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Hour 2: Where Will Dez End Up?

Apr 17, 2018|

The guys talk about where Dez Bryant could potentially end up and then talk with ESPN NBA Reporter Ian Begley about the Sixers/Heat series and the Knicks HC search and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's April and some things are winding up like baseball and some things are winding down like hockey thankfully Pennzoil synthetics provide tour vehicle with complete protection for Todd mentioned performance no matter what season it is so you don't have to worry about ups and downs Pennzoil. Make the switch. Sellout here in the oracle notebooks is going if you struggle there looking more like this series probably won't even passports. The Golden State wanna make this short series they would make this a short series. Boat going go with you wanna Tuesday morning ESPN radio NE SPN news we are presented by progressive insurance cellphone guest join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Some I guess we have coming up in just a little bit Ian Begley is an NBA reporter will join us at 730 he was at the game between the sixers and heat last night what does he make of the sixers. Actually losing a game or no would get into that a Jeff Darlington has tech Florida man are fine he has been an NFL reporter will join us in studio. A toll probably do need brings sticks for the strip. Noon no no no no no chance. An advocate plus says Stephen A Smith will join us and in studio for the final hour of course for first taken Stephen A Smith show while they stock. I know wolf talk about what he met with that and everything else going forward look forward to that yet so don't bring the sticks it's wet out here now it is rained CI. I will not golf either. When I can use a golf cart boy do you have to stand cart path like Grissom well it's not even even if you had to walk from the path. And where the card is John Elway and I do I'll do this you toll to ninety degrees yeah where he would you know to the ball that whole thing court but it got a center court on the car on the carpet now. You weren't half a leak on the cure RI I I'm not now Richard better shape now that you are I am playing great shape right now but you know what I'm knocking over stuff myself while I knew that I don't match tag walking I remember long meeting being in college and there was no word in shape group of people that all the stuff Napoli diamond now a noted guys were enters the number one group of people you would see in the elevator going from the first Florida the second floor in the academic building in the barn wall so you can be is in shape and athletic as you want that just means you prioritize movement you save the good stuff for the field hey did you go to Notre -- everybody was or that once or twice should talk about that no no we don't want to burden people -- They'll let it where should we speak to burdening people and I hate to bring this up but I think it's important. Today is tax day. I think a lot of those today today today today's the day the tax ms. Paula because it was on a weekend you know they maybe the two extra days. So folks I'm Il we try to lift you up on the show we try and we drink gets you going and a positive manner. But sometimes we have to remind you that there are things out there that you must do ya ya and those taxes are one of them don't don't you don't want Uncle Sam come on back it you know another dog review work the worse to worse than the F word that throw imbued that into words that is the Hayward ought to ought to death. No part of that zero Emmanuel part of our way as we snipes figure threw it out early drug are more room very good point oh by the way if it does make sense that. We're talking about this because of the person that reminded me news now would be stands at who has the most unhappy fellow ever researcher in his grubby is first in the world. He's perpetually grumpy and he said paid. You know don't forget its tactics access sick like most times is bring us down there you go via not hear what he is true to himself. To that I respect I actually I've received a I tip from behind the scene that it was actually Brett. Well of us it was Brett but Brett said something's stanza cop. And now me so yes. But I it was brought to your attention by Brett. That it was Bret oh yeah of course because one it is credit this is how air crazy Brett is we're talking about stated that about something terrible would bring up well. You talk about that media on the air but you're tired beat me I'd like Jasper at a question because he's our numbers guy yeah you do your own taxes. Idea you don't do I figured you did. While also. Cheap so you get a you know. Wanna pay somebody to do your taxes now photo II we do what you guys can pay people to do your well you can't do. If you wanna pay someone to do my taxes than by L me nine hour talking MCA are really starting today you can do my taxes. Now okay how that you pay us and we don't do your taxes now. What do we get to what stranded no it just where I have one I want these employer yeah well thought out and shot artists are in yeah sixty. Or because so it's on the it's on the weekend nor did dance so weekend would be the sixteenth the sixteenth is a holiday in Washington DC. Commemorates the emancipation. Of slaves and 1862. So is that he did today in Washington diesel academically. And so they pushed it another day it is and I'm not nobody not I didn't know about it as well I just thought it was because it was on the side of the game was that it is day to day today just now realized well he's so good at his job he is or you know just listing on the Euro area located and we appreciate that Brett and we're demolishing it later on this week right or do it corporate us tomorrow it's not. Excited about that eat your heart elements are by there we don't really know let's start. We're what's trending and this just in the lawyers are good from deep clay Thompson twenty borders 31 points after halftime as the warriors rallied to beat the spurs. And Thompson was on fire as they go to nothing in the series you know we're. We keep talking about the regular season and the injuries are not looking as good as I can bleed over to the playoffs we to say it's always difficult to flip the switch you know that's what the bronze teams do every now matters flip the switch to become a plot. And normally. As you know Mike it's not that easy to do as an athlete or a team to get to weigh one level meant to say okay let's start trying now it's usually very hard to do. I think we're Golden State it's not like they forgot how to play at all but Klay Thompson just out of his mind right now and I think the other side that is. Is San Antonio title LaMarcus Aldridge. Is not really was never going to do in the without choir Leonard anyways that is just as much about that I'm flipping the switch works. When you've got the switch that can be flipped what we can embed this all the time in terms of the cavaliers and their defense the last couple years where they've never had the ability to play great defense because the construct of the team because of the guys in there and so thinking just because you change the calendar over a month. I mean they're gonna all stood for playing great defense the warriors know they've got this in the tank. They've seen themselves do this over and over again when they need to so that's a much easier switch to flip. By the way it's speaking of flipping the switch when it would junior gets passionate about something got his eyes get enormously tough pill just talk with any goes like this he's looking Alex to understand how important is there anything I how much passion I feel the same. It's quite an impressive glad what I see here all my I just I just shot about very rare clarity could usually everything else I'm saying is Dominique Arnold jumbled as important just the way he said that he was like guy I don't really care about what's coming out of my out but don't look. And talk like this and that sum is like lasers are coming out of its eyes it's really impressive don't laugh yes. Open pit at OPEC. Like that knows what did you wanna do is do it there is. Nothing beast juniors laughter. Nothing beats it including what's trending. Oil unbeaten stranding about venting on answer Graham it was an answer grams story yes let's be clear about that. Joseph who has not played in the first two games of the series against the heat. And did not play down the stretch of the regular season because of the injury to his oral bone the fracture their poster on this script saying. Bleeping sick and tired of being baby eat. And this comes after of course the heat. And a throwback performance from Dwyane Wade 28 points off the bench and now Miami has home court advantage for the series and by the way didn't say bleeping he rode out correct a very bad word. He wrote an NN I guess he's a frustrated athlete all athletes wanna come back before they're ready to go. Doctors are keeping him out there the Smart ones are the ones that are supposed to make sure you're ready to go he wants to be out there is a frustrated athlete. And it and you let it be known on isn't the story but a a nice this was one of the like I picked Milwaukee to beat Boston a lot of people thought without Ty re maybe Boston could slow bubble ONEOK Fred phenomenal game one that was going to overtime. One of the other series was people thought that Miami maybe could get the 76ers especially within beat out and then not having a lot of playoff experience who stood on all from beatle playing game three. Down in Miami where we wait to see and that the Miami steals one in Philly they steal home court. Dwyane Wade is binges do vintage dated Dwyane Wade coming off the bench so. This one could get interesting for all the talk of Philadelphia and boy are they gonna be the team we think down the road but they're trying to be that team obviously this year. As a going into this series this first home game in Miami would tell a lot because. As the Mets South Beach flu can hit for certain guys depending on how to discipline your team is but also with a young team. Predominately especially at their core. Going on the road to playoff environment for the first time and now they've already given one up I'm sure that is all the more reason why jewel and bead is chomping at the bit to come back as he recognizes it's a pretty pivotal moment for this team in their first post season run and again. Still not sure whether he'll play in game three there are a lot of hurdles medically still to be clear and it's not up to him and that's the frustrating part. One thing to keep in mind won't get about this talk more to this Libyan Bagley. The sixteen game winning streak down the end of the regular season forget game one of the class as a quality opponent. On it was done on a lot of bottom feeding it really was the 76ers final sixteen games or opponents have a combined winning percentage of sport 37. The equivalent to 35 or 36 win team in the regular season so there average opponent down the stretch look they handled their business you you can't. Could change who your schedule is but just know Richard getting. They're average upon was basically the lakers of the hornets during their sixteen game regular season when a lot of teams are trying to right news right as well now they did at the big win over the cavaliers no question about it and a couple other ones but. Yes they won sixteen straight but you have to look at the quality of the opponents say how much that factors into. Are what we think going forward. The sixers lost to the heat is what everybody's talking about brought you by Lowe's pros in the know start with Lou's gonna lose for proves. Dot com for details but just rolls off the tunes. We finish up there and judge just beginning really his fourth homer of the season in the yankees' 121 decimation of the Marlins it is he sixtieth of his career. And Mike that is significant. Yeah it is absolutely significant it is passes he's now the fastest player. From game games played stamp or its sixty home run to do a 197 games Mark McGwire. Have been the fastest cystic threw sixty. He'd in 1988 he did it in his 202. Games so. Another season started stand right out of the gate a couple home runs judges now been consistent with the twelve game hitting streak. He's at 351 the four home runs eleven RBIs. Stanton struggling goes all for a couple more strikeouts he does he only has one less RBIs ten RBIs one less home run. An error in judgment ES 27. Strikeouts are ready does stand. Judges next on the list with seventeen but the judge keep that history Conan Stanton. It's either you know ball goes by by every goes bye bye back to the dugout after striking out. I think it's a good looking towards they would just expect consistency from both at this point point eight. You're basically believe based on the headlines and nothing good have been happening for the Yankees so far this season when he came to these guys outside of that first. Couple plate appearances so nice CA positive headline for the guys in pinstripes for once and area judge a guy who captive there for. For once it's death almost every tips and really meaningless. And really yankees but I Cano stands Venice headline but it's Dicey area judge getting back into the forefront consider what an important part he was at his Yankee Renaissance last year. Certainly was and will be interesting to see when John Carlos Stanton breaks out of his you know especially at Yankee Stadium because you know. Don't put up to a they'll put up with a for a little bit ardea booed the tide turned out ode one way or the other very strongly if things don't change and oh by the way did your words is leading in homer just life did you see a homer I don't know I didn't I didn't get that thing got out in out are active or we got done by the broken bat in two by Bryce Harper casual. 460. I just looks like sitting back there. My job it's unbelievable and there's another thing we can get into a John Carlos stay in the little bit late Aaron that may have an explanation as to why he's not as focused at the plate and it may be something that. Might surprise you a little bit surprise you and to be one of the dumbest things I've you have ever also true that obligated that a little bit later. Struggle football yeah the second. One of the things that happened last week is is the end of the week is when Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys parting ways. And one of the big reasons why it was obviously the Dez was due sixteen and a half million dollars but apparently there was not even a negotiation it was just paid no tech gutter and take out that wasn't talked words can move on. So Dell is now has been very motivated on social media and other places. Basically saying he wants to play. For somebody in the NFC east because he wants to go play the Dallas Cowboys twice so. Apparently he he named the three team dobbs in Washington thought LP in New York. And out of those three teams Bryant appears to be most hitters in the giants according to Mike Fisher of 105 point three the fan. The giants got a hell of a defense are going to pay O'Dell Beckham junior paying playing with him sterling share for the tight end Evan Ingram Eli Manning crazy. That's great but you gotta have a dance partner and I'm not sure that we're seeing audience partners right now for Dez Bryant. Odd dollar note you're not you sit there you look at new York and I think he could maybe thinking you be what they thought Brandon Marshall might have been one north and John today that clearly. Didn't work out yeah that beat. And I don't know what the money situation would be for him to try and sign him but duck he's gonna have a dance partner it's hard to think that no. This guy has something left do we talked about this yesterday. Yes something left in the tank it's just not worth sixteen and a half million dollars in Dallas Cowboys from the business decision time as side of the cell. I have a hard time believing in less he's still asking for the moon in money. In this situation that he is gonna find a team many and he may have choices of teams he's got a five. Well the interesting thing here too Mike is that the timing of this for the cowboys is cure had to endure many favor right I mean I don't know if that was an intentional. Thing or just escalated to the point where they realize say it's not going to work going forward. And then they decided to up to sort of pull off the bandit because when you release a player. Some thirty days after the start of free agency you have really limited his options I don't I don't think that was their intention to begin with I think they were hoping. That maybe they could try to find a way to work this out but you know that face to face meeting. Didn't come until Friday. Didn't come until last Friday would would doesn't Gerri if you if you really. Curious about how this is gonna work I think you wanna have that meeting before Friday April 13 right. And especially if you claim to care about the player involved as much as everyone dies as a guided in this organization. From Jerry on down talks about your bid him pretty highly so. I'm with you trade is a reeks of more not really having a concrete plan on how I wanted to go about things here and now for does interest exaggeration did you look around the NFC east. And the giants have what five million dollars in cap space right now understanding they still probably got to deal with Soto back from junior this offseason. We know the Eagles are hard up against the cap as well coming off the Super Bowl and so. You wonder what's realistic at this point is in the NFC you're looking at a lot of veteran teams bring Alex Smith over a Washington now would you be willing to take a chance I younger roster or take a chance that an upside play NBA veteran presence and help push people locker room as opposed to go to a ready made winner in real. Is interesting. The situation evolved if they weren't even talking about a pay cut goes up like it would take a pay cut you go back and forth on that trying to cited for going through or not. There was no option there are so were they trying to trade him where they look into the trap out. I don't know it was in silicon alluded but it does seem you know a month after free agency hits. Did you not know at that point were I don't well you know we're you. There has to be a reason of why you waited thirty days is something that had been going on but yes he did not do does any favors by. As always say no result gonna do anybody favors no it is. A business and you need to treat it as a business the minute you start saying well there's should be loyalty one way or another just. It's take a breath via the bite your tongue and realize that doesn't exist it's not going to happen at all. So that's a business decision that the cowboys made on Dez Bryant. And then there was another player who made his own business decision jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny officially retired yesterday he announced a last month but they had the official ceremony. And I think what he said spoke volumes. To the player he was in the teammate he was. Quote I love the game too much and I respect too much not to be able physically. To do everything that I've done in years past if that's a year too early all regret it. But I'd rather be a year too early than one play too late. And that speaks to the heart of what this game is all about because one of the reasons. That I always loved football and you guys obviously loved it as well it is the ultimate team game yes you have to have a superstar quarterback or a hot quarterback. In terms of the playoffs and and Tutu to accomplish things but if you don't have everybody on the same side of the draw pulling together it won't work. And when he says. One play too late he went on to say look you know I didn't wanna have to look at my teammates and bill that they expected me to be in a certain position at a certain time and not be able to make out what I couldn't live with that Jack and that is the ultimate risk. Mentioned there's there's other lime MacKey makes a Calvin Smith a miles Jack saying you know I can't be robbed sports to be. It's it's it's the old I don't wanna let down my treat teammates I don't wanna be that weakling I don't wanna not be able to do what I can normally do. And realize that a lot of times it's the players the last one. They may be kind of know that but they don't want to accept it but this is a player you wanna talk about a player. Debt knew when you think of football player Paul puzzle oppose loves me is is that I don't know you and inject played whose brother yet darn at Notre Dame. This guy is the epitome of a of a linebacker a fortieth you think of guys like clothes closet there guys like a crispy ailment of just guys that. The body parts could be hanging off for you who write and your gonna continue to play. Whether to cast on your arm whether tell the truth talks about a story about carrying a pact tore a muscle continue to play just. This guy was always are on the field and was a tackling machine was always there for his teammate and to that point when he made that announcement some of his teammates that you mentioned. Miles Jack in the Tobin Smith was there. And they recognized exactly what post Leslie had meant to them listen to tell them Smith talking about Paul Posluszny when he officially announce his retirement. I never meant it. A bit me. Do you. Never had a bit of team that. Do you. I don't dump them look good that we say you're someone who know me who I didn't do some cool. The pollution. I promise punish. We mature guy. Muscular guy who says they will mr. da. So what are the condition that she's did you. Home schooled in it doha. And given the dugout because you commitments that you live and so many love so it was plea of those sitting here right now. A provisional unbeknownst. Look at as a player that's the ultimate respect Uga I think kind of a adoration for me to this talks about Mike the locker room and when we sit there we try and talk about the closest of a locker room. Tell us rep is played four years in Jacksonville. They've been the other for four years impose less than. Can you talk about we we always say you spend more time with your teammates during the season lot of times in your family. You talk about playing for one another and love for one another and when you have something great that goes on and you try and find that person no harder something bad goes on. You find that person hard. Mean that that Calvin Smith justice. Supported in a ball right there to let you know what what special relationships you can have in the locker room. And you also don't get every one that you can talk about you didn't like some guys can play their entire career without men encountering someone that inspires that. And I'd I guarantee just understanding guys you've seen around like that before Paul probably had no idea he was offering that kind of support that kind of a lot. That was just who he was that was how he operated and that's I think why guys can appreciate it so much because. It was something that he did out of obligation to the game on an obligation to his team he wasn't asked to hear her tell them say there he didn't do it. As something to him he gives something to him knowingly he gave something me and by being there and by being himself and dies. I see that authenticity Dicey when it matters to you and appreciate. Look the the the best part about that is the best. Our ability is availability and he was there he wanted to be their first teammates and the idea of him not being able to be there and do the things his teammates needed. Is why he's stepping way could you ready to probably still playing of the year right right but then yet that the and you have to find those games in the meeting room. I'll never forget a couple players they told me there watching film like who's that guy messed up in the laws holy crap that's me that's me that's me and that is a stark reality that most players. Just they don't wanna deal with no dog again and you. Kind of figure might be fair but you don't want to. You don't want to be realised you're one in front of everybody especially you and your position meetings with everybody else around you and they know it and they know that you know it and then it's really uncomfortable so. Tip of the cap eleven year Paul Posluszny eleven years in retiring rather one year early than one play too late and his teammates like tell them Smith giving him the Altima. Respect there are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Winning at sports and of sports broadcasting means change things up just like like keep your hands in to each his changeup looked. Renovated lobby the so contemporary even makes cold look look cool as it does that it totally updated fitness center that even has wind though feeling like a work out camera plus plenty of comfortable spaces to hang out yep this licking it though looked definitely has saved 50 victory so you can just relax refresh and get ready for your next big meeting prepared what are business with more keep things in tweets. Book now LQ ducked off. All doing curious did radio ESPN news present about progressive insurance cellphone guests join us on the show opens all performance on that that was pretty excessive and exceptional trolling by in Dwyane Wade yes it was Kevin Hart now a huge Philly got memory. I was a little. Lubricate it after the super. They try to get out of the field a lot of the total bill I'd known data out of a great little post or do you oppose a lot of auxiliary video artist so he Dell or they don't and of course he's a huge sixers fan and what Kevin united. Kevin Hart thanks Kevin. There was that third quarter were they I got outscored 304018. In game one this time around got outscored Silva was 33 to thirty. As he thought that was a big turning point in the game to hang in there and that third quarter but he was obviously a very good turning point in getting. No question and I think that when a seventeen to two run in the first half when the sixers looked like they were comfortably control soap. What happens now as the 76ers. Have finally faced a little adversity for the first time. In eighteen games they're seventeen game winning streak is snapped and now they head to Miami knowing that the heat. Have home court advantage for the rest of this playoff series so let's bring in our. He just did NBA reporter Ian Begley. Who was very joins us on the show opens old performance line taking synthetic overall performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to results synthetics today in let's start first and foremost on the court would get the social media post after the game a little bit. What concerned the sixers the most in in their loss to Miami Heat what what on the court should they be most concerned about. The idea that they could not get the open look from the perimeter. The dating game one they really live it up. From beyond the dark in game one but Erik Spoelstra Miami hit. He could have been intact big gap displaying the perimeter game do so playoffs are about adjustments and keep the game adjustments absorber brown has. That last something up their sleeves for games three. Thursday in Miami to try to get those open looks for the perimeter shooter series premier shooters like JJ Redick. And out Marco Belinelli again when this series shifts to Miami. I always wonder for joy MB was gonna come back you still larger for game three but now our so wondered what if once they lost if you would then come back out of that so. Oh wait and see how how that plays out as well wait and see how the knicks head coaching job plays out Ian with all the different names. And now it seems and you can verify it is they are are dotted about Jeff Van Gundy not being one of those names involved but they seem to have a whole big list the names right now. Yeah many guys they're doing their due diligence. I guess it's not. I need that under consideration at this point and that's actually that's surprising but some new expanded because you know they eject any video available. I believe that yes if you were approached would have interest in at least talking about the job with the management and that management has financial interests to this point is speaking with Jeff the candidates that they are speaking less. Right now. Will be Gary stack out Stevens is dale Mark Jackson Mike Woodson and beaded black so those are the war. That we're looking at as an express that's out there interviews distill that head coaching vacancy. ESP n.'s NBA reporter Ian Begley what is we'll see what happens with the knicks head start coaching search going forward but the search for Jolie and beat on the court Ian. He wasn't their again in the game two loss and then tweeted her skis we put on his answer grim story. Bleeping sick and tired of being baby Brett brown the sixers head coach had to deal with that response in his post game press conference where are we in the in the drama that is now unfolding with two Columbia about whether or not he'll be able playing game three. So I still not been cleared for contact and to me that the big hurdle here you know when he when he's working out with the sixers he is not. At banging around with coaches or any of this team needs and well until you get to that point you can't really start to talk about. Him returning to this series snapped this picture they're going to practice today. We'll find out later today whether indeed has been able to take contact and he's work out when we speak to Brad brown have to. Practice. But I think there's a lot of uncertainty. About and beat actually playing in game three on Thursday and the sixers are. Are pretty confident that he will be back at some point when this series is in Miami but they're just not certain schemes three. But so I think right now it's probably accurate to say it's more likely than people leave back. Fourteenth floor den in my hand. As Far East is concerned what the Boston Celtics are doing now injuries and Gordon Hayward carrier ring certainly notwithstanding those guys hopefully be healthy next year and the the arsenal they have some draft picks and what they're doing a lot of people like the direction they're going. Other 76ers in the east that team that is thought to be okay especially if LeBron leaves this is a team that could because of the youth on that team could dominate for awhile. In my mind it's it's whether LeBron. Comes out or comes facility source basically you can't. I think regardless of that Billy. Is gonna be looked at at that team because you look at their future they have all these young young stars in place and they also have draft picks don't talked. They also have cap space this summer and they're going to be attracted to any region on the market in the Summers going forward and so in my mind. This is a group that set up for a long term success. In my comprehensive but in in the short term thing. They specifically need and be back in a bad way Brett brown brought it up. Last night he said there were times in this scheme specifically the second quarter wind. My hand he really sped up the sixers guard he says this is a time when I saw today the fragile I'm beat out there. I can get the vaulting him in the post I could settle things down in this game would have been different. Ian Begley RE SPN NBA reporter with us and and let's let's stick it out for one more second here because. The idea of MB saying he's being baby it really. This is hard for a lot of athletes understand that the medical staff is there to protect them from themselves as you said. He has been cleared for contact and I'm sure he feels that. What 23 year however old he is 22 years old but he's not as healthy as a ball into anything he wants but. One bad elbowed that I and we beat you're talking potentially about a career ending injury. There's no doubt and that's why everyone outside of duality. Hey if you guys had had lost he wants what your rest and be back now lead lost game two will that she's due time I turn these returns. He's been consistent at saying no. This is not about this series this is silly about the health of Joseph well and beads so they're looking elsewhere in these best interest here and Brett brown chalked up. That's social media post last night. And these competitiveness to his desire to be. Have wanted to be on the court with his teammates and participating in this series he says he didn't have a problem with that passion because it served him them and be the winning player and just wanted to be out there. Our team back did that the knicks you mention all the names of potential head coaches that they're going to interview you know the makeup of that team led by. A 743 young phenom who's coming off through injury what team they're trying to build. In your opinion. Who best fits that mold to be the next go to the next. The only in my mind I think it's going to be a compromise between Steve Mills and Scott Perry compete I think the interest there. Maybe a little bit competing at the moment but I think they're gonna find common ground on. I'm not David is that I think there's still gonna end up being that guy and I think. What they what they like about what this deal would break it you distraught communicators. With his players and I think that's that's something that. They did not see in just 12 that was one of the reasons excited with Jeff as the reason they decided to let him go but I think you know with this bill. And really lit with all the coaches they're looking at they're looking for someone who can connect to today's players and why that is so important I think whispers in this specifically is because you know he's he's seen how they don't work well from the coaching position. And its first three seasons in the NBA. And he's looking for stability in that position just as everyone else's in the organization but. And in my mind whether there's still stack cast Jackson lab what did. That that coach had to be someone like Chris desperately get it and save wrote this is just a massive higher for Steve Milton Scott paper so many reasons but I think the top reason in my mind is that it could dictate the future of resilience within it so that has to be taken into consideration. So public the other side of that we rarely talk about how for Jeff Horne a cycle is a very tough situation. In taking over that team how much desist. Or does it hurt his future endeavors and try to be head coach in the MBA. I think people are always gonna judge. Well what's on your resume when they're looking to hire you and certainly there was an out a lot of success in your card project but I think keep anyone who's looking to hire Jeff we'll look at the circumstances. Of his time in new York and he was never an ideal circumstances but the next year warned. He was brought him back Phil Jackson fell asked yet to run element of his triangle offense and so jet to implement that into jets own playbook that created a lot of confusion. And resistance among the players and then this year. Jeff was coaching under front office that did not hire him so you know he will only end up coach essentially coaching Ford guys who didn't bring him into. That's that's never good situation for an NBA coach took so Jeff was never in New York under ideal circumstance I think that had to be taken into account for anyone who's thinking of bringing him in in the future. All right Ian we'll see what happens going forward with the knicks situation will go what happens going forward this says sixers heat series which is certainly getting a little more interesting it'll spicier now. With the social media post up from joy Allenby Ian thanks so much spectator and general. Sick about that from the other side they're pictured here in new coach sees it guys and get interviewed. You know if he thought possibly Tisdale who really into senior British Stackhouse and the success he's out of the G million. And come along but the other side of that. Sequins really important toughs how it was a no win situation really really water so I mean does obviously people on the anti concede that as well which you wonder. How much can you don't get held against you you're still there they're still. Was our communication issues he was a first time. Head coach so how much of that is taken into consideration for as I'm sure you watch a future in coaching as well course she would but again you know like you said. They didn't really have the team around and they have the one best when his only one bass player was was the unit Corpas stepped Brazilian company was gone brighter on the season. We'll see what happens within that Jeff Morrison gets another shot and we'll see how the sixers seat. Series plays out because it's really getting it this is this is the most stressed game I think we'll see for Philadelphia in the last 45 years and then gained three. Looks like without Joseph well I'm bead. In Miami and we'll see how that plays out coming up we mentioned. How Russell Westbrook had some really never have before we got over pretty quickly well yesterday we saw some that is never happened before. In the world of music we'll talk about that Gordon when Joey has been radio is pianist. Here's a little insider travel secret and there are tons of anti hotel rooms out there just waiting to be booked us. That's why there's hotel tonight portals tonight partners with Boston hotels to help them fill their unsold rooms which means you get incredible deals. And even though the names hotel tonight. You can actually Boca to a week in advance in the 200 days in advance top destinations. To download the hotel tonight app to start scoring better deals and better hotels now. By the early days did take our findings back to back then you're double muscle me out and we'll go all people. Well we'll see you need a New Orleans and doom doom just go away. If they win here do you think their dinner are they anyway or what you think their path that. It was us it was so they went. For a question. The question only came in at the end to Iraqi I want our foreign stock counts prize a friend or loved one today or the bouquet from 100 flowers dot com. Reorder dozen multicolored roses for 12999. You'll get another dozen. Absolutely free. Go to 100 flowers dot com slash yes PF. Our goal here we go on ESPN radio ESPN news we are presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the show pencil performance line and one of the things I like about the show. Is I learns things. I learn things almost every day for example. I was not aware. To what the limitations. Are and are not when it comes to winning a Pulitzer Prize right I I had never even thought that the idea. Was that you could win a Pulitzer Prize for some of things that people. How one Pulitzer prizes for in fact we have something that happened now. That is never happened before in the history fuels and chemical bar off for his album damn yeah it is has won the Pulitzer Prize for music. Making history as the first non classical or jazz artist. To win this award. It's brilliant and impressive he's incredibly successful commercially. I usually reserved for critically acclaimed classical acts and much less familiar. You know with the pop charts did you guys had. One a couple of dozen songs in the top forty certainly some number ones as well. Are commercially as I said he's he's you know off the charts right now but that's usually not what you're seeing for the Pulitzer Prize right. No surprises normally thought of as a as a journalist Seymour. From nineteenth century Joseph Pulitzer Hungarian born. An intense indomitable figure was the most skillful newspaper publishers. Is innovated New York world in the Saint Louis post dispatch receive newspaper journalism. So you normally think of the Pulitzer Prize is something awarded in journalism right in fact this is a very rare thing. That it's been given out to musicians over Baghdad special honors before right right they have the likes of Bob Dylan Duke Ellington and George Gershwin. Hank Williams. So yeah it varied as you mentioned they have done that before all cell. In 97. What Marcellus became the first jazz act two and a Pulitzer Prize for music what the Pulitzer board said. About Kendrick Lamar the thirty year old again. Won the prize for his album damn. But Pulitzer board said the album is a divert your wish stick. Virtual with stickers on saying nurture a virtuoso that virtual sick yeah. How much I notes while number when the sword the song collection that captures the modern African American African American life he wins 151000 dollars. What is that worth. But 800 million. Under Omar's network this look better underestimated actual prize money that you're gonna win. For this yeah book I was about to say the title means more than McAfee and I don't know I would say so. Now Bob Dylan Bob Dylan one who won't want it Nobel Prize Nobel Prize for literature and he. Did not go to the ceremony to accept the award yet now we have no idea you know what what what the deal is here because you or I will never be part of the Pulitzer Prize or know anything about oh there's there's any kind of ceremony or anything of mineral chemical mark wrote or maybe perform the except new Yorker in shocking turn of events researcher Brett would like to add some into the program of course you Kendrick Lamar reportedly admitted. Thirty million dollars last year thirty million rebel last year last year last year is very small fraction yes of the 151000 in prize money. While what a whole lot of minutes stands it now is stoking the fires here. Brett believes that Bob Dylan is over rated Brit is that true I don't I don't think he's over and I think he's bad. While all that's hot today. That's a hot take from you a terrific Bob Dylan is bad in this way bad bad he is not aesthetically pleasing to listen to. He's not aesthetically pleasing look we're gonna look good. I don't think it's nice to listen to pay breath at times they are changing to Selena need to get element that your four are yeah also well here's a segment through Wednesday about that wolf after that. Coming up we got more about where Dez is gonna land and our common ground sending Bill Belichick a message one local. There were in the neighborhood knew about it other. Bobby the basketball boy they call him Bobby wanted to go pro some day so he was always up the driveway shooting hoops but one day does mom Kim Elton told them. Hey you're my punches take up the trash his mom was listening and thought it was a grown man he would kind of missed his window. Plus snow wanted to pursue them actually make a basket. But on the other hand Bobby had her help and I couldn't save the money on car insurance so we switched the season so it was all good.