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Hour 3: Keith Olberman

Feb 14, 2018|

Adnan Virk in for Trey Wingo. The guys talk with Keith Olberman and then bring in Tim Legler to talk about the NBA and more.

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It yours that dollar shave club dot com slash go look at scholarship dot com slash go. And America in for a trade today we are goal can swing on it spin rate and EST into a happy Valentine's to be a body states is always a Michael junior is a sensational job here with us some person last 46 AM. I did not chocolate colored rose out the door we don't want a million OK I took on Angola crush I live and our hall causal disappointed. I know we really were chastised by hope our wonderful makeup artist didn't have enough of I guess in her opinion a festive feel about the originate. Charade that she went down the cap he picked up a few roses here so yes and chocolate dark chocolate roses are completely at a ball which is fantastic he said there was only when there were three of seniors there was only two donuts with pink frosting like Valentine's colors like I'm. Have once again it's because there's three guys said. We just fight for the middle thing what what's the big deal right in life not everybody gets a ribbon sorry Simpson actor and then had to go to the army and just one of I mean I really think. After final actually sat whatever is lax about body blows up a little clip front and the boarded a plane. Although a lot of love songs have you had he always says his image so while saw Gibson lost ark and nor do I give a log song I ever want. What luckily Sheikh. What are these are the greatest love songs out there ever not one Lionel Richie now what Whitney Houston right not that clip for the latest track there Soto was loved by Torre lanes but at pelican eighty wouldn't we just don't. I mean they're all wonderful but why are you asking me or put and then you don't even if I feel like your management all of a sudden and I'm not managers yes the ring armament put this on management right now public your talked and Emma about it. What other Italian not to play a lot of Richie I'm sick don't play a little. I would say that lightly polarizing musicians artists like right Lional Richie like whose don't and Lionel Richie got what did you gonna put a name and are now when he read Nancy. Olive rain. Cliff because people don't you give me a prophetic he did just drop the hair do you have some light on Richie available for the rest of the show I got here and it's our ruby points in my life I'd appreciate it out of my request vis a vis dancing as it. Hattaway what is love it's important. Bangkok I got good equipment in a fit it's well we look upbeat loves solid today that's what we're doing on the floor we bring in Keith Obermann stock. Baseball do won't talk a little Winter Olympics eyes always are present by progressive insurance all of our phone guest on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Mike are locked in Richard's talking you know USA Slovakia's are right now I don't you love Olympic hockey is much is ideal but it is different I look up there and I don't know anybody because of course tonight is that shelf players so it's different Passat golf all right Phil Kessel Patrick Kane etc. Now go all right who is the American no clue and no good they are and I used to be I was always one of those guys give me the amateurs of stopping the pros and once obviously the pros are coming and it's right near you not put the toothpaste back in the tube as they say until I get it but this year obviously with the NHL about being involved I don't. I don't know that are you totally your favorites Olympic memories reserves I think TJ oh she was critical for the USA that shoot out all your knuckle dragging down believe obviously fantastic and a catch people off Nash who to go Americans and hockey I said it depends on seats in the export America but. Olympics or its its its US state senator ever and goes what what's one of the best things were looking forward to coming to the end of these Olympics is USA Canada women's hockey yet now we finally although I mean and we're talking about who's going to be the face. All of the who's going to be the marketing who's gonna win the marketing yells and she knows that success of one is gonna be Khloe Kim because. At thirteen to go to qualify virtues too young for the Olympics at. So maybe it's her I was looking I started cooling. Greatest Olympic Winter Olympic athletes every known number one news in it it's it's who it's two Apollo Anton won't know. Mel Christiane Oguchi it is not Bonnie Blair. Bonnie Blair body got this again there there's many multiple this is it is it is I believe as USA today's your day have her number one. Eric hide number to their time you know Dick Button third Apollo Ohno of oral forefront. Shaun White fifth Shaun White just tied Bonnie Blair for winning a golden three exacts immigrants through Olympics and Scott Hamilton number six Picabo Street number seven. Peggy Fleming number eight north he camel number nine and Kristi Yamaguchi number ten. Pretty illustrious list that does a pretty good list regardless up while course. I wanna look great thrills are being he's gonna get to work of Michael X so many wonderful people and one of the thrills I got to fill in for Keith Olbermann. Tony five times and his show and the great KL joining us now once again on the shell Pennzoil proponents like Keith. I was hoping you'd be here in studio kitchen are lively day sir OC we cracked up and catch a big gamble once again the nonetheless it is great to have you with us on ESPN Airways is ESPN contributor. Well but my pleasure development and actors like to McChrystal while. Don't mind will what we do this. Thank you back up and we are you ready to back me up like that why aren't. I just saw them you know baseball or something like data for Paul Lewis and play at some point let's get to real questions first. How are our UA big time Olympic guide you through your cells into the juju just love watching it doesn't matter what the event this. No I'm I'm probably the exact opposite of that. I can best constructed movement that. Warmed my heart because I saw all those medals in 1980 I was out of 1980 in there I didn't. It was rose 21 years all but my assignment was to cover the Olympics or United Press International which appeared rival some rest and it was. Poll. It didn't have the fuel. The Olympics as a whole event the feel of sort of orchestrated the reality TV drama portrait I just get that feeling now everyone's got great human interest story now it's. Hockey team every member of this team fell into a cement mixers I'll get there and there are at the airport but he's overcome and obstacles and obviously that's what lights I'd like to Susan's parents and I don't I don't connect you Olympics with sports anymore it's if they walk me. Someone along that line and that was it's a huge that replica of the 100 that's obviously. Are your American hockey team and as I sit heightened whose scale fuel. We're outside the window or all our studio literally read the window and you're in the pool and corner of the of the Edinburgh and in what classes but and I just in on some grouchy old man this morning but that's the works well. Pollack to bummer because and they still have made in my heart still there are well and I would love bill undercover alive Olympics you know we have Julie followed there and other Mike Lee's I would love to be there. Barbara Matta I I. To be I saw a lot and and and I and I do think I could dominated curling it will we'll Ken O'Keefe the doubles luge numbers that you are not. In the hits I've KL baseball time nobody lows baseball nobody appreciates it more than you nobody knows for the new this impasse right now is troubling to see so many players. On who's yet to find teams Marietta reasons or what do you think is the biggest reason. Well I don't think it's the collusion more than everything else. Little can use that word but. But here's here's here's the gist of it I don't know I'm sometimes. The news and until and dealt used to meet and I don't see anybody else put it up but never beaten. Either I didn't really insightful or I'm hallucinating and I'm not saying these interviews which close look at people. I I think. Certainly people accused pupils. They beat the Commissioner of Baseball is you're like to tell. Admitted something that war is a smoking gun of collusion last week and it sort of went past all. And I guess it's because. How many people are are around copper. Beat attempts to tender regency in the eighties and a lot of them. And good smoking gun. In the 1980 no re rob what's on the rob Manfred set last week a statement during the slightly clears it up smoking gun in 1986. Million dollars over a million dollars or chart with ten or 300 million dollars or colluding credentialing creations from being freely. Smoking gun was only found out that the computer. Be your owners use computers were Zorro skirts thing was a database. It was they you know what's a source for all teams could look into and litany all took their kitchens they all knew what their awkward where there was no competition. And if the team that had a free agent was brought to him so I don't wanna keep them. Older teens were encouraged not to make an offer for. And so you only had four players mock each winter in eighty countries six and 8687. And that just what was entirely legal. On just read one thing on rock band Chris last week and utility worker not I'm I'm I'm hallucinating herbs and insightful it is Colin at this point in the calendar and have a large number of U agents on side. That's not true but that's beside the point what is uncommon is to have some of the best. Freeagent sitting on science even though they have substantial alters. Some in nine speakers. Now and that quote got sincerity. They will report we have substantial offers some of nitrogen and so according to be your ports east stating that his bat. Meaning he personally knows of these offers and he knows the financial details straight. Some are in nine figures that means that at minimum the players to Europe the owners are sharing details of what awkward and made. With the commissioner's office and that is. Smoking gun edited bidding. Up collusion. And I mean it the week you compare that then suddenly you know area and other types of them Gonzales and stalkers and street merchant and win an Oscar everybody else who don't sign a screen Clearwater or what's happening. This is they want this to happen. When I walked salary is not to keep going up which is what kind of click doesn't business but it's it's right there are problems. So it along with the that lying being said and I would love I'm sure the union would love to do. Prove this and I'm sure the Scott Boris is a war hold would love to approve this. Would their bids certainly with that line alone there wouldn't be enough do you think that collusion can be proven against us while and the owners. Well again the one thing that you can. Be sure about. And this goes not just from covering the last two years of baseball knew the reserve you know sort of a dual core or were order or expand or whatever. But also studying the previews 100 years or history of baseball tickets at the and you think it's not possible that could happen than good. Stupid not to do it and or somebody's cheating a tourniquet around the war in baseball a computer that's secure is it almost always turned out of you that there's so the first thing. But it helped on the salad with a player or older. If you period and it doesn't make sense he usually means they haven't sacked on the dumpster problem probably due legal thing I think it's probable because that statement. And allows them in the in the process of lipstick and arbitrary span or stool and that gives them you know the likelihood of being able to essentially subpoena that's the wrong term that's the essentially. Gain access to information as to whether or not there is a computer database now which are. Franchise is listening want to oh what they have walker people Olympic record baseball is not supposed to know. Of the individual feelings out teams with players and unless unless he only knows. Won all her her outlook teams. He's in trouble. And there's been this news. You know this is untrue the players' association not at this point because they don't the two announces. The new yes that's collusion in that group that going to war and that beat the agents who aren't in the players' association without credit. War you know basically a walk routers whatever problem or know where they would respond to this problem and an Arctic are trying to stave that off but it's got to be obvious to them. And then you pick the fact that. The two all star teams. All unsigned players opening a training camp this week we know we haven't had the sequential port commissioners incorrectly cabinet despite all you unsigned players or maybe. In terms of total numbers were not in terms of total quality madness. Tock we Keith Olbermann ESPN contributor right now on goal look at wing go ESPN radio and he is into speaking of madness scale and I'm a person matches back in 2008 the closing of the old Yankee Stadium and your very generous of their timing your telling me how you had season tickets are when you're younger son Mickey Mantle play your appreciation for Joseph Gordon Reggie Jackson all that. And so I mentioned that. Preamble because as somebody who can who knows the Inky phantom end. Appreciate their history what do you make of Goose Gossage which is now turning to an annual rite of spring who. These hammered Marrero very took shots it was a Batiste. And now he's just drop the profanity is a prime cash from what's called on the deuce. Well it's not like it was in the good old days when do you really used to work or news. I mean there's no wait a tried a couple of times there are no where you can say this on television or on the radio so I'm just hurt. Some point tickets on YouTube just look up Goose Gossage in the Slorc might beat. On its the title might be. Take it upstairs to the pac man or so and in 1982 rich gossage unleashed greater Irene. I ever occurred since. Anybody we're. Reporters present and I mean. It was an epic period in baseball history that was one meat on the verbiage seem to be loaded up on what article on steroids and people in their minds. That's Dallas Green that you would get reps Tom LaSorda on Dave king and formats which dropped to one night in 1982. Completely lost its and winds. Berserk and attacked everybody and is the most it's the most outstanding. Expletives filled rant all time and that strictly saying now look like sort of he he was great in the days that he's really lost its fastball so I heard as an adult that's always set your to pick the old. Like the other thing is this since it. As always with him there are troops inside what you're saying and it gets kind of lost in the in the over the top list of they'll flip and accused out. It's it's just. I'll much what you say about Yankee organization is true they will discard. Wherever they need to. I'll because they based think that's going to be a controversy that they're little or are warned they don't wanna work with somebody your quarter resentment much. Sheen that I ticket now five years. Sports six years since they suspended quick Jackson or not defending Alex Rodriguez. Sufficiently to their taste it he was a Yankee employees and always that was yes. There's steroid problem was born to great shot at a order ED problem or put a shadow over all his candidacy which was a nice way of saying. What the truth what sort of ballot was ever gonna get at all same. And yankees suspended Richard Jackson for doing this. And they have a habit of bringing the old timers back sprint trading that once they during the season I pretty much exploiting them. On and I think Richard is personal argument and complaint about how he has been treated was ballot solidly into the cool criticisms are back crank dual band stuff too. But you know it is it is it'd last. This is relief pitching the same thing as it was in his goal was not more arduous. In the 1970s in the 1980s and it is now and there's not really been an aid and acceptance as. You know despite many years to get the whole grain because. People didn't. Couldn't see the total number of saves and and they were lower open and Mary is another guy so there's a lot of truth in what he's saying. And I'm disappointed that he's only. Use that many expletives bankers. And if you could if you go to you'll know what he's capable much batters what you're telling me. We're we're all thrills or Keith as far as baseball tonight alumni that Alex Cora is now the manager of the Boston Red Sox they're at it and Aaron Boone is now the manager in New York Yankees I know you know Bruni well on his father Bob. I'll what are we are seeing aren't what they were. Her game if you've known him forever and unite in both the test the fact there's nobody that dislikes their ability he gets along with everybody and I understand his first time doing the gig and we're all well aware of whenever mistakes in neo fight can make the air and always persevere is easy ultimate winner. And I think those personal relationships will guide him wellness job always your reaction your birdies the manager of the New York Yankees. Well again my first reaction was I that the manager began when he was thirteen my. Got a animal. House. But that tackle once it was it was it was kids met because I had set the somebody a couple of weeks earlier. Somebody attacked and management at the espionage and the only thing that's wrong with a iron on the air or is it sounds like he's really upset that he's not getting to make managerial search. But you know he's the manager of the Yankees there are sure he'll do well and I'm sure he I think he may have made a mistake yesterday. What I don't know is there repeated I think you understand what was weirdest press conference so you know it's at the end should embrace the expectations and and everybody thinks they're the World Series there murder which the American League east paper whatever. That's like you know. Just. Got a couple games under your belt here even in spring training or you go are saying that because. Things have a way of evening out not completed during the week out over the course of the season but over eight. They career things even out the Yankees have a lot of things we're quite put them flashed her. And the two guys who were supposed to dominate the American League Easter there are a lot and went right collapsed hurts inherent structure and don't cost baton and I just. I wonder how much. Whether or not. Statistically. And it's wise whether or not and work against those two guys in the year had I mean you know. BP ideas like quotes where where the question based on we should accept that challenge in which two or. Might come across as kind of reason under the circumstance but. No I I think I think you'll be on another team will be on the that there is George Steinbrenner were alive and the Yankees now don't win their hearts and games parent control and it's nice that he's in a a slightly simpler organization. You Norman joining us on the shell Pennzoil performance find out the bit the biggest question of the morning your thoughts on Flynn the dish on Thursday winning best in show in the west missed it last night all my personal favorite 'cause I own tool or big you'd applaud. Well I am sitting here. Unlike output by two small white dogs and they are recuperating from anger over. After they went out and celebrated last night. Small white dog was Lester showed. Less square garden I do know it's it's it's always. I'm gonna leave the guy's name out of it because our our hated him yours that you didn't meet yours but the play by play announcer hot spot. Was complaining about the chores as the mixed. Bringing wind up onto the stage and is far I don't quick start up people all have a long record or what it's like there's not. Gambling on the this it is. All the dogs out there are literally out I've I've covered the years ago like corporate CNN and I went out there and do. You know three days weren't there reporting and there's 300 dogs here that you would. So are you trying. And I walk off with this stalled and wouldn't but he noticed this is good all ten past six. Purebred dogs and I thought it was also group that there was that a little of the Michael clearly. The drug. You're going to pass that moment of the truckers are able to medicate their tribute to all dogs and mixed breed and everything else I think to go eventually kind of opened the case eventually there will be an addict category and there liquid arrest. And we have. You know shelter dogs are out to a dog in and we get a little bit away from that the crew greeted her open that definition a little bit and yes. Having not had a dog it was 53 years old I have become a total dog person and why don't stop now I will talk you through to Liu hang up on. All of us did I do a driver I've been a dog or all my life there were 2882. Entries in the 202 breeds and I'm with you to its just the pure breads all the time I would love like my dog. Bring my three dogs and that I love the regular dog to have its lucrative and just be afraid or what they were due on the on the floor at Matt Lewis or Carter met. No I work with our work with a bunch of shelters in the thing is about Dawson and people these days. As injured dogs in talks with I mean it was quite sort with the help so another one in Los Angeles the kind of specialize. In injured or alternate site in one eye. Higher have just relax and I don't under I've got not trying to encourage this to happen by any stretch to match but beat the odds of getting home and those dogs. All are probably slightly greater than the ones that are only pull the you know. Lou functional morally and physically people blue route we're looking at these situations saying. I'm gonna have a whole dog aren't gonna make a dog eat so all I need a little might help an additional little talks grew on us so it's. I think that's the next thing and I also think have been one of mainstream market wanna look at that it is all but that's if they wanna encourage gambling on lets you know open it up at two to have not just the local corporate talks with took them two games have been and there giant boat. Space helmet here what Clinton will be shown at last night what's you know. What tablet category two dogs that that that move saved from streets or save perhaps it's. I go to school like it would have been good I don't do very cool and a dog lover baseball lover ESPN contributor great to have Keith Olbermann back with honest all the red pen. Many thanks to out of order into order and you know I appreciate my plunder it sort of goes. There are micro here support for the bullet when gold podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. You're getting the right mortgage for you you get started order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. We ago. Special request Donnelly Michael epic Keith Olbermann on the Atlanta Richie trainer in honor of Al hunt is special request asked for love songs on Valentine's Day. Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie and all of a sudden we we were not getting a plate. A new law tells doughnut I'm guessing he's cliff re inaction of the via praise from initial ideas are raked in nearly a bop -- Bob I think his feel as you want I'll be want to talk to me I think that's great coaching and you get out of the room on gul I'll. Race of our music idly gay are you gonna throw something your view. He'd he can give some good two pieces of doll and all that all love songs have to be upbeat give me a break it's a love song imagine at all close yeah raises guidance riders a glass wall between used to. Well there's a door here in the majority there I don't entered through doors are going through you my friend loved it happy valve alleged dog ever go to soccer rugby coverage on Valentine's acknowledge other there's there's there's nothing fair and no doubt about it sent I'd never give opportunity go look at winged on ESP and ray and rates have NBA analyst Tim leg would join us in studio given the straight talk pride do you buy straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts. Happy Valentine's Day like happy Valentine's Day you guys that you guys that you speed up a little bit and are not high speed like it meant until I do I really do you do whether I'd like I let you know I guess somehow hopeless romantic you know it does get beat up legs does make the little or people must have loved it when they invented people Russia just jealous it's just a stupid Holland I ever able to make money anymore you're wife. And we both like it equally you do and I should like it I really enjoyed the nice state usually with my daughter to like. I do as well outside my daughter flowers as well I'll I'll ask but I always thought that whoever liked it more out of a couple. That's the person you had to appease the most like if you do it like you put your significant other did like it. While you had delight now we avoided but one thing we do agree on as we don't go lake over the top with rockets and all that it's just a nice night usually romantic dinner carriages to two of us that's usual we do our regular go with that punish cards you know I go to Cuba as a thoughtful it's a thought that just that's all the remind each other you know it could all use a good reminder now than it. It the cavaliers don't need a reminder that after these trades everyone's all Little League and they sort 120 points he franchise record fourth straight game here's number listed out legs. LeBron is paced all scorers with 37 but the cavs bench outscored the thunder reserves by 31 that's the largest bench scoring differential. But LeBron James T minister were how vital is that for this team. Critical to try Alou hit a hit on head after the game what he said it's nice to have so many guys that can. Dribble pass and shoot it sounds basic but that's exactly what you're talking about you describe to my Golden State. The more guys than any team in the league that can make place. And they didn't have enough of that in Cleveland they had a lot of one dimensional. Offensive players. Everything built around LeBron James greatness and then a bunch of guys that did one thing. Either you know you were a slasher divers had to get offered three miles an interest in Thompson or for the most part a bunch of guys stood around and just shot three point shots. When you bad guys like Jordan Clarkson you add a hood. These are guys that can George Hill they can make plays off the dribble they can spot up catch and shoot they can slash they can find people and then. You at a guy like Nance who today he walks in locker room is also a your best front court athlete at the 45 position. And so they've just given up so much more depth a completely different look. On both ends of the floor and you talk about the offensive numbers with the offensively it's night and day what we saw from his team in the first half a year. So as we look at them trying to figure everything out off of the four new ones George Joseph the only starter. But hood Clarkson a man's coming up the bank of I've gotten more minutes in this last game. That everybody except for LeBron and JR Smith you see this line up not that the starting lineup is the end all be all. But do you see more shifting to the starting lineup the minutes as as they go on you know I'm not sure about that. But I do know what I'm seeing for longer stretches in the game our lineups that they put out there that are all built around quickness and versatility defensively. We're day camp if for similar sized players that can switch everything they did have that luxury mean a lot of state are putting out there even. Even the teams have gone to the finals they struggled with that but it was really bad at the start this year. With with some of the guys they had out there how slow they worry how small they work and really just limits what you can do defensively so. Now they go through long stretches where they've taken literally switch at four different positions maybe even five. If Nancy is that the senator he did a few times last night in the fourth quarter switched on a ball screen and you give up anything because he's quicken up the slightest feet and if he does get beat. He's athletic enough to recover is still contested shot at the rams so. That's what's been interesting to me is to watch the do transformation. To a team that can actually get get after you a little bit in the half court. They weren't doing that and all they were pressuring the ball they were really reactive to what you wanted to do now there. Dictating a little bit more here here's what we're gonna do you defensively and and you've seen it now. At least for through two games and it's it's pay great dividends to these moves are made a last Thursday. Dilemma right now as studio goal echoing a leg shot 52% from three in 9590 sic which is when you on the three point contest. Third highest percentage ever any single season and the highest for a player. Who shot at least two or threes in a season I say that because the rockets at ten threes in the fourth quarter last night that's that's matching most of fourth quarter and MD history. They've got seven games at least 23 pointers how crazy is. My dad's secret America or credible offensively and if you your repair to a football team he'd say imagine a football team that lined up. And ran the same place every snap drill and you couldn't stop it that's literally what they do they have one set. High ball screen weather has hardened with the ball or Chris Paul the ball that's all Iran either click compel sets that Ryan Anderson earned an A whoever it may be. And then they just spot you up with 33 point shooter but the two guys with the ball are so good at running ball screen and forcing you into heaven helping recover. They kick it out and ages stages speech offered a three point line it's really kind of fascinating to watch now will that translate. To a team that can get it done when you played a lead team like Golden State down the road tension in the conference finals remains to be seen but at least in a regular season. This a team that's really a virtually impossible to defend because you just don't have enough time to go over all your coverages when you've got one practice or one film session. And now here you are you played Houston Rockets they're funny your face. So in a different way to ask the exact same question or talk about here's who we talked about clear than I'm telling you right now. Golden State is going to lose in the playoffs whether in the Western Conference finals or the finals. Which team will beat them which team has the best chance to beat them. New. Probably Cleveland. Probably Cleveland now of what the way that they look I think. They come went overnight they went from a team that I thought was gonna get beat the second round to a team I think's gonna be back in the finals again. I just think Houston plays too similar. Style and pace. For the gold state wars if you try to play the same kind of game nobody has been rapidly and for the fact and and they do more then just do their their role players do more than just catch and shoot threes that there are guys that can attack you off the dribble the way they move the ball. With you had a great shooting team that we've ever seen. I think Houston's got a hard time getting by Golden State so I think. Cleveland might be more built to do that now because at the end of the day they still have. Some do very unique they have LeBron James nobody else who only has one of those so I would go weekly. I go to tour view relays cup list here of these tweets torn up through the Twitter feed. Likes Mike wants though has to interview is there any chance the knicks are not a joke within the next five years yeah there's a chance but it's gonna completely hands around Christos reasoning is coming back making all the way back. And you know that first year's going to be rough so PGVs out a calendar year. He comes back next February well don't expect too much the rest of the season next year she really talking about the following season if he makes it all the way back. Yes there is a chance and and you do have hope. Gonna take that though at the top of the list a mile Kean is gonna have to develop at a rapid pace next season. While perusing this is out we need to she may make massive growth out of him in the off season. And a much more complete player next year because he was a lottery pick and so that's you can't we afford those. He's got he's a guy that's got to take a big step forward so there there's a chance and you could always make up ground quicker and east and you can the west up so I just gave knicks fans hope for a lot of hope that aren't ago going to be a couple of years away minimum because it all it's all gonna hinge around for zinc us and he just won't be the same player until probably. You know your projects. Our frank we're already answered your question US is the hype in the new look cast too early well we were kind of answered that tell a couple more quick is what's your favorite Valentine's Day candy it's easiest to Kennedy horns but it's the big ones I hate the small ones. They're way too crunchy right the big ones are softer. And I am my wife we'll tell you more to OK got an idea joke yeah how badly I go through those really she blows up she must attend bags of those things right for the month really and they're just constantly entire month so you're just like to eat them on Valentine's I don't know I don't know I'll get out of it is to work out tomorrow yes stars to serve our Federer one yeah okay I treat that similar to Halloween and Christmas that's. Yeah yeah. And I'm just constantly every time I walk by that candy dish on the island in the Q okay I'm grabbing three what exactly what I do well and speak and grabbing three. Ahmad do you want to know where do you keep your three point shootout trophy I keep got NA in in. I guess you call it an entertainment center in a room in my house right big glass window. Give dinner and my friends late night when we had I have them over rang out a little bit have some fun typically will do something with that and desecrated or somebody. And take really really pictures with the nets ended up in a lot of strange photos you'll remember all of our participants. Most of them. I could probably get there again would take some time I know a B Dennis got the final oh god you've been filed a Steve Kerr was in it yup I know cliff Robinson was in it right Hubert Davis Wright was and it's George McCloud George McLeod a barrel -- to offer anything like writes I do this I knew this was a defense you don't Scott MacLeod incur made it to the semi is genuine Dennis Scott made that a final as you're still. The only person to score over twenty points in all three rounds I believe they do is Tutu last year was it was air cordon that one. He did three rounds or was a tiebreak gotcha yeah tiebreaker right so I think our record is safe 65 point 65 points 2322. And twenty still be only one or 23 round and it did change the rules now because you can get 34. For a money ball are now perfectly round you're right they added for money balls to your favorite spot and what was your don't have our 33 as high as you do get. So you could scoreless for two sold a record so. That's the three point shooting stuff I got knocked around and snapped him like that exactly right legs are gone basically brought me out Allen what Islam was Meyer knows Joseph today. I crank that sucker up like I still can't believe we've had one Lional Richie song and know Whitney Houston's songs joke going at times that Joseph there that I never give return its goal can we go to ESPN radio and. ESPN two. How's this for me a cult and coming clean tech would've felt remorse is still in a bar soap when she was twelve. And so the woman surname QQ you now thirty arrived as department store. With a hundred bars or perfume set the same kind shoe shop lifted eighteen years ago. She explained that the time her mother I really want to be the highest since it's open couldn't afford it right this has been a way to my heart all these years until the storm play because it's the worst thing I've done in my life. Store's owners deeply moved but the gesture and paid the so forward to sanitation workers. Free of charge. And cues to the whole experience has been very therapeutic laster was suffering from depression been on better now I treat every day as if it was my last one bar soaps stuck. There's a 118 years later. Well the what I took out of that story is her saying that's the worst thing she's ever done in her life. We could only hope to have that kind of lie upon the worst thing you do take a bar out of a bar soap right holy smokes his ticket let you know kids don't like is they don't then they're. Drilling that source you've done I start early gates like Karen yeah so let our whip I just think it's interesting to go huh drilling and if you just hate to throw making up for how should be just returned one that down the gestures clearly went about it wrong and now I'm going a hundred. All up for this are coming up next job over intoxicating Nolan Valentine's Day additional governor shout it's on my opera ten minutes from now but then what it. Her visit for a couple out might this whole issue Steve Cora the fact he let his players. Our run a couple plays and took lightly and we just out on the ice is always in a great asset to the shown to the county was telling us he didn't have an issue with that. Armed and it was critical of unease in a recession is who's telling us it's not the fact that he did the players ransom plays he has been just the fact that. Curse seems to be so sensitive to the fact they took criticism for he said. You know it's not like he used to really empower the players. That would be a practice saying you know what you guys come up with a couple sets and then you guys run it that that is actually powering your players and giving them freedom. It is ninety seconds to get the third time that's not doing anything. And that's because I have no issue is running up score probably lessen your professional now join up and raise and I thought the sons and look fine you win at all costs sega's but. I just don't feel like her is getting praise for is if it's a revolutionary idea it's ridiculous. I am stunned. Where this is gone I and I gave my opinion on it and you know I give my opinion that's right I think it's. Right I think that's what what happened that's why give my opinion yet. This was. Halfway through the season. You're destroying an opponent or your break up and on in have a little bit of fun to think. That this is some revolutionary thing that our coaches are gonna start doing it and Steve Kerr is his visionary for doing it. Bull laughable. Couldn't get up there at the end of the game and say I was doing because it's monotony were killing these guys a lot my guys have some fun going comes up with a the team as the players and on that whole lot different. This was the thing. Not thing this isn't that on some fun during a game there's a blowout an opponent it's not gonna started tracking the players are gonna start right now plays and so what. What is right when he was talking a software have some guys used common practice runs on the Mir total would mean in practice I carries over to game. I can't believe all the presses is getting like this is some. Revolutionary thing that's gonna keep happening and this is so far there are having on admit admit she's not each taken aback that is the forefront let's sparkling apple lingo.