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Hour 4: Love It Or Shove it

Feb 14, 2018|

Adnan Virk filling in for Trey. The guys play another edition of "Love It Or Shove It" with Bubba and then talk with Katie Nolan about the NBA All-Star celeb game and more.

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Right now USA leading 21 right on the hockey league Slovakia's selvin. Ozzie are discussing Natalie the men's hockey import of course used to be using Canon women's hockey right it was a mean epic tilt. And as far as the overall medal count I USA top five at last check so hang in there but of course it is the doorways of the world and Germany in the Nordic Countries always dominating there was there was the one that air and now. Because it feels like it was a year ago what was a total points they brought what was the total points in Super Bowl in the first quarter total points in first quarter I I'd I'd. If that was one of the prop bets. Total points in the first quarter of the Super Bowl member because. And embrace your dollar checks for seven together they never scored an offensive touchdown in the first quarter they only got to feel role in this woman I I I forgot what the total. Was but the problem that was. Four point in the first quarter the Super Bowl or. Gold medals for the US in the Winter Olympics one of almond it was a brought. I was twelve total points total total points the last Olympics Winter Olympics US got nine gold medal. And I don't know I don't know what their paces now but they would for that prop that they would have to if you pick the Olympics it would have to. And B twelve that was a total points in Perth I'd love. That profit tornadoes right now always praise of the pot that or it's good it's really absolutely without its opponents pretty inventive some. I keels in the coming up at the bottom of the hour glossing up bubble coming in the lovers on the second but let's get to right now. What is trending MLB Tiger Woods Paris Rory McIlroy Justin Thomas at Riviera. Woods is yet to commit was adopted hometown tournament the Honda classic waiting to see how he fares in the opening rounds the Genesis open at Riviera country club. I think he'll be a great sign if I do play at the dubious mark son of I didn't play it would set how about that. Does that dance pretty good for a two year old making his third tournament start as since returning from spinal fusion surgery last year. Two weeks after tie for 23 of the Farmers Insurance open he tees off Thursday. At 10:22 AM before you thought John and Mike let's hear from Tiger Woods and his thought process here. Well eventually like the wind turbines and I am. Trying to get through that the other process to go through that process get at that point I was telling JT last night or why not here is that it's interesting that. I'm I'm making. Small little subtle changes in my posture and my game and my swing because of cern understand my body over amorphous. The fact is this different from the used to be and those are things that I I could never have. Figured that out on my own. Not predetermined settings that you are listening things are wrapped up and I could feel sort of things are wrong and was able to work on on the more nervous I plan. The more I don't get a better understanding of that and also don't wanna play too much. This is still all new to me and so on be real Smart about it. Real Smart about it me notes CMQ finish each round pain free yes. And each round pain free than have them play four rounds on a weekend not two round to miss the cut loose. But I I think like a lot of things Edna and with age comes a little bit of wisdom and I can't remember who set it on our show several former beau also set and our show. Either Jack Nicklaus or Gary Player and boy net two nice guys have on the showed it to be talking golf and saying something like this yeah. But I forget which one of them said that. The tigers should be his own swing coach in the world like he is now right tire got rid of his last swing coach and he went through it went to a number of them Lou and the thought process of of one of those greats that Senna was. He knows his body better than everybody just what you heard him say there. And he can only really get it in a tournament setting when something's off he kind of knows his body now on how to adjust. And that was that was the person's thought process. Saying it was he knows his body better than everybody why have somebody else OK I get that you're looking at someone and coach you what they seek but your body feels it and now you're 42. You've had the injuries you know you have to adjust for 88 for agent be for injuries in any sport. I'm what you do OK I can't do this is good Ottawa I just OK I can't swing like that anymore I don't I just one man who knows that better than you in no one year old body. And as he set I can only really get that feel in the tournament to know more I have to adjust cell. It's a little wind threats like this should surely wants to win tournaments again and but he is he's he's gonna have a lot of little victories to lead up to that. Victory again and that's gonna continue to try to play four days continue to be pain free. How do you feel the next morning are you sore the next morning how long are you sore the next morning. You know what is the next morning coming your feeling really good and ready to gold and there's there's a lot of those hurdles studies jumper. Let me ask you might appear Tyrell which rather had to build play fifteen tournaments in a calendar year. Or to win one bit only be able to make through four tournaments. Your back on the winning circle is what Oregon plays injuries and mr. Elliott or consistently any of these DC's top fifteen top twenties never getting another win known as the wind for this year. Pro this year I still think. I still think as he thinks he has years ago I still think your take the fifteen right knowing he's playing consistently again and up next year. Build on that even more again because we know Ortiz is. Goals are we know what the ultimate goal still our usual when the majors but. As I said before there's a lot of hurdles to get through before you even. Think about something like that and while a number of things gloomy would like to see him do that when a major yet I don't think he's going to win a major again canoe or another term and again. We'll see but I as as he talks about the process could be its low numbers and. Bill Haas injured a fatal car accident he was introduced a multi car accident California Tuesday left one person dead LA police detective Jeff Fisher said the 35 year old Haas was a passenger and a Ferrari but overturned at approximately 6:30 PM local time near the Riviera country club in Pacific Palisades California. Were Hoss was scheduled play in the Genesis open the driver of the vehicle was killed and Haas in the driver another vehicle were taken to a hospital. Process father Jay Haas on the Golf Channel his son has been released from the hospital no broken bones. Bill Haas has some pain swelling in his legs but is expected to make a full recovery his father tells it golf channel's. Well I mean listen first and foremost prayers out to the family of of the person who was killed in the crash that's first and foremost I mean that there was a a life lost their and that that is absolutely horrible. Off from our side of it talking about some of who's in the world of sports you know. While I mean you have to consider yourself unbelievably fortunate to have when there's an accident bad enough to kill a person and you. Are in the hospital for Vick could basically leave. Basically unscathed yes you know in this thing I mean how fortunate you are pretty gambit thoughts first and foremost of course to the family of the personal losses like that that's horrible and terrible story there. And NFL news as reporter frank Reich is now the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts who spent the majority of his fourteen year NFL playing career as a backup quarterback and he is the back up option of being the next Indianapolis Colts that coach. Because Josh we dance of course was the guy reneged on his agreement at the very last minute but right did tennis is if you were about situation saying the backup role suited me well my career roomful last through his press conference. A Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday but he's not kid Mike he wasn't only the back everything else was a one they want right situation. He made Chris Ballard GM's list of the top ten but then did not meet pollution as well done the. By now so are the ultimate packet data that's exactly right and so you have to you have to understand that going and everybody wants to be dog man bud. We see that in in teams. Better looking for cold to a lot of times that I I think more in the last two years in college. And crawl that the person you're you're targeting the most. Doesn't take that job and you're going to the next are the next guy sell. Already want to be the man yet to understand you maybe the second third fourth fifth or or higher choice. But regardless now it's your job so what do you do with this people always say these these coordinated your comment as first time head coaches what do you think they're gonna do. No oh. We're there are we have no idea what they're gonna do you kind of learn their their personality a little bit running one side of the ball but now they've become the CEO the T right now. That's got to be the most damning thing you want control. Nor control wall by you have control offense now lord of the big share. And everybody is looking at a coach what time your eulogy each day if they coach you don't wartime ER do well what it now every single question comes at you. Both on and off the field and you know most I would tell him not most all believe they're prepared. You know that water be that head coach that they're preparing along the way. With their book with their place with the thought process of who they wanna hire as assistant coaches with how they're going to run the organization so. It's one thing to. Why and that's in and it's another thing to be sitting in that chair and then all of a sudden you know the Knox keep coming at the door the phone keeps bringing him okay how we doing this how we doing this note. We're doing everything right everything yet he's out in his coaching her 2006 there was eight ears after retire from playing. You mentioned the fact he's been grinding away Tutsis is a coaching intern under Tony Dungy right but it was on the offensive staff the Jim Caldwell. Our Peyton Manning's quarterback coach for a coach rich you win the wide receivers and the past two seasons opposite corner of the Eagles. Philadelphia went from 22 in office during writes for season seven this past year and of course put up forty wanna get the pages so. Clearly he was a guy was grinding at all levels and I right now as your moment the sun what can make. Listen I and I've always sad to root out what we've done this play time Naimi the all time great player that became a great coach you know I'm probably one hint. It's mostly guys that were backup roles or average players who had to know the entire game had to study way more. That's not to say they're great players didn't have to study but they did do a lot of good things more naturally great then their backups or the average player. Where that person had to really dive in deep. And no game plans an opponent and everybody else's position and that's a lot of times I didn't in war CNN has borne out there and they end up making better coaches. Avon has seen rightly in baseball to catchers are always so good I like Aziz I don't know our hands right Jack how are you aware of everything out on. Alex Cora is now the manager of the Red Sox do we always be self deprecating lessons on utility guy but that as the Basque are exactly right positions like he see gotta know certain way. And so that's why it's going to be deathly fast enough frank Reich does and as we discussed yesterday and the day before. If Angel excel to knot the game changer if he isn't the -- to see how welcome frank Reich and just in the flying obviously. I did adjust really well this past season for Philadelphia. Never in four tray we our goal and we got on ESPN radio and ESPN two. Katie Nolan coming up in twenty minutes. Who's got a dent some advice. Room oh yeah don't you have some advice oh absolutely I have good advice for her I mean she's she's coaching. She's coaching the celebrity all star. NBA celebrity all star team I did down I mean green united. Green and our players one year which was a graphic. Well Lou rip it reveals that one they keep always have an image America. It's the whole experience wonder shot like none at all ideal whole experience in the red this is a New Orleans. And green and I played and it's a celebrity all star game. I thought celebrity all star game. On a goof around a little bit I got on the court I was probably 4050 pounds heavier hand now yeah okay. And the first two possessions I'm sprinting up and on the court because people are playing in the search. I tried to joke around the rough is look at me like I got three guys on like it did it on its head and always closer ever some funny here. I'm garden Arnie Spaniard who's who planned like you know. Like a light like a calling him yet now I played for the for the title here watching me the MVP right I'm sorry Brett say that it got to Arnie Duncan I'm sorry to Augusta dinner of radio host it. You hold like the party's better artist dagger material that there are to dum dum did exactly who's the secretary of education I believe correct. They don't ask bill that way but played college ball it was a very good player. But he plays like you wanted to win the MVP every single year and I did condom follow this guy just put them on the line and gone. This game I miss so on one foot layout that Greece to shoot to take the shot. The premium hit an errant shot an air ball we were miserable and our experience right then the next year we coached. That was a lot more fun I was also a lot more fond right and I coach to guide their there's a guy and Katie east team. Who I culture news on my team that I'm gonna tell her she needs to make sure this guys in the game. He was fantastic. Self just a little bit a coaching advice for Katie because. It's all fun and games but you do when you're coaching you wanna get that win. I've slowly and then today he arguably competitive. It's time for another edition of love it. I wish they could go away. That is love her seventh socket in my group making sure resource can't give it an artist spends that are on his amazing little brother signed up immediately. The American for trade goal going he's been greater is doing to break above in the house I was on the spot we Hillman all right -- course of the Syria with the captains have died so far that literally less Sony now Danica yeah I was always. Your world what do you what is your Valentine's Day celebration. You just kind of proves agrees to catalogs to a new stuff they have and Lisa had to get snow hang out and just do our sales alone you Garnett and everybody hears about is running onto Granger. Ask your question when he has worsened from. Shaun White is the greatest American Winter Olympics athlete of all time low pressure ever. Hear a lot of leg I. I went through the list and and again this is one person's list you know all of the top ten. Are we saying he's better than you know the Bonnie Blair's Eric Heiden an airline told us you don't know Dick Button some and I didn't get to see Apollo Ono why did yes certainly Shaun Y we know Scott Hamilton people boost three. I mean. And off are ready to call the greatest. Winner Olympic athlete of all time I don't think I'm not I'm gonna shove I think I'm waiting to revive our Eric Heiden watching Ricky did. Saw I think were both good Michelle bell one yes. Are to be MBA Steve Kerr says that he might have his players from the coaching tunnels again lover shove it up and listen I showed this whole thing to where it's gone life. Steve Kerr has become this genius. You know that that is founded new way to coach's team by having players from the timeouts. Ice word you this was mid season. I'm have a little bit of fun were destroying this opponent lewd and all of a sudden it's like all the other coaches are gonna start to all star popped right this is done. Revolution will not be televised and forwards much ado about enough club on gonna shove it. Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield will be a better pro than Oklahoma point guard for a young lovers out wallet now that is a great question Bob Barr. Sure does love it I love that baker may go over there you go number five today amber thomas' latest mock draft. Train young project go number seven to the sixers I think baker may feel is gonna be terrific pro quarterback Trey young. Deathly obviously very tell has been a one man Chopra Oklahoma I'm Rodman baker I. You know what the game dollars three point shots or trade and trade young A can bomb them from anywhere yeah so he may really fit well into it if he's got a team that really you know maybe has a Houston Rockets mentality just cute. Voicing it up. Baker baker ROP does well I do think more of that kind of game comes into the NFL. Baker may for a better I'll show that I'll say trade young I'll just to do that to be opposite of that Mellon. Derek Jeter admitted that he still a Yankee fans love it or shove it. Aren't a lot of what oral care I mean I care more about Ortiz due to the Marlins right Colin and the thought process that got so much. I I guess I say that I know Dan Weber tarred you know they have a big problem down their because. It was they were told it wasn't going to happen again the fans were told are not going to be B keep rebuilding. And here they go again rebuilding but. Any owner was gonna rebuild with them yeah but now I you know I do wish there were having our fun get rid of the sea creature races right and all that kind of thing but as far as. Dismantling the team I don't think there was any weather any owners ever gonna come and it's oh we know we're gonna build on this and spend more money I didn't think so. Yeah did D'Amato does seem like whoever was going to be in charge a stripped down at granted I didn't think you'd be Vista to run out and surrounding getting ready every strong asset they have. But many silly yankees fan I love it der -- dropping Yankee's fan now on Gramm line impact on knocked New Jersey even though he was obviously grew up in Michigan I think that it makes sense that organizations always fingered him. And to make sense you love them he said the same article obviously he's been a close up playing it was six total sense so I love the Jeter's still supports the Yankees. I backed the NBA Utah's Donovan Mitchell as a rookie of the year so far lover shove. While I mean so do we pick between Mitchell and Dan Simmons again Ben Simmons is considered a rookie because he missed all last year like mark helpful too stupid to this year because senator rookie next year right. Mitchell Lara averaged almost forty points a game three half assist three and a half rebounds. 716 point seven assist seven rebound spent Simmons I mean 610 monster hand on the ball there there's something to that. And the top two whoo hoo well some part of the two wells. Would be in the running afford this. I think Mitchell we rescind the answer is the fact that you tell just hasn't gotten nearly enough well them and focus even now with this great run their on there's still money and and look at us playoff picture we're talking about your talk and Philly ball by the same not a wins well that's one an hour winds you talked when he lost his filly. Point five and it's always comes into that will be used on miss is the class filly makes it did report weighed into that yeah I I'm gonna shop that I I think Ben Simmons gonna win that I knew him and falls by the way has plays went for well early in the season OK I'm sorry I'm gonna miss the rest of the season I can't accept all I love Obama I'll go Donna Mitchell they don't get nearly enough love Amal and on Utah's specifically Park City. And our government took its rich fishery Earl of Erica there Valentine's Day is the most overrated holiday ill overshot I think it is of very let's start let's look at. Okay Chris this is not a radio is not overrated New Year's appears to be overrated Thanksgiving is not over it and and tolerance or so for every new years in the next you know what. President stay over it. We put President's Day in that category guests on Monday when goes up presidency wants honor to soft I'm gonna be here it's music don't know why I disagree yeah. I'm working that day I get the company's board get our work into my candidate not a market account yeah I'm not today I so present state now underrated Valentine's Day I just doll I love it is the most overrated. Holiday there is yes yell you would say it presents the Canadian though wouldn't it through our son Chuck Todd minister okay okay. It is not customers back. What else you didn't even be in the conversation about and I thought arbor day maybe arbor day almost feel I'm New Year's Eve and New Year's days oil the wonder years do you energy to play nine. What day Flag Day all flatly said flab dam might not gonna talk about. I did the dailies the New Year's or valves and yet familiar scene on new years we've gone out is like working you know it's like going after our America there you go very ago. You you have a beer pong tournament somewhere near you outlets Christmas all the rest of us who aren't 44 time champ I guess. 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Geico I expect great savings and home. A whole lot more. Happy Valentine's everybody were present botrus insurance all of our phone guests on the shell Pennzoil performance on open indicating Nolan. In a minute or two BM that's well those might as these epic fails we've heard so far today but he's always say is bad like you're harbors and replace investors rank stupidity. Yeah that is I mean and I just you realize that as you're saying it I would be hard pressed to think you had to wait till after the reaction. Of the person you're with. To realize that what you said was dom or wrong I wonder as is leaving your mouth how quickly do you realize what a mistake or making. And everything you had planned has now been ruined it that can mets' second I think that the when you realize the egregious act in the the key is always an over compensation and I got to know I didn't mean that manages all during that point shoveling dirt on yourself. Right right you're Baring yourself more just completely scrambling and looking at different about today in Valentine's Day how many people are gonna go the route proposing today and right. Today is gonna be that day for those that are really into the romantic who romantic Valentine's Day this could end up with loose with someone on their need and I proposing to somebody else right. Today. I gravy like it's different because. We were talking early member calls Correia propose is open after the Astros were the World Series. A little what if what if she gets a bill my personal slackers say no secondly right if they have lost that game he has proposed another time it's elegant the ring in his back pocket exactly beatle mates and he's out he proposes Michael it's a different ball game now and your point. Now actually proposing on Valentine's Day. Which as we said other women are developers say if the guys. As an adult eyes that light is a big fan of it right they can be a wonder they're making Jerry go but the risk vs reward the risk you take Mike if she says no. I mean that ended the hole is. Ruined every sure I mean I would. I've got to believe the high majority of engagement you already know the answer are you pretty after the navy right and everything I mean I have to go into that not sure to beat at worst 5050. Yeah I would never do now if you I would never tell you that that that chance right yeah it's got theirs and almost the point out if I were to propose did you seriously almost to the point of going near the clintons ran it exactly make eagle aster data that I could imagine that in the end the Null. Oh no I've never there or or I need time that would be another one. But like that answer and would you rather hear argue over time or just a flat out Mel is thin no you know what's gone yeah good time thing now it's up to you do you hang on to giver that time and try and you know. Up your game a little bit more no matter who we all know right shooters I'm not sure we definitely I mean we're would you so I don't was rather than no that'd just be done an OK now I can move on even though might be heartbroken for a bit better but you know I nude at a time right time for war I mean I know ordered me enjoy got to do more what's going on here I don't know because it'll. Well president you're seniors that they are trips and most new think and EA journey yeah they got in my house cobra or why not getting old is now witness on goal young wing go check out sports. Question marks such a browser that supports the Kindle podcast every Wednesday and ESPN app run apple podcast if you miss the super wal recap with Katie the patriots fan in her eagle fan producer. Love him watching the games described her podcast and never miss another episode there may or may not be some tears shed on that. Particular podcast maybe get more attention being wit us. Good morning you guys sorry I'm only say I don't like waking up but I like you guys in oh here we are. We appreciate that and do you have to say for your podcasts is does that have to be sports. You have to rob win like that. You do. Okay and also I would like to I I I I'm not Carlyle I'm a little hurt I haven't seen it in enough areas and I know you are a social media queen out there. The fishing that we did in Minneapolis you my son Mike and myself we went out ice fishing. You got the biggest fish you've got the locker you got a white pass about a three pounder while Mike and our catch and perch and property. And I didn't see anywhere you giving me kind of hey thanks mister Jeep for really showing me how to fish and helping me through this time mr. Cheney's. You're absolutely right you you look I have nothing at Nokia actually do that more I posted that video I felt like it was. I would dragging him that's we're talking about how the update my kids aren't and that you're catching little wan. And I wanna rub it they they were that you're absolutely right that it upload video like eighteen more time today announced they thanked mr. Agee. It was incredibly passive aggressive right there I talked I think that. I didn't notice that. I don't before I hit a port goalie give some advice for the hours to the upcoming celebrity game Katie do what they take on the Winter Olympics Mike I'm particularly fans been. I of course being Canadian we do much for the Winter Olympics in the Summer Olympics and I love cold. Might just loves the competition and see America succeed where are you out when it comes to that current Winter Olympics. I don't know why really you still love the Olympics. That related to this day that looked like oh. The Olympics aren't cool and now look like fully back in simulate that pendulum and Allen back in excite it. It's cool to like the Olympics again. While we all watch the Olympics and we also OK if we had to pick a sport we could do we'd probably think it would be curling because. You know yeah I can have a beer in one hand in the stone and the other thing you worked out pretty well. But if you wanted to do one event one of these you know kind of speed events on snow or ice which one would you like to do about the most. That I don't think you can do a single one of them. Even luge is snowboard half pipe where it would out giving accounts at regal wanna go down that thing that whole part. Yeah it's Katie. The luge what do you do the luge sort of takes your revolution. A good life insurance policy dealing it. I'd I think about it. If you if you paid legally salary I don't think about it. Mean I'll put a relative. Comes go exit pay in my junior let's have a that I villains I. I'm. Other things trending right now doc showcase aria the dogs alive and I can tell your dog lover. And then you'd start letter I would guess that stated that they eat at putt didn't win because. He's so cute in a rare for a hug and make it. That today and the acting shall I worked the dot show last year though all kinds of fascinating experience. Exit. It's a whole new world. That that the dodge show people. And then at the most fascinating thing I learned that term what that they put the food they treat for the top sticky and then amounts yeah. I can't collect and I couldn't do that. Now I wouldn't I I'm I would not have a problem with that I also all. Was bombed have being an owner of three dogs through them being hugs that you'd applaud didn't win again it was Flynn the Musharraf for say. That kind of when I love all dogs always happy for the the be shot at winning it but. If you were to see I would love to work it as well but when I like being around a lot of dogs I like like rolling around with summoned playing with a man pan am. Can you would you not give you that there's a little to like high class of candidate ought to get down and dirty with the dogs a little bit and and have some fun with them. I would backstage. And I repeated public like. You know it like 60% of owners back there are taking it very seriously don't light touch they're out. Focused in the zone and they are because that's their big moment that they're Super Bowl. But then there's like 40% maybe 30% that are just like yeah I love my god my god let's you'd pay at it like. But it lick your face and so that you know that hurts pretty great and I'm gonna call you lap dancing saying you love all thought. There's no way you would ever applicable Portnoy. I think it's huge. It is she will win this love all dogs I mean if I see a dog I will naturally gall to that dog and wanna play with a dog because I loved dogs but yes. Oh I probably would notably Shawn present either. I'm insulted. You did it doesn't look cute but I I you know I thought I've always had labs in my life I never thought I'd go smaller dog until. Period Hank entered my life and don't have in the to plug sell. We're very happy with that but yes and dogs I probably wouldn't get but I am an ego I will let any dog on earth lick my face without question. I didn't know that about you and I love it. I'll absolutely. Skating on his coaching this Larry all star game 7 PM eastern on Friday Katie Hampshire well aware of what has gone on before and with the likes of screening collect climbers LO. Mike you have some advice I do it a first off I wanna ask you you actually grew old how to coach basketball good. And and what does that turn up for you. Not much in auto correct didn't need to get that really bad grammar and patent you know gave me an exit to know. Oh that I know our docket do you think. And I'm I'm doing a lot of reeker got a couple these last I've been gone back and watching all the all star game. I think. You know reaching out to people hadn't done it before and that it is actually Turkic tiny leak out. Well here we go the first thing you're gonna have to worry about. Is making sure to appease people to get him on the court enough because that there that is why all of finished up playing time can be an issue are all celebrity's for a reason which means they want a little bit of a spotlight so they wanna be out there. To collect that spotlight so. You have to be judicious with your playing time but also all you have to be Smart enough to. Understand at the end of the half and especially at the end of the game deport your better players in to work done back in the so a lot of that's when you need to lean on you know Paul Pierce in common little bit and your finding out during the game where your better players are to make sure Varian at the end. So all playing time key. Top players and at the Yankee and number to give you two words. That that is good to carry this game Katie. Wind wind Butler. And win but are fired arcade fire's Weis in the band of Brothers and that I coach him a couple a couple of years ago I looked at I'm tall guy but. Didn't look like the greatest athlete in the world I was judging a book by its cover and I judged it wrong this time it was the MVP have a celebrity game I a year are you know or two ago. He is a good player Katie he is one of those guys you want out on the court in crunch time win the Butler. Yeah and then he bottle I've seen him do like eat your right it's not what you would expect an elite on hand I think I'm probably Italy not like chocolate at it. And an end to come up big serving at again. Rachel Nichols is imposing coaching gets advice from former MBA players Katie it's advice from mr. G that's how this thing now ha -- event that is double and Kenny Anderson from offer from black cash. Com. Nancy he's now and not you know hope to those of a political or we won't you won't hear this but no news in sparingly. I. Sparingly. It's gonna say don't it's gonna find out well and host a podcast sports with Katie Nolan she won an Emmy and 2016 graduate of hot Shura out coach in the celebrity all star game. 7 PM eastern fine and is Kincaid you know it's early for you appreciate the time thanks Gary you've got to go to. The you go all the supremes are absolutely. Going all present about progressive insurance protecting your small business is a big deal. Cover what you worked so hard for visit progressive commercial. Dot com been a blast your paying a buddy Michael come out and amber in portrait we are goal can swing going ESPN radio and ESPN two. Jason fits will be here tomorrow and Friday. Oh both days we may have a little law. We have a little fun the next couple days with the federal Julie our guys gonna say next I knew criminal what are you bring in for sure. Amid a religious killer and any other guests total figure because he can bring a fiddle and play as well as Avery in the world what are you doing what I brings a passion for the wood off exec back hours and Senegal and all that no Mike Brown rot our researcher has outstanding news. Keep hearing chunks. Ahead but he got we got big. Big news from the sliding center okay we have a re peat in the doubles mind you mixed doubles which only men Purdue's been in. Mixed doubles luge again it's mixed doubles luge but there are no women but there can't be women that's why it's mixed doubles luge but there are no women so it's always too mad or. We repeat gold medalist really to buyers in to bias by as vandal and devise or German. A journey exit. I spend old dental and oral and yeah a journey. About active. Herman's book major arteries that's awesome. Yeah it's actually the second straight time we've had back to back golds in this event live 2006 and Tony tan. It was and three is linger and Wolfgang linger of Austria. It's available for an individual can I really don't know a German anthem at some point that's your belt as they present for him and now I want yea journey. So I'm wearing. But ray called a bootlegs and a file shares are right we have officials at the foster's producer danced into and out which we give to people who you know contest winners and so I certainly would love to work on them all out a vehicle in front line that if you wanted to drive up the road I don't that Mike in my back for all art out that they know how to get certified. Didn't keep losing because really have large an actual charges such as log a lot of aggregate credit on. But this signify affiliate assures him it's OK for me so people ascendancy to files lag during my thoughts in a file hats and stars and every got. I didn't tell you my story broke out about celebrities so park city Utah which is where Sundance is by the way xenophile podcasting to subscribe to an iTunes and ESP an app subscribe unsubscribe Reese described leave no tonight's it to the rested their park city Utah and its. Phil Kessel Nicolas Cage your nickel I'm a huge Nicolas Cage factored you wouldn't believe what they. Very intimidating presence he's got a real weird dude go well. Red tinted sunglass and I got the big like camel coat and this is park city Utah like everyone there is either skiing brightness snowboarding or their for the film possible. So different people the media go up to one by one it talks himself. You know you and it was in the same restaurant says somebody from energy and weekly hog reports that are. The Hollywood reporter person says in the case of the got a couple of the cast was the director. What's the craziest thing you've ever bought and I'm just as close Nikita as you are right now at least there's I noticed one thing I'd have to say he shares the guy knows why ask them. Silas and Agnes are just isolate what is now I know I ask that why you ask them. And guys as an add all of us are petrified much like real glass Lewis and here's why I was just like. Well what are your charitable efforts indicates it's really going to brag to a charitable efforts is that gays you know what I'm here to talk with who remained the otherwise you can just. Barrier really and they like is if at all but why I literally told the bill so he's a guy in and out. To the Argus it is not what he's not gonna not like energy don't so I don't idol story do against what our it was it was a dinosaur skull. Like per million to it's yeah as well gay journey I don't you go outstanding under. And the first thing you knew that is an uneasy because I had to Google liquor right Nick Cage purchases it was like. He had a lot of money but Donna Shalala they ask. I think it's part of the story of finding that I was effectively blew a lot of his money and part of what's spending a lot of money on things like that correct so now on terror finally getting up there and talk this guy who I'm a big fan of his rap couldn't care less you spend your money all right so thankfully was given me by it's in the first illegal mr. kids love the rock. But tonight was great adaptations of Libya law last month bringing up the dead so cool guy and a good guy but boy he did I loved him in the rock art lesson on my errors like Armageddon. People don't like those movies I stop bottom all the time doesn't wanna hear that accent Nichols case that demagogue at home in my daughter's birthday party. You are hers doesn't. We acknowledge that indicates Bryce is that library and I've grabbed latest episodes in a file you can download is describe iTunes is not always fun Mike thank you tomorrow's do God's love returns show Damien Woody as well it's all going to is being rated is into theater.