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Hour 1: Louisville Appeal

Feb 21, 2018|

The guys talk about the Louisville appeal being denied and them being forced to vacate their wins during their National Championship run and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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Good morning now who are you good thing this guy good morning good morning. They play good morning good moat to you and you while you shop and now. Hey. Everybody need directions or bread crumbs you get back here and I did have to worry. Along and heart of all my pastor was against him and all you have let's try to do away that long it's an issue user and I missed two days I have trouble here you missed what two months. Glad that's much more into it much less than two months one year resists. What are the network that goober let's sky at night but did I sleep through what did I miss her for those that may not know log while gold going goes relatively new trade is good during this jaw until Hawaii for how many years now eighteen years fifteen years under the NFL season as you're gonna follow live viewer. Off to Hawaii and Nadia are you you actually starting and when the show started in late November started. We're both shows the show and NFL live don't. Really increase your want to get to lie at this season that is current that wasn't going to change it never date somebody here say they did would you think about not taken that trip this year. I know yeah. I can't get a better idea yeah how get a better idea I'm gonna go because there's definitely right now so anyway the trip was great thank you very much gold doing O we are ready raw ESPN radio ESP into Lawler against join us on the show opens all performance line. We are presented by progressive insurance. So. That was great. It was good saves. You can AJ because I saw a couple of pictures wolf first we saw the pictures you're tweeting weren't real Haiti against as the sun rises and suntech sister and and you had that beard which was ungodly. I don't know what that present just what you're doing here ever do it do it every year like occupier we announced that it's that some people like do the playoff beard I do it myself all over -- bright I got to believe what the Letterman beard yes kind of what I've warned you seem to mean he he's Santa Claus he well he's bizarre as it goes out and straight down it's the it's all over beer once he left the stadium are finally liberated it's exactly right and we ran into actually David when we went to the Peyton Manning does a ceremony statue ceremony happens like whoa yeah yeah. I gotta go on. Now as we go I'm sure you kept up with everything larger hole I just there was some plot certainly in the series certainly some things that I kept up on the betrayed all the way all the whales breaching the water that teacher sending out things like that and the phone number ring stolen would also follow what I think to go through all it was crazy the last day vacation were out there on a well watched and I am making a phone call and five minutes later we land. On back if the boat back on the on the shore on the phones no longer working there be clear. The phone never left my introduces you lose your full lose my phone huge if somebody somebody gesture not stop somebody cyber stole my number. So weak U haul another phone call and say he sums going on in like you port your number two different carrier like. No I don't know I didn't and I gotta get on a plane into ours so we need to fix this now. And it's still it's it's still being resolve them like had to file a police report ever go to file a police report is apparently that number was. Hacked and stolen. And sold sold to another carrier. It's an ideal way to get that number back is to present a police report to the other carrier that now is the policy see this was illegally obtained. I'll think it was an attempt an identity theft to try and create you know calls somebody wanted to be. Re doing go I think we just wanted to be that number I say still got to take him is really far talk well I play we'll play I'll go ahead and thought of that I had a lot of Georgia guys may be outdone themselves here and he probably is the one response well he's definitely not the one responsible because we know he has no idea how to join Levy's state Colorado last year among the shipping goods intervals right refugees it'll probably do you hire people who do it yeah without question yeah but as well I'd never heard you lose your credit card fusion blown out of her process put. You got your phone there in your number doesn't work and we know Oregon had said that that dollars I'm unavailable tribe powerful and try again to do in a four times in my. This entourage that brought it merely a larger scheme that play happen at the end of the trip and a beginning that would be glad they are really really put it put a slap on your tweets of the sons are into it would although it suddenly it's like okay we get to the airport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I might be able to move you know that's that's from this thing down low but so anyway all of that happened back and ready to roll game and not her suit anymore. I figure there's one beer on the show managers. Days and I appreciate you letting me have bad you guys get to have all the Arab top let me just well this good or you're dead as much more bad start there tonight you know I'm hanging on by a thread. Your inventory reminding buyers exe and thicker and it does somehow he is actually Curtis to the licensed for my Harry needed if you monster you know woods that's just you giving back after he gave you there will appreciate that let's get this thing going with. So stay I have. Also it's not feel like it or not it's just it's goal can we go. Let's start off the top with using com. Well we get that amenable starlet Lindsay Vaughn about that took bronze in what will likely be her final Olympic downhill an intern the 33 year old becomes the oldest female Alpine skiing medalist. In Olympics. History yes Shia told that's who's pretty a pretty happy about that the Celtic when she was getting. Interviewed after started breaking down crime because the bear last Olympics said she's basically been on what was a term overdrawn at the bank. Yeah for some time dollar and just try to get the last she could. Out of her body she still has one more the combined permit can assure fractured right who that. Canada's a flaw lament and and Lindsay doesn't downhill so another chance. Are at a medal but a good way to and she said the bronze felt like gold considered you know her age you oldest woman attempted to do that in which who's able to accomplish who almost. Injuries she's had an eight year drought between her last time on a medal stand for gold eight years ago to this point now got a chance to talk to Juli Saudi about that this morning in just. We're sort of in all of what she was able to accomplish bear because. You know there isn't talking to Juli about it you did to that point is Napoli worked you steal your body is no longer able to write those checks and cash them in a way they were used to soak and you know had Lindsey Vonn says she still wants to compete she's got national competitions she's a part of I think she's got 81 career. Winds on that stage wants to get to that mark of 86 so a lot still in store but at this stage a big career comes to an end. Well look Mitt via. She's still very competitive on the World Cup circuit Amaechi writes in order a couple of wins this year so she still amazingly. At the age of 33 at the top of the game when it comes to downhill but I. You know for those of you that. That are like skiing enthusiast I grew up skiing and doing a bunch been doing wheel racing. That course was treacherous as you know what we. We are watching last night that third game we're like okay you come up mail like this. Which are slated to sort delivered down the left than you gotta get a renegade will wanna how many little wipe up what they got to the third date. On night I said it's my favorite event to watch because and just because I'm in awe of what they're able to do. At the speeds are able to do it's almost Alpine skiing medals by an American. I'll Lindsey Vonn has three Julia Mancuso has for now Lindsay can tie her issue or get a medal in the combined. Bode Miller leads away with six gold six medals for a medals not gold six total. Really and those people would say oh well you're skiing and snow now in the done leaders being nice it's a device with a little sprinkling on what's gone through who were there all the downhill sought the saw with the wind up being postponed. Really conduct a man -- -- and to really nail her schedule work she had a chance for multiple medals on the pulling out of a few events because. Everything got condemned so much now on so anyway congratulations up to a Lindsay a she gets that next metal again has a chance for one more again as Mike's you said with McCain Alicia from. I'm told we have this. Ping Chong sketch Qatar Olympic update through that again. Ping Chung. That's right I forgot trail is a big year for that it all started at willow turn on your radio offline and that's how are about this the US men's hockey team eliminated. By the Czech Republic in quarterfinals shoot up the first time it didn't reach the semis since 200610. In the shoot out. We got beat one zip all five of our shops torched the hot. In this 11998. The first Olympics with NHL players Czech Republic eliminated. The United States in the quarter finals now this year the first Olympics since 98 without NHL players and it was a the Czech Republic that eliminated us is while we still have the US women's hockey team going up against Canada. The happens tonight. What do match up there even mechanic kind of had our number that we got the gold in 98 and we've had three silvers and a bra and since then. Canada is just basically destroying. Everybody through these are born one all of our games are sixteen and two inside out scoring. There are opponents so while laments how about the NHL this year was kind of a wacky. Olympics because of that for a lot of teams. But the women it's it's right where it's always been for awhile now it's USA gets candid remember they did play in the preliminary round Canada beat a US 21 and that when the guy. Pretty chippy at Canada going for its fifth straight gold medal on this one the established dominance there always interesting we always. Forget that these Olympic athletes especially you mentioned the college players. On the hockey side for the guys that are now going back to reality after the game is the reality we left amid. Before and talk individually again this morning she mentioned that there were a couple players talking about. Going back on the plane heading to immediately give back into the books because they've got exams to take one player going back to harbor all these guys that. It would just spent all this time out of the country the Olympic village represented in the US and now to go worry about passing a ten lab. That would be difficult. I don't throw without having the Olympic judge Roger Maris is that the Olympics to look at the chem lab book it's a hard pass remained that's a no for me to go ahead and drop this one that. So easily outrun this what will see what happens when that with the Canadian women's Olympic team but. You know what that there's global little sorrow in Canada right now this curling. Right girl how. Act curling men's and women's curling they have never gonna look the census spore was brought new Olympics in 98. The men and women have always medal from Canada you know women's Canadian women's team is how. Is out of there out of medal contention cell. I you know I love having you back trip but I almost reject then Wasilla and had cancer we could just. Destroy him for that one out and just shocking. In curling got the committee were American aiming at women and men have dominated this. And they are exciting news that somehow Christy Alley fell asleep during just now what a monster now a Kirstie Alley tweeting out she said curling was boring. And the responses were not boring. The ball well the big curly responded back to her out again ever Zander is wealth that eventually led to no okay are given a shot again my son loves the curling I like the figure skating mobile trial again but you got to do our should sort out between the report Curley wasn't. I tried to curling thing in Minneapolis of the Sudan Halard it's hard then for you well. Yes it is it is it is it is much more difficult than it looked it requires. Skills gap like balance and strength and coordination so much so that the the Russian guy in the mix Paris decided they needed some PDs ya got busted for that's what you know what to sport if you got a dope to be better at a did congratulations. All the people wanted to strike. That's like curling if that's validation it I mean you're you can't set up jokes any better for TDs and curl that's how you know it's a sport and a very good bit. Eric Bledsoe by the way you said they're out wouldn't it be their end to do to go to medal contention you have to medal contention now are we move on all its well it's that time of the year three franchise tags in the NFL. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been tagged by the dolphins mime between the announcement on Tuesday the first day teams who get their franchise or transition tags. But I don't think anyone's gonna pick him up on the. Offer no another not again if if he he can go walking an offer from another team and the Miami Dolphins on match to that team has to give the dolphins who first tropics that's not happen. Led the league last year you mentioned in receptions his number if you were to sign that plan for the one year. I'll be sixteen point two million dollars he's the seventeenth. Wide receiver to ever get. Franchise tag ten of the previous sixteen players. Left the team by the following season and thought as a minute great a model as far as keeping that that that player long term salt Woolsey. But 400 catcher since he's gotten to league is pretty darn code you know when your edit the Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald's of the world in the same timeframe it's pretty impressive. Dallas since he came in a league of fourteen I mean he's only behind Julio Jones and Antonio Brown with no etc. why is number yeah but he was also I believe. That's one of the only if not the first receiver in NFL history to notch over well Earl over a hundred catches and under a thousand yards in the season so he's a guy who lives in that intermediate by five yard short range and gonna be interesting now what this says there what the potential future for him looks like is this is an offense doesn't have a ton of play makers bishop. At some point you think some stability on that side of the ball would be prize. Well not only that but look. To your point but all those catches and not all those yards Millwood is given to first Olympics they're just no no and given up to now have experts are excellent he's a very impressive player. He's a very important player but no New York two number ones for Jarvis Landry beat the real interceding with the franchise tag on Fords what happens with Libya though I think you're gonna see you are not many people get tagged this year I don't see a lot of lay beyond. Could be one of them. Audit does but he will be Beatrice who like I completely agree that but I don't think you're gonna see a large number of players that are going to be tech you're also seeing teams are letting players go salt. The senior players the only free agency when that comes about in a few weeks as well as arch Ortiz is the exact time a year you know the twelfth you could start dealing with people the fourteenth you can side illegal ten outlets exactly or less legal penalties is that a yeah that's the worst and I ever for take his tampering is illegal we're gonna make it legal now so that if it's legal it's not tampering or just doing that sort of feel good about when you don't do behind our backs anyway. Go her act that got everyone knows it goes on Troy okay fine we're gonna give me this 48 hour grace period. The other brilliant using tag will be potentially case keep them because I think the tribe for the transition tag write them to work all ought. Place holder contract there so Liguori a long term you'll Teddy Bridgewater. Who they still really love and that the two of them fight it out on going into the debt Sam Bradford and we've got ground now I'd like he played great when he was healthy enough viewers to know why it took you can't say I'm appeals to 2009 he can't our 2010 runner up he can't you just can't stay healthy enough so. Will see what happens then go be a market foremost and Brad Albion team actually there's no question about it all. And then we have spring training underway ladies and gentlemen and the Yankees have editing other starting infield candidate picking up Brandon Drury. In a three team trade that also saw the Tampa Bay Rays and outdo Stephen Sousa junior to the Joseph get a read that a thrill when you know at second base third base still some prospects come along but the big thing out of this is now on the Yankees team. Where they have. I got to judge an injury now they're gone for a while that's good news or anymore you're format well it I don't sigh I kind miscarriages have the rest is that digital audio wanna deal and Ellen Howell probably is probably should've probably should declare my voice that's fine yeah judge injury. While material not not as like this are well Adori hit F thirteen homers with 63 RBIs which is about 13 of what they're expecting from now there are judges are still a lot of stuff so he's part of the only the name they don't think they're expecting the same stuff. Yet out of both of those to be a headline guy after the offseason the Yankees and had at this point yeah pretty much Max that you're going to be the end button every copy their daughter's death panels over others receiving vote exactly right we don't believe we were I was I was plain and it. And the Jimmy V golf for a one year and Denny private plane came to take us from back golf Herman North Carolina to Virginia to plan Charles Barkley tournament. In that plane. It was me. It was Charles Barkley. Mr. delving Dennis passed out there are a couple of book coaches and Bob valve mono and me Bob on a gym balls are rudder. And it was a bumpy and hide and Bob of auto debates did you know what happens if the displaying goes down McMillan will be Charles Barkley. Mr. building and others. Yeah we admitted I don't know. Did that sort of it another oh I don't know broke her I know the feeling that I'm going to be an and other a bump what you are part of agreed to mandate nickname judging her yes I do that's a good social play citadel gold can we go one of the best duo nicknames and all sports now bash Brothers rush Brothers. Eminem boys Matalin our site give us your tenacity and duo could that you are like you know there are other great names like a fun bunch in DO. The purple people leader I do like the ally slam I am now some great welcome but how about dual nicknames to close specific horrible for better nick and doesn't that a matter of the players that are doing it as far as our great there were about how cool is that nickname dads say individual equality of plane greatest on the field those are all secondary to the right to goodness birdie Brazil exactly right. We want to leave they'll catch on and not be necessarily about the play but about what what stays in people's minds by the way stay keep this in your minds. Go doing go reminding you that sports owners live from Florida this week for spring training. Sportsman on the road is confidently presented by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans are junior Europe how old. 2828. Well in your 28 years your mortgage expert on our lead story than just about anybody. Our whole rely on your expertise a boy that might be the first time hasn't ever been sent here where you're rely on juniors expertise. Winning at sports and of sports broadcasting means change things up just like like key to infants to each his changeup looked. Renovated lobby the so contemporary even make Scola looked cool as it does that it totally updated fitness center that even has Wayne though feeling like a work out camera plus plenty of comfortable spaces to hang out yet this licking it though look definitely has a vibe a victory so you can just relax refresh and get ready for your next big meeting prepared when a business with or keep things in tweets book now LQ dot com. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage Guizhou that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. And I cannot say this strongly enough. We believe the NCAA is simply wrong to have made this decision. That's painful part of me thinks he's got to suffer from that we'll be deemed this cheaters get this school web cam is the most think the school and their pocketbook. You guys she did we want to hear from you anymore okay now. Well we continue on both and we go on ESPN radio ESPN two presented by progressive insurance and all phone guess will join us via the show opens or performs line of course that was news to drop yesterday B and suitably announcing it is deny idle this appeal. Our NCAA penalties levied last June upholding the decision to vacate 123. Wins. From 201112015. Including. It's Tony thirteen national championship. Who will be in the first NCAA division one men's basketball program to vacated title since the inception of the NCAA tournament since nineteen and 39. All this of course guys stem from issues. Allegations. Former assistant coach right on most of the keynote years and what he did with some of those players. And that's what this gets into a weird area because it seems like the assistant coach was the one. That was responsible for what Andre go it was that is an Andre McGee are buried under review that so it seems like all the kids now are paying the penalty. For something that the coach did. That doesn't sit well well well and again for those that that may not know McKie you know what what was. They're in trouble for bringing strippers into one of the dorms there and then the the paper sacks with some of the our recruits as well so. That's were we are with this and and I'm not saying this is because we've gone through this now work with Notre Dame and you and your brother Jake's years which doesn't exist now in 2012. All the all the losses there and if you had won the national championship that banner were to come down just like mobile is governed out also their final four appearance for mobile two dollars and twelve. Wiped out as well I think vacating wins is a ridiculous discipline ridiculous disciplined and end. They get really ridiculous when you go to the likes of member Reggie Bush. When that went our Reggie Bush and when Pete Carroll was there Pete Carroll is in the pros Reggie Bush is in the pros and the players of today. Got paid the price fort that's what I can't and I think the discipline is ridiculous. As players. Pay the price for those who weren't even involved in any of it when you should be hit in the school now again. The school before return money from conference revenue sharing from 20122050. NCAA tournament. Reportedly could be as much as fifty million dollars but. That's to me in my where you gotta go you gotta hit the school in the pocketbook you gotta find another way to discipline that doesn't. Now that that doesn't hurt the kids of that on the team today who had nothing to do that northern vacating of wins to me. It is a joke. They gave the national championship feels different to me you know man I I didn't. I had it sacred to wait for me so I I've told the story a couple of times but before we play in the national championship game they showed us upon what video we called the mental edge words showed you great highlights from the year to cutting the U in his own before the game. And before the title they showed us a video where. It was supposedly after the fact of the game. And it showed the janitor going down into the tunnel at Notre Dame they've got the big board and it's got the national championship years and records was that on it and it showed him painting on 2012. After we presumably one mag game and so in that moment it was real for me and I'd seen pictures on the mock ups of the rings. I had seen that moment and and that time it is as real as it was gonna get for me based on the outcome of that game and man it was. Worn away and that moment. I can only imagine what it's like to actually accomplished that. To have that there and then now go back and not see that and are not see that celebrated on campus. Because again that only hurts those guys we talk about the school how much money can you take a four counts because you can talk about conference revenue sharing. That's cool I guarantee got a great financial kickback from the merchant everything they sold coming off that national title. From the recruiting benefits that it netted vamp for just the general good publicity that comes along with a winning a national title. How did you remove all that. You don't this school in the NCAA got old they could out of that moment so now you're taking away a distinction that really only affects the players Rick Tito's legacy is a coach is secure. People know what he's about what the guys along the way that works stars that work marquee guys that had very small window of college basketball. Affected by this. I don't know how old there's a world where there's a punishment. That doesn't affect these guys because at the end of the day one side still got all the power and one side is just down their collecting the one part of this they can control. That that's one part I can't dancers I was never in it for national championship and have that banner taken down now war war gave him some bored the guys on the team said but. I think I can understand from your part of saying when he gets wiped away when you could be brought back to the school to talk about it you know brought out the middle of the field. You know like they do it the football games of like they do it my brother's team in the 77 title team and you were merely I I could see how that. Would be a a bomber and would be I'm at work full victim. Where were we went to scored Notre Dame and you walk down that tunnel and you see all the banners from those championship teams all the sudden your not fair because eventually if you're not a big enough nameless and on that team guys like me and I would have been fine for us in 2000 right our guys I'm sure from this thirteen national title team from Louisville that'll be fine. But for everyone else eventually history's gonna forget you. Unless you work crystallized and one of those moments in the one place that wants to remember you sold your take it away from that eventually your gonna eventually you think he's a very disciplined though did you disagree with this type of discipline I mean I disagree over that again because it doesn't it doesn't punish the right people but I don't think there's any version of the world we sit in now we've got such an imbalance between the hats the administration's schools the coaches the people that can make money and profit off of this are always gonna come out right on the other side it's like steroids and baseball will always say by the time these guys get caught. Already gotten all the benefits out of the steroids so what are you doing tarnishing a little reputation they got the good stuff out the stuff like this is all the kids have. Yeah I I agree you debate caving on it think is kind of stupid we all know like we all Reggie Bush won the 2000 by arson we all know that. Mean did the history books as you well we all saw it we are understood it. We all know that they won that judge Kevin where. Put up there this on Twitter was a big part of that team Ozzie broke his leg right right still got this fat blank rain which means my guys deadly wanna chip I'm not mistaken of course I mean it did happen netted the other team actually did. The other teams are gonna get the championship now so that part of it I I I get there has to be a heavily by pretending like let's make it magic can go away. Doesn't seem to be to be any sort of real way of discipline and in my opinion and by the way the but the vote between a legacy. Remember pitino when he won that championship not only they would want at Kentucky an apple mobile which is bizarre and awful war there and and in one way. He's the only guy ever at that point to won a national championship with two different teams so his. From some perspective his legacy. Based on wins and losses on the courts is tarnished now forever because of that but I don't understand the idea of taking away is that it never happened now. Seem silly to all its designed to hurt the schools because in theory you would say this is a point of pride this is a part of part of the school's legacy. And I agree with that to an extent because. Listen what do we do we rarely let the people being punished dictate the punishment and enough people being punished her telling you this doesn't matter we should find another way it probably indicates that. There is something that hits home a bit about this I'd data when Jake was in high school when he was messing up in school. What you guys held overs had more than anything else is if you don't get this right we will take football away from you we will take the one thing that matters most away from you. Now you could say that's the same logic in the situation but again I would argue that the schools and the people. Veteran power and all this Horry got all the benefit the big need out of that national championships and now you telling them retroactively. Doesn't hurt them near as much as the kids obese got. So we're really at the players and right Luke Hancock was that 2013 final form top of that he said. I don't think it changes. That much we won those games it's not like it never happened. You have and that's exactly what they're going for they want you to believe that never happened right I mean would you be one of those guys giving that kind of court head you won the title and the and the banner got ripped out would you say. Paid that this still happened I don't care what you guys say you're not gonna take this away for me. Listen the defiance makes absolute sense and I would be barricaded in my house with every form of our own arms known to man saying come get this ring if you want to. But at the same time. I think in an honest moment it absolutely does matter and it's just it's one of those things you can always think about down the road right the way it would hurt because. It will never invaded being a part of a team like that is such a shared experience. They're a part of any team you have those specific memories of that specific group of guys who when you can time stamp with a championship you guys all remember that forever. What it's something that you also wanna share back with the school it's something. It was you I always thought you it could be your gift to this place that gave you so much and now they take that off the books like it didn't happen there is some of the bodies. One thing really quick and the other side who were they playing that game they beat Michigan promise is not getting the title and all and end to John John Beilein who is is the coach. He he what this is what he said. We didn't win at all we lost to a great team but we didn't win at all if some other people are gonna come and say hey you wanna at all you're the champion. Then okay bill we're gonna take it but I'm not gonna declare that I'm decline that we played our tails off the entire year we got every bit out of are really young team but we didn't win at all so yeah well I'm at least happy here that I think you have to separate your bizarre is given to a speech yeah she did so we really want he said I don't know we got beat buyer a great team we didn't win and. Including the mop. Out in a lot of mob Gary's the way it's funny or not there's any player army I don't know if you don't know that I got no I don't think most real moral mop. I mean the funny thing bobbled the final Oregon they're trying to clean up the global thing and you use a dark and off okay Luke archive the most outstanding player all right but just draw mop yeah just pitch said naming things willing only mop that something's I don't think I invented that name yes she did. I'm pretty what you just I was trying to do the mop what should be the punishment that Jesse that's that's a question that's the question could look we don't do we all agree. Kind of silly to pretend like it never happened I think vacating his ridiculous yeah. Obviously your personal experience yes good to say that so. What should be the next I thought what Seth Greenberg seg and at the metal sound that we played. If it's the school. And it's a school that messed up at the school hard at the school with with with money and I think that's some of the things that have happened here but to pretend like we didn't see these things happen. I think is a little silly and they did the until we get in a little bit of trouble with that when they try to make it all those wins. Under Joseph Paterno were times say there is a series back I could have come back to come back. It. I I understand that and I'd much rather penalize. The good the team that was involved with the issue the worst thing is will this happen to Tony thirteen don't want any eighteen were taking awaits. It's dollars well I think that that's the Reggie Bush that you mention. You know in the when Matt finally came to fortune Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll and the players of a couple you're either on or her own band to carry the water. Of Idaho where wire and mail them if they do any thing I. I guess. I guess is too easy to say well it should only be this public because it to be different situations it can be an assistant coach bigamy head coach bigamy employer if Amir recruit so they're just doing the. Charles here in India are worst nightmare that they're all tied together in a way it's impossible to Parse apart. And I I'm I'm very inches a year because. But I think ultimately the answer to this is pretty damn bleak if we really wanna look you're British are you probably the smartest ornaments shows and don't don't start saying you're not that's markets that really hurts trying to. Ole Ole Ole blue like he just lump trainer was well. Apple apple apple have an IQ test later to determine that despite your phone number hacks I mean c'mon Aaliyah because that's an Intel had a decision until like your job as I've. I'm still a lot of defense mechanisms and in my phone in my spirit all right it's a personal good for you did so I don't do you know we don't we need to do well in an app we need an app so when someone does steal your cellphone. Number you can just text everybody in your contact list. Guys this happened now fix it we look there is no app that you can go after just pay your numbers being stolen right now gore or get in touch with everybody on your phone now to say you know this happens that when a guy a guy a guy I might trigger around here and I'm DSL like down off the deep web where it's gonna cost you to admit I think that's where my phone number is now the people so I don't want to go back out there one more time. Are you mentioned the and we talked reduced the penalty system obviously flawed so what should the NCAA do we you mentioned Jay bill us we'll hear what he thinks about that. Now eighty he can help protect your family at home and on the go get started with eighty p.'s best offer to eighty key starter kit security camera installed fleet of 449. Dollar savings plus to get ADT golf the new family mobile safety after the service was 24/7 emergency response toward ADT dot com slash podcast today to take advantage of ADT's best offer. Of the 36 of monitoring contract he's been addressed the early commission like commission fees applied to children for you to your premium services that marks their first two dozen making certain markets excluded license is available ADT Docomo principle first. We continue on go doing go talking about what to do with the old mess and what should be the appropriate penalty I think we all agreed is the idea they had to vacate these wins a 123 of 2011 to 2015. And pretend like it never really happened we didn't see it seems a little weird to putting national championship which. Would have made Rick Pitino or did make quick review with the time the only man ever. To win. National Jimmie just a two different schools and doing it in Kentucky finally Kentucky and global it'll add one more layer of that drama. But according to the NCAA now none of that has happened Soro NJ villas who obviously has his own issues. Rightfully so right with a lot of things about the NCAA had this to say about the idea vacating championships and what that means. I just don't think it's an effective deterrent. In in trying to stop wrongdoing in the future I think what's more effective is the deal. Sanctioning I think the money is an effective deterrent they're and I think also sanctioning those. Individuals that were directly responsible for wrongdoing as is appropriate. So. We re agree with that. But that it comes down to okay it was this person Bhutto also culpable. You know do you just say it was this person is say what was this person this person should have known soul you know what McGee it's still like did did. Up to you don't know. Or are potato didn't get fired for particular dark coaching anymore does not the new events through the FBI ten minutes to get in that's going on cell. When that whole thing was going Robitaille was still coach so all and it was the question where should have known he said he didn't know. So. Even while we agree this isn't the right. Punishment just to say. Just nailed the people involved I think Mike that gets cloudy as well because of where in the chain of command out who should people Null and do people not. It's all about what's your goal and if your goal is just seemed we dole out punishment. Then absolutely just punish these specific people that you can prove did wrong treat it like to legal system where you've got evidence against someone then you do bad but it drew the answer a wave guide god forbid you actually try and do some modicum of good medicine change any of these situations then you've got to start to address this like your point Rick Pitino didn't get out good for this no Rick Pitino got out for the fact that stuff kept popping up which should tell you something in another saw it in and of itself. With the way that that played out. And so you only accomplish that you start taking a look at your right who else could be culpable throughout this process. But then again it's how do you punish them in a way that doesn't also punish people who wore not at fault and has any answers there's no way. There's no way because all of the people that you would punishing such a way are influenced by power money and you longevity that they have in this game vs the kids were there for 45 years. All the rest these guys were particular point had a life even before lower bill read it already cemented his legacy as a coach I heard coach guys on our air talking about. Well if you could somehow clear with your board of regents Rick Pitino is still such a great coach you would have him if you could. Mentality alone what you know Rick good to have people who think one way or another bout of we you'll have real stability well Richard great coaching a little forgot about. Wherever the hell would kids were on that team they won't give a damn. Well that's that's the thing because the to your point the longevity is with a guy on the sidelines you know and not with the players because they're in and out there and in three or four years and that's with without quoting who honey by normal Euro that's seen equity inherent in the system. You know that that's that's the bigger bigger issue at play here. I just. I do I do agree that the money at the school seems to be the hardest way to hit. And have it be some sort of blasting steam and as opposed to this the idea that just neo snapping your fingers and and it just all goes away. But I. It is hard to find some sort of way that that that makes it understandable. And makes it related volume the same time makes it penal. For the for the institution in place yeah I. That's more I'd like to go. Next with this is a lot of people think vacating wins is ridiculous that Jay does Seth Greenberg does and they talk about money but what else. What what how where else can you go what this is I still go to the USC thing. Our Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll and the fact that these players of just a few years ago all of a sudden they're dealing with a less scholarships. You reflect where and how how how does that make sense so is there another way. Let's take her school could you can hear coaches a sex has been and pizza there I mean we made the jokes about him going to the NFL so we could escape those allegations yeah I mean. The coaches can leave. They that's possible and all this you can get that and so what are you wanna do if you wanna hit the school with the financial penalty right there are really only hurting the people underneath them because in the schools got fewer resources to dole out to the athletic departments and everyone else it hurts the text of the adults are all still get paid not what I. Oh draw a paycheck Chip Kelly left organ that show cause notification if you wanted to be hard for current year's stay in the NFL gets serious so you heard all that you wanted to post season ban and allow the kids to transfer your still up rooting kids out of a place where they chose to be four specific reasons and putting them in another situation trying to skim back and apologize to us. Be good for getting fired because he knows the data rapidly changes your life going forward it just it's so different there's no way to fix it for the kids.