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Hour 2: Tanking in the NBA

Feb 21, 2018|

The guys discuss the option of tanking in the NBA and if it's the best option and then bring in Wayne Drehs from the Winter Olympics to talk about Lindsey Vonn and more.

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Yet the show just started but this tradition has been a long time golf industry analysts I did say did you Wear masks or a trail as judge salute fifty year tradition of after you have all season or alive that was and changing no no that -- gonna have a code that's a got to have a code man you gotta stand for something there you go right I stand for that I stiffened his other story which we'll get to know where to target that very happy about that goal you're going to earliest in radio when he is paean to. Presented by progressive insurance all phone guess we'll join us via the shell Pennzoil performance line among those guess what Wayne grays are used in Olympic course Monica coming up there up thirty minutes talking about Lindsey Vonn in the what it meant to see here get on the stadium a podium stand one more time taking the bronze medal in downhill has one more about Mordechai and or her and Michaela Schiffer and are in the combined and then we have our US women's hockey team taking act candidate tonight call on USA Jack Kennedy has kind of had our number they metres to one preliminary would be this'll last five times we played. A multiplier has been for the goal attempts over shall be a trend. That would be then that's that's especially pattern assuming you break that trend where would we are hoping so and I'll like listen veteran I have to admit that I wasn't as locked into the Olympics as I normally would be right because. Well because it's I was in Hawaii yes sure I understand. So how do you experience the Olympics so far this year what would you say you because I know you're Olympic hall. You know I know your all into it how would you say the overall Olympic viewing experience for you was oh it's. It's great for me now the the Olympics I don't think have been great for the US is no overall you look at top. At the Olympic count right now we stand at fourteen Norway leads away at 32 we have six gold threes over and five bronze. So all I think the medal count and I think the last time we are where the last Summer Olympics haven't we are nominee totaled an hour we had nine gold sold locals see. A war that ends up but I think it's been down I think. There have been some names out there that we thought would do a little better than they did but you know that's Olympics I mean you know sometimes that happens it it has not stopped in my watching. All of it at all. I you know now. There there are other thing you know like you say your vacation other things that that that people may do instead of this or maybe haven't been turned onto your Olympics as much. I don't know but I've always walked in I'm in all the event I think event that really grabbed me. This Olympics has been the by Athlon intruded into the cross country skiing in the shooting right which has been you know amazing and as I said. When those events go on in Germany. Five million people are watching on TV the army to its in its incredible salt. I've been dated the downhill my favorite to watch so I think those guys are crazy but obvious who delusion the Bob Sullivan do. He women's Jamaican bobsled team yes I was last night to that was fun to watch shot as well. So I am still weigh into it I still dig at. But I think overall as a nation I think we are on pace for our lowest medal count. I don't know if there ever or in a long while salt or say you know we got a few more events to go Stewart goes I'll also be watching every night especially. This US Canada women's hockey gold that's going to be. I hope hopefully you're well. Breaking that that's that pro America chippy at the end what does it do you know in game there are 800 people on the net I blew out the data was that was that was that was fun to watch yeah I have a unique perspective because I actually covered the Olympic Games for ESPN a 2002 in Salt Lake City. I don't Rutherford couple weeks couple things he'd understand if you're not up a broadcast partner of the Olympics. You might as well have some sort of infectious dance you know take as they put you as far away from the events as you could possibly be. You you cannot broadcast. From anywhere inside one of the official Olympic venues we were on the roof. Of the Salt Lake City Olympic conventions. This holy city convention senator darted out and whose convention center. We're on the roof outside out and sports that are set. In Utah in February at night. So you can imagine that was a look I was a little chilly New York. If you are not buying in now I literally mean buying in now to the IOC. They look at you a little differently now they do. Luckily you can have like Wayne you'll have coming up yes access to the athletes Julie Saudi we've had a couple time that's a one thing. They can't stop who's our access to the athletes for stories and things like dapper judge you're not paying the millions of dollars zero to broadcast the wire why zinni went election their broadcasts and they're not gonna do is sell milk you know we rely on these people our loved to do it. For one of these Olympics is due is to go around and talk to the athletes get their stories and and watch events and now I get. I just love I think it's cooler it's never not going to be interesting for me. To that point we actually get an interview would Bode Miller and I think that was his first Olympics that you're now is commentary for and be right in the downhill stuff. Or the Alpine skiing stuff we ran into him at a 7-Eleven. And that's how we got the interview with cookie Miller duration we chased him down to a seven alone you chase Houston right into norm though I don't chase win and there we get a thought I mean you you cannot be around some of these. Some of these the event I use it or not if you're not a rights holder to a chastened delegate convenience store and that's where I met up with a minute and got an how to do it all okay army it requires a certain. Ingenuity but he. I love the I've always loved the Olympics like that to this day I am I'm sure you probably right with me and art considering her age bracket right. The US Olympic hockey team taking on the Russian now. It RU SSR Soviet socialist Republican 1980 still is the greatest sports that I had yesterday that you know by far so I have this love for the Olympics because of the athletic accomplishments. But having to deal. With the IOC. And knowing just how cover up those guys can be amended any given year you have global going fifa IOC fifa IOC. You know that there there's some serious issues within those organizations. So it's a real love hate dichotomy with the Olympics for me is. I appreciate the athletic accomplishments. Andy and Andy endeavor and and the things that are. Played laid out on the line over years of sacrifice. To get to this stage. But then you realize at some point sometimes with the stage is built on out they're out there and done well you know it's it's a little different so but anyway it's what would some of the Olympics last year last Olympics in winner. And so she viewers at 29 point eight medals you know blossom if you were thirteen at the Winter Olympics in Nagano so. Yes so we have been a mediocre effort for the team USA fourteen right now Saudi and not him now obviously that's when he metals osu with a golden goal. You don't regret or was a pair of American women who did and it long drought is low key talking about Lindsay going to talk about the names but. As a key get help with peak in Rand Owen and Jesse dig into Jesse dig into I've watched to a number of her events for cross country skiing and they won gold in the women's team sprint freestyle race. As they're the first American cross country skiers to win. I'm metal at the Olympics in 1976. Cell. Congrats to them a cross country skiing I mean you see in those events you know the Norway's of the world that are does dominate all by itself. Congrats to them atop the that's the stuff like that's a lot of young watching a cross country skiing I just can't fathom the light burning and that felt water and put their doors less sure they're going uphill. It just I as I said one of the reasons I appreciate is I appreciate the work that goes into it and in the dedication that they have to their sport. To reach that point Soledad that's why I love watching it as it was the first medal since 1976. Yes I. These are great I think they got the one that metals bull Coke isn't he was silver medal yes he's having exactly right and a crazy things that sticking your head at that that's today saying yeah exactly what our out of nowhere by the way I just saw our arc on that it was over 151000 days ago this to your account days. I was not accounting day well there goes Johnny days to get to rely that is doing that. I was a downing days between bill coats mettle and what we just did. More Olympics coming up in twenty minutes by the way stands he just rolled his eyes at us just it was a total I roll happens once every four years all right. So you're Tyrell can only happen once every four years that's an even trade secure Ira you go well let's get going with what I roller wants us to do. It's what's trending ladies and gentlemen. As New Orleans star Anthony Davis prepares for the second of the season with the pelicans will be on the eighth seed in the Western Conference. He thinks about what might have been a bogey cousins not ruptured his Achilles he said. We could have gone through the playoffs nor could really stop mrs. bigs we go to the finals if we went he told Rachel Nichols you're trying to know. Not buying that I mean do their sit at 3126. Obviously lock stock cousins a bit ago with the the torn Achilles and you're really have to wonder about the future for the big matter big man with with a lower body injury especially of that magnitude. Are you come back for that and inept players poll you were here we talked about yesterday they. They did a poll 48 NBA players in their 80% of those players Paul W cousins will be back with the pelicans next year. Are playing with Anthony Davis but no I don't blue loosen. I don't blame a player for having that thought process and a half reality I have that I I'm. Again it's something that can never be proven because boogie cousins is out of won't be playing but no I I think even of cousins was there I do not. We're not a 44 seed I'm going to be Western Conference finals Lowell making it to the NBA final. Look you have to have that believe in yourself as an athlete but at some point also you have to have a reality check conversation. Right there are bigger so I think I good for him at all like our stuff. Am glad you feel that way I just don't think either one of us feel that way. I love this I guess it is I remember him from the draft. She's Lyman Lowell wrongs do Barney party. Through Canada yes he has is if you didn't know that well. Is it that a similar France and that was about the only options for laurel du bonnet party you do go well I think you. Wants at MD to his Jersey wide because we EC junior or site or right third like are right three. A tarred beef due Barney attorney wants to use this space to tout a personal accomplishment. He set to finish medical school this offseason. And become the first NFL player to take the field wall holding a medical. Degree that's sent Jesse Jackson is talk to the league so would be his name. A laurel new money party. And and they say that anything. Is possible. I think that's fantastic. I mean it's not like it's not like you know we setting a precedent that every other doctor in the NFL is gonna say put MB again in my name goes. There are no other doctor I don't think is gonna sit there and think okay what can others try and do like you said we have junior we have seen you can add the second brigade of the third. Things like that Esquire for I don't know if the lawyer in the NFL Esquire put on what it what if one of the players a current player a great great player through his life travels gets knighted yeah of Larry FitzGerald sir Larry I'm sure they don't get knighted like Nick Faldo got Nightline right Dana White has let I'm glad you brought his yeah well let me tell everyone has the greatest offseason yeah all I I ran into actually at the Super Bowl and I can recall he was going. We we did a thing to get you guys did that occur I think that's exactly right yeah but Larry. Every year takes these amazing trip she's like look I have the time now I have the money I might as well dude there's. And this trips are off the harder credible yellow one and Google him and his trips and you wouldn't Himalayan he's doing here what he what he does. Jack could you imagine appears united Serb Fitz Gerald Larry FitzGerald but you know so is far as this linemen. Moral do bunny buddy thank you I hope we get this I hope we get his name and Andy put after the actor's. Are you serious now duke is Kaeding. His medical degree. While he's playing football. Now market addicts who went to Baylor would mean I was there got his degree after or right and is now Doug as we use them on on the fantasy show him a lot to talk about injury so he did it after his career and actually he's good friends with our body marks Lara. And and they do a lot of that he does a lot of solar smoke right were still to this day but tardy was an interesting guy. He did in McGill University which by the way is a very fine institution in Canada. I was named the JP mattress trophy winner as a senior the most outstanding Lyman a Canadian football. He got invited to become line. Read a 49440. At 34 reps on the bench press and suddenly launched his name and right into the into the into the draft and was taken I believe in the third or fourth round. In the 2014 draft so congratulations to all wrong do bunny paradox. You're deaths have got to tell you do we get a CPA and you're a mathematics. And its impact Jarvis Landry seat there are I've incorporated are like LLC as soon. Not a liability corporation. That the the number of things that could go back let's throw that out there on gold can we go besides MD and the third in senior junior what other names. What other little tags can we get our way into your computer and literally literally do it psychic business wire Sergey I think sir yes sir FitzGerald wicket that was a bigger and awesome that it kids did you hear the call like of Jim Nantz what's the Brady back to pass and now he finds sore gronkowski there. Tony rocket ignited on the web depends on what to get item level headed towards what jagr and Franklin might get knighted for this next story. And let me just read this next story you go ahead simply like this choice validate organ alike when it comes to making it into your ninety's and boos actually beats exercise. According to a long term study so here you go. I there was a study done the done that tracked the 17100. Not Nigerians. 99 year old 99 on adjourn ID plus okay. And basically. It discovered that the subjects who drank about two glasses of beer or wine a day. Or 18% less likely to experience a premature death than those who abstained from alcohol. And I'll talk it out there it is and in that same group if you worked out fifteen to 45 minutes and it cut the same risk by 11%. So drinking a couple of drinks a day cut it by 18%. Moving and working out cut it by 11%. So can you what you did both what if you move and great does that make it 27 presented in court chambers time yet what is your moving while drinking that would that to me that would make it up to 29% awesome right that the daily daily move right there that's the map right there are mistakes so from from a quote from the person who is I have no explanation for it. But I do firmly believe that modest drinking improve longevity. Well yeah go. It's absolutely. It's two to that point. One of the week is you know we built our house in Tony fifteen and one of the guys that dead help. Through. Bill both the part of the flooring. Had a when I had sort of Labor Day weekend a morally week and he went hard for three or four days. And it wasn't fuel and right but not allowed just been going Hartford right or does he want to he went to the office the next day. And they said you looked terrible do you need to go to the Dodgers are fine. And one of his of course had no you'll like my dad did right for you had a heart attacks are you need to go right now tell me and he was having a heart really and the doctor said. Alcohol served as a Spinner of the blog right so actually because he had had a hard weekend. It's saved him from having a much more master of it because he drank a bit so there you go kids. Doctors advised that to your bigger I'd have some drinks that and I'll probably where I work for him all the we have the signs we as atlas again we have a society can't fight with side you can argue or science now why is smarter than all of that's exactly right there we go we're just gonna which have put the facts out there again next one's odd trek the next to his it says at least two at least two of the better the next two are on me as we continue here on gold can win. Once a sports leagues where a third of these teams are. Finally Toulouse there's something that's big taking the news first starting you have to know we were competing for the playoffs losing her best jobs with the all out bad getting near that bottom five. Then how do you go out there and and let's move on purpose I believe all our teams wanted to win it. Okay as we continue here on golden window you heard in that riposte sound there Mark Cuban saying when it became apparent losing was in our best interest in other words talk much this season with the Dallas Mavericks. And and he only. Outplayed by security and are doing it again they're so quickly that there that we felt we're gonna get away with I dislike but the at mark Mark Cuban the owner of the mavericks. Who has long said. Will never tank we would never do that. Now came out with this idea that he he talked to the team about. I just might be their best he did it any explaining you talk more doctor. I suppose says that like I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys the other night and here we are. We you know we were competing for the playoffs doesn't look losing are the best option. You know I knew him and he's very but I at least I sat down and explained to. And explain what our plans are going to be this summer that we're not gonna take again this is likely a year and a half tanking and that was too brutal for me it's there so we're gonna go out of oil conversely what could be transparent I think that that's the key to being quote what players' owner. Brand and have instability where you've got to communicate. Seat so there's a difference to what I'm hearing there to what we see in a couple. Number one the one thing whatever we talked about tanking we have always said it's not the players that are tanking its ownership it's management. Basically putting a team out on the court that doesn't have a chance of winning look at the lakers it was last year or two years ago last year thing. Where or in the Lou Williams was our leading scorer and retreated more Houston. And they were sitting guys they're here mas government paid about your money basically sat him for the rest in here basically saying. Where are you gonna play guys that can contribute. Because we're gonna put a product on the floor that's gonna have a slew so we can get a position to get the number two pick and pick a guy like until ball and start our rebuilding process so. We're used to at bat. Other coming from management. What we always say the players that are playing on the court are playing a 100% they're just not the caliber. When you know you sit down this dire trade that guy so your putting a team out there that really got an arm tied behind their back. Trying to compete against real NBA teams. This is a little different this is Mark Cuban telling the guys that are playing hey. It's better if we lose so I I'd really like to know. What mark felt was the outcome of that. Talk. He wants the players to go all on the court and not try as hard and try to lose. That that tour and and bad to me would be horrific it's one thing. Who secular team up to where the players on the court no matter how hard they play. Are just not good enough to compete on the court where the other appearance on the court it's another thing deport your regular team out there even though. You know that regular team is eighteen and forty and say you know what. We're better off losing so I know he tries to couch it by saying hey I believe in being transparent with them is why I thought you don't have to be transparent. Everybody knows what's going on we can all see what's got you couldn't tell what was more out of Phoenix Suns last year or the lakers and they were doing wherever you're. We all know it so you know everybody there knows what's going on. But how do you tell your. If in fact what you're starting players. You say it's better that we Lou so now that's where it changes for me it's one thing if an organization. Which players on the court that don't have a chance to a prison not good enough it's another. For an organization to tell the players in this case Mark Cuban tell these guys that are on the court hey. It's better if we lose opensocial are baying. Now we're not playing it's hard to win when we've always said or the reporter trying. The guys at the corner playing hard they're just not as good as the other players. And we talked about this when the when the the new lottery rules came employ yes basically there is going to be tried to do this to stop tanking but brace the YouTube you're encouraging more volatile I think you are yours out the top three teams have the same percentage get the number one you don't have to be the one with the fuel is used to be one in the bottom dropped out on the ought bottoms of their top three in the bottom of the bottom three of the top or anyone look at it. And and that creates the issue and by the way the net effect next year that that new rednecks are so bad up for the right to map drawn pace of the worst season since 9798. When they went twenty and 62 after that season they drafted Robert tractor trailers six overall would traded him on draft night. To the box for one Dirk Nowitzki so this is all going into a news the other issue with the Dallas Mavericks yes there is going on right now which is superstore will give and a little bit later. 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Of the 36 of 100 he's going to rest these early commission like commission fees apply to children for digital printers is a martyr for you doesn't it seem certain markets excluded licenses available ADT Docomo principle first. We'll Twisted Sister. OK all right we're not gonna take it any or no or not. That's an unusual move by the but I like it I I've I've learned over the short time of the show being in the year never to trust. Never go against clips musical judgments he seems ever reason for everything sometimes we have no idea what it is we made an escalation without doubt we recognized I get in there and we're going into something. That I'm not a normal I can see the musical triage area. We're close on Saudi a momma little confused we'll get it that a little bit later but we talked about this a little bit early we editor of sports senator. I'm Lindsey Vonn again winning the bronze medal in the Olympic downhill Yung Chang. And now we're delighted to be joined now by Wayne Dre is our Olympic correspondent. Universe or miss who graduate previously worked for season Chicago in the Dallas morning news. So Lindsey Vonn wade finishes third she gets the metal. She said it felt like your gold to her. What was her approach leading into this final race of her Olympic downhill career. If her goal and Chirac today was just to win gold for granted Don she's talked a lot about impasse in a way in November. And wanting to sort of you know remember him and honor him with goals. Quite frankly your approach on the track she was strong with that she thought she did everything she needed to do. It wasn't enough for coach told me afterwards Chris Knight he thought she might that a little bit tentative the top of the hill that Kostner and intimidation but I sort of behind. Sochi gets sent a bronze which he said felt like gold and and while she has one more event the combined with Michaela share friend. She pretty much it sounds lame like she's. Don I mean what it was and a definitive I'm done with the Olympics but it's sounded pretty close to it. Yeah you know I think I think she has no choice this'll be disappointing for her her body's been through so much especially the last five years. Multiple ACL injuries broken legs a broken arm she's got to play dormitory screws. If she had her way. Shoot keeps in there as long as she could have promised their bodies to order quite frankly stop. And that's a lot of emotion came from today is in many ways she's kind of being. Forced out of the sport I asked again or coach Chris Knight what would it take for her to be in Beijing in four years. And he told me pretty much a medical miracle. Well she's been somewhat of a medical news outlets you mentioned already weigh in with some of the stuff she goes through but. You know we should you talked about it she had the written DK for her grandfather on her helmet with a partner is credible story she wanted to win gold for him but she did put herself in the history books by being the oldest Alpine skier. In female Olympic history what what does that mean to hurt to have that accomplishment. And the issue someone who is given so much of her life sees which she loves to do but it's also in many ways. Thumb without family without a husband it it may resort to fine answer and so you are visitor house mail this year and you don't medals and trophies are everywhere. So I think in many ways this sort of makes it all worth that but you know it's funny you mentioned grant and I thought about this today you know isn't it isn't a metal that honors him and its immediate thought about it it's. The fact that she was here to the fact that she. Never quit after putting your body through so much to be this arm injury ship in 2016. She could not lift up a pencil her hand was a you know a dead weight and of her arms so to come back from so many things time and time again. And still figure out a way to be one of the the best in the world's. That's a way to honor her grandfather whether it's gold bronze or even no medal around her neck. Ya ya again a good doesn't look like every next Olympics which he is gonna continue to appear to compete forbid has 81 World Cup wins. The most in downhill sitting at 42 way Andre is joining us. From the winner Olympic so we turn to now. Again the US women's hockey team has given it a shot against Canada we lost the last five against them including the preliminaries. Our real loss to the water. I I guess. As as a Olympic fan and certainly US and I'm looking for any reason on how. The US women's game can stop what's been going out with Canada. So look if if Lindsay VAR needed to overcome the physical scars to be successful here and young saying. The US woman talking to calm overcome the psychological scars. You know the Canadians are on eighteen to 45 match Olympic winning streak now. Four years going Sochi remembered the Americans were. Two minutes away from the gold medal the Canadians come charging back win that game and gut wrenching fashion overtime. A lot of people here a lot of the sort of hockey experts believe. But the US sort of the better team that they they have more talent on the ice. When they when they take that ice tomorrow the question is can they get over that mental hurdle I think the first goal will be immensely important. And at some point look they're gonna go through challenging point in that game tomorrow they're gonna. You have a bad goal make mistake whatever the case may beat and when that happens. Can they can they overcome can still push to Peru. And knock it down themselves and not say oh no here we go again. We grays whether set talking about the Olympics and you mentioned the the mental hurdle for the women's hockey team going up against Canada. Let's not put your own mental hurdle right now at 7:36 in the morning here. What time is it where you are and what's the temperature outside his you look cold it is. It is. Not me I'm sorry nine B it is a nine figure it's ninety degrees it's about 9:30 PM and I'd say we have about one each 45 degrees it's I'll tell you. Based on the first week we got here in the unsung feels a heat wave that's why I'm going. A cool guy no ski cap tonight. It's a nice comfortable out Tony 45 degrees I do have like eight layers and our. You're gonna say is that Ballmer compared to what we are many absolutely it is what it is taller and more like going kind of the beginning of Olympics when you know when it was very cold and windy there. Hey wait overall. What's kind of been now that that the Russians color has been nailed for PD's. The the Olympic athletes from Russia war you know what's kind of been this sense. All of those athletes being there and now one and actually getting Popper PDs. Yeah I think there was a lot of skepticism from the other countries are the odds and other countries. About their inclusion. Your number we had that big decision on the eve of the games whether or not those Russian athletes at put in that appeal would be allowed to compete. And and I think you know a lot of the athletes to sort of have looked at these. Players and sort of wondered are they clean aren't they clean and you know the the news this week with the Russian curler on that only kind of adds. Choose the suspicion and mystery fair or unfair right. Arm but I think look moving forward as we in closing ceremonies the questions gonna be whether or not IOC. All let the Russians march in the closing ceremonies. In Russian uniforms with their flag. And on Tony the good news this week certainly does not helped her argument to a deal to do. No it certainly doesn't weigh their common Korea are for a terrible doubt they care before your right now do you. I'm not gonna hit a few more days and then we'll get to their way that is why is it almost Gary be elements and Ambien up with the stars does. Now fourteen hour difference there are so 7:30 in the morning 930 at night there right now that's remember the last thing we talked about that was a thing if if he Russian athletes were good right quote unquote. They could carry their flag in the in the closing ceremonies up. How much fun they have would occur learned he diss me out of c'mon by the way speaking of that you shoot mr. to mr. Tebow on Twitter today where you put up. Curling is cool I pity the fool who don't like curling all that. Hash tag curling is cool fool you add this coming off that Kirstie Alley kind of ripping curling calling it boring and it's we met. The curling association kind of tweeting back Ater. They they were talking about it as because I was watching curly they were saying the bombs sent the website is getting and then a few places around the country. Where thousands of people have inquired about curling I found out. Where where we love the practice here in cities where the harvest cafe Thursday at skating rink right next to that big. They have curling there there and we are real we are act absolutely gonna find out when they have a curling night there you go there are new curling I. I'm actually looking forward to a that you get to big bump. During the Olympics of people wanna give it a shot again I had a blast. When I did it with Larry don't Adler you talk about zero plus provide insurance pay your legal curly gold downhill on this you know the black diamond over there and I'll do whatever that god how long are you an honest here at all Mel Mel we've never least key to. When we first moved here and a for farm Arizona obviously read in ski out there who moved here and Mike was ten Jake was ninth to do is like 45. Very very short title wasn't decided. This season for us this probably didn't wanna start skiing you know at that that adult age would have been better to at a younger age to do. And then the boys and Sydney want to start getting involved in sports have less time. To do that sell well. It's ski skiing is a sport where you have to. You have to be committed does it mean it's a process yeah you know you have to load up the stuff you have to get there are yet to unload the stuff yet to put at all. But you wield I grew up skiing you did right so you're you've done that I disorder I don't Liggett could even get the pizza stand stuff so that I struggle without the way you can I struggle seems to me a guy like you my diamond core strength that would have been a mile way to stop was to fall now that's that's a double that now hit the deck that's the default mechanism asbestos Dominic get you on skis or not we're gonna get him on skis no you're not good I didn't give me an appearance before this is expected to adapt and there's this pencil the other half. They compared to be in my massive promotional budget for this program here you get a pencil whipped in a racer all my god we're gonna get go against keys that that'll be the next thing we'll do. Jimmy had a drink a dream of joining the national bobsled team. She worked relentlessly and that if she just refuse to give up one day ever dreamed would come true. And she'd stay and William bleep up on the food. But when her kids remind her that she was 52 and she lived in Texas and maybe she started dreaming this dream a little late in life she gave up on not giving up. But then she heard how Duncan could save money and car insurance so she switched and achieve that dream instead. Go doing go if you presented by a progressive insurance on ESPN radio NE SP into all phone guest will join us via the shell Pennzoil performance line in just a little bit among those guest coming up against Zach Lowe. From the low podcasts are breaking down things in the NBA and and a low post Newsweek. And melt hyper junior will join us as well our draft expert in studio movies are about his latest mock draft and now we're we're wherever we have to come by what next week dedicated his next week yes that march 14 brotherly league year begins which free agency is a part of by the way will be. A big part of that on television is running level four hour show that day. With free agency sort of Ford that we know it's amazing news. We have before our show every day yes I know now. And we do this year and then I'll do of all double dip again. While the one of those in the corner for pictures and I do allied troops had a day is put that they got to decide this case and you should my frankly for a lot of reasons you. But one thing that may be a good reason but things might be better for the Indianapolis Colts this year is that looks like Andrew Luck is going to be back and playing. Course he missed this entire season. After having shoulder surgery right about this time last year was in January I believe of forty. Seventeen Maria the surgery and he was never right. Our former colleague here Herman Edwards always said it takes a year. He was Reich has yet the same thing with Chad Pennington. And you guys I had frank Reich on yes we did a new head coach. And Jason Spitz whose phone for me asked about what's going on with Andrew Luck here's what he had to say. What did you hear about his shoulder before you accepted the position. Are the same thing everybody else heard that you are making great progress and noted we just under one day at a time and what I want things I've learned right in the coaching profession that is when it comes to injuries. You have to trust a player the player an out of body you have to trust. Doctors than it normally all we have processed and you take it that you've taken a day at a time and I'm just don't let it. There is so that was frank Greg inning he had said he you know hadn't been. Are you couldn't tell really certainly could go ask Andrew Locke they're not allowed to have it you know more than Ohio lower social stuff you don't care Douglas young black panther situation numbers as you get our it'll turn into a Magic Johnson though just fine inferred saying somebody's good right and so what what Andrew Luck had to say. He said the surgery is not an option for me right now. He said I feel very very good about or I am so that ship has sailed in my mind about surgery the ship has sailed in my mind. Which is also a bit of relief I'm not gonna allies so. He's in Southern California that three's been throwing with experts. I started strong but didn't specify. What kind of ball he was throwing me just say he's thrown because that was always a big thing right during the season when you see any shot at practice at all was he throwing anything was he doing anything. So right now he's he's working with experts. We don't know what he's throwing or how we story how hard he is throwing so what does that the way NC. No more into what direction they go in the draft again Melba amok Harper's draft two point all. There were gonna have imam later we'll start talking about that in about 45 minutes results in his first mock draft. I he had Bradley child. The pass rusher from North Carolina State gone COLT let's see if that stays the same or that changes. In this latest mock drafts all because that's the other thing I mean you can have vendor like back and that's obviously the most important piece of the puzzle without question. But that team is that they're they're hurt tell why they need a lot around Andrew Luck whether you're on the defense decide to help. Whether you go take on Barkley may be on the offensive side. I had running back to health and they haven't had a hundred yard rusher since face mask report on the on the helmets the secretary just yeah exactly so. But at number one is a fact that well Andrew Luck be behind senator when the season starts. It's it's interesting because. Jacoby percent actually for all things went wrong for the call out faster. He might have been one bright spot very they've found a guy who could be a plug and play guy you know as as a really serviceable backup and Indianapolis and then you worry about Andrew just. Forget the shoulder thing which is always going to be a problem it's like a back injury for a golfer you know you're you're always gonna have concerns about that. But he you know his first three seasons he was healthy but the last three he's been through nothing but injury 26 gains shoulder rib kidney. I mean last serrated kidney concussion injuries he hasn't really played a game since week seventeen of the twenties Eckstein season so then you begin to wonder okay. Are we get the first three years Andrew Luck to really get the last three years and Andrew. Yeah and there's no doubt how he felt and how he was getting hurt and then when news on the field how the rush was affecting him. He was thrown a ball or shouldn't when he shouldn't it was certainly affecting his play as well salt. There's more than just the physical part of him getting back can be Cameron played quarterback and then okay back to making good decisions with that ball in the pocket as well and have a good team around a whole lot of ifs with that team. Lot of concerns that Chris ballot probably grow pretty good job of the general manager their for the colts coming up. Second half the NBA season is here are actually post all star appearance they're how many teams are gonna be tanking nobody seems east can challenge a new look flat cabs. We've got all that stay with the.