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Hour 1: March Madness

Mar 13, 2018|

Trey, Chris Canty and Dan Dakich talk about March Madness starting and bring in Seth Greenberg to break all down and more.

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Well commander go doing go glad you're aware this on a Tuesday morning Chris can easier Dan docket Jazeera odd trait lingo we are gold can we go present about the rest of insurance Ulf longest join us via the shell Pennzoil performance like. We are part of the ESPN's tournament challenge marathon on ESP NE has been radio. And also the SPN app guys first of all it's could be both back with you both. I was absent yesterday I apologize for that trust me you would not wanted me here what happened. A lot happened. A lot but I can't get into a net pretend that I'm not bring people's breakfast. Let's just say I had a little something that disagreed with me and it it made itself clear in in any way possible that it was not sitting well you had a rough week and who lost hours sleep and you had to deal with the that is the lesson I would rather lose seven hours sleep. The go through what I went through on a Sunday night in Monday's will be perfectly clear about that I think I lost like twelve pounds. So that look good I was ought to solar getting ready for swimsuit season already or are you look at it as the glass half full kind of guy well over this way everything was pretty much full if you don't I don't know it was a it was a rough road Euro and everybody's Greg was when you said you're given refers web sites and probably ruin everybody's price says good morning and be clear about that. Glad you're with us again where you're part of that is being turned to challenge marathon we're trying to get as many people as possible to sign up for that thing right there at the turn of the challenge we've got to work. Six million people I think our goal is what twenty million this year over twenty million. We had nineteen million. Well last year sort trying to get over that total against we're excited to be here and by the way we have a plethora of guest tonight but to this morning ms. go to some of these. It's 630 Seth Greenberg are college football at analysts are college basketball analyst joins in studio. At 7 o'clock the Majlis don't column a magician. Mentally he's a mental boos boos Pearlman is going to be here he kind of blow our minds last year a little bit I I. We tried to figure out the way he was doing some of the stuff we got it's one thing the rest we have no idea how it Soka look at board opposed. 730. Marty Smith it's a Marty party will be here at at 8 o'clock at 830 Jay Wright Villanova head coach will be here. At 830. Chris leak the bears going to be years we'll break things down plus you got Roy Williams North Carolina head coach and Rebecca global other than that we have no desperate. I think I think we're pretty much covered right yeah they were in good shape so will get to prepared for the tournament we'll get to separate your bracket again. If you wanna get in touch with us and do the challenge with a our show like gold can we go you can go to the at our Twitter page 100 flowers dot com Twitter feed. Act gold can wiggle and it's into the top mark page you can get in touch with us via the one and flowers uncomfortably or call it an 860. 5065505. Those all the ways to get in touch with a cement. But you guys resurfacing as we always duped both the goals get with doing with off the top. 99 career triple double in the founders 106101 win over the kings. He turns right around and visits the hawks this evening we'll have a chance from the fourth player in NBA history Chris with a hundred tripled. He's going to be in good company took you talk hurrah Oscar Robertson magic Johnson and chase included so. Russell Westbrook whose impact on what that team is doing their currently fourth. In the Western Conference and they're gonna try to hold onto the team is fifteen or five this season what are you to triple don't. Absolutely doesn't. You know it it's funny deal. The fun has worked out exactly they wanna do with this thing but it seems like they're finally getting get a little bit. And maybe feel pretty strong as they go down the stretch of the NBA regular season well I don't know I. I think it's not the thunder. Aren't ever gonna work bottles and appalled York's. Because because you just can't he poked George is one of those guys that thinks he's better than he has. While George is one of those guys and has a hard time fitting Paul George has a heart he wants out. And you can't be a quarter to quarter through our half three quarters and you have to be all in and Russell Westbrook. Look I think is tremendous. Blood there that this was not gonna work out for the start fort doesn't surprise me announce it getting better. Well okay I thought well listen it's coming in strong this morning the snow while I like hot topic that's very what we have a few of those around these parts I don't empowered. So again they are he had the 99 lap. Tonight their plan hawks tonight and we believe he's a pretty confident they'll get that 100 tonight. And the conference theme is brought to Biden national mortgage lender Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully mortgage comp confidently we are confident. That exactly Russell Westbrook will do just that we continuous. Off the top there you go the spurs lost one on 993 in Houston last night to dropped to tenth tenth. In the Western Conference the last senate since Tony was outside the top ten this are out of the top eight rather. This late in the season 9697. Which by the way it was the last time the spurs missed the playoffs. A spurs coach Greg pocked Popovich says he'll speak to quite order today. When the team returns home and does not reload this is all about Chris whether or not they're gonna get anything out of quarry to sort of get them back in the plants in and maybe have a push in the post season. Thought us exactly what it's all about them they're not gonna go very far without why letter not to their targeted net Thursday's game against the world is pelicans as a potential date where you could come back. But they haven't played well without coli and a lot of applause of late. Eleven of them lost eleven of their last fourteen games. The other thing is the gutsy and of their final fifteen games at home some eggs and home cook him is exactly what Gregg Popovich missed. First he meets. Well they need some penitent that helps a little bit dim because what ten of their last at general because that rodeo trip. That they had to get rid of but do you think it's an option quite letter come back they might be able to find their way back in the policies are you attempting your clothes yeah I mean look you. The NBA star driven me in the NBA all the league's star driven like we also hate the sky's the greatest coach ever right. Popovich is still the coach and I don't have the same players and earn a first or tenth so quiet word coming back would be huge home games with Weiler coming back would be used. But it feels why are you guys feel but it feels like to me that the spurs have been disk from Bob related the entire you know quite let it think China. Is the face of that it's is it doesn't seem right it doesn't seem spur like to me this whole year. Noah and got to get it figured out quick because listen their fighting for their playoff lives in the logjam at the bottom of the Western Conference. And twelve of those opponents in the final fifteen games are playoff contention soaring gold reason it isn't going to be easy but it's not like a lot of those teams have separated themselves for example bear sixteen games back. Of good westerly rockets. That the spurs are but so is the team that's an eighth and seventh places wells were getting into semantics what you're right it is large and it's certainly possible specific and get some Michael. You know you go week. Or let's say four games and the whole thing concerns and you do acquire learn about who gets a star driven thing I mean it really is a mean when is the last time you saw. Eight team that didn't have a star real star. Play really well it's just it's the NBA has evolved in the that I could do is watch any night and you need star Carlos is gonna players originally. And him coming back will be using all you do is going low four game winning streak and you jump some people aren't the problem is they haven't been able to get on the nobody could have. That's the biggest issue won't get it right speaking of. Why Greg Papa said he'll speak to quite today when the team returns home quote all sequel why we'll see always feeling. And see how ready he is and see already I think years and won't go from there again as Chris said the team is targeted at. Whole match up on Thursday gives an oiled pelicans as the date for a potential. Col 100 return. On the field puts money eighteen NCAA women's basketball championship unveiled Monday with UConn no surprise earning the top overall seed. UConn is looking for its twelfth title which would snap a tie with the UCLA men. For most basketball titles in division one history the Huskies are the favorite according to our basketball power index with they. 37% of that eighty some percent chance it's got to be. Thirties and region south I think thirty some kids are a little hope that seems ridiculously low does not seem ridiculously low number that's right off the rush through three although a bit. It is so is it not do you think. As Rebecca this Chris and I talked about affirmative do you think they'll be any game where they're not favored by one or more. All I think that probably will really. Probably a couple of games like in South Carolina Charlotte same bracket same bracket as loose into the bracket yet as a somewhat surprising you have to David that's probably the biggest threat to UConn ladies nagged him back to form we played South Carolina earlier. I watched a game. I won by a 175. Actually 173. I get what you're saying. With a 37%. That that's its supercenters remarkably well to let's say this let's say from an odd standpoint somebody would give you three to one. I'm winning the title. Would you take that. Jewel Moore was Dallas whole wall more. You'll want five don't want you capsule. You couldn't get five to one I know that's why couldn't get close to what's the Big Three want him. I would say one to three well listen and at the end of the day. You know people always talk but is what we talk about UConn women's sports are or women's basketball all I get edited so big it's so boring you know what that's not you can't fault. Everyone else he's ever what else needs to step up their game at the end of the day it's about competition and if he's. Continuing to do is destroy a want to Majid Dorian and his staff everybody else that's not an and that's on the onus on everybody else to trying to. Absolutely if they're complaining about you come being so dominant that's of them problem they needed were about that data should address that because UConn is gonna keep doing what they're doing. Which is dominant there's nothing more fun than winning yes. Zoo zoo like people always say who would you respond coaching nothing except winning right. And that of the problem is you can't win every time you know you can't do you cut out exactly they are breaking the mold in the area again Rebecca global join us a little later on this edition of golden window in the 9 o'clock hour talk about exactly. What she thinks beat the real odds artist it sure does. I'm not I'm not dismissing the rest of the field but when as you said they won every game I 79 points. It certainly seems like art 37% slightly perfectly you know what I couldn't let. Luckily we are what we're trying to get people to sign up for the tournament challenge right so let's extend the challenged everybody else. In the women's bracket to see if they can actually have a challenge that you come. We are faster that in win no question they didn't all of this that was at the first year together with that this group of players that really sort of they had massive turnover after I left excuses and you go on not just say I'm guessing they they were not. Like a bead on a buzzer beater they did but lacked last year I think that team was not. I think it was over overrated little pace on the players they have the previous years when it sank the sort that myth that's are carried over the last years at UConn Wednesday. Think this year's team as ours are really dark really really earned his right formal along that we continue. NCAA men's best alternate begins this evening with the first four action in Dayton Ohio and us since the format debuted in 2011. One team playing in the first four has advanced the round of 32 every year on three occasions that team is made it to the sweet sixteen so do we. Do we have a lot of faith in one of these teams do that again this year do what was it like me some cues. I like me some senator cues I think Syracuse in the first round playing San Diego or scooter his own state. I think there's only is too long for use plays tomorrow though isn't right now yeah in the first four. Then continental not to not to knows that I got a drug remote talk about the games tonight on no nobody nobody tonight you know I gonna have to literally. The guy that is yet to announce another I apologize on a dime right on it but not tonight. Cues will play go there will play and they will win and they will be there good well look I know it's a field of 68 but we like the whole first four thing. I like the first four thing I'll tell you why there's not drills on TV and that's fair and assault and it also let appeasing your viewing habits and to be clear about some there's one thing that life is out with. A own it. I totally locked into opponent but there's nothing else on for me personally I'm basketball guys from. So yeah I mean date you'll be packed the environment is always digs when the great basketball season that is true that is your small amount small town but people come out. It's the NCAA term I like Elmo border as well I mean. You have a cute changed what when you expand the field to 68 and do opportunity to get some other teams in that can be competitive and make a run but couldn't see it I think it's good for the tournament. Again though the games we've got tonight number sixteen tell you Brooklyn vs six rank Radford. And then eleventh ranked up on saint Bonaventure against number eleven you see away. The winner of the LU Brooklyn ideal Liu Brooklyn Radford game gets number one Villanova in Pittsburgh on Thursday. And the winner of the saint Bonaventure UCLA game gets number six Florida in Dallas on Thursday night. I like you silly but it's it's a bias picks us Steve Alford our college teammates good friends. Hard for me not to picked obese and bottom of fingered by a Florida like Florida like Florida a lot early season. Tray out of the use of staying with Syracuse will get through but not I don't think you should like beef. All right well Abul let you stay with that because I I won't I won't bowed down to your basketball and no I'm going to. Because as I told Chris this is the time of the year were all those present like we've been watching college vessel religiously our stuff yeah. I don't do X or do you guys glad you watch both that we can. Oh you don't will quit the hearts think it's well there's a lot going on and fall when that we have to Parse things so bad. We're glad you're here deny its disagreements in diameter and by the way that was the straight talk brought to buy straight talk or it was best phones those networks no contracts and we continue with. This one is interest in or out of chapter who by the way. Always tries not pass out this time a year from excitement and hyperventilating. Reporting early this morning that case Keenan. Intends to sign with the Broncos went free agency opens Wednesday. Kenya finished second in the league with the AQBR. Of 69 point seven last season. With the Minnesota Vikings Christie like the idea of case keep him being the next quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Southern is a great idea I think it's a great fit when you look at the weapons at the Denver Broncos have only outside Emanuel Sanders and the mayor is Thomas junior quarterback to be able to take advantage of it. Members been trying to staying we're trying to give power forcibly quarterback it hasn't worked brought costs while her next alleged. No other goal was somebody that has proven that they're complacent at the team to depose easing into the championship game so I like today's keynote I like John Elway being proactive not waiting on the Kirk cousins domino to fall in free agency. You don't wanna be the wall without a quarterback would the music stops so I thought that they were made the right decision to go out education. He trade didn't case Kean a man tapped to lead. Like Mike simmers comments about case team him. It was never like this is my guy we were we we were we were documenting that this fall when we were watching may be as much college basketball November December bit. That after every game vikings head coach Mike Zimmer would say yeah he's a starter for next week right so there was clearly an indication. That for whatever reason Mike Zimmer in the coaching seven Minnesota were not as enamored with K scheme him. As you might think they would have been with the way he played a means you looked at you can case kingdom's numbers they were very similar to what Drew Brees is numbers work. And and for whatever reason. My Minnesota Vikings were like we're glad you're here or not really glad you're here it was it was an interesting dynamic in that in a world where. Like. Popovich has to go talk to acquire Leonard to see if he's OK to maybe kind of sort of play him this genome was just like jagr finally won again you played great battles seat. I don't think I've seen anything like that. Certainly the quarterback position. Maybe maybe ever since the seventies I don't know but it was there was nothing good Mike Zimmer was saying nice about Kay's team so good for case Kim. I think Mike Zimmer would be an honest acquisition told you everything you need to know about how they feel about tasting them. They don't feel like he elevates the play around him around everybody he doesn't elevate the play. With everybody around him it's more so everybody around him being able to help him be a good quarterback. So you guys that have been watching pro rebuttal time users. Czar good fit is that a good thing for Denver to have a guy that you just said well listen to restore looking at the teams that are going to be in the quarterback market this offseason. You know Arizona. Minnesota. Although also touched it is the jets are going to be there as well I mean we start thinking about those two games. The Denver Broncos had to make a decision and if it looked like they weren't limited Kirk cousins they had to make a move. That is the entire equation and that is the straight talk again brought to buy straight to acquire lowest response personnel or personal contracts. They believed they weren't gonna get Kirk cousins that that's what this is all about so that the question becomes okay do you any case keen him for about eighteen million. Or Kirk cousins for about thirty million a year what's a better value for your team and what helps your team get a little better look. It's it's pretty clear that Denver wanted Kirk cousins over this any debate about that Von Miller has been out there stumping. For Kirk cousins the way most. People have political ally stopper for you for political office and he has gone out there it's that we want him we want we want of John Elway has been talking to as many people as he came without you know. In differing with the air quotes legal tampering system which by the way. Is the dumbest phrase of all I have proposed to every by definition is illegal and then you make it legal it's the it's the biggest oxy moron I think there isn't sports. But it's it's it's pretty clear that that did the signs that the case that John Elway was getting from the Kirk cousins gamers. We're not gonna get to go to Cordoba. Well I think that Kirk obviously has put together three better years than case camp but you can make it very compelling argument. That last year case played better than Kirk cousins what obviously you can absolutely do that and if you feel like he can still. The question is not what he did last year but do you believe he can do that again that's the entire thing right do you believe he can do that again. And if you think case Keenan can do that again considering you do have offensive line issues. And you just got rid of Aqib Talib your quarterback that you traded to the rams nine they have Bradley Roby there who's a very good player. But do you think it's better for your team to get K scheme eighteen and have another twelve million to spend. Or go all in our Kirk cousins of it it's better to give chase genome and have the money to spend in free agency and oh by the way to free usual with a fifth overall pick in the draft that you can continue to address the different needs that your team has. Course taught about cue to leave now treat the offensive line have been build and the last couple all season bring in Iran there from the Dallas Cowboys draft in durables and first round last year you could go that direction as well so I like the flexibility. That the case came in signing gives John Elway now the big question is. Where does Kirk cousins led because the Minnesota Vikings. They're all limit pushed all that you have to the table because all three their quarterbacks on roster from a year ago are unrestricted free agents we don't know what's gonna happen to him so. They said we don't think chased him is worth the money which is really interesting and probably would give me a little bit applause if they felt that way about a quarterback that got into the NFC championship game. What they're saying we're going all little Kirk cousins if they don't get Kirk cousins. That's going to be a tough situation from affable as. It is cousins and trade is cousins. Did receive a print of being. Like this year's guy like all of us no question right I mean is valued just keeps going up I must say he's a better quarterback but I certainly not a great corner let me put them but this way to to your point exactly. In a couple of days whenever Kirk cousins signs whether it's going to be with the jets Minnesota Arizona maybe there's another team that we don't know about. The two highest paid players in the history the NF LB Kirk cousins and Jimmy girl. So it's not about bless America that it's I'm blessed not about so much about what you're what your true value is it's what someone is willing to pay and almost modern looking at the escort rushed him pay the saucy Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rockwell chairman who met Ryan and Russell Wilson Google's got all the linemen didn't country a what's that what's that mean or that gift you have of Aaron Rodgers counting of the people on the left him ushered it's cal was. The amicable I've had a million let me yet as importantly 46000800. Million. I I looked. I dare I understand he's a little later in India in the tooth and then Kirk cousins as by a few years. But of Kirk cousins is getting 303132. Million a year. And Rodgers sit back and like let's go. Have a brain people there's just make it grain nameless city this state I mean look yeah that's what I see Green Bay Rodgers is what they will be ownership. All I'm all for Kirk cousins they get your money he had it right it's your money he hit it right you're absolutely Tibet. You bet on himself two years in a role on a franchise tag it was prohibitive resell for the rescuers to Fred Thompson protests began in mid to trade for Alex Smith. Kirk cousins is the open market hoping Kirk cousins the top 1012 quarterback in the NFL. So there's going to be a premium that teams pay for player of that caliber to open market. And again we'll find out may be today but again the the NFL league year opens tomorrow we'll have four and half hours of that. Well all on for you tomorrow afternoon's will be looking for that without alive and everything else. But coming up we are all but determined to turn the challenge of coming up. Our cavalcade of guest will begin to try to near next with our guys Seth Greenberg who paid rent on the bubble for years back at Virginia Tech. We'll ask the Benny the team to snuck in have the ability to make it San Antonio for the final four. Ever or Michael care support for the gold wiggle podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage I could get loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Export clips haired cats we've been making guys look good for 25 years we raise the bar with our signature MVP experience and now we've made it more convenient with online check yet. Is it sport clips that day we're sharing thousands of things with our clients by giving away 250 dollars to five lucky winners every day during March. No purchase necessary duty US DC each thirteen plus enter without purchase export push back Nazi website for details including prices and ostensibly to be wanting to put where prohibit. Yet people Hampton. For the NCAA tournament glider with a goal can we go on ESPN and ESPN radio as well as ESPN that graduate that were part of a a tournament challenge marathon right here and don't forget. You can sign up. Trying to get over twenty million brackets and a quarter and over were well on our way. Well over six million glad you witness on ESPN and ESPN radio at present about the rest insurance all phone guest join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. It is Chris Canty Louis way to nicely dressed by Hollywood. We would be clever but that's to get more now the rescue of the rest of us are struggling anyway so you'd need to bring down your address and really you slow a little bit dimmer right. Well I'm on a two week two and a half weeks three nor'easter road trip yeah. I don't. Some of the devastating on the worst part about that is your it was hard to find third north third nor'easter we may have another one coming guys and to break it to you. Our bloodiest in college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg joins us in studio now given the straight talk. Brought you by straight to our wireless best phones those networks are contracts you've been with us since the start of America writes Xbox or yesterday urged pastel heard Iceland. I'm trying to bring spring to the northeast and try and set and as you can tell it's not it's not war. We've got another foot of snow come in and I I've heard the worst thing you hear if you're in the northeast or somewhere called and it's the middle of march in your. You ready for spring. Near the women say yeah how the weather pattern doesn't look like it's changing any title and which means more of these may be coming so you know all bad. Good times everybody good times. So set as we. We get ready for the tournament here. How do you think the selection show aired as opposed I was in recent years because lets be honest it wasn't met with a lot of. Laws committee I thought the committee is a pretty good job I think. We can talk about the mistakes that maybe you know what games will be played so really I think people tired of talking about. Well you know Oklahoma shouldn't god you know should have been the first for a USC tournament the but the process the way they show it to show up alive bought a guest in the current TV I was watching John. Good to know. I mean I've let's just yeah not a fan of daylight bit I don't I don't ago. Your days where we were doing our work there or go to work awfully people watched last Saturday. When they revealed the names and we hate how much thought they did based on ratings that they like it here's the deal I mean. They cover basketball for three weeks recover basketball floor the whole season matches two way it is I mean. I want to games come on in Charles and those guys say yeah see what happened and say what they see sure in the blue true refined by. This is what we do this what we breathe eat drink coming and its people really pay attention. They're tune into world's greatest podcast every single week and getting really educated with Greenberger docket to courtside so. Did they do that. And then they listen us the American perfect bracket latte and what they want to of move on past that first question I'd. After and I and I went off over let's go with the overall field and do you think do you think eternally did spec I'm putting that India. The Euro was going to be critics have been you know. Farm USC I'm not happy and the second place team in news in the pac twelve right I came to cut through finals of the championship. Lost pretty close game Arizona at the ninth place team gets in. National but it had scratch and to me Oklahoma loses an honor less levers are right of the fifteen. I've a fifteen they didn't win able game in when he eighteen. And one of those wins by the way that. Oklahoma I was I was it was last place humanly make it in that's Wilbur has scratch or Obama mid major coach. I'm thank you forget about it I got a woman conference tournament because I can't get quad one win speakers high majors gonna go to twenty games. This coming year so that leaves twenty games four games are exempt tournament it's one for a made for TV game point five maybe even want rather. And they're scheduled home game so. If your mid major it's it looks plea to get more than one bid. Maybe two likely ten played its way into the second period. But I think it looked ever complains about seeding here ought to start screen in a lot from the start playing ball and the game. Are going to be great Arizona. And have Kentucky. And you have Villanova are suited Virginia right there right right there who comes out. I got Virginia. I got tree while law and shocked US oh I'm shocked Niagara tiger averaging 84 was there before I went to Virginia Tech a while back but. Are the ones for Virginia. Virginia we we we week. They're not aesthetically appealing. And we ever wants to find reasons why what's wrong word which it. Here's the deal they want their twenties and one in the ACC. I mean it's a joke they want at duke they beat North Carolina. No they won a couple games of the global game they didn't win lost I mean I mean has destroyed his by. They're better offensively and of for court and more athletic. Just too savvy tough physical guys that are more shot makers are distinct. Then doubled opposed against Arizona and I think Arizona is really good. That's who I think I would not be shocked that Arizona wins because of this. Let me ask you who this you know. Arizona's they've suited beat up the last month. FBI investigation NCAA 100000 dollars. Those kids could just activists were adding that all teams basically got. The holdings based guardian this year eagle went packed full term. Which has a winning supports that read I think their goal is their whole starting five will be history is to say you know. I don't care NCAA I don't care FBI. We're gonna go when the NCAA term gonna hang a banner we want to take it down and amounted to go do we know we put that banner up there and you know what is suitably comes talked to us. It took years and have a good life see you later. We just one match championship. I could not agree more I think that is sold one point and I wouldn't doubt if you want to extend that to show on Miller coached. All of you would extend that like Italy's main a lot of money over time that these coach if you wanna extend that same area adios. Take a battered down do it every wanna do. I I agree and you know this and everybody knows there's there's no light cause man are you have a motivation comes in many forms you you can have a cause like the floor bus. And ray can have a cause to to win a tournament game we can't win determined because we have enough talent remove. Who knew little about the how and the analysts and the cause it's the cause is real I'll no doubt about it if they are right. They didn't you know basically single lot and they got a guy that's the best part time drums sentence in the year lead candidates for it. Dodge the number one pick in the draft as easily any good luck this stuff I mean people don't remember this you might. And you Shawn Camp a pencil up Raymond Raymond and meant to Raymond. I'm Seth Greenburg with a son Gordon when Yost continued get you ready for the NC it would turn it again sign up for the tournament challenge marathon you can put into a 25 brackets you have a chance to do it 25 times for both the men. And the women 22 of deceit you can win the whole thing we gotta for for both both men and women's tournament. And also go to the goal can we go Twitter feed. And you can try to sign up to beat us and see how you do against us lots going on there that's why we're doing this that's why the marathon is here so continue to do that whether us. But the biggest shelters are might be in the second round match against Kentucky right. Kentucky's plan really well you know they develop an identity I don't think they have an identity early in the season to ever talk to greet their currencies I don't believe point guard and I want to give the ball to. Schlegel solves it really mean Nike. And we're going down the block to get its PG a Washington when they wanna get a bucket they go to. Kevin Knox and all of sudden you know winning Gabriel go seven for seven and experts to block the shot comedy I'll start to come around all the sudden. There are more physical defensively. And they have an identity. If they can deal with the fees accounting of eight members stick in an affirm court they can beat Arizona. I don't know that anyone into doing. Coach I always feels like there's a double digit seed has upset the first we can at a tournament. What double digits she has the best chance to have pulled all the ups at this week how many did you 2%. I think so I think Charleston can be Robert. I'd define Bruce pearl's they've had a good fight they've got to cause also I understand that they lost two players and remarkable results for two seasons as the third player. They they thrive on turning you over his firm bond spread you out and drive it on clay Charleston. They got three players upper class players that average are seventy points a game. There's seventh in the country infused turn of percentage they don't turn over so always going to be up to speed them up there there's 320. And a supply. If they can own the tempo the art of the upset. Ball in the temple with a game right they can do that. Don't turn it over so that you're giving up basically tour should touchdowns they do that have some guys that you can go to Joseph Chile. Yeah that's beating him up drove Brantley he's gonna make pockets rent borrower can shoot the ball to its report on. Their team that can they win a game and I'm heaven is actually two of these New Mexico State and and Stephen F Austin I don't think stood across the world do it. But Stephen F Austin. Average age reports again they don't what you run offense they don't like to run off safely play nine guys about twenty minutes 25 minutes. They trap everything ball screens hand offs they deny everything they get out transition. And they flat get draftees so I mean I think there are three legitimate. Double that stack to a New Mexico State rebounds and is it tough to us about Mecca Zach Lofton Spoelstra really good. Would you be one of mama give you one nothing Lil Chicago among well like that all I want to square one if there in the country in defense that. That's good start for loyal 40% from the three 'cause let's be honest eyebrows bubbles are there yes you want to make some shots and they are your sex surgery to remind me I don't know right. Who they play like. Your boys junior resume after you or shoot it well like Brenda and I pasting they torment. That to date they went to Florida in one yes and when Florida was supposed to be a breeze coming off two PK eighty New Mexico State they beat my. And let's and he knows what he's talking about ladies and gentlemen what's next on your cavalcade of hits in the marathon where he had an arm and arm or somewhere a users look like I would like retired says dreamed of satire he's mount I was glad I know. I am very. I go doing go on ESPN and ESPN radio and he has been up was having a debate here by the religious of people understand. Because tree we go Chris Canty Seth Greenberg Dan Dockett just hear you got places ago people to get sued right. I've got to get seed Jim guy got to get to Boise and I've got to get to a home show tomorrow and Indianapolis so what you're trying to do we got a nor. I don't know I was. Had a nor'easter here in these go out. And you're trying to get somewhere to get to Boise easier someplace. Well first against Auburn home joining me now was meant I don't what what what do home show it's where is Dan and Lee it's my wife and I that we go to different places in the home Joba we've Hastings as subject. The two at least reduce your. Real about it it is good again. Clear trying to get the boys I wasn't I didn't really didn't care about whether you wipe cache your jacket that's a lie brought it up we're we're going through the anxious you trying to get to that game I guess is ours right here is I'm trying to deliberately. Let's talk about 5 o'clock out of out of here which is never gonna get out now it's not it's never the other option is a drive to do to DC in nor'easter violence I'm gonna do because I've got to get the boys have got to I've juvenile winner I mean I have no problem. We know junior is obviously Dan Simon places I'll state the small point guard that comes off the bench and drops times but when he throws the dime. Into the stands and especially when he's an outstanding game. He absolutely kills an introduction take meta game and fortunately his coach. Was not as impatient as standout pitcher coach Altman Ashley told us on world's greatest podcast that you need to be more patient OK one world's greatest don't. We're we're hoping that you can get where you got to we got to play all over under right now. Over I'm Daryn. With the Lincoln wind down. Okay you ready over under guys wins by double digit seeds in the first round five and a half. Double digits in six some say on under set under. Chris I'm gonna go under. Right on to go over just has all you guys set up for no other reason I don't feel more upset the apple cart I think there's going to be three afloat for now. Okay. We continue with over under here over under one and a half number one seeds reached the final four. Over. Over over you want shot this year I'm going I'm going Virginian and gore Villanova just got Virginia Villanova on over. No Virginian villain gone over gone over on the contrary to armies are under a tough and everything plummeted on the other route yeah. A bit yes exactly. So as we look here. Let's head over over under is brought to buy grass covered the numbers phone system run your business from your mobile phone CEO works a grasshopper dot com. Okay how about this one. Well over under six and a half the highest seemed to reach the final four again a seven seed or higher. It's made the final 45 treaties that we had to last year so six and a half over under. Seth under under. And it got sent in Norway and wit to last year this year Michigan State and Michigan State Michigan in my two hours. Popped up. Robert talk about ours. Outline a set with. A minute option rock fights and are fine can be a force units are five seed in the last days unit of corpus. I thought that is in no way Bolden and no way to bison which a few more lives are over Anderson under under. Going under. It would also under. I don't know where ghosts. About over seven have teams you realistically think when the time. We get all upset with such certainty does get into the tournament but now we're talking about seven outings actually have a chance to win. I sailed. So I say there's Dicey you don't. To me. You to produce they can win the title I think adding miscue into an anti ms. sailing and there's lot of who's obviously the audacity I'll State's gonna win in Thailand is exactly the kind of Kansas to salute title duke would mean like. We did we did the our bracket of the day and on the game show and not one of restrictive. And duke could have been a number one seed duke pre seed duke and Arizona were pre season one and two and not one person director. Not a right at Islam to go over can't be a Q a right. Element of our family and a half. I was I'm just a descent up auto bureau set for today education I want to browse up here. Crowds shouted out I see you all went over. But it all under just because I have a the the last oral quick. Over two and a half combined games that trail of Oklahoma and Michael's reporter miserable plane going over and over on them. I remark port can get it don't Epson and I think that he's complete 35 minutes ago you take over as train young one and done. I am sure we decided to bottle area. Playing against trade young for the first time he's going to be new unique experts those big twelve teams. Are they got great point guards terrific coaches. They seem twice different consumer markets we'll find out set there's always we appreciate your participation on gold dwindled bustle up with the rest of Merrill farmers are gonna go to happen let's person that you can read this possibility color whose fundamentalist. Go doing go. Jennie had to drink a dream of joining the national bobsled team. She worked out relentlessly and that if she just refuse to give up one day her dream would come true. And she'd stay employee of the leap up on the podium. But when her kids remind her that she was 52 and she lived in Texas and maybe she started dreaming this dream a little late in life she gave up on not giving up. But then she heard a guy who could save money and car insurance so she switched and achieve the dream instead it.