if you wanna be a volume. Shooter man like congratulate the ice and I sit here is a receipt of said action so I can't really excited about coming there I'm. Public this. A sexual counterrevolution. That's a Douglas Murray two spectators said the 1960 site freeing up and attitudes towards sex pushing the boundaries this countersuing is turning sexual freedom in this sexual fear. Nearly all sexual opportunities into a legal listing minefield with insist. Let's finally destroy. Yeah I don't really like calling it wanted to tell you lost Tim and I'll lose and it worked diseases like we're talking about Sam listen and I've heard us talk about the fact the below and we'll have a lot of sex that I am not only in new man in the mirror did it look that's all I was concerned about you people in the high plume of words and so boy definitely realistic but I didn't that is just a little hole and then are you Communist era when there's more bad let's all laugh they similar problems is sixteen and pregnant that MTV show people like that I and the second I tell you that is the real there's one thing I so. IPod models on my twentieth birthday for nothing else than the fact I'd be teen pregnant all night and I'll landmark victory in the world in my eyes kinda good damage apparently no it. Usually your brother and sister are subjected to this in your different locker rooms that you were enough senate one million dollars and there's nothing like sitting in the training German Notre Dame trying to ice up my hamstring and every year about your parents' sex life. In front of everyone. Who at nights in my hamstring two on target about. What do you do it. The gators to close review what he over Valentine's Day. Hi Jack I'm gonna go home mom and enjoy and hopefully a dinner that I don't have to scrape off the floor Tupelo yes exactly and I'm overwhelmed. Yeah. Bring it. Yeah that sounds so please respect my mom okay. All right thanks to Michael junior first lust for us is next week is coming up Keith Olbermann on the impasse in baseball placed him littler a new look at the next hour I'd never give Detroit win one goal accused in radio.