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Best Of: NBA Playoffs Begin

Apr 16, 2018|

Adnan Virk in for Trey Wingo. The guys talk about the NBA Playoffs and a new nickname being born. They also talk with Dave McMenamin, Tim Kurkjian, Damien Woody and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's April and some things are winding up like baseball and some things are winding down like hockey thankfully Pennzoil synthetics provide tour vehicle with complete protection for tundra engine performance no matter what season it is so you don't have to worry about ups and downs Pennzoil. Make the switch. This is the best that go. Go can we go podcasts. No loss of golf early here and Arianna hello we are resilient muscles no guarantee a bearing on and her ignited our yard charges against your protein in in a really quick manner wouldn't. The taste is okay it's an acquired takes what is it doesn't last carmike about two seconds is pretty much it's a wild card every day good guys have been Miller got a banana cream I just basically search around for the days I did drop to your profit in the muscle milk we love it I'd never camper trailer and I go to wing on he's been radio and ESPN news so. Well Roger is fels is and rare position he's used to nothing but winning moments in the post season when he moments proxy viola came to instance we've spoken LQ dot com. And win at business as we mentioned he gave. He's best report to triple double the rest his team did not follow suit may go down and Tim Dwight Lewis's LeBron as we asked to do way too much. He might have more responsibility when than any athlete in any team sport. That's playing right now. Because everything is dependent upon how much offense LeBron James can treat. And he's gonna find out quickly how hard it is without having a second superstar squirt playing off the boycott Irving which allowed him to take some quarters off offensively that's not the case and if his role players are gonna shoot the basketball like this. They have no shot in this series they might get swept if this keeps up. That's unbelievable a city like it's wet and it is unbelievable but it's true I mean you you can't keep shooting at the percentages they shoot at and and legs is right I mean when you're retiree. You know best handle on the Damon scored the way he scored you know as your teammate Regan actually take a breath and and even. Western Greek couldn't take much your breath he took for a couple of minutes off studied at the get back out on the floor played 44 minutes last night. And I don't know you'll find that one consist I think I think everybody expected to be Kevin Love. Three whose act consistent second banana to him. That's gonna be able would be very night in and night out game any game out there have their right now you kind of hope and he's dish and all of them he's given them all chance. You know and and and I yesterday nobody else stepped up. And legend right of nobody else upside there's no way you'll be able to carry this team through this hole where get a series this that the. Showed off second spectrum did this they said over the last four post seasons no once created more shots for his teammates and LeBron James nineteen shots that he said his teammates up for last night off LeBron James passes. His teammates went five of nineteen on those shots. That they were set up that is not a sustainable rate your point he's not gonna have one guy picking carry a load especially as a ball handler and as a creator of offense. So he's got to have guys that are would carry it around and we saw he had to play 82 games in his career for the first time this season. And while some of that I think is about him wanting to prove to people are I've been into this just because you set I can't a lot of it was I have to because we'd pull a lot of hockey line change this team by during the course of the season I'm the one consistent thing that we have a lot that's been by designers or he's gonna have to do the policies until. Yeah definite concern right now for Cleveland but because of the past. I guess is history of success sobs who LeBron can lean on it's not like it's panic time just he had all the game to do lose accuse a different story. Also of note is what Paul George Oklahoma City thundered in yesterday's so. Of all the gators look forward to this is an interest in match because you start to wonder. Hey you're the thunder that team they can challenge Houston in gold stay at the Western Conference. And it he shoots like that thirteen of twenty a game high 36 points or maybe he deserves his own nickname government clearly here. Okay yeah. As I playoff. It's very uncomfortable when Carmelo and Russell it was a Russell are out our own big. Asked about massive admitted there were really kind of way what what what's this going we'll. We'll keep you talk about what went up he finally you know just get did you see him didn't go like that. That's his name failed as a human and fell on their Roman memorize incidents that could very hopeful. Let's say as high as a guy goes around calling himself the captain. I'm totally not self avoid nick is that somebody gave addictive to me now they people use it nobody gave this week. We found out and we found on the origin of this the league did he nicknamed himself is anyone actually called Paul George play happy except for himself is itself that's a violation that's well and now we sell what we heard the birth of it right there are put off he is beast is the way it Stephenson of nicknames and was living proof that discipline you can. Doesn't mean you shouldn't because it just lazy is a liberation and a reference to a time of year guy's name that is not original is not a nickname you know once again at his temperament take a listen I made clear view her. Okay yeah it's. And don't miss fluke you okay. How long laugh or regret playoff people don't listen everybody talked about the side that won in this trade you know we're both people. Go to the pacers obviously George. Going to Oklahoma City Roy boy he did forgetting all have been the big game stuff 36 points. Eighty points between the Big Three Ross had 29 and Carmelo Anthony added fifteen self. You know it's it's a big grin afford them over. And and now Paul George set I think the last minute this game get hip contusion that her little earlier in the season Donovan Mitchell the rookie phenom for you to all be battling out bent Simmons. For rookie of the year he ended up our hardest hole. Out of just totally on the fourth quarter went back game Quin Snyder saw he was stolen their pain pulled them out again X ray that we've been MRI and an all that was negative B he hit. As good as he says that I was just being big baby about it he said he just stub my toe that. Rare admission I mean our audience the -- -- -- oil went along with all diplomats raids so listen it's one thing for people as always what's over term old it was a guy a suburb of Tom Green like junior and he's obviously was a great analyst with the securities and he told all the people is a guy mostly blind he's capable bigger better things and once he's given that -- he really has embraced him at Indiana he was he was given time and room to shine and now we're all seeing that play out in a big stage door we've made the point the national TV audience really didn't get as much of a chance this these so. I think much like. Last year's initial post season series for you on us and that Milwaukee Bucks team was really a coming out party on the big stage for him Revver or took notice of a guy. We know the burden Dewey in the post season electoral depots getting that chance now at least one game in mistake an advantage do you feel like Mike there that team over the last societal lock it's a war is if go to make a run because of that trio of stars locked. I think people thought it was them or Utah right you know when what Donovan Mitchell is dude you have go barest argued you know and in life and defensive player of the year. That that they were could be that team come out who was yet. I'm just happy we have other teams coming argue or talking about the 76ers in the east Toronto we talked about Toronto before they just can't get over that playoff hump so really it's more talk about the 76ers. And they put on a you know a huge of a huge win. In game one of their series I would Miami preserve those that thought Miami or give the 76ers. A little bit of trouble there and beat already ruled out and he threw the concussion protocol. But Torre's ruled out for game two but. It and certainly need him in game one and they get had been used talks. Possibly may be Minnesota did you start picking up and I'm going up against you know Houston and be in that eight he was going to be a tall task for themselves. Maybe so a year or two away for this year and I think the talk had been. About Utah because of Mitchell and really about Oklahoma city of those three got together and played well all we've been putting Oklahoma City. The backboard is every narrative got challenge this week tabs in the first round unbeatable Shaq. All the slander on the Boston Celtics is a two seed Czech. And then in the Western Conference it'd be all jazz leading up to this Oklahoma City reminded you were still here by the way we're talking about all these teams. Are used to getting pushed by other timberwolves and all this and by the way. Golden State's staff gold states that Mac uniform Al network but to say literally flipped the slices spurs let why letter which has been a long ongoing saga we don't need to have to reboot jury regurgitate that necessarily a sudden back while it is not there. Oil is in the back and that's the bottom line and they're not there shelled a team without him there aren't going anywhere without a mob a single state looked good 113 92 win over the spurs and into one of the first game on the Saturday games and speak at Golden State just to circle back to back nick gives this can't be real Prada. Our researcher breath Prada has with Kevin Durant has the worst self appointed him Garnett. A few years back. We were all trying to figure out. How to nickname Kevin Durant and he wanted to be called the servant. Can't be me wanna want now that cliff that's untrue or call 1800 himself he said call me the servant who did he give him. Anything you could argue remember this to a bigger yeah I did was we heard about serving god I've ever heard her eighteenth 2004 tenths okay idea says he's full story I will read this as he strives to his first league MVP award. Kevin Durant is ready for new nickname just call him the servants from now on star forward told Graham's Bill Simmons. I just server body my teammates watches the game the fans. When asked why he chose the servant as is new moniker he likes candy comparing it to the simplicity of ai the nickname of former all star guard Allen Iverson. But for now the serpent is what fits best. I'm good kind of weird to make your own nickname turned it said but I liked that one batter putt. That is the heavyweight champion of bad self I I don't want a Dubya more call on the slim reaper and he's great for little tigers tried to distance himself from I'm not here to be a guy. I guess death why not mad. River is also. Love that nickname especially where do arrested that trashed. No sir impossibly bad admit horrible for you should around with dirt teams I imagine he consulted a few other people. That means he needs better friends if that got to daylight what companies that come up with really borderline ad campaigns that end up being pseudo racist an awful the fact that they got to daylight indicated you've got a bunch of people who somehow let this happen but to really bad friends like Kevin Durant come into the sunlight with the servant does a nickname I don't even do terrible also. To get girl lay a journey has a great Mickey PG thirteen hours in this and his Jersey number incredible team is our greatest and finally got our data are added that the president and I'll battery is in the building that morning through the first hour to seriously listen this one more time when it comes to playoff V I am a clear view her. Okay yeah. That's an uncomfortable hunter's unbelievable. All right don't cry for help get it. Go with good windows and very way Bjorn and Michael senior. Craig you're back here and technology from my driving perhaps not never give portray go look at wind on ESPN radio and ESPN news present my progress insurance all of our phone guest. On the cell pence a performance on with the goal expect it might Jeter. I'm sure your dad knows this and little heavy fog once a wallet and they get jury need to go a rolling stock is this the suggestion days until the rules ago. These are yet these are the rules the bureau of the road but I do like especially in a male dominant car you learn pretty early but. Dad passed that led front more of my brother jam Ben ami who drive with more road rage and the average person added but he'd certainly appreciate your man you don't know what afterwards isn't really usually happy with my drive you can be a little aggressive or an aggressive drivers well I am and that's a best worried now Robitaille got places to go Murray go you know let's go liberals think I do yeah. That before we delve back into the basketball conversation in eight games over the week and I do also mentioned Shalit Iran panel wall in the West Hartford youth baseball league. Last year well block and destroy till with Mike. On this program about my expletive the bench coach yes adults one in eight as a bench coach and I've employed to a manager of the instructional argue really I've got a lot of anxiety right now we're got our first in the Saturday don't miss that game because I'm actually calling Alabama's spring football game herb street gal always you can imagine you're the manager this team practices what it had to be tough because the weather's been horrible all right here we have practice system is already Siemens barely been together and you're going to miss the first game yeah he's an idiot out shirts since there's a lot of their commitment -- Great job audio yeah question a lot of that going and it is an attitude reflects leadership now got so beloved are telling us about the season hello I'm the tournament I that's. But I don't have a couple I have a competency. Center rely. Excellent surpassed our American guy wrote. Us may give an actual support staff Indiana Pacers last night jumping onto a 33 to fourteen. First quarter lead over the cavs held off the win in game one. Protect Italy brought to buy EDT. Considering home security consider list from her forty years ADT is help stop more crime than any other home security company does eighty T dot com to learn. More honestly. The pacers shot was set the tone early and often like to know they certainly did that here's Victor old people in fact. One real woody won't go. Rick there Lola people us right away the ring and out might be the attacker was to move and it's still blank stare at what's Indiana allspice 78. All the people as 32 points he was a stud for them out every mother of the colonies Hillary had every answer along the way and I think that was the biggest thing you do the pacers you take away from mrs. every time the cavaliers tried to rally and there were couple very strong surges in a hostile road environment the pacers found a way to Nance now and listen day they. Played whether they they played that blue collar tough defense lesser Lance Stephenson comes on the court not sure orchard and debt. You know as he's out on a guard LeBron always that's always a fun mom. Match up to kind of watch but old people. Carrying a little extra juice could do like the way. Gilbert the owner of the cavaliers kind of talked about how. All you know the pacers didn't get a whole lot back for offer Paul George go to Oklahoma City and old people kind of took that personally it's a team that was only on national television one time too as a team. And I'm sure as a fan base feel a bit dis respected. From that side of it and you know you'd look for at least this one game you led wire to why they're wired got a little iffy of 23 at one point going into the fourth quarter. The early eight you thought. Here comes here comes are gonna start hitting shots or hurt the Cleveland is LeBron is gonna take all raven morn there in this poll out this game one win but. To their credit of the pacers they held them off they they were just we thought it was gonna turn pacers that I happen to take a 10 lead on the road. I here's what else is trying to. The rockets beat the timberwolves 1040101. As James Harden scored 44 points the second most of playoff opener in rockets history Kimmel Iceland scored 45. In 1995 at the jazz or in his second spectrum Harden shot six for 65 of five from three. Without turning the ball over in isolation game one Minnesota came to play here fellas. And Houston for all the talk about being animal once he didn't shoot strictly well Harden though was sensational I used to test. Seven as you mentioned 73 twelve from three point land. And as a team they shot 27% citadel the rest of them did absolutely nothing he ends up with 44 for the game propel a 24. Chris Paula just fourteen everybody else is in a single digits in this one. For a Minnesota team we had come to an audit data last week they want all four. Against as used to mean being knew what he was gonna see is gonna Suton three pointers. But Houston didn't make a lot of reporters so there was the opportunity wanna make antenna 37 reporters there was the opportunity for Minnesota in this game. Can dissect our Thibodeau said Carl on the cows he'd get more involved the big 74 or more active in this game I don't think they went down into him. Are enough in this game either I would think that may be one of the things that changes in game two. And this is a team I heard during the broadcast its agency themselves attending fifty threes a game this is what they do. This is who they are and so just because they didn't have success that mean they're gonna go away from it on the contrary Mike and Tony said after the game. This kind of shows are at the fact that we could get a win when we're off and our best attribute in that night. Is a rallying point for this team and it's the kind of stuff you're gonna need if you wanna push past the point where they've all been comfortable where they've had braking points individually and as a team in the post season. Yes certainly to listen for Houston there loaded team it wouldn't be stunning if Minnesota pulls up an upset. Asia was our Oscar was of last week as the Minnesota. There fight tooth and loves to get in the class they do have to tell their Jimmy Butler into Wiggins and Carl that counts is to play better obviously called up by his coach. Tom Thibodeau as well. And as the world turns here the next setting Mike Woodson and David black to to their coaching search knicks are finalizing plans to of the four top candidates. The head coaching job David his dale Mark Jackson Jerry Stackhouse and former cast coached him bluntly sources telling ESPN's Ager was around ski. Your boss' permission to talk to former head coach Mike Woodson. And I did it's I might look at this list of people I feel one word that is uninspired there's no one knew that I save on the knicks fan this is gonna turn the franchise around. Why I think. Are Bengal. I would think Mark Jackson may be that guy is here our guy probe by New York I go back and say well wait a minute you know what was Golden State when Steve Kurt took over Purdue team mark Jackson's coaching that team. So all that because that's the thought who's gonna build is a good to be black because of the European players on the team he's had so much success coach who oversees he's gonna go more from Turkey. For his interview I believe next week. Four or maybe maybe this week I'm sorry for the for the knicks but that's a long list of potential. Head coaches for a team that's kind of get a going to be looking for new. Identity and unfortunately mid next door don't get to choose the perfect candidate right now. They're all gonna have flaws and you look at Mark Jackson yes. He left them will be in a decent situation but there's a reason that team got markedly better without a ton of roster changes when Steve Kerr took over with David glad you had a guy they had this team first placement. Had a little bit of trouble playing nice with others coming over with a lot of clout overseas that he expected to translate right away in the NBA so everyone's gonna have flaws but that's you've got to expect because. Your stove and it. How interest in order to beat to go ahead now with somebody new like Jerry Stackhouse to do it well the geely Gator got the chance coach in there and to be a first time head coach in the NBA that would really be saying okay we're really starting over here. Young new you know first time NBA head coach with a team built around the seven foot three forcing us who's coming off of an injury to see what we can drill that. That would be an interesting move if you're if they and the. Go that way about Zune that push him baseball guys like Alex Cora Aaron Boone get there's first time shots of managing and having success in basketball I just don't know the success rate they try that would Derek Fisher Price in new York and obviously that blew up for them moron did a block well they're gonna meet them the following week so it is still sexist act this week blatt the following week and the connection from black by the way. He played college shoes with Steve Mills is the team present at Princeton insult. But pitched in like my junior because I actual sickest Q rating is higher picture David blood space and a pitcher Gil being angry it's. IC both sides I see the side of fizz dale players love him right black doesn't seem like he's too well what a well liked by the players. In a league where. The top players can be pretty much run things well that's just that you always have to balance the ability to connect with your star player to make sure that your message resonates with those guys and that always seem to be disconnected black he was a guy did expected to respect because of what you accomplished elsewhere in a league where guys are always going to prioritize and we see it with players there's a lot of this talk about the European players to come over. There's just always that Arab. We wanna see you doing here before going to respect human way you think you deserve. And as well says. I was brought up you know or who we interviewed him you know all aware of where the green and I when he first got to Cleveland it's a little bit after you got to Cleveland. In kind of brought that up that that that same thing up there about. You know ordered to prove yourself in the NBA and he almost got offended. By that other coach along time overseas and we're trying to like say okay good this edition for a friend out of the NBA he's really kind of took exception to that. Now I was gonna say how is it big its job in New York has already gonna be cat calls suggestion is you said the players thickly that it will be frustrated are not an American for Trevor Bolick a window. On these generator is good news go to into this as well as were present about progress for assurance all of our phone guests on the shelf. Pennzoil performance on let's talk some more football. Ike has junior is here with us and Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Friday some contacts -- of our researcher. Brett product from twenty to all the Tony fourteen Dez average of thirteen or receiving yards per year. 41 touchdown catches 273. Catches over also had at least 12100 yards all three season but 20152017. Never even reached 900 yards seventeen touchdown catches and a 150 catches overall clearly was a much different player. On with Jack press god as as his quarterback rather than Tony Romo. Audio and I heard a lot of people obviously talking about this one being Deion Sanders who you know want one of the great all time greats and he said he thought it was a mistake because does he felt. Still had something left in the tank and my thought was he probably does. But is it worth sixteen and half again to cap you know that's a jets start managing I I think death is still certainly has some talented obviously. BA player in this league and put up some numbers but you just mentioned where the numbers at fall into enough yet to manage that against sixty and have billion dollars at your payments from what we understand there wasn't even the talk of a pay cut. There was basically you know it's not gonna happen so no no pay cut to state just were were a part ways here. That a lot of dead money they sell the dead money from Tony Romo they had the dead money from. Also from coming up from designate they're like 22 million in dead money out of this neck so they have to work through that. But that's the thing about guys I do agree may have something left but when you start put the business side of it to the production on the field to the money's Macon you can see why they are they went this way. And it gets another layer added enjoy all the sudden we hear the rumblings from Dez that he believes that the quote dairy guys a lot of anti right leadership had something to do with his ousting deck press got so much so that Jack got asked about it asked if he had any role in this and had a sort of push back against that idea which. To me seems a bit ridiculous because to me this seemed to be about that you could argue the Dez might have productive years left and it put that production hadn't been translating so far with debt press guy who you know was going to be there. Who you know at this point is going to be your future and so why wouldn't you start putting weapons around this is an offense that needs to get faster and more athletic at the skill positions. And at the price the you're gonna paper does it make sense that that might be a spot you start to look at. Cowboys made a run at signing Sammy Watkins the opening a freeze he would have been their brides dinner that you amid marxists and Al hers Dionte Thompson they busy with the worked out. Almost all the top receivers in the draft including counter really DJ Moore orleans' sun and James Washington so. This is fasting here to see my cheater because this is a Dallas team managed appears in the offense is amazing why that great offensive Obama spoke about press Scott was amazing is eco Elliott and as Ryan. Now all of a sudden and very quickly feels that this is an offense in flocks. Well and a lot of I had to do an injury you saw when you had any cracks in that impair natural ground game. Everyone begin to suffer so whether it was tyrant Smith and Zach Martin who were in and out of a lineup. A couple of times last year Judy injury whether it was easy to Elliot Matt constant died drama surrounding when the suspension was finally going to hit. And take hold you just saw a lack of consistency there that expose everything else was about the best thing to come out of last season for them is you saw our right. We have glaring holes athletically on the outside for skill positions in this offense that's not doing our quarterback any favors in this league right now. Out to you have to address these going for audio and and you look at that I've also heard people out there so wait a minute this offense is considered slow why did she get rid of Jason Witten is well. Again could be an and again he's he's going to have to at some point get younger and more athletic at the tight end position there's no doubt about it. Witten the last two years 653. This year 6977. The last three years and receptions. Never over ten yards to carry in five touch on three and three so. Are gonna need more production. But you gotta pick your spots first this is a sixteen and a half million dollar cap it looked as if 3.4 for Witten all again in the business side of it comes into okay. We do believe at some point they're gonna have to address this tight end position. But sixteen point five takes more precedent in dealing with that cap hit if you need to get rid of something over 3.4 million. And where does does land best it's corny Bills packed urged ravens in saint Ford's. Bill is very H stink is of course a more offensive help to does a big idol get my touch is there. Packers there Roger I don't Jordy Nelson gone now we are now ravens and saints are clearly all teams that are right now receiver deficient we'll see how much. This analysis does have left in the tank is he a final number one easy number two is it complementary pieces you wanna be that beast now there's lots of questions. We know as far as what he wants he came on at first and foremost he wanted to say within the division he would love to try and reach I'm one of those other three teams and make sure that you would be able to go back and rub it in because he's a guy that came out instead treated it said this is personal I'm going to take this personally NASDAQ Prescott saying does try hard guy to replace we'll see just how difficult will be. For the cowboys once again goal going on he's been radio and ESPN news at some other NFL news to pass along Rob Gronkowski will not attend. The star of the patriots offseason programs to just like his quarterback Tom Brady's not gonna be there. He still consider whether to play the upcoming 2018 seized knees and good communication with the patriots. A 250000. Work out 30000 dollar workout bonus in his contract which is paid out based on. Attending a percentage of the voluntary workouts all for now all. He's not gonna be there have been. This is do you feel it was this leans towards him returning or not like I don't think so just because we've already heard that Tom Brady being back this season is a huge I'd note in the positives for bronco I think. That's got someone you can commiserate with because. Regardless of what level or what extent you believe it's true there seems to be at least the idea of frustration. Surrounding these two great players and their coach Walt exist in their minds on the same plane and are being treated that way by an act act so the very least you got someone that in your camp would that as far as Brady and ground together. This time a year were veterans take time off anyways of this. This especially we talk about so much for the guys that are using this is leveraging contract negotiation before a lot of veterans who don't have as much at stake there are there in some cases the bare minimum to make sure they get that bonus. Are a lot of them are using was time to be with their families to pursue their other interest to continue to treat this like an offseason because at this point they know what their bodies need to be ready and they don't need to be there every day the way a rookie or some guy like I used to be trying to just scratched and clawed away. Make the team needs to be yeah that's exactly right guys there and out of that they need a minimum time do we keep the page there and and the bonus obviously the percentages or if they care about that and also many guys work out a different places now we hear. Obviously a lot of the guys who went to the U a lot of them spend their off season all back there and work out together. You don't went when I hear a player we heard rock it it talked about our right after the Super Bowl about retiring I discount anything I hear right after season I absolutely just I felt exhausted and on the I would have waited a couple of months if there's one and that I normally continued discounted like I did with Ben Roethlisberger. Played John Bell here at the end of the day that's twenty million I think for Ben and fourteen mil for lay beyond and and I just think it's kind of talk I don't really think there were series where new Brady was coming back pretty wants played early sixty's so he's gonna come back and play. What is the one guy as we all season bought wet I thought to myself all you hear is how Willie takes care of his money and Glock is a guy managed just. We're gonna do his own thing at some point it just seems like. I'm good when a football. But that being said I don't think he's retiring at all like I'd never thought he was going to they did out of my mind that OK he may be a guy that Patel go do WW rog go find something else to do movies his staff and a joy in life you know and I do that. But I think he's going to play but I could see him thinking about it for the hit T takes the injuries he's had. New rules that are out there and where he is going to continue to get hit right that's going to be in the knees so all of them they can you know what do I need this and if he is really take care of a lot of his money. Can you walk away but I think it's about eight mil this year he's supposed to get I absolutely think he's going to be back to your point Mike. He and Brady together can commiserate on. What we now see your were dam in a death Danny Amendola says with the dolphins saying I think dollar checks a great coach sometimes you can be a blanket blanket. You know the whole Malcolm Butler thing we still don't understand he can be a tough coach to play for. And I think it catches up with some guys but the bottom line is you have in the back you're at a put rings in my finger though. Right and I think helps run counts he does and as well the pages now we will rather deficient to wide receiver and we baldor. Passing threat to me Julia mettle in coming back isn't exactly inspiring for rog is a pleasant I'll come back I'm going to be the guy and hope they can stay healthy. I wanted to asserted passed under the instantly playing rules oversight panel approve altering footballs kicked off rules. To allow the receiving team to fair catch the kick inside the 25 yard line have a result any touch backs and made the proposal. To continue efforts to increase the number of touch backs during kick Austin's fury injuries occurred during kick us that result in touch banks. And I kick us in a return to all other aspects of a kick off play will remain the same. The new rule the latest in a series of changes the committee has made in recent years hoping to make plays it puts. And going into the NFL Steve tasker who was a guy got drafted with the Houston Oilers my year there was one of the great specialty immerse of all time. They're gonna be a ten special teams coaches and other and some players that task is to new joint. They're gonna talk about this we see what happened down college with fair catch inside the 25 what's gonna happen that a Mike I don't see any. Way around this I don't know when it's going to happen kickoffs gonna go away. I had to kick amid and I saw some people are tweets out there. About should all the stats of are there more injuries on kickoffs and I believe our. That's a reason they're doing all this you're just say hey let's think about doing that to do it because you see a pattern. A lot that's why a lot of times you don't you don't see. For in the NFL side a lot being done about Thursday night football and players are complaining about a Vienna ball thing was that more injuries you know they're they're they're there's not nothing that shows there's more injuries on Thursday is that on Sunday's putting kick off to I think you're definitely. See that that special team play. At the the the newly coming on 2019 the alliance American football they're not having any kickoffs and all. And we know some youth leagues that are starting to drop kick offs as well I see you kick off go by the way the dinosaurs some point I just don't know when that's gonna happen. It isn't so in the NFL that means a loss of jobs are a lot of guys that would make the team's off that to be backup linebackers and Nash and backup defensive backs in the light and in college in both bubbles that means the loss of a valuable weapon especially college where you can number one player that is so much better than everyone else on the field with a special teams is often a place where that I can make the electrifying play that the difference in the game until either with this new role you'll see teams that think they have an advantage. Letting their guys fielded there and still trying to get our advanced the ball because you know it's an area you can get a win nasty test of his crackling Mike's son was being advised them daylight Della Hulk is the vile play in the game. It's become part of our vernacular let's kick things off but I think it's days are numbered I think they're gonna come Apolo alternative. To the kick off precept is always Michael junior first to last for a 6 AM eastern. Captain yes absolutely go I would come for more Lance Stephenson who. On the. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico I feel like a whole new person. Disclaimer we will not become all new person does is impossible you might be able to join a gym more diet program and a wardrobe get here and play well toward DNA and physical formal remain in the second Michael waives any and all liability if you attempt to become a new person except a cyborg if you choose to become a half human half Simon an organism with lasers cries like a legal team would be cool with that because quote lay's rise up pretty sweet -- to you and Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more during this right now on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Dave the castor had a chance in this game maybe they never held believe it it was stunning to see them stomped like this from start to finish how would you assess what happened. Yeah wire to wire victory by the pacers who I had to give in yet other credit for their pressure defense. I will use the term. They invaded our space. And saw that the cap if you wanna start your offense they the Alex ended they were sort of hit the three point lot of door to sort of record while they're starting out or perhaps quarter because of the big spenders coming at. The capital offense in the league is in two with a ton of energy and purpose expand. The Cleveland looked shell shocked then. You know beyond. Say you LeBron Kevin Love. Gerris bitten and Larry Nance. I don't think any cabinet member you look at people logged on the court. So they a lot of work on in the game took. So I'm that notre LeBron after the game we all did basically pretty nonchalant about it saying guys I'm down one all in the first round have been down 31 in the finals so you know that this this really isn't a whole lot I'm not worried. How worried should cavs fans be at what they're seeing right now. I mean that they should be worried if they think that the rest suitors Google put him on. But that I think LeBron have a point there would Wear OK we preached about playoff intensity. He got a chuckle that the idea that. In the regular season people can you determine playoff type atmosphere because it's not the light then to actually experience that. Now these guys experience this. Let's do they respond to that think from the Mets blew. You just got to play hard that you only dream get out of this it is according to partner up with up to salute. That they didn't do that in game one they're two days to make adjustments. To do to get the body the mind straight and you know. They know what to expect going in that game do certainly that's one thing you can take away a compliment beat down a bit out on Sunday. And of course LeBron is gonna rely on this past success Davey nursing afternoon he's been down before a series it was down 131 of the finals in stores now worried but. The same time does it game to obviously is a heightened sense of urgency but do you think that some of these players maybe viewing it. As a must win you lose two games at home and have to win 45 on the road against Indiana becomes immeasurably more tough. I don't know of anyone in the Mecca clock and then use that terminology. But I would imagine that would be mentality that they couldn't get to that ball down 02. The Indiana team that obviously feel a bit have a little bit that they on the side. With the way the series start with the way they seem to gather trading away a franchise piece and all torched make this team possible. In going in the Indiana where that they have a little bit of that hooters underdog global deal. You don't want that situation so again I don't think anyone will dirt tracks they've talked to Lehman who uses terminology but when it. By inept and that's what this. Along those lines debuted you have been with this team obviously more than anybody saw and this is complete speculation and opinion on your part. How this is going right now. And I guess looking into the into the future a little bit for LeBron James do you think there's already will no matter how far they go decision in his mind whether he's staying or going or do you think it's still work has to be played out. I don't I don't think so. You know because everyone does well too volatile broaden Oreo line open consistent. And saying that he won't know when he doesn't know. And he's you'll make a good until everything over I'm. Tie it. LE you have to wonder I didn't know little Louie blown away by LeBron body language history not just by any means that. He was not trying to win or not engaged in the game. But you just wonder if somewhere in the back it's mine he doesn't believe that this current test team can win the at all. And do it if we don't believe that PS and that seemed to championship medal. Perhaps. You know somewhere. You just make the equation Martin go quite a car that. Well there are not that doubt on the court level all because of back and you'll Ritchie waters. Aligned with the look Eagles through a lot. I don't Obama saying that the case but it that you start to wonder armed if it here. Somehow already thinking about court somewhere else how that could affect the scouts little. Very strong Ricky Watters reference that you have to pat and I where. He'll stand at this overall size makes it all comes together and our intently but it. Goal to bring glorious feed radio eighties in his patrol depot Dave best on the court last night. Which is saying so that we are on the same course LeBron James how good is this guy for bill have not paid attention on a national audience is so talented he has. I mean the guy not a moment there of the and then the cooler and didn't score at all to absolutely very little off the bounce. Mid range three coral. Range as well but you led the league in field Gergen and gave more of course so that was aspects. The game multiple then that's what rule impact players do. And when the cavs made their run com. It you know it especially the good attitude back to back long jumpers he's had in the fourth quarter looked through the with a twelve and then the long jumper after which fourteen. Doubts we're great players do whether it be since the moment whether he needs them and they performed. Aside I can't be more impressed by him in just his demeanor. And the post game press conference where you sit you know what you are surprised by the and that was only the second. That's the televised game for the critical to Amare and the only other time there I'm not spoken to them. Little Paul George came back. Two Indiana. That loose you know back detention because the popular a couple of the pacers would go. And they clearly surprised blue doing all year and so certainly. Elk that Obama player that would that would gauntlet to get beat out. Oh believe me Davis all over Twitter where all the tourist site you guys showed no respect for the face I had a job all year. Giving up everywhere right now so that overall feel of Eros right now we're just find good for them. It's as far as the cast your going forward well know what LeBron mean to this team the next person on line that you need for consistency is going to be Kevin Love. And then after that it's big kind of a crapshoot on who you're gonna rely on in your mind. Who is that third guy who was at third person that needs to be the most consistent for them. Well I think they'd like to have that person to be you know a Rodney hood depicting Q can score in bunches that. Google or other players that look look consumed by the moment. In game more and Kevin Love Burkle couldn't do more than dot Iraq now aren't they haven't I haven't doesn't control political point guards so. They got to get him more important not concede that restarts early. And only got such outlook load of that appeared in. During didn't do actually care that they were lean on more. Is that coaching staff. While the stairs. Mental toughness when he is on a roll obviously. He looked like that. In game one well I again in this news. What happens with a great way carrier ring and don't get that that diamond in return. You know they need to have. They attacked by committee so its secluded store till. I'll hopefully I'll chorus foot you'll better. Enough to get quite more than four minutes like he didn't game one but there are there to be true or at them double to score. No doubt about it embers as LeBron James is that he's lost get asked about playoff deficits and I would think most of Philly game to look come out and not this series up Dave Mick Menem and always great stuff Allman tour at may tenth thanks so much to appreciate it thanks Dave. I. It was all sort of one big giant yellow molded very interest in where that's why it. Another Manilow is baseball. Our baseball insider Tim Kirch and joining us on the shell Pennzoil performance like get the feeling of being rewarded with a gold status shall. With the fuel awards program dale the fuel awards app joins start saving. Five cents a gallon today Timmy. Portola poll was released by the Rangers on March 24 he's resigning two days later and last night and our airwaves inside baseball he almost pulled off the nearly impossible what are you think you watching it. There well the word didn't one of the coolest things we've ever seen as Teddy would have been the oldest guy ever do that no crime it was a similar age. But he doesn't throw like Bart he didn't throw like Bartolo well does now it is that look like Bartolo Cologne the jet. Another reminder of the beauty of baseball he comes. In all shapes and sizes and here's a guy that throws basically all fastball didn't let people go ahead try it this. But you have no idea what quadrant is going to and I change speeds are that it. And that's why he had such a remarkable career. And they'll go on as 44 made. Shapes and sizes can determine are really enjoy that Millen rhyme by the way through a record seven no hitters thrown in 1990 when he was 44 years in ninety days old so. Now Bartolo call would have been the oldest to do that are timid around the league right now the early part of the season but. Starting to Regis just clips here and there about more more guys that are going on the DL for this or DL for that. Where it where do you think is dimmed the worst effect for this for a team in players that I they have lost. There's so many teams that are being crushed again by injuries this year and go what there's something to this terribly cold weather that is affecting these players and no excuses. Those in between necessary but it's so easy to get injured in a baseball game. And then you turn the temperature down to the 38 and we have snow and rain that everything else and that's where some of this. It's coming crowd and it simply is not a well played game anti war when it played in this kind of weather. Nobody's fault and it's just the way it is in April but with these all these postponement. And the players not have their bodies in the you know in the right rhythm baseball is very much a rhythm game they play every day it now until when they're gonna go. Or five days and I'll play game that's really unhealthy. Our baseball team early in the heat and I think that part of the reason we're seeing as many injuries as we have. Dock with the greats in Karachi right now on goal to win though is can radio ESPN news. Jimmy look at the mets' NL best twelve and two we knew that was so much Davis pick in the national swimming and only something had to go awry and so far. The Mets have been that team that's been a surprise and what's part of the surprises this. Matt Harvey may get dropped from that rotation he was a guy you thought what he has to bounce back. The to have some consistency but instead. Mickey cal always in a great job with his bullpen can sell them Lugo have been terrific for them what did you see from this Mets team. While they're starting rotation has been great and when you start with the ground. And civic art in whatever order those guys are healthy you're gonna have a chance that how dominant those guys hit it. And Mickey Callaway being eight former pitcher Ani former pitching coach he knows all about this. I think he's bent the right message to the pictures this year and maybe just as important their lineup is pretty good right now with Michael can't afford a back way earlier than expected. LP that's but it added Todd Prater that creep its lineup to go with the with the rotation especially Beck can be absolutely dominant. And where you're right the bullpen has been great so far also I don't think anybody saw this coming with a match I think we all understood it that great young starting rotation. It helped into the season they're going to be a contender and they've been they've been more than that so far. Yeah you know all met fans who just waited for the shooter dropped their waited for their morning jury effort idealistic oh my gosh so much so our right. I Timmy we sit here we see the pirates' lead the central Lebanon for the Diamondbacks. Lead the west and eleven and four. So even with division taken into consideration as well. Which of these teams in your mind has the best chance to actually continue maybe not at this pace but as far as where they are new division right near the top. Well I I like where the Diamondbacks are that structure and they made the playoffs last year. Maybe they're maybe they're even better this year I think there and amidst JD Martinez which you know he was so good. And after they acquired him in in September he was ridiculously good bye. I can see the Diamondbacks keep that up a little while they're pitching is awfully good right now make its course and run also. And Pittsburgh look. Tired are going to climb out creature about that and I. I saw them this spring airline it is pretty good admission from the team that just got rid of every one and they're gonna win sixty games this year they're they're going to be. 500 he might thing. And that's pretty darned good when you're in the process of moving some people are. Further proof Tim we should never take too much stock in spring training statistics show hailed Connie has been the story of this baseball season so far. Not only hitting those home runs a pitching so well I foresee the star yes sir it was postponed but. Honestly I I think is a baseball lover like yourself is just so great to see this story because we you always want is new stories and new players to log. And the way the Japanese system brace baseball we already knew the media coverage or be off the charts now the fact he's already matching those expectations. I mean how great is CO Connie delivering for the angels so far. Let me tell you how did he is it is. He is better this than anything I have done in my life is better there that anything you will do in your life. A girl is searching for Bobby Fischer from ten urgent and. Though the jets are at this point is that guy is doing something. It really hasn't been done since they are the kinds of Beirut and it would be. Enormous pressure if you are coming here at 23 just trying to beat any future. War just trying to be a hitter and he's doing both Matt. It is absolutely amazing in a very small sample how good he'd been so far I saw him in spring training. And that brought tools for obvious that powered the beautiful swing. That a lot you know fastball that break on a split all add up to got to play particularly I think in big repeat. This good that this quickly basically it's like being over 600 points higher. As a hitter and that it will be his slugging against him as a pitcher that. Those are ridiculous number. There's some great great story lines early on in the season in baseball this year real hope they can continue throughout the season and certainly a storyline we talk about. Bought every year is the mere Jackie Robinson to baseball Jackie Robinson day yesterday. In Major League Baseball talk about that for a moment and just do distill the the reverence that is just held for this this this man. Yeah well I I still hope after all these years we understand how important. Jackie Robinson was based law and to this country you'll in baseball. Finally figured this out the country went along with the the most art. Jack rabbit looked at baseball player. Is the civil rights activist and he really changed the game and so many ways it. And because of that I think we forget sometimes how great eight later people how. Amazing he was on the page passed out tremendously. Athletic he was in every way. And I just remember talking a prank rabbit about this years ago and I and they crank or did you learn from Jack rabbit. And frank of course they can be treated and rate them in the minor leaks especially when he first came out. And he said Jacki taught him the same thing the only way to beat them and the best way to eat them. Is to go beat them on the field any said that what the lesson that Jackie talked all of us. And that I don't think we evil ever be forgot and certainly in baseball and in the history of this country. And nobody speaks of more reverence for the game and you Tim and I echo those sentiments there's a that a Jackie Robinson and Jackie Robinson day that is so special one more baseball question Korea. Cubs and yankees both seven and seven which star concerns you more. I I neither one of them concerns me frankly because that the long season and I think both shall be in the class jobs at the end of the year and I'm not concerned about the Yankees is all the injuries they've had and they're open it in terror and their bullpen is great. But this is baseball and great bullpen this. Pitched poorly once in awhile and that's been the case among other things that Yankee I think they'll turn this around and quickly and so will the cut. Cut that Anthony Rizzo on the DL looks like he's coming back hopefully tonight. I don't think there's much to worry about there and with either team you speak to. Have some issues moving forward they have all the mining and all the resource at oral. To go fix it with traders something else. Or minor league system so both those teams. Slow start not too much sort. Two Kirch is always a blast to hang Lou we're talking baseball of course Tim is a Renaissance Manny can discuss many topics and Tim we off the lodges talk movies. I know your new wife Kathy love three billboards that tonight in Missouri but I never merger review yet on the shape of water at Pappas always saying I love the film. My goal despise the film you have to weigh in Timmy what did you think of it did you see it. Now I haven't seen. I'm only gonna do reds pirates game so I don't get to the movie is not that if you do that then I have even seen it yet. But I haven't heard goal that I really hate that and wonder what this actually the M. When it comes to the greatest movie let's be hilarious together. Jimmy Howard to say that that matchup you always watch go back and re watch them all from decades ago you want to rather watch cable water you know fought any dvd can. I'm I know you had seen to be our lead early passed away he played the drill instructor in full metal jacket how great. That first hour of that movie how powerful anomalous in that movie right incredible. It was pretty good pretty incredible it was too intense for me I can't say stuff like that it's too hard for me. But I watch I barely got Europe because I'm. So weak and so squeamish on things like. It was a tough one I I I'm with you that logs we can all enjoy searching for Bobby Fischer and movies about ill temper too thanks so much today there. Yeah. Let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that spectrum way too much harder this guy who really we know that is that is his father. AARP can help you become your healthiest self it's why we offer health tips for your body and your brain so take on today and every day with AARP learn how to take on today dot AARP. Some news that came down earlier I during the show James Harrison retired 84 and a half sacks. Obviously put together brilliant career although Damien mean Michael the surprise you ranks 52 all time in sacks and camera file higher than that the bevy pictured in his hey dale the three seasons or he had double digit sacks. But at his height he was absolute terror when he came to second quarter Rex as a guy was in the trenches what was it like for you when you said James Harrison coming. Are you was absolute monster who has argued. Fog Barkin by the by the Baltimore Ravens and then went on become one of the one of the best outside linebackers in the National Football League but. Agree that the thing that made James Harrison unique was. First what his height you know he's got this under six foot. He's a mean one of strongest dude there's not overcome across. And he was this explosive ball the ball so. If you're an awful July amid the most often the alarm especially tackles are tall and so. Might as you know the game's all about leverage and we geared naturally have better levers and then all of the zoo opens alarming. Boy you can wreck Havoc on a lot of quarterbacks which he did. He seemed Joseph would you say is game he. Usual 21 dimensional for the game of today obviously when you get older your skills can't ever a road some but he always had that strength but. As I said earlier that Weiner used to be the odd person out in this league now the tweeters kind of that pass rusher and he just kind of fits that one dimensional. Our road you know you're gonna get a work out playing against him but you know not one once you is past his hey day. You know he didn't kind of fit that that versatile athletic pass rusher that we're seeing in today's game. Yeah he didn't he wasn't the type we've got to have all these different rush moves or. You know it's have a guy they could be out in coverage because we all know the game is different today so much more passing league. You gotta have got it you know that's not the bliss Virgo all right where a guy can just come screaming off this. Now you have to have more responsibilities and pass coverage and almost double things so he was Carlos. In that aero. He was in a pass their plan it in an era now where is much more passive so ticket. Autonomy inside when you get ready to play someone like that where is always talk about game plans you do game plan as a whole you know what your offensive game plan as I know my defensive game plan is. Then you get into that individual study then you get in the room whether by yourself for bureau there O line guys. Or for me the OK what to stand slight what does he do. For me you know what what to stanch you know what worked to keep what's the angles all that he looked today where the how they played together splits and all that for you. And you're looking on the defense aside when you're gonna play against a guy like that what what would your thoughts on him when you know we're gonna play against what you watch him four what you're expecting wore fur. What you war Viles of C could Ruth these guys have a lot a lot of sounds awfully warm we'd like to see. Do you for the players are sometimes they give give right away but he wore a dog vases so you can scratch that off the list. Bomb you if you look at get off. You know always fit the one thing that scares that did the no more than a scares off Islamic is speed guys who can get off the ball quick. Those are the guys okay you like OK in practice I need to simulate. That type of speed off amid he had with a good get off on the one thing about James are you are gonna give you didn't have many rush moves. He just it was really about speed power what I mean by they he would explode off the full ball and because he was shows so shortened strong. That he would convert this speed and come right and right right into your chest and trauma. Bowl you over into the you know into the quarterback or you try to get you know get to is come around the back door an extra second quarterback so. Again this guy was. The Altima competitive. God they came from really nowhere undrafted. And to play fifteen years. And that says something about the Carrier Dome plated the other play that long. This triggered a little bit further that I think this is interesting to people. Is what other tips what do you look for I look for certain things from an old line and back what do you look for to try and outside are just lining up and say I'm gonna block that guy. What tips do you see where that word that defense to line give something away you are states. Look at darken to open stance. Would you know what he's doing if he has a lot of if he is if you have a lot of weight like over me you know OK he's comedy scream and off days if he's you know London square. Okay that he might be making them a move inside or he might be sure you know drop in now in pass coverage so. You know and if our Ford people alarming if you see that the knuckles are white for the knuckles okay this guys comment what a piece kind of relax back. They you know that this guy either he's dropping back when he's kind of move along Alonso. Look there's a lot of nuances what you know a lot of things you'll fours all the Islamic and look for tips. And I tell people all time what would feel study. Defense is defense and we'll give things away as far as players. Stances. It's all the little things with the goals of things that you pick up our you know the more you're in the lead so true I would as a defense alive and I'll do the same thing from the office. Decide who spent six year guard he'd be back a little bit not in his stance but back off the line a little bit used Poland where you know same thing with the knuckles as you white knuckle and now own house plan a lot like skies are where work gloves all the times you could see yeah you know the knuckle what they did how much their fingers indented into the grass large. There was an op. There was another thing that that I always picked up on some was why all the cadence was going on. Right at the last second alignment would just. I hair. Dig in just a little bit with the foot movement afoot. And what does that mean that's for his push off their threats of its push off that four is coming you know the other whale we're just look for that and the other zero given away the most running backs. Running backs who Condo line and they will look they would look where they're going or who look in the direction or and so you at least know something good that relevant are coming that where the place and then you. Kind of look at the formation that you and your game clients there now OK okay that kind of matches up that's right what's gonna happen out right. That's something that you opera ought to be for the players talk about a lot. When watching often is still look at the running backs up the slope Els who is a stubborn guy that looks around and looks where he's going if so okay that's a Keaton. So it. I know people you know and a lot of fans are there they'd be wash your game. Put this whole lot so there's so much they're goals include trying to get that little gays. It you know against your opponent. Having so let him you own James Harrison right either featured. No of course one hurdle after. But let's demand that he was a that that's the talk do we call a war dead or he will unload you're room. Other news in the NFL cowboys releasing Dez Bryant he's clearly Obama pitcher's production he was averaging at least 1012100 yard seasons when he told 24 team. Last three years has even eclipse 900 yards. Is he still number one guy is in his heady things is he wants to go to a team in the division to show the cowboys he made a mistake by get rid of production says no. Armed has never been SP Burnham even when he came in the league he was really good at the fitness to be ball strong hands. That was a tubby guy that he was would be physical receiver. Clearly the past three years has been a downward tree in our forest production. I would sell more in this defense bill Willis I will say. Quarterback play my head might have had a little bit to do would that. Because this seemed like with Tony Romo he had much more book they would much once think as a Pope did as opposed the deck so. You know one of the things that I sale last week was. I would love to see that go to. Many up and you know terrible weather and Dodgers or arms and made me as an excuse me are dead Arab with Aaron Rodgers a war. You know maybe you know Atari greatest saints drew Tom bray a veteran quarterback. That boy yeah boy that's playing this plays at elite level that knows how to. Do you think with this why are received was. There are you know we'll see. Okay if this guy really rich you know truly the number one now they a lot of it just wasn't worth the sixty national counter that we we all know how to how in my course and then lastly rock isn't distraught to the offseason program or that reported. Do a lot of work on the TV twelve stuff as well but him not showing up does that give you any pause as what you think he'll do this year. We we keep talking about this we we. We've heard whispers the vote in Obama brought may be moving on and I'll always savior to torn Warren that use the sun com. The one thing about grown. Is he's done such a great job with this morning now you know his fourth save and it. It gives you so much flexibility in there's been talk about you know Hollywood and all suburb of new graduates often kill me now more we'll build it. Pinpoint his own ticket and when you when you have that trouble flexibility ovals are the things that you're capable of doing. You can you can easily. Easily say the Biotech all that set I think he's come back I think he's coach Gregg to one more ticket sales are I think. Man did. This will be an arrest and nobody hears a liberal you are still there wondering or you're a lot more nor the greatest organization results there isn't your damage red Damian Miller yeah about you know how he loves Phil thanks great coach but he can you believe deeply sometimes atop the place or an awfully good unshackled. Jeff Jeff I have not been done shackled in the patriot way I think Brock alluded to that yeah I have the guy that I would bill. Great show has always stimulate thanks canyon no problem. The best of go. Go what can we go podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESPN at apple podcast for. Just ask your smarts they could play goal. What can only go plus you can check the guys out live weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern. On ESPN radio and on ESPN news. Next you're running up the line man. What did you eat. You're next in line for the water slide man seat forward and enjoy the ride Pope came do you eat. These guys look I'm. The wicked witch of the west on one slight surprise and what's not surprising how much you could say by switching to guy. Like Q and. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.