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Hour 1: Joel Embiid Vents Frustration

Apr 17, 2018|

The guys talk about the 76ers losing game 2 to the Miami Heat and then preview the Cavs/Pacers game 2 and more.

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Decking and railing and hiding and furniture yeah fencing framing. And tricks we make the most an outdoor living. Because you deserve to get more from your life outdoors it's so why not start bringing your ideas to life now with a brand that's engineering team what's next. To learn more about all of the outdoor solutions tracks has to offer or to find the local retailer or certified tracks protect children near you. It's it tracks dot com and that's TR EX dot. Good Tuesday morning everybody welcome into another does that go doing go on ESPN radio and ESPN news we are presented by progressive insurance all the longest join us on the shall pencil the forms on my goal to Michael junior tree we go here. On I continue to own a minute continued donut because I. Two weeks ago reordering of the dark only the weather's you who you all on me. You came in here. And a boy in my. I started to me you guys are ready any time to absorb that now acquitted but there Tampa call you've got a nice collared shirt on today you don't intern in my do you not you're a respectable though you understand a job interview later put his record announcement just didn't act professional correct there you know all of and you and you you're right you. You and I don't believe him hold the draw golf gods in the weather gods and all that had to do now if you wanna believe and that stuff you certainly angered mother nature by saying oh yeah. Yeah we would you stated the end and and the march yeah light at the end of rate in March we have one last knows it was that this is over it doesn't on this bring up all the stakes in the snow stakes out the Dalai Aaron is that you really spit them out is that right there so. No use really mad you. All the people around the Boston Marathon yeah that's it's all my fault I apologize I apologize to the folks in Green Bay who have like eight feet of snow they did so I apologize on that on you is it's all on me and and those those people that ran the marathon yesterday are you kidding me crazy I would not have walked five steps. In that and they're out they're 26 point two miles. The only time I can remember whether I like that might cure you where you are junior senior high senior managing it was a subject was a junior they played a game. In rain like that animals like there was like just above freezing so it just wasn't souls like 33 which is actually worse driving sideways rain. And it was basically only family members because we're contractually obligated to be in the sense that I came it was miserable miserable and early sues over in like two. Hours you know it was over in two hours you have half time to go inside for a little bay you can judge makes it worse yet. It doesn't some sense you could change certain articles holding up just to relieve some of that. And at the end of the day you're not asked to move quite as much you're covering 26 mile crazy in wet shoes and wet clothing the amount of awful friction involved in the -- was that you say that I can't damage to both people are all officially super heroes out your all Demi gods if you -- that racist if you could tell that rice yesterday because it is in absolutely unfathomable can be educated job which amassed on your -- as we have a couple of really cool stories we have to look at it. About that Boston Marathon but boy oh boy what ugly weather in those people. Run throughs just really ruined credit I think I remember for years ago when Teddy ran for the first time Teddy Bruschi was eighty degrees off and it was. 34 and sideways rain and wind but to your story about about. When junior and 39. That's just COLT can't do no thank you entered a federal dole get India will get an immortal Boston mayor of a some of the amazing stories the amazing runners. And some of the stuff that they're putting the winner of the woman's side first time since 1985 a US woman claim the titles of graduation weekend that the let's start with what we normally. It. Off the top polio like it or not just with goalie can only go. But we start with the NBA playoffs Klay Thompson scored 24 hours 31 points after halftime as the warriors rallied to beat the spurs a ticket to nothing series lead Thomson. Ten of fourteen let's do the math at 71 point 4% from three point range this series his best three point percentage or two day span since march of 2016. You are somewhat ridiculous and you know leading scorer Kevin Durant and to do you Lee's core 32 points what. What clay Thompson is doing that that's Elisa that's why we talk about Golden State. Because there's so many weapons one is out and stuff career others pick up the slack and and this is here we all thought well could they be had because how we're going into the playoffs. They just got answered a bell they have the talent to do now. A lot of that they'll look to the spur side of the LaMarcus Aldridge who played extremely well worry about. He had 34 point in this one but you don't know coli letter we don't think they're gonna be this big tough opponent. For gold and they were all waiting for the Golden State and Houston Rockets match up but. I'll stick by what I said earlier you know stuff we've backed by than these guys know how to work through or warn the others injured and are going to be just fine that we see enclave who's doing this before and that's sad since. On the big stage in the playoffs and just remarkable efficiencies and over 71%. From three point oh perfect from the free throw line in only to turn overs and 79 minutes a game action in the last few games so. There protect the blog of the team in San Antonio last night battle like how I mean you at all that championship pedigree and pop there. Dora the horses for this once the that was about as close I think it's gonna get well that's the question in this series is it telling us more about the spurs are telling us more about the warriors because let's be honest what do the spurs have been in the past they're just not there right now because they're there shall pony isn't there I agree I think this is this is the spurs. Being this is another regular season what was it normally was but they had some injuries in the Houston play as well put. The bottom line for a team like data team any LeBron team is. We noted is scared that a finals when the championship and the spurs are usually higher or the gold they wars are usually ready to do that if you're dispersed you get over on a younger team you can do with the Miami Heat did last night and did overrun a young team like the 76ers you can do that against the champion like damn they're looking across from the other sideline and seeing a lot of themselves from the past in the Golden State Warriors did you just say if you look at what the heat did against the sixers last YE a -- you argued all that we continue to. In off the top led by Dwyane Wade the heat defend defeated the 76ers won thirteen 103 even the series. And snapped Philadelphia's seventeen game winning streak which was to be fair sixteen games. In the regular season in the first playoff game as well yeah Dwyane Wade coming up the venture 36. Years and 89 days old the second o.'s deserve at least 25 points and five rebounds in a playoff game. Since starts were first tracked back in 1970 so again off the bench. He scores those corny eight point Ed but for Miami I look at the hole and any. He's more with that the break in the period the halftime always look at how do you come out a halftime go back to game one of these two teams. And Miami actually had the lead I believe on Philadelphia sixty. To 56 at halftime in game one they got outscored 3418. In the third quarter 304018. So that's how they came out this game. They out score they were there were outscored again but 3330. So they came out better in the third quarter. And and more aggressive in the third quarter and that's one of the first things that Dwyane Wade mentioned after the game he said a lot of that was about how would let the game get away from us in game one we stayed in game two because of that third quarter. And is one of the things that you get is a veteran players who understand situation all aspects of sports better than a lot of the other guys around you for Dwyane Wade a guy who do we put this guy's knees were gone when do LeBron James was back in Miami they were nursing him through the regular season just to get him trying to get him back to the finals and hope you get a few games out of and so to see this or what could be his final season. Deceived certainly on the back in what seemed like a nice shot reward for him getting ready home his wife Deborah unions we got after the game now come on home baby I got. Some good foreign object I'll put I'll put it out for the world to see there right now ashamed of their games we do results are meted out put out their affirmative to see how respect the hustle can growl sex guys respect. Well yes that that there you know listen and pay. You if you play well you are rewarded for nothing that I thought paso congratulations a couple of kids in love got to go Dwyane Wade turned back the clock and was in the zone last night. EO Joseph brought do you buy auto zone debt and the zone. AutoZone off the top. Can I just don't think we're talking about this enough golden knights. Expansion team in the NHL will to sweep their first ever playoff series when they take on the kings at 10:30 eastern tonight we of course will be open watching. But they are doing things that just no one expected them to do and they're doing it very very well now I need to really incredible. Can become the first franchise NHL history to sweep of post season series in its inaugural season. Marc-Andre for their goalkeepers been playing great 65 crew postseason wins tied with Dominic -- for eleventh. But the the story I mean that the players the story what's going on the support of the fans there. Again it's it's been incredible they said record after record this year and now. The expectations so it's like how well we do how many wins we get all your doing better York they keep exceeding expectations so when you know what happens there. Then more is expected a view okay you reach that pinnacle and you go to the next one will now the expectation is to get their. So they can end the season right now when you say still what an incredible success but I think a lot of the players mind it would be none at all I mean we've gone this far were gored and off we think we've go a lot further. Did you get to that point him by and they're really it always depends on your group because. Both championship caliber team you get to the start of the season and this is what you see for yourself. But there's always going to be some showing talent especially for an expansion team to have to come together the way that they didn't find that out over the course this. I'm sure everyone's trying to turn the page on an even within bases got to be looking to disappointed and it really good hockey team and we've been senior fourth in attendance are this season we've. Big bearing witness to this so let's ride this thing until wheels come off Leo what they're saying in Vegas all about this. Let's do that hockey. That's and you do Ottawa's whatever happens in Vegas stays out I guess now I don't know whatever happens are growing every Norway Canada. They got a lot out of rhythm but they are doing that hockey and they are that it's a great story. And we'll see if that see how far they can ride this thing in the postseason all stop and then there's our guy Joey it's Johnny making his third start of the mound as it looks improved to three you know this season. When he faces the Red Sox the problem there is he'll be facing the red side yet he well that's exactly right so he warned supposed to faced the royals with that game Sunday. I got postponed. The royals are not good at scoring runs the Red Sox are tied for second in the majors. In runs per game so this will be a huge test for him a guy already has three home runs look at the first three wins. His third win as well so. Again a great story. Debt that I think really grew because the spring training went so poorly that he's already exceeded that and now it's like okay this is what we were kind of wondering if we are gonna get. I was going up against a real real quality opponent in the Red Sox. This is another one you wanna talk about where the tipping point lies were all of a sudden you're going up against one of the best opponents in the young lead year right now. This is the moment for show way especially cross country one of the bigger market teams in the Boston Red Sox. All the sudden this kid goes and shows up in shows out here. We're dealing with. Officially phenomenon status now has a chance what did you what did you say become the first player in MLB network three home runs three home runs were there so why are on the cusp of those first to have the chance to do it against what has been one MB winningest franchise is. In the two thousands and 2010s in my Major League Baseball. And oh by the way I would have percentage visited two rescue teams in baseball correct right now the Mets are right there they don't have three losses while with a winning percentage a little lower because of where himself. I mean forgetting the individual performance here which were not going to give us two we're talking about. From a team aspect he's a pretty good two to two good teams as you know we always figured out the red toxin they badly and the Yankees Toronto here at this point. And can the angels in a knock off the Astros who were your World Series champs well. The undersea thing here is what show is going to be doing. Tonight as is that again hoop against these who's going up against were to be as you said the Red Sox but the other thing we may have found the one thing that may be show ways of weakness. He said he he wishes the home crowd will be a little quiet now yeah quieter when he's in the ice get locked in and be ready to roll. Got to learn to clear the mechanism Gado haven't watched for love of the game for a little bit just clear the mechanism are news to tell you awful Billy chapel was right there absolutely nicely done during these Duca come get over to his golf yeah that's fair point you LCDs and don't keep doing what he's doing. That'll that'll never get old never for the three months and and. And we look forward to those you don't like it to Tweeter and hellish you don't like it because it hasn't let you know we're gonna do. It's our fire or we're gonna let through to me I don't like you guys play that I'll really. Just just gives us our diocese are mode Joseph gives us our motivation now I'm also kind of rooting since you mentioned golf that people would just start shouting mashed potatoes yeah while there. Yeah success and all. Doubt so troublesome what happens story tonight going up against the Boston Red Sox and most of the crowd is quite work shall in time. Okay the crowd was pretty quiet last night in Philadelphia because they experience something they have experience in a long time. That would be a loss and after 1717. Straight games one in the in the post season the first of the you series against the heat in the of course sixteen straight and the regular season. But that wasn't the only thing. That was going on with the sixers loss after the game. Two Allenby who of course did not place is continuing to recover from that of a cracked orbital bone in his eyes went to his NC Rampage. And created out. I think sick and tired of being baby he didn't say ethnic he actually filled it out. The way you would not what is he spelled out he said the word she's learned yet so anyway obviously this was right after the game. As you might imagine. Because it happened right after the game and what does enter Rampage and treated by the way did I say that I cross pollinate I don't know we knew it was interim agent in stigma and stood in the instead I didn't know evaporated different guys ram ram would be right on degree Judy Graham Billy Graham he stories technically he storied vests all. All of that is who has a daughter right now Brett grab them like I'll I'll consider I don't know I'm glad it is a unity and ran around this story. What are his story to story called me out for grabbing the Mike he story did it in a put on his insert grim story throughout this story a little Jordan and that's as short and out of a commitment as a full Graham. He story while as it goes away and had destroyed the united hander Brett really wanted this program get two for distribution I mean halo sock. Off cut off the caffeine and sugar for the big event so anyway delegates championship or Rembrandt so anyway Brett brown was asked about his instead Graham's story and this was threats response to well just went on social media and don't don't give you the key receivers Nordson is a sick and tired of being debuted. Why has he said TU in terms of frustration with what's going on with Cameron now whether that's just not been able to practice play whenever. He just wants to play basketball he wants to be was this team. He wants to play in front of the fans. You and he wants to see this through and win when he's not able to do that he gets frustrated and I respect his frustration it's blown out of competitiveness. And it's borne out if you want to be with his team. And so with the with the medical side of different reasons. You know I'm not gonna go but I do know the spirit in which she delivers. That that tweet that you just talked to vote a reflects my conversations with him. That is completely driven out of team competitiveness. Of won't play basketball. That type of play vote more than anything by the way Brad brown could only grown up outside a ball. It's just sad that I created itself Portland Maine and the stories for just Varitek said. I I get it I get a from the standpoint of the athlete being frustrated to elect a message that was delivered well basically this is today that this is Howell. Vote keeps amoled meals of it it's true I tell you communicate right noises and kissing my mistake is breast falters he said tweet. Yeah they have so we're going to read sabotage you'd get on air yes. Yeah you risk around not rep Ron Milbrett brown now I'm all right now one bright around you know materials diseased animals he was. That's our point I again I understand the frustration from an athlete without question he wants to be out there and he'd be out there is if they if it was his choice. But it's not his choice right now a lot of times you protect the player from himself. You just wish at times it even though I know this is the communication level of the athlete and people of that age today you still will shoot. Value storied team under the bus why you baby and you know just take that breath you rider rather not see that Wright story on insert ground. But you know what I see nowadays I still don't get like through the old man on the lawn because of what I know this is how these guys communicate and I think. People receiving data reading that like abroad brown would be like okay you know this this is how they communicate to frustrated athlete so I really don't think a ton about. Was the the issue here is this is why you have doctors to protect athletes from themselves this he thinks he's fine he thinks he's a hundred moderator role but that's not his call. Whether it's in. Football basketball baseball the doctors and the medical staff on most of these teams are normally and that to protect the player from themselves because of freezing yeah I feel fine. But the doctors have to look at it from you might feel OK but let's just say you get an elbow up there one more time that we're talking about a bone fragment Becky going to your high. And your career could be over. Mean so you have to have some sort of sense. Of a wall of protection from these guys helping to super humid sure that would when you play you off but I can go through any. Right and you try to do and and you want to for the right reasons I'd he has the right reasons is as this guys embrace this city the process all the things involved. That were used to slight Philadelphia in the 76ers for so long he took in re purpose and he made bears he's a big reason why they're there. Where they are now. He's also a big reason why they're going to be a force to be reckoned with going Ford of -- the walk that's the process you've got to guard against even now when it feels good to me here now to think. Man people are talking we can make you the Eastern Conference finals we think we might have Venice you got to remember you need this guy around he's already been a guy like the rest of your stars that a head injury issues in the past. You gotta make sure everything's good right an orderly going. An NFL guys decided to walk away for that very reason sort of the opposite way but it's about thinking about what is best for the team go right for price we'll get into that a little bit later but our Ramona schober spoke with MB. After the the answer grim story before and offer some context on the process of this injury. I spoke to do well and be before game two and Assam is you getting any closer to returning to the court he said it was up to me I would play but they won't let me play. Smiling when he said that because it was before game tale afterwards when the sixers lost. He expresses frustration at not being on a court in the social media posts now just after 1 o'clock eastern time he expounded on his frustrations he said. I promised the city to play us and I'm not on the court and may not be Thursday either. It was more than anything that I was out there I just want to green light to play. I'm told that there are still medical hurdles that do well on the gas to clear in order to get back so while he's close there are still issues he has to work through before he returns the court. NASA and the those things will not be his call not on he's got to understand and again what whatever right you hear about a player an injury talk to coach about her son mr. well you know what we asked the players. Like that's the last thing you do is the player as young nine and I can't say all of a look at some may say I'm not rated on nine Arabs and employers laid up and go. You've won an acrid ago so you're right it's got to be up to the doctors. But that gets a hold a question of team doctors. Who has their pay were they getting paid from that's our white one of the reasons the whole why Leonard situation very she's not dealing with the team doctors and other doctors as well sell picking get model little bit. Add this is always by the way the difference of how you treat Starr is in your franchise Reza how you treat everyone else is if your role player they're saying you what you prominent you back down the court here sooner than later but again it's all about investment and what's your wounds due to risk and against the possible performance your exact there's a sliding scale all of or you build the better you are the more you're gonna get away with because your talent can be protected but it is an interesting dynamic that you brought up. We have a oft frustrated injured superstar who wants to play. Vs a frustrated injured superstar. We're not sure if you really wants to play because of what's going on Senna Tony we get rid of that a little bit later. 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Renovated lobby the so contemporary even makes cold look look cool as it does that it totally updated fitness center that even has Wayne though feeling like a war drought camera plus plenty of comfortable spaces to hang out yep this licking though look definitely has a -- a victory so you can just relax refresh and get ready for your next big meeting prepared when a business with more keep things in tweets. Book now LQ ducked off. We got game two tonight. Dance. And get things going after losing game one. Not really good. No no not really good at all early as at all and an answer tomorrow night and tomorrow night I made that mistake before don't do that because Twitter just lives and weeds for you to make that one miniscule I statements completely inconsequential who has an archery game tonight Washington's at Toronto Milwaukee's at Boston. And New Orleans is that Portland. Ago however the cavs will eventually play games just say well they'll eventually have first right Z takes about a month month and a half correct as well we don't. We all benefit there you go let's be clear you're right. This that sometimes there's nothing longer than the break between one game and game two in the same city six days later they'll play time to hang out in Georgia joy a guilty flavor and everything was going on. Now LeBron did not attempt a shot in the first quarter of Sunday's almost and pacers. Anti Lou wants him to make the switch and be more aggressive make the switch brought you by pencil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance or a whole new level make the switch to pencil synthetics today. So about that. Oh LeBron did have a triple double obvious it was the best player of the cavs had but he came out maybe you'll sluggish and tie Lou says look men we're gonna get back in this thing that estrogen. Yes it's tough to honor. Talk about that today. Being aggressive early to tell specified he's. We'll bring these guys. I guess the teammates help. Came out. I don't know why I don't have a problem with forty good at all not one bit he's done this before. He has done this before where he comes on he tries to get his teammates involved what better place then. New teammates together they've been together for a while but first playoff game with the new teammates you're home. They're part of the hope that growing young so get them go and you know who went to hear LeBron talk about he's like listen. They're double in the ball which is me so all I'm finding guys that or were opened the shots just didn't go down and we talked about it after that that that game. Should that that do we think they're gonna shoot 23% from threes and 38% overall. Three more times in this series probably not my my my ball would be against that the does shoot better. I really don't I hear everybody's saying he's got to be more and you know he will. We've seen that before as well. But let's act like we've not seen what we saw in game one Reid tries to dish it off tries to get everybody involved. And again I don't ever sure that first playoff game with this group at home let's try to get those guys into the game early. And can be some of what we've seen normally happen in the world of sports which of the cavaliers with LeBron James and Joseph. Even with these new guys looking at him and saying man we've got him and they don't we feel pretty good about that work Cleveland with LeBron James and you're not. You're the Indiana Pacers and there's some human element of the fact you probably looked at that team. And slowed down a little bit and now you won't and now you see that response I heard Steve Kirk talk about it would Golden State the spurs in game two he says I see missing game two is all the time when things go really well in game one for one side. Usually there's a stronger re correction the other way. I'm appealing we're due for that a big way with LeBron James we know is gonna come out probably turning to jump shot LeBron right would any be would be shocked after a game where he didn't make a single shot. Outside the restricted area and also these four for seven from three and has 35 plus points and is just attacking from the jump. Owed motivation comes in many forms and in big throw deep a one off about how much he felt motivated by what. The cavs owner Dan Gilbert had said about my team and now they want thinking about it so clearly. It doesn't matter how often you've done it or how long you've been doing it if something is somebody pokes you and prod you you have your own head coach. Yeah there's some part of the process find you'll be more aggressive watch this he'll score the first twelve points of the game and and put the arrest. And I think he probably would have done that anyway he went out with with this thought process of not only am I getting doubled but I'm getting my teammates involved and are open I mean no open shots and then we're following. So I I I would have thought even a tie Lou didn't say anything the browser it would be like okay. That didn't work on the need to be a little more aggressive in the beginning score a little more early on and then work my teammates in this is a song and dance we've seen before. All of probably tiger is even criticized whether earlier late. Dishing the ball instead they shoot the ball when you know what he does really well. This is the ball he does a great job already he gets into the open guy any guy gets an open shot. And idol girls in a say that will always hold them back from being better than Jordan Jordan always talk to shot in again it. But LeBron could go down as the greatest point guard won't talk if you wanted to. This guy dish is this guy gets his teammates involved and a lot of people think may be too much salt maybe doesn't take enough on himself but this is away place and. This is one of those things through the funny ways and metrics that we use to judge LeBron James who did you mention what he's trying to do now the way he has to go about winning. Might be a little different because it's going to be more on him than ever before. And it seems like that's a slight now the fact that he doesn't have another superstar when for so long it was exactly the opposite we zeal and eyes this guy for bringing together superstar players to that team in Miami and really helping start along with the Celtics but we know he really made hot. Of that trend of bringing in multiple superstars and a team but now we look at the MBA it's it there's no other way to win and so for LeBron James here who's got Kevin Love who's very good and is going to be. I huge part of that as how far they go. But for LeBron James trying to do on his own also we look at than they want what's wrong with you why couldn't you get. And other anti your point trait which is a good point about getting edged down but at times I don't think LeBron needs that he can do to talk reports one of the things he did this year based off of last year everybody talked about all these NBA guys need rest they got to have rest eighty and so they they did make the season a little longer took away some of those back directional what does he do in his fifteen here played always do gamers a first time in his career and almost I think there was also park on his way of saying. I can do this up. No it is interesting I'd he's one of those guys that is just for whatever reason polarizing for a lot of for to a lot of people like. To your point junior we criticize him when he has superstars around them would say what you couldn't do without the super bright green. It sounds almost crazy to say you talk about what a guy's done is fifty bureau all the things he's accomplished but it's sometimes it feels like no matter what he does you can't win with a project or he can't he can't find the way console was always gonna say yeah but with this guy which I don't with the really understood people don't like it when you're good in you know it that's when we stop like you staff curry to in the warriors are all of us and we realized wait a minute they know how good they are with LeBron to once you get good enough to potentially hurt people's idols the way he is that's when he really start to get dangers that some people really start to turn out as you build someone up and out there we go a mile to my. Yeah sling arrows at a revered him god exactly and that it looked we've we talked about that logo Russell Westbrook right. He had never had no it never done what he did last year but since Oscar Robertson did in the early sixties. And Betty when did it not always for the second time but in back to back years were like yeah whatever. Beside him. Not only didn't know what ever done it twice he didn't back to back years averaging a triple bubble like. Yellow kind of over it now as you know this or really any good anymore and I know singles harder this year because he gave the ball a little mortar Ballard told Carmelo early on him and Paul George so much to look at the scoring differences of the two years. It's amazing but we love their reload the sling arrows and we we we move that platform whatever we feel like an animal get into a later with LeBron there's other slayings in Arizona meth not literally bass is well I don't notice that though I can't pass care. Full what you Wear out Florida as you just may get it going forward a more of that story a little bit later but coming up a star was born yesterday and took theater and have a long time to figure out her name. And her story. Should go back to work tomorrow after conquering the elements in almost ungodly ways and almost everyone else in the field as well that's next its gold doing a Wii has been radio you spinners. Here's a little insider travel secret and there are tons of empty hotel rooms out there just waiting to be booked us. That's why there's hotel tonight portals tonight partners with Boston hotels to help them fill their unsold rooms in which means you get incredible deals. And even though the names hotel tonight. You can actually Boca to a week in advance in the 200 days in advance top destinations. To download the hotel tonight app to start scoring better deals and better hotels now. The bigger question for implement a huge fan of wires which theme song season did you think though that was the best of all time. Wow I actually haven't thought about that be you know killed twenty minutes of my day because I'll go do that plus funny used mostly moving until four hours their days and nights you got off life. While I'm furlough straight talk Roger bastards are warily as best phones bass networks know. Contracts. Mind before we get into the I don't verify rebel just for fun today. We were let me just state my my opinion on this and I am always pro fun OK okay so if it's fun I'm in Moscow we have that the famine group Texan and we got going last night I was actually it's your mother my wife. Who throughout their about little bit but that you added I terabyte thereby who you're talking about a two years son entry yourself Mary to your mom son well I mean you'd. Did save my did say dead and that's true let's drill in the holy roller. You have my dad we we ended up throwing out a poll should be assured our answer gold first time on her Twitter site and then I retreated at. It was about the little Debbie snacks this is what we talked about and it was the top four we had a poll. What is the best little Debbie snack in the four we put up or oatmeal cream by Swiss role the nutty bar of the zebra cake. We put that up last night we have a little over 21000 votes or goals for another thirteen hours and join a jump on that. Lot of fun with that a lot of the a lot of people talking about bringing back memories of not having one of these guys and Ivan oak creamed I would be medial brokered by having had oratory for yours has to do go get one on Friday empathy for her I just Nash yeah I mean there are every gas station they'll live forever. I mean they're well that's exactly right will not spoil a funny clear about that I stopped at a gas station on the way in here this morning and got all four of these like three or four each of them used dumped on the table. To let people Roberts a fun little pole with it started Garnett should go again I retreated if you wanna. Jumping on that a lot of people haven't talked will what would you choose what I've I've only had one of those things what do you though milk cream pie. You never had a Swiss role and I Barber's Ebert can no. I didn't even know they exist turned to win cash while her and handle it shall also by the which yeah. Which and why we at all. You ignore all those goods clearly little moment I didn't know it existed clearly something wicked this way has come so we indeed do an auditor nights if we can. Yeah I want there's a bunch of Basra and her because I'm eating men arrested is not sustainable over the reds right it's gone through three nutty bars I believe or never and an ugly Brad had his first Tony Barney is now on his fourth and also fund which I guess I melt with water there you go so that's why didn't on the Boston Marathon yes good well thank you are actually a good job you. It was again if if you didn't live on the East Coast and didn't have to suffer through the way for the that was going through yesterday it was about 36 degrees and sideways rain Terrell Bruschi. Are are good colleague here does this Teddy steam helps people on a stroke awareness as a team every the runs marathon recently this video. Of what it was like it was unbelievable you didn't see it don't mean they're running into this wind it was raining so hard it was at the wind was a strong which is throwing in people's faces at running not only against the bill. And everything else but. Literally into the wind and into the rain it was crazy. We had some great stories Purcell Deseret London right one via the maravent for the for the women the first US woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985. She pulled away at heartbreak killed in two hours 39 minutes. And 54 seconds but then there's this wonderful story of the runner up on the women's side in the Boston now really in. Incredible Sierra sellers. And basically I headline and article of otter is who the heck if Boston Marathon runner our runner up Sarah sellers anyway. Doubt she's a nurse from Arizona. Mean that the full time nurse she random college. She ran pretty well in college broke a foot I think at the end of it had to miss a couple years. Of running. Basically got herself who wore clothes and a pair of ninety dollar new balance shoes new balance 14190. Box she ran this thing it's only your second merit or your second marathon her husband came with your head other family members that revenues well. Cross the finish line she had no idea. No idea she came in second place none at all had to be told and federal by the way. She wins 75. Thousand dollars her second marathon. She came in second in the Boston Marathon choose looking to be in the top fifteen for American women to qualify. For the Al Olympic trials right for the marathon congratulations hinted. Second overall in the Boston Marathon just an incredible story. Don't think she's going to be paying for those new bounce notre any Tyrone and our Internet are not only guy you can stash that 75 grand a way for something thousand. Focus on being a freak of nature because clearly that is where this woman resides yet in an interview with the Boston Globe she said the whole thing felt sir real idea Dino was a possibility. I was trying to ask officials what place I was in I had no idea when I cross the finish like that actually is the most unusual thing about this because normally. When you're that far with part of the rest of the field. You have I guess more experienced marathoner wood because they have a they have a judge of who they've seen on the course who bait you know. Who they passed through they haven't passed but she was so oblivious to go. Larry Cole was offensive line defense of one for the Dallas Kalb was many many years ago when they get out. Subs who quarterback commending Clint Longley wanna gain by throwing two touchdown pass in the fourth quarter on Thanksgiving. To beat the Washington Redskins and he called that a victory for the on cluttered mind. It seems like this might have been of another victory for on cluttered mind if you think evolve itself is off their duel it sometimes good things happen. This is probably the only place you can go running the marathon in this condition right you have to put yourself amendment to place you're talk about the place is guys have to bring themselves before a football game trying to go to some plays really go out there and run yourself into other human bodies for a couple of hours. To go and run 26 point two in those kind of weather conditions yesterday. It would make sense and probably be beneficial to your overall health. They're trying to put yourself an absolute blank slate Amaechi said the best case scenario going and I thought maybe they'd that you went up money to cover the trip out here. Well unless they flew in a Learjet they. And likes to state in the dodge ball spilled more than cover that the best part she's a Utah native she's going back to work tomorrow. Though I mean one day incredible what this is like the other goalie that came in and filled in for the talk Foster that's the day you wanna going to work as the day after all there's no me dad go ahead here I got back slap for days or when you're not doing any work it's just a bunch appraised at the best. They'd be at work at your you're then so congratulations on her. Then how about a incredible story of perseverance you know. Here's this a reading on Twitter for fifteen point five miles my wife Mary ran in the heavy wind and torrential rain in the worst of marathon conditions in a quest. To complete her first marathon at that point her body began to shiver uncontrollably her lips turn purple. And because avert compromised immune system her doctors instructor to stop running in the range should this happen. The rain is now stopped this is old way later. And the drive and a dry clothes we now have on where at the Dunkin' Donuts where she stopped running at 4 PM. We're one I'll finish. Mary's journey while I'm in hit the finish line together that's into dollar waited till arranged stock after the race got in dry clothes and went and finished the marathon from the spot. Where she went off the course I think that's amazing it is like. Khamese congratulations to the winners in the Sarah sell story does relented but some of the guys who just. Find a way to finish now some of the runners that find a way to they're the most inspiring of all the training that you did for I mean you don't you wanna you wanna get that finish an end to run through that lasted just. Be ridiculous incredible doesn't America really does run on Duncan pay now there you go wow look at you I think the cultured as midnight run is martyred and really is heralded guys scene actually and actually you're not probably at all they're all day one minute and a valid straight talk Roger I straight talk wireless nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable four GLT. Networks. Coming up. All rise as the judges set a new benchmark how high can ego that's more with a dry cleaning. Next you're running up the line man what he accused me. You're next in line for the water slide in feet forward and enjoy the ride Pope came do you eat. Yeah because look I'm. The wicked witch of the west on one slight surprise and what's not surprising how much you considered by switching to Garrick. Like she and. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.