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Hour 4: Louis Riddick

Apr 10, 2018|

Jordan Rodgers in for Golic. The guys talk with Louis Riddick about Andrew Luck and then bring in Mikal Bridges about his declaration to the NBA Draft and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sport which presents haircut highlight reels featuring rich. There goes Ricky throws down for the MVP experience gives his hairstyle beard trim and these folks get in line online at sports clips dot com slash champions and future error in the game like Rick. Edwards and I scenario Democrats and the reference that is needed literally the rest of the studio instead Mason was a yankees pitcher in the music came over from the Padres and the like could not handle pitching. I have no problem teaching guys off to a trick congratulations our audience in the old folks homes across America just don't know about their wheelchairs to a blog I. I don't know yeah. People always say what they don't understand gold going go with you on ESPN radio ESPN news presented by progressive insurance all phone guess join us on the shell pencil performance line. Tree we go here Jordan Rodgers and the bachelor the SEC network is here and look who's here ladies and gentlemen standing Lou Los burning. Lewis RUS tire or use over designed right now. Whether it's Richard talking altering dude it's just it's gross it's awful. Look at this you know I had a series full Dahmer rooms morning and then at the warmup I'm look at I go. Yeah well women. No no no this is just wrong and early level. I put it out there with the other our Twitter account that someone should be held accountable someone has to go to jail for this yet you know it is it's a big downer man I mean am I arm. But I'm almost summertime I am warm guy at my rumor now room Temps and about 79. Let's have a decent thing you can grow plants and I don't like tropical plants in my room I hate the cold the idol there's nothing not to like about women zero the worst when he gave. Garlic this morning idyllic out my window while I took the long walks through the the lobby at the DoubleTree you know wanted to not be outside as long as also walk out there Mike what an awareness and you have Janet yeah it's my it's like cool and it's not right and anyway shipped home by the way America agrees with we got tons of vote on this should it be illegal to sell after the masters seventies I'll meet the 11% who say no. I they they all gonna be like ski bombs I get it. I was ski instructor. I enjoy downer I absolutely Europe absolutely for a couple years right out of college I enjoy tell them what would have achieved apparently is not successfully. Maneuvered my way through radio second once thought after the death cannot. I get. I I enjoyed my winners sports. Just not after the masters to them really felt we are holding weather men and whether people responsible because they are giddy but the grass is started turning green and that means to stay warm I hear I heard some birds are this morning and they were just kind of like. You know yet about what they'll put that I just been a replay of CBS raises a celebrity get on desperate to get on the course he was like oh it's 49 this afternoon on golf on a play my off forty now and I know playing golf today may I got voted yes I like I I am playing golf out of spite because the courses open a dead Burnett amusing. Whether whether people are going to jail where we have we got to throw somebody in jail for this is just not right. Let's get to watch. The cavs clinched the central title with a 123109. Win over the knicks on Monday giving them a fifteen and 31 record one game left to play. I gotta say it's pretty impressive. What this Cleveland team has been able to do with a rotating cast of characters remember of the year started with Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade and LeBron. That didn't last long but then it's okay we're gonna get Isiah Thomas back from his hip injury. And that didn't work out at all they shipped him out he did well in Los Angeles and they'll guess what. He had to have another hip issue so this is the third reboot in the same 82 game season which are still want to play. And they got fifty wins I think that's pretty darn impressive just continues to build his legacy to ability to recycling continue to be successful with the a myriad of different rosters but also. The easy answer all the questions and arguments people patrol now and about longevity you know back in the day we played a semantic game to spot play 82 knees 33 years old eight. Issues settled and I'm carrying only king. And upset now and he made sure that that was happening on your cooler when it is cancer was at the a few years ago are you the king the queen depressed however I don't know this is what AM and by the way and join me dunking on you one more time on cultural and then it is the best meanwhile as we continue. Russell Westbrook. He's 34 boards in twelve assists entering Monday to be the first player in NBA history to average triple double and two seasons. That's tall task but he got a season high eighteen boards thirteen assisted 23 points in the win over the heat. He now needs sixteen boards against the grizzlies in the regular season finale in Wednesday the average triple double. Let's be clear this is so happening it may happen by halftime he is going to go out of his way. To make sure he gets that second straight season averaging NM amazing that we are talking about it as much that we did last year it's more impressive that he's doing this two years in a role but I am a little disappointed. I wanted to see Russell needing 45 or 26 rebounds and go up their end at thirty ever we don't want but what's going normal within Casey though. They're not better known okay well you know that's a whole other argument I know I'm not really a basketball guy but I am a guy who likes winning. And popular supposed to win a lot more that part of it hasn't worked out the to my side of it that actually makes what he's been able to do. Even a little more impressive this year because last year he was the show us because there was anybody around him. The should they got these other two guys. Any still get him out Safina walked alone while they're struggling getting there are soon you know it's an interesting dynamic but Russell Westbrook again. May be on the verge of doing something that is never happened in the history of the NBA and we've all moved on from a pretty darn quickly. Then there's this yankees and Red Sox meet for the first time this season weather permitting. As they begin a three game series tonight. 7 o'clock eastern on ESPN and Red Sox ace Chris Sale gets his first crack at the Yankees hit or miss lineup and we say hit or miss that they hit or they miss a lot. Eric judge over twelve with ten strikeouts against Alan of course John Carlos stand. As ever faced sale but his truck out and MLB worst twenty times a season ten of those coming. In two games this season already where he's taken the platinum sombrero. A five strikeouts and zero hits and of course that left our own Stephen A Smith. Apoplectic Don Collison and look man. The way you're caught you listening right now probably don't have that practice whenever he's in the but he stated young golf and admits that we don't then I'm happy to tunica and distract. You're not home runs last year won the National League MVP you are Russ low earth on a spot I did it. Tickets I don't spot dots and what if it does not this yeah and not that's not it does get those until I got men okay. It just didn't do that and comic odds got what I. I'm back at Abbott. Us your thoughts. I love Stephen A man and I love dog Karros then a farm on its Ingraham. Is a stud he hits struck out but. I mean the paper like 350 sudden strike of a thought really that some ridiculous which is immune and I heard some of the people were very Smart and graceful say look when weather starts getting warm him and Errol do warmed up. It all sort people out. But man that is a rough that's rough when you didn't pay Brees getting paid in the home teams are coming home crowd already born in. Missile fuel baseball you know baseball's so much in your head anyway and you know I hope that dozens are messing with the because the guy is woods yet. But man that is a rough start it's I don't do that needs or it's a rough start but it's only ten games and let's if he is for platinum sombrero games is that it's called platinum group you real trophy in all it's a trophy I usually is when you want yes I don't think. Am the whole attitudes unplug sombrero which is never have a little more Carlo in Major League Baseball look again Carla I love Steve today. But I love him saying it can't happen yet he can't it's happened twice now it can't happen a third armor it should now what third time. Red Sox what do you oh and we that's in his eyes that monkey on his back and I'll be back then we get some issues. But again. I would I would just say it's a long. Long long season. And I'll I'll take the long play on John Carlos in trying to get things turned around OK as we said you're listening to the Dawson tones of our front office on violence and Louis Riddick. Will be with us are on the draft alternate days were excited about that he's who you've given the straight talk but you buy straight talk world's best phones does networks no contracts Lewis we started the show. Talk about Andrew Luck in the things he was saying about his shoulder. He still now fifteen months removed fifteen months yeah that shoulder surgery and still. Has not thrown a regulation football your level of concern is where hearing that you would. Its interest in men because look obviously that timeframe. Rose up not a red flag of throws up like the red blanket and throws up Micah. As salute just red cloud because it it it's concerning and you know what and I've been one of those people who. Like many people who worked in front offices in many people who have built football teams say this when he spared no expense when it comes to the medical department. In the rehab strength and conditioning program as far as your football operation is concerned so you don't have these kind of issues come up. Where right now you're looking for answers going why hasn't this guy's thrown right now what taxi is going on you know because right now I'm that this is so many questions and when you sit on the outside you don't really have. Access obviously to all the medical records you don't really know what's going on but. From mark from our vantage point tray. Look Andrew I Ellis wanted in this morning and you know he always puts on that very positive spin says is look I think America make a better player better person better teammate eccentric centric that your. The man given thrown yet you know enough of Hebrew and once we don't hear that we've received total football. As if not there's going to be some people not to answer for what happened take us all the way back to surgery number one. And tells about his rehab from there and what happened both to that point he sort of alluded to what he's done in the past and he's not gonna do that again hears him talking about that. As the process and I daughter skip steps before and pitted for him and billion containment not an opportunity in London Paris go through a little about and I'm not gonna do that again and I'd trust very much the people are more fully trust myself and this process. There a trust how much fuel and the quality of progress is really isn't as my daddy lights and in a five making progress. I know that that's what that's what is important so there's a plan employers not at all to trust them. So when he says. I've skipped steps before the first thing that comes to bottom line is well did you do that on your own trying to be aggressive. Always there's someone guiding you that said hey we don't need to do that we can do this is those are two very different things you know. Right now I I believe in in the NFL look I think there's a lot of players. Who. Go outside of the rehab protocols that are established by football teams themselves and they have their own personal trainers from personal doctors or own personal people who try to help them come back from injury. Helped them gain a competitive and advantage legally of course as far as how to get their bodies ready to go. And I think sometimes it's hard for football conducting very much so it's a challenge now for football teams of local apartments and and training departments to keep players on. The path that they think is best for them and sometimes they butt heads with this. And I might say that that's what's happened in Indianapolis but look I'll say this when he's sitting there going I skipped steps before. It's a process of meta trust the process and to trust my progress at all. If this sounds like this is a situation where it would probably be good for everybody to make sure there on the same page and Andrew is doing exactly what the people who were really charged with making sure that he is healthier tell them do and because that's what that's what Chris Bowers job is that's what owner should job is to put the best medical team in place of these players. Then have a rehab protocol that they follow then you know exactly where you can go back and evaluate where things may went wrong. Players dealing players have responsibility to evening you cannot have someone like that saying I skipped steps you you can't skip steps with you're throwing shoulder. You can't dimples that. And yet to make sure that doesn't happen again whether it's with locker any other players try every bit processor is tight but it instead of looking back when you look forward in and you've been a part of that side of the organization needs a plan for the future to know. ID NCA confident injure reluctant affected he would return to the same form. Special when you start to talk about changing mechanics take pork operational that tells me it's can be different player they're out what point. Do you start to look forward to the future is a front office say what are we need to do for this draft and what do we do long term in case. This isn't our answer and he does a return or. All sermon there there's no question mr. always trying to. You know prepare for things that you don't really foresee happening in the NFL lets you know it's hard to do right you can't really predict the future but you're right I mean as far as what's going on with him right now. But they saw they had to go we were sent there. Who I'm very high on who I think is someone who knew exactly well Lesnar will benefit tremendously from having garlic frank Reich being. His teacher and being his mentor and being someone who can maybe take his game to hold levels I think they have. Some safeguards in place already in the event that injury doesn't come back or doesn't come back as good as he has. I think Jacoby is not someone you just toss out the window and say you know he's not he's not the answer here. But it's not let's just put it this way it's not a good situation to be in considering. What everyone expected and whose career to be. And how now it seems to be getting thrown off track which to me so if this sounds like a situation where there's been. In in this dangerous to say this without being there because you know a lot of these situations we don't know exactly what's going on with the rehab protocol. And it and so are the results may differ upright person that would but. It does sound like this has not been managed the best it sounds like there's been some competing ideas of as far as what is best for him to do. And you just can't have that kind continual communication is key. Especially lethal apprentice quarterbacking your talk about his money maker you're from a sore shoulder he's just not the kind of things that you want here. Lewis brought Louis Riddick what does our national front office insider and you sort of alluded to that the greater issue here. Assuming that he does come back in that and is playing at some point what will he be because we have Herm Edwards all of us this morning by the way of call him at 4 o'clock as I guess you're welcome him. Terms the best thing he went through this with Chad Pennington and you know the jets head coach and as soon as. He's Herm heard that Andrew was having that surgery he said traits going to be at least a year and he was absolutely right as soon as he said that and he also said when Chad came back. Well he was fine but he was not the same guy there wasn't the velocity that there was there before so. Whenever Andrew Luck is coming back what's a realistic expectation of what he will be able to do. That's a great question I mean you only he can really answer that but I it would assume. I mean there's going to be things. But he's gonna wind up having to adjust as far as the timing of everything that he does like balls and at the Kamal quicker they get beat process faster. Why receivers maybe who how they run routes is gonna have to be at and I had to be changed up how plays are calling he tens of the so many variables right now. If you just don't really know how they're going to play out I don't think any both can really have. Any idea about what he's going to look because he hasn't thrown a football when none of us know what his throwing motion looks like what the velocity of football will look like right now. All we're doing what is Ghassan Al word destiny and when he signaled they're talking he's guessing he doesn't know either. And look uncertainty like that at that position with this kid but the investment that they made. Chris Ballard men and good luck. Good luck navigating this we'll see what happens going forward there meanwhile speaking of guessing a lot of people would say drafting is organized gives us envoy to perform no matter how much data and input you put in there. Listen the odds are. 50% of the time in the first round you're going to miss it just it just the way it goes which puts you know it straight. I'm one of those people who who likes numbers I do I I do like them but I think context is always so important with the since I hate that hole well you're just gonna missile that the percentage of players as if it's just the players ball I know you know you're just. Hold on guys make it's guys won't maybe they Wilmington that's why don't that's what we do all this real what are you wanna make sure you're on the right I know what a minute let me play with team should be as far as I'm concerned with team to be really spend a lot of their time on. This is as much time as they spend on the players themselves that need to be spending it on themselves. As far as how they're constructed other football operation is constructed how there coaching staff has constructed. How their roster is constructed and how it will bring new players in and help them to succeed. That is where the competitive advantage right now is being gained by teams it's not so much about what can we find out about this kid that we'll just assure us that he's gonna succeed or fail. Most teams deal. Most our offices and most coaching stats. Right now they are seriously affected in the negative way by their own arrogance in thinking that it's never us it's them. They just don't really take toward teaching did not really committed to the game and I do all the right people to feel their families bringing them down this guy's too many girl proms this guys see me other interest out there you know he doesn't really wanna buy in the football. No maybe you're not a very good coach. Maybe some really know how to call plays maybe your strength and conditioning program stakes mean that's why guys are going outside organization. If there's so many other things that there's so many things straight they go into. Having this success rate go up. We never really look below the number we just go well it's a 50% with this 5050 but I take this if you studied. Player after player after player to player and really dug into why this got built. Sure there's some guys just aren't good and correct there's some guys who just don't by Ian there's some guys who just aren't Smart enough to get into whatever it is. On Tommy this. Most of us here don't have the access to really find out how guys are being taught how guys are being corrected our guys are being trained with their home like the most we don't have access to that. I've seen it. It is and always on the player. And I think that's where right now. Teams need do is turn inward as much in self scout their own organization as much as they're turning outward going how can we just find out as much as we can about these kids. There's a reason why. Look geragos would be my poster boy for so many different lessons as far as NFL's concerned. About how different one year can be from one to the next when you march when you change culture. Coaching the progression with which you were taught to position the people around you the kid went from being someone who people ready to go ahead and throwing to. God knows what on the league say he's one of the worst all time busts ever tell us unless your people want to McVeigh. Might be the smartest football coach ever so so with that in mind let's look Louis Riddick is who this from people that don't know before you've got to us and after your playing as you were the profits for two teams left Philadelphia Washington. All those things you talked about what was the most important metric. That you learned or you believe now. Is is these critical when it comes to evaluating players what is what is the one thing you tried to do well. I will say this one. Are the system that they come from. How quickly and how closely is it compare ball doesn't translate the system that were running that this really equates to fit. It is absolutely important what you thought about college players or in the even more particularly on a free agency okay I'm restricted free agency fit. Is critical not just on the football fields dramatically but fit terms of personality. How players learn best how players are corrected best and how that fits with the kind of coaches that you have now those aren't those are things that you can necessarily just look at one piece of paper. Those are things that you have to really work through communicate through and have long meetings to figure out okay. Who are the best players for us to draft. How do these guys fit how can we get the best out of him how can we actually maximize. These players on the football field. It's not just something that Valderrama once the boil it down to this. Let me sum down the computer and Tommy were player to pick them with God's gonna succeed with the the bulls are like that he feels to nuance it's very much so if you wanna hear that. But some of it is appeal but it's even it's it's deeper than just to feel it's about relationships about communication about being able to teach. Being able to ascertain what is working with this kid and what isn't. Not just in the classroom and on the practice field but in real time. When the games are going on in you got a couple seconds to make a play call. If you're looking up their two quarterback you're going okay its third Nate he's got here hold on second down and he looked a little woozy so I throw balls that are run the ball site though. Three step drop in the receiver catch and run if I take a shot. Talk to the guys right now we're winning. You know that's what they're dialing into that's where they're getting a competitive advantage because they're better at than other people and this is why Lewis is better and most people and why he'll be joining us on the draft for all three days brother you the best bet that always appreciate arthritic withers on. Goal can we go. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage Michael and loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started or new rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico I feel like a whole new person. Disclaimer you'll pick a whole new person does is impossible you might be able to join a gym more diet program I knew what drove down here and plan what George DNA and physical formal remain in the second Michael waves and in all liability if you attempt to become a new person except a cyborg if you choose to become a half human half Simon an organism with lasers tries to cycle legal team would be cool with that because quote lay's rise up pretty sweet to you and Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more bettors are subtle way of saying we're delighted. To be joined on go to window which is presented by progressive insurance or phone just join us on the show pencil performance like by two time NCAA champ. But kill bridges and he joins us in studio giving us the straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts. McGill thanks for being here I always love when we have guests on either on the show or on NFL live and we play like. Audio of them doing well or video of them doing well what's it like to watch. Yourself doing those things as we bring you into a show was fun. I is pretty cool and we sweeping back the year we as you and this. This one very when you're it was a fun year obviously ended up winning it all. In that game the championship game I was watch we're talking about this for you on here. Miscue came out played really well mold blogger got loose for a couple of big buckets early you guys I think started one for nine from the floor. And people were talking and all look out mr. I'm like wait a minute. They're one for nine in the early down three I really like their chances won't what was the team's mindset when you guys were struggling with your shots a little bit early. And you found yourself not down by 789 points but really a. Three point game we really stops that's the main thing you don't really care much of offense and Kush is very jealous and read the fit as a team and you know Rudy is stopped so where they were renewed to make shots there was gonna keep being aggressive office Veba. The key thing was devious stops when his team to physically than previously thought maybe there's some buckets in transition and no Disco. This is a one and done era and in college basketball you're rarity in the fact the you you set a year played three. Two national championship yeah that's that's pretty fond. But from a developmental standpoint. What do you benefit from staining college and playing for years before now you declare and and make that transition to the NBA. A lot about the game and amateurism players throughout ever those great job you know development of players as you can see and there's a lot of homework. Throughout these years and doing what I'm doing a great work ethic through college I don't think. I I think I go on Conan but cynic 'cause Mimi doing really good work ethic and Mimi you wanna be attempted only to a seeing Jimmy get better. We killed bridges with a two time NCAA champ last week for the Villanova Wildcats Chrysler both times through Villanova Wildcats just wanna twice. Oh over the last three seasons on how much. Has the city of Philadelphia enjoyed this winning streak. That you guys have been a part of army has started with the Eagles winning the Super Bowl then the sixers have won fourteen straight they have a fifty win season. Other the flyers have turned things around the NHL you guys have won. Your second championship it seems like everybody's just ride this roller coaster that started in February with the Eagles have done. There affiliate there loan you know and our friends who were really. Hard core Philly fans for every single sport and knows his own life and you see the fires through there is making their way heaven is is really cool to be part of that. And the amazing thing is here you actually you grew up loving football right you were big football fan whoops and and and now but but you were not an Eagles we'll sell all the hospital. Kabul. I had a toddler early today it doesn't you can see there you go there's chuck Jordan this so you were rams fan of course and that's when they were in Saint Louis so how did you become a rams. So. This you know young you know players gave man a little bit and relies in the you know the best teams. NASA Marshall Faulk Kurt Warner you know total long whom British show on turf of course Kansas. Was are allowed Geico were with them. Authority knows that the watch Hulu more. I know look at marble memorial and in our assist us open don't and parishes have been angry and I know. The could I Cruceta lava from our friends who have known you since who's now a ceremony and but now you know Randy do really well you know great offseason although they did and as soon go from here. A map and guide you play any two day course so yeah you know they just had a two K draft. As impede now the play NBA two K how how how is your skills on two K. The best the best on the team for sure to get a career in that afterwards I mean you know Rosie as a limiting its. Are allowed only think they're very me hurting here. The outlook don't. Be who you are but they don't let anybody ever tell you gotta be this beat -- your roots if you're with the rams in the greatest show on turf that was on the best teams ever. No no worries about overkill bridges is here. I mean you mentioned the east you stating college for all these years and if you look at the numbers. You just kept getting better every year offense when freshman year six point four points per game three point percentage about thirty. Sophomore nine point 839%. Junior this past seventeen point 744%. On six attempts per game so as Jordan was alluding to a U benefited from from staying in school a lot longer how much do you think that help you prepare for the next level. A lot. Are your says Thorman to work ethic and love to be a gym and actually is a lot more knowledge of the game. Because as benefit me a lot is being college and learning more about the game in. This. View more actually mentally tough than anything and how that's a big key. To you know allows the sports in the eighty's this is be immensely tough and no way out Villanova and not going to cough for years I think you'll never do that. Maybe to a you know leader by. God I'm really thankful. Oh what's really interesting here is ESPN's dot com's Jonathan given me as looking at the draft he has you going. Tenth to the sixers in his latest mock draft. Is that a perfect scenario for you guys are local scenarios is due back home. And no great team. And as you cool. If your from Malvern Pennsylvania not to far away what what would it what does it mean not only what you guys have done with the Eagles have done but settled the sixers have won fourteen straight games. A year ago they won ten this year they won fifty. What is it been like to see the revival of that team in the city of Philadelphia will spend Simmons is done and obviously when Ambien is done before he got there are with Fiat. This drew coolest Percy B you know around area. And goes here's your game for the fiscal years and not to QB in there but now you show with. Packed house there's fun and it is just fun to be there in a witness saw. And Simmons young talent the NBA's you look for to that next level did you did you have a guy you looked up to war guy you model your game after Obama is looked up to. No I've ponders quelled and it is how they. No progress throughout the NBA's new or like phenom grown up the agency only worked their way. You come in all stars as who was there are now on is his real cool to see you guys you know. Google is it fair to say you know within two national champ chips your blue little chip on your shoulder I must have for you know. Still a lot to prove in in our schools keep him better and improve my game and numbers for next attempt from McGill bridges were this or two time NCAA champ from Villanova look we had Jay Wright on. A during the tournament and he kept referring to cynical attitude which is the attitude he wants to bring. The Villanova as one thing here the coaches say it. It's one thing deceive the players adapted so when you hear him talk about attitude what did that mean to the players from it means everything to us and our attitudes of the part of us as judges on the court as goes off where it was life you know things of leeway you know he's just don't talk about MB of Sony's move on. And news keeps on improving your life and rest of these thing if you are from school and you know coast write an enormous Moses. No I was a great attitude things and the best way you know you missile missed a shot. Aegis. He's this figure but that don't think about a morning and get used to when rather. Yeah well that clearly has been working out for you was at McGill bridges as Willis two time Villanova and suitably chipping declaring for the NBA draft. Bomb we had to deal Bronson on earlier and we asked him this questions or gone askew. Do you guys actually refer to Dante di Vincenzo as the Michael Jordan they'll meet. We reject you humble we will call nav but. We tease a little bit about it and Hudson's. The semi phone move well how did that get started because we re trying to figure out whether. Jay Wright did it sort of dismiss civilly or was a pet name and how did that began. Well we didn't know that. You know Conan college but I guess the I think usual practice and coaches. Whose total loss from them. And brought that up and we all I went and I feel that while we don't know independent guy. The army through a joke and laugh about that. They resist these oak results won't go is all right well is oracle if you go anyways yes the regular credits so as does that make you the Michael Jordan of Malvern court the state of Pennsylvania which one is and I mean that I'm just. God I know I'm not I'm. I'll love that's humility that I love that you that want no part of that dude why you tried to do that than a dozen games start you do that is that is exactly how nicknames are now we have an issue okay now would you. With someone on our show cliff is our cook master extraordinary on the board he plays all the great music he is the biggest Philadelphia fan there is. Sixers Villanova Eagles you name it he's all in temple is a temple grad. All that kind of stuff. But he is now starting a campaign. He wants to start a campaign. Ted Jay Wright leave Villanova and be the head coach of the sixers reminding everybody reminding everybody that Brett brown has just turned around a sixers team. With obvious talent from a ten win team. 2850 win team he wants. And it's up to Coetzer winner this that you don't do it. As do drew more spotlight there's truth although we put him on the spot all at a news is things like this but it Brett brown is probably be the coach of the year in the NBA and he's generator right about a town but the only thing to say at the expense of your head coach who's built an unbelievable. Programmable and audiences through a lot of love from Villanova like they know given. Accords like credit appreciate that power or it's a guy who's not think it. But I thought of the other so what do you think it's gonna be the most difficult thing for you as you transition to the next level on the ambient. I says good preservative that you looked at but maybe this I try to have one to show the price for the cow live it. But I think is Summitt you know work. Work out this offseason and condition longer and prepare for us. But this guy if it will listen the one thing we can say oh great certainly watching your career at Villanova whatever you need to do to be the best you can be you're gonna get that done as we certainly saw that. I don't know many congratulations. On two titles congratulations on maturing through the process. In college it's okay to state college more than one year folks and sometimes it's very beneficial and we wish him nothing but the best going for in the NBA they can appreciate. Bubble boy Devin you said you needed a new team right and really had won because he was good farm system and that would be what sucks I don't wanna jump on a team where people can say all you stunned young bandwagon until about five years we Libor you can take long for we did you have. We all time we're in home runs all day all is well you ride that farm Bill Simon as remember the name Dodd. Will remember market down flip it off. Boat going go presented by Surprise a friend or Loveland today with a bouquet from When you order a dozen multicolored roses for only 2999. He'll get another dozen absolutely free. Go to 100 flowers dot com slash ESPN. Three lingo Jordan Rodgers here with you so that was a few weeks ago where for whatever reason bubble boy DeVon decided to join the White Sox bandwagon. Devin explain to us again why you decided Beagle White Sox fan. I don't wanna jump on a team that's you know to win this year why did you need a team did you have a team but I don't think before that not I was not there to see you are completely. A baseball neutral your entire sporting lottery agent. Really just didn't like baseball wasn't I just want yeah I didn't really generally like it that much is given to OK so you you did some researcher and you decided to go with the White Sox great pharmacists because of their farm system and a and you gave us the name of one player what was actually Jimenez dual onetime deal him and I sent and how is he doing. He's speeds and our position is pitcher and what level of baseball is there. That's not important. OK so this has been a deep down the middle America somewhere so you have another update for so it's not I mean were last in the search right now but it's okay it's it's a young season and I have another name for you remember OK don't seize. Don't cease with Sam single ad is gonna remember what what position isn't. Pitcher another bitchy and I seen the Dylan ceases that is crazies yet as DUILA and yes okay and sees that he's a cease the SEC east Dillon cease remember what more can you tell us but don't series. He had his first start he gave up two earned runs but. Lima Lima and the. I could hear stanza in the background telling you live arm as safe but are on the air I go to deal at the Billy yeah hope what a shock age events. I'd like to be on the program our researcher wavy is and frantically. Yes Brett what what do you have for us dealer who manages an outfield OK so Dotty old fool you the whirlpool available I'll avoid. These are ways of pitcher it's a named remember you couldn't even remember the position he played Brett could you give us some more information about you lawyer what was like immense. Jimenez yeah. Hughes from Dominican Republic is 21 years old down. He was with the Birmingham Barons now Birmingham Barons is famously known for Michael Jordan are correct double and a thanks for that that. The bubble boy you know what position he was remembered today implied anything right on on Dylan cease. I didn't look indices are just solid here is wrong and a minute well wave we need to find out if he even knows who Dolan sees is that this is an actual person displeased freeagent economy and meanwhile meanwhile as we're doing that research. We continue the idea of walk up music so we had a couple of them. That you would like and again to meet your having walked a music its shouldn't be to warn other people how bad you're going to peak. It should be to put you in the right. Frame of mind to play golf and we all know to play golf you can't be tense he can't get tight you can't be nervous. You gotta be relaxed so I came up with happy by Ferraro to be good won't or can't stop the Phelan. By JT BUGH won't get that flow. And you what was one of yours. Strawberry wine strawberry wind and I'll want to be in a good mood extra. Being real. I think you hit that one there and I was very good day cannot I'll setting a goal an old school maybe Steve Miller the Joker. Joker you know where you're just. Yes she I mean it probably do if I heard it but it just usein an adult. How many people think that he knows he wonders how many people that's wonders do we think that he's heard the song the Joker. Stanza you these are the song right I think he's heard it I thought you knew and a Canadian tax Hedo was new didn't tool that we how it could master Kliff do we have a oh yeah OK okay affiliate. Little more well known in the Canadian tuxedo by with by the way somebody it's treated as whoa how the Canadian tuxedo got there. Is currently involved Bing Crosby. On some which of course about how that became a thing will get Brett to research on that bridge do we have any more information on Dylan cease. Dylan sees is a pitcher he'd done that on rent good uneasy and the Winston-Salem dean he is in Winston-Salem news to it one game this year okay when foreign two thirds and give up but five. Five runs as if to earned runs. Who weren't okay so we got that got one does it say live arm and their money wager plot torque lot of arm threw for a supervisor alive and Andrew looks well. That is a problem that the colts are having to deal with right now you would not call and let's arm live we just hope that it continues at this point. And again that has been a big part of the discussion today went in looked. Sort of reveals again he still has yet to throw a football hopefully alive he has worked resistance is lower in the months after the surgery on his throne shall. We'll see what happens going forward Jordan we appreciate you being with us next to last two days it's been fun what's next for you in the next ten seconds to go put on a Texas talk talks ended on your merry go. The big man will be back and you'll revel in the fact that he took two days off. And he couldn't even play golf that's terrible CNN. Next you're holding up the line man what did you eat. You're next in line for the water slide man seat forward and enjoy the ride Pope came do you eat. These guys look I'm. The wicked witch of the west on one slight surprise and what's not surprising how much you considered by switching to guy. Like you and Micah. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.